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Compositions comprising bacterial strains

Updated Time 12 June 2019

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10 May 2017

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28 August 2018

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The invention provides compositions comprising bacterial strains for treating and preventing inflammatory and autoimmune diseases.

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1. A pharmaceutical composition that comprises a therapeutically effective amount of a bacteria strain of the genus Bacteroides; wherein the bacteria strain is lyophilized; wherein the pharmaceutical composition optionally further comprises a pharmaceutically acceptable excipient, diluent, or carrier; wherein the therapeutically effective amount of the bacteria strain comprises from about 1×103 to about 1×1011 CFU/g of the bacteria strain with respect to total weight of the pharmaceutical composition; and wherein the bacteria strain comprises a polynucleotide sequence of a 16S rRNA gene that has at least 95% sequence identity to the polynucleotide sequence of SEQ ID NO:4, as determined by a Smith-Waterman homology search algorithm using an affine gap search with a gap open penalty of 12, a gap extension penalty of 2, and a Blocks Substitution Matrix (BLOSUM) of 62.

2. The pharmaceutical composition of claim 1, wherein the bacteria strain comprises the polynucleotide sequence of SEQ ID NO:4.

3. The pharmaceutical composition of claim 1, wherein the pharmaceutical composition is effective to reduce a level of at least one pro-inflammatory cytokine.

4. The pharmaceutical composition of claim 3, wherein the at least one pro-inflammatory cytokine comprises an IL-17 cytokine selected from the group consisting of: IL-17A, IL-17B, IL-17C, IL-17D, IL-17E, and IL-17F.

5. The pharmaceutical composition of claim 3, wherein the at least one pro-inflammatory cytokine comprises a cytokine selected from the group consisting of: IFN-γ, IL-1β, RANTES, MIP-1α, IL-8, and IL-6.

6. The pharmaceutical composition of claim 1, wherein the pharmaceutical composition contains a single bacteria strain.

7. The pharmaceutical composition of claim 1, wherein the bacteria strain is viable and capable of at least partially colonizing an intestine of a human subject.

8. The pharmaceutical composition of claim 1, wherein at least 50% of the bacteria strain as measured by an amount of CFU, remains viable after about 1 year of storage when the pharmaceutical composition is stored in a closed container at 25° C. at 95% relative humidity.

9. The pharmaceutical composition of claim 1, wherein the pharmaceutical composition is a lyophilized composition.

10. The pharmaceutical composition of claim 1, wherein the pharmaceutical composition comprises a lyoprotectant which is the pharmaceutically acceptable excipient, diluent, or carrier.

11. The pharmaceutical composition of claim 1, wherein the pharmaceutical composition comprises a prebiotic compound selected from the group consisting of: a fructo-oligosaccharide, a short-chain fructo-oligosaccharide, inulin, an isomalt-oligosaccharide, a transgalacto-oligosaccharide, a pectin, a xylo-oligosaccharide, a chitosan-oligosaccharide, a beta-glucan, an arable gum modified starch, a polydextrose, a D-tagatose, an acacia fiber, carob, an oat, and a citrus fiber.

12. A method of treating a condition mediated by the Th17 pathway in a subject in need thereof, comprising administering to the subject a therapeutically effective amount of a pharmaceutical composition that comprises a bacteria strain of the genus Bacteroides; wherein the administering is effective to produce a decrease in production of at least one pro-inflammatory cytokine in the subject, thereby treating the condition mediated by the Th17 pathway in the subject; and wherein the bacteria strain is lyophilized; wherein the pharmaceutical composition optionally further comprises a pharmaceutically acceptable excipient, diluent, or carrier; wherein the therapeutically effective amount of the bacteria strain comprises from about 1×103 to about 1×1011 CFU/g of the bacteria strain with respect to total weight of the pharmaceutical composition; and wherein the bacteria strain comprises a polynucleotide sequence of a 16S rRNA gene that has at least 95% sequence identity to the polynucleotide sequence of SEQ ID NO:4, as determined by a Smith-Waterman homology search algorithm using an affine gap search with a gap open penalty of 12, a gap extension penalty of 2, and a Blocks Substitution Matrix (BLOSUM) of 62.

13. The method of claim 12, wherein the pharmaceutical composition comprises a single bacteria strain.

14. The method of claim 12, wherein the at least one pro-inflammatory cytokine comprises a cytokine of the Th17 pathway.

15. The method of claim 12, wherein the at least one pro-inflammatory cytokine comprises an IL-17 cytokine selected from the group consisting of: IL-17A, IL-17B, IL-17C, IL-17D, IL-17E, and IL-17F.

16. The method of claim 12, wherein the at least one pro-inflammatory cytokine comprises a cytokine selected from the group consisting of: IFN-γ, IL-1β, RANTES, MIP-1α, IL-8, and IL-6.

17. The method of claim 12, wherein the condition mediated by the Th17 pathway is selected from the group consisting of: uveitis; a cancer; multiple sclerosis; an arthritis; neuromyelitis optica; psoriasis; systemic lupus erythematosus; an inflammatory bowel disease; celiac disease; an asthma; allergic asthma; neutrophilic asthma; chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD); scleritis; vasculitis; Behcet's disease; atherosclerosis; atopic dermatitis; emphysema; periodontitis; allergic rhinitis; and allograft rejection.

18. The method of claim 17, wherein the condition mediated by the Th17 pathway is an asthma; and wherein the treating comprises reducing neutrophilia or eosinophilia.

19. The method of claim 17, wherein the condition mediated by the Th17 pathway is an arthritis selected from the group consisting of rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, psoriatic arthritis, spondyloarthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, and juvenile idiopathic arthritis; and wherein the method reduces joint swelling.

20. The method of claim 12, wherein the bacteria strain comprises the polynucleotide sequence of SEQ ID NO:4.

21. The method of claim 12, wherein the subject has the condition, or has been identified as being at risk of the condition.

22. The method of claim 12, further comprising administering an additional therapeutic agent to the subject.

23. The method of claim 12, wherein the administering of the pharmaceutical composition comprises oral, rectal, nasal, buccal, sublingual, intraperitoneal, or subcutaneous administration.

24. The method of claim 12, wherein the administering comprises providing one or more doses of 1 g, 3 g, 5 g, or 10 g of the pharmaceutical composition.

25. The pharmaceutical composition of claim 1, wherein the bacteria strain is non-spore forming.

26. The pharmaceutical composition of claim 1, wherein the polynucleotide sequence of the 16S rRNA gene has at least 98% sequence identity to the polynucleotide sequence of SEQ ID NO:4, as determined by the Smith-Waterman homology search algorithm using the affine gap search with the gap open penalty of 12, the gap extension penalty of 2, and the BLOSUM of 62.

27. The method of claim 12, wherein the polynucleotide sequence of the 16S rRNA gene has at least 98% sequence identity to the polynucleotide sequence of SEQ ID NO:4, as determined by the Smith-Waterman homology search algorithm using the affine gap search with the gap open penalty of 12, the gap extension penalty of 2, and the BLOSUM of 62.

28. The pharmaceutical composition of claim 1, wherein the bacteria strain is strain 675 deposited under accession number NCIMB 42408.

29. The pharmaceutical composition of claim 1, wherein the polynucleotide sequence of the 16S rRNA gene has at least 99% sequence identity to the polynucleotide sequence of SEQ ID NO:4, as determined by the Smith-Waterman homology search algorithm using the affine gap search with the gap open penalty of 12, the gap extension penalty of 2, and the BLOSUM of 62.

30. The pharmaceutical composition of claim 1, wherein the bacteria strain is of the species Bacteroides coprocola.

31. The pharmaceutical composition of claim 1, wherein the pharmaceutical composition is comprised in a capsule.

32. The method of claim 12, wherein the polynucleotide sequence of the 16S rRNA gene has at least 99% sequence identity to the polynucleotide sequence of SEQ ID NO:4, as determined by the Smith-Waterman homology search algorithm using the affine gap search with the gap open penalty of 12, the gap extension penalty of 2, and the BLOSUM of 62.

33. The method of claim 12, wherein the bacteria strain is of the species Bacteroides coprocola.

34. The method of claim 12, wherein the bacteria strain is strain 675 deposited under accession number NCIMB 42408.

35. The method of claim 12, wherein the pharmaceutical composition is comprised in a capsule.

36. The method of claim 12, wherein the pharmaceutical composition comprises a lyoprotectant which is the pharmaceutically acceptable excipient, diluent, or carrier.

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Claim Tree

  • 1
    ition that comprises a therapeutical y effecti
    • e amount of a bacteria strain of the genus Bacteroides; wherein the bact
    • ia strain is lyophilized; wherein the phar
    • ceutical composition optionally further comprises a pharmaceutically acceptable excipient, diluent, or carrier; wherein the ther
    • eutically effective amount of the bacteria strain comprises from about 1×103 to about 1×1011 CFU/g of the bacteria strain with respect to total weight of the pharmaceutical composition; and wherein the
    • cteria strain comprises a polynucleotide sequence of a 16S rRNA gene that has at least 95% sequence identity to the polynucleotide sequence of SEQ ID NO:4, as determined by a Smith-Waterman homology search algorithm using an affine gap search with a gap open penalty of 12, a gap extension penalty of 2, and a Blocks Substitution Matrix (BLOSUM) of 62. 2. The pharmaceut
    • cal composition of claim 1, wherein the bacte ia stra
      • n comprises the pol nucleotid
    • cal composition of claim 1, wherein the pharm ceutica
      • composition is effective to reduce a level of at least one pro-inflammatory cytokine. 4. The pharmaceut
    • f claim 1, wherein the pharmaceutical composi ion con
      • ains a single bacteria strain. 7. The pharmaceutical composition
    • f claim 1, wherein the bacteria strain is via le and
      • apable of at least partially colonizing an intestine of a human subject. 8. The pharmaceutical composition
    • f claim 1, wherein at least 50% of the bacter a strai
      • as measured by an amount of CFU, remains viable after about 1 year of storage when the pharmaceutical composition is stored in a closed container at 25° C. at 95% relative humidity. 9. The pharmaceutical composition of clai
    • 1, wherein the pharmaceutical composition is a lyoph
      • lized composition. 10. The pharmaceutical composition of cla
    • m 1, wherein the pharmaceutical composition co prises
      • lyoprotectant which is the ph rmaceutic
    • m 1, wherein the pharmaceutical composition co prises
      • prebiotic compound selected f om the gr
    • ein the bacteria strain is non-spore forming. 6. The
      • harmaceutical composition of claim 1, whe
    • ein the polynucleotide sequence of the 16S rRN gene h
      • s at least 98% sequence identity to the polynucleotide sequence of SEQ ID NO:4, as determined by the Smith-Waterman homology search algorithm using the affine gap search with the gap open penalty of 12, the gap extension penalty of 2, and the BLOSUM of 62. 27. The method of claim 12, wherein the polynucleo
    • ein the bacteria strain is strain 675 deposite under
      • ccession number NCIMB 42408. 29. The pharmaceutical composition of claim 1, whe
    • ein the polynucleotide sequence of the 16S rRN gene h
      • s at least 99% sequence identity to the polynucleotide sequence of SEQ ID NO:4, as determined by the Smith-Waterman homology search algorithm using the affine gap search with the gap open penalty of 12, the gap extension penalty of 2, and the BLOSUM of 62. 30. The pharmaceutical composition of claim 1, whe
    • ein the bacteria strain is of the species B cteroid
      • s coprocola. 31. The pharmaceutical composition of clai
    • 1, wherein the pharmaceutical composition is omprise
      • in a capsule. 32. The method of laim 12,
  • 12
    ted by the Th17 pathway in a subject in need thereof, comprising administering to the subject a therapeuti
    • ally effective amount of a pharmaceutical composition that comprises a bacteria strain of the genus Bacteroides; wherein the administering is eff
    • tive to produce a decrease in production of at least one pro-inflammatory cytokine in the subject, thereby treating the condition mediated by the Th17 pathway in the subject; and wherein the bacteria strain
    • lyophilized; wherein the pharmaceutical compo
    • tion optionally further comprises a pharmaceutically acceptable excipient, diluent, or carrier; wherein the therapeutically effe
    • ive amount of the bacteria strain comprises from about 1×103 to about 1×1011 CFU/g of the bacteria strain with respect to total weight of the pharmaceutical composition; and wherein the bacteria strain
    • mprises a polynucleotide sequence of a 16S rRNA gene that has at least 95% sequence identity to the polynucleotide sequence of SEQ ID NO:4, as determined by a Smith-Waterman homology search algorithm using an affine gap search with a gap open penalty of 12, a gap extension penalty of 2, and a Blocks Substitution Matrix (BLOSUM) of 62. 13. The method of claim 12, where
    • n the pharmaceutical compos tion co
      • prises a single bacteria strai . 14. The
    • n the at least one pro-infl mmatory
      • cytokine comprises a cytokine of the Th17 athway. 1
    • n the at least one pro-infl mmatory
      • cytokine comprises an IL-17 cytokine selec ed from t
    • n the at least one pro-infl mmatory
      • cytokine comprises a cytokine selected fro the grou
    • ediated by the Th17 pathway is sele
      • ted from the group consisting of: uveitis; a cancer; multiple sclerosis; an arthrit
    • rain comprises the polynucl otide s
      • quence of SEQ ID NO 4. 21. Th
    • the condition, or has been identif
      • ed as being at risk of the condition. 22. The method of claim 12, further comprising adm
    • nistering an additional the apeutic agent to t
      • e subject. 23. The method of claim 12, wherein the administer
    • ng of the pharmaceutical co positio
      • comprises oral, rectal, nasal, buccal, sublingual, intraperi
    • ng comprises providing one r more
      • oses of 1 g, 3 g, 5 g, or 1
    • ide sequence of the 16S rRN gene h
      • s at least 98% sequence identity to the polynucleotide sequence of SEQ ID NO:4, as determined by the Smith-Waterman homology search algorithm using the affine gap search with the gap open penalty of 12, the gap extension penalty of 2, and the BLOSUM of 62. 28. The pharmaceutical composition of claim 1, whe
    • ynucleotide sequence of the 16S rRN
      • gene has at least 99% sequence identity to the polynucleotide sequence of SEQ ID NO:4, as determined by the Smith-Waterman homology search algorithm using the affine gap search with the gap open penalty of 12, the gap extension penalty of 2, and the BLOSUM of 62. 33. The method of claim 12, wherein the ba
    • teria strain is of the spec es B
      • cteroides coprocola. 34. The method of claim 12, wherei
    • the bacteria strain is str in 675
      • eposited under accession number NCIMB 42408. 35. The method of claim 12, wherei
    • the pharmaceutical composi ion is
      • omprised in a capsule. 36. The me hod of c
    • the pharmaceutical composi ion com
      • rises a lyoprotectant which is the pharm
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This invention is in the field of compositions comprising bacterial strains isolated from the mammalian digestive tract and the use of such compositions in the treatment of disease.


The human intestine is thought to be sterile in utero, but it is exposed to a large variety of maternal and environmental microbes immediately after birth. Thereafter, a dynamic period of microbial colonization and succession occurs, which is influenced by factors such as delivery mode, environment, diet and host genotype, all of which impact upon the composition of the gut microbiota, particularly during early life. Subsequently, the microbiota stabilizes and becomes adult-like [1]. The human gut microbiota contains more than 500-1000 different phylotypes belonging essentially to two major bacterial divisions, the Bacteroidetes and the Firmicutes [2]. The successful symbiotic relationships arising from bacterial colonization of the human gut have yielded a wide variety of metabolic, structural, protective and other beneficial functions. The enhanced metabolic activities of the colonized gut ensure that otherwise indigestible dietary components are degraded with release of by-products providing an important nutrient source for the host. Similarly, the immunological importance of the gut microbiota is well-recognized and is exemplified in germfree animals which have an impaired immune system that is functionally reconstituted following the introduction of commensal bacteria [3-5].

Dramatic changes in microbiota composition have been documented in gastrointestinal disorders such as inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). For example, the levels of Clostridium cluster XIVa bacteria are reduced in IBD patients whilst numbers of E. coli are increased, suggesting a shift in the balance of symbionts and pathobionts within the gut [6-9]. Interestingly, this microbial dysbiosis is also associated with imbalances in T effector cell populations.

In recognition of the potential positive effect that certain bacterial strains may have on the animal gut, various strains have been proposed for use in the treatment of various diseases (see, for example, [10-13]). Also, certain strains, including mostly Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium strains, have been proposed for use in treating various inflammatory and autoimmune diseases that are not directly linked to the intestines (see [14] and [15] for reviews). However, the relationship between different diseases and different bacterial strains, and the precise effects of particular bacterial strains on the gut and at a systemic level and on any particular types of diseases, are poorly characterised.

There is a requirement in the art for new methods of treating inflammatory and autoimmune diseases. There is also a requirement for the potential effects of gut bacteria to be characterised so that new therapies using gut bacteria can be developed.


The inventors have developed new therapies for treating and preventing inflammatory and autoimmune diseases. In particular, the inventors have developed new therapies for treating and preventing diseases and conditions mediated by IL-17 or the Th17 pathway. In particular, the inventors have identified that bacterial strains from the genus Bacteroides can be effective for reducing the Th17 inflammatory response. As described in the examples, oral administration of compositions comprising Bacteroides coprocola may reduce the severity of the inflammatory response, including the Th17 inflammatory response, in mouse models of asthma, rheumatoid arthritis and multiple sclerosis.

Therefore, in a first embodiment, the invention provides a composition comprising a bacterial strain of the genus Bacteroides, for use in a method of treating or preventing a disease or condition mediated by IL-17 or the Th17 pathway. The inventors have identified that treatment with bacterial strains from this genus can reduce levels of cytokines that are part of the Th17 pathway, including IL-17, can alleviate the Th17 inflammatory response and can provide clinical benefits in mouse models of inflammatory and autoimmune diseases mediated by IL-17 and the Th17 pathway.

In particular embodiments, the invention provides a composition comprising a bacterial strain of the genus Bacteroides, for use in a method of treating or preventing a disease or condition selected from the group consisting of: multiple sclerosis; arthritis, such as rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, psoriatic arthritis, or juvenile idiopathic arthritis; neuromyelitis optica (Devic's disease); ankylosing spondylitis; spondyloarthritis; psoriasis; systemic lupus erythematosus; inflammatory bowel disease, such as Crohn's disease or ulcerative colitis; celiac disease; asthma, such as allergic asthma or neutrophilic asthma; chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD); cancer, such as breast cancer, colon cancer, lung cancer or ovarian cancer; uveitis; scleritis; vasculitis; Behcet's disease; atherosclerosis; atopic dermatitis; emphysema; periodontitis; allergic rhinitis; and allograft rejection. The effect shown for the bacterial strains from the genus Bacteroides on the Th17 inflammatory response may provide therapeutic benefits for diseases and conditions mediated by IL-17 and the Th17 pathway, such as those listed above.

In preferred embodiments, the invention provides a composition comprising a bacterial strain of the genus Bacteroides, for use in a method of treating or preventing asthma, such as neutrophilic asthma or allergic asthma. The inventors have identified that treatment with Bacteroides strains can reduce recruitment of neutrophils and eosinophils into the lungs, which can help treat or prevent asthma. Furthermore, the inventors have tested and demonstrated the efficacy of Bacteroides strains in mouse models of asthma. In certain embodiments, the composition is for use in a method of treating or preventing neutrophilic asthma or eosinophilic asthma. The effect shown for the compositions of the invention on neutrophils and eosinophils mean that they may be particularly effective for treating or preventing neutrophilic asthma and eosinophilic asthma. Indeed, in certain embodiments, the composition is for use in a method of reducing a neutrophilic inflammatory response in the treatment or prevention of asthma, or the composition is for use in a method of reducing an eosinophilic inflammatory response in the treatment or prevention of asthma. In preferred embodiments, the invention provides a composition comprising a bacterial strain of the species Bacteroides coprocola, for use in the treatment of asthma, and in particular neutrophilic asthma. Bacteroides coprocola is shown to have a particularly pronounced effect on neutrophils in asthma models and treatment with Bacteroides coprocola may be particularly effective for treating neutrophilic asthma. In certain embodiments, the invention provides a composition comprising a bacterial strain of the species Bacteroides thetaiotaomicron for use in the treatment of asthma, and in particular eosinophilic or allergic asthma. In certain embodiments, the invention provides a composition comprising a bacterial strain of the species Bacteroides fragilis for use in the treatment of asthma, and in particular eosinophilic or allergic asthma.

In further preferred embodiments, the invention provides a composition comprising a bacterial strain of the genus Bacteroides, for use in a method of treating or preventing rheumatoid arthritis. The inventors have identified that treatment with Bacteroides strains can provide clinical benefits in a mouse model of rheumatoid arthritis and can reduce joint swelling. In preferred embodiments, the invention provides a composition comprising a bacterial strain of the species Bacteroides coprocola, for use in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis. Compositions using Bacteroides coprocola may be particularly effective for treating rheumatoid arthritis. In certain embodiments, the invention provides a composition comprising a bacterial strain of the species Bacteroides thetaiotaomicron, for use in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis. In certain embodiments, the invention provides a composition comprising a bacterial strain of the species Bacteroides fragilis, for use in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis.

In further preferred embodiments, the invention provides a composition comprising a bacterial strain of the genus Bacteroides, for use in a method of treating or preventing multiple sclerosis. The inventors have identified that treatment with Bacteroides strains can reduce disease incidence and disease severity in a mouse model of multiple sclerosis. In preferred embodiments, the invention provides a composition comprising a bacterial strain of the species Bacteroides coprocola, for use in the treatment of multiple sclerosis. Compositions using Bacteroides coprocola may be particularly effective for treating multiple sclerosis. In certain embodiments, the invention provides a composition comprising a bacterial strain of the species Bacteroides thetaiotaomicron, for use in the treatment of multiple sclerosis. In certain embodiments, the invention provides a composition comprising a bacterial strain of the species Bacteroides fragilis, for use in the treatment of multiple sclerosis.

In further preferred embodiments, the invention provides a composition comprising a bacterial strain of the genus Bacteroides, for use in a method of treating or preventing cancer, such as breast, lung or liver cancer. Compositions comprising a bacterial strain of the genus Bacteroides may reduce tumour growth in mouse models of breast, lung and liver cancer. In certain embodiments, the composition is for use in a method of reducing tumour size or preventing tumour growth in the treatment of cancer. In certain embodiments, the invention provides a composition comprising a bacterial strain of the species Bacteroides coprocola, for use in the treatment of cancer. In certain embodiments, the invention provides a composition comprising a bacterial strain of the species Bacteroides thetaiotaomicron, for use in the treatment of cancer. In certain embodiments, the invention provides a composition comprising a bacterial strain of the species Bacteroides fragilis, for use in the treatment of cancer.

In further preferred embodiments, the invention provides a composition comprising a bacterial strain of the genus Bacteroides, for use in a method of treating or preventing uveitis, such as posterior uveitis. In certain embodiments, the invention provides a composition comprising a bacterial strain of the species Bacteroides coprocola, for use in the treatment of uveitis. In certain embodiments, the invention provides a composition comprising a bacterial strain of the species Bacteroides thetaiotaomicron, for use in the treatment of uveitis. In certain embodiments, the invention provides a composition comprising a bacterial strain of the species Bacteroides fragilis, for use in the treatment of uveitis.

In certain embodiments, the compositions of the invention are for use in a method of reducing IL-17 production or reducing Th17 cell differentiation in the treatment or prevention of a disease or condition mediated by IL-17 or the Th17 pathway. In particular, the compositions of the invention may be used in reducing IL-17 production or reducing Th17 cell differentiation in the treatment or prevention of asthma, rheumatoid arthritis or multiple sclerosis. Preferably, the invention provides compositions comprising a bacterial strain of the species Bacteroides coprocola, for use in reducing IL-17 production or reducing Th17 cell differentiation in the treatment or prevention of asthma, rheumatoid arthritis or multiple sclerosis, or of asthma, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, uveitis or cancer. In certain embodiments, the invention provides compositions comprising a bacterial strain of the species Bacteroides thetaiotaomicron, for use in reducing IL-17 production or reducing Th17 cell differentiation in the treatment or prevention of asthma, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, uveitis or cancer. In certain embodiments, the invention provides compositions comprising a bacterial strain of the species Bacteroides fragilis, for use in reducing IL-17 production or reducing Th17 cell differentiation in the treatment or prevention of asthma, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, uveitis or cancer.

In certain embodiments, the composition is for use in a patient with elevated IL-17 levels or Th17 cells. The effect on the Th17 inflammatory response shown for Bacteroides strains may be particularly beneficial for such patients.

In preferred embodiments of the invention, the bacterial strain in the composition is of Bacteroides coprocola. Closely related strains may also be used, such as bacterial strains that have a 16s rRNA sequence that is at least 95%, 96%, 97%, 98%, 99%, 99.5% or 99.9% identical to the 16s rRNA sequence of a bacterial strain of Bacteroides coprocola. Preferably, the bacterial strain has a 16s rRNA sequence that is at least 95%, 96%, 97%, 98%, 99%, 99.5% or 99.9% identical to SEQ ID NO:1, 2, 3 or 4. Preferably, the sequence identity is to SEQ ID NO:4. Preferably, the bacterial strain for use in the invention has the 16s rRNA sequence represented by SEQ ID NO:4.

In further preferred embodiments of the invention, the bacterial strain in the composition is of Bacteroides thetaiotaomicron. Closely related strains may also be used, such as bacterial strains that have a 16s rRNA sequence that is at least 95%, 96%, 97%, 98%, 99%, 99.5% or 99.9% identical to the 16s rRNA sequence of a bacterial strain of Bacteroides thetaiotaomicron. Preferably, the bacterial strain has a 16s rRNA sequence that is at least 95%, 96%, 97%, 98%, 99%, 99.5% or 99.9% identical to SEQ ID NO:5. Preferably, the bacterial strain for use in the invention has the 16s rRNA sequence represented by SEQ ID NO:5.

In further preferred embodiments of the invention, the bacterial strain in the composition is of Bacteroides fragilis. Closely related strains may also be used, such as bacterial strains that have a genome with sequence identity to CR626927.1.

In certain embodiments, the composition of the invention is for oral administration. Oral administration of the strains of the invention can be effective for treating IL-17- or Th17 pathway-mediated diseases and conditions. Also, oral administration is convenient for patients and practitioners and allows delivery to and/or partial or total colonisation of the intestine.

In certain embodiments, the composition of the invention comprises one or more pharmaceutically acceptable excipients or carriers.

In certain embodiments, the composition of the invention comprises a bacterial strain that has been lyophilised. Lyophilisation is an effective and convenient technique for preparing stable compositions that allow delivery of bacteria.

In certain embodiments, the invention provides a food product comprising the composition as described above.

In certain embodiments, the invention provides a vaccine composition comprising the composition as described above.

Additionally, the invention provides a method of treating or preventing a disease or condition mediated by IL-17 or the Th17 pathway, comprising administering a composition comprising a bacterial strain of the genus Bacteroides.

In developing the above invention, the inventors have identified and characterised a bacterial strain that is particularly useful for therapy. The Bacteroides coprocola strain of the invention is shown to be effective for treating the diseases described herein, such as arthritis, asthma and multiple sclerosis. Therefore, in another aspect, the invention provides a cell of the Bacteroides coprocola strain deposited under accession number NCIMB 42408, or a derivative thereof. The invention also provides compositions comprising such cells, or biologically pure cultures of such cells. The invention also provides a cell of the Bacteroides coprocola strain deposited under accession number NCIMB 42408, or a derivative thereof, for use in therapy, in particular for the diseases described herein.


FIG. 1: Mouse model of house dust mite-induced asthma—Total BAL fluid cell counts.

FIG. 2: Mouse model of house dust mite-induced asthma—Total eosinophil count in BALF.

FIG. 3: Mouse model of house dust mite-induced asthma—Proportion of eosinophils in BALF.

FIG. 4: Mouse model of house dust mite-induced asthma—Total macrophage count in BALF.

FIG. 5: Mouse model of house dust mite-induced asthma—Proportion of macrophages in BALF.

FIG. 6: Mouse model of house dust mite-induced asthma—Total neutrophil count in BALF.

FIG. 7: Mouse model of house dust mite-induced asthma—Proportion of neutrophils in BALF.

FIG. 8: Mouse model of house dust mite-induced asthma—Total lymphocyte count in BALF.

FIG. 9: Mouse model of house dust mite-induced asthma—Proportion of lymphocytes in BALF.

FIG. 10: Mouse model of severe neutrophilic asthma—Total BAL fluid cell counts.

FIG. 11: Mouse model of severe neutrophilic asthma—Total eosinophil count in BALF.

FIG. 12: Mouse model of severe neutrophilic asthma—Proportion of eosinophils in BALF.

FIG. 13: Mouse model of severe neutrophilic asthma—Total macrophage count in BALF.

FIG. 14: Mouse model of severe neutrophilic asthma—Proportion of macrophages in BALF.

FIG. 15: Mouse model of severe neutrophilic asthma—Total neutrophil count in BALF.

FIG. 16: Mouse model of severe neutrophilic asthma—Proportion of neutrophils in BALF.

FIG. 17: Mouse model of severe neutrophilic asthma—Total lymphocyte count in BALF.

FIG. 18: Mouse model of severe neutrophilic asthma—Proportion of lymphocytes in BALF.

FIG. 19: Mouse model of rheumatoid arthritis—Bodyweights, days −14 to 0. Data are presented as Mean±SEM percentages of the initial (Day −14) bodyweights. Statistical significance: ▴p<0.05 and ▴▴▴▴ p<0.0001 when compared to the vehicle-treated group.

FIG. 20: Mouse model of rheumatoid arthritis—Bodyweights, days 0 to 42. Data are presented as Mean±SEM percentages of the initial (Day 0) bodyweights. ▴p<0.05, ♦p<0.05, ▴▴▴ p<0.001, ⋅⋅⋅⋅ p<0.0001 when compared to the vehicle-treated group.

FIG. 21: Mouse model of rheumatoid arthritis—Clinical Scores. Data are presented as Mean±SEM. **** p<0.0001 when compared to Day 21 in the vehicle-treated group. ♦,O p<0.05 when compared to the vehicle-treated group on a given day.

FIG. 22: Mouse model of rheumatoid arthritis—Splenocyte proliferative response to Collagen II. Media background subtracted [CII-stimulated—media background] counts per minute based on 3H-TdR incorporation. All data are presented as Mean±SEM.

FIG. 23: Mouse model of rheumatoid arthritis—Levels of IFNγ in tissue culture supernatants from Vehicle-treated group. Lines represent group median values.

FIG. 24: Mouse model of rheumatoid arthritis—Levels of IL-17A in tissue culture supernatants from Vehicle-treated group. Lines represent group median values.

FIG. 25: Mouse model of rheumatoid arthritis—Levels of IL-10 in tissue culture supernatants from Vehicle-treated group. Lines represent group median values.

FIG. 26: Mouse model of rheumatoid arthritis—Levels of IL-6 in tissue culture supernatants from Vehicle-treated group. Lines represent group median values.

FIG. 27: Mouse model of rheumatoid arthritis—Levels of cytokine in tissue culture supernatants from biotherapeutic #675-treated group (Group 4). Lines represent group median values.

FIG. 28: Mouse model of house dust mite-induced asthma—Total IgE in Serum

FIG. 29: Mouse model of house dust mite-induced asthma—HDM specific IgG1 in Serum

FIG. 30: Mouse model of house dust mite-induced asthma—Total IgE in BALF

FIG. 31: Mouse model of house dust mite-induced asthma—HDM specific IgG1 in BALF

FIG. 32: Mouse model of house dust mite-induced asthma—Histological Analysis—Mean Peribronchiolar Infiltration Score

FIG. 33: Mouse model of house dust mite-induced asthma—Histological Analysis—Mean Perivascular Infiltration Score

FIG. 34: Mouse model of house dust mite-induced asthma—Histological Analysis—Mean Inflammatory Score (Average of both Peribronchiolar and Perivascular Infiltration Score)

FIG. 35: Mouse model of house dust mite-induced asthma—Histological Analysis—Mucus Score

FIG. 36: Mouse model of house dust mite-induced asthma—IL-9 level in lung tissue

FIG. 37: Mouse model of house dust mite-induced asthma—IL-1a level in lung tissue

FIG. 38: Mouse model of house dust mite-induced asthma—IFNγ level in lung tissue

FIG. 39: Mouse model of house dust mite-induced asthma—IL-17A level in lung tissue

FIG. 40: Mouse model of house dust mite-induced asthma—IL-4 level in lung tissue

FIG. 41: Mouse model of house dust mite-induced asthma—IL-5 level in lung tissue

FIG. 42: Mouse model of house dust mite-induced asthma—IL-1b level in lung tissue

FIG. 43: Mouse model of house dust mite-induced asthma—RANTES level in lung tissue

FIG. 44: Mouse model of house dust mite-induced asthma—MIP-1a level in lung tissue

FIG. 45: Mouse model of house dust mite-induced asthma—KC level in lung tissue

FIG. 46: Mouse model of house dust mite-induced asthma—MIP-2 level in lung tissue

FIG. 47: Mouse model of severe neutrophilic asthma—HDM specific IgG1 in Serum

FIG. 48: Mouse model of severe neutrophilic asthma—HDM specific IgG2a in Serum

FIG. 49: Mouse model of severe neutrophilic asthma—HDM specific IgG1 in BALF

FIG. 50: Mouse model of severe neutrophilic asthma—HDM specific IgG2a in BALF

FIG. 51: Mouse model of severe neutrophilic asthma—Histological Analysis—Mean Peribronchiolar Infiltration Score

FIG. 52: Mouse model of severe neutrophilic asthma—Histological Analysis—Mean Perivascular

Infiltration Score

FIG. 53: Mouse model of severe neutrophilic asthma—Histological Analysis—Mean Inflammatory Score (Average of both Peribronchiolar and Perivascular Infiltration Score)

FIG. 54: Mouse model of severe neutrophilic asthma—TNFα level in lung tissue

FIG. 55: Mouse model of severe neutrophilic asthma—IL-1α level in lung tissue

FIG. 56: Mouse model of severe neutrophilic asthma—IFNγ level in lung tissue

FIG. 57: Mouse model of severe neutrophilic asthma—IL-17F level in lung tissue

FIG. 58: Mouse model of severe neutrophilic asthma—IL-1b level in lung tissue

FIG. 59: Mouse model of severe neutrophilic asthma—RANTES level in lung tissue

FIG. 60: Mouse model of severe neutrophilic asthma—MIP-2 level in lung tissue

FIG. 61: Mouse model of severe neutrophilic asthma—KC level in lung tissue

FIG. 62: Mouse model of severe neutrophilic asthma—IL-17A level in lung tissue

FIG. 63: Mouse model of severe neutrophilic asthma—MIP-1a level in lung tissue

FIG. 64: Mouse model of severe neutrophilic asthma—IL-33 level in lung tissue

FIG. 65: Mouse model of rheumatoid arthritis—Visual Template for Histopathology Scoring. Representative images showing composite scores from mouse tarsal joints in a collagen-induced arthritis study.

FIG. 66: Mouse model of rheumatoid arthritis—Histopathology: Inflammation Scores. Data are presented as Mean±SEM. ** p<0.01 when compared to the vehicle-treated group.

FIG. 67: Mouse model of rheumatoid arthritis—Histopathology: Vehicle-treated group Cartilage Scores. Data are presented as Mean±SEM.

FIG. 68: Mouse model of rheumatoid arthritis—Histopathology: Bone Scores. Data are presented as Mean±SEM.

FIG. 69: Mouse model of rheumatoid arthritis—Histopathology: Total Scores. Data are presented as Mean±SEM.

FIG. 70: Mouse model of rheumatoid arthritis—Histopathology: Strain #675. Data are presented as Mean±SEM.

FIG. 71: Mouse model of rheumatoid arthritis—Histopathology: Representative Pictures. Animal ID (#n.n) and limb (R for right, L for left) are indicated between brackets. Top left image (vehicle): extensive joint and bone destruction with inflammation and fibrosis extending to the peri-articular soft tissues. Lower image (strain #675): synovitis and bursitis extending focally to peri-articular tissues, mild articular cartilage damage and intra-articular debris, bone structure unaffected.

FIG. 72: Mouse model of multiple sclerosis—clinical score.

FIG. 73: Mouse model of multiple sclerosis—disease incidence.


Bacterial Strains

The compositions of the invention comprise a bacterial strain of the genus Bacteroides. The examples demonstrate that bacteria of this genus are useful for treating or preventing diseases and conditions mediated by IL-17 or the Th17 pathway. The preferred bacterial strains are of the species Bacteroides coprocola. Further preferred bacterial strains are of the species Bacteroides thetaiotaomicron or Bacteroides fragilis.

Examples of Bacteroides species for use in the invention include Bacteroides massiliensis, Bacteroides coprocola, Bacteroides thetaiotaomicron and Bacteroides caccae. A further example of a Bacteroides species for use in the invention is Bacteroides fragilis. Bacteroides is a genus of Gram-negative, obligately anaerobic bacteria. Bacteroides species are non-endospore-forming bacilli, and may be either motile or non-motile, depending on the species. Bacteroides species make up a substantial portion of the mammalian gastrointestinal flora and are essential for processing complex molecules.

Bacteroides coprocola cells cultivated on EG blood agar plates are strictly anaerobic, non-spore-forming, non-motile and Gram-negative. The short rods or rod-shaped cells are about 0.8 μm in width and variable in length, generally in the range 1-4 μm. Example strains of species Bacteroides coprocola are described in [16]. The type strain, M16T (=JCM 12979T=DSM 17136T), was isolated from faeces of a healthy human. Two additional strains [M11 (=JCM 12980) and M156 (=JCM 12981)] are included in this species. GenBank/EMBL/DDBJ accession numbers for the 16S rRNA gene sequence of these Bacteroides coprocola strains are AB200223, AB200224 and AB200225 (disclosed herein as SEQ ID NO:1, SEQ ID NO:2 and SEQ ID NO:3).

The Bacteroides bacterium deposited under accession number NCIMB 42408 was tested in the Examples and is also referred to herein as strain 675. A 16S rRNA sequence for the 675 strain that was tested is provided in SEQ ID NO:4. Strain 675 was deposited with the international depositary authority NCIMB, Ltd. (Ferguson Building, Aberdeen, AB21 9YA, Scotland) by 4D Pharma Research Ltd. (Life Sciences Innovation Building, Aberdeen, AB25 2ZS, Scotland) on 13 May 2015 as “Bacteroidales 675” and was assigned accession number NCIMB 42408. The NCIMB deposit was made under the terms of the Budapest Treaty. Maintenance of a viable culture is assured for 30 years from the date of deposit. All restrictions on the availability to the public of the deposited microorganism will be irrevocably removed upon the granting of a patent for this application.

The genome of strain 675 comprises a chromosome and plasmid. A chromosome sequence for strain 675 is provided in SEQ ID NO:6. A plasmid sequence for strain 675 is provided in SEQ ID NO:7. These sequences were generated using the PacBio RS II platform.

Bacterial strains closely related to the strain tested in the examples are also expected to be effective for treating or preventing diseases and conditions mediated by IL-17 or the Th17 pathway. In certain embodiments, the bacterial strain for use in the invention has a 16s rRNA sequence that is at least 95%, 96%, 97%, 98%, 99%, 99.5% or 99.9% identical to the 16s rRNA sequence of a bacterial strain of Bacteroides coprocola. Preferably, the bacterial strain for use in the invention has a 16s rRNA sequence that is at least 95%, 96%, 97%, 98%, 99%, 99.5% or 99.9% identical to SEQ ID NO:1, 2, 3 or 4. Preferably, the sequence identity is to SEQ ID NO:4. Preferably, the bacterial strain for use in the invention has the 16s rRNA sequence represented by SEQ ID NO:4.

A further preferred bacterial strain for use in the invention is the Bacteroides thetaiotaomicron strain deposited under accession number NCIMB 42341. This strain was deposited with the international depositary authority NCIMB, Ltd. (Ferguson Building, Aberdeen, AB21 9YA, Scotland) on 3 Dec. 2014.

Further preferred Bacteroides thetaiotaomicron strains for use in the invention are the type strain ATCC 29148=CCUG 10774=CIP 104206=DSM 2079=JCM 5827=NCTC 10582=VPI 5482 and strain WAL 2926=ATCC 29741. A further preferred Bacteroides thetaiotaomicron strain for use in the invention is the strain described in EP1448995. The accession number for the 16S rRNA gene sequence of Bacteroides thetaiotaomicron strain WAL 2926 is M58763 (disclosed herein as SEQ ID NO:5).

In certain embodiments, the bacterial strain for use in the invention has a 16s rRNA sequence that is at least 95%, 96%, 97%, 98%, 99%, 99.5% or 99.9% identical to the 16s rRNA sequence of a bacterial strain of Bacteroides thetaiotaomicron. Preferably, the bacterial strain for use in the invention has a 16s rRNA sequence that is at least 95%, 96%, 97%, 98%, 99%, 99.5% or 99.9% identical to SEQ ID NO:5. Preferably, the bacterial strain for use in the invention has the 16s rRNA sequence represented by SEQ ID NO:5.

A preferred Bacteroides fragilis strain for use in the invention is the type strain ATCC 25285=CCUG 4856=CIP 77.16=DSM 2151=JCM 11019=LMG 10263=NCTC 9343. The accession number for the Bacteroides fragilis NCTC 9343 strain complete genome is CR626927.1 (version: CR626927.1 GI:60491031).

In certain embodiments, the bacterial strain for use in the invention has a genome with sequence identity to CR626927.1. In preferred embodiments, the bacterial strain for use in the invention has a genome with at least 90% sequence identity (e.g. at least 92%, 94%, 95%, 96%, 97%, 98%, 99% or 100% sequence identity) to CR626927.1 across at least 60% (e.g. at least 65%, 70%, 75%, 80%, 85%, 95%, 96%, 97%, 98%, 99% or 100%) of CR626927.1. For example, the bacterial strain for use in the invention may have a genome with at least 90% sequence identity to CR626927.1 across 70% of CR626927.1, or at least 90% sequence identity to CR626927.1 across 80% of CR626927.1, or at least 90% sequence identity to CR626927.1 across 90% of CR626927.1, or at least 90% sequence identity to CR626927.1 across 100% of CR626927.1, or at least 95% sequence identity to CR626927.1 across 70% of CR626927.1, or at least 95% sequence identity to CR626927.1 across 80% of CR626927.1, or at least 95% sequence identity to CR626927.1 across 90% of CR626927.1, or at least 95% sequence identity to CR626927.1 across 100% of CR626927.1, or at least 98% sequence identity to CR626927.1 across 70% of CR626927.1, or at least 98% sequence identity to CR626927.1 across 80% of CR626927.1, or at least 98% sequence identity to CR626927.1 across 90% of CR626927.1, or at least 98% sequence identity to CR626927.1 across 100% of CR626927.1.

In certain embodiments, the bacterial strain for use in the invention has a chromosome with sequence identity to SEQ ID NO:6. In preferred embodiments, the bacterial strain for use in the invention has a chromosome with at least 90% sequence identity (e.g. at least 92%, 94%, 95%, 96%, 97%, 98%, 99% or 100% sequence identity) to SEQ ID NO:6 across at least 60% (e.g. at least 65%, 70%, 75%, 80%, 85%, 95%, 96%, 97%, 98%, 99% or 100%) of SEQ ID NO:6. For example, the bacterial strain for use in the invention may have a chromosome with at least 90% sequence identity to SEQ ID NO:6 across 70% of SEQ ID NO:6, or at least 90% sequence identity to SEQ ID NO:6 across 80% of SEQ ID NO:6, or at least 90% sequence identity to SEQ ID NO:6 across 90% of SEQ ID NO:6, or at least 90% sequence identity to SEQ ID NO:6 across 100% of SEQ ID NO:6, or at least 95% sequence identity to SEQ ID NO:6 across 70% of SEQ ID NO:6, or at least 95% sequence identity to SEQ ID NO:6 across 80% of SEQ ID NO:6, or at least 95% sequence identity to SEQ ID NO:6 across 90% of SEQ ID NO:6, or at least 95% sequence identity to SEQ ID NO:6 across 100% of SEQ ID NO:6, or at least 98% sequence identity to SEQ ID NO:6 across 70% of SEQ ID NO:6, or at least 98% sequence identity to SEQ ID NO:6 across 80% of SEQ ID NO:6, or at least 98% sequence identity to SEQ ID NO:6 across 90% of SEQ ID NO:6, or at least 98% sequence identity to SEQ ID NO:6 across 100% of SEQ ID NO:6.

In certain embodiments, the bacterial strain for use in the invention has a plasmid with sequence identity to SEQ ID NO:7. In preferred embodiments, the bacterial strain for use in the invention has a plasmid with at least 90% sequence identity (e.g. at least 92%, 94%, 95%, 96%, 97%, 98%, 99% or 100% sequence identity) to SEQ ID NO:7 across at least 60% (e.g. at least 65%, 70%, 75%, 80%, 85%, 95%, 96%, 97%, 98%, 99% or 100%) of SEQ ID NO:7. For example, the bacterial strain for use in the invention may have a plasmid with at least 90% sequence identity to SEQ ID NO:7 across 70% of SEQ ID NO:7, or at least 90% sequence identity to SEQ ID NO:7 across 80% of SEQ ID NO:7, or at least 90% sequence identity to SEQ ID NO:7 across 90% of SEQ ID NO:7, or at least 90% sequence identity to SEQ ID NO:7 across 100% of SEQ ID NO:7, or at least 95% sequence identity to SEQ ID NO:7 across 70% of SEQ ID NO:7, or at least 95% sequence identity to SEQ ID NO:7 across 80% of SEQ ID NO:7, or at least 95% sequence identity to SEQ ID NO:7 across 90% of SEQ ID NO:7, or at least 95% sequence identity to SEQ ID NO:7 across 100% of SEQ ID NO:7, or at least 98% sequence identity to SEQ ID NO:7 across 70% of SEQ ID NO:7, or at least 98% sequence identity to SEQ ID NO:7 across 80% of SEQ ID NO:7, or at least 98% sequence identity to SEQ ID NO:7 across 90% of SEQ ID NO:7, or at least 98% sequence identity to SEQ ID NO:7 across 100% of SEQ ID NO:7.

In certain embodiments, the bacterial strain for use in the invention has a chromosome with sequence identity to SEQ ID NO:6 and a plasmid with sequence identity to SEQ ID NO:7.

Bacterial strains that are biotypes of the bacterium deposited under accession number 42408 are also expected to be effective for treating or preventing diseases and conditions mediated by IL-17 or the Th17 pathway. Bacterial strains that are biotypes of a bacterium deposited under accession number NCIMB 42341, ATCC 29148 or ATCC 29741 are also expected to be effective for treating or preventing diseases and conditions mediated by IL-17 or the Th17 pathway. A biotype is a closely related strain that has the same or very similar physiological and biochemical characteristics.

Strains that are biotypes of a bacterium deposited under accession number NCIMB 42408, NCIMB 42341, ATCC 29148 or ATCC 29741 and that are suitable for use in the invention may be identified by sequencing other nucleotide sequences for a bacterium deposited under accession number NCIMB 42408, NCIMB 42341, ATCC 29148 or ATCC 29741. For example, substantially the whole genome may be sequenced and a biotype strain for use in the invention may have at least 95%, 96%, 97%, 98%, 99%, 99.5% or 99.9% sequence identity across at least 80% of its whole genome (e.g. across at least 85%, 90%, 95% or 99%, or across its whole genome). Other suitable sequences for use in identifying biotype strains may include hsp60 or repetitive sequences such as BOX, ERIC, (GTG)5, or REP or [17]. Biotype strains may have sequences with at least 95%, 96%, 97%, 98%, 99%, 99.5% or 99.9% sequence identity to the corresponding sequence of a bacterium deposited under accession number NCIMB 42408, NCIMB 42341, ATCC 29148 or ATCC 29741.

Alternatively, strains that are biotypes of a bacterium deposited under accession number NCIMB 42408, NCIMB 42341, ATCC 29148 or ATCC 29741 and that are suitable for use in the invention may be identified by using the accession number NCIMB 42408 deposit or the accession number NCIMB deposit 42341 or the accession number ATCC 29148 deposit or the accession number ATCC 29741 deposit and restriction fragment analysis and/or PCR analysis, for example by using fluorescent amplified fragment length polymorphism (FAFLP) and repetitive DNA element (rep)-PCR fingerprinting, or protein profiling, or partial 16S or 23s rDNA sequencing. In preferred embodiments, such techniques may be used to identify other Bacteroides coprocola or Bacteroides thetaiotaomicron strains.

