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US10165278 Image compression device, image compression method, image extension device, and image extension method
US10165279 Video encoding and decoding with improved error resilience
US10165280 Motion detection based on observing several pictures
US10165281 Method and system for objective perceptual video quality assessment
US10165282 Image decoding method and apparatus using same
US10165283 Video coding using compound prediction
US10165284 Moving picture decoding device, moving picture decoding method and moving picture decoding program
US10165285 Video coding tree sub-block splitting
US10165286 System and method for automatic encoder adjustment based on transport data
US10165287 Image coding apparatus, image coding method, image decoding apparatus, image decoding method, and storage medium
US10165288 High precision up-sampling in scalable coding of high bit-depth video
US10165289 Scalable video coding using reference and scaled reference layer offsets
US10165290 Method for encoding digital video data
US10165291 Parallel parsing in a video decoder
US10165292 Method and apparatus for intra block copy mode in video coding system with pipeline architecture
US10165293 Method and apparatus for processing video
US10165294 Method for inducing a merge candidate block and device using same
US10165296 Method of coding and decoding images, device for coding and decoding computer programs corresponding thereto
US10165297 High dynamic range codecs
US10165299 Moving picture coding device, moving picture coding method, and moving picture coding program, and moving picture decoding device, moving picture decoding method, and moving picture decoding program
US10165300 3D transform and inter prediction for video coding
US10165301 Moving picture coding device, moving picture coding method, and moving picture coding program, and moving picture decoding device, moving picture decoding method, and moving picture decoding program
US10165302 Conditional signalling of reference picture list modification information
US10165303 Content streaming system and method
US10165304 Image encoding apparatus, image encoding method, image decoding apparatus, image decoding method, program, and storage medium
US10165305 Encoding and decoding transform coefficient sub-blocks in same predetermine order
US10165306 System and method for video encoding using constructed reference frame
US10165307 Automatic recognition of entities in media-captured events
US10165308 Systems and methods for dynamic stitching of advertisements
US10165309 Method and apparatus for live broadcast of streaming media
US10165310 Transcoding using time stamps
US10165311 Non-transitory computer-readable recording medium having program recorded therein for providing network-adaptive content and apparatus for providing network-adaptive content
US10165312 Over-the-air television gap filler using television-white-space channels via wireless local area networks
US10165313 Testing set top appliance boxes
US10165314 Process synchronization control system and process synchronization control method
US10165315 Systems and methods for predicting audience measurements of a television program
US10165316 Device, system, and method for hybrid media content distribution
US10165317 System and method for surveying broadcasting ratings
US10165318 Digital content curation and distribution system and method
US10165319 Access method, apparatus, and access system
US10165320 Remote control system, remote control commander, remote control server
US10165321 Facilitating placeshifting using matrix codes
US10165322 Methods and systems for controlling user devices
US10165323 Television advertisement monitoring system
US10165324 Systems and methods for episode tracking in an interactive media environment
US10165325 Customization of content for different audiences
US10165326 Technological facilitation of virtual in-venue experience for remote spectator(s) of an event
US10165327 Video studio creating method and service device
US10165328 Systems and methods for requesting electronic programming content through Internet content
US10165329 Methods and systems for playing media
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