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US10153650 Energy harvesting system for IoT devices
US10153651 Systems and methods for series battery charging
US10153652 Charging system
US10153654 Method, system and apparatus for wireless charging notification
US10153655 Multiband wireless power system
US10153656 Unique five-device-in-one solar-powered foldable tiltable device-recharging workstation system, comprising solar-electricity system, extendable-retractable-cable system, foldable tiltable recharging workstation system, foldable tiltable sun-visor system, and transparent pouch system
US10153657 Retrofit wireless solar charger apparatus and methods
US10153658 Battery modules having detection connectors and related systems
US10153659 Uninterruptible power control method and electronic device with uninterruptible power supply based on detected motion of the electronic device
US10153660 Systems and methods for preconfiguring sensor data for wireless charging systems
US10153661 Methods and apparatus to increase efficiency for wireless power transfer
US10153662 Wireless transmission device
US10153663 Power transmission apparatus and power reception apparatus
US10153664 Wireless power transmission system and power transmitter
US10153667 Antenna configurations for wireless power and communication, and supplemental visual signals
US10153668 Charging system
US10153669 Device for preventing vibration of stator core for power generator
US10153670 Reluctance rotor having an additional inherent magnetization
US10153671 Permanent magnet rotor with intrusion
US10153672 Rotary electric machine and electric vehicle provided with same
US10153673 Production method for rotating electrical machine
US10153674 Armature for an electric machine
US10153675 Electrical machine
US10153676 Electric motor having insulator frame and elements to close winding slots
US10153677 Stator and electric pump
US10153678 Linear actuator
US10153679 Linear vibration motor
US10153681 Linear vibration motor
US10153682 Self-centering electromagnetic transducers
US10153683 Kinetic energy harvesting methods and apparatus
US10153684 Bleeder circuit
US10153685 Power ripple compensation
US10153686 Apparatus and method of fast commutation for matrix converter-based rectifier
US10153687 Method and apparatus for implementing a power converter input terminal voltage discharge circuit
US10153688 Power system and method of starting multiple power converters in grid forming mode
US10153689 Pre-distortion of sensed current in a power factor correction circuit
US10153690 Bridgeless interleaved power factor corrector and method of controlling the same
US10153691 Photovoltaic panel power output booster and method
US10153692 Method and apparatus for providing supplemental power in a LED driver
US10153693 DC-DC converter including dynamically adjusted duty cycle limit
US10153694 Switched-mode power supply controller
US10153695 Feedback scheme for non-isolated power supply
US10153696 Methods and circuitry for sampling a signal
US10153697 Multiphase power supply and failure mode protection
US10153698 Control system for transitioning a DC-DC voltage converter from a buck operational mode to a safe operational mode
US10153699 Control method for power transmitter, power transmitter and noncontact power transfer apparatus
US10153700 Power converters
US10153702 Switched-mode power supply controller using a single pin for both input voltage sensing and control of power supply charging
US10153703 Flyback power converter with programmable output and control circuit and control method thereof
US10153704 Adaptive control of resonant power converters
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