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US10161900 Gas sensor element and gas sensor
US10161901 Dual gate biologically sensitive field effect transistor
US10161902 Method for determining phenolics concentration
US10161903 Electroblotting device
US10161904 Method for tracing distribution of moving ions in ion mobility spectrometer
US10161905 Smoke detector having a magnet
US10161906 Dielectric barrier discharge ionization detector and method for tuning the same
US10161907 Method and a detection device for evaluating the distribution, density and orientation of ferromagnetic, electrically conductive fibres in a composite material
US10161908 Apparatus for determining a characteristic of a fluid having a device configured to measure a hydrodynamic pressure of the fluid
US10161909 Steady state fluid flow verification for sample takeoff
US10161910 Methods of non-destructive testing and ultrasonic inspection of composite materials
US10161911 Diagnosis device for joint of sheet metal and method of diagnosing defect of joint of sheet metal using the same
US10161912 Methods and apparatus to test acoustic emission sensors
US10161913 Metal weld inspection device, associated system and method
US10161914 Inspection methods with probe for substantially round hole
US10161915 In-situ contactless monitoring of photomask pellicle degradation
US10161916 Ultrasonic sensor and measuring method using the same, and method of manufacturing ultrasonic sensor
US10161917 Method and device for ultrasound inspection of welds, particularly welds of blades on the disk of a bladed disk
US10161918 Ultrasonic flaw detector and method of operating ultrasonic flaw detector
US10161920 Analytical system and method for detecting volatile organic compounds in water
US10161921 Functional label, having lactobacillus separator membrane and using selective dissolution for detecting external temperature, for checking freshness of storage material
US10161922 Molybdenum disulfide sensor and method for fabricating the same
US10161923 Remote gas sample analysis and monitoring system with an onsite onboard gas analyzer calibration system
US10161924 Sensor system that uses embedded optical fibers
US10161925 Detection of HIV-1-associated neurocognitive disorders
US10161926 Acoustic methods for separation of cells and pathogens
US10161927 Apparatus for disease detection
US10161928 Wellness panel
US10161929 Theranostics platform and methods of use
US10161930 Antigen binding protein and its use as addressing product for the treatment of cancer
US10161931 Methods for determining susceptibility to coreceptor inhibitors
US10161932 Azetidine-substituted fluorescent compounds
US10161933 Cationic tags for attomole level detection of analytes by mass spectrometry
US10161934 Biocoated piezoelectric biosensor platform for point-of-care diagnostic use
US10161935 Test substance measurement kit and test substance measurement method
US10161936 Method and kit for cytokine analysis from a human whole blood sample
US10161937 Systems, methods, and workflows for optogenetics analysis
US10161938 Systematic discovery, maturation and extension of peptide binders to proteins
US10161939 Method of isolating circulating tumor cells
US10161940 Means and methods for treating or diagnosing IDH1 R132H mutant-positive cancers
US10161941 Rapid screening and evaluation of diabetes and prediabetes by glycated hemoglobin mass spectrometry
US10161942 Crossmatching blood samples
US10161943 Apparatus for administering fluid to a medical tube
US10161944 Methods for evaluation of hemostasis
US10161945 Cartridge assembly tray for immunoassay tests
US10161946 Apparatus and method for developing formulations
US10161947 Using patient risk in analysis of quality control strategy for lab results
US10161948 Performing antimicrobial susceptibility testing and related systems and methods
US10161949 Method and device for transferring sample tubes between a laboratory automation system and a sample archiving system
US10161950 Reagent preparing device, reagent preparing method, and specimen processing system
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