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US10165480 Selectively deauthenticating a client device managed by a controller associated with multi-zones
US10165481 Method and apparatus for adding CSG identities to a white list in connected mode
US10165482 Mobile communication system
US10165483 Mitigating interference in a distributed antenna system
US10165484 SIP header to indicate mobility transfer operation
US10165485 Method for selecting a cellular network
US10165486 Multiple-communications-standard transmission method and apparatus
US10165487 Apparatus, systems, and methods for providing offloading to an alternate network
US10165488 Method of and system for processing a transaction request in distributed data processing systems
US10165489 Network selection
US10165490 Method and apparatus for collaborative measurement information transmission
US10165491 Controlling downlink handover-processing threshold based on uplink TTI bundling
US10165492 Methods and network nodes for multi-connectivity handling in a communication system
US10165493 Method and apparatus for providing very high throughput operation and capability signaling for wireless communications
US10165494 Radio network controller with IP mapping table
US10165495 Connectivity using a geographic phone number
US10165496 Terminal device having a relay function and method of providing information related to a relay function
US10165497 Device for controlling an IP core network and control method implemented by this device
US10165498 Management device, terminal device, and management method performing process of selecting resource of radio link
US10165499 Beam set operation in a wireless network node
US10165500 Network search method, network search device and terminal
US10165501 Medium access control for wireless systems
US10165502 Asynchronous information transfer between devices on different networks via a plurality of provider devices
US10165503 Mobile station device and base station device
US10165504 Distributed implementation of self-organizing tracking areas
US10165505 Method and apparatus for controlling scan period in wireless communication system
US10165506 Method for searching for network and terminal
US10165507 Network access method and apparatus applied to mobile application
US10165509 Network server and network access system
US10165510 Wireless communication device, wireless communication method, and wireless communication system
US10165511 Method and communication device for establishing a discontinuous reception mode configuration
US10165512 Dynamic wireless circuitry configuration for carrier aggregation component carriers
US10165513 Transmit wake-up architectures in RF front-ends
US10165514 Systems and methods for user equipment power management via third party entity
US10165515 Cognitive assistant for mobile devices in low power mode
US10165516 Systems and methods for switched protocol wireless connection
US10165517 Power allocation method and communications device
US10165518 Method for controlling transmission power of sounding reference signal and apparatus for same
US10165519 Uplink power control in dual connectivity to first or second cell group based on first or second configuration
US10165520 Mobile communication terminal and signal transmission method of mobile communication terminal
US10165521 Information communication system
US10165522 Reducing wireless communication to conserve energy and increase security
US10165523 Communication device and method for controlling power thereof
US10165524 Method and apparatus for uplink and/or downlink power control in a radio communication network
US10165525 Power configuration method, user equipment, and base station
US10165526 Method for de-configuring a SCell from PUCCH resource in a carrier aggregation system and a device therefor
US10165527 Method of efficiently reporting user equipment transmission power and apparatus thereof
US10165528 Electronic device in wireless communication system, and wireless communication method
US10165529 System and method for uplink MIMO transmission
US10165530 Verification of time information transmitted by time signals or time telegrams
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