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US10159185 Chopper assembly for a harvesting implement
US10159195 Systems and methods for plant stress mitigation
US10159202 Culture medium for plant cultivation
US10159204 Cultivation system for cultivation on water in a basin and floating carriers therefor
US10159223 Windrower machine
US10159225 Tray for incubating eggs
US10159236 Beverage container with hand-line
US10159246 Copolymers of N-vinylcarboxamide and diallyldialkylammonium salt as dispersant for agrochemical formulations
US10159254 Weed control methods
US10159263 Apparatus and methods for making frozen banana food products
US10159264 Tunicate extract for use in animal feeds
US10159265 Feed composition for reducing ruminant methanogenesis
US10159267 Electromechanical nixtmalization system
US10159277 Smoking article with non-overlapping, radially separated, dual heat-conducting elements
US10159278 Assembly directed airflow
US10159294 Lighted solar hat
US10159295 Protective pad using a damping component
US10159296 System and method for custom forming a protective helmet for a customer's head
US10159297 Patterned plexus of filaments, method of producing and articles containing patterned filaments
US10159301 Shoe system with interchangeable uppers
US10159306 Shoe sole
US10159312 Cap, button group and method for forming button group
US10159313 Deployable touch fastener
US10159314 Textile product
US10159331 Polishing brush and polishing method
US10159332 Toothbrush
US10159333 Packaged oral care implement
US10159335 Composite suction plastic panel
US10159350 Chair
US10159352 Adjustable and dismountable arm rest
US10159389 Sheet product dispenser with sensor for sheet separation
US10159392 Vacuum cleaner suction tube
US10159393 Surface cleaning apparatus
US10159402 Optical trocar with scope holding assembly
US10159413 Apparatus and method for non-invasive measurement of blood parameters
US10159419 Optical stimulation device
US10159425 Devices and methods facilitating sleeve gastrectomy and other procedures
US10159429 Apparatus and method for the detection of the body position while sleeping
US10159431 Digital professional training instructor (the DPT instructor)
US10159437 Surgical gown configured for prevention of improper medical procedures
US10159443 Apparatus and method for determining vital signs from a subject
US10159445 Method and apparatus for measuring blood pressure
US10159446 Medical gating using positive airway pressure devices
US10159454 Contrast agent perfusion adaptive imaging system
US10159456 Systems and methods for biopsy guidance using a biopsy unit including at least one of an imaging detector or ultrasound probe concurrently mounted with a biopsy guide
US10159462 Catheter with ultrasound sensor and method for creating a volume graphic by means of the catheter
US10159463 Ultrasound probe
US10159467 Method for seam elimination and reconstruction of coplanar images from intravascular ultrasonic data
US10159469 Cohesive robot-ultrasound probe for prostate biopsy
US10159472 Method and device for vein ablation
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