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US10154457 Secure management of radio transmissions in an endpoint device of a network
US10154458 Method and apparatus for maintaining reachability of a user equipment in idle state
US10154459 Communication apparatus, control method for communication apparatus, communication system, and program
US10154460 Power management for wearable devices
US10154461 Wireless networking-enabled personal identification system
US10154462 Radio link management in a combined cell
US10154463 Method and apparatus for uplink power control in a multicarrier wireless communication system
US10154464 Wireless communication apparatus with transmission power control
US10154465 Method and terminal for transmitting power headroom report in dual connection between terminal and base station
US10154466 Power headroom transmission in a licensed assisted access cell
US10154467 Transmit power adjustment for inter-device communication in wireless communication systems
US10154469 Handover during carrier aggregation operation in wireless communication network
US10154470 Control plane location solution to support wireless access
US10154471 Assigning a subset of access points in a wireless network to a high priority
US10154472 Method and apparatus for paging information transmission
US10154473 Mobile vibratory alert device, system, and method
US10154474 Spectral efficiency based frequency selection for single frequency network transmissions
US10154475 Method and device for selecting relay in wireless communication system
US10154476 Tone plan for LTF compression
US10154477 Method and apparatus for transport block signaling in a wireless communication system
US10154478 Mobile communication system and mobile communication method
US10154479 User terminal, base station and radio communication method
US10154480 Method and apparatus for transmitting and receiving R-PDCCH
US10154481 Optimization of search space and sounding reference signal placement for improved decoding timeline
US10154482 Method for transmitting or receiving frame in wireless LAN system and apparatus therefor
US10154483 Coverage enhancement techniques for machine type communication devices in a wireless network
US10154484 Reception apparatus and method for receiving reference signal
US10154485 Beacons for tiered sharing of spectrum
US10154486 Downlink signaling for UE specific cyclic prefix transmission
US10154487 Data flow relay device and communication device
US10154488 Dynamic sub-band allocation in the time-variant channel
US10154489 Telecommunications method and system
US10154490 Terminal device, base station device, communication method, and integrated circuit
US10154491 Method and apparatus for signaling of UL-DL configuration
US10154492 Communication bandwidth
US10154493 Network termination and methods for use therewith
US10154494 Method for arranging transmissions on a downlink carrier
US10154495 Channel selection method and transmit end
US10154496 System and method for beamformed reference signals in three dimensional multiple input multiple output communications systems
US10154497 Transmission of uplink sounding reference signal
US10154499 Method for sharing wireless resource information in multi-cell wireless communication system and apparatus for same
US10154501 Determining wireless network availability for connected vehicles
US10154502 Method for managing the spectrum of a multi-band wireless communication system
US10154503 Network node, wireless device, methods therein, computer programs and computer-readable mediums comprising the computer programs, for adapting and adopting, respectively, an allocation of radio resources
US10154504 Communication system, base station, and base-station control method
US10154505 Method and apparatus for receiving data in communication system supporting multiple input multiple output scheme
US10154506 MBAN channel management scheme using patient acuity information
US10154507 Method of allocating resources and method of processing signals for terminal
US10154508 Radio station and method of processing user data with radio station
US10154509 Group call method and device
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