In certain embodiments, strains that are biotypes of a bacterium deposited under accession number NCIMB 42408, NCIMB 42341, ATCC 29148 or ATCC 29741 and that are suitable for use in the invention are strains that provide the same pattern as a bacterium deposited under accession number NCIMB 42408, NCIMB 42341, ATCC 29148 or ATCC 29741 when analysed by amplified ribosomal DNA restriction analysis (ARDRA), for example when using Sau3AI restriction enzyme (for exemplary methods and guidance see, for example, [18]). Alternatively, biotype strains are identified as strains that have the same carbohydrate fermentation patterns as a bacterium deposited under accession number NCIMB 42408, NCIMB 42341, ATCC 29148 or ATCC 29741.

Other Bacteroides strains that are useful in the compositions and methods of the invention, such as biotypes of a bacterium deposited under accession number NCIMB 42408, NCIMB 42341, ATCC 29148 or ATCC 29741, may be identified using any appropriate method or strategy, including the assays described in the examples. For instance, strains for use in the invention may be identified by culturing in anaerobic YCFA and/or administering the bacteria to the type II collagen-induced arthritis mouse model and then assessing cytokine levels. In particular, bacterial strains that have similar growth patterns, metabolic type and/or surface antigens to a bacterium deposited under accession number NCIMB 42408, NCIMB 42341, ATCC 29148 or ATCC 29741 may be useful in the invention. A useful strain will have comparable immune modulatory activity to the NCIMB 42408, NCIMB 42341, ATCC 29148 or ATCC 29741 strain. In particular, a biotype strain will elicit comparable effects on the asthma, arthritis and multiple sclerosis disease models and comparable effects on cytokine levels to the effects shown in the Examples, which may be identified by using the culturing and administration protocols described in the Examples.

A particularly preferred strain of the invention is the Bacteroides coprocola strain deposited under accession number NCIMB 42408. This is the exemplary 675 strain tested in the examples and shown to be effective for treating disease. Therefore, the invention provides a cell, such as an isolated cell, of the Bacteroides coprocola strain deposited under accession number NCIMB 42408, or a derivative thereof. The invention also provides a composition comprising a cell of the Bacteroides coprocola strain deposited under accession number NCIMB 42408, or a derivative thereof. The invention also provides a biologically pure culture of the Bacteroides coprocola strain deposited under accession number NCIMB 42408. The invention also provides a cell of the Bacteroides coprocola strain deposited under accession number NCIMB 42408, or a derivative thereof, for use in therapy, in particular for the diseases described herein.

A derivative of the strain deposited under accession number NCIMB 42408, NCIMB 42341, ATCC 29148 or ATCC 29741 may be a daughter strain (progeny) or a strain cultured (subcloned) from the original. A derivative of a strain of the invention may be modified, for example at the genetic level, without ablating the biological activity. In particular, a derivative strain of the invention is therapeutically active. A derivative strain will have comparable immune modulatory activity to the original NCIMB 42408, NCIMB 42341, ATCC 29148 or ATCC 29741 strain. In particular, a derivative strain will elicit comparable effects on the asthma, arthritis and multiple sclerosis disease models and comparable effects on cytokine levels to the effects shown in the Examples, which may be identified by using the culturing and administration protocols described in the Examples. A derivative of the NCIMB 42408 strain will generally be a biotype of the NCIMB 42408 strain. A derivative of the NCIMB 42341, ATCC 29148 or ATCC 29741 strain will generally be a biotype of the NCIMB 42341, ATCC 29148 or ATCC 29741 strain.

References to cells of the Bacteroides coprocola strain deposited under accession number NCIMB 42408 encompass any cells that have the same safety and therapeutic efficacy characteristics as the strains deposited under accession number NCIMB 42408, and such cells are encompassed by the invention. References to cells of the Bacteroides thetaiotaomicron strain deposited under accession numbers NCIMB 42341, ATCC 29148 or ATCC 29741 encompass any cells that have the same safety and therapeutic efficacy characteristics as the strains deposited under accession number NCIMB 42341, ATCC 29148 or ATCC 29741, and such cells are encompassed by the invention.

In preferred embodiments, the bacterial strains in the compositions of the invention are viable and capable of partially or totally colonising the intestine.

Therapeutic Uses

As demonstrated in the examples, the bacterial compositions of the invention are effective for reducing the Th17 inflammatory response. In particular, treatment with compositions of the invention achieves a reduction in IL-17A levels and other Th17 pathway cytokines, and clinical improvements in animal models of conditions mediated by IL-17 and the Th17 pathway. Therefore, the compositions of the invention may be useful for treating or preventing inflammatory and autoimmune diseases, and in particular diseases or conditions mediated by IL-17. In particular, the compositions of the invention may be useful for reducing or preventing elevation of the IL-17 inflammatory response.

Th17 cells are a subset of T helper cells that produce, for example, IL-17A, IL17-F, IL-21 and IL-22. Th17 cell differentiation and IL-17 expression may be driven by IL-23. These cytokines and others form important parts of the Th17 pathway, which is a well-established inflammatory signalling pathway that contributes to and underlies a number of inflammatory and autoimmune diseases (as described in, for example, [19-24]). Diseases wherein the Th17 pathway is activated are Th17 pathway-mediated diseases. Th17 pathway-mediated diseases can be ameliorated or alleviated by repressing the Th17 pathway, which may be through a reduction in the differentiation of Th17 cells or a reduction in their activity or a reduction in the level of Th17 pathway cytokines. Diseases mediated by the Th17 pathway may be characterised by increased levels of cytokines produced by Th17 cells, such as IL-17A, IL-17F, IL-21, IL-22, IL-26, IL-9 (reviewed in [25]). Diseases mediated by the Th17 pathway may be characterised by increased expression of Th-17-related genes, such as Stat3 or IL-23R. Diseases mediated by the Th17 pathway may be associated with increased levels of Th17 cells.

IL-17 is a pro-inflammatory cytokine that contributes to the pathogenesis of several inflammatory and autoimmune diseases and conditions. IL-17 as used herein may refer to any member of the IL-17 family, including IL-17A, IL-17B, IL-17C, IL-17D, IL-17E, and IL-17F. IL-17-mediated diseases and conditions are characterised by high expression of IL-17 and/or the accumulation or presence of IL-17-positive cells in a tissue affected by the disease or condition. Similarly, IL-17-mediated diseases and conditions are diseases and conditions that are exacerbated by high IL-17 levels or an increase in IL-17 levels, and that are alleviated by low IL-17 levels or a reduction in IL-17 levels. The IL-17 inflammatory response may be local or systemic.

Examples of diseases and conditions that may be mediated by IL-17 or the Th17 pathway include multiple sclerosis; arthritis, such as rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, psoriatic arthritis, or juvenile idiopathic arthritis; neuromyelitis optica (Devic's disease); ankylosing spondylitis; spondyloarthritis; psoriasis; systemic lupus erythematosus; inflammatory bowel disease, such as Crohn's disease or ulcerative colitis; celiac disease; asthma, such as allergic asthma or neutrophilic asthma; chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD); cancer, such as breast cancer, colon cancer, lung cancer or ovarian cancer; uveitis; scleritis; vasculitis; Behcet's disease; atherosclerosis; atopic dermatitis; emphysema; periodontitis; allergic rhinitis; and allograft rejection. In preferred embodiments, the compositions of the invention are used for treating or preventing one or more of these conditions or diseases. In further preferred embodiments, these conditions or diseases are mediated by IL-17 or the Th17 pathway.

In certain embodiments, the compositions of the invention are for use in a method of reducing IL-17 production or reducing Th17 cell differentiation in the treatment or prevention of a disease or condition mediated by IL-17 or the Th17 pathway. In certain embodiments, the compositions of the invention are for use in treating or preventing an inflammatory or autoimmune disease, wherein said treatment or prevention is achieved by reducing or preventing elevation of the Th17 inflammatory response. In certain embodiments, the compositions of the invention are for use in treating a patient with an inflammatory or autoimmune disease, wherein the patient has elevated IL-17 levels or elevated Th17 cells or is exhibiting a Th17 inflammatory response. In certain embodiments, the patient may have been diagnosed with a chronic inflammatory or autoimmune disease or condition, or the composition of the invention may be for use in preventing an inflammatory or autoimmune disease or condition developing into a chronic inflammatory or autoimmune disease or condition. In certain embodiments, the disease or condition may not be responsive to treatment with TNF-α inhibitors. These uses of the invention may be applied to any of the specific disease or conditions listed in the preceding paragraph.

IL-17 and the Th17 pathway are often associated with chronic inflammatory and autoimmune diseases, so the compositions of the invention may be particularly useful for treating or preventing chronic diseases or conditions as listed above. In certain embodiments, the compositions are for use in patients with chronic disease. In certain embodiments, the compositions are for use in preventing the development of chronic disease.

The compositions of the invention may be useful for treating diseases and conditions mediated by IL-17 or the Th17 pathway and for addressing the Th17 inflammatory response, so the compositions of the invention may be particularly useful for treating or preventing chronic disease, treating or preventing disease in patients that have not responded to other therapies (such as treatment with TNF-α inhibitors), and/or treating or preventing the tissue damage and symptoms associated with IL-17 and Th17 cells. For example, IL-17 is known to activate matrix destruction in cartilage and bone tissue and IL-17 has an inhibitory effect on matrix production in chondrocytes and osteoblasts, so the compositions of the invention may be useful for treating or preventing bone erosion or cartilage damage.

In certain embodiments, treatment with compositions of the invention provides a reduction or prevents an elevation in IL-17 levels, in particular IL-17A levels. In certain embodiments, treatment with compositions of the invention provides a reduction or prevents an elevation in IFN-γ, IL-1β, RANTES, MIP-1α, IL-8 or IL-6 levels. Such reduction or prevention of elevated levels of these cytokines may be useful for treating or preventing inflammatory and autoimmune diseases and conditions, in particular those mediated by IL-17 or the Th17 pathway.


In preferred embodiments, the compositions of the invention are for use in treating or preventing asthma. The examples demonstrate that the compositions of the invention achieve a reduction in the recruitment of neutrophils and/or eosinophils into the airways following sensitisation and challenge with house dust mite extract and so they may be useful in the treatment or prevention of asthma.

Asthma is a chronic disease characterised by inflammation and restriction of the airways. The inflammation in asthma may be mediated by IL-17 and/or Th17 cells, and so the compositions of the invention may be particularly effective for preventing or treating asthma. The inflammation in asthma may be mediated by eosinophils and/or neutrophils.

In certain embodiments, the asthma is eosinophilic or allergic asthma. Eosinophilic and allergic asthma are characterised by increased numbers of eosinophils in peripheral blood and in airway secretions and is associated pathologically with thickening of the basement membrane zone and pharmacologically by corticosteroid responsiveness [26]. Compositions that reduce or inhibit eosinophil recruitment or activation may be useful for treating or preventing eosinophilic and allergic asthma.

In additional embodiments, the compositions of the invention are for use in treating or preventing neutrophilic asthma (or non-eosinophilic asthma). High neutrophil numbers are associated with severe asthma that may be insensitive to corticosteroid treatment. Compositions that reduce or inhibit neutrophil recruitment or activation may be useful for treating or preventing neutrophilic asthma.

Eosinophilic and neutrophilic asthma are not mutually exclusive conditions and treatments that help address either the eosinophil and neutrophil responses may be useful for treating asthma in general.

Increased IL-17 levels and activation of the Th17 pathway are associated with severe asthma, so the compositions of the invention may be useful for preventing the development of severe asthma or for treating severe asthma.

In certain embodiments, the compositions of the invention are for use in methods reducing an eosinophilic inflammatory response in the treatment or prevention of asthma, or for use in methods of reducing a neutrophilic inflammatory response in the treatment or prevention of asthma. As noted above, high levels of eosinophils in asthma is associated pathologically with thickening of the basement membrane zone, so reducing eosinophilic inflammatory response in the treatment or prevention of asthma may be able to specifically address this feature of the disease. Also, elevated neutrophils, either in combination with elevated eosinophils or in their absence, is associated with severe asthma and chronic airway narrowing. Therefore, reducing the neutrophilic inflammatory response may be particularly useful for addressing severe asthma.

In certain embodiments, the compositions reduce peribronchiolar infiltration in allergic asthma, or are for use in reducing peribronchiolar infiltration in the treatment of allergic asthma. In certain embodiments, the compositions reduce peribronchiolar and/or perivascular infiltration in neutrophilic asthma, or are for use in reducing peribronchiolar and/or perivascular infiltration in the treatment of allergic neutrophilic asthma.

In certain embodiments, treatment with compositions of the invention provides a reduction or prevents an elevation in IL-1β, IFNγ, RANTES, MIP-1α or IL-8 levels.

In certain embodiments, the compositions of the invention are for use in a method of treating asthma that results in a reduction of the eosinophilic and/or neutrophilic inflammatory response. In certain embodiments, the patient to be treated has, or has previously been identified as having, elevated neutrophil or eosinophil levels, for example as identified through blood sampling or sputum analysis.

The compositions of the invention may be useful for preventing the development of asthma in a new-born when administered to the new-born, or to a pregnant woman. The compositions may be useful for preventing the development of asthma in children. The compositions of the invention may be useful for treating or preventing adult-onset asthma. The compositions of the invention may be useful for managing or alleviating asthma. The compositions of the invention may be particularly useful for reducing symptoms associated with asthma that is aggravated by allergens, such as house dust mites.

Treatment or prevention of asthma may refer to, for example, an alleviation of the severity of symptoms or a reduction in the frequency of exacerbations or the range of triggers that are a problem for the patient.


In preferred embodiments, the compositions of the invention are for use in treating or preventing rheumatoid arthritis (RA). The examples demonstrate that the compositions of the invention achieve a reduction in the clinical signs of RA in a mouse model, reduce cartilage and bone damage, and reduce the IL-17 inflammatory response, and so they may be useful in the treatment or prevention of RA. RA is a systemic inflammatory disorder that primarily affects joints. RA is associated with an inflammatory response that results in swelling of joints, synovial hyperplasia, and destruction of cartilage and bone. IL-17 and Th17 cells may have a key role in RA, for example because IL-17 inhibits matrix production in chondrocytes and osteoblasts and activates the production and function of matrix metalloproteinases and because RA disease activity is correlated to IL-17 levels and Th-17 cell numbers [27,28], so the compositions of the invention may be particularly effective for preventing or treating RA.

In certain embodiments, the compositions of the invention are for use in lowering IL-17 levels or preventing elevation of IL-17 levels in the treatment or prevention of RA. In certain embodiments, treatment with compositions of the invention provides a reduction or prevents an elevation in IL-17 levels, in particular IL-17A levels. In certain embodiments, treatment with compositions of the invention provides a reduction or prevents an elevation in IFN-γ or IL-6 levels.

In certain embodiments, treatment with the compositions of the invention results in a reduction in the swelling of joints. In certain embodiments, the compositions of the invention are for use in patients with swollen joints or patients identified as at risk of having swollen joints. In certain embodiments, the compositions of the invention are for use in a method of reducing joint swelling in RA.

In certain embodiments, treatment with the compositions of the invention results in a reduction in cartilage damage or bone damage. In certain embodiments, the compositions of the invention are for use in reducing or preventing cartilage or bone damage in the treatment of RA. In certain embodiments, the compositions are for use in treating patient with severe RA that are at risk of cartilage or bone damage.

Increased IL-17 levels and Th17 cell numbers are associated with cartilage and bone destruction in RA [27,28]. IL-17 is known to activate matrix destruction in cartilage and bone tissue and IL-17 has an inhibitory effect on matrix production in chondrocytes and osteoblasts. Therefore, in certain embodiments, the compositions of the invention are for use in preventing bone erosion or cartilage damage in the treatment of RA. In certain embodiments, the compositions are for use in treating patients that exhibit bone erosion or cartilage damage or patients identified as at risk of bone erosion or cartilage damage.

TNF-α is also associated with RA, but TNF-α is not involved in the pathogenesis of the later stages of the disease. In contrast, IL-17 has a role throughout all stages of chronic disease [29]. Therefore, in certain embodiments the compositions of the invention are for use in treating chronic RA or late-stage RA, such as disease that includes joint destruction and loss of cartilage. In certain embodiments, the compositions of the invention are for treating patients that have previously received anti-TNF-α therapy. In certain embodiments, the patients to be treated do not respond or no longer respond to anti-TNF-α therapy.

The compositions of the invention may be useful for modulating a patient's immune system, so in certain embodiments the compositions of the invention are for use in preventing RA in a patient that has been identified as at risk of RA, or that has been diagnosed with early-stage RA. The compositions of the invention may be useful for preventing the development of RA.

The compositions of the invention may be useful for managing or alleviating RA. The compositions of the invention may be particularly useful for reducing symptoms associated with joint swelling or bone destruction. Treatment or prevention of RA may refer to, for example, an alleviation of the severity of symptoms or a reduction in the frequency of exacerbations or the range of triggers that are a problem for the patient.

Multiple Sclerosis

In preferred embodiments, the compositions of the invention are for use in treating or preventing multiple sclerosis. The examples demonstrate that the compositions of the invention achieve a reduction in the disease incidence and disease severity in a mouse model of multiple sclerosis (the EAE model), and so they may be useful in the treatment or prevention of multiple sclerosis. Multiple sclerosis is an inflammatory disorder associated with damage to the myelin sheaths of neurons, particularly in the brain and spinal column. Multiple sclerosis is a chronic disease, which is progressively incapacitating and which evolves in episodes. IL-17 and Th17 cells may have a key role in multiple sclerosis, for example because IL-17 levels may correlate with multiple sclerosis lesions, IL-17 can disrupt blood brain barrier endothelial cell tight junctions, and Th17 cells can migrate into the central nervous system and cause neuronal loss [30,31]. Therefore, the compositions of the invention may be particularly effective for preventing or treating multiple sclerosis.

In certain embodiments, treatment with the compositions of the invention results in a reduction in disease incidence or disease severity. In certain embodiments, the compositions of the invention are for use in reducing disease incidence or disease severity. In certain embodiments, treatment with the compositions of the invention prevents a decline in motor function or results in improved motor function. In certain embodiments, the compositions of the invention are for use in preventing a decline in motor function or for use in improving motor function. In certain embodiments, treatment with the compositions of the invention prevents the development of paralysis. In certain embodiments, the compositions of the invention are for use in preventing paralysis in the treatment of multiple sclerosis.

The compositions of the invention may be useful for modulating a patient's immune system, so in certain embodiments the compositions of the invention are for use in preventing multiple sclerosis in a patient that has been identified as at risk of multiple sclerosis, or that has been diagnosed with early-stage multiple sclerosis or “relapsing-remitting” multiple sclerosis. The compositions of the invention may be useful for preventing the development of sclerosis. Indeed, the examples show that administration of compositions of the invention prevented the development of disease in many mice.

The compositions of the invention may be useful for managing or alleviating multiple sclerosis. The compositions of the invention may be particularly useful for reducing symptoms associated with multiple sclerosis. Treatment or prevention of multiple sclerosis may refer to, for example, an alleviation of the severity of symptoms or a reduction in the frequency of exacerbations or the range of triggers that are a problem for the patient.


In preferred embodiments, the compositions of the invention are for use in treating or preventing cancer. IL-17 and the Th17 pathway have central roles in cancer development and progression, and so the compositions of the invention may be useful for treating or preventing cancer.

Although the roles of IL-17 and Th17 cells in cancer are not fully understood, numerous pro-tumour effects of IL-17 and Th17 cells are known. For example, Th17 cells and IL-17 can promote angiogenesis, increase proliferation and survival of tumor cells and activate tumour-promoting transcription factors [32-34].

In certain embodiments, treatment with the compositions of the invention results in a reduction in tumour size or a reduction in tumour growth. In certain embodiments, the compositions of the invention are for use in reducing tumour size or reducing tumour growth. The compositions of the invention may be effective for reducing tumour size or growth. In certain embodiments, the compositions of the invention are for use in patients with solid tumours. In certain embodiments, the compositions of the invention are for use in reducing or preventing angiogenesis in the treatment of cancer. IL-17 and Th17 cells have central roles in angiogenesis. In certain embodiments, the compositions of the invention are for use in preventing metastasis.

In certain embodiments, the compositions of the invention are for use in treating or preventing breast cancer. The compositions of the invention may be effective for treating breast cancer, and IL-17 and Th17 cells have important roles in breast cancer [35]. In certain embodiments, the compositions of the invention are for use in reducing tumour size, reducing tumour growth, or reducing angiogenesis in the treatment of breast cancer. In preferred embodiments the cancer is mammary carcinoma. In preferred embodiments the cancer is stage IV breast cancer.

In certain embodiments, the compositions of the invention are for use in treating or preventing lung cancer. The compositions of the invention may be effective for treating lung cancer, and IL-17 and Th17 cells have important roles in lung cancer [36]. In certain embodiments, the compositions of the invention are for use in reducing tumour size, reducing tumour growth, or reducing angiogenesis in the treatment of lung cancer. In preferred embodiments the cancer is lung carcinoma.

In certain embodiments, the compositions of the invention are for use in treating or preventing liver cancer. The compositions of the invention may be effective for treating liver cancer, and IL-17 and Th17 cells have important roles in liver cancer [37]. In certain embodiments, the compositions of the invention are for use in reducing tumour size, reducing tumour growth, or reducing angiogenesis in the treatment of liver cancer. In preferred embodiments the cancer is hepatoma (hepatocellular carcinoma).

In certain embodiments, the compositions of the invention are for use in treating or preventing carcinoma. The compositions of the invention may be particularly effective for treating carcinoma. In certain embodiments, the compositions of the invention are for use in treating or preventing non-immunogenic cancer. The compositions of the invention may be effective for treating non-immunogenic cancers.

In further embodiments, the compositions of the invention are for use in treating or preventing acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL), acute myeloid leukemia, adrenocortical carcinoma, basal-cell carcinoma, bile duct cancer, bladder cancer, bone tumor, osteosarcoma/malignant fibrous histiocytoma, brainstem glioma, brain tumor, cerebellar astrocytoma, cerebral astrocytoma/malignant glioma, ependymoma, medulloblastoma, supratentorial primitive neuroectodermal tumors, breast cancer, bronchial adenomas/carcinoids, Burkitt's lymphoma, carcinoid tumor, cervical cancer, chronic lymphocytic leukemia, chronic myelogenous leukemia, chronic myeloproliferative disorders, colon cancer, cutaneous T-cell lymphoma, endometrial cancer, ependymoma, esophageal cancer, Ewing's sarcoma, intraocular melanoma, retinoblastoma, gallbladder cancer, gastric cancer, gastrointestinal carcinoid tumor, gastrointestinal stromal tumor (GIST), germ cell tumor, glioma, childhood visual pathway and hypothalamic, Hodgkin lymphoma, melanoma, islet cell carcinoma, Kaposi sarcoma, renal cell cancer, laryngeal cancer, leukaemias, lymphomas, mesothelioma, neuroblastoma, non-Hodgkin lymphoma, oropharyngeal cancer, osteosarcoma, ovarian cancer, pancreatic cancer, parathyroid cancer, pharyngeal cancer, pituitary adenoma, plasma cell neoplasia, prostate cancer, renal cell carcinoma, retinoblastoma, sarcoma, testicular cancer, thyroid cancer, or uterine cancer.

The compositions of the invention may be particularly effective when used in combination with further therapeutic agents. The immune-modulatory effects of the compositions of the invention may be effective when combined with more direct anti-cancer agents. Therefore, in certain embodiments, the invention provides a composition comprising a bacterial strain of the genus Bacteroides and an anticancer agent. In preferred embodiments the anticancer agent is an immune checkpoint inhibitor, a targeted antibody immunotherapy, a CAR-T cell therapy, an oncolytic virus, or a cytostatic drug. In preferred embodiments, the composition comprises an anti-cancer agent selected from the group consisting of: Yervoy (ipilimumab, BMS); Keytruda (pembrolizumab, Merck); Opdivo (nivolumab, BMS); MEDI4736 (AZ/MedImmune); MPDL3280A (Roche/Genentech); Tremelimumab (AZ/MedImmune); CT-011 (pidilizumab, CureTech); BMS-986015 (lirilumab, BMS); MEDI0680 (AZ/MedImmune); MSB-0010718C (Merck); PF-05082566 (Pfizer); MEDI6469 (AZ/MedImmune); BMS-986016 (BMS); BMS-663513 (urelumab, BMS); IMP321 (Prima Biomed); LAG525 (Novartis); ARGX-110 (arGEN-X); PF-05082466 (Pfizer); CDX-1127 (varlilumab; CellDex Therapeutics); TRX-518 (GITR Inc.); MK-4166 (Merck); JTX-2011 (Jounce Therapeutics); ARGX-115 (arGEN-X); NLG-9189 (indoximod, NewLink Genetics); INCB024360 (Incyte); IPH2201 (Innate Immotherapeutics/AZ); NLG-919 (NewLink Genetics); anti-VISTA (JnJ); Epacadostat (INCB24360, Incyte); F001287 (Flexus/BMS); CP 870893 (University of Pennsylvania); MGA271 (Macrogenix); Emactuzumab (Roche/Genentech); Galunisertib (Eli Lilly); Ulocuplumab (BMS); BKT140/BL8040 (Biokine Therapeutics); Bavituximab (Peregrine Pharmaceuticals); CC 90002 (Celgene); 852A (Pfizer); VTX-2337 (VentiRx Pharmaceuticals); IMO-2055 (Hybridon, Idera Pharmaceuticals); LY2157299 (Eli Lilly); EW-7197 (Ewha Women's University, Korea); Vemurafenib (Plexxikon); Dabrafenib (Genentech/GSK); BMS-777607 (BMS); BLZ945 (Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Centre); Unituxin (dinutuximab, United Therapeutics Corporation); Blincyto (blinatumomab, Amgen); Cyramza (ramucirumab, Eli Lilly); Gazyva (obinutuzumab, Roche/Biogen); Kadcyla (ado-trastuzumab emtansine, Roche/Genentech); Perjeta (pertuzumab, Roche/Genentech); Adcetris (brentuximab vedotin, Takeda/Millennium); Arzerra (ofatumumab, GSK); Vectibix (panitumumab, Amgen); Avastin (bevacizumab, Roche/Genentech); Erbitux (cetuximab, BMS/Merck); Bexxar (tositumomab-I131, GSK); Zevalin (ibritumomab tiuxetan, Biogen); Campath (alemtuzumab, Bayer); Mylotarg (gemtuzumab ozogamicin, Pfizer); Herceptin (trastuzumab, Roche/Genentech); Rituxan (rituximab, Genentech/Biogen); volociximab (Abbvie); Enavatuzumab (Abbvie); ABT-414 (Abbvie); Elotuzumab (Abbvie/BMS); ALX-0141 (Ablynx); Ozaralizumab (Ablynx); Actimab-C (Actinium); Actimab-P (Actinium); Milatuzumab-dox (Actinium); Emab-SN-38 (Actinium); Naptumonmab estafenatox (Active Biotech); AFM13 (Affimed); AFM11 (Affimed); AGS-16C3F (Agensys); AGS-16M8F (Agensys); AGS-22ME (Agensys); AGS-15ME (Agensys); GS-67E (Agensys); ALXN6000 (samalizumab, Alexion); ALT-836 (Altor Bioscience); ALT-801 (Altor Bioscience); ALT-803 (Altor Bioscience); AMG780 (Amgen); AMG 228 (Amgen); AMG820 (Amgen); AMG172 (Amgen); AMG595 (Amgen); AMG110 (Amgen); AMG232 (adecatumumab, Amgen); AMG211 (Amgen/MedImmune); BAY20-10112 (Amgen/Bayer); Rilotumumab (Amgen); Denosumab (Amgen); AMP-514 (Amgen); MEDI575 (AZ/MedImmune); MEDI3617 (AZ/MedImmune); MEDI6383 (AZ/MedImmune); MEDI551 (AZ/MedImmune); Moxetumomab pasudotox (AZ/MedImmune); MEDI565 (AZ/MedImmune); MEDI0639 (AZ/MedImmune); MEDI0680 (AZ/MedImmune); MEDI562 (AZ/MedImmune); AV-380 (AVEO); AV203 (AVEO); AV299 (AVEO); BAY79-4620 (Bayer); Anetumab ravtansine (Bayer); vantictumab (Bayer); BAY94-9343 (Bayer); Sibrotuzumab (Boehringer Ingleheim); BI-836845 (Boehringer Ingleheim); B-701 (BioClin); BIIB015 (Biogen); Obinutuzumab (Biogen/Genentech); BI-505 (Bioinvent); BI-1206 (Bioinvent); TB-403 (Bioinvent); BT-062 (Biotest) BIL-010t (Biosceptre); MDX-1203 (BMS); MDX-1204 (BMS); Necitumumab (BMS); CAN-4 (Cantargia AB); CDX-011 (Celldex); CDX1401 (Celldex); CDX301 (Celldex); U3-1565 (Daiichi Sankyo); patritumab (Daiichi Sankyo); tigatuzumab (Daiichi Sankyo); nimotuzumab (Daiichi Sankyo); DS-8895 (Daiichi Sankyo); DS-8873 (Daiichi Sankyo); DS-5573 (Daiichi Sankyo); MORab-004 (Eisai); MORab-009 (Eisai); MORab-003 (Eisai); MORab-066 (Eisai); LY3012207 (Eli Lilly); LY2875358 (Eli Lilly); LY2812176 (Eli Lilly); LY3012217 (Eli Lilly); LY2495655 (Eli Lilly); LY3012212 (Eli Lilly); LY3012211 (Eli Lilly); LY3009806 (Eli Lilly); cixutumumab (Eli Lilly); Flanvotumab (Eli Lilly); IMC-TR1 (Eli Lilly); Ramucirumab (Eli Lilly); Tabalumab (Eli Lilly); Zanolimumab (Emergent Biosolution); FG-3019 (FibroGen); FPA008 (Five Prime Therapeutics); FP-1039 (Five Prime Therapeutics); FPA144 (Five Prime Therapeutics); catumaxomab (Fresenius Biotech); IMAB362 (Ganymed); IMAB027 (Ganymed); HuMax-CD74 (Genmab); HuMax-TFADC (Genmab); GS-5745 (Gilead); GS-6624 (Gilead); OMP-21M18 (demcizumab, GSK); mapatumumab (GSK); IMGN289 (ImmunoGen); IMGN901 (ImmunoGen); IMGN853 (ImmunoGen); IMGN529 (ImmunoGen); IMMU-130 (Immunomedics); milatuzumab-dox (Immunomedics); IMMU-115 (Immunomedics); IMMU-132 (Immunomedics); IMMU-106 (Immunomedics); IMMU-102 (Immunomedics); Epratuzumab (Immunomedics); Clivatuzumab (Immunomedics); IPH41 (Innate Immunotherapeutics); Daratumumab (Janssen/Genmab); CNTO-95 (Intetumumab, Janssen); CNTO-328 (siltuximab, Janssen); KB004 (KaloBios); mogamulizumab (Kyowa Hakko Kirrin); KW-2871 (ecromeximab, Life Science); Sonepcizumab (Lpath); Margetuximab (Macrogenics); Enoblituzumab (Macrogenics); MGD006 (Macrogenics); MGF007 (Macrogenics); MK-0646 (dalotuzumab, Merck); MK-3475 (Merck); Sym004 (Symphogen/Merck Serono); DI17E6 (Merck Serono); MOR208 (Morphosys); MOR202 (Morphosys); Xmab5574 (Morphosys); BPC-1C (ensituximab, Precision Biologics); TAS266 (Novartis); LFA102 (Novartis); BHQ880 (Novartis/Morphosys); QGE031 (Novartis); HCD122 (lucatumumab, Novartis); LJM716 (Novartis); AT355 (Novartis); OMP-21M18 (Demcizumab, OncoMed); OMP52M51 (Oncomed/GSK); OMP-59R5 (Oncomed/GSK); vantictumab (Oncomed/Bayer); CMC-544 (inotuzumab ozogamicin, Pfizer); PF-03446962 (Pfizer); PF-04856884 (Pfizer); PSMA-ADC (Progenics); REGN1400 (Regeneron); REGN910 (nesvacumab, Regeneron/Sanofi); REGN421 (enoticumab, Regeneron/Sanofi); RG7221, RG7356, RG7155, RG7444, RG7116, RG7458, RG7598, RG7599, RG7600, RG7636, RG7450, RG7593, RG7596, DCDS3410A, RG7414 (parsatuzumab), RG7160 (imgatuzumab), RG7159 (obintuzumab), RG7686, RG3638 (onartuzumab), RG7597 (Roche/Genentech); SAR307746 (Sanofi); SAR566658 (Sanofi); SAR650984 (Sanofi); SAR153192 (Sanofi); SAR3419 (Sanofi); SAR256212 (Sanofi), SGN-LIV1A (lintuzumab, Seattle Genetics); SGN-CD33A (Seattle Genetics); SGN-75 (vorsetuzumab mafodotin, Seattle Genetics); SGN-19A (Seattle Genetics) SGN-CD70A (Seattle Genetics); SEA-CD40 (Seattle Genetics); ibritumomab tiuxetan (Spectrum); MLN0264 (Takeda); ganitumab (Takeda/Amgen); CEP-37250 (Teva); TB-403 (Thrombogenic); VB4-845 (Viventia); Xmab2512 (Xencor); Xmab5574 (Xencor); nimotuzumab (YM Biosciences); Carlumab (Janssen); NY-ESO TCR (Adaptimmune); MAGE-A-10 TCR (Adaptimmune); CTL019 (Novartis); JCAR015 (Juno Therapeutics); KTE-C19 CAR (Kite Pharma); UCART19 (Cellectis); BPX-401 (Bellicum Pharmaceuticals); BPX-601 (Bellicum Pharmaceuticals); ATTCK20 (Unum Therapeutics); CAR-NKG2D (Celyad); Onyx-015 (Onyx Pharmaceuticals); H101 (Shanghai Sunwaybio); DNX-2401 (DNAtrix); VCN-01 (VCN Biosciences); Colo-Ad1 (PsiOxus Therapeutics); ProstAtak (Advantagene); Oncos-102 (Oncos Therapeutics); CG0070 (Cold Genesys); Pexa-vac (JX-594, Jennerex Biotherapeutics); GL-ONC1 (Genelux); T-VEC (Amgen); G207 (Medigene); HF10 (Takara Bio); SEPREHVIR (HSV1716, Virttu Biologics); OrienX010 (OrienGene Biotechnology); Reolysin (Oncolytics Biotech); SVV-001 (Neotropix); Cacatak (CVA21, Viralytics); Alimta (Eli Lilly), cisplatin, oxaliplatin, irinotecan, folinic acid, methotrexate, cyclophosphamide, 5-fluorouracil, Zykadia (Novartis), Tafinlar (GSK), Xalkori (Pfizer), Iressa (AZ), Gilotrif (Boehringer Ingelheim), Tarceva (Astellas Pharma), Halaven (Eisai Pharma), Veliparib (Abbvie), AZD9291 (AZ), Alectinib (Chugai), LDK378 (Novartis), Genetespib (Synta Pharma), Tergenpumatucel-L (NewLink Genetics), GV1001 (Kael-GemVax), Tivantinib (ArQule); Cytoxan (BMS); Oncovin (Eli Lilly); Adriamycin (Pfizer); Gemzar (Eli Lilly); Xeloda (Roche); Ixempra (BMS); Abraxane (Celgene); Trelstar (Debiopharm); Taxotere (Sanofi); Nexavar (Bayer); IMMU-132 (Immunomedics); E7449 (Eisai); Thermodox (Celsion); Cometriq (Exellxis); Lonsurf (Taiho Pharmaceuticals); Camptosar (Pfizer); UFT (Taiho Pharmaceuticals); and TS-1 (Taiho Pharmaceuticals).


In further preferred embodiments, the compositions of the invention are for use in treating or preventing uveitis. The compositions of the invention may achieve a reduction in disease incidence and disease severity in an animal model of uveitis and so they may be useful in the treatment or prevention of uveitis. Uveitis is inflammation of the uvea and can result in retinal tissue destruction. It can present in different anatomical forms (anterior, intermediate, posterior or diffuse) and result from different, but related, causes, including systemic autoimmune disorders. IL-17 and the Th17 pathway are centrally involved in uveitis, so the compositions of the invention may be particularly effective for preventing or treating uveitis. References [38-45] describe elevated serum levels of interleukin-17A in uveitis patients, specific association of IL17A genetic variants with panuveitis, the role of Th17-associated cytokines in the pathogenesis of experimental autoimmune uveitis, the imbalance between Th17 Cells and regulatory T Cells during monophasic experimental autoimmune uveitis, the up-regulation of IL-17A in patients with uveitis and active Adamantiades-Behçet and Vogt-Koyanagi-Harada (VKH) diseases, the treatment of non-infectious uveitis with secukinumab (anti-IL-17A antibody), and Th17 in uveitic eyes.

In certain embodiments, the uveitis is posterior uveitis. Posterior uveitis presents primarily with inflammation of the retina and choroid and the compositions of the invention may be effective for reducing retinal inflammation and damage.

In certain embodiments, treatment with the compositions of the invention results in a reduction in retinal damage. In certain embodiments, the compositions of the invention are for use in reducing or preventing retinal damage in the treatment of uveitis. In certain embodiments, the compositions are for use in treating patients with severe uveitis that are at risk of retinal damage. In certain embodiments, treatment with the compositions of the invention results in a reduction in optic disc inflammation. In certain embodiments, the compositions of the invention are for use in reducing or preventing optic disc inflammation. In certain embodiments, treatment with the compositions of the invention results in a reduction in retinal tissue infiltration by inflammatory cells. In certain embodiments, the compositions of the invention are for use in reducing retinal tissue infiltration by inflammatory cells. In certain embodiments, treatment with the compositions of the invention results in vision being maintained or improved. In certain embodiments, the compositions of the invention are for use in maintaining or improving vision.

In certain embodiments, the compositions are for use in treating or preventing uveitis associated with a non-infectious or autoimmune disease, such as Behçet disease, Crohn's disease, Fuchs heterochromic iridocyclitis, granulomatosis with polyangiitis, HLA-B27 related uveitis, juvenile idiopathic arthritis, sarcoidosis, spondyloarthritis, sympathetic ophthalmia, tubulointerstitial nephritis and uveitis syndrome or Vogt-Koyanagi-Harada syndrome. IL-17A has been shown to be involved in, for example, Behçet and Vogt-Koyanagi-Harada diseases.

Treatment or prevention of uveitis may refer to, for example, an alleviation of the severity of symptoms or a prevention of relapse.

Modes of Administration

Preferably, the compositions of the invention are to be administered to the gastrointestinal tract in order to enable delivery to and/or partial or total colonisation of the intestine with the bacterial strain of the invention. Generally, the compositions of the invention are administered orally, but they may be administered rectally, intranasally, or via buccal or sublingual routes.

In certain embodiments, the compositions of the invention may be administered as a foam, as a spray or a gel.

In certain embodiments, the compositions of the invention may be administered as a suppository, such as a rectal suppository, for example in the form of a theobroma oil (cocoa butter), synthetic hard fat (e.g. suppocire, witepsol), glycero-gelatin, polyethylene glycol, or soap glycerin composition.

In certain embodiments, the composition of the invention is administered to the gastrointestinal tract via a tube, such as a nasogastric tube, orogastric tube, gastric tube, jejunostomy tube (J tube), percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy (PEG), or a port, such as a chest wall port that provides access to the stomach, jejunum and other suitable access ports.

The compositions of the invention may be administered once, or they may be administered sequentially as part of a treatment regimen. In certain embodiments, the compositions of the invention are to be administered daily.

In certain embodiments of the invention, treatment according to the invention is accompanied by assessment of the patient's gut microbiota. Treatment may be repeated if delivery of and/or partial or total colonisation with the strain of the invention is not achieved such that efficacy is not observed, or treatment may be ceased if delivery and/or partial or total colonisation is successful and efficacy is observed.

In certain embodiments, the composition of the invention may be administered to a pregnant animal, for example a mammal such as a human in order to prevent an inflammatory or autoimmune disease developing in her child in utero and/or after it is born.

The compositions of the invention may be administered to a patient that has been diagnosed with a disease or condition mediated by IL-17 or the Th17 pathway, or that has been identified as being at risk of a disease or condition mediated by IL-17 or the Th17 pathway. The compositions may also be administered as a prophylactic measure to prevent the development of diseases or conditions mediated by IL-17 or the Th17 pathway in a healthy patient.

The compositions of the invention may be administered to a patient that has been identified as having an abnormal gut microbiota. For example, the patient may have reduced or absent colonisation by Bacteroides, and in particular Bacteroides coprocola.

The compositions of the invention may be administered as a food product, such as a nutritional supplement.

Generally, the compositions of the invention are for the treatment of humans, although they may be used to treat animals including monogastric mammals such as poultry, pigs, cats, dogs, horses or rabbits. The compositions of the invention may be useful for enhancing the growth and performance of animals. If administered to animals, oral gavage may be used.


Generally, the composition of the invention comprises bacteria. In preferred embodiments of the invention, the composition is formulated in freeze-dried form. For example, the composition of the invention may comprise granules or gelatin capsules, for example hard gelatin capsules, comprising a bacterial strain of the invention.

Preferably, the composition of the invention comprises lyophilised bacteria. Lyophilisation of bacteria is a well-established procedure and relevant guidance is available in, for example, references [46-48].

Alternatively, the composition of the invention may comprise a live, active bacterial culture.

In preferred embodiments, the composition of the invention is encapsulated to enable delivery of the bacterial strain to the intestine. Encapsulation protects the composition from degradation until delivery at the target location through, for example, rupturing with chemical or physical stimuli such as pressure, enzymatic activity, or physical disintegration, which may be triggered by changes in pH. Any appropriate encapsulation method may be used. Exemplary encapsulation techniques include entrapment within a porous matrix, attachment or adsorption on solid carrier surfaces, self-aggregation by flocculation or with cross-linking agents, and mechanical containment behind a microporous membrane or a microcapsule. Guidance on encapsulation that may be useful for preparing compositions of the invention is available in, for example, references [49] and [50].

The composition may be administered orally and may be in the form of a tablet, capsule or powder. Encapsulated products are preferred because Bacteroides are anaerobes. Other ingredients (such as vitamin C, for example), may be included as oxygen scavengers and prebiotic substrates to improve the delivery and/or partial or total colonisation and survival in vivo. Alternatively, the probiotic composition of the invention may be administered orally as a food or nutritional product, such as milk or whey based fermented dairy product, or as a pharmaceutical product.

The composition may be formulated as a probiotic.

A composition of the invention includes a therapeutically effective amount of a bacterial strain of the invention. A therapeutically effective amount of a bacterial strain is sufficient to exert a beneficial effect upon a patient. A therapeutically effective amount of a bacterial strain may be sufficient to result in delivery to and/or partial or total colonisation of the patient's intestine.

A suitable daily dose of the bacteria, for example for an adult human, may be from about 1×103 to about 1×1011 colony forming units (CFU); for example, from about 1×107 to about 1×1010 CFU; in another example from about 1×106 to about 1×1010 CFU.

In certain embodiments, the composition contains the bacterial strain in an amount of from about 1×106 to about 1×1011 CFU/g, respect to the weight of the composition; for example, from about 1×108 to about 1×1010 CFU/g. The dose may be, for example, 1 g, 3 g, 5 g, and 10 g.

Typically, a probiotic, such as the composition of the invention, is optionally combined with at least one suitable prebiotic compound. A prebiotic compound is usually a non-digestible carbohydrate such as an oligo- or polysaccharide, or a sugar alcohol, which is not degraded or absorbed in the upper digestive tract. Known prebiotics include commercial products such as inulin and transgalacto-oligosaccharides.

In certain embodiments, the probiotic composition of the present invention includes a prebiotic compound in an amount of from about 1 to about 30% by weight, respect to the total weight composition, (e.g. from 5 to 20% by weight). Carbohydrates may be selected from the group consisting of: fructo-oligosaccharides (or FOS), short-chain fructo-oligosaccharides, inulin, isomalt-oligosaccharides, pectins, xylo-oligosaccharides (or XOS), chitosan-oligosaccharides (or COS), beta-glucans, arable gum modified and resistant starches, polydextrose, D-tagatose, acacia fibers, carob, oats, and citrus fibers. In one aspect, the prebiotics are the short-chain fructo-oligosaccharides (for simplicity shown herein below as FOSs-c.c); said FOSs-c.c. are not digestible carbohydrates, generally obtained by the conversion of the beet sugar and including a saccharose molecule to which three glucose molecules are bonded.

The compositions of the invention may comprise pharmaceutically acceptable excipients or carriers. Examples of such suitable excipients may be found in the reference [51]. Acceptable carriers or diluents for therapeutic use are well known in the pharmaceutical art and are described, for example, in reference [52]. Examples of suitable carriers include lactose, starch, glucose, methyl cellulose, magnesium stearate, mannitol, sorbitol and the like. Examples of suitable diluents include ethanol, glycerol and water. The choice of pharmaceutical carrier, excipient or diluent can be selected with regard to the intended route of administration and standard pharmaceutical practice. The pharmaceutical compositions may comprise as, or in addition to, the carrier, excipient or diluent any suitable binder(s), lubricant(s), suspending agent(s), coating agent(s), solubilising agent(s). Examples of suitable binders include starch, gelatin, natural sugars such as glucose, anhydrous lactose, free-flow lactose, beta-lactose, corn sweeteners, natural and synthetic gums, such as acacia, tragacanth or sodium alginate, carboxymethyl cellulose and polyethylene glycol. Examples of suitable lubricants include sodium oleate, sodium stearate, magnesium stearate, sodium benzoate, sodium acetate, sodium chloride and the like. Preservatives, stabilizers, dyes and even flavouring agents may be provided in the pharmaceutical composition. Examples of preservatives include sodium benzoate, sorbic acid and esters of p-hydroxybenzoic acid. Antioxidants and suspending agents may be also used.

The compositions of the invention may be formulated as a food product. For example, a food product may provide nutritional benefit in addition to the therapeutic effect of the invention, such as in a nutritional supplement. Similarly, a food product may be formulated to enhance the taste of the composition of the invention or to make the composition more attractive to consume by being more similar to a common food item, rather than to a pharmaceutical composition. In certain embodiments, the composition of the invention is formulated as a milk-based product. The term “milk-based product” means any liquid or semi-solid milk- or whey-based product having a varying fat content. The milk-based product can be, e.g., cow's milk, goat's milk, sheep's milk, skimmed milk, whole milk, milk recombined from powdered milk and whey without any processing, or a processed product, such as yoghurt, curdled milk, curd, sour milk, sour whole milk, butter milk and other sour milk products. Another important group includes milk beverages, such as whey beverages, fermented milks, condensed milks, infant or baby milks; flavoured milks, ice cream; milk-containing food such as sweets.

In certain embodiments, the compositions of the invention contain a single bacterial strain or species and do not contain any other bacterial strains or species. Such compositions may comprise only de minimis or biologically irrelevant amounts of other bacterial strains or species. Such compositions may be a culture that is substantially free from other species of organism.

The compositions for use in accordance with the invention may or may not require marketing approval.

In some cases, the lyophilised bacterial strain is reconstituted prior to administration. In some cases, the reconstitution is by use of a diluent described herein.

The compositions of the invention can comprise pharmaceutically acceptable excipients, diluents or carriers.

In certain embodiments, the invention provides a pharmaceutical composition comprising: a bacterial strain of the invention; and a pharmaceutically acceptable excipient, carrier or diluent; wherein the bacterial strain is in an amount sufficient to treat a disorder when administered to a subject in need thereof; and wherein the disorder is selected from the group consisting of asthma, allergic asthma, neutrophilic asthma, osteoarthritis, psoriatic arthritis, juvenile idiopathic arthritis, neuromyelitis optica (Devic's disease), ankylosing spondylitis, spondyloarthritis, systemic lupus erythematosus, celiac disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), cancer, breast cancer, colon cancer, lung cancer, ovarian cancer, uveitis, scleritis, vasculitis, Behcet's disease, atherosclerosis, atopic dermatitis, emphysema, periodontitis, allergic rhinitis, and allograft rejection.

In certain embodiments, the invention provides pharmaceutical composition comprising: a bacterial strain of the invention; and a pharmaceutically acceptable excipient, carrier or diluent; wherein the bacterial strain is in an amount sufficient to treat or prevent a disease or condition mediated by IL-17 or the Th17 pathway. In preferred embodiments, said disease or condition is selected from the group consisting of rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, psoriasis, inflammatory bowel disease, Crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis, celiac disease, asthma, allergic asthma, neutrophilic asthma, osteoarthritis, psoriatic arthritis, juvenile idiopathic arthritis, neuromyelitis optica (Devic's disease), ankylosing spondylitis, spondyloarthritis, systemic lupus erythematosus, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), cancer, breast cancer, colon cancer, lung cancer, ovarian cancer, uveitis, scleritis, vasculitis, Behcet's disease, atherosclerosis, atopic dermatitis, emphysema, periodontitis, allergic rhinitis, and allograft rejection.

