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US10165228 Sensor event assessor training and integration
US10165229 Network communication system and method thereof
US10165230 Systems and methods for configuring baby monitor cameras to provide uniform data sets for analysis and to provide an advantageous view point of babies
US10165231 Visualization of navigation information for connected autonomous vehicles
US10165232 Method for monitoring a parking facility for motor vehicles, and drone
US10165233 Information processing method, electronic device and computer storage medium
US10165234 Vehicle scratch detection and monitoring
US10165235 Digital micromirror device control apparatus and projection display system
US10165236 Heat exchange device, cooling device, and projector
US10165237 Head-up display projecting visual information onto a screen
US10165238 Projector system
US10165239 Digital theatrical lighting fixture
US10165240 Apparatus and method for controlling laser projector to operate
US10165241 Shift control circuit and wireless device
US10165242 Image-capturing method and image-capturing device
US10165243 Image processing device, imaging device, image processing method, and program
US10165244 Method and apparatus for controlling white balance
US10165245 Pre-fetching video content
US10165246 Method and device for processing stereoscopic data
US10165247 Image device with image defocus function and method generating a defocus image thereof
US10165248 Optimization method of image depth information and image processing apparatus
US10165249 Method for smoothing transitions between scenes of a stereo film and controlling or regulating a plurality of 3D cameras
US10165250 Method and apparatus for coding and transmitting 3D video sequences in a wireless communication system
US10165251 Frame compatible depth map delivery formats for stereoscopic and auto-stereoscopic displays
US10165252 Method of sub-prediction unit inter-view motion prediction in 3D video coding
US10165253 Device and method to reconstruct face and body in 3D
US10165254 Method for obtaining light-field data using a non-light-field imaging device, corresponding device, computer program product and non-transitory computer-readable carrier medium
US10165255 Indoor navigation via multi-beam laser projection
US10165256 Aerial vehicle optical sensor configuration
US10165257 Robust disparity estimation in the presence of significant intensity variations for camera arrays
US10165258 Efficient determination of optical flow between images
US10165259 Generating novel views of a three-dimensional object based on a single two-dimensional image
US10165260 Laser local dimming for projectors and other lighting devices including cinema, entertainment systems, and displays
US10165261 Controls and interfaces for user interactions in virtual spaces
US10165262 Image processing device and markers
US10165263 Point spread function estimation of optics blur
US10165264 Floating calibration target for image sensor
US10165265 Online sensor calibration verification system
US10165266 Image processing device, image processing system, and non-transitory computer readable storage medium
US10165267 Multiview video coding schemes
US10165268 Picture coding device, picture coding method and picture coding program as well as picture decoding device, picture decoding method, and picture decoding program
US10165269 Quality scalable coding with mapping different ranges of bit depths
US10165270 Intra/inter mode decision for predictive frame encoding
US10165271 Image prediction encoding device, image prediction decoding device, image prediction encoding method, image prediction decoding method, image prediction encoding program, and image prediction decoding program
US10165272 Picture-level QP rate control performance improvements for HEVC encoding
US10165273 In-loop adaptive wiener filter for video coding and decoding
US10165274 Encoding of video stream based on scene type
US10165275 Content-adaptive reshaping for high dynamic range images
US10165276 Method and apparatus for frame coding in vertical raster scan order for HEVC
US10165277 Image decoding method, image coding method, image decoding apparatus, image coding apparatus, and image coding and decoding apparatus
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