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US10162916 Timing verification in a programmable circuit design using variation factors
US10162917 Method and system for implementing selective transformation for low power verification
US10162918 Integrated circuit retiming with selective modeling of flip-flop secondary signals
US10162919 Method and apparatus for improving a design for a system during compilation by performing network replacement
US10162920 System and method for performing out of order name resolution in an electronic design
US10162921 Logic repository service
US10162922 Hybrid clock gating methodology for high performance cores
US10162923 State assignment method with probabilistic pairwise swap search
US10162924 Method and apparatus for performing large scale consensus based clustering
US10162925 Cell layout of semiconductor device
US10162926 Stacked chip layout having overlapped regions
US10162927 Methods for redistributing cell densities in layout area of IC
US10162928 Method of designing a semiconductor device, system for implementing the method and standard cell
US10162929 Systems and methods for using multiple libraries with different cell pre-coloring
US10162930 Method of adjusting metal line pitch
US10162931 Method of forming serpentine resistor
US10162932 Method and system for multi-scale anatomical and functional modeling of coronary circulation
US10162933 High resolution allele identification
US10162934 Data de-duplication system using genome formats conversion
US10162935 Efficient management of visible light still images and/or video
US10162936 Secure real-time healthcare information streaming
US10162937 Method and analysis system for processing biological samples
US10162938 Health management system using home network and operation method thereof
US10162939 Systems and methods for identifying and modeling unresolved vessels in image-based patient-specific hemodynamic models
US10162940 System and method of applying state of being to health care delivery
US10162942 System and method of extending the linear dynamic range of event counting
US10162943 Streamlined digital rights management
US10162944 Library style media DRM APIs in a hosted architecture
US10162945 Electronic device and content providing method in electronic device
US10162946 Data management system, data management method, and recording medium storing data management program
US10162947 Methods and systems for generating history data of system use and replay mode for identifying security events showing data and user bindings
US10162948 Object-based user authentication
US10162949 Dynamic token having log function and working method therefor
US10162950 Methods and apparatus for using credentials to access computing resources
US10162951 Non-intrusive background synchronization when authentication is required
US10162952 Security model for network information service
US10162953 User classification apparatus and method using keystroke pattern based on user posture
US10162954 Biometric account card
US10162955 Mobile terminal and method for controlling same
US10162956 System and apparatus for secure password recovery and identity verification
US10162957 Authentication method and authentication system
US10162958 Information processing system, information processing method, and non-transitory computer program product
US10162959 Method and apparatus for providing subscriber identity module-based data encryption and remote management of portable storage devices
US10162960 Method and system for interoperable identity and interoperable credentials
US10162961 Automated process of managing and controlling identities on a remote computer machine
US10162962 Systems and methods for detecting credential theft
US10162963 Malware detection and identification using deviations in one or more operating parameters
US10162964 System and method for protection of memory pages using a hypervisor
US10162965 Portable media system with virus blocker and method of operation thereof
US10162966 Anti-malware system with evasion code detection and rectification
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