In certain embodiments, the invention provides the above pharmaceutical composition, wherein the amount of the bacterial strain is from about 1×103 to about 1×1011 colony forming units per gram with respect to a weight of the composition.

In certain embodiments, the invention provides the above pharmaceutical composition, wherein the composition is administered at a dose of 1 g, 3 g, 5 g or 10 g.

In certain embodiments, the invention provides the above pharmaceutical composition, wherein the composition is administered by a method selected from the group consisting of oral, rectal, subcutaneous, nasal, buccal, and sublingual.

In certain embodiments, the invention provides the above pharmaceutical composition, comprising a carrier selected from the group consisting of lactose, starch, glucose, methyl cellulose, magnesium stearate, mannitol and sorbitol.

In certain embodiments, the invention provides the above pharmaceutical composition, comprising a diluent selected from the group consisting of ethanol, glycerol and water.

In certain embodiments, the invention provides the above pharmaceutical composition, comprising an excipient selected from the group consisting of starch, gelatin, glucose, anhydrous lactose, free-flow lactose, beta-lactose, corn sweetener, acacia, tragacanth, sodium alginate, carboxymethyl cellulose, polyethylene glycol, sodium oleate, sodium stearate, magnesium stearate, sodium benzoate, sodium acetate and sodium chloride.

In certain embodiments, the invention provides the above pharmaceutical composition, further comprising at least one of a preservative, an antioxidant and a stabilizer.

In certain embodiments, the invention provides the above pharmaceutical composition, comprising a preservative selected from the group consisting of sodium benzoate, sorbic acid and esters of p-hydroxybenzoic acid.

In certain embodiments, the invention provides the above pharmaceutical composition, wherein said bacterial strain is lyophilised.

In certain embodiments, the invention provides the above pharmaceutical composition, wherein when the composition is stored in a sealed container at about 4° C. or about 25° C. and the container is placed in an atmosphere having 50% relative humidity, at least 80% of the bacterial strain as measured in colony forming units, remains after a period of at least about: 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, 1.5 years, 2 years, 2.5 years or 3 years.

Culturing Methods

The bacterial strains for use in the present invention can be cultured using standard microbiology techniques as detailed in, for example, references [53-55].

Bacterial strains of the genus Bacteroides may be cultured using a method such as that outlined below, which may provide good growth and reliability. This method is particularly useful for culturing strains of the species Bacteroides coprocola.

Bacterial strains of the genus Bacteroides, and in particular of the species Bacteroides coprocola, may be cultured by using a liquid stock to inoculate the plate (or a larger liquid culture), rather than a scrape of frozen stock as may generally be used (see, for example, reference [56]). The establishment of mature colonies is reliable and quick if frozen stocks of Bacteroides strains are thawed and used as a liquid culture.

A method suitable for culturing a bacterial strain of the genus Bacteroides, may comprise:

    • (a) providing a frozen stock of the bacterial strain;
    • (b) thawing the frozen stock to provide a liquid stock;
    • (c) adding the liquid stock to a solid or liquid medium; and
    • (d) incubating the solid or liquid media to provide a culture of the bacterial strain.

This method is particularly useful for culturing bacterial strains of Bacteroides coprocola.

The frozen stock may be a frozen glycerol stock. The solid or liquid medium may be YCFA agar or YCFA medium. YCFA medium may include (per 100 ml, approximate values): Casitone (1.0 g), yeast extract (0.25 g), NaHCO3 (0.4 g), cysteine (0.1 g), K2HPO4 (0.045 g), KH2PO4 (0.045 g), NaCl (0.09 g), (NH4)2SO4 (0.09 g), MgSO4.7H2O (0.009 g), CaCl2 (0.009 g), resazurin (0.1 mg), hemin (1 mg), biotin (1 μg), cobalamin (1 μg), p-aminobenzoic acid (3 μg), folic acid (5 μg), and pyridoxamine (15 μg).

The incubating in step (d) may be performed for at least 36 hours, such as 48 or 72 hours. The incubating in step (d) may be performed in an anaerobic environment, such as an anaerobic hood. The culture provided in step (d) may be used to subculture a larger culture of the bacterial strain. Such subculturing allows greater amounts of bacteria to be prepared and may be useful for providing compositions of the invention at a commercial scale.

The thawing in step (b) may be performed at room temperature, or by hand warming.

The amount of liquid stock added in step (c) may be between 3041 and 5 ml, such 5004 The stock may be 20% glycerol stock.

The above method may be used for preparing a pharmaceutical composition or a food product, in which case the method may comprise additional steps of isolating the bacterial strain, optionally lyophilising the bacterial strain, and combining the bacterial strain with one or more pharmaceutically acceptable excipients or carriers, or one or more food substances. This pharmaceutical composition or food product prepared by the method may be used in a method of treating or preventing a disease or condition mediated by IL-17 or the Th17 pathway.

An exemplary method of culturing bacterial strains of the genus Bacteroides, and in particular of the species Bacteroides coprocola, may comprise:

    • 1. 500 μl of 20% glycerol stock is plated onto YCFA agar.
    • 2. Plates are left in the anaerobic hood for 48/72 hours to generate mature colonies.
    • 3. The bacteria are cultured in 10 ml volumes, whether this be from a single colony or a 1% liquid subculture.
    • 4. Plates with colonies are only used for 2/3 days after mature colony morphology is achieved.

      Bacterial Strains for Use in Vaccine Compositions

The inventors have identified that the bacterial strains of the invention are useful for treating or preventing diseases or conditions mediated by IL-17 or the Th17 pathway. This is likely to be a result of the effect that the bacterial strains of the invention have on the host immune system. Therefore, the compositions of the invention may also be useful for preventing diseases or conditions mediated by IL-17 or the Th17 pathway, when administered as vaccine compositions. In certain such embodiments, the bacterial strains of the invention may be killed, inactivated or attenuated. In certain such embodiments, the compositions may comprise a vaccine adjuvant. In certain embodiments, the compositions are for administration via injection, such as via subcutaneous injection.


The practice of the present invention will employ, unless otherwise indicated, conventional methods of chemistry, biochemistry, molecular biology, immunology and pharmacology, within the skill of the art. Such techniques are explained fully in the literature. See, e.g., references [57] and [58-64], etc.

The term “comprising” encompasses “including” as well as “consisting” e.g. a composition “comprising” X may consist exclusively of X or may include something additional e.g. X+Y.

The term “about” in relation to a numerical value x is optional and means, for example, x±10%.

The word “substantially” does not exclude “completely” e.g. a composition which is “substantially free” from Y may be completely free from Y. Where necessary, the word “substantially” may be omitted from the definition of the invention.

References to a percentage sequence identity between two nucleotide sequences means that, when aligned, that percentage of nucleotides are the same in comparing the two sequences. This alignment and the percent homology or sequence identity can be determined using software programs known in the art, for example those described in section 7.7.18 of ref. [65]. A preferred alignment is determined by the Smith-Waterman homology search algorithm using an affine gap search with a gap open penalty of 12 and a gap extension penalty of 2, BLOSUM matrix of 62. The Smith-Waterman homology search algorithm is disclosed in ref. [66].

Unless specifically stated, a process or method comprising numerous steps may comprise additional steps at the beginning or end of the method, or may comprise additional intervening steps. Also, steps may be combined, omitted or performed in an alternative order, if appropriate.

Various embodiments of the invention are described herein. It will be appreciated that the features specified in each embodiment may be combined with other specified features, to provide further embodiments. In particular, embodiments highlighted herein as being suitable, typical or preferred may be combined with each other (except when they are mutually exclusive).


Example 1—Efficacy of Bacterial Inocula in a Mouse Model of House Dust Mite-Induced Asthma


Mice were administered with compositions comprising bacterial strains according to the invention and were subsequently challenged with house dust mite (HDM) extract to elicit an allergic inflammatory response. The inflammatory response to HDM includes eosinophilic and neutrophilic components, is mediated by IL-17 and the Th17 pathway, and is a model for asthma. The magnitude and characteristics of the inflammatory response exhibited by mice treated with compositions of the invention were compared to control groups. The compositions of the invention were found to alleviate the inflammatory response, and to reduce recruitment of eosinophils and neutrophils, indicating that they may be useful for treating IL-17- and Th17-mediated conditions such as eosinophilia, neutrophilia and asthma.


675: Bacteroides coprocola

Study Design


1. Negative control group. Treatment with vehicle control (per oral).

3. Treatment with therapeutic bacteria inoculum strain 675 (per oral).

7. Positive control group. Treatment with Dexamethasone (i.p.).

8. Untreated Control Group.

Number of mice per group=5

Day −14 to day 13: Daily administration of vehicle control per oral (Group 1).

Day −14 to day 13: Daily administration of therapeutic bacteria inoculum per oral (Group 2-6).

Day 0, 2, 4, 7, 9, 11 Administration of 15 ug HDM (house dust mite extract—Catalogue number:

XPB70D3A25, Lot number: 231897, Greer Laboratories, Lenoir, N.C., USA) in a volume of 30 ul PBS per nasal (Group 1-8).

Day 0, 2, 4, 7, 9, 11 Administration of Dexamethasone (i.p., 3 mg/kg, Sigma-Aldrich, Catalogue number D1159) (Group 7).

Day 14 Sacrifice of all animals for analysis.

Total number of mice=40.

Endpoints and Analysis

On day 14 animals were sacrificed by lethal intraperitoneal injection with pentabarbitol (Streuli Pharma AG, Uznach, Cat: 1170139A) immediately followed by a bronchoalveolar lavage (BAL).

Cells were isolated from the BAL (bronchoalveolar lavage) fluid and differential cell counts performed (200 cell counts/samples).

Material and Methods


Female 7 week old BALB/c mice were purchased from Charles River Laboratories and randomly allocated to cages totally 5 mice per cage (Ventilated cages sourced from Indulab AG, Gams, Switzerland Cage type: “The Sealsafe™-IVC cage. Product number 1248L). Cages were labeled with study number, group number and experimental starting date. Mice were monitored weekly and acclimatized to facility for 7 days prior to initiation of study (Study Day −14). Animals were 8 weeks old on Study Day −14. Potable water and food were available ad libitum. Cage enrichment was present. Daily care of the animals was performed according to local authorization license number 2283.1 (issued and approved by: Service de la consommation et des affaires vétérinaires du Canton de Vaud). Potable water and food were available ad libitum and refreshed once daily. Cage enrichment was present. Animal welfare regulations were observed as given by official authorities of Switzerland under ordinance 455.163 of the FVO (Federal Veterinary Office) on laboratory animal husbandry, production of genetically modified animals, and methods of animal experimentation.

Culturing of Bacteria Inoculum.

Within a sterile workstation, a cryo-vial of bacteria was thawed by warming in gloved hand and ˜0.7 ml of contents injected into a Hungate tube (Cat Number, 1020471, Glasgerätebau Ochs, Bovenden-Lenglern, Germany), containing 8 ml of anaerobic YCFA. Two tubes per strain were usually prepared. The Hungate tubes were then incubated (static) at 37° C. for up to 24-26 hours (for strain 675).

Since the bacterial ODs of inoculum strain 675 was found to be variable, 3 different culturing approaches were performed each day. 2 vials were cultured as described above and a third sample was cultured utilizing a 400 ul aliquot from the prior day's culture for seeding. On 4 treatment days the latter approach was utilized, because of poor growth from the frozen stock. Of note, this approach resulted in robust growth of bacterial strain 675 on all occasions.

Culturing of Vehicle Control.

A Hungate tube containing 8 ml of anaerobic YCFA was incubated (static) at 37° C. for 16 h.

Administration of Bacteria Inoculum or Vehicle Control.

400 ul of cultured bacteria inoculum or vehicle control were administered per day per oral gavage.

Intranasal Sensitization.

Mice were anesthetized by i.p. injection with 9.75 mg xylasol and 48.75 mg ketasol per kg (Dr. E. Graeub A G, Bern, Switzerland) and administered with 15 ug of HDM (Catalogue number: XPB70D3A25, Lot number: 231897, Greer Laboratories, Lenoir, N.C., USA) in a volume of 30 ul PBS per nasal.

Preparation and Administration of Positive Control Compound Dexamethasone.

Dexamethasone 21-phosphate disodium salt (Sigma-Aldrich, Catalogue number D1159, Lot No SLBD.1030V) was solved in H2O and administered to the animals in a dose of 3 mg/kg in a volume of 200 ul per oral at days indicated in study protocol above.

Terminal Procedure.

On day 14 animals were sacrificed by lethal i.p. injection with pentabarbitol (Streuli Pharma AG, Uznach, Cat: 1170139A) immediately followed by bronchoalveolar lavage (BAL) in 500 ul of saline.

Measurement of Cellular Infiltrates into BAL.

Cells were isolated from the BAL fluid and differential cell counts were performed based upon standard morphological and cytochemical criteria.

Graphs and Statistical Analysis.

All graphs were generated with Graphpad Prism Version 6 and a one-way ANOVA was applied. Results from the statistical analysis were provided with the individual data tables. Error bars represent Standard Error of the Mean (SEM).

Results and Analysis

The results of the experiments are shown in FIGS. 1-9.

No morbidity or mortality was noted in the mice treated with the bacteria or the vehicle. The two controls, vehicle treatment (negative control) and the dexamethasone treatment (positive control) behaved as expected, with impaired eosinophilia and neutrophilia noted following dexamethasone treatment.

The most important results of this experiment are displayed in FIGS. 6 and 7, which report on the total number and percentage of neutrophils detected in bronchiolar lavage following challenge with HDM. Strain 675 reduced total neutrophils and the proportion of neutrophils in BAL relative to the vehicle-only control.

Example 2—Efficacy of Bacterial Inocula in a Mouse Model of Severe Neutrophilic Asthma


Mice were administered with compositions comprising bacterial strains according to the invention and were subsequently sensitised with subcutaneous administrations of house dust mite (HDM) extract and challenged with an intranasal administration of HDM in order to model the inflammatory response of severe neutrophilic asthma. The magnitude and characteristics of the inflammatory response exhibited by mice treated with compositions of the invention were compared to control groups. The compositions of the invention were found to alleviate the inflammatory response, and in particular to reduce recruitment of neutrophils, in a manner comparable to the positive control comprising administrations of anti-IL-17 antibodies. The data therefore indicate that the compositions of the invention may be useful for treating IL-17- and Th17-mediated conditions such as neutrophilia and asthma.


675: Bacteroides coprocola

Study Design


1. Negative control group. Treatment with vehicle control (per oral).

3. Treatment with therapeutic bacteria inoculum strain 675 (per oral).

7. Positive control group. Treatment anti-IL-17 (i.p.).

8. Untreated Control Group.

9: Healthy mice (baseline).

Number of mice per group (Group 1-8)=5

Day −14 to day 17: Daily administration of vehicle control per oral (Group 1).

Day −14 to day 17: Daily administration of therapeutic bacteria inoculum per oral (Group 2-6).

Day 0: Sensitization with HDM in CFA (s.c.) (Group 1-8).

Day 7: Sensitization with HDM in CFA (s.c.) (Group 1-8).

Day 13, 15, 17: Administration of anti IL-17 neutralizing antibody per i.p. (Group 7).

Day 14, 15, 16, 17: Challenge with HDM in 30 ul PBS per nasal (Group 1-8).

Day 18: Sacrifice of all animals for analysis.

Endpoints and Analysis:

On day 14 animals were sacrificed by lethal intraperitoneal injection with pentabarbitol (Streuli Pharma AG, Uznach, Cat: 1170139A) immediately followed by a bronchoalveolar lavage (BAL). Cells were isolated from the BAL fluid and differential cell counts performed (200 cell counts/samples).

Material and Methods.


Female 7 week old C57BL/6 mice were purchased from Charles River Laboratories and randomly allocated to cages totally 5 mice per cage (Ventilated cages sourced from Indulab AG, Gams, Switzerland Cage type: “The Sealsafe™-IVC cage. Product number 1248L). Cages were labelled with study number, group number and experimental starting date. Mice were monitored weekly and acclimatized to facility for 7 days prior to initiation of study (Study Day −14). Animals were 8 weeks old on Study Day −14. Potable water and food were available ad libitum. Cage enrichment was present. Daily care of the animals was performed according to local authorization license number 2283.1 (issued and approved by: Service de la consommation et des affaires vétérinaires du Canton de Vaud). Potable water and food were available ad libitum and refreshed once daily. Cage enrichment was present. Animal welfare regulations were observed as given by official authorities of Switzerland under ordinance 455.163 of the FVO (Federal Veterinary Office) on laboratory animal husbandry, production of genetically modified animals, and methods of animal experimentation.

Culturing of Bacteria Inoculum.

Within a sterile workstation, a cryo-vial of bacteria was thawed by warming in gloved hand and ˜0.7 ml of contents injected into a Hungate tube (Cat Number, 1020471, Glasgerätebau Ochs, Bovenden-Lenglern, Germany), containing 8 ml of anaerobic YCFA. Two tubes per strain were usually prepared. The Hungate tubes were then incubated (static) at 37° C. for up to 24-26 hours (for strain 675).

Since the bacterial ODs of inoculum strain 675 were variable, 3 different culturing approaches were performed each day. 2 vials were cultured as described above and a third sample was cultured utilizing a 400 ul aliquot from the prior day's culture for seeding. On 4 treatment days the latter approach was utilized, because of poor growth from the frozen stock. Of note, this approach resulted in robust growth of bacterial strain 675 on all occasions.

Culturing of Vehicle Control.

A Hungate tube containing 8 ml of anaerobic YCFA was incubated (static) at 37° C. for 16 h.

Administration of Bacteria Inoculum or Vehicle Control.

400 ul of cultured bacteria inoculum or vehicle control were administered per day per oral gavage.

HDM Sensitization.

50 μg of HDM (Catalogue number: XPB70D3A25, Lot number: 231897, Greer Laboratories, Lenoir, N.C., USA) in PBS was emulsified in equal volume of complete Freund's adjuvant (CFA Chondrex Inc. Washington, USA) and administered subcutaneously in a volume of 200 μl, twice over two weeks on opposite flanks. A week after the second immunization, mice were anesthetized by i.p. injection with 9.75 mg xylasol and 48.75 mg ketasol per kg (Dr. E. Graeub A G, Bern, Switzerland) and then given intranasal challenges of 15 μg of HDM in a volume of 30 ul PBS on 4 consecutive days. Analysis was performed one day after the final challenge.

Preparation and Administration of Positive Control Compound Anti Mouse IL-17 Antibody.

Anti-IL-17 neutralizing antibody was sourced from Bio X Cell and was stored at 4° C. (Clone 17F3, Cat. Number BE0173, Bio X Cell) and administered per i.p. at a dose of 12.5 mg/kg at days indicated in study protocol above.

Terminal Procedure.

On day 18 animals were sacrificed by lethal i.p. injection with pentabarbitol (Streuli Pharma AG, Uznach, Cat: 1170139A) immediately followed by bronchoalveolar lavage (BAL) in 500 ul of saline.

Measurement of Cellular Infiltrates into BAL.

Cells were isolated from the BAL fluid and differential cell counts were performed based upon standard morphological and cytochemical criteria.

Graphs and Statistical Analysis.

All graphs were generated with Graphpad Prism Version 6 and a one-way ANOVA was applied. Results from the statistical analysis are provided with the individual data tables. Error bars represent Standard Error of the Mean (SEM).

Results and Analysis

The results of the experiment are shown in FIGS. 10-18.

No morbidity or mortality was noted in the mice treated with the bacteria or the vehicle. As shown in FIGS. 15 and 16, strain 675 exhibited a strong effect and reduced total neutrophil numbers relative to the negative controls. In addition, strain 675 reduced eosinophil numbers relative to the controls, as shown in FIGS. 11 and 12.

Example 3—Efficacy of Bacterial Inocula to Treat Arthritis in a Type II Collagen-Induced Arthritis Mouse Model

Materials and Methods


675: Bacteroides coprocola

Bacterial Cultures

Bacterial cultures were grown up for administration in an anaerobic workstation (Don Whitley Scientific) according to the growth scheme below.

    • Mon/Weds/Fri: Transfer glycerol stock to ice and streak a YCFA plate from glycerol stock. Use plate as follows for a maximum of 3 days.
    • Daily PM: Pick single colony of each strain from plate cultures, transfer to 8 ml hungate tube containing YCFA overnight (ON1)
    • AM: Subculture 80 ul (1%) ON1 into fresh 8 ml tube (DC1). Use ON1 culture for AM oral gavage.
    • PM: Use DC1 culture for PM oral gavage.

Bacterial strain #675 was grown using glycerol stocks.

Glycerol stocks were stored at −80° C. Three times per week, glycerol stocks were thawed at room temperature and streaked on YCFA plates. A new glycerol aliquot was used on each occasion. Bacteria were allowed to grow on a given plate for up to 72 hours.

Solutions to be administered to the animals were prepared twice daily with an eight hour interval for morning (AM) and afternoon (PM) treatments. A bacterial colony was picked from the streaked plate and transferred into a tube containing YCFA media. Bacterial strain #675 was allowed to grow for 16 hours before AM administrations. Bacteria were sub-cultured at 1% into YCFA media for PM administrations. OD values were recorded for each strain after morning and afternoon treatment preparations.

Type II Collagen-Induced Arthritis Mouse Model

Adult male DBA/1 mice were randomly allocated to experimental groups and allowed to acclimatise for two weeks. On Day 0, animals were administered by subcutaneous injection with 100 microliters of an emulsion containing 100 micrograms of type II collagen (CII) in incomplete's Freund's adjuvant supplemented with 4 mg/ml Mycobacterium tuberculosis H37Ra. On Day 21, animals were administered by subcutaneous injection with a booster emulsion containing 100 μg of type II collagen in incomplete Freund's adjuvant.

Treatments were given according to the administration schedule below. From Day −14 until the end of the experiment on Day 45, animals were weighed three times per week. From Day 21 until the end of the experiment, animals were scored three times per week for clinical signs of arthritis to include swelling of the hind- and front paws, radio-carpal (wrist) joints and tibio-tarsal (ankle) joints.

On Day 45 mice were culled and terminal blood samples were taken for cytokine analysis.

On Day −14, Day 0 and Day 45, faecal samples were collected for microbiological analysis, immediately snap-frozen and stored at −80° C.

The collagen-induced arthritis (CIA) mouse model is a well-established mouse model for rheumatoid arthritis [67]. Immunisation with CII causes a pathogenesis that includes several important pathological features of rheumatoid arthritis, including synovial hyperplasia, mononuclear cell infiltration and cartilage degradation. Significantly, the development of CIA is mediated by Th17 cells through secretion of IL-17A [68]. The immune response underlying the arthritis model is enhanced by the use of Freund's adjuvant supplemented with Mycobacterium tuberculosis.

On Day 21, spleens were collected from three satellite animals in each group. Cells were cultured for 72 hours in the presence or absence of type II collagen. Cytokines, including TNF-α, IL-6, IFN-γ, IL-4, IL-10 and IL-17, were quantified in the culture supernatants and in terminal serum by Luminex. Cell proliferation was quantified using a tritiated thymidine incorporation method.

Treatment Groups and Dosages

All Groups were n=15 (n=12 for the main study group and n=3 for satellite groups)

The vehicle used for the biotherapeutics was Yeast extract-Casitone-Fatty Acids (YCFA) medium.

5 ml/kg
Day 0:
5 ml/kg
once, SC
Day 21:
once, SC
PO: oral gavage, SC: subcutaneous injection, BID: twice a day, CFA: complete Freund's adjuvant.*
Except Group 4 treated from Day 0.


From Day −14 until the end of the experiment, animals were weighed three times per week. Data were graphed (Mean±SEM).

Non-Specific Clinical Observations

From Day −14 until the end of the experiment, animals were checked daily for non-specific clinical signs to include abnormal posture (hunched), abnormal coat condition (piloerection) and abnormal activity levels (reduced or increased activity).

Clinical Observations

From Day 21 until the end of the experiment on Day 45, animals were scored three times per week for clinical signs of arthritis to include swelling of the hind- and front paws, radio-carpal (wrist) joints and tibio-tarsal (ankle) joints. Each limb was scored using the following scale: (0) normal, (1) slight swelling, (2) mild swelling, (3) moderate swelling and (4) severe swelling. A clinical score was calculated by adding each limb score. The maximum possible clinical score for an animal was (16). Animals with a score equal to (12) on two consecutive occasions and animals with a score greater than (12) on any one occasion were culled. Data were graphed (Mean±SEM).

Cell Proliferation Analysis

On Day 21, three satellite animals per group were culled and spleens were dissected out. Spleen cells were cultured for 72 hours in presence or absence of type II Collagen. After 72 hours, cells were pulsed overnight in the presence of tritiated thymidine. Cell proliferation was quantified by measuring thymidine incorporation. Data were graphed (Mean±SEM). Supernatants were taken and tested for the presence of key cytokines.

Cytokine Analysis

Terminal supernatants from the spleen cell cultures were tested in order to quantitate TNF-α, IL-6, IFN-γ, IL-4, IL-10 and IL-17 by Luminex. Data were graphed (Mean±SEM).

Microbiological Analysis

On Day −14, Day 0 and Day 45, faecal samples were collected from each animal, immediately snap-frozen, and stored at −80° C. Caeca (including content) were immediately snap-frozen and stored at −80° C. A bacterial identification test was performed daily by plating the bacteria.


At the end of the experiment, hind paws were stored in tissue fixative. Samples were transferred into decalcification solution. Tissue samples were processed, sectioned and stained with Haematoxylin & Eosin. Sections were scored by a qualified histopathologist, blind to the experimental design, for signs of arthritis to include inflammation, articular cartilage damage and damage to the underlying metaphyseal bone. A detailed scoring system was used (see below). Data were graphed (Mean±SEM). Raw and analysed data were provided as well as representative pictures.

Histopathology Scoring System
Normal joint
Mild synovial hyperplasia with inflammation
dominated by neutrophils. Low numbers of
neutrophils and macrophages in joint space.
Synovial hyperplasia with moderate to
marked inflammation involving both
neutrophils and macrophages.
Neutrophils and macrophages in joint space;
may be some necrotic tissue debris.
Synovial hyperplasia with marked
inflammation involving both neutrophils
and macrophages. Loss of synoviocyte
lining. Inflammation may extend from
synovium to surrounding tissue including
muscle. Numerous neutrophils and
macrophages in joint space, together
with significant necrotic tissue debris.
Articular cartilage damage
Normal joint
Articular cartilage shows only mild
degenerative change. Early pannus
formation may be present peripherally.
Articular cartilage shows moderate degenerative
change and focal loss. Pannus
formation is present focally.
Significant disruption and loss of articular
cartilage with extensive pannus
Damage to the underlying metaphyseal bone
Normal joint
No change to underlying
metaphyseal bone.
May be focal necrosis or
fibrosis of metaphyseal bone.
Disruption or collapse of metaphyseal
bone. Extensive inflammation, necrosis
or fibrosis extending to medullary
space of the metaphysis.

Results and Analysis

Survival and Non-Specific Clinical Observations

Some animals were culled prior to the scheduled end of the study due to the severity of the clinical signs of arthritis or due to the severity of the non-specific clinical observations.

One animal in Group 1 was culled (vehicle-treated, animal arrived from the supplier with broken leg).

Eleven animals were culled due to the severity of the clinical signs of arthritis: five animals in Group 1 (vehicle-treated), and six animals in Group 4 (biotherapeutic #675-treated).

Five animals were culled due to the severity of the non-specific clinical signs including abnormal posture (hunched), abnormal coat condition (piloerection), abnormal activity levels (reduced activity): three animals in Group 1 (vehicle-treated) and two animals in Group 4 (biotherapeutic #675-treated).


Bodyweight data recorded from Day −14 until Day 0 and expressed as a percentage of the initial (Day −14) bodyweights were analysed by two-way ANOVA followed by Dunnett's post-test for multiple comparisons with Day −14 then for multiple comparison with the vehicle-treated group. The data are presented in FIG. 19. Data from animals culled prior to the scheduled end of the experiment were excluded from the analyses.

When compared to Day −14, twice daily administrations by oral gavage induced a significant bodyweight loss in the vehicle-treated group on Day −9 and Day −7.

Group 4 (untreated until Day 0 then biotherapeutic #675-treated) bodyweights were significantly higher than in the vehicle-treated group from Day −11 until Day −1 (p<0.0001 except Day −4 where p<0.05).

The bodyweights measured between Day −14 and Day −1 in the biotherapeutic-treated groups did not differ from the bodyweights measured in the vehicle-treated group on any given day.

Bodyweight data recorded from Day 0 until Day 28 and expressed as a percentage of the initial (Day 0) bodyweights were analysed by two-way ANOVA followed by Dunnett's post-test for multiple comparisons with Day 0 in the Vehicle group then for multiple comparison with the vehicle-treated group. The data are presented in FIG. 20. Data from animals culled prior to the scheduled end of the experiment and from Satellite animals were excluded from the analyses. Day 28, Day 35 and Day 42 data were further analysed by one-way ANOVA followed by Dunnett's post-test for multiple comparisons to the vehicle-treated group.

The onset of clinical signs of arthritis was associated with a significant bodyweight loss on Day 26 and Day 28 (p<0.0001) when compared to Day 0 in the vehicle-treated group.

When compared to the vehicle-treated group, the bodyweights were significantly higher in Group 4 (biotherapeutic #675-treated) on Day 3, Day 5, Day 10 (p<0.05) and on Day 26 (p<0.001).

When analysing the data by one-way ANOVA, the bodyweights were significantly higher in Group 4 (biotherapeutic #675-treated) when compared to the vehicle-treated group on Day 28 (p<0.01). There was no significant difference between experimental groups on Day 35 or Day 42.

Clinical Observations

Clinical score data were analysed by two-way ANOVA followed by Dunnett's post-test for multiple comparisons between days in the vehicle-treated group then for multiple comparisons between experimental groups and the vehicle-treated group each day. The data are presented in FIG. 21. Data recorded from animals culled prior to the end of the experiment were excluded from the analysis. When animals were culled due to the severity of the clinical signs of arthritis, the last recorded score was reported for the following days and used in the statistical analyses.

A significant increase of the clinical scores was observed in the vehicle-treated group from Day 28 until Day 45 (p<0.0001) when compared to Day 21.

Biotherapeutic #675 did not reduce the clinical scores when compared to the vehicle-treated group. Animals in this group were immunised at a different time when compared to other experimental groups, which may explain the higher clinical scores observed.

Cell Proliferation Analysis

To validate the assay, splenocytes were cultured in the presence of soluble anti-CD3 and anti-CD28 (anti-CD3/CD28) as positive control stimuli to confirm the proliferative potential of the cells.

Strong proliferative responses to anti-CD3/CD28 were seen in all experimental groups, showing cells were healthy, viable and able to respond to activation signals.

To test the proliferative response in presence of Collagen II (CII), splenocytes were cultured in the presence of CII at 50 μg/ml. Splenocyte proliferative response to CII were analysed by two-way ANOVA followed by Sydak's post-test for multiple comparisons between unstimulated and CII-stimulated splenocytes and one-way ANOVA followed by Dunnett's post-test for comparison of CII-stimulated response in different experimental groups with the vehicle-treated group. The data are presented in FIG. 22.

CII induced a highly significant increase of 3H-thymidine incorporation (cpm) when compared to the unstimulated splenocytes in the vehicle-treated group (p<0.0001).

Splenocyte proliferation for group treated with biotherapeutic #675 was set up on a different day, therefore comparison with the vehicle-treated group was not preformed, although a notable reduction was observed.

Cytokine Levels in Tissue Culture Supernatants

Levels of each cytokine were measured in tissue culture supernatants derived from anti-CD3/CD28 stimulated cultures by luminex analysis. These showed robust responses for all cytokines measured (mean levels in vehicle group were as follows: IL-4=6,406 pg/ml; IL-6=306 pg/ml; IL-10=10,987 pg/ml; IL-17A=11,447 pg/ml; IFN-γ=15,581 pg/ml; TNF-α=76 pg/ml).

The following sections summarise the data obtained from the Collagen II-stimulated cultures. Where applicable, statistical analyses of the differences between cytokine levels in supernatants of unstimulated and CII-stimulated splenocytes were conducted using two-way ANOVA followed by Sidak's post-test for multiple comparisons, while one-way ANOVA followed by Dunnett's post-test was used for comparison of CII-stimulated response in biotherapeutic-treated groups with the vehicle-treated group. There was no significant difference in cytokine levels between the groups in both cases. This is likely due to the small sample size used (n=3).

In order to more accurately present the distribution of the data for the cytokines with substantial spread of the data, these are presented as scatter plots.

The group means of IL-4 in tissue culture supernatants after stimulation with CII were <5 pg/ml. These are not considered biologically significant and not included here. The group means of TNF-α in tissue culture supernatants after stimulation with collagen were below limit of quantitation.

Supernatant Levels of IFN-γ (FIG. 23)

Along with IL-17, IFN-γ is the major cytokine driving disease in the CIA model. The scatter plot in FIG. 23 demonstrates IFN-γ levels after CII stimulation, with group median being higher for the Vehicle-treated group compared to the biotherapeutic (see FIG. 27).

Supernatant Levels of IL-17A (FIG. 24)

Levels of IL-17A were 50 pg/ml in CII-stimulated cultures for the Vehicle-treated group. The levels of this cytokine appeared to be lower in the biotherapeutic group compared to the Vehicle-treated group (see FIG. 27).

Supernatant Levels of IL-10 (FIG. 25)

Levels of IL-10 in Vehicle-treated group were 13 pg/ml and 2.1 pg/ml for CII-stimulated, and media control cultures, respectively. Higher levels of IL-10 (which is an anti-inflammatory cytokine) for the vehicle-treated group may be expected because inflammation and pro-inflammatory cytokine induction could be accompanied by an anti-inflammatory feedback mechanism.

Supernatant Levels of IL-6 (FIG. 26)

Inflammatory cytokines such as IL-6 and TNF-α are not typically produced at high levels in anti-CII cultures. However, their levels may be altered as a result of immune modulation. Levels of IL-6 in CII-stimulated cultures were modest, reaching 10 pg/ml. Although higher than in media control cultures, these differences were too small to provide rationale for performing statistical analyses.

Tissue Culture Supernatants in Group 4—Biotherapeutic #675 (FIG. 27)

Splenocyte cultures for this group were set up on a different day and are therefore separate from the Vehicle-treated group. Although direct comparisons may not be appropriate, it appears that treatment with Biotherapeutic #675 was effective at lowering IFN-γ, IL-17A and IL-6 levels.

Microbiological Analysis

Bacterial growth was confirmed by measuring the optical density at 600 nm using a spectrophotometer. Bacterial identity was confirmed by comparing streaked plate pictures to reference pictures.

Following the improved bacterial preparation method, consistently high doses of bacterial strain were administered from Day −2 and Day −3 (except for strain #675 from Day 0) as indicated by the high OD values measured.

Faecal samples were collected and snap-frozen on Day −14, Day 0 and at termination.


The histopathology results are shown in FIGS. 66-71. As expected for this model, intra-individual and inter-individual variability was observed in terms of the presence/absence of arthritis or the severity of change present.

The nature of the pathology was as expected for this model, with extensive mixed chronic-active inflammation of the synovium and bursa extending to involve the peri-articular soft tissues (muscle, adipose tissue, dermal collagen). In the most severely affected joints there was articular cartilage degeneration and loss with intra-articular debris and inflammation and disruption of the joint and bone structure by fibrosis and inflammation.

The incidence of histopathological changes was: vehicle—80% (16/20); Biotherapeutic #675-83% (20/24). Biotherapeutic #675 was effective for reducing histopathological damage observed in hind limb joints and reducing joint inflammation scores, cartilage damage scores, bone damage scores and total histopathology scores (see FIG. 70), although statistical comparisons with the vehicle group could not be performed.


Increased clinical scores were observed from Day 28 after the first administration of type II collagen, as expected in this model of arthritis in DBA/1 mice. Biotherapeutic #675 was shown to be effective at treating arthritis in this model. Animals treated with biotherapeutic #675 were immunised at a different time when compared to the vehicle-treated group, which may explain the higher clinical scores observed. However, biotherapeutic #675 was effective for reducing pathological disease in the joints, as demonstrated in the histopathological analysis.

Proliferative recall responses to Collagen II were seen in splenocyte cultures from all experimental groups. Statistics were not performed for cultures of biotherapeutic #675, as these were established at a different time, but a reduction in collagen-specific response relative to the control was observed.

Most of the T cell cytokines tested showed detectable increases between Collagen II-stimulated and media controls in the Vehicle-treated group. These increases were not as obvious in the biotherapeutic-treated group. This broadly supports the proliferative recall responses to Collagen II described above.

There was evidence of suppression of the Th1/Th17 axis, which is the pathogenic response in this model and in human RA. Correlation of reduced levels of cytokines with reduced proliferation is suggestive of immune modulation. There was no evidence that this modulation resulted either from enhanced levels of Th2 associated IL-4 or with increases in the immune modulating cytokine, IL-10.

Example 4—Further Analysis of the Effect of Bacterial Inocula in the Mouse Model of House Dust Mite-Induced Asthma

The mice tested in Example 1 were subjected to further analyses to further characterise the effect of the compositions of the invention on the allergic asthma inflammatory response.

Materials and Methods

Blood Withdrawal and Serum Preparation on Day 14.

Blood samples of animals were collected via cardiac puncture. Serum was isolated from the blood sample by centrifugation for 5 min at 14000 g and stored at −20° C.

Organ Removal on Day 14.

Collection of the left lung lobe in formalin for follow-on histological analysis. Collection of the right lung lobes (all remaining lobes) and removal of serum for snap freezing and follow-on analysis. Remaining BAL fluid was snap frozen for follow-on analysis.

Measurement of Antibody Levels in Serum and BAL Fluid

Total IgE and house-dust-mite (HDM) specific IgG1 antibody production were measured in the BAL and serum by ELISA assay.

Isolation of Lung and Histological Analysis

Left lung lobes were fixed in formalin followed by embedment in paraffin, sectioning, and staining with hematoxylin and eosin and PAS. Subsequent histological scoring was performed blinded as followed: Five random fields of view per sample were scored for inflammation (peribronchial infiltration and perivascular infiltration) and mucus production. Inflammatory infiltration was scored with the following grading system:


1—mild inflammatory infiltrates

2—moderate inflammatory infiltrates

3—marked inflammatory infiltrates

4—severe inflammatory infiltrates

5—very severe inflammatory infiltrates

In each field of view, airways were measured in size and mucus cell numbers were quantified/um.

Measurement of Inflammatory Mediators in Lung Tissue

Right lung lobes (all remaining lobes) isolated for quantification of inflammatory mediators were snap frozen for subsequent measurement of CCL11, IFN-gamma, IL-1 alpha, IL-1 beta, IL-4, IL-5, IL-9, IL-17A, CXCL1, CCL3, CXCL2 and CCL5 by commercially available multiplex assay (Merck-Millipore). Analysis was performed according to the manufacturer's instructions.

Results and Analysis

The results of the experiments are shown in FIGS. 28-46.

In support of the findings described in Example 1, analysis of the cellular infiltrates in the lung tissue of mice treated with strain 675 showed a notable and statistically significant reduction in mean inflammation score (see FIGS. 32 and 34).

Antibody levels in the BAL fluid and serum were analysed (see FIGS. 28-31). No clear effect of the bacterial treatment on serum antibody levels was observed. This may reflect a failure in the experiment, because the spread of data and the error bars for each treatment are large, and the positive and negative controls do not appear to have behaved as would be expected. Also, the baseline serum antibody levels could have masked any changes.

Similarly, no clear effect of the bacterial treatment on cytokine levels in lung tissue was observed (see FIGS. 36-46). Again, this may reflect a failure in the experiment, because the spread of data and the error bars for each treatment are large, and the positive and negative controls do not appear to have behaved as would be expected. It is also possible that the mechanism of action involved influences earlier cytokine responses that were no longer detectable on day 4 post the final HDM airway challenge. Some care should be taken when interpreting the cytokine data in the current study, due to the variability in the levels detected. This variability could in part be explained by the fact that the lung tissue was separated for the different analyses, and thus one lung lobe might not have been fully representative or comparable to the same lobe in other mice due to patchy distribution of the inflammation.

Example 5—Further Analysis of the Effect of Bacterial Inocula in the Mouse Model of Severe Neutrophilic Asthma

The mice tested in Example 2 were subjected to further analyses to further characterise the effect of the compositions of the invention on the neutrophilic response associated with severe asthma.

Materials and Methods

Organ Removal on Day 18.

Collection of the left lung lobe in formalin for follow-on histological analysis. Collection of the right lung lobes (all remaining lobes) and removal of serum for snap freezing and follow-on analysis. Remaining BAL fluid was snap frozen for follow-on analysis.

Measurement of Inflammatory Mediators in Lung Tissue (Follow-on Analysis).

Right lung lobes (all remaining lobes) isolated for quantification of inflammatory mediators were snap frozen for subsequent measurement of IFN-gamma, IL-1 alpha, IL-1 beta, CXCL1, CCL3, CXCL2, CCL5, IL-17A, TNF-alpha, IL-17F, IL-23 and IL-33 by commercially available multiplex assay (Merck-Millipore). Analysis was performed according to the manufacturer's instructions.

Measurement of Antibody Levels in Serum and BAL Fluid (Follow-on Analysis).

House-dust-mite (HDM) specific IgG1 and IgG2a antibody production were measured in the BAL and serum by ELISA assay.

Isolation of Lung and Histological Analysis (Follow-on Analysis).

Left lung lobes were fixed in formalin followed by embedment in paraffin, sectioning, and staining with hematoxylin and eosin and PAS. Subsequent histological scoring was performed blinded as followed: Five random fields of view per sample were scored for inflammation (peribronchial infiltration and perivascular infiltration) and mucus production. Inflammatory infiltration was scored with the following grading system:


1—mild inflammatory infiltrates

2—moderate inflammatory infiltrates

3—marked inflammatory infiltrates

4—severe inflammatory infiltrates

5—very severe inflammatory infiltrates

Results and Analysis

The results of the experiments are shown in FIGS. 47-64.

Further analysis of antibody levels revealed that the efficacy of bacterial strain 675 was also reflected in reduced HDM-specific IgG1 levels in the BAL fluid and serum (see FIGS. 47 and 49). Firm conclusions regarding an effect on IgG2a levels cannot be drawn. Overall, the data from the antibody analysis is suggestive of a reduction related to an overall reduced inflammatory response, as opposed to a selective effect on antibody isotype switching.

Histological analysis supported the differential cell counts from the BAL fluid, showing a reduced cellular infiltrate in mice treated with Strain 675 (see FIGS. 51-53).

In relation to cytokine levels, as for Example 4, the spread of data and the error bars for each treatment are large, and the positive and negative controls do not appear to have behaved as necessarily would be expected. It is also possible that the mechanism of action involves influencing earlier cytokine responses that were no longer detectable on day 4 post the final HDM airway challenge. Some care should be taken when interpreting the cytokine data in the current study, due to the variability in the levels detected. This variability could in part be explained by the fact that the lung tissue was separated for the different analyses, and thus one lung lobe might not have been fully representative or comparable to the same lobe in other mice due to patchy distribution of the inflammation. Despite this variability, a clear anti-inflammatory effect on cytokine levels for strain 675 was shown, and the positive control anti-IL-17 Ab generally behaved as expected.

With the above caveats, the data in FIGS. 56, 58, 59, 61 and 63 suggest that treatment with the bacterial strains of the invention may achieve a reduction in the levels of IL-1b, IFNγ, RANTES, MIP-1α and KC (the mouse orthologue of human IL-8), which may be indicative of a mechanism of action related to influences on chemokine release (and thus recruitment of cells) by stromal or innate immune cells. These cytokines are part of the Th17 pathway. Taking this dataset together, a clear conclusion can be drawn that Strain 675 was highly effective at protecting mice against inflammation in this mouse model of severe neutrophilic asthma.

Example 6—Efficacy of Bacterial Inocula in a Mouse Model of Multiple Sclerosis


Mice were administered with compositions comprising bacterial strains according to the invention and the mice were subsequently immunised with myelin oligodendrocyte glycoprotein to induce experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis (EAE). EAE is the most commonly used experimental model for human multiple sclerosis. The compositions of the invention were found to have a striking effect on disease incidence and disease severity.


675: bacteria deposited under accession number NCIMB 42408

Study Design


1. Negative control group. Treatment with vehicle control (per oral).

3. Treatment with therapeutic bacteria inoculum strain 675 (per oral).

9. Positive control group. Treatment with Dexamethasone (i.p.).

10. Untreated Control Group.

Number of mice per group=10

Days −14 to day 27: Daily administration of vehicle control per oral (Group 1).

Days −14 to day 27: Daily administration of therapeutic bacteria inoculum per oral (Group 4).

Days 0-28: administration of Dexamethasone (i.p.) three times a week (Group 9)

Day 0: MOG35-55 (myelin oligodendrocyte glycoprotein—2 mg/ml) and CFA (2 mg/ml MTB) were mixed 1:1 resulting in 1 mg/ml solutions. 100 μl of the peptide-CFA mixture was injected subcutaneously into each hind leg Administration of pertussis toxin intraperitoneally (300 ng).

Day 1: Administration of pertussis toxin intraperitoneally (300 ng).

Days 7-onwards: Measurement of disease incidence and weight three times a week.

Endpoints and Analysis

Mice were analysed for disease incidence and disease severity three times a week. Scoring was performed blind. Disease severity was assessed using a clinical score ranging from 0 to 5, with 5 indicating a dead mouse (see clinical scoring system below).


On the indicated days mice were weighed and observed for disease activity score and disease incidence.

Disease activity score observations:

  • 0—No obvious changes in motor function compared to non-immunized mice.
  • 0.5—Tip of tail is limp.
  • 1.0—Limp tail.
  • 1.5—Limp tail and hind leg inhibition.
  • 2.0—Limp tail and weakness of hind legs.

    • OR—There are obvious signs of head tilting when the walk is observed. The balance is poor.
  • 2.5—Limp tail and dragging of hind legs.

    • OR—There is a strong head tilt that causes the mouse to occasionally fall over.
  • 3.0—Limp tail and complete paralysis of hind legs.
  • 3.5—Limp tail and complete paralysis of hind legs.

    • In addition to: Mouse is moving around the cage, but when placed on its side, is unable to right itself.
    • Hind legs are together on one side of body.
  • 4.0—Limp tail, complete hind leg and partial front leg paralysis.

    • Mouse is minimally moving around the cage but appears alert and feeding
  • 4.5—Complete hind and partial front leg paralysis, no movement around the cage.

    • Mouse is immediately euthanized and removed from cage.
  • 5.0 Mouse is euthanized due to severe paralysis.

When an animal has equal or greater disease activity score of 1, it is considered to have a positive disease incidence score.


The results of the study are shown in FIGS. 72 and 73.

Disease induction in the negative control groups was successful with high scores shown by the vehicle control and the untreated control. The effect of treatment with strain 675 was striking and the mice treated with strain 675 exhibited notably reduced disease incidence and disease severity. Indeed, the reduction in disease incidence and disease severity was comparable to the positive control group. These data indicate the strain 675 may be useful for treating or preventing multiple sclerosis.

Example 7—Stability Testing

A composition described herein containing at least one bacterial strain described herein is stored in a sealed container at 25° C. or 4° C. and the container is placed in an atmosphere having 30%, 40%, 50%, 60%, 70%, 75%, 80%, 90% or 95% relative humidity. After 1 month, 2 months, 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, 1.5 years, 2 years, 2.5 years or 3 years, at least 50%, 60%, 70%, 80% or 90% of the bacterial strain shall remain as measured in colony forming units determined by standard protocols.


