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US10165025 Techniques for HTTP live streaming over eMBMS
US10165026 Intelligent generation and distribution of an encoded content transport stream according to metadata
US10165027 Apparatus and method for transmitting/receiving buffering data in media streaming service
US10165028 Context-aware streaming of digital content
US10165029 Caching and streaming of digital media content subsets
US10165030 Method and telecommunications arrangement for transferring media data having differing media types via a network sensitive to quality of service
US10165031 Methods and systems for incremental calculation of latency variation
US10165032 Chunking of multiple track audio for adaptive bit rate streaming
US10165033 Live encoding for distribution of long tail media content
US10165034 Apparatus, system, and method for multi-bitrate content streaming
US10165035 Content supplying device, content supplying method, program, and content supplying system
US10165036 Network resource remote process execution
US10165037 Method and apparatus for determining bandwidth required for a page feature
US10165038 Request routing for a modularized front-end
US10165039 Pre-connecting to a cacheable resource based on page profiles
US10165040 Small disk support for large cloud-based storage systems
US10165041 System and method for uninterrupted learning
US10165042 Methods and systems for conducting a remote desktop session via HTML that supports a 2D canvas and dynamic drawing
US10165043 Multi-core device with separate redundancy schemes in a process control system
US10165044 Vehicle cloud processing methods for fabricating objects at vehicle aggregation locations
US10165045 Information processing apparatus, system, method, and computer readable medium
US10165046 Method and system for transmitting data among peer stations in a decentralized manner with high channel efficiency
US10165047 Methods and apparatus for transmitting service information in a neighborhood of peer-to-peer communication groups
US10165048 Data copy storage method, terminal apparatus, and server apparatus
US10165049 Devices and methods for performing TCP handshakes
US10165050 Systems and methods for diffracted data retrieval
US10165051 High performance IP processor using RDMA
US10165052 Identification device, system and method
US10165053 Operation data collection device for work machines
US10165054 Control system and method for IoT boilers using central management server
US10165055 Systems and methods for network controlled access of resources
US10165056 Automated device assistance
US10165057 Information processing terminal, and controlling method thereof
US10165058 Dynamic local function binding apparatus and method
US10165059 Methods, systems and apparatuses for the formation and tracking of location sharing groups
US10165060 Systems and methods for detecting a location of a device and modifying an electronic page based on a cookie that is associated with the location
US10165061 Method and system for displaying object, and method and system for providing the object
US10165062 Method and apparatus for implementing action instruction based on barcode
US10165063 Inferring additional email addresses to match email addresses in a digest list
US10165064 Data packet transmission optimization of data used for content item selection
US10165065 Abusive access detection in a social networking system
US10165066 Systems, methods, and apparatuses for implementing an interface to populate and update an entity graph through socially relevant user challenges
US10165067 Systems and methods for visualization of electronic social network content
US10165068 Systems and methods for smart publishing
US10165069 Provisioning personalized content recommendations
US10165070 Cross channel in-vehicle media consumption measurement and analysis
US10165071 Client-side activity monitoring
US10165072 Unified tracking data management
US10165073 Multiple controlled-environment facility investigative data aggregation and analysis system access to and use of social media data
US10165074 Asynchronous custom exit points
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