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US10154184 Camera module and method for the production thereof
US10154185 Vehicle camera with SMD pad for coaxial cable connection
US10154186 Mobile terminal and method for controlling the same
US10154187 Apparatus and method for adjusting and / or calibrating a multi-camera module as well as the use of such an apparatus
US10154188 Camera system, master camera device, and slave camera device
US10154189 Adjusting method of camera module, lens position control device, control device of linear movement device, and controlling method of the same
US10154190 Balancing exposure and gain at an electronic device based on device motion and scene distance
US10154191 Emotional/cognitive state-triggered recording
US10154192 Apparatus and method for supplying content aware photo filters
US10154193 Noncircular aperture imaging system
US10154194 Video capturing and formatting system
US10154195 Image joining apparatus, image pickup apparatus, image joining method, and image joining program
US10154196 Adjusting length of living images
US10154197 Image capture device having light field image capture mode, 2D image capture mode, and intermediate capture mode
US10154198 Power saving techniques for an image capture device
US10154199 Method and apparatus for self camera shooting
US10154200 Imager with active exposure correction
US10154201 Method for adjusting photographic images to higher resolution
US10154202 Apparatus for illuminating a scene and control method thereof
US10154203 Automated extended depth of field imaging apparatus and method
US10154204 Video compressive sensing with side information
US10154205 Electronic device and image processing method thereof
US10154206 Apparatus, control method and program thereof, and external apparatus for transmitting transparency information indicative whether a transparency is set
US10154207 Event-triggered imaging pixels
US10154208 Imaging device, imaging method, and on-board imaging system
US10154209 Systems and methods for color binning
US10154210 Global shutter imaging pixels
US10154211 Circuit controller for controlling a pixel circuit and a method of controlling a pixel circuit
US10154212 Imaging device, electronic apparatus, and imaging method
US10154213 Image sensors having dark pixels
US10154214 Image sensor having improved signal-to-noise ratio and reduced random noise and image processing system
US10154215 Semiconductor image sensor with integrated pixel heating and method of operating a semiconductor image sensor
US10154216 Image capturing apparatus, image capturing method, and storage medium using compressive sensing
US10154217 Imaging apparatus, image processing apparatus, and imaging display apparatus
US10154218 Encoding circuit, ad conversion circuit, imaging device, and imaging system including a delay circuits having opposite polarity output terminals
US10154219 Signal processing device, image pickup element, and electronic device
US10154220 Imaging system with dynamic reconstruction workload allocation
US10154221 Imaging device, imaging system, mobile apparatus, and drive method of imaging device
US10154222 Optical sensor, signal reading method therefor, solid-state imaging device, and signal reading method therefor
US10154223 Comparator circuit, solid-state imaging apparatus, and electronic device
US10154224 Remote controller for electronic appliances such as television and the like
US10154225 Frame grabber, image processing system including the same, and image processing method using the frame grabber
US10154226 System and method for displaying bookmarked capsule images
US10154227 Display device and television receiver
US10154228 Smoothing video panning
US10154230 Generating an output frame for inclusion in a video sequence
US10154231 Communication device and communication method
US10154232 Communication event
US10154233 Technologies for scene reconstruction
US10154234 Image sensor with peripheral 3A-control sensors and associated imaging system
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