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US10164203 Light-emitting element, light-emitting device, electronic device, and lighting device
US10164204 OLED display device comprising red, green, and blue OLEDs with quantum dot material receiving and excited by blue light from blue OLED
US10164205 Device including quantum dots
US10164206 Light-emitting element, light-emitting device, display device, electronic device, and lighting device
US10164207 Organic light-emitting device and method for manufacturing same
US10164208 Foldable display device
US10164209 Electronic device and display module provided therein
US10164210 Functional film
US10164211 Lighting apparatus using organic light emitting device and method of fabricating thereof
US10164213 Flexible display panel, method for fabricating the same, and apparatus for forming the same
US10164214 Display panel having organic buffer layer including droplet micro-structures for decentralizing stress and method for manufacturing the same
US10164215 Electro-optic device that prevents deterioration of a light emitting element
US10164216 Base substrate with polymer material having a gradient distribution for organic light emitting diode
US10164217 Method of manufacturing array substrate having OLED connected to TFT substrate with a conductive bridge
US10164218 Manufacturing device and manufacturing method of light-emitting element
US10164219 Peeling method
US10164220 Graphene-based battery packaging
US10164221 Secondary battery
US10164222 Battery module
US10164223 Case system for electric cells with horizontally-oriented lead sheets, and battery and battery rack using the same
US10164225 Battery system housing with busbar grid fixation
US10164226 System and method for mitigating the effects of battery leakage
US10164227 Degassing valve
US10164228 Sealed type battery
US10164229 Energy storage apparatus
US10164230 Separator including microbial cellulose, method of producing the separator, and use of the separator
US10164231 Separators for lithium-sulfur batteries
US10164232 Manufacturing method and manufacturing apparatus of electrode body
US10164233 Lithium ion secondary battery comprising a heat sealed separator
US10164234 Separator roll and method of producing same
US10164235 Battery assembly including multi-row battery interconnection member
US10164236 Battery pack
US10164237 Air battery cell with electrically conductive members and battery pack
US10164238 Method for manufacturing battery protection device and battery protection device
US10164239 Energy storage device based on nanocrystals including metal oxide rescaled by lithiation and supercapacitor using the same
US10164240 Composite anode active material, anode including the composite anode active material, and lithium secondary battery including the anode
US10164241 Electrode material for lithium-ion rechargeable battery and method for manufacturing same
US10164242 Controlled porosity in electrodes
US10164243 Method for manufacturing positive electrode active material for energy storage device and energy storage device
US10164244 Negative-electrode mixture for non-aqueous electrolyte secondary cell, negative electrode for non-aqueous electrolyte secondary cell containing said mixture, non-aqueous electrolyte secondary cell provided with said negative electrode, and electrical device
US10164245 High performance silicon electrodes having improved interfacial adhesion between binder, silicon and conductive particles
US10164246 Sulfur-carbon composite and preparing method thereof
US10164247 Sulfur-carbon composite, nonaqueous electrolyte battery including electrode containing sulfur-carbon composite, and method for producing sulfur-carbon composite
US10164248 Negative electrode active material comprising silicon and at least one metal element, and battery, battery pack, electronic apparatus, electric vehicle, electrical storage apparatus and electricity system using same
US10164249 Positive active material for secondary lithium battery, method for preparing the same and secondary lithium battery containing the positive active material
US10164250 Lithium-iron-manganese-based composite oxide and lithium-ion secondary battery using same
US10164251 Negative active material and lithium battery including negative active material
US10164252 Composite anode active material, method of preparing the same, and anode and lithium secondary battery including the composite anode active material
US10164253 Conductive single crystal silicon particles coated with highly conductive carbon containing nanopores and ultrathin metal film, high capacity lithium anode material including the same, and preparing method thereof
US10164254 Composite for anode active material, anode including the composite, lithium secondary battery including the anode, and method of preparing the composite
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