SEQ ID NO: 1 (Bacteroides coprocola gene for 16S rRNA, partial sequence, 
strain: M11-AB200223)
agagtttgat cctggctcag gatgaacgct agctacaggc ttaacacatg caagtcgagg
ggcagcatga acttagcttg ctaagtttga tggcgaccgg cgcacgggtg agtaacacgt
atccaacctt ccgtttactc agggatagcc tttcgaaaga aagattaata cctgatagta
tggtgagatt gcatgatggc accattaaag atttattggt aaacgatggg gatgcgttcc
attaggtagt aggcggggta acggcccacc tagcctgcga tggatagggg ttctgagagg
aaggtccccc acattggaac tgagacacgg tccaaactcc tacgggaggc agcagtgagg
aatattggtc aatgggcgag agcctgaacc agccaagtag cgtgaaggat gaaggtccta
cggattgtaa acttctttta tacgggaata aagtttccta cgtgtaggat tttgtatgta
ccgtatgaat aagcatcggc taactccgtg ccagcagccg cggtaatacg gaggatgcga
gcgttatccg gatttattgg gtttaaaggg agcgcagacg ggagattaag tcagttgtga
aagtttgcgg ctcaaccgta aaattgcagt tgatactggt ttccttgagt gcagttgagg
caggcggaat tcgtggtgta gcggtgaaat gcttagatat cacgaagaac cccgattgcg
aaggcagctt gctaaactgt aactgacgtt catgctcgaa agtgtgggta tcaaacagga
ttagataccc tggtagtcca cacggtaaac gatggatact cgctgttggc gatatactgt
cagcggccaa gcgaaagcat taagtatccc acctggggag tacgccggca acggtgaaac
tcaaaggaat tgacgggggc ccgcacaagc ggaggaacat gtggtttaat tcgatgatac
gcgaggaacc ttacccgggc ttaaattgca gacgaattac gaggaaactt gtaagccgca
aggcgtctgt gaaggtgctg catggttgtc gtcagctcgt gccgtgaggt gtcggcttaa
gtgccataac gagcgcaacc ctcgtggtca gttactaaca ggttaagctg agggctctgg
ccagactgcc atcgtaagat gtgaggaagg tggggatgac gtcaaatcag cacggccctt
acgtccgggg ctacacacgt gttacaatgg gaggtacaga aggccgctac ccggcaacgg
gatgccaatc cccaaaacct ctctcagttc ggactggagt ctgcaacccg actccacgaa
gctggattcg ctagtaatcg cgcatcagcc acggcgcggt gaatacgttc ccgggccttg
tacacaccgc ccgtcaagcc atgaaagccg ggggtacctg aagtgcgtaa ccgcaaggag
cgccctaggg taaaaccggt aattggggct aagtctaaca aggtaaccaa g
SEQ ID NO: 2 (Bacteroides coprocola gene for 16S rRNA, partial sequence, 
strain: M16-AB200224)
agagtttgat cctggctcag gatgaacgct agctacaggc ttaacacatg caagtcgagg
ggcagcatga acttagcttg ctaagtttga tggcgaccgg cgcacgggtg agtaacacgt
atccaacctt ccgtttactc agggatagcc tttcgaaaga aagattaata cctgatagta
tggtgagatt gcatgatggc accattaaag atttattggt aaacgatggg gatgcgttcc
attaggtagt aggcggggta acggcccacc tagcctgcga tggatagggg ttctgagagg
aaggtccccc acattggaac tgagacacgg tccaaactcc tacgggaggc agcagtgagg
aatattggtc aatgggcgag agcctgaacc agccaagtag cgtgaaggat gaaggtccta
cggattgtaa acttctttta tacgggaata aagtttccta cgtgtaggat tttgtatgta
ccgtatgaat aagcatcggc taactccgtg ccagcagccg cggtaatacg gaggatgcga
gcgttatccg gatttattgg gtttaaaggg agcgcagacg ggagattaag tcagttgtga
aagtttgcgg ctcaaccgta aaattgcagt tgatactggt ttccttgagt gcagttgagg
caggcggaat tcgtggtgta gcggtgaaat gcttagatat cacgaagaac cccgattgcg
aaggcagctt gctaaactgt aactgacgtt catgctcgaa agtgtgggta tcaaacagga
ttagataccc tggtagtcca cacggtaaac gatggatact cgctgttggc gatatactgt
cagcggccaa gcgaaagcat taagtatccc acctggggag tacgccggca acggtgaaac
tcaaaggaat tgacgggggc ccgcacaagc ggaggaacat gtggtttaat tcgatgatac
gcgaggaacc ttacccgggc ttaaattgca gacgaattac gaggaaactt gtaagccgca
aggcgtctgt gaaggtgctg catggttgtc gtcagctcgt gccgtgaggt gtcggcttaa
gtgccataac gagcgcaacc ctcgtggtca gttactaaca ggttaagctg agggctctgg
ccagactgcc atcgtaagat gtgaggaagg tggggatgac gtcaaatcag cacggccctt
acgtccgggg ctacacacgt gttacaatgg gaggtacaga aggccgctac ccggcaacgg
gatgccaatc cccaaaacct ctctcagttc ggactggagt ctgcaacccg actccacgaa
gctggattcg ctagtaatcg cgcatcagcc acggcgcggt gaatacgttc ccgggccttg
tacacaccgc ccgtcaagcc atgaaagccg ggggtacctg aagtgcgtaa ccgcaaggag
cgccctaggg taaaaccggt aattggggct aagtctaaca aggtaaccaa
SEQ ID NO: 3 (Bacteroides coprocola gene for 16S rRNA, partial sequence, 
strain: M158-AB200225)
agagtttgat cctggctcag gatgaacgct agctacaggc ttaacacatg caagtcgagg
ggcagcatga acttagcttg ctaagtttga tggcgaccgg cgcacgggtg agtaacacgt
atccaacctt ccgtttactc agggatagcc tttcgaaaga aagattaata cctgatagta
tggtgagatt gcatgatagc accattaaag atttattggt aaacgatggg gatgcgttcc
attaggtagt aggcggggta acggcccacc tagcctncga tggatagggg ttctgagagg
aaggtccccc acattggaac tgagacacgg tccaaactcc tacgggaggc agcagtgagg
aatattggtc aatgggcgag agcctgaacc agccaagtag cgtgaaggat gaaggtccta
cggattgtaa acttctttta tacgggaata aagtatccta cgtgtaggat tttgtatgta
ccgtatgaat aagcatcggc taactccgtg ccagcagccg cggtaatacg gaggatgcga
gcgttatccg gatttattgg gtttaaaggg agcgcagacg ggagattaag tcagttgtga
aagtttgcgg ctcaaccgta aaattgcagt tgatactggt ttccttgagt gcagttgagg
caggcggaat tcgtggtgta gcggtgaaat gcttagatat cacgaagaac cccgattgcg
aaggcagctt gctaaactgt aactgacgtt catgctcgaa agtgtgggta tcaaacagga
ttagataccc tggtagtcca cacggtaaac gatggatact cgctgttggc gatatactgt
cagcggccaa gcgaaagcat taagtatccc acctggggag tacgccggca acggtgaaac
tcaaaggaat tgacgggggc ccgcacaagc ggaggaacat gtggtttaat tcgatgatac
gcgaggaacc ttacccgggc ttaaattgca gacgaattac gaggaaactt gtaagccgca
aggcgtctgt gaaggtgctg catggttgtc gtcagctcgt gccgtgaggt gtcggcttaa
gtgccataac gagcgcaacc ctcgtggtca gttactaaca ggttaagctg aggactctgg
ccagactgcc atcgtaagat gtgaggaagg tggggatgac gtcaaatcag cacggccctt
acgtccgggg ctacacacgt gttacaatgg gaggtacaga aggcagctac ccggcgacgg
gatgccaatc cccaaaacct ctctcagttc ggactggagt ctgcaacccg actccacgaa
gctggattcg ctagtaatcg cgcatcagcc acggcgcggt gaatacgttc ccgggccttg
tacacaccgc ccgtcaagcc atgaaagccg ggggtacctg aagtgcgtaa ccgcaaggag
cgccctaggg taaaaccggt aattggggct aagtcgtaac aaggtaacca a
SEQ ID NO: 4 (consensus 16S rRNA sequence for Bacteroides coprocola strain 675)
SEQ ID NO: 5 (Bacteroides thetaiotaomicron gene for 16S rRNA, partial sequence-M58763)
cttntacaat gaagagtttg atcctggctc aggatnaacg ctagctacag gcttaacaca
tgcaagtcna ggggcagcat ttcagtttgc ttgcaaactg gagatggcga ccggcgcacg
ggtgagtaac acgtatccaa cctgccgata actcggggat agcctttcga aagaaagatt
aatacccnat ggtataatca gaccgcatng tcttrttatt aaagaatttc ggttatcgat
ggggatgcgt tccattaggc agttggtgag gtaacggctc acnnaacctt cgatggatag
gggttctgag aggaaggtcc cccacattgg aactgagaca cggtccaaac tcctacggga
ggcagcagtg aggaatattg gtcaatgggc gcaggcctga accagccaag tagcgtgaag
gatgactgcc ctatgggttg taaacttctt ttatatggga ataaagtttt ccacgtgtgg
aattttgtat gtaccatatg aataaggatc ggctaactcc gtgccagcag ccncgntnat
acggagnatc cgagcgttat ccggatttat tgggtttaaa gggagcgtag gtggacagtt
aagtcagttg tgaaagtttg cggctcaacc gtaaaattgc agttgatact ggctgtcttg
agtacagtag aggtgggcgg aattcgtggt gtagcggtga aatgcttaga tatcacgaag
aactccgatt gcgaaggcag ctcactggac tgcaactgac actgatgctc gaaagtgtgg
gtatcaaaca ggattagata ccctggtagt ccacacagta aacgatgaat actcgctgtt
tgcgatatac agtaagcggc caagcgaaag cattaagtat tccacctggg gagtacgccg
gcaacggtga aactcaaagg aattgacggg ggccngcaca agcggaggaa catgtggttt
aattcgatga tacgcgagga accttacccg ggcttaaatt gcatttgaat atattggaaa
cagtatagcc gyaaggcaaa tgtgaaggtg ctgcatggtt gtcgtcagct cgtgccgtga
ggtgtcggct taagtgccat aacgagcgca acccttatct ttagttacta acaggtcatg
ctgaggactc tagagagact gccgtcgtaa gatgtgagga aggtggggat gacgtcaaat
cagcacngcc cntacgtccg gggctacaca cgtgttacaa tggggggtac agaaggcagc
tacctggtga caggatgcta atcccaaaag cctctctcag ttcggatcga agtctgcaac
ccgacttcgt gaagctggat tcgctagtaa tcgcgcatca gccatggcgc ggtgaatacg
ttcccgggcn ttgtacacac cgcccgtcaa gccatgaaag ccgggggtac ctgaagtacg
taaccgcaag gagcgtccta gggtaaaact ggtaattggg gc
SEQ ID NO: 6 (strain 675 chromosome sequence)-see electronic sequence listing.
SEQ ID NO: 7 (strain 675 plasmid sequence)-see electronic sequence listing.


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The patent contains a lengthy “Sequence Listing” section. A copy of the “Sequence Listing” is available in electronic form from the USPTO web site (). An electronic copy of the “Sequence Listing” will also be available from the USPTO upon request and payment of the fee set forth in 37 CFR 1.19(b)(3).



<210> SEQ ID NO 1

<211> LENGTH: 1491

<212> TYPE: DNA

<213> ORGANISM: Bacteroides coprocola

<400> SEQUENCE: 1

agagtttgat cctggctcag gatgaacgct agctacaggc ttaacacatg caagtcgagg 60

ggcagcatga acttagcttg ctaagtttga tggcgaccgg cgcacgggtg agtaacacgt 120

atccaacctt ccgtttactc agggatagcc tttcgaaaga aagattaata cctgatagta 180

tggtgagatt gcatgatggc accattaaag atttattggt aaacgatggg gatgcgttcc 240

attaggtagt aggcggggta acggcccacc tagcctgcga tggatagggg ttctgagagg 300

aaggtccccc acattggaac tgagacacgg tccaaactcc tacgggaggc agcagtgagg 360

aatattggtc aatgggcgag agcctgaacc agccaagtag cgtgaaggat gaaggtccta 420

cggattgtaa acttctttta tacgggaata aagtttccta cgtgtaggat tttgtatgta 480

ccgtatgaat aagcatcggc taactccgtg ccagcagccg cggtaatacg gaggatgcga 540

gcgttatccg gatttattgg gtttaaaggg agcgcagacg ggagattaag tcagttgtga 600

aagtttgcgg ctcaaccgta aaattgcagt tgatactggt ttccttgagt gcagttgagg 660

caggcggaat tcgtggtgta gcggtgaaat gcttagatat cacgaagaac cccgattgcg 720

aaggcagctt gctaaactgt aactgacgtt catgctcgaa agtgtgggta tcaaacagga 780

ttagataccc tggtagtcca cacggtaaac gatggatact cgctgttggc gatatactgt 840

cagcggccaa gcgaaagcat taagtatccc acctggggag tacgccggca acggtgaaac 900

tcaaaggaat tgacgggggc ccgcacaagc ggaggaacat gtggtttaat tcgatgatac 960

gcgaggaacc ttacccgggc ttaaattgca gacgaattac gaggaaactt gtaagccgca 1020

aggcgtctgt gaaggtgctg catggttgtc gtcagctcgt gccgtgaggt gtcggcttaa 1080

gtgccataac gagcgcaacc ctcgtggtca gttactaaca ggttaagctg agggctctgg 1140

ccagactgcc atcgtaagat gtgaggaagg tggggatgac gtcaaatcag cacggccctt 1200

acgtccgggg ctacacacgt gttacaatgg gaggtacaga aggccgctac ccggcaacgg 1260

gatgccaatc cccaaaacct ctctcagttc ggactggagt ctgcaacccg actccacgaa 1320

gctggattcg ctagtaatcg cgcatcagcc acggcgcggt gaatacgttc ccgggccttg 1380

tacacaccgc ccgtcaagcc atgaaagccg ggggtacctg aagtgcgtaa ccgcaaggag 1440

cgccctaggg taaaaccggt aattggggct aagtctaaca aggtaaccaa g 1491

<210> SEQ ID NO 2

<211> LENGTH: 1490

<212> TYPE: DNA

<213> ORGANISM: Bacteroides coprocola

<400> SEQUENCE: 2

agagtttgat cctggctcag gatgaacgct agctacaggc ttaacacatg caagtcgagg 60

ggcagcatga acttagcttg ctaagtttga tggcgaccgg cgcacgggtg agtaacacgt 120

atccaacctt ccgtttactc agggatagcc tttcgaaaga aagattaata cctgatagta 180

tggtgagatt gcatgatggc accattaaag atttattggt aaacgatggg gatgcgttcc 240

attaggtagt aggcggggta acggcccacc tagcctgcga tggatagggg ttctgagagg 300

aaggtccccc acattggaac tgagacacgg tccaaactcc tacgggaggc agcagtgagg 360

aatattggtc aatgggcgag agcctgaacc agccaagtag cgtgaaggat gaaggtccta 420

cggattgtaa acttctttta tacgggaata aagtttccta cgtgtaggat tttgtatgta 480

ccgtatgaat aagcatcggc taactccgtg ccagcagccg cggtaatacg gaggatgcga 540

gcgttatccg gatttattgg gtttaaaggg agcgcagacg ggagattaag tcagttgtga 600

aagtttgcgg ctcaaccgta aaattgcagt tgatactggt ttccttgagt gcagttgagg 660

caggcggaat tcgtggtgta gcggtgaaat gcttagatat cacgaagaac cccgattgcg 720

aaggcagctt gctaaactgt aactgacgtt catgctcgaa agtgtgggta tcaaacagga 780

ttagataccc tggtagtcca cacggtaaac gatggatact cgctgttggc gatatactgt 840

cagcggccaa gcgaaagcat taagtatccc acctggggag tacgccggca acggtgaaac 900

tcaaaggaat tgacgggggc ccgcacaagc ggaggaacat gtggtttaat tcgatgatac 960

gcgaggaacc ttacccgggc ttaaattgca gacgaattac gaggaaactt gtaagccgca 1020

aggcgtctgt gaaggtgctg catggttgtc gtcagctcgt gccgtgaggt gtcggcttaa 1080

gtgccataac gagcgcaacc ctcgtggtca gttactaaca ggttaagctg agggctctgg 1140

ccagactgcc atcgtaagat gtgaggaagg tggggatgac gtcaaatcag cacggccctt 1200

acgtccgggg ctacacacgt gttacaatgg gaggtacaga aggccgctac ccggcaacgg 1260

gatgccaatc cccaaaacct ctctcagttc ggactggagt ctgcaacccg actccacgaa 1320

gctggattcg ctagtaatcg cgcatcagcc acggcgcggt gaatacgttc ccgggccttg 1380

tacacaccgc ccgtcaagcc atgaaagccg ggggtacctg aagtgcgtaa ccgcaaggag 1440

cgccctaggg taaaaccggt aattggggct aagtctaaca aggtaaccaa 1490

<210> SEQ ID NO 3

<211> LENGTH: 1491

<212> TYPE: DNA

<213> ORGANISM: Bacteroides coprocola

<220> FEATURE:

<221> NAME/KEY: modified_base

<222> LOCATION: (277)..(277)

<223> OTHER INFORMATION: a, c, t, g, unknown or other

<400> SEQUENCE: 3

agagtttgat cctggctcag gatgaacgct agctacaggc ttaacacatg caagtcgagg 60

ggcagcatga acttagcttg ctaagtttga tggcgaccgg cgcacgggtg agtaacacgt 120

atccaacctt ccgtttactc agggatagcc tttcgaaaga aagattaata cctgatagta 180

tggtgagatt gcatgatagc accattaaag atttattggt aaacgatggg gatgcgttcc 240

attaggtagt aggcggggta acggcccacc tagcctncga tggatagggg ttctgagagg 300

aaggtccccc acattggaac tgagacacgg tccaaactcc tacgggaggc agcagtgagg 360

aatattggtc aatgggcgag agcctgaacc agccaagtag cgtgaaggat gaaggtccta 420

cggattgtaa acttctttta tacgggaata aagtatccta cgtgtaggat tttgtatgta 480

ccgtatgaat aagcatcggc taactccgtg ccagcagccg cggtaatacg gaggatgcga 540

gcgttatccg gatttattgg gtttaaaggg agcgcagacg ggagattaag tcagttgtga 600

aagtttgcgg ctcaaccgta aaattgcagt tgatactggt ttccttgagt gcagttgagg 660

caggcggaat tcgtggtgta gcggtgaaat gcttagatat cacgaagaac cccgattgcg 720

aaggcagctt gctaaactgt aactgacgtt catgctcgaa agtgtgggta tcaaacagga 780

ttagataccc tggtagtcca cacggtaaac gatggatact cgctgttggc gatatactgt 840

cagcggccaa gcgaaagcat taagtatccc acctggggag tacgccggca acggtgaaac 900

tcaaaggaat tgacgggggc ccgcacaagc ggaggaacat gtggtttaat tcgatgatac 960

gcgaggaacc ttacccgggc ttaaattgca gacgaattac gaggaaactt gtaagccgca 1020

aggcgtctgt gaaggtgctg catggttgtc gtcagctcgt gccgtgaggt gtcggcttaa 1080

gtgccataac gagcgcaacc ctcgtggtca gttactaaca ggttaagctg aggactctgg 1140

ccagactgcc atcgtaagat gtgaggaagg tggggatgac gtcaaatcag cacggccctt 1200

acgtccgggg ctacacacgt gttacaatgg gaggtacaga aggcagctac ccggcgacgg 1260

gatgccaatc cccaaaacct ctctcagttc ggactggagt ctgcaacccg actccacgaa 1320

gctggattcg ctagtaatcg cgcatcagcc acggcgcggt gaatacgttc ccgggccttg 1380

tacacaccgc ccgtcaagcc atgaaagccg ggggtacctg aagtgcgtaa ccgcaaggag 1440

cgccctaggg taaaaccggt aattggggct aagtcgtaac aaggtaacca a 1491

<210> SEQ ID NO 4

<211> LENGTH: 1474

<212> TYPE: DNA

<213> ORGANISM: Bacteroides coprocola

<220> FEATURE:

<221> NAME/KEY: modified_base

<222> LOCATION: (1467)..(1467)

<223> OTHER INFORMATION: a, c, t, g, unknown or other

<400> SEQUENCE: 4

gtctggctca kgatgaacgc tagctacagg cttaacacat gcaagtcgag gggcagcatg 60

aacttagctt gctaagtttg atggcgaccg gcgcacgggt gagtaacacg tatccaacct 120

cccgcttact caggaatagc ctttcgaaag aaagattaat gcctgatggt atcttaagca 180

cacatgtaat taagattaaa gatttatcgg taagcgatgg ggatgcgttc cattaggtag 240

taggcggggt aacggcccac ctagccgacg atggataggg gttctgagag gaaggtcccc 300

cacattggaa ctgagacacg gtccaaactc ctacgggagg cagcagtgag gaatattggt 360

caatgggcgc gagcctgaac cagccaagta gcgtgaagga tgaaggtcct atggattgta 420

aacttctttt atacgggaat aaagtggtcc acgtgtgggc ctttgcatgt accgtatgaa 480

taagcatcgg ctaactccgt gccagcagcc gcggtaatac ggaggatgcg agcgttatcc 540

ggatttattg ggtttaaagg gagcgcagac gggggattaa gtcagttgtg aaagtttgcg 600

gctcaaccgt aaaattgcag ttgatactgg ttcccttgag tgcagttgag gcaggcggaa 660

ttcgtggtgt agcggtgaaa tgcatagata tcacgaagaa ccccgattgc gaaggcagcc 720

tgctaagctg taactgacgt tgaggctcga aagtgtgggt atcaaacagg attagatacc 780

ctggtagtcc acacggtaaa cgatggatac tcgctgttgg cgatatactg tcagcggcca 840

agcgaaagca ttaagtatcc cacctgggga gtacgccggc aacggtgaaa ctcaaaggaa 900

ttgacggggg cccgcacaag cggaggaaca tgtggtttaa ttcgatgata cgcgaggaac 960

cttacccggg cttaaattgc agacgaatta cttggaaaca ggtaagccgc aaggcgtctg 1020

tgaaggtgct gcatggttgt cgtcagctcg tgccgtgagg tgtcggctta agtgccataa 1080

cgagcgcaac cctcgtggcc agttactagc aggtaacgct gaggactctg gccagactgc 1140

catcgtaaga tgcgaggaag gtggggatga cgtcaaatca gcacggccct tacgtccggg 1200

gctacacacg tgttacaatg ggaggtacag aaggcagcta cccggcgacg ggatgccaat 1260

ctccaaagcc tctctcagtt cggactggag tctgcaaccc gactccacga agctggattc 1320

gctagtaatc gcgcatcagc cacggcgcgg tgaatacgtt cccgggcctt gtacacaccg 1380

cccgtcaagc catgaaagcc gggagtacct gaagtgcgta accgcaagga gcgccctagg 1440

gtaaaaccgg taattggggc taagtcntac gggg 1474

<210> SEQ ID NO 5

<211> LENGTH: 1482

<212> TYPE: DNA

<213> ORGANISM: Bacteroides thetaiotaomicron

<220> FEATURE:

<221> NAME/KEY: modified_base

<222> LOCATION: (4)..(4)

<223> OTHER INFORMATION: a, c, t, g, unknown or other

<220> FEATURE:

<221> NAME/KEY: modified_base

<222> LOCATION: (36)..(36)

<223> OTHER INFORMATION: a, c, t, g, unknown or other

<220> FEATURE:

<221> NAME/KEY: modified_base

<222> LOCATION: (69)..(69)

<223> OTHER INFORMATION: a, c, t, g, unknown or other

<220> FEATURE:

<221> NAME/KEY: modified_base

<222> LOCATION: (188)..(188)

<223> OTHER INFORMATION: a, c, t, g, unknown or other

<220> FEATURE:

<221> NAME/KEY: modified_base

<222> LOCATION: (209)..(209)

<223> OTHER INFORMATION: a, c, t, g, unknown or other

<220> FEATURE:

<221> NAME/KEY: modified_base

<222> LOCATION: (283)..(284)

<223> OTHER INFORMATION: a, c, t, g, unknown or other

<220> FEATURE:

<221> NAME/KEY: modified_base

<222> LOCATION: (533)..(533)

<223> OTHER INFORMATION: a, c, t, g, unknown or other

<220> FEATURE:

<221> NAME/KEY: modified_base

<222> LOCATION: (536)..(536)

<223> OTHER INFORMATION: a, c, t, g, unknown or other

<220> FEATURE:

<221> NAME/KEY: modified_base

<222> LOCATION: (538)..(538)

<223> OTHER INFORMATION: a, c, t, g, unknown or other

<220> FEATURE:

<221> NAME/KEY: modified_base

<222> LOCATION: (547)..(547)

<223> OTHER INFORMATION: a, c, t, g, unknown or other

<220> FEATURE:

<221> NAME/KEY: modified_base

<222> LOCATION: (935)..(935)

<223> OTHER INFORMATION: a, c, t, g, unknown or other

<220> FEATURE:

<221> NAME/KEY: modified_base

<222> LOCATION: (1207)..(1207)

<223> OTHER INFORMATION: a, c, t, g, unknown or other

<220> FEATURE:

<221> NAME/KEY: modified_base

<222> LOCATION: (1212)..(1212)

<223> OTHER INFORMATION: a, c, t, g, unknown or other

<220> FEATURE:

<221> NAME/KEY: modified_base

<222> LOCATION: (1390)..(1390)

