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US10154026 Secure remote modification of device credentials using device-generated credentials
US10154027 Private simultaneous authentication of equals
US10154028 Systems and methods for authenticating users accessing a secure network
US10154029 Biometric knowledge extraction for mutual and multi-factor authentication and key exchange
US10154030 Analyzing facial recognition data and social network data for user authentication
US10154032 Methods for security system-agnostic uniform device identification
US10154033 Electronic device and method for establishing wireless connection
US10154034 Cooperative data access request authorization in a dispersed storage network
US10154035 System and method for controlling access
US10154036 Authorization delegation system, control method, authorization server, and storage medium
US10154037 Techniques for implementing a data storage device as a security device for managing access to resources
US10154038 Access control in data processing systems
US10154039 Hierarchical policy-based shared resource access control
US10154040 Systems, methods, and devices for gathering display device usage data
US10154041 Website access control
US10154042 Account sharing detection
US10154043 Management of social network group through the use of embedded limitations
US10154044 Method, system, and computer program product for providing security and responsiveness in cloud based data storage and application execution
US10154045 Method of communicating between secured computer systems as well as computer network infrastructure
US10154046 System and method for evaluation and response to cyber security exposure in an embedded control device
US10154048 Methods and systems for location-based authentication using neighboring sensors
US10154049 System and method for providing an in-line sniffer mode network based identity centric firewall
US10154050 Device and a method for detecting and analyzing signals in the ultrasounds frequency spectrum for electronic communications devices
US10154051 Automatic detection of network threats based on modeling sequential behavior in network traffic
US10154052 Tracer cookies to detect web session compromise by insiders
US10154053 Method and apparatus for grouping features into bins with selected bin boundaries for use in anomaly detection
US10154054 Emoji frequency detection and deep link frequency
US10154056 Message authenticity and risk assessment
US10154057 Network appliance for vulnerability assessment auditing over multiple networks
US10154058 Method and device for validating a timestamp of a data transmission
US10154059 Hearing device with communication protection and related method
US10154060 Domain name hijack protection
US10154061 Cloaking authority system
US10154062 Rule lookup using predictive tuples based rule lookup cache in the data plane
US10154063 Device management apparatus, device management system, and security setting method
US10154064 System and method for enabling end-user license enforcement of ISV applications in a hybrid cloud system
US10154065 Policy management in software container computing environments
US10154066 Context-aware compromise assessment
US10154067 Network application security policy enforcement
US10154068 Self-adjusting tiered caching system to optimize traffic performance and origin offload
US10154069 Annotating collaborative information structures
US10154070 Virtual agent communication for electronic device
US10154071 Group chat with dynamic background images and content from social media
US10154072 Intelligent streaming of media content
US10154073 Packet forwarding apparatus for handling multicast packet
US10154074 Remediation of the impact of detected synchronized data requests in a content delivery network
US10154075 Systems and methods for automatically generating top level index files
US10154077 Computer system for network node review for actionable item
US10154078 Graphical user interface facilitating uploading of electronic documents to shared storage
US10154079 Pre-boot file transfer system
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