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US10163173 Methods for generating a cover photo with user provided pictures
US10163174 Methods, systems, and computer program products for evaluating a patient in a pediatric intensive care unit
US10163175 System and method for improving healthcare through social robotics
US10163176 Closed Loop Workflow
US10163177 System and method for controlling drone delivery or pick up during a delivery or pick up phase of drone operation
US10163178 Multi-beam phased array antenna for transit access
US10163179 Method and apparatus for intelligent cloud-based graphics updates
US10163180 Adaptive memory address scanning based on surface format for graphics processing
US10163181 Method and system for joint evaluation of a medical image dataset
US10163182 Command input method and display system
US10163183 Rendering performance using dynamically controlled samples
US10163184 Graphics performance for complex user interfaces
US10163185 Systems and methods for user driven avionics graphics
US10163186 Management of a plurality of graphic cards
US10163187 Graphics rendering using a hierarchical acceleration structure
US10163188 Method and apparatus for arranging pixels of picture in storage units each having storage size not divisible by pixel size
US10163189 Automatically enabling a read-only cache in a language in which two arrays in two different variables may alias each other
US10163190 Screen display ratio adjusting apparatus and method
US10163191 Method of scaling up image
US10163192 Image encoding apparatus and method of controlling the same
US10163193 Systems and methods for providing progressive images based on image features
US10163194 Method of processing an image
US10163195 Spatio-temporal differential synthesis ofdetail images for high dynamic range imaging
US10163196 Image processing device and imaging system
US10163197 System and method for layer-wise training of deep neural networks
US10163198 Portable image device for simulating interaction with electronic device
US10163199 Recirculating aquaculture system and treatment method for aquatic species
US10163200 Detection of items in an object
US10163201 Hardness test apparatus and hardness testing method
US10163202 Automatic blood-sampling tube preparation device
US10163203 Cell analysis system, cell analysis program and cell analysis method
US10163204 Tracking-based 3D model enhancement
US10163205 Three dimensional imaging method of a limited zone of a patient's vasculature
US10163206 Apparatus and method for beam hardening artifact correction of CT image
US10163207 Fluoroscopic pose estimation
US10163208 Evaluation of carotid plaque using contrast enhanced ultrasonic imaging
US10163209 Medical image processing apparatus, medical image processing method, and X-ray CT apparatus
US10163210 Image sensor and camera module
US10163211 System and method for enhanced visualization of multiple low contrast objects within an imaged subject
US10163212 Video processing system and method for deformation insensitive tracking of objects in a sequence of image frames
US10163213 3D point clouds
US10163214 Device and method for analyzing thermal images
US10163215 Object learning and recognition method and system
US10163216 Automatic mode switching in a volume dimensioner
US10163217 Method and system for processing scanned images
US10163218 Image analysis device, image analysis method, image analysis program, cell manufacturing method, cell culturing method, and cell manufacturing device
US10163219 Machine vision cargo monitoring in a vehicle
US10163220 Efficient hybrid method for ego-motion from videos captured using an aerial camera
US10163221 Measuring geometric evolution of a high velocity projectile using automated flight video analysis
US10163222 Image capturing apparatus, tracking device, control method, and storage medium
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