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US10153918 Joining an application cluster
US10153919 RF transmit architecture methods
US10153920 Initializing femtocells
US10153921 Self-interference channel estimation method and device
US10153922 Analog multiplexing scheme for decision feedback equalizers
US10153923 Single carrier equalizer and a receiver system comprising the single carrier equalizer
US10153924 Method for performing self-interference cancellation by communication device using FDR mode
US10153925 Time domain symbols encoder and decoder
US10153926 Frequency offset estimation method and apparatus in optical transmission network and storage medium
US10153927 AM demodulation with phase and symbol edge detection
US10153928 Energy efficient highway addressable remote transducer coherent 8-ary phase shift keying modem
US10153929 Transmission device, reception device, transmission method, and reception method
US10153930 Range extension mode for WiFi
US10153932 Resource unit (RU) allocation within wireless communications
US10153933 Method and apparatus for constructing very high throughput long training field sequences
US10153934 Reconfigurable wideband current-mode filters
US10153935 Apparatus, system and method of communicating a transmission according to a rotated 256 quadrature amplitude modulation (QAM) scheme
US10153936 Method of reducing impact of D2D in-band interference on cellular transmission
US10153937 Layered datacenter components
US10153938 Detecting driving and modifying access to a user device
US10153941 Distributed operational control in computing systems
US10153942 Method for configuring a path for intercepting user data, method for intercepting, apparatus and entity
US10153943 Methods and apparatus to provision cloud computing network elements
US10153944 Lag configuration learning in an extended bridge
US10153945 Information processing apparatus, control method, and storage medium storing program
US10153946 Topology engine state tracking
US10153947 Method, device and system for preventing network node aging
US10153948 Systems and methods for combined software defined networking and distributed network control
US10153949 Sub-topology discovery for operating hybrid solutions
US10153950 Data communications performance monitoring
US10153951 Determining the operations performed along a service path/service chain
US10153952 Network traffic monitoring system and method thereof
US10153953 Network system, control method of a network system and control device
US10153954 Inferring physical layer connection status of generic cables from planned single-end connection events
US10153955 Network selection using current and historical measurements
US10153956 Rate control for application performance monitoring
US10153957 Fault diagnosis method, device, and fault diagnosis system
US10153958 Method and system for media collection expansion
US10153959 Network communication and cost awareness
US10153960 Determining an end time of streaming media
US10153961 Communication device, communication method, and communication system
US10153962 Generating high-speed test traffic in a network switch
US10153963 Method and device for rapidly synchronizing medium access control address table, and storage medium
US10153964 Network routing using dynamic virtual paths in an overlay network
US10153965 Database protocol for exchanging forwarding state with hardware switches
US10153966 Hybrid mesh network monitoring signaling environment
US10153967 Deterministic and optimized bit index explicit replication (BIER) forwarding
US10153968 Carrier-driven bearer path selection
US10153969 Request routing based on class
US10153970 Partial channel reservation on a shared communication medium
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