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US10154131 Executing instructions in response to a communication
US10154132 Method, apparatus and system for call leg selection
US10154133 Quality-dependent playback of recordings
US10154135 System and method for determining availability statuses for users
US10154136 Call block policy using validated identities and selected attribute sharing
US10154137 Dialing a VOIP telephone number subject to an autodialer prohibition in a contact center
US10154139 Quality analysis of media at contact centers
US10154140 System and method for providing customer-specific ongoing call center assistance with the aid of a digital computer
US10154141 System and method for automatic intention evaluation and communication routing
US10154142 System and method for scalable interaction prioritization
US10154143 System and method for dynamically selecting a dial plan
US10154144 Adjustable interactive voice response system and methods of using same
US10154145 Virtual telephony assistant
US10154146 Method of managing a communication to a user, and an application server
US10154147 Multi-network access gateway
US10154148 Audio echo cancellation with robust double-talk detection in a conferencing environment
US10154149 Audio framework extension for acoustic feedback suppression
US10154150 Network switching detection for toll-free data service provision
US10154151 Methods and apparatus for implementing policy and charging control
US10154152 Method and system for charging information recording in device to device (D2D) communication
US10154153 Application resource usage information
US10154154 Centralized theft-proof device
US10154155 Image reading apparatus capable of determining opening-closing state of original conveyance device and image forming apparatus equipped with image reading apparatus
US10154156 Image forming apparatus and method for controlling image forming apparatus
US10154157 Calibration system that ensure improved accuracy while reducing calculation cost, calibration method, and recording medium therefor
US10154158 System for applying a mark to an object in an object holder of a direct-to-object printer
US10154159 System, method, and apparatus for an interactive virtual fax machine
US10154160 System, processing device, and non-transitory computer readable storage medium for storing and transmitting a data part of a document
US10154161 Image forming apparatus determining supplies-purchasing condition based on usage of supplies and operating method thereof
US10154162 Mobile terminal and electronic system having an electronic apparatus wherein the mobile terminal includes an operation screen comprising operation buttons associated with functions performable by the electronic apparatus
US10154163 Dynamic user interface
US10154164 Imaging optical system and reading apparatus including the same
US10154165 Multiple payload pantographs
US10154166 Image sensor panel and method for capturing graphical information using same
US10154167 Image data management system, image data management method, and storage medium
US10154168 Information processing apparatus and method
US10154169 Fax board incompatibility detection and circumvention
US10154170 Image processing apparatus, method for controlling the same, and storage medium for understanding work needed to restart detection of maintenance event
US10154171 Image forming apparatus, cloud server, image forming system, and method for setting connection with image forming apparatus
US10154172 Printing apparatus, control method thereof, and storage medium storing a program that set a size and an orientation of an envelope based on a user instruction
US10154173 Image processing apparatus, image processing system, and image processing method for suppressing fradulent usage of an image processing appartus by a third party
US10154174 Image forming apparatus
US10154175 Circuit board, imaging device, and electronic apparatus
US10154176 Calibrating depth cameras using natural objects with expected shapes
US10154177 Symbology reader with multi-core processor
US10154178 Imaging apparatus with light shielding plates for blocking incident light on a lens
US10154179 System, method, and apparatus for discretely recording an event from the perspective of an event participant
US10154180 Camera having a separate image capture module and a method of assembling the camera
US10154181 Optical device and imaging device with mechanism for reducing condensation
US10154182 Camera module including multiple camera lenses, electronic device having the same, and method for controlling operation of camera module
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