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US10160891 High performance water-based tackified acrylic pressure sensitive adhesives
US10160892 Solid, self-bondable organic polymers and methods for using same
US10160893 Chemically foamed polysulfide sealant for aerospace fuel tank use
US10160894 Non-spherical silica sol, process for producing the same, and composition for polishing
US10160895 Coolant composition, method of operating internal combustion engine using the same, and use of the same
US10160896 Delayed-release additives in a degradable matrix
US10160897 Earth metal peroxide fluidized compositions
US10160898 Diverter composition including rheologically-modified invert emulsion and method of use
US10160899 Method of treating water-swellable minerals in a subterranean formation with a stabilizing compound with a cationic group and hydrophobic portion
US10160900 Method of using combined set-delayed cement compositions
US10160901 Oil-swellable, desolvated polymer gels and methods of using the same for preventing loss of non-aqueous wellbore fluids to the subterranean formation
US10160902 Maleic anhydride polymers and methods of treating subterranean formations
US10160903 Multi-functional additive for oil or gas operations
US10160904 Volatile surfactant treatment for subterranean formations
US10160905 Blue-green light-emitting phosphor, light-emitting element, light-emitting device, and white-light-emitting device
US10160906 Masked cation exchange lithography
US10160908 Method of soil conditioning by application of water-soluble or water-swelling polymer
US10160909 Liquid crystalline medium
US10160910 Alignment film and liquid crystal display device
US10160911 Exhaust system for a biochar kiln
US10160912 Processes for pyrolysis vapor upgrading
US10160913 Shale-gas separating and cleanout system
US10160914 Process and system for above ground extraction of crude oil
US10160915 Methods, systems, and apparatuses for recycling fischer-tropsch water and fischer-tropsch tail gas
US10160916 Cobalt metal foam catalyst, method of making same, thermal-medium-circulating heat-exchange reactor using same, and method of producing a liquid fuel by means of a Fischer-Tropsch synthesis reaction using thermal-medium-circulating heat-exchange reactor
US10160918 Preflash arrangements and feedstock multiple injection in a process for distillation of crude oil
US10160919 Process and apparatus for reducing thermal shock in a hydrocarbon steam cracking furnace
US10160920 Sequential cracking process
US10160921 Process for removing oxygenates from hydrocarbon streams
US10160922 Processes and apparatuses for production of olefins
US10160923 Processes for maximizing high quality distillate
US10160924 Process for refining a heavy hydrocarbon-containing feedstock implementing a selective cascade deasphalting
US10160925 Method of controlling the supply and allocation of hydrogen gas in a hydrogen system of a refinery integrated with olefins and aromatics plants
US10160926 Axle oil composition having enhanced fuel efficiency and low viscosity
US10160927 Lubricating oil composition
US10160928 Demulsifiers for oil soluble polyalkylene glycol lubricants
US10160929 Rotation transmitting apparatus with built-in one-way clutch
US10160930 Electro-rheological fluid and haptic device
US10160931 Use of isomerically pure or highly isomer-enriched cis- or trans-(2-isobutyl-4-methyl-tetrahydropyran-4-yl)acetate
US10160932 Methods for producing a high protein corn meal from a whole stillage byproduct and system therefore
US10160933 Care product for automatic dishwashers having an optimised surfactant combination
US10160934 Washing or cleaning agents with electrochemically activatable anionic mediator compounds
US10160935 Consumer products comprising amino modified hydrocarbons
US10160936 Laundry scent additive
US10160937 Aqueous solution containing combination of complexing agents
US10160938 Semiconductor element cleaning solution that suppresses damage to tantalum-containing materials, and cleaning method using same
US10160939 Low-water-content, liquid detergent comprising surfactants obtained from renewable raw materials
US10160940 Automatic wine stirrer incorporating a ferromagnetic stir bar and method for aerating wine
US10160941 Photobioreactor
US10160942 Fermenter supply method, biogas plant, and conversion method
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