<223> OTHER INFORMATION: a, c, t, g, unknown or other

<400> SEQUENCE: 5

cttntacaat gaagagtttg atcctggctc aggatnaacg ctagctacag gcttaacaca 60

tgcaagtcna ggggcagcat ttcagtttgc ttgcaaactg gagatggcga ccggcgcacg 120

ggtgagtaac acgtatccaa cctgccgata actcggggat agcctttcga aagaaagatt 180

aatacccnat ggtataatca gaccgcatng tcttrttatt aaagaatttc ggttatcgat 240

ggggatgcgt tccattaggc agttggtgag gtaacggctc acnnaacctt cgatggatag 300

gggttctgag aggaaggtcc cccacattgg aactgagaca cggtccaaac tcctacggga 360

ggcagcagtg aggaatattg gtcaatgggc gcaggcctga accagccaag tagcgtgaag 420

gatgactgcc ctatgggttg taaacttctt ttatatggga ataaagtttt ccacgtgtgg 480

aattttgtat gtaccatatg aataaggatc ggctaactcc gtgccagcag ccncgntnat 540

acggagnatc cgagcgttat ccggatttat tgggtttaaa gggagcgtag gtggacagtt 600

aagtcagttg tgaaagtttg cggctcaacc gtaaaattgc agttgatact ggctgtcttg 660

agtacagtag aggtgggcgg aattcgtggt gtagcggtga aatgcttaga tatcacgaag 720

aactccgatt gcgaaggcag ctcactggac tgcaactgac actgatgctc gaaagtgtgg 780

gtatcaaaca ggattagata ccctggtagt ccacacagta aacgatgaat actcgctgtt 840

tgcgatatac agtaagcggc caagcgaaag cattaagtat tccacctggg gagtacgccg 900

gcaacggtga aactcaaagg aattgacggg ggccngcaca agcggaggaa catgtggttt 960

aattcgatga tacgcgagga accttacccg ggcttaaatt gcatttgaat atattggaaa 1020

cagtatagcc gyaaggcaaa tgtgaaggtg ctgcatggtt gtcgtcagct cgtgccgtga 1080

ggtgtcggct taagtgccat aacgagcgca acccttatct ttagttacta acaggtcatg 1140

ctgaggactc tagagagact gccgtcgtaa gatgtgagga aggtggggat gacgtcaaat 1200

cagcacngcc cntacgtccg gggctacaca cgtgttacaa tggggggtac agaaggcagc 1260

tacctggtga caggatgcta atcccaaaag cctctctcag ttcggatcga agtctgcaac 1320

ccgacttcgt gaagctggat tcgctagtaa tcgcgcatca gccatggcgc ggtgaatacg 1380

ttcccgggcn ttgtacacac cgcccgtcaa gccatgaaag ccgggggtac ctgaagtacg 1440

taaccgcaag gagcgtccta gggtaaaact ggtaattggg gc 1482

<210> SEQ ID NO 6

<211> LENGTH: 3937129

<212> TYPE: DNA

<213> ORGANISM: Bacteroides coprocola

<400> SEQUENCE: 6

ggccactaaa aacagtttgc tatatagttt cataatttat gttccttttg aagtgtttaa 60

aaagtgaggt tgataccgcc ggtgatggta cgcatagcag aataagaact gctggttgca 120

gcaccacttc cgtatgttga gcttcccaga cctaaactct gacggggatc aagaccttta 180

cgtgctgtaa gcagggcaac gttgtcggcc gatacatata cacgtaagtt gtttatctgt 240

aatttcttgg tccagctttt cggtaaggta taacctaagg tgatgttatt caggctcagg 300

tagtttgagc tgaccaggaa gcggcttgaa tccaactggt agcatgggtc gctggcatcg 360

agacgaggaa cgtctgtata gcggttttcc ggagtccatg catcgcggat atcggtcgac 420

cagttgtagc cttgcatacc actaccacca ttgtgcataa atgactgata ggttccgtcg 480

tagtagcgtc cgcccagctg ataagaaagc tgtacgctga aatcgagtcc tttatagttc 540

aatgaggttc cgaaaccacc atatactttg gggagtaaat cgccctgatc ggattgcttg 600

gcatcaccat gttcggttgt cgttgaataa tcaccgttgt cggggtctac ataatacagt 660

gcttcaccgg tattgggatc gacacctgca tatgctttca cgtaggattc gtacagagaa 720

cctccgatgc ggtagatgta gtaagaacct ttctgtccgc cggctgcttc gagttcgggt 780

gacagggctg taatcttgtt cttatagtga gtcaggttca cattggctgt ccattcgaaa 840

tctcttgtac ggaagataac accggtcaaa tcgagctcga tacctttatt ggatatgcta 900

ccaatgttag tcgggataga gcctgtactg ataccggaag aaaccggagt gggctggttg 960

tacagcaggt ctttggtgat acggctgaag tattctacgg taccgttcag gcggctgccg 1020

aacaattcga agtcgaaacc tgtattgaag gagtaggatg tttcccaagt caggtctttg 1080

tttcccttgt aggccaaagt cgtagagtat tgtccgttgc tgtatgaaac tgtatactgg 1140

tctttataag cataccagtt gtttatgtac tgtccgttga ccagaatgag cagatggtcg 1200

tttccttgta taccccagct tgccttgtac ttcaacatgt tcagccagct gatatcttcg 1260

aggaattttt ctttagtcat gagccatgcg ccacccacac taccgaagtt accccagcga 1320

tgttcgggtg cgaaacgtga agaagcgtca cgacgataag aagcgctcag gaagtatttt 1380

ccatcgtagt tgtactgtac acggctcaga ataccttccg tcatatagtt gtctgtataa 1440

gagttggtga ttttcttgtc tgttccaact gcgttgccca gttcgccgat attgggatcg 1500

taagtattgg tgttatcgcc gtacaatact tgttctttca gtctgtattg ttcgtaaccg 1560

accatgatat cgaagttgtg tacattgttg aaagtatgta catagcttgc caggtactgt 1620

gtattcacgc cgaaggtacg tgtgctttct acatatacct caccgtcggt tgaagctgcg 1680

cttccgaatg tactgtacaa gttgttcgaa cgtgtatttt cgagtgttgt tgcaatgttg 1740

gctgtaaggg taagtccttc cagcggagtg atgttggcat accatttacc cgagaatgca 1800

tcagtgtagg tatgataccg gttcaattcg atatcgcgtg ccgcatttcc ggtgaacgac 1860

gggcgtgaga agttggtcgt agaaccagca tcgtatgttt tgtgtccggt agtagcattg 1920

attttgatag aaccgtcagg attacgtacg tacatcgggt agataggtgc gatagagttg 1980

acgataaaga ataagttacc gcttgatgcc cagtcgtcgg aagtctgatt atcgggtacc 2040

tgagagtctg aataggtata agccaggttg gttccgattt tcaaccattt cttagcctga 2100

tagtcgactt tacctctacc tgtgtaacgc ttgaaggctg agttctgaat caaaccggta 2160

tcgttcaggt agcctgcgct ggcatagtag ttgatcttat cagatttacc agatacgctg 2220

gcgttatatt cctgacggaa actgcttcca aagatttcat cgtaccagtc atctggagtg 2280

tagtaataag taccgtcgga atatcccaaa gtagcgttcg ggttcagctt aaagttcgtt 2340

ccgataaggt tttctccttt aggtacggta tatacctgat agccgagacc accgttcttt 2400

gcatcgaata aagtgttgtt ggcataagca taagcatctg ctgccgatga acctccatag 2460

gcttttgagt tgtatagtgc cttgaacatg gtttcgtagt attctcccgg gctgctgatg 2520

acatcatagt tgggaacagc acgtgagttt gatccccatt tagcatcgaa agtaacgcga 2580

gcttcgccgt tttgtccgct tttggtcgta atcaatacga caccgttggc accacgagca 2640

ccatatatag cattggcagc agcatctttc aacacggtca gtgattcaat atccgaaggg 2700

ttgatagaag agatgtttcc gtcgtaggga actccgtcga ctacatagag cggatcattg 2760

ctggatgcca tagaaccaat accacggatg cgtatcttgg ctgattctcc cggctgaccg 2820

ttgtcgctgg tcatctgtac accggcaact tgtccagaca tagcgttggt gatattggat 2880

acacttcgag tggctatttt atctgcattc atggtacctg ccgaaccggt gaacgatgat 2940

tttttagcag ttccgtaggc tactaccata acttcgtcga gtgcttgtga atcagaggat 3000

aaagtaactt ttacagtcgg tttgattgct acttcctgtg tctccagtcc aatgaacgaa 3060

acgaccaaag ttttcgccga actgaatttt aattataata tattgattat taatggtata 3120

agaaaaatag tcaagattgt atatgtgaga agttatccgc aggagaagcc ttttcgacaa 3180

ggtaaaagtg ctttttttct acccgtttgt accttatcaa atggataaaa aaagagaatg 3240

tgaaaataca cattctcttt ttagcaaatg ctgatattat tgcttttgag gtcgcaatta 3300

gaaatcgtca gcagggaatc ctgtacggcg gaatcctgaa accttgtaag tcagtccgtc 3360

cggatcatca tcgaattgta tcatgtaaac gatactgtcg gcaggcattc cacttggagt 3420

aagagctgca ccttccagta ttttaccatc ggtgattttc accttgcagt cgtatgaagt 3480

attttcgatg aaatcgttgg tcgtaaacgt tctgttgttg tagtctacgt ttaccttaac 3540

cttgtaatcc caaaaattag ctccgtcttc caaccacatt tctgtaggaa cattggctgc 3600

ggtattgtaa gtatacatac ggaaatgtcc tagtcctacg tcaccaactt cttgtccgtt 3660

gctgataacg gtcgcagtaa cccaccagtc gccagccatc ttttcgacag atgtacctcc 3720

aggttccgta tcatcattgc atgaagtaag tactattgaa agagctgcaa ataagattgt 3780

tatatatttt ttcataatgt ttcaataatt atttggttaa tgtaacacta agaggagttc 3840

ctccgtaatc tacagtcata gttacgacac ctgtttccgg attgtatttt ccttctgtca 3900

gacttaatgt aagctgtgag gcaaaatacc agttccctac ttcaagcagg ctgagtgtat 3960

tgtcgtcgtt caattttacc ttggcttctg catggaaatc gtacataggc tcaaatcccg 4020

ggttcagtcc gtagaactgt aaacctccca acaagtcgtc aatcagataa gttccgtctg 4080

agttttctgt aataaagata ggagcacctg tatagtgacg agtacttgtt tgtgattccc 4140

cctgatatgc acttgcaaaa tgatcaggat cgactaccat aacctgacga ctcttagaga 4200

ctgaaaagcc gtcaacattg gctacggaat atactaagtt ataaaatccc gttgtagtat 4260

tgtcaacgtt accagtcact ttcactctat cactaatatc ttcaccgttt tctgtagctt 4320

catatccagg ttccgtataa gtttctccta aagatatttt tacaaaatca tcacctttca 4380

gatttaattc tgcaaaatag gtaactttag aaaggtcttc taccgagtct tcgcaggagg 4440

tagttgttcc taataaaagt cctcccatga gtatgcaata aaatattttt ttcattttct 4500

taaagcattt aaattattag tttttatccc accatacagg agtgcttaca ggcacagcct 4560

taggagtatt tacattgtac atacgtgcac tcagaggata tgtcatacgt ttcacaagtc 4620

cacttcccaa accattaatc cacggctcaa tcaaatcacc cggaacatag cttgatccac 4680

ctttaaagat atcaacttgt ggtactgttg tcagattagg acagtcagta cgacgtattt 4740

cgctccatgc ttccatgtgg tccatacaga acagagcagc ccatttctgc atgtatacca 4800

gatgcagttt gtcgcttgtt gaagttgctt tgtcccacaa tgccaggatt cctgattcct 4860

gaccgcccat gctacgtgca ttaaagtcgg cagtgactcc agcgttgtaa gcgctctgag 4920

caccagactc atcattcata aagcgcagtc tgacctctgc aatcaggaat tgaagttcgg 4980

cctgagtaaa catataaaat ggctgagttg ctccacctcc atctgaatgc tggtaattaa 5040

tagcacttac attttcattt ttccaagtat cagaaccgtt attatcgtct gacttagttc 5100

taccacccgg aatttgtccc aaatatttgc cttctttttt atttttatca atagcataag 5160

caatacgtgg gtcgttatta gcctgatagt aagatacgat aggatatgcg gcacactggt 5220

taccagctgt attcacagca tttgtttcgt accaagggtt acgtttggat gtttcgtcag 5280

caaaaccggt aaaggctgca tctccagtaa agaaattgtt ttcctgaaca agtgtcttga 5340

ctttttctgt ataggtagca gcatctactc ctgcatcgat aaagcgcaga tacatacgca 5400

gacgcaatgc gttagccaat cctttccact gcgccatatt acgattaaat accaaatctt 5460

cgctgtccat tgtagcattg gctgtcaacg cactttcggc tgcatccatt tcagccaata 5520

cacctttgta tacatcttct ccgttatccc atttcgggtt gctgacagaa ttacctttca 5580

gggcttcgct atacggggct tcgttggtat tgtcgaccat tacttgcagt acataagcac 5640

gcaatacagt tgtagcgaaa cggtcggcag gatttgtact cttatccagt acttcctgag 5700

catccatcag ggcacctgca taaataatgc ggtatgaata gtccatcagc tgagaagatt 5760

cattgaacat atactggcta atttcgatgt attggctctg ttccggattc tgttcataat 5820

actgtgcaaa gtaacctgca tagttatgga tttcacctcc tacggctgcg gcaatacctg 5880

cttcaacaga aggaaaaatc aagtccggcg ttatctgctc gttacctgga taattaggat 5940

cttcattgat gtcaaggtca cagcttgtac acagacttgc catcaataag gtatataatg 6000

ctaatttttt cataaataag tttctttttt aatgattaga atttcacatt taagttgata 6060

ccgaaattac gtgaagtcgg gtttgaagaa tattcaccgt aattacctga caagtcatta 6120

ccgaatgaag tagtttcagg atcgataaat gtgttgctgg atggtgtcca aatgaacaga 6180

ttatttccat aagcagataa acgaacgccc tgcaaaggag tcttggccaa ccatttcttc 6240

ggcaaatccc agcttaatac tacagaacgc agtttgacgt atgacttatc aatcaggtca 6300

atttcaccac ctataccacc catcggatca tagtagtagt tacagatatc tgcacttgaa 6360

actggtgttg tattttctac ataactgatg cttccatcgg cattcgttac tttgtttaca 6420

gagttaggaa tgataaaagt gttacggtca ttgtatgctg tctggatagc gttacctgta 6480

aagtaaagag tattcttagt ctttgaatac ataatacctc cctgacggat atcaaagtca 6540

gcactcaagg atacaccttt ataagtaagt gtagtagaaa cacccatctg ataacggtta 6600

ttcatatcac cataagcagc gaattcagcg gcagctacag gtaaacctgt cgtagcgtct 6660

gctacgattc taccttgagg gtcacgttct acagcttcag ccttaaagac acccaaaggt 6720

tgtcctacaa tggcatacat acttgtacta ccattcagac cgtaaattac tttttcatta 6780

cctaattctt ccggcaagct gacaacctta ctccagttct ttgtgaaatt caatgttaca 6840

tcccaactga aatctcttgt ctggatagga gtaccgctaa tcagcaattc aacacctttg 6900

ttactgatct tacctaagtt gatgttttgt gaaccatatc cggttgcagg gtccatactt 6960

aatgacatga tctgtttgtc tgaattacga ttgtagtatg caatatcgaa tgacagacga 7020

ttgtggaaga atgccatatt caaaccgaat tcatattcgg tagtcatttc cggactcaga 7080

ttagcactac ccaagatatt acctaatgtg taagaattaa ctccacccaa cgggaatttc 7140

agataaccaa acggaattga atattgcgca gaaccatata cagggcttaa catatataca 7200

tcggcatcgt taccggtctt accccagctg gcacgtactt taccgaaagt aatgatgtct 7260

tttatttcat cgctcagcag ttcgctgaaa atgaagctac cagttacacc cggatagaag 7320

aagtcacggt tacccttcgg caatgtagac gaccagtcgt tacgggcagt aacagtcaaa 7380

tacaacatgt ttttccatga accttcgaac tgtccgaaca cacccatcag acggcgaagt 7440

tcgttatact gagtgacagt aggagtctgt gaagagttcg acagattaaa ccatgtagga 7500

atagtcagat tgtttactcc cgatttctga taagaatatt tacgttcgtt tccgttgaaa 7560

cctaccaaag catttacatg gaaatcattg atcggcatat cgaatgacaa caggaagtcc 7620

tgattgattt cacgacggcg gctggtcatg atgctatatt caccatattg tccggcaaac 7680

gggctacttg ctcccatacc ttcaccgtta ggagtacctt cataatacaa agcgtataga 7740

ttttctgctc cgtattcagt ttgtccggtt gtagagtcca gacccatacg gtaggtgaac 7800

ttgaagtact tcagaaaatc gtaatccaac tggaatttac catagaaacg ttctgaattg 7860

taagtattca ggttgtgttc cagaatatag taagggttca ttacaccgta aggagtgtag 7920

taatatcccg gagtattgaa cggatcgttc aagtcggcca gactttctac attgatgtca 7980

cgcggagtct gccacaaaga attggccata gatagtccct gaccggttgt agcgaattta 8040

ttgtcctgat aagcatagtt caaagaagta ctgaaagtca gattacctat tttatgacta 8100

cctctggctg agaatgtata cttgttgtat gagtctgcat cggtagggat tataccatca 8160

tcactaatct gagaaaacga aacaaaatat gtactcttat ctgttgctcc attaaaagac 8220

aaactgttat tatatctgaa gcctgtatca aagaaatctc tcatgttgtt ttcaacaggg 8280

agataaggtt ttatcttctg agaattgttg tacacattac catacaattg catggatcca 8340

tcgaaacgag gtccccaaga accgttttct aacagagtat gtgaaccact ccaacccata 8400

ccaaactcat tctgcatttc aggcatacgc aagacagacg accactgtac gccaccgtta 8460

tattcgatgc ctaatccttt tcctttttta ccactctttg tcgtaatcat gacgacaccg 8520

tttgctgcac ggctaccata aagtgctgtt gcagcagcac ctttcaggat tgtcatgttt 8580

tctacgtcat ccggattcac ggcattagca ccattaccaa agtcatatcc tgtgttcaat 8640

ccatcgcttg aagatacaga agagttatcc aaaggtactc catcgattac gtacaaaggc 8700

tggttactgc cgctcaatga acttactcca cgaatgatga ctgagttaga agctcctgga 8760

tcggaagagg tagcagaaat ctgcacacca gcaattttac ctgcaaggct agacattaca 8820

tcagaagtac gagttgcaga gattttttct ccattaactg aagttgctga ataacctaat 8880

gctttttctg atctttttat acccattgct gttactatga cttcgtccag catttcgcta 8940

tcggatttta atgtaatttt cataatcggt ttaattgcaa cttcctgagt ctgcaaaccg 9000

ataaatgaaa ccaccaaagt ttttgctgaa ctttatatat tgttaatctg ttgattatta 9060

ggatgtatgt gtattttctc tatttatatg accttacttc ttgtattttg tgagaaggtt 9120

gtttgatata ggtttctacc tgttttctat agttttcttt tatttaatca ggccttttac 9180

ttttgccagc gttttaagtc cttaactatc atttcaggga aaatcactag tgtcccgtta 9240

aaatgggacg agttaaacaa ttaatcaaat agccccggaa taatgggatt atatagatct 9300

ttgacatcat tgaaattagt cttgtcgaac aggtcacgca agagggtttt gtctgtcaat 9360

gatatgctga gaatttgcaa aacttcatag gtagagcgtt tcaacttcat atcatgttgg 9420

acaatagcca caagacagta tgtgataata gcgacactga tttgtatgcg gacggcgttc 9480

tctgttgtgc cccagaattt ctttatcttg aggtgctgct tgagccattt gaagaacagc 9540

tcgatcaacc atcttttctt gtaaagattg gcgacatcca atgcagaaag ttgtttcgca 9600

ttcgtcagaa aagtgagctc acggtcatct tcttcatcgt aatatcggac gagtctgaat 9660

gactccggat atttcttccc ggagagataa ccggtcagtt tcacttccgc atctgtcatt 9720

atgttctttg gcattctccg cttccatttg actgtcttat actttaagtt cgtcttggcc 9780

ctgacaacaa agaaagagtc tgtaagatgt atcctataga gctctttaaa agaatcataa 9840

gccctgtcga atatataata agcatttggt tcataatgga ttgaagacat cgctgtagaa 9900

tcatgctttg aggcagtggt tacagtatag aaggcaggaa cttgtgcttc aatgtcgtat 9960

aagacatgag ctttcactcc tcctttcttg cttcggaact ttgcccacgg gaatgttgca 10020

agacataacg gaatcgttgt tgaatcaaac gcatatttct ttccggaaat gtcaaggatg 10080

ttggtcgtcc gcttctcgca ggcttccttc atcatataga aagcaaagtc ttcgaagatt 10140

ctgtaatcgc ggttctggtt ggctgtggca agagttgtct tggctatcgg ttcacgacct 10200

aacccaagat gatattgctt gcccctatgc gcctcgaaag caacgattaa gtctcgcagg 10260

ctctcacggt tactcagttg cccaaacatc attgcaagca tctgattcca gcaagtgaaa 10320

tgtttcacat accggttgcc atcatacttg cgaacatagt tgttgaactg agtcctgttc 10380

agaaaagcgg ttaattgaga gaatacgtat ctgtcttgga acatagcagc catttgtatt 10440

agactgcaaa gttgcaaaat caagtccgtt tcatctcaag aaaccacgta attgactata 10500

tttcaataat ttcaaagaac tatttatcaa cttttacggg acagtagtga gggaaaatac 10560

tactatattg ttgagttgtt tttatatttc gatgtccaag tagtttttgt acagttgtta 10620

tttgtactcc attatatatt aataatgtag catttgtgtg acgagctgta tgaaaagaga 10680

agtgcttgtt tatatgagcc attttcccca atcgtatcaa ttctttgttt atcgtaggat 10740

taggtcttaa tttgaaaaaa gattctttat ttttatattt ctttattatt aaaagtgctt 10800

ttccatgaaa tagtaaattt aaaggtaatt ttatttcttc tttcgttttt atggaacgga 10860

atatcaacca atgatctccg tttaaaaaga tgaaattttt cggagtcagc tgtttgaagt 10920

ctgaatatcg taaccctgta taacagcaaa ataaaaaagc atccagtgtg tgtgaaagat 10980

gattccattg ggatggaatg gtgagtttct ctaatgccgc aagttcttct ggtaataaat 11040

atgaatgtct ggtagggcct gtttttacat gataattccg gaaaggataa tcttctgggg 11100

ataaatatcc ttgtttgatt gcttcattaa tcaggctttt caagtgtgac atatgtttag 11160

ctatcgtatt tattgcatag tgtcgtttaa ttagataatg ttcaaaatct aataaaaaag 11220

aataccttat atcagaaaaa ttgagagagt gtgtataggt ttgcaataaa tttaaggttg 11280

ttttcaagtt atttttagta ctttcctttt ttgaagaact ttctacccat tttctaccaa 11340

atgtaatgaa tgattccgag gaaagatggg atttgctgat ttccgatttc aatattgcca 11400

atgtgatagg tatatttttt ttccaatact ccaattcttt ccattgtaac tttaagataa 11460

attcatcaat catacgattt aattcctctt gatgaggatg gttttgtata attctttttt 11520

gagtattcca ttgttcagga gatatataaa tatgtgtgga aaaatacact tttcttttat 11580

caagatatgc ttctatttgg ataagtgctt ctcctttctt atttaatacc tttttacgat 11640

tatatacaat acgatactta attttatgca ttgacatcac tgctgtccgg agaaatttta 11700

ccacagcgta agctgcttag gaccatcacc ctctggaaca ttagtagtga tgtcggtttg 11760

attaaatata tctttgatgt cgcctctttt gaagaggact tggccaatag aatttgaaat 11820

ggaatgaagg cttggattca acatataatg tttcttcgca atgataagca gaagatagtc 11880

acagatagct atccatatct gtgtgtacac ggcattttgg gtggttccat agaatgtctt 11940

tatgtgcaga tgctgcttta tccatttgaa gaacagttca atttgccatc tctccctgta 12000

caactcggca atagtcaatg cctcaagttt gaagttattg gtaaggaaac ggtaaactgt 12060

atttgtgctg aagtcttcat acacaacaag tctaagagaa tcgggatact tcctggaagt 12120

gagtggcccg gtcaatttaa tcgtttcatc agagagaagt ccggcagatt ggtctacttc 12180

tctactatca agaatttcgt aaagcatatt ttcttttgct cttgttacaa aaaaggcata 12240

attaagatga aaatgccgga acaaagagtc aaacttaaca tatcctttgt ccataagata 12300

ataagagttg gcttctacag gtatcttatc cataattttg gaatcgtgga ctgctccttc 12360

tgtcagatga acaaatgtcg ggatggaacc cctaagatcc atcaaggtat gcatcttgat 12420

tgctcctctc tcatgatgaa acttagccca tggacaaagc ttcagacaca gttctattgt 12480

gctactgtca aaagcataga ccatttcatc caagtcaagt ctaagtttct gccccttata 12540

tgcttccttt gcttgccgta tcagtacttg tgcaaaatcc tgatagatac gccaatcctt 12600

cttttcattc gcttcggcca aggtggattt gggcattacc ttgataccag aacggtaaag 12660

gtcaggagaa caaaggttaa gtgtagtctc tatgtctctc agacctgacc tgtctgtgaa 12720

ctgggcaaag ctcattacca tgaactggtc acggcaagtg aacttgacgg cgtgcctgtc 12780

acccttatag cggttgacgc acttcttaaa ttcgtatacg tttataagag acataacctg 12840

tgcaaatatt gtttttcctt tgttcatagc ttgcagaatt ggctgtttat accttcttgc 12900

aaaactatga tttctaatcg aaaaatttta ttagcctcgt aactaactga gtattaatca 12960

ataatagcta ttttggagaa ttttctccgg acagcagtgc attgacatat cttttcctcc 13020

tttacataag tctatatttt attcaataaa tattaattat ttatacttgt ttcggtggta 13080

aaagtgttaa aaagcagctt ttttgccatg atttgctttt aaaatgcaag aaatttaatt 13140

tttattatta tttttgcact cgatttagag taaaacaata attattaatt gtaaggttaa 13200

actttaagag agatttttat gaaaagaaaa ttgatgctgt taatgacctt cctggtgata 13260

ggaataggtc tggtaaacgc acaagtctct aaagtaacag gtgttgttac ttctgaagaa 13320

gacggtttac ctatcgtggg agcatctgta ttggtaaaag gtactactgt tggtactgtt 13380

accgatctgg atggtaattt tacattgact aatgtgccaa gttcagcaaa aactttggtg 13440

gtttcattta tcggtttgca aactcaagag cttgaaatca agcctattat gaaagtggtt 13500

ttgagatctg atagtgagat gctggacgaa gtaatggttg tggcttacgg aacagcaaag 13560

aagtcatctt tcactggttc tgcttctact atcaaggctg aacagattac ttcaggttct 13620

aaagaatctt tggataaggc tttctctggt aaaatggctg gtgtacgtgt agcttctgct 13680

actggtgacc cgggttctat gggtgaaatg aatatccgtg gtgtaggttc tatcaatggt 13740

tctaagactc cgctgtatgt aatcgacggt gtggttatga aatcagatgg tgatatgaac 13800

tattacggaa agtctcagag tgtattgagt actttgaatc ctgatgatat tgaaagcatg 13860

acagtgttga aagatgctgc tgctgcttct ctgtacggtt cacgtgcagc gaacggtgtg 13920

gttatcatta ctacaaagag tggtaaggaa ggtaagaccc gtgtttctta caacggtgaa 13980

gtgggatgga acaagatggc tgttgaccag tataatatga tgagcgctca agactatatc 14040

ggatatgtcc gtgagtctgt agctaactac tatctggaaa atggatatgc ttcttcgaaa 14100

gatgatgctt atgctttggt tgaatcggaa ggtgatgttg ctgcatttgt aaacgatcct 14160

tcaggtaata ccaatacaaa ctggaaagat gaaatctacc gtacagcagt tactcagaat 14220

catcaggttt cattgaatgg tggtaatcag agtactaaat tctatgcagg tgtaggttac 14280

aacaagagcg aaggtattgt attgggaagt gatttccagc gtatctctgc ccgtgtaaac 14340

gtagaccaga aaatcaataa ctgggctgat ttctctgtaa aacagatgat cgcttctact 14400

acacagaacg gtttccgtga ccagaatgac caggctcaag gtttgggtac aagttctccg 14460

cttggtatcc tgttcgcttt ggatccaact gctccagtaa agaatgaaga cggtacatac 14520

aatgcaaatg ctggttatgg ccaggtaagt aaccctcacc tgatgttggg tggtaaggat 14580

agcgatacag caatggaatg gatccagagt aagatgttcc gtagcttgac caatgcagaa 14640

ttgggcttgc acttcctgga taagattttc ttcaaatcta tcttcggata cgactatatc 14700

gacaacaaac acttcgaata ttgggaccgt gacggtgtga acggtgcatc tgtcggaggt 14760

atgggttctc gttacacttt ccagaactca acattgacaa gttcaaatac attgacttat 14820

actgatactt tcaacgatgt acataacttg tctgtaatgg ccggttttga attagaaaac 14880

cagaatttgc tgcagattat tactgttgct aaaaactatt caaatcattt gcctgaattg 14940

tcaaacggac agcctgatgc agcttcaagt tatgattatg gttctgcaat gatgtcttac 15000

ttcggtaatg taaactataa ctaccatgac aaatactact tgtcagcttc attccgtcgt 15060

gatggttctt ctcgtttgag taaggataac cgttgggcta acttctggtc tgtatccggt 15120

gcatggcgct tgagcaagga aggcttcatg gaagatatgc cgttgtttac agactttaaa 15180

gtgaaagctt cttacggtac aaatggtaac ttgcctacag attactatgg ttacatggac 15240

ctttatgcag gttctggata tggaaataat ccagctattt attgggcaca gttggcaaac 15300

agcgaactga cttgggaaaa atcaaagaac ttgaacgttg gttttgaatg gaatatgttc 15360

ggtaaggtaa ctttgtctgc tgaatattat ctgaagaata caacagattt gctgttccag 15420

gttccgactg cttttgaaac aggtttttct agtcgttggg ctaatttggg tcagttgaaa 15480

aatgacggtg tagaaattga agtgaattca cagaacatta ctacaaagga tttctcatgg 15540

acaactaact ttaacttgac ctatcagcag gctattatta aggaactgcc ggaaggtaag 15600

gatatccagt atggtgacgg tcagatgtac atccaccgcg aaggtgaatc aatgtattca 15660

ttctatttac cggaatgggc aggggtgaat cctgataacg gagaaggact gtggtatgtt 15720

gatccagcag accactcgaa aggtactacc aataaatatg cagaagctgg atggggtatc 15780

gtaggaaagg cattgcctga tgtaatgggt ggtttgacta acacctttac ttataaagat 15840

tttgacttgt cgttcctgat ttcttatcag ttcggtggtg atatgttcga ttatccgggc 15900

tattttactc acaatgacgg tcttcgttta ggaagcactg ttcctgaagc tgatgctgct 15960

gattattgga ctaaaccggg tgataacgct gctaatccga aacctgttta tgcagctctg 16020

tctactcagg gtcgtacaga ccagttctca agccgtcagg ttaaatcaac agacaatatc 16080

cgtttgcgtg aatttactgt aggatacaac attccggtga agaaatacat caatcgtctg 16140

agagtgtact tccgtgccaa caatccgttc ctgatttggg cgaagactga taatgttgat 16200

ccggatgtag caatcaacgg ttaccgtcag gtagatactc cgcagttgaa gagctgtgtg 16260

tttggtgtaa acttagaatt ctaatcttaa acttgttcag aaattatgaa atttaaatat 16320

atagcagcat ttgcgtttgc agtagcattg gcttcttgcg atattttgga taaggagccc 16380

tctgattctt gggattcagg ctctgctatt cagactgtgg acgacttgaa atatgccgtt 16440

aacggtgtgt atgaaactca gactggtaat gtgagtcagt ttggtaacta tacaggtgat 16500

tttggtttgt ttgctgatat gaaaggtagt gattataagt gtgtaggtaa taataatcaa 16560

gctgctgaga tttcaaaata tatggcaaca gcaactggaa atttacctga agcaatttat 16620

tatttgttct ataagtcaat agctcgtgca aataaagtaa tggaacagac taaggctgca 16680

ggcttgacgg gtgatgaagt aaatgcatat atgggcgaac tttatgcttt acgtgctttg 16740

tttcacttcg acctggctcg tgtatatgca cagcttccta ctgtagcaaa gagcatggac 16800

gatatgggta tcgtattggc cacaaaaact cttgattata catttgtacc ggaacgtgcg 16860

actttgaagc agacttacga aactatcttg gctgatttgg atgaagccat taaactgatg 16920

gagcctattg aaagtacaca cgataagaat agcacaactg gtcatatgaa ctattgggct 16980

gctttggcat tgcgcgctcg tgtcaacctg tatttggata atgtagatgt gaacggtact 17040

actgagcata ataaattggc cttggctgat gcaaagaaaa ttatcgaaga aggtccgtat 17100

tcattgtaca aatatgcaga ctatacttct gtatgggcta aagaatttac agacgaaagt 17160

atttttgaat tccagactac ttcgcagtat aacccacagc gtaattcgtt ggggtattat 17220

acagacccaa ctggttatgc tgaagctgca atgagtgact cttttgtgga tgattttgtg 17280

aaaaatccgg attatgcaaa ggatattcgt gtaagcacag gtatgattaa agaagaaagt 17340

gatggaacta aaaacaaagc tttctatact cagaaatatc cgggtcgcga tggtcagatt 17400

tacgtaaaca atgcaaaagt attccgtttg tctgaaatgt atttgattgc tgcagaagca 17460

gctctgaaaa ccaatgatga aacagcagct gccaaatata tcgatgattt gcgcaaggaa 17520

cgtattgcag actatgtagc aggttctact gttagtgtaa ccattgatga tattctgaca 17580

gaacgtcgtc tggagttgaa tggtgaagga cacatggcat gggatatgtg gcgtaatgga 17640

aaatcaatta ataacccggt tgcaaaagag gttaaaccag gtgcttataa tgctgtgttc 17700

ccaatcccac aagctaatat caatacttct cacggagcat tgaaacagaa tcctggattc 17760

taatagaata ggggattaat aatataggag gagttaaagc agttggagtt gaaaaatact 17820

ctgactactt taactccttt ttttatacct catacaggag gaaatgttac ttatacagta 17880

agtcgtcgat acaagtaacg tttgatgatt gtataaagaa aaaattatat ctttgcaaga 17940

caaagaaata caagaagctg aatgaaagaa tttgtgatat cagaagcaca gaccgagaag 18000

gctgtgttgg ttggtttgat tactcaaact caaaatgaac gtaaaacaaa tgaatatctg 18060

gacgaactgg cttttcttgc agaaacagcc ggagcggagg ttgtgaagcg ttttactcaa 18120

aagttggata cccccagttc tgtaacttat gtcggaaaag gtaaattgca ggaaataaaa 18180

gaatatctgc ttgctcagga agaggaagaa aatgaaattg gtatggtgat tttcgatgat 18240

gagttatctg ctaaacagat tagaaacatc gaaaatgaat tgaaagtaaa gatactggac 18300

cgtacttcat tgattctgga tatatttgcc atgcgtgcgc agactgccaa tgccaagaca 18360

caggtagaac tggcacaata taaatatatg ttgcctcgtt tgcagcgttt gtggactcac 18420

ttggaacgtc agggaggtgg ttccggtgca ggtggaggta aaggttcggt aggtttgcgt 18480

ggtccgggtg aaactcagct ggaaatggac cgtcgtatta tcttgaaccg tatgtctctt 18540

ctcaaacaac gcttggcaga gattgatacg cagaagtcta cgcaaagaaa gaatcgcgga 18600

cgcatgattc gtgtggcttt ggtgggctat acaaatgtgg gaaaatctac actgatgaat 18660

ctgatggcaa aaagtgaggt ctttgcagaa aacaagcttt ttgctacgct cgatactaca 18720

gtcagaaaag tgattattga aaacttgcct ttcttgctct ccgatacagt aggatttatc 18780

cgtaaacttc caacagattt ggtagaatca ttcaagtcga cattggatga agtgcgtgag 18840

gctgatttgc ttttgcatgt agttgatatt tctcatccgg atttcgaaga gcagattcag 18900

gtggtggaca agacaattgc tgatcttggg gcaggaggta agccgactat gattgtcttc 18960

aataaaattg atgcatacac atatgtggaa aaagcagaag atgatttgac tccgaaaacg 19020

aaggaaaata ttacgctgga agagcttatg catacatgga tggctaagat gaatgataat 19080

tgtatcttta tttcggctcg taataaaacg aatatcgatg aactgaagga aattgtttat 19140

aagaaagtaa gagagttgca tgtgcagaag tatccttata atgatttcct ttatcaaact 19200

tatgatgaag aataattatg ataaatttcc gttcgctgac tgatgaagaa ataaacaggc 19260

tggaatcgca gctttgttcg gcttccgact ggaaggatgt acgggtggct gaacgtttca 19320

ctcctgacta cgtacatcat gctcgttttt ccgggaaggt gtgtctggga gtatttgaac 19380

acgaatttac attgccggga ggtatctgta agcattccgg attatcgtat gtgactctgc 19440

ataatgtgac agtgggagat aactgttgca ttgaaaatgt aaagaattac attgctaact 19500

atgagattgg ggcatataca tttatcgaga atgtagatat tattctggta gaccggaaat 19560

ctcgttttgg aaatggggta gaggtgtctg tcttgaatga aacaggagga cgtgaggtta 19620

tgattcatga ccgtctttct gcacatcagg catatattat ggcactttac cgtcatcgtc 19680

cgcagctcat tgagcgtatg aaagcgttgg ttgaggctta tgcagacgaa catgcttcgg 19740

atagaggaac gataggttcg cacgtcacga ttgtcaattc gggatatatt aaaaatgtgc 19800

gtatcggtga ctattgtgaa atagagggag ctggcagact gaagaacggt agtattaaca 19860

gtaatgctga cgatccggta catatcggtt acggggtagt ctgtgatgat tttattattt 19920

ccagtggttc tcatatagag gatgggacaa tgattacccg atgttttgtg ggacaggctt 19980

gtcacatggg gcataattat tcggcttccg attcgttgtt cttcagtaat tgtcaggagg 20040

agaatggaga ggcatgtgct atctttgccg gaccgttcac ggttacgcat cataaatcga 20100

cgttgctaat tgctggtatg ttttctttca tgaatgcagg ttccgggtct aatcaaagta 20160

atcacatgta taaattggga ccgattcatc agggggcatt ggagcgggga gcgaagacga 20220

cttccgattc ttatattctt tggccggcac gtatcggtgc cttctcatta gtgatggggc 20280

gtcatgtaaa tcatccggat acgtcggatt tacctttttc gtatctgata gaggataaga 20340

atacgactta tctggctccg ggggttaacc ttcgcagtgt gggaaccatt cgcgatgcgc 20400

agaaatggcc gaagcgtgac ttgcgtaaag atcctgtacg cctggatcag ataaattata 20460

atttgctcag tccgtatacc atccagaaga tgatgaaggg acggagtatc ctgaaggaat 20520

tgcaacgggt atctggtgaa acatcggaaa tatattctta ccagagtgcg aagattaaaa 20580

attcggcgtt gaataaagga attggctttt atgaaactgc cattcataaa ttcttgggta 20640

attctgtcat caaacgtctg gaaggtatct gctttaaaaa taatggggag atacgttgtc 20700

gcttgcagcc agatacggtg ataggagaag gagaatgggt ggatatttcg ggattgattg 20760

cacctaagac agagattgaa cgactgatga acgacatcga aacaggtaca ttatatacag 20820

tggaccagat tcatgatcgt tttgctgaaa tgcatgccaa ttattatacg tatgaatgga 20880

cgtgggccta tggtaagatg ctggagtttt atgggctgaa tgcagaaacg attacggcaa 20940

aagatatcat taacattgtg catcagtggc agaaatcagt tgttggactt gatagaatgg 21000

tgtatgaaga tgccaagaaa gaattttctc ttacttcgat gacaggattt ggggcagacg 21060

gcagcaagga ggaacaggta ctcgactttg aacaagttcg agggatgttc gaaagtaatc 21120

cgtttgtgac agctgtgctg aagcatatcg aagtgaagac tgcattgggt aatgaattga 21180

ttgaacgttt aagaggttta taaaaggcga tattactatg aaaaatatat ggctgttttg 21240

catgctgtgc tgtgtttgca tgatggctca ggctggaacc tatcgtaaaa gggaagtcag 21300

ccatccgtgt tttatcacaa ccaatacgtc aaaaattgag attaaaaaaa ttatcttgac 21360

cgatgaacag acgcaagtgg atgctgtttt gtatggtcaa ccgggtgaaa tggcggttat 21420

ttcttcgcat acatgtttgc gtactcccca gcaggagttt tgtttgcgtg aggcggaggg 21480

tgtgtctatt gatggactga cggaaccgga agctattcct gcatcgggca agcattctat 21540

catcctttct tttgctccga taccggcagg tgtgcatgct gtcgattttg tggaaaaaga 21600

agaggactgg actatttggg gagtgcaatt gagcaaggca gagccttatg tctatgtacc 21660

tagtttttta cagactcgtg ttgtggagag gagtaagtct ttaccggaac ctcgtctgaa 21720

aactggaaaa tcaattatta acggatatat attggggtac gattcccaaa tggggttgga 21780

tgtggtcttc cgtcattccg actggctgtt ttctgacgag tgggggaaaa cggtgaaagt 21840

acgtcaggat ggatcttttc atattgaaac cgatttattg attgccggag gtgctaagct 21900

ccagattaat aaggctgaat tgaatctgtt tctttctccg ggagaggaga tgactgtata 21960

tattcattta ccaagattga gtatgtcggc ttctcattta ctgaaaaata aatatggaga 22020

gcagcagaag gcttggttcg acggaggaga ggaattgctg aatacggaac tggctacatg 22080

gagatatcct cttgctgttg atgatgagac tgattttgtt aataacacta cggggatgtc 22140

ggatgaagaa tatgatgctt ttgtacagga tagactgaat gggtatgagt cagaactgaa 22200

agatgataaa agagtgggtg aggcatataa agaatatgtc ttggccaatt tgaaggtgaa 22260

tgcattggtt ctacaaggta cacatggtac aatgccggag gaagtagatt ctccttatgt 22320

cagatatagt agtgattata tgacttattt gcagtatctg gaaagagata aaggtgaaat 22380

gcaggatgta tgggaggata tgaagaaggc gagaagtatc tatcggaata ctgtgaagga 22440

agaacgtatg agttcggacg acaggaaggc attgaatctg atcgggcagt cggaaatacg 22500

cacgtatgta aaggagaaaa tgcaggctat gcaggcgctt tcggaacgtg caaaggcttc 22560

taaaggatat gttattgctg aattggattc cttggttgct ggagccgaca tcttacctgc 22620

cattatttcc cagcatcggg gaagtgccat tcttgttgat ttctgggcta catggtgtgg 22680

accgtgtcgt aaaagtatgc cggctgttcg tttgttaaaa aagaagttgt cggcaaagga 22740

tgtggtttat atttacatta caggaccttc ttcgccggaa gatgcttgga aaaatgcgat 22800

agctgacata aatggagtac actatcgcct gacacagaag caatgggagt atctttgttg 22860

ttcgtatggc attacgggca ttccgggata tctggttatt agttatgatg gaaagctaca 22920

ggatcgttat gtaggttttc ccggggtgga tgttttacaa cgggacttgc tgagagccat 22980

gaactaaggt gtttcggaat aagtaaaagg aaggttgcta ttgaagtgga ctagtggaaa 23040

ctcctgtgag tttttgaatc atctgctaca aagattttat cttaattaag gaaaaatttc 23100

gataatactt cgtacctttg ctgacatagt aactaacaat taatttctta tcattatggc 23160

aacaccagaa ttcaagtatc agccgatgtt tgaacacgga aaagatacta ctgaatacta 23220

tttgcttaca aaggactatg tgtctgtaag cgagttcgaa ggaaaaccta tcctgaaaat 23280

cgaaaaggaa ggtctgacag caatggctaa tgctgcattc cacgatgttt ctttcatgtt 23340

gcgtcgttct cacaacgaac aggtagccaa aattttgagt gatccggaag ccagcgaaaa 23400

cgataaatac gttgctctga ctttcctgcg taacgctgaa gttgcagcta agggcgtatt 23460

gcctttctgc caggataccg gtactgctat tatacatggt gaaaaaggtc agcaggtatg 23520

gactggatat tgtgatgaag aggctttgtc gctgggcgta tataaaacat atactgaaaa 23580

taacttacgt tactcacaga atgctccgct gagcatgtac gaagaagtga acactcgttg 23640

taaccttccg gctcagattg acctggaggc taccgaaggt atggaatata acttcttgtg 23700

tgtaaccaaa ggtggtggtt ctgccaacaa gacttatttg tatcaggaaa caaaagctat 23760

cttgaatccg gctactctgg ttccgttcct ggtagaaaag atgaagactc tgggtacagc 23820

tgcttgtcct ccttaccata tcgcatttgt cattggcggt acttctgctg aaaagaactt 23880

gctgactgtt aaacttgcat ctactcatta ttacgataat ctgcctacta ctggtaatga 23940

atacggacgt gctttccgtg acttggaact tgaaaaacaa gttttggaag aagctcaccg 24000

tatcggtttg ggtgcacagt tcggtggtaa gtattatgca catgatgttc gtattatccg 24060

tctgcctcgt cacggtgctt cttgtccggt tggtctgggt gtttcttgtt ctgctgaccg 24120

taacatcaaa tgtaagatta ataaagacgg tatctggatt gaaaaactgg attcaaatcc 24180

gggtgaactg attcctgaag aattgcgtca ggctggtgaa ggtaatgctg taaagattga 24240

cctgaatcgt ccgatgccgg aaatcttggc tgaactcgat aagtatcctg ttgcaactcg 24300

tctgtctttg aacggtacaa tcatcgtagg tcgtgatatc gctcatgcca aactgaaaga 24360

acgtttggac cgtggtgaag atcttcctca gtatattaaa gatcatccta tctactatgc 24420

cggtccggct aagactcctg ccggtatggc ttgtggttct atgggaccga ctactgctgg 24480

acgtatggac ccgtatgttg acttgttcca gagtcatggt ggtagcatga ttatgctggc 24540

taagggtaac cgtagtcagg ctgtaactga tgcttgtaag aaacatggtg gtttctatct 24600

gggttctatc ggtggtccgg ctgctatcct tgcacagaat aacatcaaga gcattgaatg 24660

tgtggaatat cctgaactgg gtatggaagc tatctggaag attgaagttg aaaacttccc 24720

ggcattcatc ctggtagaca acaagggtaa tgatttcttc aaacaaatta agccgcgttg 24780

tactggaaac tgtaaataag taatttattt ccaatcgtaa aaataaaggc atcgtcctca 24840

agtatttcta agaggatgat gccttttctt tttatagctt tcaaagaagt tattgcagag 24900

aatcagcaat aacttcgaat atttctgctt tgccttccag actgactttg gttactttat 24960

cgtttgtcag ttcaagcttg aagtagggtg atgaaacggt tgtttctgat agtaagttac 25020

ccttcttgtc gaattgtttg attttcaaag gagatgataa ctcattcatc aacaaggtat 25080

aagccttcac tccttgaggt acttcaaagg aaatggactg agcaacctga taggaagttg 25140

acaaattctg gtcgaaagca tagactgctt gctgtgggtt ttctgcttcc agcttgaatc 25200

ctaagttttc tgcatgcagc ggatttacat cgaatgaacg gacggaagcg tagttcttgc 25260

gttcggaatc cagtcttttc aggcgtacat agcgtgcttt tatggcatcg cctttccagt 25320

tgattacata ttgtttagtc aactcaccaa tcagcggagt ccaggttttg ccatctgccg 25380

agcattccaa aatagcatgg tcgaaatagt ctacgtcgtc gacagaattt cttccttgca 25440

ggatggatac ttctgttacg tcacgtacat ctctcaggtc tactccaatc cagtcgccgt 25500

ccttttgtcc aataccggaa gtatagaagg tcgtcgtatc attatcgagc atcagtttgg 25560

ttaagattgt tcctgagttg ccgaaagaac cgataccttt ataatctttg ggcgttgagc 25620

ctaatagttt ctttaaaaat tcatgcgaca tatcgtccat ggcattttca tagaaaggtt 25680

gcagtttcag cgtacccgat ttatgagctt cgtagttctt acggtcttct ttgctcatca 25740

ggttttgtat gtacttgctc cagaaatcgg catcactctt tccgctacgg aaaatttgac 25800

cgagttcaat agtgtgcttt cctctggttc ctaatttacc gaattctacc agccaggggc 25860

ggagttcttg taacaaggct ttgttctcac atccttgttc catttcggcc ggaacttttt 25920

caatcttttc gaattcagct tttaaagcct gagcagctgc atcattccag tcggcaatcc 25980

tgaaggtctt ggtttcccac gattcatccc gtcgataacc gttttctgta tcacaggaat 26040

ggatagcgaa tgtgcggtaa gcatcttttg cttcaggagc caattcattg agtcctcttt 26100

cccagttgtc gataggatta tagtttgcta tattccatgc atagtctgcc actccataca 26160

gtgccagctt agaagcctca ccatgttcca tggggttact tatcactcca catacatcat 26220

ctttggttag tgaagtatcc agtccgtatg caggaccttg taagatgaaa ttgcgaacat 26280

aatcttgtac cggatagttc caccaataat atgcaggtct tttgatacgt gaattaatcc 26340

attccatggt ttctggagtc aaatcactac ataccacatc tcctgtccag aatattttga 26400

tgtctggatt cagagtgttt ccgtaaatag ccaggcttcc ttgtggagta ggatttgccc 26460

aaagtttaga atagtcagtc gggcagactg tcaatggaga aacatctcct ttgactttga 26520

caaattcatc tgtcagacga tttaataatt ctgtctgttt tacgggattt gttccttctc 26580

ctgaaatatc atcgaaaaag attgcaaaat ctcttactcc caaatcatac atccagttga 26640

atttgttcac cagattctga taatcttctt cattccattt gatatcttgt cccggatgga 26700

tagcccatac gaaatctact cgattgcgct tgcaggcttc taccagttcc ttgatattct 26760

gagcttcctt ttccggatat ggaagtcgcc agttcggaca gctatggaat gggtcatctt 26820

taggtccata caagtaagtg ttcatcttga attttccgta gaaatcaatt agtgacatac 26880

gtacttgatg cgaccatggt gtaccgtaaa atccttctac tacaccgcgg ttgggaaggt 26940

ctggataatc gttgatgtcc agatagggta attgcttgtt ttgagcaatc gggctttcca 27000

taagctggcg taaggtttgg ataccgtaaa aggctcctct ttcatcgtat cccacgattg 27060

atattccttt tttatcgatg tgcatggcgt atgctccgga aacttctttc actccttgtt 27120

taagagctgc tttctttcca aaatcgatag ttagtttcac tcctttttta gcaagagtaa 27180

ggaatcccag atcctgcgaa aatttatcct gtttgtcttt gagaaccaat ccagaagtca 27240

tatccagcat gttgtttctg tctacagtca gtttgtgagg agttggattg atgataattc 27300

cctgatggtc aatctttttt ccaggaacag gcaatacttg ttggatttcc agtcgttgtg 27360

acgacaaatc aaactcggct tcttgtgcga ggaggttact gcatgctaag gcagatatcg 27420

ctcctgccac tagtgatttt ttatagtatg tcattttcat acaatagttc gttaaaaatt 27480

agcccagcct aagcggctct ggcagtaaat aaaatgagtt ctttgaaaag tttgtcaatt 27540

aattgcgtgt ttggttcaat cccagacacg caaataaatc gttcaagcat gtaagcattg 27600

tgtatgactg acttgcatga tgatatggaa tattttattc ccatcttctt acaggcagcc 27660

ttggcgaggt ttatcgctgc aagtgatgca ttaaagtgga atgccagttt cctgaagtct 27720

gtagactgac agtttgctat tccggcatgt tgcttggcat cccgaaagca gaattcgagt 27780

tggaaacgtg ttctgtaaaa gtccaggaca tcctgtgcgt tctgtatttc gtttgtagag 27840

aaatacagct gccatttgtc cgttcttcca tccatggggt accatacagc caggctcaca 27900

aagcgtttga gtgctttgga gtatgctttc agtccgtaaa gtttaccctt gttcactttg 27960

tactcggtac atcttgtgat gtccagattt tcaaagtcaa ttttctcgtc atgtaatttt 28020

ggacgtccgc gttttcctgt cctattttct aaggtgggat aaaacaatac ggcatcattc 28080

ctgaaacggc ttattacgtg gaaaccgtta tcgtacaatg gtttgatgaa agttgccttt 28140

gaaaagaacg catcacacac gactgtgcca gaaatacgtt tcagctgttc ctgtatgctg 28200

ataaggtaag agctgtacca gtcaacaaga ttcttctcac agctttccag cgttgcgttg 28260

tcaggtgtct gtacagagcc caaagtcata cattcatggt tgtcaacgtc tataactcca 28320

ataccggtta tttccagtcc acgtttgtat tcaccggcac aaccggacca gaaatagcca 28380

atccacggcg ttttgctgcc tgattttgga atgaaagacg gatcaacggc tatcgccttg 28440

cgaccacctt taaggtgttc cctgatgatg gcttcattga aggaaaacca gtcaaagccg 28500

tcgttctcaa aattgttgcg gtatgtctgt tccgagaaac atccataccg tcccatttgt 28560

aggaaattga tgcggtcagg tatagccatg aataatttca ttgcatccat gaatactttc 28620

tgaaaagatt tgcttatatt tacagctgat tcgagagcgt ttctgcactc ggattggtat 28680

tgcataagga gtgattcttt agtcataatt aaaagtggtg aagtacttct aatttactaa 28740

aaatcagtga attatgaaat actttttctg ttgattttca gctgtttagc atatcttttt 28800

