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US10162555 Deduplicating snapshots associated with a backup operation
US10162556 Multi-partitioning of memories
US10162557 Methods of accessing memory cells, methods of distributing memory requests, systems, and memory controllers
US10162558 Data transfer techniques for multiple devices on a shared bus
US10162559 Systems and methods for performing live migrations of software containers
US10162560 Memory unit for automatically multiplying the content of a memory location, and data network having a memory unit
US10162561 Managing backup of logical-to-physical translation information to control boot-time and write amplification
US10162562 Enabling point-in-time-copy target volumes to be primary volumes in cascaded data replication systems
US10162563 Asynchronous local and remote generation of consistent point-in-time snap copies
US10162564 Selecting a virtual tape server in a storage system to provide data copy while minimizing system job load
US10162565 Data erasure of a target device
US10162566 Accumulating application-level statistics in a storage system
US10162567 Computer system
US10162568 Method for searching matching key of storage device and server system including the same
US10162569 Non-volatile memory module architecture to support memory error correction
US10162570 Methods and apparatuses of compensating for delays caused by an extension line of a storage device
US10162571 Systems and methods for managing public and private queues for a storage system
US10162573 Storage management system, storage management method, storage medium and information processing system
US10162574 Storage control device utilizing a reassembly of first access instructions based on second access instructions
US10162575 System, server device, and information processing apparatus
US10162576 System and method for displaying color reproduction status on a job scheduling screen
US10162577 Image processing apparatus and method and non-transitory computer readable medium
US10162578 Information distribution system, information distribution apparatus, electronic apparatus and information distribution method
US10162579 Image forming apparatus and control method for setting and holding print settings
US10162580 Image processing apparatus, image processing apparatus control method, and storage medium
US10162581 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and non-transitory computer readable storage medium for responding to a request based on IP address
US10162582 Method for recording chip usage state information, chip of imaging cartridge and imaging cartridge
US10162583 System and method for printing
US10162584 Printing system and program
US10162585 Management system, management apparatus, and management method
US10162586 Roll printing device, non-transitory recording medium storing program for controlling printing on roll of print media, and method for the same
US10162587 Non-transitory computer-readable recording medium for information processing terminal
US10162588 Control apparatus, management system, control method, and storage medium
US10162589 Data communication device, information visualizing system and data communicating program
US10162590 Video wall system and method of making and using same
US10162591 Modular multi-panel digital display system
US10162592 Determining a representation of an image and causing display of the representation by a bead apparatus
US10162593 Coordinated hand-off of audio data transmission
US10162594 Information processing device, method of information processing, and program
US10162596 Portable electronic device configured to receive voice activated commands and to wirelessly manage or drive an output device
US10162597 Identifying IO access pattern in unique database structures
US10162598 Flash optimized columnar data layout and data access algorithms for big data query engines
US10162599 Method and apparatus for modulo operation with a class of divisors
US10162600 Method and apparatus for use in the design and manufacture of integrated circuits
US10162601 Method for analyzing impact of change and its apparatus
US10162602 Method for handling user-level events for programming an application
US10162603 Loading data for iterative evaluation through SIMD registers
US10162604 Navigation history visualization in integrated development environment
US10162605 Code snippet content recommendation to define an object literal
US10162606 Computer-implemented method for generating and visualizing data structures
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