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US10154235 Device for displaying an image sequence and system for displaying a scene
US10154236 Acousto-optic beam steering modulator for a projection system
US10154237 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and storage medium
US10154238 Projection system and modeling machine
US10154239 Image-guided surgery with surface reconstruction and augmented reality visualization
US10154240 Video processing method and apparatus for use with a sequence of stereoscopic images
US10154241 Depth map based perspective correction in digital photos
US10154242 Conversion of 2D image to 3D video
US10154244 3D system including a marker mode
US10154245 Concept for determining a measure for a distortion change in a synthesized view due to depth map modifications
US10154246 Systems and methods for 3D capturing of objects and motion sequences using multiple range and RGB cameras
US10154247 Virtual reality communication systems and methods thereof
US10154248 Encoder apparatus, encoder system, encoding method, and medium for separating frames captured in time series by imaging directions
US10154249 System and method for capturing horizontal disparity stereo panorama
US10154250 Electronic device having transparent display function and display device thereof
US10154251 Display assembly
US10154252 Projection-type image display apparatus
US10154253 Multi-view displays using images encoded with orbital angular momentum (OAM) on a pixel or image basis
US10154254 Time-of-flight depth sensing for eye tracking
US10154255 In-vehicle-camera image processing device
US10154256 Flash color calibration
US10154257 Image coding method in which offset is applied when an image is coded, and image decoding method in which offset is applied when an image is decoded
US10154258 Power aware video decoding and streaming
US10154261 Encoder and method for video processing
US10154262 Image processing apparatus and image processing method using improved predictive encoding techniques
US10154263 Rate-distortion optimization-based quantization method and apparatus
US10154264 Image decoding method, image coding method, image decoding apparatus, image coding apparatus, and image coding and decoding apparatus
US10154265 Graphics server and method for streaming rendered content via a remote graphics processing service
US10154266 Video quality estimation device, video quality estimation method, and video quality estimation program
US10154268 Method of cross color intra prediction
US10154269 Methods, apparatus and systems for scalable video coding with mixed interlace and progressive content
US10154270 Image decoding method, image coding method, image decoding apparatus, image coding apparatus, and image coding and decoding apparatus
US10154271 Method and apparatus for inter-layer decoding video using depth-based disparity vector, and method and apparatus for inter-layer encoding video using depth-based disparity vector
US10154272 Methods and apparatus for video usability information (VUI) for scalable video coding (SVC)
US10154274 Apparatus, a method and a computer program for video coding and decoding
US10154275 Systems and methods for embedding metadata into video contents
US10154276 Nested SEI messages for multiview video coding (MVC) compatible three-dimensional video coding (3DVC)
US10154278 Method for encoding/decoding images, and apparatus using same
US10154279 Method and apparatus for derivation of motion vector predictor candidate set
US10154280 Predictive encoding method, predictive encoding device, and predictive encoding program of motion vector, and, predictive decoding method, predictive decoding device, and predictive decoding program of motion vector
US10154281 Method and apparatus for keypoint trajectory coding on compact descriptor for video analysis
US10154282 Method and device for generating predicted pictures
US10154284 Method and apparatus for processing intra prediction mode
US10154285 Video coding system with search range and method of operation thereof
US10154286 Systems and methods for model parameter optimization in three dimensional based color mapping
US10154287 Video encoding method and apparatus using transformation unit of variable tree structure, and video decoding method and apparatus
US10154288 Apparatus and method to improve image or video quality or encoding performance by enhancing discrete cosine transform coefficients
US10154289 Signaling DPB parameters in VPS extension and DPB operation
US10154290 System and method for wireless distribution of television channels in a venue
US10154291 Video analysis method and system
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