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US10153866 Signaling methods and apparatus
US10153867 Carrier aggregation with dynamic TDD DL/UL subframe configuration
US10153868 Hybrid automatic repeat request (H-ARQ) for a wireless local area network
US10153869 System and method adopting a reliable stop-and-wait hybrid automatic repeat request protocol
US10153870 Method and apparatus for operating supplementary cells in licensed exempt spectrum
US10153871 Selective uplink transmission timing adjustment of a multicarrier wireless device
US10153872 Apparatus for transmitting and receiving a signal and method of transmitting and receiving a signal
US10153873 Physical layer protocol data unit format applied with space time block coding in a high efficiency wireless LAN
US10153874 Method to perform joint scheduling in the downlink or in the uplink of a centralized OFDM radio access network for a plurality of users considering time, frequency and space domains, scheduler device thereof and computer program products
US10153875 Traffic data allocations in low latency LTE downlink communications
US10153876 Radio terminal, radio base station, channel signal forming method, and channel signal receiving method
US10153877 Method and apparatus for transmitting feedback frame in wireless local area network system
US10153878 Method and apparatus for handling zero power channel state information reference signal configurations for discovery signals in wireless communication system
US10153879 Method of processing reference signal in wireless communication system and apparatus therefor
US10153880 Method for allocating PHICH and generating reference signal in system using single user MIMO based on multiple codewords when transmitting uplink
US10153881 Channel state information transmission/reception method and apparatus for use in wireless communication system
US10153882 User equipment and capability reporting method
US10153883 Method for communicating in mobile system
US10153884 Methods and arrangements in a telecommunication system
US10153885 Alternate channel for carrying selected message types
US10153886 Apparatus and method for downlink and uplink multi-user transmissions
US10153887 Patch download with improved acknowledge mechanism
US10153888 Rank indicator adaptation based on downlink error rate
US10153889 Method and apparatus for handling full-duplex interference
US10153890 Method and apparatus for transmitting and receiving signal of device to device terminal in wireless communication system
US10153891 Method and apparatus for coexistence among wireless transmit/receive units (WTRUs) operating in the same spectrum
US10153892 Asynchronous wireless sensing
US10153893 Analysis device, analysis method and computer readable medium
US10153894 Homomorphic encryption with optimized encoding
US10153895 Homomorphic database operations apparatuses, methods and systems
US10153896 Method and device for data encrypting
US10153897 Custom encryption function for communications between a client device and a server device
US10153899 System for retrieval of email certificates from remote certificate repository
US10153900 Secure escrow service
US10153901 System and method for verifying user identity in a virtual environment
US10153902 Secure data transmission using natural language
US10153904 Validating resources execution
US10153905 Hash-based electronic signatures for data sets such as DNSSEC
US10153906 Systems and methods for implementing computer security
US10153907 Methods and systems for PKI-based authentication
US10153908 Secure communication of IOT devices for vehicles
US10153909 Power over ethernet powered device configured for low duty-cycle operation
US10153910 Low power twisted pair coding scheme
US10153911 Information processing system, information processing device, and information processing method
US10153912 Method and system for optimizing information pushing time according to alarm clock
US10153913 Secondary radio for diagnostic/debug
US10153914 Method and apparatus for indicating usage of MBSFN area in wireless communication system
US10153915 Refrigeration unit monitoring, control and feedback system
US10153916 Method and device for controlling a lighting system
US10153917 Frequency/phase-shift-keying for back-channel serdes communication
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