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US10153812 Techniques for supporting multiple bandwidth modes
US10153813 Information processing method, base station, and user equipment
US10153814 Massive multiple-input multiple-output (M-MIMO) wireless distribution system (WDS) and related methods for optimizing the M-MIMO WDS
US10153815 Mixed mode operations within multiple user, multiple access, and/or MIMO wireless communications
US10153817 Complexity reduction for transmitter precoding
US10153818 Linear combination codebook for CSI reporting in advanced wireless communication systems
US10153819 Apparatus and method for transmitting/receiving reference signal in wireless communication system supporting beam forming scheme
US10153821 Precoding and feedback channel information in wireless communication system
US10153822 Communication apparatus, communication method, computer program, and communication system
US10153823 Signal generating method and signal generating device
US10153824 Wireless communication system and system using same
US10153825 Vehicle-mounted control device
US10153826 Cellular signal booster with multiple signal chains
US10153827 Communication apparatus and data relay method
US10153828 System and method for avoiding mobile relay interference to primary system on authorized frequency spectrum
US10153829 Ground terminal and UAV beam pointing in an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) for network access
US10153830 Dynamic shielding system of cellular signals for an antenna of an unmanned aerial vehicle
US10153831 Power usage-aware spectral resource allocation in a satellite long term evolution (LTE) communication system
US10153832 Asymmetric forward link and reverse link subframe split
US10153833 Methods and apparatus for self healing of an optical transceiver in a wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) system
US10153834 Optical fiber replacement method in optical network
US10153835 Method and system for wireless data transmission
US10153836 Processing apparatus
US10153837 Controller and associated method for selecting visible light communication personal area network coordinator (VPANC)
US10153838 Quad tracker with birefringent optics
US10153839 Registration method, device and system
US10153840 Wireless communication network apparatus and method of transmitting communications traffic in simple format
US10153841 Optical fiber-based distributed antenna systems, components, and related methods for calibration thereof
US10153842 Emulating rogue optical network unit behavior in a passive optical network
US10153843 Optical network visualization and planning
US10153844 Channel recovery in burst-mode, time-division multiplexing (TDM) passive optical networks (PONs)
US10153846 Optical communication module, parallel processing apparatus, and adjusting method
US10153847 Chromatic dispersion detection method and device for optical transmission network and storage medium
US10153848 Optical device, a transmitter for a quantum communication system and a quantum communication system
US10153849 FSO communications terminals for connecting telecommunications cards
US10153850 Power feed line switching circuit, branching device, submarine cable system, and power feed line switching method
US10153851 Transmission method and apparatus
US10153852 System and method for quantizing interference profile
US10153853 Radio frequency doppler spread emulators
US10153854 Live uplink transmissions and broadcasting management system and method
US10153855 Broadcast receiver and control method thereof
US10153856 Channel multiplexing method for reading out detector signal
US10153857 Orthogonal frequency division multiple access protection
US10153858 System and method for interference cancellation using terminal cooperation
US10153859 Mobile communication system, communication control method, base station superposing an interference replica signal to a desired wave signal, and user terminal performing interference cancellation
US10153860 Cross-polarized control channels for loading fiber optic transport systems
US10153861 Digital link viewer for data center interconnect nodes
US10153862 System and method for a radio access network
US10153863 Method and device for transmitting and receiving packet in communication system
US10153864 Method for dynamic and selective FD-DSDF transmission of a digital signal for a MAMRC system with several full-duplex relays, and corresponding program product and relay device
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