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US10154510 Cellular communication and D2D communication coexistence method, system and device, and storage medium
US10154511 Communications system, infrastructure equipment, communication terminal and method
US10154512 System and methods for MAC layer scheduling in wireless communication networks
US10154513 Terminal scheduling method, station, and terminal
US10154514 Scheduling request transmission for directional beam access
US10154515 Dynamic modulation and transport block size selection based on retransmission frequency
US10154516 Scheduling grant control method, user equipment, and network device
US10154517 Method for sensing channel dynamically in wireless LAN system and apparatus therefor
US10154518 Communication control method, base station, and user terminal
US10154519 PRACH selection in combined radio cell deployments
US10154520 Methods for random access in a wireless network
US10154521 Mobile device and method for establishing a wireless link
US10154523 Device and method of aggregating LTE System and WLAN
US10154524 Method and system for control of discontinuous reception (DRX) by a mobile device in a wireless communications network
US10154525 Method and apparatus for triggering radio bearer release by a relay UE (user equipment) in a wireless communication system
US10154526 Network setup for limited user interface devices
US10154527 Apparatus, method and computer program product providing simultaneous radio resource and service requests
US10154528 Handling of proximity services device to device related identities at radio access network level
US10154529 Method and apparatus for connecting peripheral devices
US10154531 D2D link discovery method
US10154532 User terminal, relay apparatus, and processor
US10154533 Data packet processing method and device
US10154534 Terminal device, base station device, communication system, and communication method
US10154535 Method and apparatus for transmitting a handover report and an RLF report
US10154536 Communication device and method for closed subscriber group selection
US10154537 Method and apparatus for canceling triggered prose BSR in wireless communication system
US10154538 Communications system for speech communication
US10154539 System and method for sharing cellular network for call routing
US10154540 LTE-1x hybrid device and system
US10154541 System for determining ambient temperature
US10154542 Composite device with cylindrical anisotropic thermal conductivity
US10154543 Flexible electric heaters
US10154545 Induction hob and method for operating an induction hob
US10154546 Inductor for induction heating
US10154547 Core metal for resin welding, composite member and method of manufacturing the same
US10154548 Heating cooker
US10154549 Heating cooker
US10154550 Backlight unit, display apparatus having the same and operating method of backlight unit
US10154551 AC light emitting diode and AC LED drive methods and apparatus
US10154552 Dynamic power supply for light emitting diode
US10154553 LED driver and driving method
US10154556 LED driving circuit and LED lighting device
US10154557 Light-emitting diode driver device having a multi-stage driver module and method for driving the same
US10154558 Parallel connectable light control system
US10154559 Control circuit and control method for detecting configuration channel line and driving light emitting unit accordingly
US10154560 Lighting device LED module with effects for color temperature tuning and color tuning
US10154561 Image based lighting control
US10154562 Curved display and curved display support
US10154563 Electronic ballast and method for controlling a load
US10154564 App based free setting method for setting operating parameter of security light
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