catccctttt cttactcctt gacgatttat tcttgacagt atttcaatga tctcttgaat 28860

ataattttga accggattat gccgattcta tgtttaattt taatttatcg gtaaaaattt 28920

accgaagtat tgcccattat gaacatgaaa aaaggaaaca ctaagtctgt aggagtcaat 28980

ccgttccatt cggcatgagt caaaggtgca tagacatgtt tccaagagcc aggattattt 29040

acgataatca tgcccgcgat tgtaattcct cttaagatat ctagtgagat gaggcgttgt 29100

gctttttcca taacggtaag gtattatccg tttaaaagat acagattatc tgtcttcttt 29160

gataatctgt atctttataa aaggtttatt tattgctgaa cttcctgctg acggttagta 29220

tcccaccata cgtgtacggt agatccgtct ccctgatttt ggttcaatgc agagcttgtt 29280

gcattttcgc tgttttcacg gcgttcatcg tctgtatatc tcaattttct gatgaactca 29340

tgattggctg gattaatgtt ggcatcttcg ctatgcagta ccggagaaag tttcggatat 29400

ccagttctac ggcattctgc ccatgcttct ataccattcg gatagagagc cagccatttc 29460

tgagtagcaa ttttttccag tttctgttct tgagaatcat tttcattcca tgcaacgtta 29520

ccggttgtca tataggtttc atcgttgctt gttggagaaa gagatgcatc gctcaggaat 29580

gaacgttcat ctgcgagaga agctttgatg ccttccttgt aattttctcc agcatcaccg 29640

gctccattcc atcctagcag agctgcttca gcctttaaca aacaaacttc tccgtaagtc 29700

ataatcttta acgggagagt aactgtgatg ttcagtacgt cttccgaagg agctgtctgt 29760

gagttccagt ccggataggc ctgtaagcct aaacatacgg aatgttttct tacgttattt 29820

tccggcaatc ctatttcagt agcgttcatt ccattgggca ggcctgagaa ctgatctccg 29880

tcgtatgtat catctccgtt tctctttgct gctacgtagt cttgcgtttg tccgaaccag 29940

agagtcatac gtgggtctac tacagtactt tcatgtttca ggatgttctc catggtcttg 30000

ctcatgctga atccgttcca taagctcatc atgtacaacg gatgtcccca tccccagtca 30060

ccggtagcgg aagctgtcat ataagcattg tcatcgttgc tggtcatgac tccacttgcc 30120

agggctgctt cgccttcagc ttttgcacgt gcagggttga tatatgaaat tctcaaggcg 30180

tagcgcaatc tcagcgagtt accgaaacga atccattttt gtatatctcc accgaataca 30240

aggtcgttgt cagaggtaca ggtggtctga ccttcccggt tctcttttaa gatatttacg 30300

gcgtctgtca gttctttgaa gatatcttca taaatggatt cctgagaatc gtatttattc 30360

tgtgtttctc ctaatccagc ttcagaatat ggaatatctc caaaagtatc tgtcatacca 30420

gccgtgttat aagcttgtgt aatacgaatc atctgacaga tattggtttc ttccggttta 30480

tctgttgcag tctgtttggc taccttcatg tgtttcagag tcttgtaata aggctgccag 30540

aaaccttcgt tcgaccatga gtcattgtag ccataacggt cggatgcaaa gcctgcatcg 30600

gcattggcga agtattggca gtacatctgg gcatacagat tgtcggctct ctggtaagga 30660

gtacaatcaa catgagcacc tacttcctgt acatacggta agatatattt taaacttgcc 30720

tctgtgacag cacctgggtt ggtattcatg gattcaaatt tatctgtaca gctactgaac 30780

agctccatgc caaccaggaa taaactagat aatattaaag attgtttcat agctcaaaat 30840

ttagaattta acatttaacg agaatccgaa acttctagtc ggaggcattg aaccatattc 30900

gaatgcctga gcataatcgg cgcttgatat agctgattca gggtctaccg gagcatcttt 30960

atagaagtag aacaaatcac gtcctacagc tgaaattttt acagcctgca acttgatggg 31020

tttgagccaa gaagaaggaa ggttccatcc gatagataat tctctcattt ttacgtaagt 31080

tcctttgtac ataaattctt cggcaacacc acttgagcta cctattttag tatagaactc 31140

ttgagctgta acaggaatgg tattaacttc acctgtcgat gccaggaatc cgtctactac 31200

catttcatca cgtccttcca atgtacgtgc ggatgttccg gctgaacagg cattggcatc 31260

ggtcatagag atgaagtcgc caccataacg tacatcgatc aaagcattca gagaaagatt 31320

cttccactgc aagcctgttc cgatagagcc tgtccacttc ggcagcatgt taccaatgac 31380

tttatctgtt tcggtaagag gcagtccgtc gtcacctatc aggatatttc cattagcatc 31440

tctctgataa gcattggttg cgacaatatc accgtatttc ccaccttcat tgacaactac 31500

ggacgcaatg ctggtgctac ccaatgtata acgtttgata cctccaccca gttctataca 31560

atcggtacgg ttcgatcccc agttcaaagt gatgtcccat ttccagtctt tagtcagaat 31620

aggagtacct gttacagtca gttcgtaacc tttactgcga atcttacctg cattgatcag 31680

cttgctggta tatccggatg gaaccggagt attgatggca agaatctggt cggtagttgt 31740

actttgataa taagtaaagt cgacacccaa tcggttctgg tacatacgcc attccaatcc 31800

ggcttcgtat gaattggtac tttccggttt caggtcgctc agtggaagct catccggcaa 31860

ctgcatttca agaatggttc ctccatttac caagctacca tatttgctgt atgcataagc 31920

cagtttataa ggatcagtat catttccgac ttttgcccat gatgctctga ctttcatgta 31980

atcggtccaa tccggcattt tcaacatttc agagataatg ccactcaagc tgactgacgg 32040

atagaaatac gatctgtttt ctttaggtaa tgtagaagac cagtcgttac gtccggttac 32100

atccaagtat aacatacttt tctagctcag agatgcgtta ccgaatacag actggatttc 32160

ttttttatag aacgattcag atgcttctcg tttgtcaccg ttacccatcc agataaagtc 32220

ggtaatctgg aaagtacctg catcacctgc aaggccttcg tatgattggt tctcgacaga 32280

agtaccgagg ttggctgtaa cgccgaaatc tccgaatgtc ttgttgaagt tcaatattaa 32340

atcggcagta aagtctttat gagaagtttc actatgaaca tattgtgaag ctgtcgatcc 32400

atcagattga tgaatagcgt atttccggta ttggtcgttg taccagtcta cacctactcg 32460

tccagtcagg ttcaggtaac tggtcagctt taacgatgcc ttgatttgtc ccaagaaacg 32520

gtttctggta tttttatttc cgttatcggg caatatcatt ccataagggt tggtatagtt 32580

ttctgccggt ccggtccagt tttgtacctg tccgtttgat ttaaacatat cggtgctaag 32640

gtcggacaaa cggataccac gtggcatggt aatgaactga gacatcaatc cgtaactacc 32700

ttgtgccgga gagttgttag ttttttctat catataattg gcttttgctc cgacggtaag 32760

aaaatcgttc ttgaattcgg tattcaagtc gaaatattga cggttgatag agtgattagg 32820

tacgatacca ctgtttcggc tgtctgtgaa tgataaacgt ccagtgagtt tatcgcttcc 32880

ggcagatgct gtcactgtat tcgagtattg tacgccggtg tcgtagaatt ccttgatgta 32940

gtcatcttgt ggaagtaacg cgtattgacc gtagtctgta ttgccataga tgacattttt 33000

ccagttgtcg accatctgac cttccatctt cggtccccag ctacctttgg cagaagtact 33060

gaacacaccg ctggaacctt gtccgtaaac gttctgatag tcgtatgggt tatatacttt 33120

gctgaattgg atattaccgt tgtattctaa ttgtagaggc tgtccttgtt tacctttctt 33180

agtcgtgatg ataatggctc cactctgagc tctggaaccg taaagtgcgg cggcgttggc 33240

acctttcaga atagaaatgc tttcaacgtc ttcggggttg atctgcgaag ctgcgctggc 33300

gaggtcggta cctccgtatt catctacatc accgcttgaa tcatcgttga taggaattcc 33360

gtcgattacc caaagtggct ggttctttcc actcaatgag ttcagaccac gcaagatgat 33420

acgtgttgaa ccacccatac cggaaccgga ctgcgctatt tgtacaccgg caatcttacc 33480

ttgcaacatg ttgctgaggc tgatagattt gttttcagtc aggttgtcgg tattgacttc 33540

ctgcatggca tatcctaatg ctttcttttc tcgcttgata cccaatgcag taacaacaac 33600

ttcgttaagt tgttctgatt caacactcag ctggacattg agcttcctgt tattcccgat 33660

ggctatttct ttttctttat atccgataaa agaaatttgc agtatatttt gcttggcagg 33720

aacttgcagt tcgaagtttc cattcatgtc ggaaatagtt cctatagaag tcccttttac 33780

aagaatgttt gcgccaggaa tgctgttccc ttgttcatcg gttatagtac ccgataccgt 33840

acggctttcc tgttgtacga tggatgatgc tatcgctgaa ctggatggta catcatcagc 33900

atagactgcg ttttggcagg ctaatgcaat ggtaacaagt gatatccttg aaatccattt 33960

ttcgcgttta aaattttttt tcataagaat gtgttttaaa ggttacggta aagaggattg 34020

tgtattataa cttttccaat gttttccaac attgataaag tcctctaggt acatggaaac 34080

atcctttcca tttgcctcct ttgagtggaa gcaaaacttc acctcttcgg ttcagataac 34140

cgaaccattc aggatattct gggtccttga aatgactcca agtgtattga tggacttttt 34200

cgaatacttc caggcatcgg ctgtctttag taagttgata accttttatc atggctatca 34260

gtgtttcaat gtgaacccac catagttttt ggtcccattc cagttgctga ggagggaagc 34320

ccttgcggtc catgaaatag tagattcctc caaattcttt atcccagcca tactcgaaca 34380

tttttagggc tgtgtctttg gcttttgtta tcaggtcggg acggttcagg cgttctccca 34440

aatccataat gaaccacatg gcttcgatag catgtcctgg agtgatttgc cgtccttcga 34500

agcaatcggc caatgttccg tcgctgttta cattttcaac aataatacct cctaattctg 34560

gccgataaaa aacatccatt acttcgtgaa tacaagtatc tatggtactt tgcaagtaat 34620

ctttatcaag tagatgttct atttccagag ctaggttgca cagaatcatc ggaagggcaa 34680

aattctttaa gtcgcgtgtt cctggatgga gcttattcca ttttcctttg ggattgtccg 34740

ttttggaaag gatgatgtcg aatgtcttct ttgcaatttc ggcatattct tcacgtccgg 34800

tcgctagact taactgaccg aaagccatgg ttgcgaatgt atatgaaaaa atattgtatg 34860

gctctaccaa aggttgtcct tgtctgttca atgaaaagta ccagttgtag ttaccgtcat 34920

gtccgtattt cttcaagaac tctccacctt gtatggcaca gtctagccat tcttgatttt 34980

tctccaactt gttgtataac atggaaaata tccagacttc tctgccctgt agccagataa 35040

atttgtctgt atcgaacact tttcctgttc ggtccaggca agtaaagtaa ccaccgcatt 35100

ctttgtcttg agaatgttgg atccaaaagg gaagtacgtt attgagtagt tcttccttgt 35160

attgttcttt taattgtttt aaatcggcca taatacttta tttatcgatt taatcatatt 35220

aataaatgta gagtactctt atgtcgcaaa tatataaaat aatttattta atattgttag 35280

cgtccaattt tgacgtgtag tatagggaaa gccgcttttt agcggtttcc tattaaaaaa 35340

atcaaaaatt gaacgtgatt attaatattt attagtatta attccaattg tcataggcag 35400

gagattttca taatcctttc tccctttgac aatttcgtgg aagaatttct tgagatattc 35460

cagagcagac agtccgttca ttcggcatgt tgacagcagt gtatggtagg ctgccgatac 35520

atttgccatg cggctgccaa caaagaacag cgagttcttg cgttcacccg ccagtggacg 35580

gatgaaacgt tctgctattg aattgtctat gtcataccgc ccatcgttca gataggcaaa 35640

gagctgtttc cagaaaacct gaagataatt cacagccttg tccatgagtt ctccacgggg 35700

aggatgagtc ggagacagca gcacatccag cttgcttctt atgcgcccta taatttcctt 35760

ggttcgcaat gagtgtcggc agctggttat ctcctgtgct gaaagcccgc ttaatttata 35820

agtatcttcc agccggtaaa gctctccgaa acagtctatc agatatttag catcgggatc 35880

atcgccctgt tcatatgcat agacaaattt ggcacgtgca tgagccagac aacagagatg 35940

ttccgtgtct accagttctt tatcgatgta catataaacg ttgtaaccgt ccgactgcag 36000

tgcctttacc tgcctgtcct tgaggattcc cttgagaacc tttcgtcctc tggaaccgtc 36060

ctcataacag tagattacta ttttctgttc cttgtttacc aggcaccaga catatttctt 36120

caagaaatgt ctgttcatct tcaccttgca ccaggtctcg tcacagttga caatggagtc 36180

cttgaccatg gcgcggtctt tcagtctctc tatcagagcg cttgtaaaag cggctccttt 36240

ggcgagccag ttgaccagcg tcatccggct cagagacatc ttatgatccg atagacggta 36300

catttcacgg tagtagggga cattcagcac aaaatgattg aatgccaggt gagccagaaa 36360

gtccgccgat gcatgagtcc cgggaactac gtctatgtag tccggttctc cggctttcgg 36420

gaaatatccc tcacgaatct tgccgtcgga ctgcttgtaa cggattacct gatatttgtg 36480

ctccaatata tagcttatct gctggtaaga atacttgtag aaggtcttga tgattacggc 36540

atctttcggc agccggctga agtctgagtc atgacatact gacttgtctg ccttcatacg 36600

cctgtaagac atccccttac gatagggtct ttcctctttt ttctccggtg cttgtgaaag 36660

agcatcttcg tcacttgcgg agacggatga aggtcctgaa gtcccgtcaa agtcatcctt 36720

gttctcttca tgagaaggtg cttcctcctt tttcttgcgt gaaatcttct ggcttttaga 36780

cccgtacaga ttctttctgt cctgtttctt ctgctctttc agggctgcat tttccttctg 36840

gagtttctct attaggatgt cccgactggc tatcatctgt ttcagcccat caataacctt 36900

gacttgcgct tgtgagcttt cgttcagatt catcagctgc tctgtcattc ggtccagctt 36960

ttccagaagt ctgtcccttt cttccttatc cgctttacgc agggcaaaaa gctcgtcaag 37020

cagcattgat ttttccatgg aattcatatc ggaataacga tctgtccaag gctccgcttg 37080

tttttcgcga agcctcagtt gttcggccga agccagtatt ttttcaaatt cacgatcgtc 37140

catgtcacct gttgttatac cataaagata ctcattttca gtgacataaa caaatgtttt 37200

atataattat ttacctgata ttcaattgat taattacagg attctgtaac agcacaacta 37260

catccttcca ctgtatgctg tatatggttt catctccctg acggcataac tgcatgaacc 37320

tgtaaccttc acagaaacgt ttctcataga ggctgaacga gcgcctgtca tagctgaaga 37380

gacggacttt cctcctgtcc ttggacatga caatgaaaac ttcatcttcc tgtggctcgc 37440

ggttcagctg ctgatgaatg atggatagta cccgttcata cttacagcgc atatcgtgaa 37500

aattacgcag atagtaaaat ctgttcattc ctgtgacatt cagcataatc cctccagttt 37560

ctctatcaga cttctcaagt tccggtaggt caagtttcgt tgctgtatcc gtattccgtt 37620

tgtcatacgg atgtctatca tcatccttat aggacagggt tccgtattct cctttctttc 37680

cagagtagga gaagaggaca cttcctttga ggattgtgta tccatttccg gttgtccttc 37740

tacttgtacc ggtactattt gatgtcttgt atccttgtac catttatgaa agagattgta 37800

gggtaccttg tttttcaaac agaaatcctg gatggattca ccttgtggca ttgcttccgc 37860

cttgtagcgg atgaacagcc tttcaaaatc actgctgctg tacatacttt taatattttt 37920

gttacagcag cgaaggtcat attttttatt ctttgaggca atacgtcaaa attggacgct 37980

tactttaata ttgcatttat gtgtcgtttt attctatttt tatttaatta tttcaatttg 38040

taatcaaaag tactatgttt atttctttat aatgaaatat atcgatttat tatgataaat 38100

tatttgtttt attgctttct gtgaagtttt ttgctgtttt gcgagagaaa actgcctgta 38160

cagaagaaaa atagaatctt tcttctgaca ggcttttata tatggagtcg agtttagtct 38220

acagaaattt catctacaaa gatgaaggct ggtgtagcag ggaagccact ccatgctggc 38280

atttgtttta cggatattgc agaaattctg atatatcggg cagtttgagt cgaaaaagtg 38340

agcgtatgta gtttgactcc tttctgatgc tctgttggca tagggcaggt ttcggatgcc 38400

accttgtgat agacttttcc gtcggttgac aattctacat agatttcacg tgcgtcgaat 38460

actccgtctc cagtagctat acatgtgtga agagataccg atgtaatggg catttctctc 38520

tttaagtcga ttgtggcaat catatccttt ccattgctga atcctagcca tttgccactt 38580

ccgaaagttt catttcctga aattccgtct actaatgtac cgtttccttg tccgttatat 38640

ttctcatctg cggaatcgcg cagtgtaaga ggcttgttgg ttgccttgtt gaaataaagt 38700

tgctgtttgt agatttcact atttccttct ggacgaatag caatggcctg tagggtaaat 38760

gttttgttta tttctatttt cttttgatat acagtagatt gtgaactagg tatgctaccg 38820

tcgagtgtat agtgtatcgg tgcatttccc aaagtagaca aggatacttc tgtacagccg 38880

gtttctggat tggatgtata tgtggcatct acattcaata catgtttggc gtagttgtat 38940

ttctccagct catatagttt gagcatgtta cccagccggt tgaggaaatt atcgtaattt 39000

ttttgtttcg gattgctcca ttgaatttcg gctagtgctg cccagcgtgg aagtaccata 39060

tattgtacat gggagaaatc ggggatgtat tcagtccaca gattagattg tactcctaat 39120

atgtgtttcc tctggctgtc tgtcagttgg ctgggaactg gattgtaatt gtatatcttt 39180

tcaataggaa tatatcctcc tatagctaaa ggttcttttt cggtatccag tgcctgatag 39240

aagtcaaaat acataacact attgggagtc ataataacat cgtgtccctg ctgggctgct 39300

ttaactccgc ctgcttctcc tcgccaggac atgactgtaa cttgaggatc ggcatctcct 39360

tccaatattt cgtcccatcc aattgttttt ctaccttttt tcttaagata ttcggttaca 39420

tgtttcatga tgaaactttg tagatattgt tcttttgtgt attttgagtc tgatttgatt 39480

ccttgtttct gcatgagaga ttggcattta ggacaatgct cccatcgtat tttcgggcat 39540

tcatctcctc ctatatgtat atatggagaa ggaaataact ggatgatttc atcgaataca 39600

tcatctagaa actgtaaggt ttcagggttg cctgcacaga gtacattctc cgaaattccc 39660

catttggtcc atacttcgta agggcctcct gtacagccta attgcggata tgatgccaat 39720

gctgcctgca tgtgtcccgg cagatctatt tccggtataa tcgtgatatg attcttggct 39780

gcatagtcga ctatttcttt tatttgtttc tgagtataaa atcctttata gattttacca 39840

tcgtattttt ccggttggtc gttgaggtgt ccgattaagg tttcttttct ttcggagccg 39900

atttgtgtca ggcgtggata ttttttgatt tctatacgcc atccctgatc gtctgtaagg 39960

tgccagtgta aggtgttcat gttgtgcagg gccatcatgt cgagataggt tttaacctca 40020

tttacactga aaaaatgtct acttacgtca aagtgtgccc cacggtatgg aaagcgggga 40080

aaatcattga tatgtactgc cgggagtata atgttttcgt tatcttgggc tatgggcaat 40140

gactttctca ggttctgtat gccataaaag acgccggcct cactgtttcc gttgataacg 40200

atgtgctggg tgcttacttc cagctggtat ccttccggat tcttgtcctt cgggagaatt 40260

tgaaggagta tggcgttgtt tgtatccttt cctgagccta ttgttatttc tttgtgagtc 40320

ttgtctttta tatattgtgc cagcaattgc gcacaatctt taagcccttt gttttcttcc 40380

ggatataaga tacgtgttcg ctcgttgagg ataaatggtt tttcgttaga tactatttgt 40440

atctgttgtg gtagcggaat gatttgataa tcggcttcta tgctttcttt ttgacatgat 40500

aaaagtatta tcagaagtgg tattaggcaa aaaatggaga ttatgcgtct tttcataatg 40560

tggtaactta gtgtatagtt aataaaatta attattaaat actgcaaata tataatttat 40620

tttgttttaa gcatgcgttg attgatagtt taatcttttt tatagattcg tgttctttta 40680

atagcttctt agtgaattag ttgatgataa atttctttga aaaataagta gaattattat 40740

ggatggaagc ggtgctttct gaaaaatgtt attatatttg aagggagaaa taattaaaag 40800

gaaatatgac tcgaaagtta ttggaagaaa tagaaagggg gtcgaagaat gcgctgacca 40860

aaaaacggat tataacttat tatatgtata accgttcgtc gactattcct gatttgtcaa 40920

aagagctcga tttaagtgtc cctaccgtaa ccaagtttat catggagatg tgtgaggaag 40980

gatacattat gagctacgga aaacaagaaa caagtgaagg acgtcctccc actctgtatg 41040

gcttgacatt ggattctggt tattttatag gagtggatgt aaagaaattt agtctaaaca 41100

ttgggttaat gaattttgta ggcgactttg ttgacctgaa gatgggaata ccttatgaag 41160

ctgataacag tccggaggga ttaaatcggt tatgtgggta tattgttgat tttatagcgc 41220

aggcaagtat tgacaaggag aagattctga atatcggagt caatatctcc ggtcgggtaa 41280

atccggagct ggggtatagt ttcagcctgt ttaattttga agagcgcccg ctagccgaaa 41340

taatgaccga aaaaataggt tataaggtga caattgacaa tgatacccgt gccatgacgt 41400

atggagaaat ggtgaaagga cttgtaaaag gtgagaagaa catcattttc attaacctga 41460

gttgggggct cggggctgga ttaataatca atggagatat atttaccggc aaatctggat 41520

tttctggaga attcgggcat ttcaatgtgt tcgataacga aatactctgc cattgcggaa 41580

agcgcgggtg tctggaaacg gaggtttctg gcgcagcttt acatcgtaaa ttgatacaat 41640

gtgtacaaga tggtaagcaa tcgattctat cgaagcggat tttgcatgga gatgcacctt 41700

tgactttgga tgaaataata tcagcaacca atcgtgagga tttgctttgc attgaactcg 41760

ttgaggaaat cggtcaaaaa ttaggacgct atctggcagg attgatcaat ctgctgaatc 41820

ctgaactggt cattatcgga ggtgtactgg cgcagacggg agactacatt ctgcaaccga 41880

taaagagtgc agtgcgcaag tattcattga atttggtcaa taaggattcg gtcattactc 41940

tatcaaaatt gttagacaaa gcaggagtga ttggggcttg catgctatct cgtagaagca 42000

tgtttgaatc ataattgcct gtttttcttt cttttttgtc cttcacaccc ttcacgttat 42060

aaggtataag cgtattgtac agttaaatat aataagttgt gaaggctgtg aagggcaaaa 42120

aagcataaat gatgttcgtt tttaaggggt gtttgcctgt ttcaggatat ttctctcgac 42180

acttatttga attttgtaca aaaaataaaa acttttgtac aaatgtttat tccttttcaa 42240

tcgtgtcttg attatcattc ttttttgttt tgtttttatc tttctgctgt ttgagcggag 42300

gagattgata ttttcatgca agtcgaggtg aaaggtgctt attcttgttc tgtatggatg 42360

aagatataac gttatgattt tattgtaggc taaacgtatt catatggaaa tataaatgtt 42420

atatattgta ttaaaatgaa agtgctatat gatattttat agcaaaatat tatagtaaaa 42480

tgaacaatgt attgattttt tgtttttctt tgcaattgaa tacaagataa aataaaacta 42540

cagctacaat atacaatata aattgacaac gttatggatg cattgattga gagcagagat 42600

aacgtgaaca agtggatgga aaggtttgga gtacgctttg gagtgtataa aaacggagta 42660

tttaaggaac aattgtttcc ttttgattct atcccgcgta tcatctgcaa aacagactgg 42720

gacaaactgg aaaaaggact tatgcagcgt gtcgatgcgc tgaacctttt tctttatgac 42780

atttatcatg aaaaaaagat tatcaaagac gggattattc ctgcagagtt tgtctattca 42840

tcgaaaggat acttgcccga gtgtgaagga atctcacctg ttcatggtgt atatgcccat 42900

atagcaggca tcgatctggt gcaaagtaag gagggagaat ggttcattct tgaagataac 42960

ttgcgtattc cttcaggggc ttcttacccg atgatagcac gtactattat gcgtaaagtg 43020

tcgcctcaga ctttccggaa tcatgctgtg gcggataacc ggaattataa tgacttgctg 43080

cgtgacatga tggattatat gaacgacgga cggggtattt cggttattct tacgcccgga 43140

cgttataatt ctgccttttt cgaacattcg tatttggccg agaagacggg agccgtactt 43200

gcttttccgg gtgacttgat tgtggagaac gatagtgttt actatgtcgg attgtttaag 43260

gagaagcaac gggtaggatg tatttaccgg cgtgtcagtg atgaatatct tgatccgctg 43320

gtctttgaac cgtcttctct gctaggggtt cctaatctgg tacaagctta tcgcaaagga 43380

aatgtcgcat tggtcaatgc tttgggaaac ggggtggcag acgataaagg tatctattat 43440

ttcgtaccca agatgataga ttactatttg cgtgaggaac ctgtacttcg taatgctcct 43500

acttatcttc cttactataa ggaggattat gagtatgtgc ttgccaatct tcccaaattg 43560

gtgattaagg aagtgagtga ggcaggagga tatggtgtcg tattcggtcg cgatttgtct 43620

cctgagaaac tggcggaact gaagcaaatg attgtggatg aaccgcgacg gtggattgcg 43680

caggaggtga ttgacttcaa ggaccttgag atactggaag gaaacgaacg ggtagaacgt 43740

aaggctgact tacgtgcttt tgtcatcagt ggcaaacaga ccaaggtctg gaaaagcggg 43800

ctgactcgtt tttcccggaa ccccgattca tttgtggtaa attcttcaca aggaggaggg 43860

tttaaggata catgggtgat ggaaaaatga taaacaacta aaaactatag acttatgatg 43920

acatgttata ctatatctgc cacgaaggca aatcgccttt actggctggg gcgatatgct 43980

gaaagagtgt atatcagcct gcatttgttg cgtcggtatt atgataaaat gatagatgga 44040

ctaccggagg actacgaagg attctatgaa aagctggatg ctaataatcc ttatcctgat 44100

atggaaagtt tccggttggg atatatgtat gacgacaaga atccttgctc gctgatttcg 44160

ggattgactg ccgcttatga caatgcggtt gttttacgcg aggagatcac cagtgaaact 44220

tttttcttat atagagcttt cgctcaactt cctgcggaag tcggccgaaa agaaggacgc 44280

aaacattacc gatttgcagc ttattaccga ctatctgctt gctttctggg gatcggtaga 44340

tgaacgggtt ttcaatgaac aggtgtacaa tatcctgaag attgggaaac tggtggaaaa 44400

tatcgacatg catatccggt tcgattatcc gttcttccga attaaagagg catacgaatc 44460

tctgataaaa tgtggtgaaa atgaagaaga actgtttgat cacatgatcg aaaaacattt 44520

gggtgaactg ctggtggagg acgtgtatga tttatatcac gtacaaaata tggaatataa 44580

ggcgaaactt ctgaaatacc tcaaccatct tgtcttgctt tgatgcttta caactgatag 44640

tacaatgaaa aaatactttt ataattatca ggcaattacc cgtttcagca aacctgtcga 44700

caggcattat tttctgttgc gatgtatgcc atgtgtcaat gcttgtcagc aaacgggtaa 44760

acgggagctt ttcattcatc cgggaggaag cgtgatttat ggtgccgatg catggaaaaa 44820

tccgattcaa tatggttgcc ggatggaaga gcatgattcg tttgtgtttg taagtagcgg 44880

agaaataagg cttagtcctt accgtattgc cgaagatgat tttaccgaca tgttcagggt 44940

atcgtctcgg ctgacggcac tttcggtacc gatgaagcaa ttactggccg gtacggaggc 45000

aggctatccg ctggaacgtg ccgtgttact tgcacggaat attcatgact acatgcacta 45060

tgcttcagga aagactggtc ccgagacttc ggcagccgag gcattcgagc tgagggaagg 45120

agtgtgtcag gattatgcac atattcttat tgctctttgt cgggcgtcgg gcatagctgc 45180

gcgttatgta aatggattca ttgccggtat cggtgctact catgcctggg tggaagtgct 45240

ggataatgga tgctggtggg ggatagaccc tacgcacaat tgtcggatag aatatggata 45300

tatcaaggtg gctcatggac gcgatgccat ggattgtccg gttaaccggg gagtgtttac 45360

gggcatggct actcagcaaa ctgatattcg tgttatagta gaagaaatat gataagaacg 45420

gttatttcta ttgcgcttcc tgttgacgag cgcttgttga tacaaaaaaa tgttattagc 45480

catggtacgg gcaagaagcg tatctgtatc gtgacaggta cccatgggga tgaactggaa 45540

ggtcagtatg tatgctttca gcttaatcag attgtacagg aaaatcttga caaactgaat 45600

ggtacgattg aaatatatcc ggcacttaac ccgttgggga ttgattccat tactcgtggc 45660

attcccaatt tcgatcttga tatgaatcgt atttttccgg gaaaccctga tggaacgatg 45720

gccgaacggg ttgcatacgc catttttcaa gatttgcagg gggcagatat ggtaatcgat 45780

attcattcga gtaacatctt cttacgtgag attcctcagg ttcgggtaaa tgtcaatacg 45840

gcagaacgtc tggtacctta cgctaagctg ctcaatactg attttatctg ggtacacgaa 45900

gcggcgacgg ttcttgaggc taccttggca cattcgctca acactgccgg cacttctaca 45960

cttgtggtag aaatgggggt gggtatgcgt attaatcatg gatatggaaa ccggttggta 46020

acgggcatct ttaatctgat gcatgagctg ggaatgtgga gtgaacaaga cgaatctcat 46080

ctcattagcc gcccggtggt gtcggtagcc gataaagtaa gttttctgaa tgctgaggct 46140

tcgggtatct tccttaccga gattcggaac aatatcattg tagacaaggg agaagagata 46200

ggttgcatag tgaatccgct tacgggtgaa gtgcttcagg aggtaacagc taccgtacat 46260

ggcttgctgt ttacacttcg tgcctatccg gtggtgtatc aaggttcgtt gctggcccgc 46320

atacatcagt tggatgagtc gtaaatagat acggcgtgat aaacaggcta tgccggcttt 46380

tcttttaaat gctttgataa gatgaaaaga agaatacttt acgtggagag aatgtatgaa 46440

aaaagagatt ctatttagta tgaaatcttc cttccgagat acttttcgca ttcagggttt 46500

tcgtttcgga tcgggagaaa agagcctcgc tattgtagga gctatgcgag gggatgaaat 46560

acaacaacaa tatatctgct cgcagcttgt ccggcatctt gctcagctgg aagcggaggg 46620

cagactggtg ccgggacatg agatactgct cattccttct gccaatcctt attccatgaa 46680

tatcggcaag cggttctggc ccatggataa tacagatatc aaccggatgt ttccaggata 46740

cgatcaggga gaaacaatac aacgtatcgc cgcatcgctt tttgaggcga tacagggata 46800

tacgtacggt atacaatttg ccagctttta cgttcccggc gattttattc ctcatgtacg 46860

aatcatagaa accgggtacg aggatgtaca gactgcgggt ctttttggct ttccttatgt 46920

ctgtttgcga aaatcattgc ctttcgatac gactttgctg aattataact ggcaaatctg 46980

gaatacgaag gcgtattcga tttacggagg gcaaaacgga caggtggaag gaactatgcc 47040

tttttatatt atcagttcca ttttacgttt tatgcagcgt gtgggtattg tttcacattt 47100

tgcttctgcc catcctgact acaattcgca agttatccat gagtcggacc tgactgacgt 47160

aaaagcgcct gtttcgggcc tcttttatcg gctgaagacg gcacgtgagg acgtgcggaa 47220

aggtgagttg ctcgcacgta tcattcatcc gatagaggga aatatcttgg aggaaattta 47280

tgctccggat aacggggtcg tcttctttgc tcataaccag ccgctgactt tgcaggatgc 47340

tacgctgtat aaaatctata gtcttcgata agatatgccg tttatcgggt atgcaatctt 47400

gttttagtcg ataaatggaa tgacttcttc gtgttcttca ggcggctgct tgaagatttt 47460

atatccgatt gctgcaacaa cgatactcat gatcggactg agtatgttga agaaacaata 47520

aggcagataa gtcagtgtag ggacattcag gattgtagcc tgtgtcatac cgcatgagtt 47580

ccagggaatc agtacggagg tcactgttac cgaatcttcg gttgtacggc ttaacagtcg 47640

gctttcgtat ccctgtttct tgtaaatgct gccaaacata ctacctgtca ggatgatgct 47700

tatatactgg tcggcagtag tcaggttcat gaataatccg gaacatacgg tcgatgaaac 47760

cagactgaaa cgatttttca taaagcgtac aaagacggat gtaatgcttc ccagcatacc 47820

gctggccgtc atggcccctc cgaaacacat cgcacaaagt atcagccaga tggtgttagt 47880

catacctgcc atgcctcgag tagcgactag ttctgtcaga gcggcattgt cggtctggag 47940

gctggtgctt ccgtaacagg ttatcataac tcctttaaac agattttgtt ctccggctat 48000

ttcgttcagc aggtcgggct ggaagatgac agccgctatg caggcaagga aggtcgaaat 48060

ggcaagagtg atgatggaag gaactttgcg cgctatgaga ataccggtta ctacagggac 48120

aaccagcagc cagggagtga tattgaattt gctttccaga ctggtcgcta cttcggtcat 48180

gtgctccatg ttgtgggtat tgtgtgtgaa tcccataatg gtaaacagga tcagtgtgat 48240

gaccagtgaa ggaatggtgg taataagcat gtagcggata tgtcggaata acggggtttc 48300

tgtgatggaa gaagccagaa cggttgtttc cgacagtgga gaaatcttgt cgccgaagta 48360

agctcccgag atgatggcac cgcctatcca gccttcgttg aatccttgtg ctttacctat 48420

acccaacagg gcgattccaa ttgtagcaat ggtggtccac gaactgccag tcatgaccga 48480

tatcagcaca cagatgatgc aggtagaagt cagaaagaat gtcggatgaa tgatttgcat 48540

tccgtagtag ataagtgtag gtacgatacc gctgatcatc catgtgccgc tcagtgcgcc 48600

aataatgagc aggatgatga cggccgtggc tacaccactg atgttatttg taatggccag 48660

ttcataatct ttccacggaa tacgataaaa agccattcct ataaatatgc agactgcggt 48720

ggttactagc agagaaactt ggcttccgcc gttcagtgag tcacttccga aagtactgat 48780

ggtcgcaacc agcatgcata tcaggatgat aatcggaagg aaagatacca gtggagaggg 48840

aaatcttttt gttgaattca ttatatcatt attatttgcg ggcacaaaga tataataatt 48900

ctgtttaaat atgcagtatt tgcaggtgaa atatgcaaaa atgggtcaaa actgcatgaa 48960

tatgtatata aaaaacacag actttacgaa aagtacggca ttttgttctt tcagaatgag 49020

tgcagaattg ccgtatgcgt aaagtctgtg tccgattggt tacagtttat atccccactg 49080

gtcgagtgcg aatgaccagt tcttttctac cagttctacc gtttcgggct tgtactggta 49140

ttggtttttc ttataacctt tctttttatt tacgtaagct tctatcgcag gacgagcttc 49200

gtcgaagccc ggaagagaaa gcttctgata gatttcctgt gtcaggtcga aggcattttt 49260

ctcgtagtct tcgaatttaa cttctaccag gttgccttcc ggtatgtatt tcttgtcggc 49320

ttcatacttg tgatacaatt tagcataaat tgaaagtatg ttctcctgca actgttcatt 49380

gctgatatcc tgcaacttca gtggctggat agtattggta aagaagcttc gtgttgattc 49440

gaaaaccgta tacggattac gcatcaggta aatgaacttg gcattgggga acatctttac 49500

cagttctttc acacgtcccg tatgtggagg attcttgctc aggaactgag ttccgtgagt 49560

gttccacaac gagatcttga tcagtttggt aaatgtttct tcaaatactt tcagctcttc 49620

atcactgata tcatcgaaca acaggtattt gtcggcatac tcctgcatgt gtttgggcaa 49680

gaaccagaaa ttataatacg tatacggcat catgttagcc agcgcaaatt cttcttcctg 49740

tggcaggtcg acagccagtt ccatgttgtc tgttggacgc ttgtcgggca tcagccagct 49800

catgttcttc ttgaagaacg gttgtcccca catcatcagg tgtggaaata ccgtctggta 49860

tgtcgtgttg taaccaaaat gcttatcgca tgaaaagaca ttgtgcataa aggttgttcc 49920

acttctccag tgtcccagaa tgaataccgg atcgtgttcc agcggctgat tggcaagcag 49980

cttttcgtaa cgcttgtctt gcagcggttt caaggtcgaa agcaggcgac ataccgcttt 50040

ggtgaggcga tattttcctt tatatgtctg gtcgatcgtt ctaccttttg taatctggtt 50100

gaatgtcttc cagtctgcac ctaccagggt attgattggc aatttactga attcgagtaa 50160

tcccattgta tatatttagt tgatactgtt taaaacttat tttttcactt cgatggcgat 50220

accttgtctg gacagttcct ttacagcttt gtcgattgct tcgtagtgtt ccggttcaat 50280

acccagtttc ggcaagtcga gtaccggcag ttccatggta ttgtgcatat ccttatcttc 50340

cacacgatcc agaatcatac ctacggcact ggtgttgttg gtaatcgggt cgatcaggat 50400

aaatgagccg gttgccttgt tcttggtata cggatcgaag aacaattcct tggaagaagt 50460

cagtactaca cgggcaatct ggttcaactg catcggaaga tcctctttct tcaggcgtcc 50520

gttttccaca cttaggtgtt ccatcgtatt gatgtctacc ttgtatttaa tgctgtctat 50580

acgggtacgg ctggtgttgg tcgtttgttt caggaagaat gacttttcca tgtccatctt 50640

ttcttcgtcc atccatacca gcatggcttc gaagttacgg ccaatcatag gcatattgtc 50700

ggggtgaacc agcatttcac cgcgagaaac gtctatttca tcttccagcg tcaatgtaac 50760

cgacatgggc gggaaggcat aatccagttc accgtcgtaa gtaacgatgc tctttacatg 50820

tgacttcttt cctgaaggaa gtgccacaac ttcatctccc ttatgtacaa ctcccgaagc 50880

aaccttggca cagaatccgc ggaagtcgag gttcgggcgg agtacatact gtaccggata 50940

gcggaagtct gtcaggttat ggtcgttgcc gatatgtacg gtttcgagga attccaacaa 51000

tgacggaccg ctgtaccacg gggtacggtc ggatttttca accacgttgt caccatcgag 51060

tgccgacaat gggatacagt ttacgtcggg tacgcccagc ggatcgataa atgccttgta 51120

gtcggcaaca atcttgtcga atacttcttt ggagaaatcg accaaatcca tcttgttgac 51180

ggccaggact acatgcttga ttcccagcaa agaaaccaaa taagtgtggc ggcgtgtctg 51240

tgtgatgact cctgtacgcg catcgacaag aataatggca aggttagccg tcgagccgcc 51300

ggtaatcatg ttacgggtat attgttcgtg tcccggagta tcggcaatga taaacttacg 51360

gttgttggta gagaaataac ggtaagccac atcgatggta ataccttgtt cgcgttcagc 51420

cttcagtccg tccagcagca aggcatagtc gatatgctct cccgcattac ccattctctt 51480

gctgtcgcgt tccagtgcat cgagctggtc ttcgtataat ttcttgctat cgaaaagcag 51540

gcgtccgata agtgtagact ttccgtcgtc taccgaacct gccgtaagga agcggagcaa 51600

gtccttttgc tcgtctttct tcagaaattc ttcgatagac atagtccctc tggcttcgcc 51660

ttccatcggg tttcctgatt tatttttatc tagttcttcc atgatcgttt gttttgttag 51720

aagtatcctt cacgtttttt ctgttccata cttgcttcct ggtcgaagtc gatgacacgg 51780

gttgtacgtt cactcttggt agtagtcatc atctcttcta cgattttttc aatcgtatcg 51840

gcttcgcttt cgatggctcc ggtcagcggc cagcagccca atgtacggaa acggattttt 51900

ttcatctcta tcttatcgcg gtatttttcc ggcaggcggt catcgtccgg cataatgagc 51960

tgtccgtcga tgttgacgac tggtcgtact ttggcaaaat acaacggaac gataggaatg 52020

ttctccagtc ggatatactg ccagatatcc agttcggtcc agttacttaa cgggaacaca 52080

cggatacttt ctcctttgcg gatacgggta ttgtagatat cccagagttc cggacgctgg 52140

ttcttcgggt cccactggtg gaactcgtta cggaacgaga agatacgttc tttggcacgt 52200

gatttttctt cgtctcggcg tgcacctcca aaggctgcat cgaacttata tttgtcgagt 52260

gcatgcagca gggcctgtgt tttcatcagg tcggtgtgta ctttacttcc atgagtaaag 52320

ggacctacac cggcacggaa agcttccatg ttgctttcta ctatcaggtt ccagccatat 52380

ttcttggcat attcgtcgcg gaactgaatc atttccttga atttccattt agagtcgatg 52440

tgcatcaaag gaaatggaac tttgcctgga gcaaaggcct tttcggcaag gcgtaccatt 52500

actgaagagt cttttccgat gctgtacagc atgaccggat tctcaaattc ggaagccacc 52560

tcacggataa tatgaataga ctcggcttcg agttctttca ggtgacttaa tttatattct 52620

tctttcatat ctgaattatg aatgtttttt attagggtta cacagactgt tgctggttac 52680

ttgttttata agctgtcggt atacggaacg aatggatata aaatagcatg aatcccaaaa 52740

acttgcgcaa aagtactcat attatttcat aaacaagtga ttccttgtgt taaagtggca 52800

gtatggtttc cgcttaccgt tttactctgg gtaagattaa gtccaatagt ttattgaccg 52860

attcttctac cgaaagcttc gaagtatcca gcgacagagc aggatgttcc ggtgcctcga 52920

agggggccga tataccggtg aagttcttga tttctccttt acgtgccttg gcatacaagc 52980

cttttacgtc gcggcgttcg cattcttcta tcggggtgct gacatagatt tccataaaat 53040

cttccttacc gatgatgttt gcggccattt cgcggatatc gttgttcgga ctgataaagg 53100

ctgcaagggt aatgatacct gtgtcgacga ataacttgcc tatttctgca atgcggcgga 53160

tattttccac acggtcttcg gccgagaatc ccaggttatt gttgataccg ctgcgaatat 53220

tgtcgccgtc gagtatgcgg cagagcagcc ctcgcttttg cagttcccgc tccagggcga 53280

tagcaatggt actcttacct gaaccactca gtccggtaaa ccagatcatg acgctgtgtt 53340

gcttcaacaa ttcctccttg tctgcacgag tcagcatgcg gtcgaatatc gggtaaatat 53400

gtttggtttc ttccatatcg ttgttagtta attaaaaagg ccatatctga ggtatgacaa 53460

atattgaaat caaaaaagta ataatgttca acggtaatcc gattcgtacg aagtcggtaa 53520

acttatagtt tccgatacct tgcacaatca ggttggtctg atagcctatc ggagtagaga 53580

aactggcaga agcggccatg cagattacca caaagaacgg catggggttc actcccagtt 53640

gctgcgacag cgagagtgca agcgggaagg agagagcggc tgcggcatta ttggtgatca 53700

gttccgtaaa gatattggtg atgataaaca atacagccag caggatatac ggaccgtgac 53760

tgcggctcaa ctcgatgatg taacccgcca gcaggtcggc tactccggaa ttttccatgg 53820

ctttgctgat agcgaaagca caggcgatgg taatcaggat atcccatgaa atatatttgg 53880

tatacttccg gggaggaaat atcttggtcc atgccatgat aaccgtcgtg atggatacaa 53940

agaagaacat atccagcttg atgccttcag gcaacagttt ctgtatgccc ggcagttcac 54000

cgactgtggc tccgataatc atgaaaagca gcaggaacaa tgcgaaccag cgctttttct 54060

tgccggcagg ctcatagtct ttgccattgg caagcatgat gaagaccgac gattctcccc 54120

aggttttgat gaagctgtcg tcggcaagca agatcagcgt atcaccctcg cggaagctga 54180

tttcgctcaa gtttttgtac gtgttaccac cgcgccggat ttcttttact tcggcaccgt 54240

agtgacgttt gaagttgaat tcacttactc gtttgttgat acccggaaaa cgtgcgccga 54300

ggacggcttc caccggatga agcgaagagt tgctctcttc ttcttcggcc gagagattat 54360

ctggacgatc ggcaggcaac aacttgctgg aaaacaaaaa caggtaaatg atgcctgcaa 54420

tggcaatgaa aatacctacc tttcccagtt cgaacatgct gaatcctttc attccggcat 54480

cttgtatcat gctgtgtact actaggttgg tggacgttcc tatcaaggta cagatacctc 54540

ccagaatcgt tacgtacgac aatgggataa ggaagtaagt ggcaggtaat tttacatagt 54600

ttgcccaccg cttgatgata ggagcaaaga taacgacaac cggcgtattg tttagaaagg 54660

ccgatataaa ggcaatggta ggcagcatgc gcacctgtgc cttgaatacc gtagtcttgg 54720

tttgtggcag cagtttcttg atgacttgcg tcaaggctcc gctctgtcgg attccttcgc 54780

tgaccagaaa caacatggca acggttatca ttcccttgtt gctaaaacct tccagcattt 54840

cttttggggt aaggattccg gtacagagaa acaggacgac gaccgagaac aaaatcattc 54900

ccggacgcat cttatccata atcagcgcag ccagcatacc gacaagcgcc acgagtacaa 54960

taatcacttc tactgtcata aatggcttat tcggctatga accacggatt caacaagtct 55020

tctttattat attgcagagg ttcctgagta ccagcctggt atacatcttt tcccatggca 55080

cggataatgg catgaccggc agccgtatcc cactccatcg tcggtgcaaa gcgtggatac 55140

acatctgctt ttccttctgc tatgaggcac aacttgagcg aactgccttt cgagactgtt 55200

tctacgtgct gatgctcttg tttcattttc tcgatatagg cttccgtttc cggtgtcagg 55260

tgggagcggg atgctacgac gatgaaattg ttgcgcggag tttgttcctg atagggcaga 55320

cgatgtgcct tctcgatgag gctatctact gtttcatcgg cagccagttg ggtgatatgc 55380

tctatcttat aagcaccata ctggcagtcg gcaaaataca attcttcctt tacgggaata 55440

tagattaccc ccgcttccgg tctgccgttc tttacataag caatgttgac ggtaaattct 55500

ccgttgcgct tgatgaattc cttggttcca tccaatggat cgacaatcca gagctcgttc 55560

catttctgcc gttcttcaac cgggattttc tttccttctt cactgagaac aggataagga 55620

gttgaagcca gactggctgc gatgaccttg tgcgacttac ggtcggcaat ggtcagtggt 55680

gagttgtctg ctttcttctc tatctcaaaa tccgcgttgg gatcggtata tacgttcatg 55740

atttcggctc cggcttctaa agacgcacgg atggccgtca gtaatatatt tttgtccata 55800

ctctctaaat ctttgtaaaa taacaacttt ttctctaaac gtcagtagtt caatcttcgt 55860

tttttctgtt cttcaacatt gtttgtagct tcttttatgc agaagttgac cttaagtaag 55920

tggttttatt tctttcgact gcttccagat gcgcagcata tagtatgcgc aatgggtaaa 55980

tgcaaatacg aaggaaatga tcagtaaggt cctgtcagca tcccagccta cggtttgctg 56040

gtgccataat ccggtgatga tgcacaatac agatagggca agtcctaaaa tattcagtac 56100

gatgtcgcct ttgcggtgcg cttgtcccgg ttccagcttg ctgtgtttcc ttccatacga 56160

agcataaaca tccagaccga tgagcatcca taataccagt cgtatccatg tatcagcagg 56220

caggaaacac atcatgcaca ggcaagtcag gatacccata ataggtacaa aaggcacaaa 56280

cggtgtcttg aacgtacggt gaacgttggg catggtcttg cgtacgatga gtacagccgc 56340

acataccagt gtaaaggcaa gcaaggttcc gatactggtc atttcgccag ctacttgtgc 56400

tggaacaaat cctgccagca gactcacgac aatcatgaac aggcagttgc tgtgtaccgg 56460

tgtacggaat cgttcgttga tgcgtgaaaa gaatggaggc agcagcccgt cgtggctcat 56520

gctgaggaat acacgactct ggccgagtaa tgtcaccatg atgaccgagc aatatccgaa 56580

caggattgca aggataatgg ctttgttcag ccacgggtag actggttcga tgactccggc 56640

gctgttcgca tatcccatgt gttcgatagc tacggctacg ggagcaatac cttcctgtcc 56700

ttcgaattca gtatagtgtg ccacacccgt catgacgtgt gcgaacagaa tgtacaaaat 56760

agtgcagacc agcagggaaa caagtatacc gataggcatg ttccgctgcg gatttcgcgt 56820

ttcctgggca gccgtactga ctgcatcgaa tcccagaaaa gcaaaaaata cgatagcggc 56880

tccacgtagg atacctgaaa tgccgaactc acccagcttt ccggtgtttt cgggaatgta 56940

aggcacatag ttgtctgcct gtatgaattt ccatcccaaa aagacgaaaa tcaggatgac 57000

accgattttc aggaaaacaa tcaggccgtt aaagaaagag ctgcctgcgg tacctcgcat 57060

cagtatcagg ctcataagga caacaatcag catggcgggg atattgacaa tgcctccgtc 57120

ccacggacag gcactgaacg catgaggcag ctcgatgcca atgccttgca ggaacactac 57180

cagataacgg ctccagctga tgcttacggt agttgccgcg acggtatatt ctagaaccaa 57240

atcccagccg ataatccagg caatcagctc gcccatggta gcatacgaat atgtatacgc 57300

acttcctgct acaggaatca tggaagcaaa ttcggcgtag catagtccgg caaagcaaca 57360

tccgatagct gcgactataa aggacagcgt aatggccggc cccgtatact ctgacgcaac 57420

ggttcccgta atggagaaca gtccggctcc gatgatgaca cctacgccca gtgccaccag 57480

actgactggc cccagcaccc gtttcagtgt cttgctgccc gactgctgtg cctctgcttg 57540

cagcatttca atgctttttc tgataaacaa tcccatctcg atgtatttgc ttcacatatt 57600

atatagggtg caaagataac atttattctg aatgtataac tcttttttgt gtatcttgtt 57660

gatatataca gaaaaacgtc tcggtgtttt gggaaattat gcgggtattt tgccaaaaac 57720

attgagacgt ttttttattt tttgtacaaa agaaaaaatt atttgtacaa aaaataaaat 57780

aaacctgcgg acagaccgtt tcgttttatt tcaggtataa agtgactttt ccgctgatct 57840

gcaacaatga tatctcgcac atttttgtat cgtattcggc cgaaagaatg cgctcttcgg 57900

catcgagcag gcttttctgt gcttcacgca tctcaatacc cgacaagtcg cccagcaggt 57960

agcgctcttt ggcaatctca tggttttctt tggcagcgat caggttctga cgttccagat 58020

tcagcagccg gatgttgttg cggtaagcct gccacaagtt gctgaggtcg gcacgcagac 58080

tttgttccag ttgctcgcgt tccaactgtg tattgcggat ggcaaggctg gcatttcgct 58140

tttcccgttt gcggttgccg tcgaagatat tgaatccgat ggtcaatcca ccattaaatc 58200

cccagttgct tcgctgcttg atggagttga tgtcgtattt gttcagggta tagccatatc 58260

cggcgttcag cttcaggtac ggataattgc gtgaaagcac ctttttgtaa tccagttgtg 58320

ccaaggttga gttctggtcg gctttcagca aactggcatt cgtattcaag gtcgcttccc 58380

acagctcttg gaaattcagg gaatgcttca gctcgataat ggaatctttt actttgatag 58440

ggcggtccac atccttgttt gccatcagtt cattcaaatt gatgcgggag gtatgcacca 58500

gttcctgctg tttcatgtac tgggcactgt cggcgttgaa gtccactttc gcctgctgat 58560

aatccagtcg tgagaaattt ccgatatggt accgctcttc tacgatgcgg agacgttcct 58620

tcgaaagcga aacggcatag cggaagttct tcagacgaat ttcctgctgg atataattgt 58680

agtattcggc cgtcaggctg gcgatgaaat cctctatggc aatgcgggta ttggtagctc 58740

cctgacgttc cagttctttc agttccttgt acgtcgtact gatattgaaa ccgtcgaaga 58800

tggtccagtt caggtcaact cccgcatcga gggtatgatc gaacacgttt cgttccttgc 58860

tgacacttcc atcacttcgc tgtgtagagt tactgctgct ctggctgccg ttgtaaccgg 58920

cggtcaggtc taccgtggga agataaccgg catttcccag tgtggcgtta ttcttgctga 58980

tctgctcttc gttgcgtgaa atacggagcg aataattgtt ttgcaatcct tcttccagac 59040

attgtttcag cgtgtattca tattgtgcat gtgcaggaag tattgcagta cacaaggcta 59100

