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US10154080 Enhancing digital content provided from devices
US10154081 Control system, and information processing device
US10154082 Providing customer information obtained from a carrier system to a client device
US10154083 Release status indicator for a multi-user CAx environment
US10154085 System, information processing apparatus, information processing method, and storage medium
US10154086 Distributed consumer cloud storage system
US10154087 Database based redundancy in a telecommunications network
US10154088 System and method for migrating an agent server to an agent client device
US10154089 Distributed system and data operation method thereof
US10154090 Distributed cache coherency protocol for reduced latency across WAN links
US10154091 Deploying infrastructure units according to resource hosting constraints
US10154092 Data sharing using distributed cache in a network of heterogeneous computers
US10154093 Method, system, and computer-readable medium for storing diagnostic data relating to a vehicle
US10154094 Electronic glovebox for a vehicle
US10154095 System and method for aggregating and acting on signals from one or more remote sources in real time using a configurable platform instance
US10154096 Method for integrating a new service into an avionics onboard system with open architecture of client-server type, in particular for an FIM manoeuvre service
US10154097 Control of home dialysis machines using a network connected system
US10154098 Transactional boundaries for software system profiling
US10154099 Method, system, and computer program product for delivering smart services
US10154100 NIC teaming pair configuration
US10154101 System for resource usage monitoring
US10154102 System and method for cloud computing on-demand dynamic service management engine
US10154103 System and method for exchanging a history of user activity information
US10154104 Intelligent delivery of actionable content
US10154105 Network user usage profiling
US10154106 Method for sending heartbeat message and mobile terminal
US10154107 Document distribution from a processing system utilizing pushed references
US10154108 Method and system for brokering between devices and network services
US10154109 Delivering content to electronic devices using local caching servers
US10154110 System and methods thereof for delivery of popular content using a multimedia broadcast multicast service
US10154111 System and method for routing content based on real-time feedback
US10154112 Cloud-to-cloud data migration via cache
US10154113 Computer system
US10154114 Delivery apparatus, delivery method, terminal device, and non-transitory computer readable storage medium
US10154115 System and method for implementing application functionality within a network infrastructure
US10154116 Efficient synchronization of locally-available content
US10154117 End-under devices handling objects via network server assistance
US10154118 System and method for telephony and communication services with message-based API
US10154119 Group browsing and usage of fiori applications
US10154120 System and method for data transfer, including protocols for use in data transfer
US10154121 Control device, system containing the control device and method of using the same
US10154122 Grouping in a system with multiple media playback protocols
US10154123 Insertion and use of application or radio information in network data packet headers
US10154124 Display system with a flexible display
US10154125 Apparatus having a plurality of SIMs
US10154126 Modular system connection assignment
US10154127 Anti-glare shade, privacy hood and protective cover for mobile electronic devices
US10154128 Methods and apparatuses for interpreting a phone number
US10154129 Wearable electronic apparatus
US10154130 Mobile device context aware determinations
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