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US10153756 Method for signal transmissions via a path through which electrical power is transmitted, and signal transmission system
US10153757 Three input comparator
US10153758 Efficient digital duty cycle adjusters
US10153759 Control chip and control system utilizing the same
US10153760 Reconfigurable direct mapping for RF switch control
US10153761 GaN-on-sapphire monolithically integrated power converter
US10153764 Current measurement in a power semiconductor device
US10153765 Signal generation device
US10153766 Switch device
US10153767 Switch circuit and method of switching radio frequency signals
US10153768 Integrated circuitry and methods for reducing leakage current
US10153769 Systems, processes and computer-accessible medium for providing logic encryption utilizing fault analysis
US10153770 Programmable input/output circuit
US10153771 Negative-level shifting circuit and a source driver and a display device using the circuit
US10153772 Superconducting devices with enforced directionality
US10153773 Low-power oscillator
US10153774 Transconductor circuit for a fourth order PLL
US10153775 Phase interpolator
US10153776 Frequency synthesizer
US10153777 Fractional frequency clock divider with direct division
US10153778 High-linearity sigma-delta converter
US10153779 Content-aware compression of floating-point time-series data using multiple prediction functions and estimated bit-saving thresholds
US10153780 Coding method, decoding method, coder, and decoder
US10153781 Decoder for low-density parity-check codes
US10153782 Error correction code (ECC) selection using probability density functions of error correction capability in storage controllers with multiple error correction codes
US10153783 Low density party check (LDPC) decoder and method of decoding performed by LDPC decoder in digital video broadcasting (DVB) system
US10153784 Use of error correcting code to carry additional data bits
US10153785 Generalized low-density parity-check (GLDPC) code with variable length constituents
US10153786 Iterative decoder with dynamically-variable performance
US10153787 Apparatus and method for parallelized successive cancellation decoding and successive cancellation list decoding of polar codes
US10153788 Detection of multiple bit errors in random access memories
US10153790 Systems and methods for frequency and bandwidth optimization with a single-wire multiswitch device
US10153791 Method for transmitting radio signals from a base station, a system and a computer program product
US10153792 Digital compensation for antenna load mismatch
US10153793 Apparatus and method for identification and compensation of distortion in a multi-antenna system
US10153795 Switching amplifier circuit with amplitude control
US10153796 System and method for capturing and decontaminating photoplethysmopgraphy (PPG) signals in a vehicle
US10153797 Communication module
US10153798 Systems and methods for adaptive averaging in frequency domain equalization systems
US10153799 Electronic device case and material layer details of the same
US10153800 Apparatus to assist a user with holding a mobile device
US10153801 Systems and methods for acoustic communication in a mobile device
US10153802 Wireless communication device and wireless communication system using the same
US10153803 Receiving circuit, wireless communication module, and wireless communication device
US10153804 Clear channel assessment
US10153805 Iterative interference suppressor for wireless multiple-access systems with multiple receive antennas
US10153807 Communication of multiple data streams over ground power lines
US10153808 Internal antenna of display
US10153809 Near-field communication (NFC) reader optimized for high performance NFC and wireless power transfer with small antennas
US10153811 Communication system with communication-layer maximization mechanism and method of operation thereof
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