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US10154292 Information pushing method and system, cloud server and information server
US10154293 Crowdsourced playback control of media content
US10154294 Cloud based location shifting service
US10154295 Method and system for analysis of sensory information to estimate audience reaction
US10154297 Sharing television and video programming through social networking
US10154298 Scalable data acquisition and accumulation in a resource constrained environment
US10154299 Split-type television
US10154301 Image display device and method for controlling the same
US10154302 CATV entry adapter and method for distributing CATV and in-home entertainment signals
US10154305 Using an audio stream to identify metadata associated with a currently playing television program
US10154306 Method, apparatus, and system for streaming data with biometric verification
US10154307 System and method for detecting the removal of a controlling device
US10154308 Methods and systems for automatically evaluating an audio description track of a media asset
US10154309 Dynamically adjusting video merchandising to reflect user preferences
US10154310 System and method for associating individual household members with television programs viewed
US10154311 TV mode change in accordance with number of viewers present
US10154312 Systems and methods for ranking and providing related media content based on signals
US10154313 Preselecting future video content for download
US10154315 Method and system for improved interactive television processing
US10154316 Motion-based configuration of a multi-user device
US10154317 System, method, and protocol for transmission of video and audio data
US10154318 Systems and methods for providing audio-based guidance
US10154319 Systems and methods for customizing delivery of advertisements
US10154320 Dynamic time synchronization
US10154321 System and method for registering sensors used in monitoring-systems
US10154322 Fast recovery of fibre channel (FC) link using delayed NOS message after FC link failure
US10154323 Reduction of network connectivity gaps experienced by inline network appliances
US10154324 Method and system for updating optical distribution network (ODN) device by using intelligent management terminal
US10154325 Point-to-point fiber insertion
US10154326 Intelligent subsystem in access networks
US10154327 Molded acoustic mesh for electronic devices
US10154328 Ingress protection for reducing particle infiltration into acoustic chamber of a MEMS microphone package
US10154329 Audio output device and audio output port of computing device
US10154330 Gradient micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS) microphone
US10154331 Wireless earbud
US10154332 Power management for wireless earpieces utilizing sensor measurements
US10154333 Personalization of auditory stimulus
US10154334 Sports Hi-Fi touch-control Bluetooth earphone
US10154335 Interchangeable speaker assembly and method of use
US10154336 Speaker apparatus
US10154337 Audio speaker with visual performance indicator
US10154338 Loudspeaker system with transducer array
US10154340 Microphone
US10154341 Stackable communications system
US10154342 Spatial adaptation in multi-microphone sound capture
US10154343 Audio signal echo reduction
US10154344 Surround sound applications and devices for vertically-oriented content
US10154345 Surround sound recording for mobile devices
US10154346 Dynamically adjust audio attributes based on individual speaking characteristics
US10154347 Bushings constrained by compression in levered apparatus
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