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US10163483 Dynamic reference voltage determination
US10163485 Memory module, memory controller and associated control method for read training technique
US10163486 Command signal clock gating
US10163487 Semiconductor memory device
US10163488 SRAM structure with reduced capacitance and resistance
US10163489 3D structure for advanced SRAM design to avoid half-selected issue
US10163490 P-type field-effect transistor (PFET)-based sense amplifiers for reading PFET pass-gate memory bit cells, and related memory systems and methods
US10163491 Memory circuit having shared word line
US10163493 SRAM margin recovery during burn-in
US10163494 Memory device and fabrication method thereof
US10163495 Two-port SRAM connection structure
US10163496 Static random access memory (SRAM) tracking cells and methods of forming the same
US10163497 Three dimensional dual-port bit cell and method of using same
US10163498 Reflow protection
US10163499 Method for increasing speed of writing data into flash memory unit and associated device
US10163500 Sense matching for hard and soft memory reads
US10163501 Apparatuses, memories, and methods for address decoding and selecting an access line
US10163502 Selective performance level modes of operation in a non-volatile memory
US10163504 Planar variable resistance memory
US10163505 RRAM array with current limiting element
US10163506 Apparatuses including memory cells and methods of operation of same
US10163507 Apparatuses and methods including memory access in cross point memory
US10163508 Supporting multiple memory types in a memory slot
US10163509 Method and apparatus for storing information using a memory able to perform both NVM and DRAM functions
US10163510 System and method for atomic persistence in storage class memory
US10163511 Nonvolatile memory device and storage device including nonvolatile memory device
US10163512 Semiconductor device capable of effectively eliminating hot holes in a channel and operating method thereof
US10163513 Program method of memory device and memory system using the same
US10163514 Methods of operating a memory during a programming operation
US10163515 Memory system having feature boosting and operating method thereof
US10163516 Semiconductor device structure
US10163517 Semiconductor memory device and memory system configured to perform tracking read on first memory cells followed by shift read on second memory cells using read voltage correction value determined during the tracking read
US10163518 Non-volatile memory device for reading data with optimized read voltage
US10163519 Semiconductor device, electronic component, and electronic device
US10163520 OTP cell with improved programmability
US10163521 High voltage bootstrap sampling circuit
US10163522 Test line letter for embedded non-volatile memory technology
US10163523 Semiconductor device and operating method thereof
US10163524 Testing a semiconductor device including a voltage detection circuit and temperature detection circuit that can be used to generate read assist and/or write assist in an SRAM circuit portion and method therefor
US10163525 Test apparatus based on binary vector
US10163526 Circuit and method for detecting time dependent dielectric breakdown (TDDB) shorts and signal-margin testing
US10163527 User interface displaying a temporal relationship between a health event indicator and monitored health conditions
US10163528 Determining user-interested information based on wearable device
US10163529 Display processing method and apparatus
US10163530 Nuclear reactor with screw-nut drive of core reactivity control members
US10163531 Reactivity control in a molten salt reactor
US10163532 Feedwater temperature control methods and systems
US10163533 Control rod drive mechanism outer diameter seal ultra high pressure cavitation peening
US10163534 Modeling for fuel element deformation
US10163535 Processing materials
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