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US10149802 Filler characterized by acidic polymer treatment method
US10149803 Anti-calculus oral compositions
US10149804 Oral care compositions for tooth whitening
US10149805 Compositions for the treatment of sweating and methods for making same
US10149806 Oral care compositions containing polyethylene glycol for physical stability
US10149807 Alcohol-removable nail gel and its manufacturing method
US10149808 Cosmetic compositions and methods for providing full spectrum photo protection
US10149809 Skin aging inhibitor and concentrate of resveratrol 3-O-α-glucoside
US10149810 Composition of alkyl polyglucosides and fatty esters of cationic amino acids
US10149811 Methods and compositions for stimulating collagen synthesis in skin cells
US10149812 Cosmetic composition comprising a muconopeptide
US10149813 Hair shine composition and method of use
US10149814 Lactic acid topical composition and method of fabricating the same
US10149815 Toothpaste and mouth rinse
US10149816 Skin cosmetic compositions comprising Malus domestica extract and Argania spinosa sprout extract for improving skin appearance
US10149817 Topical skin treatment composition comprising dendranthema indicum extract
US10149819 Compositions and methods for treating hyperemia
US10149822 Compositions and methods for combination ingredient delivery
US10149823 Dry powder formulations and methods of use
US10149826 Method of preparing microspheres
US10149827 Mixture of fatty acids and palmitoylethanolamide for use in the treatment of inflammatory and allergic pathologies
US10149828 Oxybutynin transdermal therapeutic system combination
US10149829 Treatment of circadian rhythm disorders
US10149830 Pharmaceutical agents and methods relating thereto
US10149831 Pharmaceutical composition for treating bacterial and viral infections
US10149832 Cyclic nitro compounds, pharmaceutical compositions thereof and uses thereof
US10149833 Small molecule, indirubin-3-oxime, for prevention and treatment of bone disease
US10149834 Ropinirole-containing adhesive patch
US10149835 Isoxazole derivatives as FXR agonists and methods of use thereof
US10149836 Isoxazole treatments for frontotemporal dementia
US10149837 Selective agonists of beta-adrenergic type 3 receptors (BAR3) and use thereof
US10149839 Chemical compounds
US10149840 OCT3 activity inhibitor containing imidazopyridine derivative as active component, and OCT3 detection agent
US10149841 Compound of 3-hydroxyl pyridine, preparation method thereof and pharmaceutical use thereof
US10149842 Solid forms of {[5-(3-chlorophenyl)-3-hydroxypyridine-2-carbonyl]amino}acetic acid, compositions, and uses thereof
US10149843 Pharmaceutical compositions and methods of using the same
US10149844 Inhalable nicotine formulations, and methods of making and using thereof
US10149845 Sorbic and benzoic acid and derivatives thereof enhance the activity of a neuropharmaceutical
US10149846 Antitumor agent
US10149847 Oxabicycloheptanes and oxabicycloheptenes for the treatment of diabetes
US10149848 Method for the treatment of bladder cancer
US10149849 Substituted aminopurine compounds, compositions thereof, and methods of treatment therewith
US10149850 Oral energy products including encapsulated caffeine
US10149851 Theobromine or its derivatives for the treatment or prevention of renal lithiasis
US10149852 Use of sodium channel blockers for the treatment of neuropathic pain developing as a consequence of chemotherapy
US10149853 Stabilized formulations of CNS compounds
US10149854 Aerosol fluoroquinolone formulations for improved pharmacokinetics
US10149855 Gamma-secretase inhibition reduce APOC3 levels and plasma triglycerides
US10149857 Lyophilized cyclophosphamide composition and methods of preparation thereof
US10149858 Treatment for migraine
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