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US10153971 Data transmission method and entity
US10153972 Method and apparatus for coding a user defined constant into a key composition rule using variable length command
US10153973 Installation of routing tables for logical router in route server mode
US10153974 Software defined network traffic congestion control
US10153975 Method for controlling user plane traffic flows in a wireless telecommunication network
US10153976 Adaptive load balancing in residential hybrid gateways
US10153977 Adapting control plane policing parameters dynamically
US10153978 Distributed anticipatory bidirectional packet steering for software network functions
US10153979 Prioritization of network traffic in a distributed processing system
US10153980 Systems and methods for managing network congestion
US10153981 Determining a maximal size of packets
US10153982 Method and apparatus for generating frames based on frame packing rules
US10153983 Optimum resource routing using contextual data analysis
US10153985 Dragonfly processor interconnect network
US10153986 Port monitoring system
US10153988 Load balancing on multi-chip network switch without full bi-section bandwidth
US10153989 128 gigabit fibre channel physical architecture
US10153990 Method and device for communication in a communications network
US10153991 Use based scalable instant voice communication
US10153992 Identification of progress towards complete message system integration using automation degree of implementation metrics
US10153993 RCS origination forking
US10153994 Systems and methods for automated and centralized real-time event detection and communication
US10153995 Method and apparatus for effecting web page access in a plurality of media applications
US10153996 Threaded conversation user interface
US10153998 System and method for facilitating integrated social group instant messaging
US10153999 Method and apparatus for collecting feed information in mobile terminal
US10154000 Contact aggregation in a social network
US10154001 Methods and system for distributing information via multiple forms of delivery services
US10154002 Systems and methods for permission-based message dissemination in a communications system
US10154003 Method for acquiring identifier of terminal in network, management network element and storage medium
US10154004 DHCP communications configuration system
US10154005 System and methods for direct connections between previously unconnected network devices across one or more unknown networks
US10154006 Systems, methods and apparatus for supporting multiple network addressing modes
US10154007 Enterprise cloud access control and network access control policy using risk based blocking
US10154008 Scanner enabled with a secure input/output (I/O) module (SIOM)
US10154009 Providing a basic firewall using a virtual networking function
US10154010 Methods and apparatus for providing a secure overlay network between clouds
US10154011 Secure data sharing with publicly accessible computing nodes
US10154012 Systems and methods for protecting internet advertising data
US10154013 Updating encrypted cryptographic key
US10154014 Method and system for efficient encryption, transmission, and decryption of video data
US10154017 Device pairing in a local network
US10154018 Method and system for facilitating network joining
US10154019 End-to-end trusted communications infrastructure
US10154020 Referral identity system and method of operation thereof
US10154021 Securitization of temporal digital communications with authentication and validation of user and access devices
US10154022 Authentication server and method to enable content to be pushed to a currently utilized device among client devices
US10154023 Method and system for secure instantiation of an operation system within the cloud
US10154024 Push notification activation
US10154025 Seamless device configuration in a communication network
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