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US10154348 Systems and methods for improved acousto-haptic speakers
US10154349 Speaker device
US10154350 Micro-speaker using slope for connecting a first portion and a second portion of the base wall to avoid lead bumping
US10154351 Hearing aid communication system and hearing aid communication method thereof
US10154352 Multifunction system and method for integrated hearing and communication with noise cancellation and feedback management
US10154353 Monaural speech intelligibility predictor unit, a hearing aid and a binaural hearing system
US10154354 Advanced artificial sound hearing training
US10154355 Hearing device with position data and method of operating a hearing device
US10154356 Process and architecture for remotely adjusting a hearing aid
US10154357 Performance based in situ optimization of hearing aids
US10154358 Audio apparatus adaptable to user position
US10154359 Playback device calibration
US10154360 Method and system of improving detection of environmental sounds in an immersive environment
US10154362 Apparatus and method for mapping first and second input channels to at least one output channel
US10154363 Electronic apparatus and sound output control method
US10154364 Moving an emoji to move a location of binaural sound
US10154365 Head-related transfer function measurement and application
US10154366 Method and system for exchanging data with a mobile communication network using at least one group of cloned subscriber identity modules
US10154367 Adaptive threshold for proximity based wireless communications features
US10154368 Systems and methods for providing system-acquisition parameters on standardized frequencies
US10154369 Deterrence of user equipment device location tracking
US10154371 Response at network terminal to initialization failure
US10154372 Real-time custom interfaces through multi-channel geo-fencing
US10154373 Providing status of a user device during an adverse condition
US10154377 Vehicle to vehicle communications device and methods for recreational vehicles
US10154378 System and method for tracking location of worker
US10154379 Artificial intelligence for loss prevention tags
US10154380 Method and system for handling position of a UE associated with a vehicle
US10154381 Location context, supplemental information, and suggestions for meeting locations
US10154382 System and method for determining a driver in a telematic application
US10154383 Wireless communication control system, wireless communication control apparatus, method for controlling wireless communication, method for producing directivity information, and radio
US10154384 Systems and methods for back channel communication
US10154385 Creating a communication group
US10154386 Method and system for reporting a short message capability via an IP multimedia subsystem
US10154387 Process of initiation of a conversation
US10154388 Wireless directional sharing based on antenna sectors
US10154389 Method and system for facilitating real-time location sharing
US10154390 Disaster information management apparatus, disaster information system, disaster information management method, disaster information management program, portable terminal, control method of portable terminal, and control program of controlling operation of portable terminal
US10154391 Covert transmission of an assistance request message from a wearable device
US10154392 Method and system for family plan sharing of wireless services
US10154393 Method, motor vehicle, and system for determining a transmission path
US10154394 Over the air image configuration
US10154395 Terminal and service providing device, electronic wallet system comprising the same, control method thereof, and non-transitory computer readable storage medium having computer program recorded thereon
US10154396 Network detection for content synchronization and reporting
US10154397 Physically secure digital signal processing for blind differentially-spread wireless M2M networks
US10154398 Methods and systems for node selection in multihop wireless sensor networks
US10154399 Method for outputting content and electronic device for supporting the same
US10154400 Electronic device and method of operating same
US10154401 Safety device utilizing a beacon
US10154402 Method and apparatus for transmitting and receiving discovery information in wireless communication system, and protocol stack architecture for the same
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