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US10165583 Scheduling method, apparatus, and system
US10165584 Communication based on frequency selective transmission in wireless local area network
US10165585 Physical channel structure for communication in unlicensed frequency band
US10165586 Method and device for determining remote radio unit
US10165587 Method and base station for supporting D2D communication
US10165588 System and methods for mapping a network service path
US10165589 System and method for frequency and time domain downlink inter-cell interference coordination
US10165590 Method and apparatus for configuring transmission of D2D control information in wireless communication system
US10165591 Multi-user multiple input multiple output wireless communications
US10165592 Scheduling request resource selection
US10165593 Node and method for downlink scheduling and hybrid automatic repeat request timing
US10165594 Method, apparatus and computer program to map a cyclic shift to a channel index
US10165595 Device and method of handling uplink transmission
US10165596 Method and apparatus for transmitting frame in wireless local area network
US10165597 Devices using self-adapting medium access control protocol
US10165598 Wireless medium clearing
US10165599 Random access procedures for link budget constrained wireless devices
US10165600 User terminal, radio communication system and radio communication method for improved power allocation to physical random access channels in dual connectivity
US10165601 Methods and apparatuses for performing preamble assignment for random access in a telecommunications system
US10165602 Method for transmitting signal for MTC and apparatus for same
US10165603 Collision detection device, communication device, collision detection method, and program
US10165604 Mobile communication system, user terminal, base station, processor, and communication control method
US10165605 Discontinuous receive for contention-based radio access technologies
US10165606 Method and apparatus for enhancing discontinuous reception in wireless systems
US10165607 Multi channel communications for vehicular radio communications for bi-directional communications with local wireless device
US10165608 System and method to provide fast mobility in a residential Wi-Fi network environment
US10165609 Communication apparatus, method for controlling communication apparatus, and program
US10165611 Bluetooth pairing system and operating method thereof
US10165612 Wireless connecting method, computer, and non-transitory computer-readable storage medium
US10165613 Control method for bluetooth communication and bluetooth low energy communication
US10165614 Providing enhanced and/or supplementary network connectivity to at least one client device that is connected to a telecommunications network using a customer premises equipment device
US10165615 Communication method, and terminal
US10165616 MCI transmission for MAC handshake
US10165617 Methods of adapting receiver configuration for control channel reception based on DRX status
US10165618 Service processing method and device
US10165619 Generation of a fingerprint of an access point
US10165620 Network management and wireless channel termination
US10165621 Directional mobile ad-hoc network
US10165622 Method and system for synchronizing communication between nodes in a Bluetooth network
US10165623 Splitter device connecting multiple remote radio heads
US10165624 Method and system for operating coverage-limited devices
US10165625 Cooking appliance and controlling method thereof
US10165626 Pipe heater
US10165627 Heating element having communication window
US10165628 Circuit for the inductive heating of a metal
US10165629 Induction coil unit
US10165630 Traveling wave antenna for electromagnetic heating
US10165631 Device for improving compatibility of solid state light sources with phase-cut dimmers
US10165632 Light-emitting diode driving module, method of operating thereof, and lighting apparatus including the same
US10165633 Light emitting element driving circuit, light emitting device, display device, and light emission controlling method
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