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US10154403 Method of and system for providing a multi-IMSI solution in an operating mobile network
US10154404 Provisioning an embedded universal integrated circuit entity within an electronic device
US10154405 Control server in a communication network
US10154406 Attaching visible networks for synchronous local search results
US10154407 IP aggregation for LTE-based mobile networks
US10154408 System and method for providing a public number-private number telephony system
US10154409 Binding an authenticated user with a wireless device
US10154410 Systems and methods for authentication using low quality and high quality authentication information
US10154411 Proximity authentication protocol
US10154412 Method and apparatus for sharing content
US10154413 Self-masking receive system
US10154414 Resource allocation
US10154415 Resource adaptation for frequency domain downlink inter-cell interference coordination
US10154416 Data processing method, and communications device and system
US10154417 Network node and a method therein for computing cell range expansion (CRE) values
US10154419 Control of data connections and/or data transmissions in a mobile radio device
US10154420 User equipment, network node and methods therein
US10154421 Reference signal sequence configuration method and network device
US10154422 Subband-based modulation tester
US10154423 End-to-end network diagnostics
US10154424 CSI measurement under coverage enhancements in LTE
US10154425 Method for a configuration error management for a sidelink radio bearer and device therefor
US10154426 Method for performing measurement and device using same
US10154427 Method and apparatus for managing device using at least one sensor
US10154428 Antenna control method and non-transitory computer-readable medium thereof
US10154429 Method and system for user experience event processing and analysis
US10154430 Radio base station, user terminal and radio communication system
US10154431 Congestion mitigation based on user device and base station condition information
US10154433 Communication control method
US10154434 Channel reservation method and communications device
US10154435 Systems, methods, and devices for coexistence of heterogeneous bandwidth communications
US10154436 Communication apparatus, communication method, and communication system
US10154437 Listen-before-talk reservation scheme for wireless communications over unlicensed spectrum
US10154438 Method and apparatus for performing interworking between 3GPP and WLAN for dual connectivity in wireless communication system
US10154439 Dynamic channel bandwidth selection based on information for packets transmitted at different channel bandwidths
US10154440 Seamless mobile handover
US10154443 Cross radio access technology handoff using caching
US10154444 Method and apparatus for improving handover success rate
US10154445 AP handover method in industrial mobile network based on double wireless network interface cards
US10154446 Network switching method and device
US10154447 Method and terminal for determining access on basis of policy
US10154448 Multimode mobile communication network search in a wireless communication device
US10154449 Method and system for neighboring access point discovery between multi-band wireless LAN access points
US10154450 Cell selection method and apparatus
US10154451 Radio access system and portable terminal device
US10154452 Determining suitability of an access network
US10154453 Mobile device position determination using non-dedicated-frequency nodes
US10154454 Cell selection and reselection for low cost machine-type communication UE
US10154455 Method and apparatus for broadcast information transmission
US10154456 Dynamic bandwidth switching for reducing power consumption in wireless communication devices
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