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US10149859 Nucleotide and nucleoside therapeutic compositions and uses related thereto
US10149860 Compositions and methods for treating alzheimer's disease and other tauopathies
US10149861 Gallium-based glass composition
US10149862 Method of making nanocomposites of metal oxide and reduced graphene oxide and use for cancer treatment
US10149863 NKT-like cell subpopulation and method of using the same in the treatment of tumor
US10149864 Method of isolating cells for therapy and prophylaxis
US10149865 Method for preparing a biological tissue construct and use of autologous cells obtained specifically
US10149866 Compositions and methods for treating or preventing oxalate-related disease
US10149867 Compositions of microbiota and methods related thereto
US10149868 Use of Streptococcus thermophilis TCI633 in treating arthritis
US10149869 Compositions and methods for the treatment of hepatic diseases and disorders
US10149871 Method for preventing and/or treating osteoporosis by using Streptococcus thermophilus TC1633 strain and its metabolites
US10149872 Strain of Lactobacillus pentosus as probiotic
US10149873 Subfamily E simian adenoviruses A1321, A1325, A1295, A1309, A1316 and A1322 and uses thereof
US10149874 Methods for depyrogenating a seaweed extract
US10149875 Compositions and methods to relieve chronic diseases symptoms
US10149876 tripterygium wilfordii extracts to overcome chemotherapy resistance
US10149877 Compositions for the treatment of peripheral ulcers of various origins
US10149878 Use of fenugreek extract to enhance female libido
US10149879 Association between neopterin concentration and neurovascular charges in type-2 diabetes patients—effect of an Ayurvedic formulation mainly containing Berberis aristata
US10149880 feijoa fruit extract
US10149881 Method for treating inflammatory, allergic or asthma diseases, containing paprika extracts
US10149882 Weight management systems and related methods
US10149883 Method of treatment of diabetes-inducing kidney failure
US10149884 Methods and compositions for preserving photoreceptor and retinal pigment epithelial cells
US10149885 Method of treatment or prophylaxis of infections of the eye
US10149886 Peptides having anti-inflammatory properties
US10149887 Peptides and peptidomimetics in combination with t cell activating and/or checkpoint inhibiting agents for cancer treatment
US10149889 Compositions for the treatment of cancer, and methods for testing and using the same
US10149891 Feed additive composition
US10149892 Compositions and methods for treating celiac sprue disease
US10149893 Methods for modifying progression of osteoarthritis
US10149895 Composition for the treatment of progressive renal diseases
US10149896 MHC-I restricted epitopes containing non-natural amino acid residues
US10149897 Scaffolds for cell transplantation
US10149898 Methods and compositions for the treatment of melanoma
US10149899 Composition and method against C-difficile
US10149900 Immunogenic compositions and vaccines derived from bacterial surface receptor proteins
US10149901 Influenza vaccines with reduced amounts of squalene
US10149902 Swarm immunization with envelopes from CH505
US10149903 Fully human antibody against respiratory syncytical virus
US10149905 Chiral nucleic acid adjuvant having antitumor effect and antitumor agent
US10149906 Targeting microbubbles
US10149907 Combinations of a photosensitizer with a hydrogen sulfide donor, thioredoxin inhibitor or nitroxide for use in photodynamic therapy
US10149908 Pharmaceutical composition containing pyridylaminoacetic acid compound
US10149909 Fortifier
US10149911 Pharmaceutical composition containing hydroxamic acid derivative or salt thereof
US10149912 Dehydrated hydrogel inclusion complex
US10149913 Anthracycline disulfide intermediates, antibody-drug conjugates and methods
US10149914 Liver-specific nucleic acid regulatory elements and methods and use thereof
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