ataggatgta ggcaaaatat ttcatgcttg tttctccttc ttgattcggt tagtagaaat 59160

gtaagtataa atggcaggca cgatgaacat cgtgaggaag gtagagatca acattcctcc 59220

cacaacggct gttcccatgg cgatacgctg gttggctcct tcgcccgtag caaaggcaag 59280

cggaatcaga ccgagaacag tcgaggcgct cgtcatcagg atcggacgca gacgttgcag 59340

agctgcatcg cggatggcaa gcatcttgtc ttctcctgcc tcctgttttt ggttggcaaa 59400

ctctacgatc aagataccgt tcttggctac cagtccgata agcatgatga tacctatctg 59460

actgaagatg ttcatggtga tgttgccaaa gtacatgaat atcagggcac cggcaatggc 59520

gagcggtacg gtcagcatga tgatgaacgg atctttgaag ctctcgaact gggctgctaa 59580

gataagataa atcagcacga gggcaaggat gaaagcgaac atcaggctgg atgaactttc 59640

acggtaatct ttcgaatctc ccgagagggc tgtacggaaa gtttcgtcaa gtgtttcggc 59700

agcaatcttg tccatttcct ccagtccttg tccgatggtt ttcccttcgg caagtccggc 59760

agaaattgta gccgagatga atcggttgta atgatacagc ttgggggtgc gatggactca 59820

acaaactcta ccaggttgtc gagctggatc atttctccgt cctcgttccg gatataaatc 59880

gacttgatgt ttgccggctg gttgcgctgt tggcggttga tctgccccag aatctcatat 59940

tgtttgccgt tcatgtaaaa ataccccata cgctgaccgc tcagtccgta ctgaagagtc 60000

tcggctacat cgcgcacgct gactcccatg gtggctgcct tgtcgcggtt gatgttgaca 60060

cgtacctcgg gactactgaa cttcaagtcc acgtccgcca tctgaaaggt cggattatcg 60120

tacaccttgt tcaggaattg gggcaatact ttttccaact tttcgatgct ggttgcttgc 60180

aatacatact gtacgggcat gctgctcttt cttccgccga acgaagactg ctgctgtacg 60240

aaagctcttg ccttggtctt gctcttgata gcctgcgata ttttttcggc tacctccatc 60300

tgggagtaat tgcggtcctt gatgtttttc aacgttatct ggatgtttcc gctaccgctc 60360

gacacacggg cagtcactgc ttctgcatcg ggcacgatgg agtctactag gtcgttgatg 60420

tcttccgtgt agtcgcgtat gtattcataa ctggcacctt cggcagcctt ggtgttgatt 60480

gtaatcttgg atcggtcttc cagcggtgcc atttcagccg gtatcacatt ccacaatata 60540

ccgatgagta tcagtgtgat gatggcaaac ggaatggcga tgaagcgttt tttcagaaag 60600

gcattgagtg cccggctgta aagtcggttc attccttcga aaaacggttc tgttttccgg 60660

taaaaccagc tttgcttttc acggcggacc agcatcttgg tggcaagcat cggagtgaag 60720

gtcagggctg caaaggcaga gatgagcacc gaaccggcaa ctacgaagct gaactcccgg 60780

aagagtcgcc cgctggttcc ttccatgaag acaatgggaa ggaataccgc taccaaagtg 60840

atggtggtag aaataacggc aaagaatatt tctttggctc cttctatacc tgcttcgaat 60900

ggtttcatgc ctttctcgat acggatgtag atattttccg tcattacgat ggcatcatcc 60960

accaccagtc ctaccgaaag gacgacggca agcatggtca atacgttaat ggaaaagctt 61020

gctacataca tcacgaagaa ggcaccgata agtgataccg gaattacgat acagggaatc 61080

aacgttacac gccagtcgcg caggaagagg aagatgatga taattacgag aatgaaggct 61140

tcgtatacag tactttctac ttcggctatg gaggcgcgga tgaattttgt gttgtcgaat 61200

ccgtaagaga agcttacatc ttcaggcaag tcttttttca tctgctccat gcgttcgtat 61260

acggcatcgg ctatttcgat gtggttggct cccggttgtg gaatcactac cacacctacc 61320

atgggaacgc cgttcatttt catgtagctc ttcaggtcgg ctgctcccag ttcggcgtaa 61380

ccgatatcgc tcagacggat tacctgtccg tcgacttctt ttatgactac gttgttgaat 61440

tcgtcggcgg tgtgcatctg tcccatggta cgcagggtga gttccatggt attaccttct 61500

atactaccgg aaggcagttc cacgttttca ttgtccatgg ccttcttgat gtcgacggga 61560

gtgattccgt aaccagccat tttggtggga tcgagccaca gacgcatgga gtaacgtttt 61620

tctccccaga tggatacgct gctgacatcg gatatggtct gtaattgttc tttgacggtc 61680

aggtcggcta tttcgctcag ttcaagcagc gaacgggtat tactttggat ggcaaccatc 61740

agaatcgggc tggcatcggc atcggctttc gaaaccgtag gcgggtcgca gtcgtcgggc 61800

agatagcgct gtgcacgtga aaccttgtcg cgtacgtcgt tggctgctgt ttccaaatcg 61860

acagacaatt caaattctac ggtgatgcgg cattgtccct gctggctcac actcgaaagc 61920

gagcgtatac cgggaatacc gttgatgttc tgttccagcg gttcggtgat ctgactctcg 61980

ataatgtcgg catttgcgcc agagtagcta caagttacgg agatgatggg gttatctacc 62040

gaggggtatt cacgtactcc caacgtagtg tagccaatca atccgaaaag aaggatgatg 62100

atggtgagta cggttgccaa taccggcctg cggatactaa gttcggatat gttcataagg 62160

caagcaggta ttagttaatg tggtcaagaa taacagacat accggtacgg agttgcaagg 62220

ttcctgatgt gagaatggta tctccggcag ccagtccgcg tacaatctgt acttccgact 62280

ctgtgcgaag tccgatttct acgtccaccg ggtaggcaag tccggagcgg tatacaaata 62340

ctttgttttt tcccatttcg ggcacaatgg cttccgaggg aatggctatg gcatctttga 62400

tttcattctg tttcagggtg atgtcggcgt aacgtccggg aagcaactca ccgttggtgt 62460

tggggtacag agctcgtacg gtcagtgtgt gagtttctgg gtctatactc gattcggttg 62520

cgtatacctg agcatcaaaa gcatcgagtc tgccttctat cttaaaagag agtttggtcc 62580

cttttctgat ttgtctggca taacgctcgg gcacggcaaa ttctactttc agcggagtga 62640

ttttggttaa tttagcaata acggttgtag gggaggcgta ggctcctgta ctgacttggc 62700

gcagaccaat gataccgtcg aaaggagcac gtagctcggt catgtcgata ttggctttta 62760

cgttttcaat atcggcatga agggtagcga gttcagtctt gacttgttcg tatgcttctt 62820

tactgaccgc atcacgctgc aacaaggcat tctgtcggaa tacacggtct tcagcaagag 62880

gcatctgggc ttttaaacga tccaattgtg cctgtagctg tctgtcgttg acctttgcca 62940

gtaactgtcc tttggaaacg aaactgcctt cggtaaagtt gatatcgatg atttttccgg 63000

aagtttcaaa agacaagtct acctcttcgt caggcatcag cttgccgctg acaaagagct 63060

ggtcggtcaa cagatgaggt ttgatgacct gtgcatttac gttcaaactt tttttcttct 63120

cggttggtat ttgttggttg gcttcattta gttcttcatt ttctttcggg gtgaaattat 63180

ggattcccaa gccgattaat ccggctccta ccaatatgat aattccccat ttaactcgtt 63240

tatccatgtg ctttataggg tctgaattta aggtaagaaa taatatttgt ttgtatttga 63300

taataaactt aacctaatgt ttaaaagaag aatacttttt ttacaaaatt ttgcagatga 63360

agtacgtgtc gtttcggcaa agatagggat taacgcacaa agcctgctta gacatttctc 63420

aaaaggaaat tgtctaagca ggctttgatg tgattgatct gatacaatct atgtgatgta 63480

tttcttgtga taaatcacaa tcagtccttt caggttttgt gaggacgtta tactttttgt 63540

gttatcagaa aggaatgttt gccattttcc ataatccgag gaaggatgtt ttggttattt 63600

ccaccagttt atcccagttg attttgggag cttcgtcgcc cgggagatgg taatcaggat 63660

gccaatcggt atggtaccac atgatgggaa tgcccagctt ggcaaatgtt ccattgtcac 63720

ttccacctac cggattatcc caggcacggt agtctggttg taaattcaac ttatattgtg 63780

cgatatcttt cttcaaccat tctccaaagg ccggtttgct tttagtgaag aaatacacta 63840

catgccaagg acgtgactcg tcgttgtttc ttcctatcat atcgaagttg agatatcctt 63900

tcacctgatt gatttgcgga aaagtctgtg caaagtattt tgaaccgagg agtcctttct 63960

cttcaccatc ccagaaagca aagataacgg tacgttccgg ttgctgtccc gaggcgagga 64020

aagaacgtac aatctgcagt acggcagaaa ctccggaagc attgtcgtcg gcaccgttat 64080

aaatctggtc gccgtccagc atcggatcat agccgatatg gtcgtaatgt gcaccgatga 64140

tgacaaattc gtttttgttc ttgccttcta ttttggcgag tacattacgc atgttgtatt 64200

tttggtgaac tccttgtttg ataatttgaa tagagtcggg atgtacctgt aatcttcctt 64260

gtttctgacg ctctacgcga taggcctcaa aaggctggaa gtagctgtcg aataaaggag 64320

atactcccca ttgttgcagt agagatgcaa tgtaattgcc ggcaattctg ccttcctcgg 64380

tacctgcttc tcgtcctttc agttcgtcgg atgccagaaa gccgacaaaa gcctcggcac 64440

tttccttgtt tatgagtgca agccctttct cttcgggagt gggatctgag tttttctttg 64500

cataggcgtt tgtcgttgtc aaacatgcta atgcggcaaa cagcatacaa aaagtgtatt 64560

ttttcatgtt tgttaaagtt aaatgattaa tatgctgaac gatatttacc ctcttccttg 64620

tcttccagca tgtttaagta agaggcgtag cgtgattcac tgatgtaatg tttctctacg 64680

gcttcgcgta cggcacatcc cggttcgtgg cgatgtgtac agttaccgta tttgcattga 64740

gcggaaaact cgaaaatctc tttgaaataa tgtccaacct cttcgtcttc catatcaaat 64800

gtaccaaatc ccttgattcc cggtgtatca atgatatatc cgttctcacc tacagaaaac 64860

atttcggaaa aagtagtcgt atgcatacct ttgttatgta cggtcgatat ttctcccgtt 64920

tttaggtgct gttcgggtag aattgcattg attaaagtcg acttacctac ccccgaatgg 64980

ccggaaaata aagtaacttt accctctaaa gcttgtttaa tttcatcgag tccggtttca 65040

ttcaaggcag aaatcttgaa acatggatat ccgatgtggg tatacagatg gatcaatccg 65100

tccagataat gaagctcttc ttccgaatag cggtcggttt tgttgaatac cagacagacc 65160

ggaacgcgat aagcctctgc cgatgcgagg aaacggtcga tgaaagtcgt cgatgtttcc 65220

ggataattga cggtcaccac cagcatgcac tggtccagat tagcggcaat gatatgcgat 65280

tgtttagata gattggatgc acggcggatg atataattct ttcgatcctc tatttcggta 65340

atgaaagccg taccctcaga gttaatggaa atttgtaccc ggtcgcctac ggcgataggg 65400

tttgtactgc ggattccttt cagacggaag ttacctttta ttttacattc cacttgccgg 65460

ttatcatcag tcttgaccag ataccagctt cctgtatttt ttatgactaa gcctttttcc 65520

aaatttttat aaggtgaaaa ataaaggatg aagagaaggt gacgcgtctg tgttatcagc 65580

acgtcgtgta tacttcattc ttcatccttt atgagtatta aacagtcatg atttctttgt 65640

ctttggcggc aagcatttca tctatttgtt tgatatactt gtcgtgagcc ttctgtaatt 65700

ttgcttcaga atttttctgt tcatcttcgg gcataccgtc ttttactgct tttttcagtg 65760

catcaattgc atcacggcgt gcattgcgga cacttacctt ggctgtttca ccttcgccct 65820

tacactgctt tgccagttgt ttacggcgtt cttctgtcaa aggaggaata cctatacgga 65880

taatttctcc gttgttttcg ggcatgatac ccagatcgga gtcaataatt gctttttcaa 65940

ttacgcggaa catactcttg tcccacggtt tgattgcaat gctacgtgca tcgggagttg 66000

ttactgctgc tacattattg atagggacca tgcttccgta agaatctaca cggataccgt 66060

ccagcaagcg tacatcggct tttccggcac ggatgtgtgc cagtgcatct tccagataca 66120

taattgccat atccattttc tcttcagctc cgctaagaat tgtttttgag tctgccatat 66180

taaaatttta aaagtttatc gggttagact tatgctaaat taatgtgaac aaaaatacat 66240

gattttttat ttttctgcaa tagtttgctg ataattatat gtttgcttgt tttccgattg 66300

ccggatttta ttgctttttc gcgatgtggc aaagatggag aaagaagaca accggtagaa 66360

tggcaatcat aataataagg agttgtttat aaggtagaat aatcgttttg ttctgcattt 66420

tctgtttttg tctataaaaa tagattgaaa gatgtttgat tatagaaaaa tgttactata 66480

tttgccaacg acaaaacaat aatacatgaa caaatactct cttcatatca caatgatgac 66540

cggaatgggg cacactgcta cattcacatc tgttaccggg atgacccctc gggggtaaga 66600

gattgtatat taggtgtttc tacgtgttac acgcctgtgg actcaggcac ttcattttta 66660

ttttaatcaa ttatttattt tgttttatct gacaagtgca tttttcctgt gataaatgtt 66720

cttgtataaa agtataagta catgaaagta ttaaaattcg gtggaacatc agtaggttct 66780

gtcaacagta tgttgaatgt aaagaagatc gtcgaagcag tagatgataa agtgatagta 66840

gtcgtttcag cattgggcgg cataaccgac aagttaatca agacttctac gatggcggcc 66900

aacggagatt ctggttacga aaaggaaatg aaggagattg tgaaccgtca tatcgaaatg 66960

gtttacaccg tcattccggc aggacagaaa cgggaactgc tgctggattg cgtgaacgaa 67020

ctgctgagtg aactgaaaga catttttcag ggtatctatc tgatacgtga tttgtcgccg 67080

aagacttcgg ctaccattgt aagttacggg gaacgtcttt cgtctatcat tgtcgctact 67140

ttgatagaag gggcgcaatg gttcgattca cgtctgttca tcaagaccga gaaaaaacat 67200

aataaacata tactcgattc ggaactgaca actcgtttgg tgcgtgaaac ttttcacgat 67260

atacctcaaa tttcattggt tccgggattt atttctaccg acaagaatac aggtgaagta 67320

acaaacctcg gtcgtggtgg atcagactat acagcttcca ttctggcagc agcactcgat 67380

gctagtgtac tggagatatg gacggatgta gacggcttta tgactgccga tccccgggtt 67440

atcagtacgg cttatccgat tacggaactg agttatgtcg aagcgatgga gttgtgtaac 67500

tttggtgcga aagtggttta tccgccgact atctatccgg tttgccataa gaatattcct 67560

attctgataa agaatacgtt caatccggaa gctccgggaa caatcgtgaa gcaggaagcc 67620

gatcattctt ccaaggcgat taagggtatt tcttccatca atgatacgtg tctgataacc 67680

atgaccggac tgggtatggt gggagtaatc ggtgtgaatt accgaatttt caagacactg 67740

gcagagaatg gtatcagcgt gttcctggtt tctcaggcat cttcggaaaa ctctacttct 67800

atcggtgtgc ggacggtaga tgctccgctg gcttgcgaag tactgaacga agagtttgcc 67860

aaagaaatag aaatgggaga aatcagtccg atgaaggctg aaagcggact ggctaccgtg 67920

gctatcgtgg gagagaacat gaagcacaca ccgggtattg ccggaaaatt gttcggtaca 67980

ctgggacgta acggtatcaa tgtgatagct tgtgcacaag gtgcgtccga aaccaacatc 68040

tcgtttgttg tagacggagc ttctttacgc aagacgttga atgtcatcca cgattctttc 68100

ttcctgtcgg aatatcaggt attgaatctt ttcatctgcg gtatcggaac agtagggcac 68160

agcctgattg aacaaatcag cagtcagcag gaacgtttga agcgtgaacg tggactgatg 68220

ttgaatgtag taggtattgc caacggacat aaagctttgt ttacacgacg tggaattgat 68280

ttggctaact accgtcagga gttggaagaa aaaggcattc cttcgtcacc tcaagtactt 68340

caggatgaga ttgtaggaat gaatattttc aactccgtat tcgtggactg tacagccagc 68400

ccggaaattg ccggcttgta taaggaattc ttgagccata acatttcggt tgtggcagcc 68460

aacaagatag ctgcatcgtc agaatatgaa aactatgccg aattgaaacg cattgcccgt 68520

cagcgtggtg tgaagttcct gttcgaaact aacgttggtg ccggactgcc ggtgattaat 68580

acgatcaatg atttgataaa cagtggcgac aagattgtga agattgaggc agtgttgagc 68640

ggaacattaa attatatttt caatactctc agcgccgatg ttcctttgag tgaaacaatt 68700

cataaagcga aagaagaagg atattccgaa cccgatccac gtatcgacct gagcggaaag 68760

gatgtaatcc gcaagcttgt cattctggct cgtgaggcag gttaccggct ggatcaggaa 68820

gatgtagaga aacatctgtt cataccggat gacttcttta agggatcgct ggaagacttc 68880

tggaagaaga taccttcgct cgacgaggaa tttgaggctc gccgtaaggt acttgaaaaa 68940

gaaggaaagc actggcgctt tgttgccaca ttggaaaacg gacatggagt cgttgccttg 69000

caggaagtgg gcagaaatca tccgttctat accctggaag gcagcaacaa cattattttg 69060

cttacaactg aacgatataa cgagtacccg atgctcattc aaggatacgg tgccggtgca 69120

agcgtaaccg ctgccggtgt atttgccgat attatgagta tcgcaaacat ttaggcttat 69180

gaagcacatc attattttag gcgacggtat ggcagactgg cctgtaccgt cactcggaaa 69240

caagacattg ctgcaatatg caaatactcc ctacatggac aagctggccc gaatgggacg 69300

tacgggaatg ctgaaaacgg ttgccgacgg atttcatccg ggaagtgaag tggcgaatat 69360

gtcggttatg ggttacaacc tcccgttggt gtacgaagga agaggcgtgc tggaagcggc 69420

gagtatcggt gtggaactgg aaccggggga tatggccatg cgatgcaacc tgatttgtgt 69480

ggaaggagat atcctcaaaa atcattcggc tggtcatatt accactgaag aggccgatca 69540

gttgatcaag tttctggatg aaaaactggg gacagaccgt attcatttct ataccggagt 69600

gcagtatcgt cacttactgg tagtgaaagg tggggataaa catctggcat gtgtaccgcc 69660

ccatgatgtt ccgctgaaac ctttccgacc gaatctgatc aaagcattgc gtcccgaggc 69720

acaggaaacc gccgatttgc tgaacgcctt gattctgaag tcgcaggaat tgcttgccac 69780

tcatccggtc aacttgaagc gggtagcaga gggaaaagac ccagccaaca gtatctggcc 69840

ttggagtccc ggttatcgcc cgcagatgga accgctgtca caaaagtatc cttctatcca 69900

caaaggctca gttattacgg ctgtcgacct gattcgggga atcggacgct atgccggatt 69960

gcgctgcatc gatgtggaag gtgctaccgg actctataca acgaattacg aaggaaaggc 70020

tcaggcagcc atcgatgcct tgaaaaccga tgattttgtt tacctacata ttgaggcaag 70080

cgatgaggcg gggcacgaag gcgacgtaga cctgaagctg aagaccatcg aatatctgga 70140

cagtcgtgca ctgggaccga tttacgaaga agtgaaaaat tgggatgaac cggtagccat 70200

tgccgtattg cccgaccatc ctacgccgtg cgaattgcgc acccatacag ccgaaccgat 70260

acctttcctg atttattatc cgggcataga acccgacagc gtgcagtgtt acgacgaaat 70320

agcctgtcgc gaaggagcat acggtacaat ggagaaagac gagtttatga atgagtttat 70380

gaaaatacaa tagaacgtta tgaaatatta cagcaccaat aaaaaggctt ccgatgcgac 70440

actggaagaa gccgtagttc gtggactggc tggcgacaag ggtttgtaca tgcctcgttc 70500

catcaaaacc ctgccccagt ctttttacga tgagatagag aacctgttgt ttcaggagat 70560

tgcataccgt gtagcggatg ctttctttgg agaagacatc cctgctgata cgctgaaaca 70620

tatcgtatac gatacactga atttcgatac tccggtagta aaggtgaagg ataatatcta 70680

ttcgctggaa ctgttccacg gtcctacgct ggctttcaag gatgtgggcg gacgttttat 70740

ggcacgcttg ctgggatact ttatccgtaa ggaaggcaag aagcaggtca atgtgctggt 70800

agcgacttcc ggtgatacgg gcagtgccgt agcaaacggt ttcctgggtg tggaaggtat 70860

tcatgtatat gtgctttatc ccaaaggaaa ggtgagcgag attcaggaaa aacagtttac 70920

tacgctcgga cagaacatta cggccatcga agtagacggt acgttcgacg actgtcaggc 70980

gctggtgaag aatgctttca tggacaagga actgaatgag cacatgcagc ttacttcggc 71040

aaattccatc aacgtggctc gtttccttcc gcaggctttc tattatttct atgcctatgc 71100

acaaatgaag aagctgggca aggcagacaa gctggtaatt tgtgtgccga gcggaaactt 71160

cggaaatatt acggccggac tgtttggcaa gcgaatggga cttcccgtgg aacgctttat 71220

tgcagcaaat aaccggaacg atattttcta tcagtacctg aaaaccggag aatacaagcc 71280

tcgtccttcg gtggcaacca tagccaatgc catggatgta ggcgatccga gtaactttgc 71340

ccgtatactc gacttgtacg aaggtagtca cgatgccatt gcgtctgaaa taagtggcga 71400

aacctatacc gacgaacaga tacgtgaaac ggtacagaag acttacgagg aaaccggata 71460

cctgctcgat ccgcatggag catgcggtta ccgtgctctg gcagagaact tgaagccggg 71520

agaaaatggc gtctttctgg aaacagctca tcctgccaag ttcttgcaga cggtagaaga 71580

tattatcgga acggaagtga agattcctga aaaattgcag gcttttatgc ggggaaccaa 71640

gcagagtgta ccgatgtcga aagactttgc ttcgtttaag gcttatctgc tgaaacagta 71700

agcggaacgt ttgttgcttt gtagcggaat gttttttcac ttccgctgag gagttggaaa 71760

aacgtcggca tgttttttta ttttttgtac aaaagatttt tttgtttgta caaaaacacg 71820

ggagcttttc gcagaacgtt ttctacctct cacgggaaac tgatggatct ttcctgaaaa 71880

aggactgatt tcgtgagcca aagagcagga atggtcggtt atagccgatt tgccggaaac 71940

agactgttga acaataaaaa cagaaaatcc cgcaggacag atgaagcagt cctgcgggat 72000

ttttacttgt tgtacaagtc gtataacgaa ttacttatct attcttatac atattttcgt 72060

aataattctg gtagtcgcca ctggtaacgc tcttaaccca ttcctgattg ttcaggtacc 72120

agataatggt tttcacgata ccatcttcga attttgtttc cggagtccat cccagttcac 72180

gagtgatctt ggtcgggtcg atggcataac gctggtcgtg tcccaggcgg tcttttacaa 72240

atgtaatcag tgaatcattt atccagtcaa tacggatttc gcccttttcg ttcagttctt 72300

ttttcttcaa gaccttacgg taagcaggtt cctgctccat tagatggcga atcgtcgcaa 72360

tggtcagttt tacaatctcg atgttctgct tttcgttatg gccacctaca ttgtagatct 72420

caccgttctt tccttcgcgt actaccaggt cgattgcctt gcaatggtct tctacataca 72480

accagtcgcg tacgtttgta ccgtttccgt ataccggcag gcgttttccc tcgaggatat 72540

tcttgatgat cagcgggatc agcttttccg gaaaatgata aggaccgtaa ttgttcgagc 72600

agcgcgtaat ggtaaccggc atcttatacg tgtcgcgata agccatgacg atcaggtcgg 72660

cgctggcttt cgaagcgctg tacgggctgt gcggacataa aggagtttct tcggtaaaga 72720

atccttcttc tcctagtgaa ccatacacct cgtcggttga aacttgatga aagcgtacat 72780

cttttctcca cgtaggataa ccattttcat ctttcccggt aacccatgcg cggcgagcgg 72840

catccaacag attttgagta cctaaaatgt ttgtctgaag gaataactgc ggattgtcga 72900

tgctacggtc tacatgactt tcggctgcaa agttgacgat ataatcgaat ttatattcag 72960

caaacaagcg gtcggcaagt tcacggtcgc atatattgcc tcttatgaag aaacaacgtt 73020

cattgtcgac atcctttgag atggttccca agttccccgc ataagtcagt gcatcaagta 73080

tgactacctt gatgtcttcg tgtttcgcca aaatgtattt tatataattt gcgccgataa 73140

atccggctgc tcctgtgact agataagttt tcatataagg tcttacttaa aatcggttac 73200

aaatttcgga aagttttttc aatcaggcaa acaattactt gtttaattct attacttcca 73260

agtctgaaaa actgccattg tcgatacaaa aacgtacaag ggtacgtacg gtatgaaagc 73320

cgtatattcc ggctgctccc ggatttatgt gcaacaggtt cagcgacttg tcgtatttca 73380

ccttcagaat atgcgagtgt ccgctgataa aaagccgggg agggttggca aacaaggtgg 73440

agcgtatcga agcatcgtat tttcccggat agcctccgat gtgcttcatc agtacgtcgg 73500

ctccgtcgac tgtgaagcgg gcgatttccg gaaacagccg cctcatgtcc tgtccgtcga 73560

tgtttccgta tacagctttc aaggggcgga aggcttcgag ccgttccacg atttccatcg 73620

aaccgatgtc acctgcatgc catatctggt cgcacggttc aaagtatttc aggtaacgct 73680

cgtcccagta gccgtgcgtg tccgataata atccgattct tgtcatattt ctttggtttt 73740

gtcaggcaaa gatagtattt ttgagtcaac cttgattcgt gacattatgg aaaaacaata 73800

cagatatttc aaccgtgata tcagttggct gtcgttcaat catcgggtcc tgctggaggc 73860

cgacgatgac gatttgccat tatatgagcg gataaacttc atcgctatct attcgtctaa 73920

tctggaagaa ttctacaagg tgcgtgtagc cgagcataaa gctgtagctt cgggtggcaa 73980

aagcgaggac atgacggtag acgaagcaca cgagctgatc cggcggattg cggaaattgt 74040

caatgcgcaa ctggaagata gaatccggat ttatgaacag aagatattgc ccggcttacg 74100

ggataatcat attattttct atcagtcgaa gcgggagatt gagccttttc accgcgattt 74160

tgtacatcgt ttctttatgg aagaagtttt tccctacctt cagccggtaa agattgagaa 74220

aggaggggta cgcatgttcc tccgcgacaa acggcagtat ctggctgtac gggtgtgcag 74280

cgccgaaacg ggagaggtgg agtattatat tatcaaaatg ccgtacagca aattgcctcg 74340

ttttgtggaa cttccgcggc agggagagaa ttactacctg atgtttctgg aagatattgt 74400

caaggcaaat ctggcagaga tatttatcgg ctatgaagta gattgcagtt attgctgcaa 74460

gatttcgcgc gatgccgatg tgtttgtcga cgatgttcct tccgagagta tggtggaaaa 74520

gctgaaagag aaagtcaaga aacgcaagat cggtgcgata gcccgttttg tatacgatcg 74580

gaagatgcct gccgactttt tggcttttct gatggatgct ttctctatca gcagtgaaga 74640

gcttgtgcca ggcgacaagc acctgaattt ggaggatttg tcgtcattgc caaatccgaa 74700

tcctgaggtg aaacctttga taaagcctgc cccgatgcgg cttgccggac tggatgggaa 74760

gcatttcatg tatcgccgta tcgccgcaaa ggacttgatg ttgcattatc cctatcatag 74820

tttcgatcac tttattcatt tcttgtatga ggcagtacac gatccgttct gtaaggaaat 74880

catgattacc cagtatcgtg tagcggaaca ctcggaagtg atcaatgctc tgatagcagc 74940

agcacgaaac ggtaagcagg taacggtctt tgttgagttg aaagcccgct tcgatgaaga 75000

aaataatctg gcaactgccg agctgatgcg caaggcggga atccggattc tgttcagcat 75060

accgggactg aaagtgcatg ctaaggttgc actcgtgtta cgctacaaca agaaaggcga 75120

acagatacgc agttatgcat acgtcagtac gggtaatttc aatgagcaga cggctaaaat 75180

ttattcggat atcgcacttt atacctgcaa caaggtgata gtggaagaca tgcatacact 75240

gttccgtttc ttgcggaaag aagtagaaga acctaagttt aagcgcctgt tgatagctcg 75300

tttcaacttg cttccggagt taaaacggat gattcaccat gagattgctt tggtaaagag 75360

tggcaagcaa ggccggattg ttcttaaaat gaatgcgctg caagatcttg ccatgataga 75420

cgagctgtat cgggcaagcg aggcgggtgt aaaaatcgac ctcatcgtgc gcggaatctg 75480

ctgtttggtg cccggagaat cgttcagccg taatattcgt gttacccgca ttgtcgacag 75540

ttttctggaa catgcccgag tatggtattt cggtaataat ggagatccgc ggttgtttat 75600

cggctctccc gactggatga aacgtaatct gtatcgtcgg atagaggcag taactccagt 75660

cttggataaa gacctgaagc aagaactgat agatatgctc gatattcagc ttcgtgctaa 75720

ctggaaagcc tgctgggtag atagcgagtt gaggaatatt ttcaagcgta ctcccgatga 75780

accgaaagtg cgtgcccagt atgatttcta tcagtatctg cgtaagaaac aggagaagga 75840

tattgaaccg taatgcttct gaataaaaaa tgaaggccgt ttcaacgtaa gggggggaga 75900

ttgttgaaac ggcttcattg cccgtatatc atgaataagg ggaaatgatt tagggcataa 75960

cgttatatct taaggaagtt gaagcttcag ctttacgaat tgtttgataa actctacagt 76020

gccatctatt cctaataccg aagagtcgat gcacaagtga taggtagcgg cagcacccca 76080

tgtcttgtaa ctgtaataat tatagtagga tgaacgcttt ttatctgctt tctccatcag 76140

ttcttcagct ttttctgcac tgatgttgtg cagcttcatc agtctttcga tgcgtgcttc 76200

aggcgaagcc gatacgaaaa tattggcaca gcgtggaaaa tcgcgcagaa tgtaatcggc 76260

acaacgacct acaaacagac aggatttctg ttctgccaga tgacgtatca catcactttg 76320

tattttaaat agtgagtcgt tgctcagata tgaattatat ggataagctc cttcggttac 76380

aaatgggaat cgtgctccaa ataatcctcc caatatgctt tgagaagcct tttcatctgc 76440

tttctcgaaa aactctttgc aaagtccgct ttctttggag gccaggttta tcagctcttt 76500

atcgtagaaa gctataccta agtctttagc cagtttctca ccaatttctt ttccgccact 76560

acccagttga cgtccaagat taatgatata gtgattattc ataatgactg atatttggtt 76620

cgtaaggcaa atataaataa aaaattatat attttccatc tcttgtgagg aaacctgttc 76680

cattttgcaa agaaaaatca caatttagtt catttgagca gctttatgct tgaattgttt 76740

gaactgattg tatagcatga aaccggctat cacgctggct gttatatcgg aaataggcat 76800

gctgaaccat attccgtccg ctccccagaa caaagggagt atcagcaggc acggaatcag 76860

tatcagtact tgtcggctaa gtgaaaggat aatagctttc ttagccatgc caatactctg 76920

gaagaagttg gatgttacca tctggaatcc gatgataggg aagaacatga cagtgatacg 76980

caatcctcgt gccgacagat ctatcagggt ttggtcggtc gtgaaagccg atacggcaag 77040

ttccggcatc agttctccta ccagaaaacc gctggtggtg acaatcgtag ctgctatgac 77100

ggtcagtttc atgacgtgat ttacccgatg atattgttgt gcgccgaaat tatagccggc 77160

aatgggctgc ataccttggt tcagtcccat gacaatcata acaaaaagga aagtgattcg 77220

gttgacgata ccgaaagctc caatagcaag gtcgccgtcg tacagtttca gtcccttgtt 77280

gatcagaatg acaatcatgc acgacgctac attcataaag aaaggtgcca gtcctattcc 77340

gataatgttt tccaccagca cacctttcaa ccggtaaatg cctcggcgga aatgaagcag 77400

ttcactttta ttgcagaaca atttgatgag ccagcagaga gaaatgatct gtgccaggat 77460

ggttgccaca gctgctccgc gtattcccat gccgaatccg taaataaata tcgggtcgag 77520

tatggtattg atgaccaccg tcaggatagt ggccaccatg gctttctgcg gatgtcctgc 77580

cgaacggagt acggagttca gccctaaata catgtgggta accacatttc ctaaaaggat 77640

ggttaccatg tagtcgcgtg cataaggcag tgtagcttcg cttgcaccga agaaatatag 77700

gatcggatcg agaaaagcta gtgcgataat ggtaaagaca atgccgataa tcaggttcag 77760

agatactaca ttccctaaaa tctgttgcgc cgtatcataa tctttctgtc ccagtttcac 77820

cgaaacgagg gtagaagctc ctacacctac cagtgagccg aaagcggcag ccaggttcat 77880

cagggggaaa gtgatggcaa gcccggaaat ggccattgcg cctactccgt gtccgataaa 77940

aatactgtct accatattgt agagtgacga tgcggtcatt gcaataatgg ccggaatggc 78000

gtattgcatc aatagtttgc cgatgggctg gtttcccagt tctgttgctg ttcctttttg 78060

tgtcatgaaa ctatttttac gattaaaaat cagagcaaag gtacttaaaa ttccctataa 78120

gggaaaactt tccgtatctt tgcatcgatg aaattatggg atttatggaa cattcttctt 78180

tatctttgct ggagctgaat tcactggtac gtaaaagtat tcgtacgtgc ctgcccgata 78240

cgtattgggt acaggcagaa cttagtgatg tacgtgccaa ttattcggga cattgttatc 78300

tggagtttgt acagaaagat gcaaaaggca atatgctagt tgcgaaggca cgggggatta 78360

tctggagcaa tgtatattat ccgttgaagg cctattttga gcgggaaacg ggacaggcgt 78420

ttgtttcggg tatcaaggtg ctggtaaagg tgagtgtcga tttccacgaa ctgtatggtt 78480

attcgttgac tgttcttgat attgatccga catatacgtt gggcgatatg gcacttcgcc 78540

ggaaagaaat cttgaaacga ctggacgaag aaggtgtctt gacgctgaac aaagagctgg 78600

agttgccgga attgacgcaa cggatcgctg tcatttcttc ggctacagcg gctggctatg 78660

gcgatttctg caatcagctg gaacataatc cttttggttt tatcttttat cctcgtttgt 78720

tcccggctgt tatgcaaggc gaccgtgtgg aatgttccat tatccgtgcg ctggaaaaaa 78780

tcaatgcgga gcgcgaacac tgggatgttg tagtaatcat ccgggggggg gtgctacgtc 78840

cgatttgtcg ggcttcgata cttacaagct tgctaccaat tgtgctcagt ttcccttgcc 78900

tatcattaca ggtatcgggc atgagcgtga tgatacggtg ctcgatatga tagctcatac 78960

gcgagttaaa accccgacgg cagctgccga gtttttgata gaccatatga ggcagacagc 79020

agagcgtctg gaagaatata ctcagttctt ttatcaggaa cttccggcct tgtttcttcg 79080

ccggaaggaa cagtttgaac aatgggtttc acgtattccg gtacgggtgc agatgcgtct 79140

gcaacatgaa cgtttccgtc aggagcgatt gacgaaacag ttgcagatgg gatggcagac 79200

ccgtttgttg aaagaggagt atcgtttgca ggtagaccgc cggatagctg tggcgttgga 79260

atcaatcctg caacgagaga ggcaccgtct ggctatgctg gaacagcagg tgaaatcgtc 79320

ttcaccggac ttattgttga aaaaagggta tagcatcacc ctaaagaatg gaaaagcagt 79380

gacagatgca tcccagcttc ttccgggaga tgaagtaact acccgggtgg caaaaggaga 79440

atttaagagt aaagtgatat aattatggca gcgaaaaagg aaacgtatac cgaggctatg 79500

aagcgtctgg aagctatcgt agcacgaatt gaaagcaatg aactcgatat tgatgaactg 79560

ggcgacaatt taaaggaggc tcaaaagctg ataaaatatt gtcgcgagaa gttgtataag 79620

gcagatgtcg aaatcaaaaa gatgcttgat gaaggcagta ctgtggaaaa aagcagtgat 79680

taagttggat tttgcaaata taagccttac ttttgttcga acacttataa cggaatgtaa 79740

aacataaaca ttatagtaaa atgaaagaaa ttgattggtc taatctgtct tttggttaca 79800

tgaagacaga ttacaatgta cgttgttact atcgtgacgg gaaatggggt gaactggaac 79860

tttgttcgga agaaacgttg aatattcaca tggctgcaac ttgtctgcac tacggacagg 79920

aagctttcga aggtttgaaa gcttatcgtg gtaaagacgg caagattcgt gtgttccgtc 79980

cgcaggccaa tgccgaacgt ctgcaaagta cttgtagagg tatcttgatg cctgaactgt 80040

cgaccgagaa attctgtgag gcagtacgta tggttgtaaa ggcaaacgaa cgtttcattc 80100

ctccttatga aagcggagct tctctttata tccgtccgtt gctgattggt acaggagcac 80160

aggttggtgt tcatccggca aacgaatatc tgtttgtgat tttcgttact ccggtaggtc 80220

cttatttcaa aggtggattt gctaccaatc cgtacgttat cattcgtgaa tatgaccgtg 80280

ctgctccgct gggaaccggt actttcaagg tgggtggtaa ctatgctgcc agtcttcgtg 80340

ccaataagat ggcgcacgat gcaggttatg ccagcgaatt ttatctggat gctaaggaaa 80400

agaaatacat tgatgagtgt ggtgctgcca acttctttgg tattaaaaac aatacctacg 80460

tgacaccgtt gtcgacttct atccttccgt ctattacaaa ccgcagcttg atgcagcttg 80520

ccgaagacat gggactgaaa gtagaacgcc gtccgattcc ggaggaagag ctttctacat 80580

tcgaagaagc cggtgcatgt ggaacagcag ccgttatcag tccgatcgag cgcatcgacg 80640

atttggaaaa ccataagtcg tatgtcattg caaaagatgg caaaccggga cctgtcagtg 80700

aaaagctgta caacaaactg cgtgcaatcc agtatggtga cgaggctgat ccgtacggat 80760

gggtaatgat tgtagagtaa ttattactga taaactataa ataatcaacc ttaaattttt 80820

aatgctatgt taaaactaaa ctcagagtta agagctgttt cgcgtacaac attgtcgggt 80880

aactggatga tggctgcgct tgctacattg gtttatctgc tgatagcagg aggggttagt 80940

tccattcctg ttgcaggaag tgtacttgcc attatcataa cgtatccgct tgcgtatgga 81000

tttgcaatat tgtttctcga cttgttccgt gaggggaagc ctattgacat aggaaaactg 81060

ttcgatggct tcaaagattt tggaagagtc tggggaacgt tgattttagt tgctatctat 81120

acgattctgt ggacctgctt gttgattatt ccaggtattg tcaaatcgta ttcatacgct 81180

ttgactcctt ttatattaaa ggatgagccg gaattgaaat acaatgcagc tatcgaaaaa 81240

agcatgcgta tgatggacgg ctataagatg aagttatttc tgctcgattt gagctttatc 81300

ggctggatga ttttgtctgt attgactttg ggtatcggat tgctgttctt gcaaccttac 81360

atgaatacgg ctcgtgctgc tttctatgaa gacctgaagg cagaattaag cgatagatat 81420

gtaagcgaag aagagaataa taattgattt ataaatcacc acagtatatg cggacaggca 81480

gaggaagaca gacctctgtc tgtccgctgt tttctatggt gattcttttt tgtccgttcc 81540

ggcgaaaaaa cgtacctttg tgcccaaaac aagaagaact cagtaaagat gggaaaagga 81600

aagctggcaa agtttgcaga tatggcggaa tatccgcatg tgttcgaata tccgtattcg 81660

gtagtagatg atgttccgtt cgagatgaaa ggaaaatgga accgcgattt ctttaaaaat 81720

gagaatccga ttgtgctgga gttagggtgc ggtcggggtg aatataccgt gggactggca 81780

cgacgttatg ccgacaagaa tttcatcggg gtggatataa agggtgcacg tatgtggacg 81840

ggagctaccg aagccctgaa tgaaggactg aaaaacgcgg cttttctaag aaccaacatc 81900

gaaatcatcg accgcttttt tgctccggga gaagtgagtg aaatctggct gacgttctcc 81960

gatccgcaga tgaagaaagc taccaagcga ctgacttcta catgtttcat gaaccgttac 82020

cgtaagtttc ttgtgccgga tggactggta cacttgaaaa cggacagcaa tttcatgttt 82080

acgtatacca agtacatgat agaagccaat aagttgccag tagaatttat caccgacgat 82140

ttgtatcatt cggggatgga tgacgatatt ttgagcatcc gtacctatta cgaacagcaa 82200

tggctggatc ggggattgaa tataaagtac attaaattcc gcttgcctca ggaaggagag 82260

ctacaggaac ctgacgtaga aatcgaactg gatgattacc gtagttataa tcgcagtaag 82320

cgcagcggac tgaaaacaag taaataataa aaggtaaata tgatgacact ttatccaaaa 82380

ctgattcttg atgcactggc aacggtgcgt tatccgggaa atggaaagaa tattgtggaa 82440

gccgaaatgg tggccgacaa tattcgtatc gacgggatga aggtaagctt ctcattaatt 82500

tttgagaaac cgaccgatcc gtttatgaaa tcggtagtca agtctgccga aacagctatt 82560

catacctacg tatcgaagga ggtagaagtg acaatcgcta ccgaaagccg tcaggcggct 82620

cgtccggaac cgggaaaaat gcttccgcag gtgaagaatg tgatagccgt ttcttccggt 82680

aaaggtggag taggtaaatc tacagtagca gccaatctgg ctgtagcact ttccaagtta 82740

ggctataaag ttggtttgct cgatgccgat atcttcggtc cttctgtgcc gaagatgttt 82800

caggtagagg atgctcgtcc gtatgcagaa atggtagacg gtcgtgattt gatcgtgccg 82860

attgagaaat atggtatcga actgctctct atcggtttct ttgtcgatcc ggatcaggct 82920

actttgtggc gtggaggtat ggcaagcaac gccctgaaac aattggttgg cgatgcgaaa 82980

tggggagacc ttgactattt tattcttgat actcctccgg gcaccagtga cattcacctg 83040

acgttgcttc aaacgcttgc cattacggga gctgttattg taagtactcc gcaggaagtt 83100

gcccttgccg atgcacgtaa gggtatcaat atgtacatga atgataaggt gaatgttcct 83160

atcctcggac tggtagaaaa tatgtcatgg tttactccgg cagaacttcc cgagaacaaa 83220

tattatcttt tcggtaagga aggaaccaag cggttggcag aagaattgca tgtgccgttg 83280

ctgggacaga ttcctattgt acagagcatc tgcgaaaacg gagataaagg aacaccggtt 83340

gcgctggacg aaacttctgt taccggacag gcttttctgg aactggcacg caatgtcgta 83400

gcacaaaccg aaaaacggaa tgcagaactg gcaccgactc aggttgtaaa gacgcataaa 83460

taagtaaata cgcgaaacat atataaagga gaatgctctc tttctgcaaa agtgaaggag 83520

ggtattctcc tttttctatg gaatatctta aaaagacatg ggcgggtttt aggaaaaacg 83580

tgggcggaag ttggagcaaa cgtgggcatg tttcttttca aacctcggcg ggggttcgaa 83640

ataagtttca gctgataaat gtgacatttt gctgttttca gagaaagcta ggcggagttt 83700

cagataattt aattaaaatc agtgcagcct ttaaggaaat aattcttttc tttatagaac 83760

aatgttatgt gaaaccaaac tatgcacaat atgaagaaag tacatctgtt gagctggcta 83820

gtgctgttta tcagtttatt cccttctatc ttgcaagcac aaagttacga tgaactttgg 83880

aaagaggtag aagtaagcca gaagaaggac ttgccgaaaa cggtgattag tgtagttgat 83940

aaaatataca ctaaggcaaa aggtgaaaag aacatccctc aaatgatgaa ggcttacatt 84000

gtacgtgccg aatcacgtat ccagcttact ccggacagcg cacagacgga gtacgatggc 84060

atccagcgat gggcggaaag tgaaacggat ttggtggctc gtgctgcact gaatcatata 84120

atgggtagtc tgatactgga taatcagcag ttgggtacgg aagatgatgc catacggtat 84180

ttccgtcttt cactgaaaga caaggaggca ttgggcaagg cttctgccaa ggacttccgt 84240

ccgatgacca cttctggcga actgagtgag aaatacttga atgataatat gttcgatctg 84300

ctttcgcggc aggcaatcga ccgcttgtcg gcttatcgtt tcataggcga ccgtcggaaa 84360

tgtgtgtcgg aagcattggc tttgtacgat gacttaatag cgttttatgg cgacaataat 84420

aatcgtcagg cggctttgct taccaaagaa gcgcgggtgt tgtactgctg ggaaggtgca 84480

ggaagtagta tcgtgcgtga agcactgaca ccggagaaag cggcagagga attgcgtaag 84540

ctggcagagg aatacaagga tctgcctgtc tgcgccgatg tatatgtaaa attggcacat 84600

gtttaccgca tgaacaatca gccacttaag tcggttgagg ctgcacgcga aggaattgag 84660

aaataccctg cacacgagtg ggtatctcag ttgcgttcat acatcgattt tgcttccagt 84720

ccgtatcttt cggtcaatat tccgctggta tatcctaagc aggaagcaga tatcaatgtg 84780

acgtatgcca acctgaaagg tgtatctttt gaactgtatc gtctgaagat atcgcctgct 84840

tcttcgttac ttcgcggcaa tctgaaggaa gaaaccttga taaagaatta cggaactaaa 84900

atagcttcgc gccattatgc tttatcgccg actcccgatt acgaaaagcg tgacacggta 84960

ttgcactata ctttgcccga agcaggaatt tacatgctga aacagattcc tcaagaggcg 85020

gagaaaggca tcgattattc actgctgttt gtttctcctt atcagtgcat cagcattcct 85080

gtgtccgagg aacgtaagga gtttgttgtg gtggataagc tgacgggtaa acctgttccg 85140

ggagcggaag tcgttacgta tcggttgaac agcaacgaat acagcgttct tcaggtatat 85200

aaaaccgatg gaaagggcag tgcgatggtc gacattcccc gtttgggcag gatttattac 85260

aatgtccgta cggcaggaaa cgactttgct gctatctcga gcataggagg aaacgcatcg 85320

tttgtcaggg aaacggtgca aggatggaag aaaaaagtga acttgtttac cgaccgttcg 85380

ctgtatcgtc cgggacagaa agtctatgtt tctggtatgg tttacgaaca gaatggcgat 85440

tctcttcggg tggtcaaggg agaaaagact tccctgaaat tgtattcttc cgaacaaagt 85500

gtggcggaga gtgcggcatc gaccgacgat tttggtgtac tgtcgggcga atttgttttg 85560

ccgcagaacc tgcttcccgg cacgtattat gtgtcgacag acggagcttc tgccattatc 85620

aaggtcgaag aatacaagcg acctactttc gatgtggtct ttattcctta cgaagatacg 85680

tacaacatgg gtgattccct taccgtgaaa ggggaggcaa agacgtttgc cggcgcacct 85740

gtccgcatgg cgagggtgag atatacggtt tcacgtaccg aaaggacttg gttccgcatg 85800

ggaggtatca ataaggttga gttggaaact ggagaagttc agaccgatgc cgatggacag 85860

tttcgggtga acatggtact tactgctccc gaaacaaccg attggggcgg actgggttac 85920

cgttactatg tatatgaagt acaggcggag gtgacggatg gtgccagtga aacacagtct 85980

gggtctttat ctcttccggt aggcgaacag tcgttgggct tgcagatacg aggcctgtcg 86040

gatctcgtta tgcgtgaaaa acaggagaag gtgcagttca tggcattgaa tctgaacggt 86100

actcctgtaa agacagaggt tcgttactgt gtgtttgcac tggatcagga aggtaacaaa 86160

ggtaagcagc aactggaggg taaggctgtg gcacagcagt cgtttgtacc ttccgacctg 86220

ctggcattgc cttccggtaa atatcgtatc gagatttcgg caacggatgc gcagggacgg 86280

acttgtacag cggaacagga ttttactttg ttctcacgct tggatactcg acttccttat 86340

ccggctgtcg actggttcta tcaggatgga aacgaattca gcgattcggc tccggcgact 86400

ttgtatgttg gaaccagcga aaaggatgtt tatttgctgg tcgacgtgta tagtggaaac 86460

aaacgaattg cttctcaacg gctgacgctg agtgatgaaa tcaaaacgtt cagctatccc 86520

tatcagaaaa tgtatggtga tggcatttcc gtaaactttg cttttatgcg gaacggtagt 86580

ctgtacagca ggcaggcgac aatcatccga ccggaaccgg aaaagaaact gacgttgaaa 86640

tgggaaactt tcagggataa attgcagccg ggcagtcagg aagaatggcg gatgcgtgtg 86700

acggatgcta cgggaaagcc ggtaagagcc aatttgatgg catcgcttta cgatgcttcg 86760

ctcgataagc tgtaccagca cgactggcgt tttaaccttt ggttctctcg ccccgttccg 86820

tggattcagg caggtatgct gtcggccagt cagcgtgtcg gcatgtatgg cggttttcca 86880

tacgtaagaa cttatacggg attggatttg ctgaatggtg aatatagttc tttgctggta 86940

ttctctggaa ccgtttatac gcggggtgtc aacttgctgg gtacttctac ccgtatgctt 87000

gccaaacaga gcgcaggaga tgtcgtagag gtgaagtttc agccagccat gactgtagaa 87060

gaatcggctg tcgttgctgc tccgaatgta atatcgtcta actttaaaaa agatagtggc 87120

agtgccgaag tggaggacgt cttgcagatt gtagaaaatg atgctgccgt agaagctgcg 87180

gaggatgaag aagcgatgat tccagtgcgt gaaaactttg cagaaacagc ctttttttat 87240

ccgaacctgc ggaccgattc attgggaggt gtaagtattg tctttaccat gccggatgcg 87300

ttgaccgagt ggaagttcac gggactggca catacgcagg ctgtcgatta cggtatgttg 87360

acgcagaccg tgaagacgag caagccgttt atggtgcagc ccaatatgcc gcgcttcgtt 87420

cgtaaaggcg accgtaccgt tattgctgcc tcattggtca atctgtcgat ggataagatt 87480

gaaggaaatg ccggtattaa actatacgat ccggtgacgg aagaagtggt gtacgactat 87540

cagcagccgt tcagtgtgtc agaaggaaca acgggagtcg tacggttcga ctgccagatt 87600

ccggatacgt acgatatgct ggtttgccgg attactgctg aggcgggaga atatagcgac 87660

ggtgagcagc attatctgcc ggtactgacc gacaaacagt ggatgacgga aaccgttcct 87720

gtgcagttgg atggagaaag catgacggaa gtcggaacgg aaggcttgtt caacaagcag 87780

agcaagacag ctaccgaacg acggctgacg gtggaactga cggccaatcc cgactggtat 87840

gcggtgcagg cactgcctgt tgtcggcaat ccgacagaag aagatgcact ttcgtgggcg 87900

actgcttatt atgccaattc actagctgcg gctattgtga aggcaaatcc ccgcatcaag 87960

caagtattcg atacttggat ggctcaggga ggcagcaagg aaaccctgtt gagtaacctc 88020

gaacgcaatc aggatttgaa gaatctgttg ttcgaagaaa ctccgtggat ttctgaagct 88080

acggaagaat ccgaacagaa gcggcgtatt gcgttgctgt tcgatctgaa ttcgatggac 88140

aaccgtctgc gcacttcgat agaacgtttg caggagttgc aattgtccga cggctcatgg 88200

agctggtata gaggcatgac aggcagccgc tatattacaa cgcagatagt ggagatgctg 88260

gcacgtttgc agcacatgaa cgtgacactg gacggaaagg ttgttccgat gtatacgcgg 88320

gccttgggct atttgcagaa agctgtgaag gaagattatg agacaatgaa gaaactggaa 88380

aaggaaggtg cgacaactct tgttcccaac aatcaggtgg tacactatct ctacgtttgt 88440

gccctcgaaa agcaggctgc ttcgctggca gacaagcagg tgaatgccta tatgacggac 88500

aggctggaaa accgttcggc tgagtattct atcgtcgaga aggcgatgat tgggctcatt 88560

atgcaagccg gtggcagaca gcgtcaggca caggaactgg ttcagtctat caaggaatat 88620

acggtaagta cgccgcagat gggtgtatat ttcgatacgc cgaaagcacc atattcatgg 88680

aataattaca gaatccctgc acaggtagct gccatggaag ccattcagca gattgccccc 88740

gatgcggata tgctggcagg catgaagctt tggctgctca agcagaagca ggttcaggtg 88800

tgggaaagta gcattgctac agccgatgcg gtatatgctt tcttgaatgg ttcgggtaac 88860

cggttgcaag taaatggaac gatgaaagca gtagccggta acgtggaggt acggacgccc 88920

gacgatgtat tgggatatac ccgaaagaca ctgactggaa cagatacgca tgtagaacgt 88980

gtggtcgttt cgaaatcggg aaccggcata ggctggggag ctgtatatgc acaatatctg 89040

gaagagatgg ataaagtgct tccggcaaaa ggaaatggtg tttcggtcgc acgtgaatgg 89100

tggatggatg gtaagcagat ttcccgaaag acggttctgc acgccggaga taagatgacg 89160

gtacgactga cggtaaaggc cgaccgcgac atggatttta ttcgggtgaa ggatgagcgt 89220

gctgcctgca tggaacctga tacgcagttg tccggctatc gatggagcaa cggattagga 89280

tgttatcagg tgaatcgcga cgcttctacc gagttcttta tcgaccggat gccgaaggga 89340

acgtatacgc tggaatatac tgtttatctg gatcgctcgg gaatttatca ggctggtgct 89400

