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US10153705 Controlling a multi-channel power supply
US10153706 Precharge device applied in flying capacitor type multi-level converter circuit and frequency converter having the precharge device
US10153707 Reconfigurable power converter
US10153708 Three-level power converter
US10153709 Converter arrangement comprising movable contacts, but immovable converter assembly
US10153710 Power supply and control method thereof
US10153711 Electric power conversion device
US10153712 Circulating current injection control
US10153713 Device for harvesting energy from a fluidic flow including a thin film of piezoelectric material
US10153714 Adaptive pulse width modulation in motor control systems
US10153715 Motor driving control device and motor driving control method
US10153716 Compensation for asymmetries in electrodynamics of BLDC type machines using hall sensors
US10153717 Magnetic sensor integrated circuit, motor assembly and application device
US10153718 Stepper motor drive and stall detection circuit
US10153719 Method and control arrangement for controlling a reactive power source
US10153720 Power supply system for electric vehicle
US10153721 Electronically commutated fan system
US10153722 System and method for detecting abnormal state of velocity outputted from motor
US10153723 Solar thermal energy—field electron emission power generation device
US10153724 Methods and devices for coupling solar panel support structures and/or securing solar panel support structures to a roof
US10153725 Fiber coupled solar cell modules for concentrated operation in consumer electronics applications
US10153726 Non-concentrated photovoltaic and concentrated solar thermal hybrid devices and methods for solar energy collection
US10153727 Transformer based shielded oscillator
US10153728 Semiconductor device and method
US10153729 Nano-scale oscillator exhibiting chaotic oscillation
US10153730 Resonator device, manufacturing resonator device manufacturing method, oscillator, electronic apparatus, vehicle, and base station
US10153731 Apparatus and method for operating a power amplifier array with enhanced efficiency at back-off power levels
US10153732 Amplifier circuit and method of recovering input signal in the amplifier circuit
US10153733 Active bias circuit for power amplifier, and mobile terminal
US10153734 Configurable radio frequency power amplifier and method thereof
US10153735 Millimetre wave power amplifier and a method of optimising such a power amplifier
US10153736 Circuits and methods for 2G amplification using 3G/4G linear path combination
US10153737 Power amplifier module
US10153738 RF power transistor circuits
US10153739 Power amplification division circuit and multi-stage type power amplification division circuit
US10153740 Split signal differential MEMS microphone
US10153741 Average power tracking mode power amplifier using dual bias voltage levels
US10153742 Active RC filters
US10153743 Linear variable gain amplifier
US10153744 Automatically tuning an audio compressor to prevent distortion
US10153745 Feedback compensated master volume control
US10153746 Wiring board with filter circuit and electronic device
US10153747 Surface acoustic wave element
US10153748 Acoustic wave element, filter element, and communication device
US10153749 Resonator element, resonator, and electronic device
US10153751 Second order switched capacitor filter
US10153752 Relaxation oscillator circuit for low frequency and low power dissipation
US10153753 Duty cycle correction circuit for differential driver
US10153754 Method for managing the operation of a low-complexity synchronous retention flip-flop circuit, and corresponding circuit
US10153755 Signal receiver, related method, and related electronic device
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