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US10162001 TAP and gating enable, CaptureDR, capture, and gated CaptureDR signals
US10162002 Tuning a testing apparatus for measuring skew
US10162003 DDR TMS/TDI, addressable tap, state machine, and tap state monitor
US10162004 Tap domain selection circuit with AUX buffers and multiplexer
US10162005 Scan chain operations
US10162006 Boundary scan testing a storage device via system management bus interface
US10162007 Test architecture having multiple FPGA based hardware accelerator blocks for testing multiple DUTs independently
US10162008 Manual and automated non-destructive testing for short-circuit and ground fault conditions in branch motor circuits
US10162009 Method for determining a fault in an electronically commutated electric motor
US10162010 Wireless network based battery management system
US10162011 Accelerated lifetime test device for redox flow battery
US10162012 Determining of a spatial distribution of the electrical contact resistance of an electrochemical cell
US10162013 Micro battery design and diagnosis
US10162014 Battery state determining device
US10162015 Systems and methods for determining a fault location in a three-phase series-compensated power transmission line
US10162016 Reduction of magnetic sensor component variation due to magnetic materials through the application of magnetic field
US10162017 Systems and methods for reducing high order hall plate sensitivity temperature coefficients
US10162018 Magnetic sensor device
US10162019 Method and apparatus for determining a stray magnetic field in the vicinity of a sensor
US10162020 Hall effect sensing element
US10162021 Magnetic field measurement device
US10162022 Low cost magnetic resonance safe touchscreen display
US10162023 Apparatus for reducing vibrations in a pulse tube refrigerator such as for magnetic resonance imaging systems
US10162024 MR device with distribution network
US10162025 High-frequency coil for magnetic resonance imaging
US10162026 Noise canceling in-situ NMR detection
US10162027 Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and irradiation magnetic field distribution measurement method
US10162028 Low magnetic field, ultra-low magnetic field nuclear magnetic resonance and magnetic resonance image apparatus
US10162029 Magnetic lensing for beta emission imaging
US10162030 Method and apparatus for reconstruction of magnetic resonance image data for multiple chemical substances in multi-echo imaging
US10162031 Method and system for determining a corrected value of magnetic resonance relaxometry data of a subject's visceral tissue for extracellular fluid based on a normal iron content for the visceral tissue
US10162032 Magnetic resonance apparatus and operating method
US10162033 Magnetic resonance imaging method and apparatus
US10162034 Magnetic resonance scanner and antenna
US10162035 System and method for controlling motion effects in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) images
US10162036 Method and apparatus for reducing artifacts during the acquisition of magnetic resonance data
US10162037 Navigator-based data correction for simultaneous multislice MR imaging
US10162038 Method of interfacing a LC sensor and related system
US10162039 Systems and methods for object detection
US10162040 Ultra-wideband low-profile electronic support measure array
US10162041 Measurement system using tracking-type laser interferometer and return method of the measurement system
US10162042 Methods and devices for coding position in V2X communications
US10162043 Optical locating system
US10162044 Balloon-based positioning system and method
US10162045 Radar unit and method for operating a radar unit
US10162046 System and method for detecting blockage in an automotive radar
US10162047 Light receiving/emitting element module and sensor device using same
US10162048 Time-of-flight detection pixel
US10162049 Method for operating a radar apparatus
US10162050 Rotary antenna, scanner using such an antenna, and device for inspecting persons
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