gcaaccatcc agtcggttta tgctcctgag ttcagcggac acaccggagg ccagacattg 89460

acagtagaat aaaaatcgat aaaaagaggc aggctgaggc agttctctct gtagaagagg 89520

ctgtttcagc ctgcttttct tttcccggct gtatcggcaa atttatatta attcactagc 89580

aacctttgtt cgtctttgat tttctagtta tctttgttca ctctaaacaa gtaacacttt 89640

gaaagatgaa acgtatttta tttattctca atatattgtt tgccgctgtc ttggctgctc 89700

aggcacagcc gaaaattaca ttcgacaaga atgtgcagga gttaggatat gtgctttggc 89760

gcaatccggt gaccattact tatcatttta ccaatacagg tgacaaaccg ctggttattt 89820

cgaaagtaac ttcttcgtgc ggttgtacag aggtcgactg gacaaaatct ccgattgccg 89880

ccggtgagaa aggtacggta acggcagtgt tcgacgctga agctatcgga catttttaca 89940

aggaagtcgg catttactgc aatgcttctt atcgtcccat ttatctggag ttcaacggtg 90000

aggtgacagc cgacgcaaag aactattcgt ttacgcatcc tgtagctttc ggagccatac 90060

gtctggataa ggatgaaatc gaatttaatg atgtgaacaa aggagatcat ccggaattcg 90120

acatcttggt tgccaacact tctaacaagg cttattctcc cgtgctgatg catttgcctc 90180

catatctgag tgcaaaggca gttcccgaag tactgggaag aggaaagaac ggtaagatta 90240

tcgtgacact cgatacagaa aaactaccga aattcggcat tacccgtaca tcggtatact 90300

tgtcgcgtta tccgggcgac aaggtaggca gtgacaatga aattcctgtt tcggccgttc 90360

tgctacccga cttttccgga ctgaccgaac agcagaagaa caatccgccg caaatttcgc 90420

tttctacaac gcagctggag ttcccgccgc tgaaaccgaa ccagaagaaa tcgcagaatg 90480

tcatcatcac caatacggga aaaaacgatc tggtgattca ggatatgcag gtattcaaca 90540

ttgcccttgc cgtcaacttg aagaagacgg tcttgaagcc gggcgagtct gccaaactga 90600

agatcactgt attgggcgat aacctttcgc gtgtgaaagg tactccgcgt gtactgatga 90660

ttaccaacga cccgaaaaaa ccttcggtta ctatccgggt aaaggcaaaa atcaagcagc 90720

cctgatagtt tctgtcgagg ctttattatc aacttaaaat actaagacta tggaacaccc 90780

tgaaaacagc gaagaataca agggattgac tgttaacaag ggtattgagc aacccgcttg 90840

tatcaatcct tatttgaaat taaggaagaa gccgaaacgc cgtcagttta ccgtaagcga 90900

gtatgtggaa ggtatcgtga aaggtgatgt gaccatactg agtcaggcag ttacgctggt 90960

agaaagcgtg aagcccgagc atcaggcggt ggcgcaggag gtgattgaaa agtgtctgcc 91020

ttattcgggc aattccatcc gcataggtat cagtggtgtt cccggtgccg gaaagagtac 91080

gtcgattgat gtattcggcc tgcatgtgct ggaacgtggc ggcaagcttg ccgtactggc 91140

tatcgacccc agtagcgaac gttcgaaagg cagcattctg ggtgataaga cccgtatgga 91200

aaaactttcc gttcatcccg attcctttat ccgtcccagc cctacggcag gttcgttggg 91260

cggcgtagcc cgcaagaccc gtgaaacgat tatcttgtgc gaggcggcag gtttcgataa 91320

aatttttgtc gaaacagtgg gagtagggca gagtgaaacg gctgtccatt cgatggtgga 91380

ctttttcctg ttgatacagc ttgccggtac aggcgatgaa ctacagggta tcaagcgtgg 91440

aatcatggaa atggctgacg gtattatcat caacaaagcc gacggaaaca acattgaaaa 91500

ggcgaagctg gcagcggctc atttccgcaa tgcattgcat ctgtttccgg ctccagagtc 91560

gggatggaca ccgcaggtac tcacgtattc cggtttctac ggcatcggta tcaaggaaat 91620

ctgggacatg gtgtacagtt atatcgattt tgtgaagaag aacggatatt tcgattaccg 91680

ccgcaacgaa caggcgaaat actggatgta tgaaaccatc aacgagcatt tgcgcgacaa 91740

cttctacaac aatccggcta ttgcttcgat gcttgctgct caggaacggg aagtgttgca 91800

gggaaaggct acttcgtttt cggctgcaaa gaagttactc gatacttatt tccggaatat 91860

ctgatttcac ccagcggagg aactgaaaga tacgtcacta ggttccggtt gttttttgta 91920

caaatttctt ttgtttttgt acaaaaaata aaaaaacgtc gagacgtttt tcatgaaaga 91980

tgcaatcaac cgacaaagaa taataagaca agataggaac tctcttcaga ggcattggaa 92040

aaagcctccg aagagagttc ttttttacgt gtgctctcgg ttgaaaacac ccgatacatg 92100

gggtgttatc agttaccttt tatcggtaaa atcgcttttc ttagaaaaaa acaaagaatt 92160

atttggttta taaaataaac tgctttatat ttgtaaagca aaaagaatag gaataaacgc 92220

gcggatttct atttttttgt aactatggtt tataaaataa actactttac tatcttaaaa 92280

ttctaaggaa tatggaagaa aagaaattta cggaaaaaga aagtctggaa ttgatttccc 92340

aaatgattca ggtgacgaag gaaaatctgg agcggggtag cggcaatgtc tttctggtgt 92400

acggatatgc tgcggtagta ctttcggtag tggtgtatgc agccgtgaat ctcacgggca 92460

ggccgctgtg gaatgccttg tggtttttga tgtttgttcc cgccatcgtc atgaaaatac 92520

ttcaggctcg taagaaacct tctgtagtaa cgcacatgga taagatgata gctcatacat 92580

ggtgcatcgt aggatcgttg ttcggattga ctgttgtggt catgatactg atagggctgg 92640

tgattggttc gtgccatttt ggcctgatgc tcccgttgtg cttgttgtat gccggtatag 92700

gcacttccat taccggtctt attgttcggg ttccggcctt ggtatattca cctcttgtcg 92760

cctttgtggt tgctgtttat atgctgatga tactgaccaa cggcggaagt gtggctccgg 92820

aatggaatct ttatttcggc ttttctttct tgctgatgat ggtgataccg ggacatttgt 92880

tgaataaaaa agctgctgct tatgcttgct gaactggatc cgttgataca ctcgcaactg 92940

cgcctggcaa ttatgtctat cttgctctcg gtggatgagg ccgattttgt atacctgaag 93000

gagaagacgg aatctactgc tggcaatctt agtgtacaac ttgacaagtt gagcaaggca 93060

ggatatattc aggtggagaa agagtttgtg gggaagaaga ctcgcacatc gtgccggatg 93120

acggaaacgg gaagaaaggc gatggaagcg tatgtgaagg cactgaagac ttatctggat 93180

ttgtaggata agagaaatgt gacgaaaagg aggaaaaagg aaagtttagt atgcaagttc 93240

aaggaaaagg agcaattatt tatattcgtg tccggtaaat ctatataaat agttgcttgt 93300

tggtattgtt cttgttgaga gactacatcg ttgaaacttg tggataattg gttgtatatc 93360

attgttctat gagaaaatta aatactcttg ccaaatagcg ataattgatt gataagccga 93420

tcagtcctga tctgtaataa aaaggttcta tcatcccctg gcgggaaaat gatagaacct 93480

tcttttattt atttctgtaa tctgcgatta gaaaccagcc aggctgacaa tcttgtcgac 93540

agctgcgttc agtccgtccg gattcttacc gccggcagtt gcaaaatgag gctgaccgcc 93600

accgccaccc tgaatcagtt tggcagcttc gcgaaccagt tgtccggcat tcagtccggc 93660

cttaacctga tcgtcgctca tggttacggt aagcaacggc ttgttttcga atacgctacc 93720

gattacaacg aacaagtttt cggggaactg tcccttcaac tggaaggcaa tgttcttcac 93780

ggcatcagca ggcatcggga gtacgctctt gatgactttc acaccgttga tttcttttgc 93840

accttcaatc agcttgttct ttacagtagc ttctttttct ttcatgaatt cttctacctg 93900

tttcttcaag ccggcatttt cttcgatgta tttcgaaatg gcagctttca ggtcaggagc 93960

gttgttgaac aaagatttca gatcgttgaa tgtatcttgt acggtatcga acatttcttc 94020

taccttggca cctgtaacag cttctatacg gcgtacaccg gcagctacag agctttcaga 94080

aagaatcttc accataccaa tctttccggt tgccgatacg tgagtaccac cacagaattc 94140

gatagatgaa ccgaactgta cgacacgtac ttcatcgccg tacttttcgc cgaacaaggc 94200

aattgcaccc agttcttttg ccttttcgat aggcaggtta cggtattctg tcaacggaat 94260

atcttcgcgg atcttggcat ttaccagatg ttctacctcg cgaagctgtt ccggagttac 94320

tttctggaag tgagagaagt cgaaacgcaa tgaatcagga gtaaccaaag aacccttctg 94380

ctctacgtga gttcccagta cctgacgcaa tgcttcgtcc agcaagtgag tacaagagtg 94440

gttggctgca caagctgcac gcttgtcggt atctacacat gccatcatcg gagcatccag 94500

atgttccgga agtttcttgg caatgtggat aggaagattg ttttctttct tggtatcgat 94560

gatgtcgatg gtttcgaatt cgcttaccag tacgccggta tcacctacct gaccaccact 94620

ttctgcgtag aacggagttt cgctcagtac aatctggtag agagtctggt tcttctgttt 94680

aatctgacgg taacgcagaa tgctggtttc gtattctgta tagtcgtaac ccacgaaatg 94740

agtttcgcct tcttttagtg taacccagtc gcctgtttct acggcagcag cgttacgtgc 94800

acgctgtttc tgcttctgca tttcagcttc gaagcctttc acatcggcag tcagaccgtt 94860

ttcacgcaaa atcagttcgg tcaggtcgaa cgggaatccg aaagtatcgt acagtgtaaa 94920

tgcgtctaca ccgctgattt cagtcttgcc ggcagctttg gcttcagcca ttgtcttatc 94980

gagcaggcgg ataccggttt ccagtgtgcg gaggaatgat tcttcttctt ccttcattac 95040

tttctcaatc aaggcctgct gagctttcag ttcaggataa gcaccaccca tattttcgat 95100

cagtaccgga accagcttgt acatgaaggc ctgcttctgt ccgaggaagg tataagcgta 95160

gcgaacggca cgacgcagga ttcggcggat tacgtaacca gcctttgcat tcgatggcag 95220

ctgtccgtcg gtgatagaga aggcgatggt acggatgtgg tcggctacca cacgcatagc 95280

tacgtctact ttttcgtctt caccatactt cttgcccgac aaatcgccga tagccttgat 95340

gataggctgg aaaacgtcgg tatcgtagtt ggatgtcttg ccctgcaagg tacgtaccag 95400

acgttcgaat cccataccgg tatcgattac ttttgctgga agtggttcca gtgttccgtc 95460

agccttgcgg ttgtactgca tgaacaccag gttccagatt tcgataacct gcggatgatc 95520

tttgttaacc agttcacgtc ccggaacagc agccttttct tctgccgaac gcgagtcgat 95580

gtggatttca gaacacgggc cgcaaggacc tgtatcaccc atttcccaga agttatcgtg 95640

cttgttgccg ttgatgatat gatcttcggg gaaatactga gcccagtatc cggcagcttc 95700

atcgtcgcgg gcaagtcctt cctcagggct tccttcgaat acggttacat acaaatcttt 95760

cggatcgagt ttcaatacct ttaccagata ttcgtatgcc catccgataa cttctttctt 95820

gaagtagtcg ccgaaagacc agttacccag catttcgaac atggtatgat ggtatgtatc 95880

gtgacctact tcttctaggt cgttatgttt tccactcaca cgcaagcact tctgtgagtc 95940

ggttacacgt ttgtatttcg caggatgatt gcccagaata atatctttaa actggttcat 96000

acctgcattg gtgaacatca atgtcgggtc gtctttgatg accatcggtg ctgaaggcac 96060

gatctgatgt cctttcgact caaagaattt tacaaatgag tcgcggattt cgtttgctgt 96120

caacataatg cttataatgt cttgtagtta atattctcaa aattgatttg caaagataat 96180

cggttttatt atttttgtcc gtatgtttga tgcaaaaact tgatgtgttg cgtcttaaat 96240

tttttcaaaa caagatttga atgcggaaag tctattatat atataatccg aaaacgcgta 96300

catacgaccg tatttatccc actatgcgcc agcgggcgat gagctacctg aggcgtttgt 96360

ttgtggggat gggattgggt gccggatgct ttatcatctt gttgcttatc ttcggttctc 96420

cttcggaaaa ggatcttcgt gtggaaaatt cgcgtttgct ttcacagtat catattttgt 96480

ctacccgtct ggatgaggcg cttgacgtaa tgcagcagct tcagcagcgt gacgacaacc 96540

tttatcgggt gatcatgcag gcagatcccg tagcggatgc tttgcgttct gccagttatg 96600

gcaagacgaa tcgttacgag gacctgatgg atatggcaaa tgcaaagttg gttgtgaata 96660

ctactcagaa gatggacttg ctttcacgcc agatatatat gcagtcgaaa tcgtttgatg 96720

aggtggtgga cttgtgcaag aaacaggatg atatgctggc gtgtattcct gccatccagc 96780

cggttgccaa taaagatttg aagcagacgg catcgggata tggaaatcgt atcgatccta 96840

tttataaaac agtgaagttt catgcgggca tggacttctc tgccaacgta ggtacgccgg 96900

tgtatgccac gggaaacggt acggtgcaga aggcaggctg ggaaggattg tacggcaact 96960

gtatcgtgat aaatcatggt tttggctatg taacccgtta tgctcatcta agtaagattg 97020

atgtaagagt aggacagaag gtcgtacgtg gagaaacgat aggaaaagta ggaactacag 97080

ggaagagtac cggaccgcat ttgcactacg aggttcatct gaaagggcag attatgaatc 97140

cggtgaacta ttatttcatg gatctggatg cggatgatta tgacaagatg attcagattg 97200

ccgccaatca cggtaaggta tttgattaat gttgtagata aaaaagaaca aatcatggct 97260

ttaaagactg ataagggact gaaattatat tattccattc gtgaggtagc ggaaatgttt 97320

gatgtcaacg aatcgctttt acgctattgg gagaaagagt ttcctatgat tgctcccaag 97380

aaggcaggag gaaatatccg tcagtatacg aaagaagata ttgaaaatat tcgtctggtg 97440

tatcacttgg taaaggaaaa gggtatgaca cttgccggag ctaagcagcg cttgaagcag 97500

aataaggagg gggttcgcga tacggctgaa atcattgacc gcttgcgtcg tatcagagaa 97560

gacttgctca gtatgcggaa agaactggat tatcttacct gacacagccg gtgtaagttg 97620

cttttgtttg taagatggat attatttgta agtcgcaaat aatcctttag gtattgttgg 97680

cctaacccta tccagctgaa tctgaatgaa atattgtttc cgattggtac aaacgaatgc 97740

gtattgctaa aaatggcata taaaaagaat ggttgattct ctttttatat gccatttctt 97800

atgttttgtt ggagctgttt caatcgatta taaccaatag ctgaagttgt atattcttta 97860

atcggctatc gtatcttcga aattttcaat acgagttact ttctttatct gttctatctt 97920

tttcagattg gtacaaatgg tgtttacatc atccacatca tgtacataaa gttgtatacg 97980

tccttcgaag ataccgtcgt tcgattcaat attcaactta tggatgttca cattgagttg 98040

ctgtgaaatg atttgtgtca cctgatttaa tactccgata ccgtcaattc ctttgatata 98100

gacgttgaca gggaagttca gtgccttgcc cgtttcccat tccacggcga gcaaccggtt 98160

accgaagctg gtcttcagtt gggctgctat cggacactgg cgtttgtgaa tgacaatacg 98220

gttattgtcg tcgatgtaac caagtacatc gtcgcccggg ataggcttac agcaatcggc 98280

aagaatatag ttcttttgaa tagcatcggg agtgagcttg atggttttct tcttgtcgat 98340

gttcagggta gcctgttctg tctgcttctc ttcctgtttg tttttgttgt ttcctccgaa 98400

agcaaagctg atatactttt tccagttggt tggcgacggc ttttccttca gttcgttttt 98460

gtcggcttcg cccagcgtga aaactccctg accgatgttc tgagtcagtt cgtcgtaatt 98520

ctttacatga tgcaggttgc agagcttttt gatattctca tcgctggcag gcagattctc 98580

ctgattaaag aaatcggtaa gcatgtcttc gcctttctgc tgcatctcct tcttttcacg 98640

cttcaggata gccagtattt tagctttggc tttggcggta gtagcaaaat taatccacga 98700

aggctgtacc ttctgcgact tggatgtaag gatctctacc tgatcaccgc tttgcagttt 98760

gtggcttagc ggaaccagtt tatgattgac ttttgctccg atacagtggc ttcccaggaa 98820

tgtatggata gagaaagcga agtcgagtgc cgtacagttt tgcggcatgg tcttgatttc 98880

ccccttcggt gtgaagacaa atatctcgga tgcaaacaag ttcagtttga tggtatcgag 98940

aaaatcgagc gcatccggct gagggtcgtc cagaatttcc ttaatggttt tcagccattt 99000

actcagttcg ccttcatctt cactgcctcc tccttcttta tatttccagt gagcggcaaa 99060

tccctgttcg gcgacgtcgt tcatacgttc gcttcttatc tgtacttcaa tccattgtcc 99120

cttgttgctc atcagtgtaa cgtgcagtgc ctgatagccg ttggctttcg ggtgacttac 99180

ccagtcgcgc agacggtcgg ggtgcggttt gtatattttc gagatagcta catagatatc 99240

gaagcaatca ttcagttcct cttcctcatt tcgtggagta aagatgatac gtacggcaag 99300

aatatcataa atctcttcga acgtgatatg cttggtctgc atcttgttcc agatggaata 99360

aggcgatttt acacgtgcca ggatacgata aggaataccc attttatcca gttgtgcacg 99420

gataggagct gtaaattcgg tgaaaacact ttcacgctct gcctgagtag cctgtaattt 99480

gtcttgtatt tctttgtagg tttccggatg ctcgtatttg aaactcaggt cttccagttc 99540

ggtcttgata cggttcagac ccagacggtt ggccagagga gcatagatat aaagggtttc 99600

acctgcaatt ttatactgtt tgctggggag catggagccg agtgtacgca tgttgtgcag 99660

gcggtcggct atctttatca ggataacccg gatgtcatcg ttcattgtga gcaagagctt 99720

cttgaagttc tctgcctgcg cggaggcgcg gtcgccgaag atacctccgg agatttttgt 99780

cagcccgtcg acgatttgtg ctattttcgg gccgaacaga ttttcaatat cttctactgt 99840

atagtccgta tcttctacca cgtcgtgcag taaagccgaa cagatggaag tcgatcccaa 99900

gcctatttct acgcacgcaa tgcgtgctac ggcaatagga tgcagtatat agggttcacc 99960

cgaacgacgt cggacacctt tatgtgcttg cttggcaaaa ttaaaagctt tcgtgattat 100020

ttctactttt ttgcggtgct tgctttccag gtatcgatct aaaagttctt gaaaggcatc 100080

atttatctgc ttttcatcgg tttgctcttg tgtaagttta tcatccgtca ttatattcct 100140

cccttaatat aattgcaaaa ataaagaaaa taaagaattt tacaagtaga atcaagtttt 100200

ttcttagggt cttgtttgaa aagttaagcc tgaaaacaaa aaaagctctc ggctagtctt 100260

tgtggataac cgagagcttt ttatgagatt atgggtgtaa aatatgaggt ttatcggata 100320

cgtaatgatc gtccggcgcg aatgctgctg ccttttattc cgttcaaccg gcgtaactgt 100380

gctacgctta cgccgtattt ggctgcgatg cctcccagag tttcaccgtt tctgattttg 100440

tggtagacgg cttttcccga tttggcagac gatttaacgg cggcaacttc tactttactg 100500

cgccgagtct ggtagacttc cggtttgtaa ttgtatatgc tgtcttcgtt atcgataaag 100560

cagctcatca ttttgttgga gagacgtaaa gcataaggct tttcatttcc gggaatgatg 100620

tcttttttaa attccggatt cagtgcacga agttcgtcaa tattcgtatt gcatactgcg 100680

gcaatctgct gaagattcaa cggacgcgat atgtgaatgg tatcagttcc ttccggcatt 100740

ttcatttcca gtgggctgat attgtgttca caatagtacg tcataatgta gtttgcagcg 100800

ataaatgccg gtacgtatcc tctggtttct ttgggaagat aattgtacag tttccagaaa 100860

tccttttctc catcggcacg gcggatggct ttgtttattg tacccggacc gcaattatag 100920

gcagcaagta ccagattcca gtcgtgataa atgtcgtata agtctttcag atagcgtgcg 100980

gcagcgcgag tcgacttgat cgggtcacgg cgttcgtcta tcaggctggt tacttgcagg 101040

ccatagattt tacccgttgc cagcatgaac tgccataagc ccacagctcc ctgacgagaa 101100

gtggccatcg gattcagggc cgattcgatg acaggaagat acttcagctc cagcggaagg 101160

tcgtacaaat cgagtgcttc ttcgaatata ggcatgtaaa aattgttggc actcagcatg 101220

aatgcaacct tctgacgtaa gcgggtagca tacatgtcga taaattttcg taccacttcg 101280

ttgtacggca tttcgatgat agccggaata cgttgcaacc ggtcgatata gatagagtcg 101340

ctgacttctg gattagcgga agttgcggta cagttttctc ccaaattgat atagtttttc 101400

gaaatccagt ccagatacag actgtctgtt tcggaaagca taccttcggg caagtcgaaa 101460

ctctcttcta cgccagagct tgaacggaca acaatgctct gttccgtttt ttgggcaaag 101520

agattcgaaa agctaaggaa ggcaagtatg ccaatacata gtttcttcat attttaaaat 101580

ttaatactgc attgcaagcc tattccttgt ggcagcttgc ggtatgcatc gttaaatatt 101640

gtaggttcca gtgtcattcc cagatcgttc gatatatcga agttcgacag ttcggcatct 101700

acatacgcgt cgatgaccga caacagatat actgcgataa aagagattat acttaaatct 101760

cgctgacggc ggaagacatc ctttcgcttg cggaatagtt cctgataata atccaacctg 101820

ttttgcacat ccttcttggt atatccggcc ggcaggaagt tcatatagct atcattattc 101880

ggattatcgc tcatgatatc ctgatatgcc tgtgtgtaat ccttatacat tttactgttc 101940

caggtcaaag cataggtaca tcctgcgaaa cctccataaa tgattggcag tttccagtac 102000

ttccggttgt atatctgacc tgcaccgggt atggcaagtg acagccagat agagttgttc 102060

ggtataggaa gccacttctt cttttccttg atggcctgag gttttcggct ttgcagcgag 102120

tcactctgcc gcatgagcat ggcagtatcc accggagctt ccagttcttc gatgcgctgc 102180

tggcgtatat tcagcgtatc gagtaaggca agactgtcgg ctacgttttg cgcacgtatc 102240

gagtcggcgg tcagtatgcc tttccggtgc ttgagtgcac gttgtgcata tccctctgta 102300

cttcctcccc ataccagaca gaaaagcagt acgatatata ctatatatgt aaacggtcgt 102360

tgtctcaaga cttgttcttt ttattctttt ggtttcaatg agtccagtat ctccatgatt 102420

ctttccagat cggcttcgtt gttgaagggg atactgattt taccttttcc tttgttgctg 102480

cacgacagct gtaccttggt accgaagaat gtacacagat gattctgcaa catggtatat 102540

tcttcggaca gtttggcgcc tttgggagct attttcttgc ctcccgattc cacgctttca 102600

cccgcggaca atgcctttac tatttcttct accttgcgta cggaataccc ttgcgcaatg 102660

atttcgttga aaatacgtat ctgtgtcttc gggtcgtcca gcgcaagcaa ggcacgtgca 102720

tgccccatgt ctatttcttt attcttcagt gcaacctgta ttgtagcagg aagtttgagc 102780

agtcgcaggt agttggcgat ggtagtacgc tttttcccca cccgttcgct caggcgttcc 102840

tgagtcagtt cgtattgttc gataagatgc tgataggcga gtgcgatctc cagcgagttc 102900

aagtcttcac gctgaatgtt ctctatcagc gccatttcca tcatgttctc atcgtcggca 102960

gtacggatat aagcagggat ggtactcagt cctgccagaa tggaggcacg gtaacgtcgt 103020

tctcctgcta taatctgata tgaatcctca ttcagcttgc gtaaggtaat aggttgtatg 103080

atgccgattt cagctattga gtcggcaagt tcttgcaggg caatcggatc aaattcccgt 103140

cgcggctggt tcgggttgac ggatatcttg ctcagttcca cttcgttgat agaagaagag 103200

cccgaagtct ttacctcgtc attggtagaa atcagcgcgt caagtcctct gcccagtgca 103260

aattttttct gtacggccat attcgtttat tctttcagct tttatgcttc tttgttcttg 103320

tttataattt cgtttgccag agccaggtga ttcttggcac ccgtagaatc tgcatcgtac 103380

aagatggcag gtattccgtg actgggagct tcactcagct tgacgtttcg ctggataatg 103440

gttttgaaca ccagttcctg aaaatgacgc ttaacctcgt cgtatatctg gttggccaga 103500

cgcagacgtg agtcgaacat cgtgagcagg aatccttcta tttccagcga aggatttagt 103560

tttgtcttga ttatcttgat ggtgttcagc agtttactga taccttccag tgcaaagtac 103620

tcgcattgta ccggaatgat gaccgagtcg gcagccgtca gggcattgat ggtaatcagt 103680

cccagcgacg gtgaacagtc tatcaggata taatcgtatt catttttcat cggctccaag 103740

gcctttttca taatcttctc acggttttcc aggttcagca tttcaatttc tgctcccacg 103800

aggtcgatgt gagaaggaat aatgtctaat ccgtcaatat cggttgtgta aatagcttcc 103860

ctgatgtctg tctggttgat aaggcattcg taaatagaac agtcaatgtc ctttaaatca 103920

acccccagac cggatgaagc atttgcctgc ggatcagcgt cgactaccag cactttcttc 103980

tcgagagtgg ctaatgatgc agccaggtta atggttgtcg tagtcttacc cacgccacct 104040

ttttggttgg ctaaagcaat aatttttccc atattaatca gtttactgat tgcgaagtaa 104100

caaataatcg tcgaaagtat gtatcagcaa atgtctgcat ttcttgaaaa tgttgataac 104160

tcacggcttt tgttaataac ttcggcgagg caaagatacg caattctgtg taattatgtg 104220

ccgtggtttg agaagattaa tatttgttgt aactttacgg gcaattatta ataatgaaat 104280

atatgacaaa cgaaagacct cttttattac tatcgaacga tgatggcgtg aatgccaaag 104340

gaatacgaga attagtaggg gcattgcgcc cggttgccga cctgatagtc gtagcccccg 104400

acgggccgcg ttcagggtca tcgggagcca ttacttccga acatcctctc cgttgtgcaa 104460

aggtacgcca ggagcccgga ctgaccgtct acaagtgttc gggaagccct gtcgattgtg 104520

taaaactggc tttgcatgct ttggtgcccc gcaagcccga tatggtgata ggaggtatca 104580

atcacggcga caattcgtcg gtaaatgtgc attattccgg tacgatgggt gtggtgatag 104640

aaggctgctt gaaggggatt ccttcggtag gattctcatt gtgcaaccat agtgcggatg 104700

cgaatttctc ggtcacgctg ccttatgtac gccgcatcgt ggaggaagtg cttgccaagg 104760

gactccccga aggtaagtgt ctgaatgtga atttccccga tacggatgaa ctgaaaggtg 104820

tgcgtatctg ccggcagacc gacggagtgt ggataaacga gtttgtcaag gccgaacatc 104880

cgcgtggcgg ttgctactac tggctaacgg gagaatacaa gaacaacgag cccgatgccg 104940

aggataccga ccactgggct ttggaacatg attatgtggc aattacgccc acgcagattg 105000

acgttacggc gtattcgctg atggatgatt tgaaacattg gaactggaac gtatgaagta 105060

ttatctgata gtaggagagg cgtcgggcga cttgcatgca tcgaacctga tgcgtgcctt 105120

gcagcacgaa gatccgcagg cagaatttcg cttcttcgga ggcgatttga tgaaggcggt 105180

gggcggtact tgcgtaaagc attaccgcga actggcgtat atgggtttca ttcccgtgct 105240

gcttcacttg cgaaccattt tccgtaacat ggatttttgc aagaaggatg tcgaagcgtg 105300

gcagccggat gtcttgattt tggtcgatta tccggggttt aacctgaaga tagccgaata 105360

catcaagcgg cacacgcaga tacctgtcta ctattatatt tcgccgaaga tctgggcgtg 105420

gaaggagtac cgcatcaaga atattaaacg cgatgtcgat gagttgtttt ctatcctgcc 105480

tttcgaggtc gatttcttca agaagcatca gtatccgata cattatgtgg gcaatccgtg 105540

tgtggatgcg gtggatgatt ttcgcaggaa aggacaggaa actttcagtg aatttgtcac 105600

agccaacggg ctggaaggta agccgatcat cgctttgctg gcaggaagtc gccggcagga 105660

aatcaaagat aatctgacgc gcatgattga ggcggcacgt agtttcccgc aatatcagtt 105720

tgtggtggcg ggagctcccg gcattgagcc cgatttttac aagcgatata tcggcggcag 105780

tacgaaaatc gtatttggac agacgtaccg tttgttgcag caggctgagg cggcactggt 105840

tacttcggga acggctacgc tcgaaacggc tttgttccgt gtgcctcagg tggtatgcta 105900

ctacatatcg gcaggcaaac tggtttcttt ccttcgcaga catatcctga aagtgaagta 105960

tatttcgctg gtaaacctga tagccgatcg ggaggtggtg acggagctgg tggccgacgg 106020

tatgacggtt tctaatataa aaaaggagtt ggctaagatt atatcgggcg gaaacggacg 106080

ctcgcacatg ctttcggagt acgatcggct gattggtatt ttgggagagc cgggtgcgtc 106140

ggaacgtgcg gcggctcaga ttacggcttt actgaaggca cgccggaagg gttgagatgg 106200

cttttttatg attcgtctgc gagtgttcgt gcgaacgtgg gcgagtttct gaaaaaacgt 106260

cgtgaccttt tctgaaaatt tgtacaaatt ctcagatttt ttgtacaaat cttaaaaaca 106320

atatgccctt cctttctttc acttgtcatt acattctgaa tcaattgttt gcaggcttga 106380

cagccttttc agaatgggtg aaagaaagga agggccttcc tgttttttaa gcagtaatca 106440

gtcctactac atacaagtat accactgctg ccggaacggc catgagggtg ctgtcgaagc 106500

ggtcgagcat acctccgtgt ccgggtagga tattacccga atccttgatg ccgagtgtac 106560

gtttcatcag cgattcggtc aagtcgcccc acgttccgaa taccacaact gtcagtccca 106620

atccgatcca gatgccggta ctcaggaatg taaagaagtg tgccagcacg atggcagcga 106680

tgatgctgaa tacggcacct ccgatagagc cttcccacga cttcttggga gaaatacgtt 106740

cgaacaatct gtgctttccg aacagcatgc cggtacagta agcccccgta tcgtttaccc 106800

agttgaagat gaaaatagac aaaggtaata tcggattgta ttgtgaaata ctttctactg 106860

cggtactgtg gtaagccagt acgttgagca aggcgaatga tagagcaatg tatatctggc 106920

tcatcatggc gtatgcccag ttgttgagtg gattaggctg tttcttgtac aactcgctga 106980

tgaacagata aagtatcaga aacaggtaag gaatgaaaat ttcattcgct cccggtacta 107040

ctccgatgta tccgaaacag agaaacagga acagacctgc cagaatggag ataggtttgt 107100

tcatacgtgt gttttctctt cggttgacaa tggtgccgaa ctcattgatt gtaagtgcac 107160

tgatcagcgc aaacaaaatg gtgaatgaaa tagggcctcc cagaatgcag cctaccaata 107220

cggctacgaa tatcactcct gttatggctc gttgaagaaa attgcttttc acggcagtaa 107280

gggatttaat gtttgttatt aaaatgcttt tgtcactcag gcagaccatg caggtcggct 107340

gaatgacaaa agcttagttt ctgttatgat aatgatgttc tcaggcttgt ttctcttcat 107400

tggaaacagt tgtaccttcg ctttgtgtag cctccggctc tttgttttcc ggttcggatg 107460

aaggttcgtc tgccttcttt tctgattccg gtagcgcttt cttttcgtcg gccatgattt 107520

cttccgaacg ggaagcccac ggacgttttc cgaatatctt ttctacatct tcagcaaaga 107580

ttacttcacg ctctatcagc agttccgcca gttggttatg accttcctta tgttccagca 107640

gcaatgcctt tgcacgtgca tattgttcat tgatcatttt ctgcacttcc tgatcaatca 107700

gttcggcagt atgttcactg taaggcttgt tgaacgtata ttcatcgttg ctgtagtagc 107760

acaggttagg caacttgtcg ctcatacctg cgtatgctat catgccgtaa gcctgtttgg 107820

ttactcgttc caggtcgttc atggcaccgg ttgagatgtg tccgatgaaa acttcttcgg 107880

cagcacgacc acctaaggtt gcacacattt catccagcat ctgctcctta gtcgtaatct 107940

gacgttcttc aggcagatac catgctgctc ccagtgcacg tcctcgcgga acgattgtga 108000

ccttgatcag cggattggca tgttccagga accatgaaat ggtagcatgt cctgcttcat 108060

gcagagcaat ggcacgtttt tcggctgcgg tcattacctt tgttttcttt tccagaccgc 108120

cgacgatacg gtcgatagct gctaagaaat catcttttcc cacagatgtc ttcgaatgac 108180

gtgccgcaat caaggctgct tcattacata cattggcaat atcagcaccg ctgaatcccg 108240

gagtctgacg tgccaacaga tcaacgtcta ccgtattatc cagtttcaac gggcggagat 108300

gtactccgaa aacctcctta cgttcgttca agtcgggcag atcgacataa atctgacggt 108360

cgaatcgtcc ggcacgcagc aaggccttat ccagaatatc tacacggttc gtagctgcca 108420

gtatgatgac tccactgttc gaaccgaatc catccatttc tgtaagcaac tggtttagcg 108480

tattttcacg ttcgtcgtta cctcccatgc tggggttctt tccacgggca cggcccaccg 108540

catcaatttc atcaataaag atgatacaag gagccttttc ctttgcctga cggaagaggt 108600

cgcgtacacg tgaagctccc actcccacaa acatttccac gaaatcggaa cctgaaatag 108660

agaagaatgg tacatcagct tcgccggcga ctgctttggc aagcaaggtc ttaccggttc 108720

ccggagggcc taccagcaat gcacctttag gaattttacc tcccagttcc gtgtattttt 108780

gcggttgttt cagaaattct acaatttctt ctacctcttg tttggcagca gcctgaccag 108840

ctacatcctt aaacgtaatg cggttggctc ctttttcaaa caattgagcc ttgcttttac 108900

ctacgttgaa aacatttccg gcaccgcccg gacctccacc tccgctcata cggcgcatga 108960

tgaacatcca tatacctatt aataacagga aaggagctac attccagaat atcatactaa 109020

agtagttcgt atgcttttcg taactgatgg aacctgtaaa atgtccgttg tcttgttctt 109080

cgtcaagaaa tttatcaagc gactccatcg atcctatctg tacattgacc gaagggcttc 109140

tgcctacttt gcttgcatct tttccgaaca catcgacaat gtgctcaggc ttgataaaca 109200

tatccacagt attgtcatcg taagcaatga ttttatttgc gtaaccttta cttaccatat 109260

ccttgaattc ggtataggtt atttccttgc ttgcacttcc gtcttcactg gaaaagtaaa 109320

ggaacccgaa aacaagagca ataatcacgt acagccagct caagcttgga cgcggtacgt 109380

tgatcttggg tttattgttg ttgtttaaat tttcgctcat acacgtttac atataaaatt 109440

aatcaatgtc gggtagagaa gtcagcttgg catcagccca caaatgctcc aagttataga 109500

aatctcttac ttccggtaaa aatacatgaa ccagcacgtc tccgtaatcc atggctaccc 109560

attgtgcatt acgtacaccg tccattccat atactttgtt gccggtttct ttccgaacgt 109620

attcttttac tgaatctacg attgccagaa cctggctagg tgagtttccc tgacagataa 109680

cgaagtattt gcagattgta tcttctatat tggttaagtc agctataacg attttctttc 109740

cttttttttc ttgaatgcct tctgtaattt tctttactaa gttctttgtt tcgtccatta 109800

ttattgtttt ctgtttttat tttagtattt actatttaat aatgtagcaa atatacttgc 109860

ttttctgtat atcacgaagg aatgaagctt aattctcttt ttcttttgta tttttttgaa 109920

aaaaaagcgc gaaactattg ctatattagg aaaaagtagt acctttgcag cgtcaaaaac 109980

gaaatgattg acaaaatact tgatattggg ctatggtgta atggtaacac aacagattct 110040

ggtcctgttt ttcttggttc gaatccgagt agcccaacat ctttaataag cggaagtctt 110100

cgcggagaag ataccgtaaa cataagtttg ggctatggtg taatggtaac acaacagatt 110160

ctggtcctgt ttttcttggt tcgaatccga gtagcccaac agttattgaa agcattctag 110220

gtttacccta ggatgctttt ttattttgtc tgagtctttt tgcgaactta gccggaaagg 110280

ttttctagta aaattgaaga aatcaaaact taatagatac ggtgtgaagt tccattaagc 110340

ttgaagtaga aaggtataat cggctcaccc gattatgaat ggagttgcgc ataaagtttc 110400

accagcttaa agaaaaggaa cttgatagta atcacttatc taagttgtcc tctgactgaa 110460

ttgagttttg tattgaaaga ttgataaatc ttttaaatcg aaaaaaggga caaaggatta 110520

ttaaaaaccc ttcgtccctt aattatggat gatgtgttga attttcttaa taaactgtac 110580

ggagtatatt atcgtgtata ctgaccgtac attgccattg cacttgcgtt caagttcttt 110640

ttaatagctt tgaatagatt ttttacttgt ttcataatgt tatcctttcc ttgtttttgt 110700

gttataaatt caagtctttt tgtttcgtcg ctctcttttt aggagagttg tttttagtta 110760

gtgttagtct tgttttatgt tttacaacac aaaattacac gtttttgttt atccattatg 110820

catttttgca agaaaaaacg ggcaatggcc tcttttcttg atttaggtca aagaaaagat 110880

tttaggggat gagcaacgat gaatctccat agctcaggaa acgaaaatcg tgcgatagtg 110940

catagtcgta aatgttgcgc cagtcacctt tcacaaaagc tgaaacaagt agcagtaacg 111000

tactttgcgg ttgatgaaag ttcgtaacca tgcgtttgac tattttgtac tcatatcccg 111060

gagcaatgat gatttgtgta ctggtatgaa gcgcatcgag cccgtgacgg ttcatgtaat 111120

ctaaaatgca ttgcaaagcc tctgtcgtgc taagagtggg attcgattca taaggttgcc 111180

actgctttac gtgcagatct tcctgactgg catccggatt ctggctgatt gttacaccta 111240

tataatatag actttccagt gtgcgtacgg aagtggtacc tactgctaca gcttctccat 111300

ggtgtgcaat cagtttttcg atggtagtct tgttgactga gatatactcg gtatgcattt 111360

cgtgtccctc tatctcttca ctcttgaccg gtttaaacgt tccggctcct acgtgaagag 111420

taacttcctc caagtcgaca cctttatctt tcagtgcaga caatactcgt tcggtgaagt 111480

gtaatccggc tgtaggagcg gccaccgaac cttttatttt ggagtaaacc gtctgatatg 111540

tttccttgtc gctttcctgc gtttcgcggt taagataagg aggaataggt agttcaccaa 111600

acacttcgag gatgtcggca aaagtaactt ccggattatc ccatgtaaag tctacccaat 111660

gacttgttcc atgacaggca ccacgctgag ctgtcagcgt gattgttttg ccttttaccg 111720

tcatttcctt atgcagcgca ccttctttcc atttcttcag gttaccgatc atgcataacc 111780

atgctgagtg actggtctgc tgaaaattca atgcgtaatc attcggctgg ataggttcca 111840

ggcagaagat ttcaatcagt gcacctgttt ccttgcggaa gtgcagacga gcctgaatca 111900

ctttggtgtt attgaatatc atcaacatgc ccggttccag ataatcgggc agagaagtga 111960

agattgtttc actgattttt ccatgttggt atacgagcag tttcgactgg tcgcgtaccg 112020

gaagcggaaa ttttgcgata cgctcatcag gcaacgggta attataatcg ctgattttta 112080

tgtgcttagt ttctgtcata gcgttgagta gtatgattta cgtgggtgca aaattacaga 112140

atttcttcgg gtatcagcgt atagctcctc gaaaatttgc tctttgtcgg ctctggcttg 112200

agaaactgaa aagtaaattt gtgcagatgg ataggtcgtc tggaagtgta ggagtcagga 112260

aaccagtaag agaaaaacgt tctgtttaga ggataatttt tttgccagca gtgaatttgc 112320

tgctctttag gcaaccggat tgcatctttt gttttcggaa taaaaccatt atctttgcac 112380

tacgtatttt tgtgaggaat tttgaatgaa ggtaaaggtt ctttacttaa agtatgcaac 112440

tgaagttctt ttttaaatag agcagtttta ttataaataa aaaggaggat aaaacgatga 112500

aaataggaga taaagtccgt ttcctcagtg aagtgggagg cggtatcgtg agaggatttc 112560

aaggaaaaga cgtagcattg gtagaaggtg acgatggctt cgagattccg atgctgataa 112620

aagagtgtgt cgttattcag accgatgatt acaatattcc ccttaaatcg gccaaaaagc 112680

ctgaagctcc gcaaccggaa gaggaagtgg aagaagaaaa gccgattacg taccgtgctc 112740

cagaaatacg tggaaacgat gtgttgaacg tatatctggc ttacgtgcct caggatgtaa 112800

aggcaatttc ctcgacagct ttcgatgctt atctggtaaa cgacagcaat tatttcatcg 112860

attacctcta tttgtcggcc gaaggcaaaa gctggacatt gcgtagtcgc ggtaccatca 112920

agccgaacat gaaaatgcat ctggaagaat tcgataaaag tgcgttgaac agtatggagc 112980

atgtggcagt acaactgctg gcttacaagg acgaccgtac atttctgttg aagaatgcgg 113040

tcaatacgga agtgcgcatt gataccgtaa aattctataa actgcatacc ttccagcaga 113100

ccgatttctt tgcagaaccg gcgttggtgt acgacattgt gcgcgatgat gaagaagtga 113160

agcaggtata tgtttcggcc aacgacatca aggaagcctt gttgcagaaa agtgcgtccg 113220

acgctccggc aaagttgcag aagaaacagc ataaggtaaa aaatgacatc gtggaagtcg 113280

acttgcacat ccacgagttg ctggacgata cgaccggtat gggaaatgcc gaaatgctga 113340

attatcagct tgatgtattc cgtaagacac tggaagaata caagaataag aaaggacaaa 113400

agatcgtctt tatccatggc aaaggcgatg gtgtgttgcg ccgtgccatt ctggatgagc 113460

tgaaacgcaa gtataagaat tatcccagcc aagatgcttc tttccgtgaa tatggttttg 113520

gagctactat ggtgaccatc cgataaaaag gaatacttcc ctcactacct ttcctgttac 113580

gtttttcgga acaaatgccg gagattgtca gaaaaggaag tgagggattt ttttgtctcg 113640

ccgaaatcct tctgtctttt gtacaaatct tttttgtttt tgtacaaaaa ataaaaaaac 113700

atcgagacat ttttagagaa agggcgtcat gcttcgacag aaatctctgt atgtatctga 113760

taatagctgc cgtgcataaa ttttcattta tgtgtactaa tttccatttc ttcccttttg 113820

ccgaatccct atctttgttc caacaaatct aaatcaggta tttgggtatg aaaaaacaca 113880

tttttcgtca tgctataatg gctttgggta tttgttcggt tttaaatata caggcgcaag 113940

cccctcaccc cgaacggatt tatttgtcgg gtacaggtat tgacaatacc cgtacatggc 114000

aattcttctg taccaagggt ctaaattctg gtaaatggaa acccatcgaa gtaccttgtt 114060

gctgggagtt gcagggcttt ggtgaatata cttatgggcg ctattatatg gtgaaagggg 114120

caaaacccaa cgatgaaatc ggtatctatc gttattactt tcagactccc aagtgtaaga 114180

aaaacgatcg tgtcaagttg tttttcgacg gggtcatgac cgatgcagaa gtgctgatca 114240

atggaaaacc tgcgggaaat attcatcaag gggcttttta ccgtttttct tacgatatta 114300

cttcactgtt aaatacagaa gggaaaaatc aacttgaagt gaaagttgcc aaacagtcgg 114360

ctaacaaatc ggtaaatgcg gcagaacgtc gtgcggattg gtggttgttt ggaggaattt 114420

atcgtccggt atggctggaa gttgttcctg aagtttcgat ggaacatttt gtgattgatg 114480

cccgtgccga tggacatttc cgcgcttcgg tgcgtacgag tggtgattca gaaggctatt 114540

ttttgtctat atcggtacaa ggattaaaag atggcaagtt tctgaaaact gatgaaggaa 114600

aggaagaaat gacctgtcga ataagttgtg caggaaaaga aacgaatgtc gaaacctggt 114660

ggcacgatgt gaaggtatgg aatacggagt cgcccgaact ctatcgagta cgtttgatat 114720

tgaaagaccg tgaagggaaa atagttcagg aacgtgaggt gagaacggga tttcggacca 114780

tcgagttttt tccgcaagac ggactttatc tgaacggaac acggctggtg gtgaaaggta 114840

ttaaccgtca ctctttctca gtagatggtg ggcggacaac gagtgctgca atgagcctgc 114900

aagacgcttt gcttatcaag gaaatgaata tgaatgctgt acgttcccat tatccgcccg 114960

atgaacattt tctcgatatg tgcgattctc tcggattggt ttatattgat gagcttgccg 115020

gatggcatgg gtgttatgat acggaaactg gtgcacggct ggtaaaggaa atggtggaac 115080

gtgatgtaaa tcatccgtct gtcattttgt ggagtaatgg gaatgaaggt ggatggaata 115140

cggcgaacga tgttcttttt actgattacg ataagtatca gcaacgtcat gtcatccatc 115200

cgtgggccga tttcaacgga cttgatacgc atcactatcc agcttatctt acgggggtgg 115260

cacgatttac caatgggtat gaagtgttta tgcctacaga atttatgcat gcaatgtacg 115320

atcagggcgg aggagctgga ctacgcgatt tttgggacag gtggatgacc aatcctatgt 115380

ttgccggagg ctttatctgg gcatttagtg atgaggctcc caagcgttcc gaccggggag 115440

gaatgctcga ttccgacggt tcgaatgctc ccgatggagt agttggtccg aggagggaaa 115500

aagaaggtag cttttatgct atcaggtcac aatggtcgcc tgtgcagata aaacctttgc 115560

ttattacgga tcatttcgac ggaagtttct tcgttacaaa cgaatatact tataccaatt 115620

tgaaagattg tcgaatgact tataaagtac ttgcatgtga tactcctatg cagggggcgc 115680

attcacgtgt gcttgccagc ggagaggttg tactttcttc tatagctcct ggagaaacag 115740

gaaaggcaca tttttctctg cctgcttctt ttcgtgaggg agatatactg aagttggaag 115800

cattcgataa agaaaaacga agtatctgtg aatggactta ccctatccat ctggcaagtc 115860

aatattttga tagccattta tctcatactt gtcggtcggc atcttctggc ccggtatcag 115920

tctgcaatga tggcaaacag ataatcttga aaagcgataa ggttagcatt acctttgatg 115980

ctggtacggg aatgattgcc cgtatacttt cggatggaca agaagttccc tttacggacg 116040

gtccggtggc ggtaggcatg aaaatgattt atcagccagc cgagagctat gtacgtcagg 116100

attcagacgg ggctgtgttt tgtgctcatt ataagggtgg agccgattcg atagtgtggc 116160

gacttactcc tcaggggctg ctctatatgg atgctgtact gttgaaccgt gccttgggag 116220

gaggtggttt tgatgatgct tttatggata cggaggttta taatcttgga attacgtttt 116280

cttatccgga gcaaaattgc aagggcatga agtggatggg aagaggacct tatcgtgtct 116340

ggaaaaatcg aatagcaggt accaactaca atatttggca taaggaatac aataatacca 116400

taactgggga aagctatgac aatctggtgt atcccgaatt taaaggttat catgccaatg 116460

tatactgggc tactttagaa agtgatgagg tctcctttac gatttactcg cgtacagatg 116520

gaatctttta ccgtatcttt acacctctgg agccaaaata tagtgccaaa aagacaatgc 116580

ctgattttcc tgaaggagat atttcttttt tgcttgatat accagccatt tgttcgttta 116640

agcctattga acaacaggga ccaaatagtc agcctggtaa tattcgcata aagaaaggtg 116700

ataaaggctt acagttgaac ttgatgttcg atttcagaaa aaccttctga gcttatctta 116760

ttataggtac aaaactcttc ctttttaacg agataagtta ataataatgt gtacctttgc 116820

gggctgaaat cagaacatgc ttatgcaaca agacaataaa cctattatcg aagtaaaaaa 116880

cgtgtcgaaa ttctttggtg aaaagacggc actcgaccat attaacttgt ctatccgcaa 116940

gggggaattc gtgacgattc tcggtccttc gggatgtgga aagacaacgt tgctgcgact 117000

cattgcggga ttccagactg cctcggaagg ggagttgtat atcgatggga cagaaattac 117060

ccagactcct cctcatcgtc gtccggtgaa tacggtgttt cagaaatatg cgctgttccc 117120

tcacctgaat gtatatgata acattgcttt cggactgaaa ctgaagaaaa tgccgaaggc 117180

agagatggag aaaaaggtga aggtggcatt gaagatggtg ggcatgaccg actatgaata 117240

ccgtgacgta aactcgttgt cgggtggaca gcagcagcgt gtggccatcg ctcgtgccat 117300

tgtaaacgag ccggaagtgt tgttgctcga cgaaccgctg gcagcactcg acctgaaaat 117360

gcgtaaggat atgcagatgg aactgaagga aatgcaccgt cgtctgggaa ttacctttgt 117420

ttatgttacg cacgatcagg aggaggcttt gacgctgagc gataccattg tggtcatgag 117480

cgaaggaaaa attcagcaaa tcggtacgcc gaccgatatc tacaatgagc ctatcaattc 117540

gttcgttgcc gattttatcg gtgaaagcaa tatcttgaac ggtacgatgg ttcgcgactg 117600

tctggtacgt ttctgcggac gggagtttga atgtgtggat aagggttttg gcgaaaatgc 117660

tcctgtcgat gtggtaatcc gtccggaaga cttgtatatt ttccccgtgt ccgatgcggc 117720

acagcttcgt ggtgtggtgc agtcgtgcat cttcaagggg gtacattacg agatggcagt 117780

ggctgtaggc gattatgaat ttctggtaca agactatcat gctttcgaag caggttcgga 117840

agttggtctg ctcatcaagc cgatggacat acatatcatg cagaaagagc ggatatgcaa 117900

tacgttcgaa gcatcgatga tagacgaaac acacgtggaa ttcctcggtt gcgagttcga 117960

atgtccgcgg gtggatatga gtgactcgtc acgcgactgg aagcatgtga aggtggaagt 118020

tgatttcgac aaggtgatct tgcaggataa tgaagaagac ggaatgctta ccggagaggt 118080

gaagttcatt ctttacaagg gaaaccatta tcatctcacg gttttgtccg actgggacga 118140

aaatgttttt gtcgatacca acgatgtgtg ggacgacggc gaccgcgtgg gtattaccat 118200

tcctgctgag gctattcgtg taatttgtta atataaggat aatgaagaaa ttgcaacatt 118260

ttttctcttc gcgcaagagt tgggttttgc cttatctcat tttttcggtc atatttgtta 118320

tcatcccgct gttgttgatt gtggtatatg cgtttaccga cgacatggga catcttacgt 118380

tggccaattt cagcaagttt tttgctcatt cggagtcggt caatactttt gtctattcta 118440

ttggtatcgc cattcttacc acgctgggat gtatcttgct gggatatccg gtggcatgga 118500

ttctgaacaa ctgcaagaat ctgagttatt cgcgcacgct gatcatgctg ttcatccttc 118560

cgatgtgggt aaacattctg gtgcgtacgc tcgctacggt tgccttgttc gacttttgtc 118620

ggttgccgct gggcgaagga gcgcttattt tcggtatgat atacaatttc attcccttta 118680

tgatttatcc tatttacaat acgttgcaga aaatggacag aagttacatc gaggcggcac 118740

aggatttggg agccaattct ttccaagtat tctggaaagt gatttttcct ttgtccatgc 118800

cgggggtagt aagtggcatc atgatggtat tcatgcctac catttcgacc tttgccatag 118860

ccgaactgct gacaatgaac aacatcaagc tctttggaac aaccatacag gagaatataa 118920

acaacagctt gtggaactac ggagcggcgc tttcgctcat catgttgttc ttgattgccg 118980

ccacttcctt gttcgctccc gagaataagg acgagtcgga gaaaggagga ggcgtatggt 119040

aagaagaatc atcgagcaga catatttgtg ggtgttgctg atattgcttt acgcacctat 119100

tctgattatt gtggtttatt cgtttaccga ggcgaaagtg ctgggcaact ggaccggctt 119160

ttcattcaag ctgtacgagt cattgatgaa taccggtgca catcattcac tgatgaacgc 119220

ctgcatcaat acccttgcca ttgccctgat tgcagctacg gtttctacct tgctggggag 119280

cattgctgcc atcggtatct tcaatttgcg tgcgcgcagc cggaaagctg tagggtttat 119340

caatacgatt cctatcctga acggtgatat cataaccggt atttcgttgt tcctgctttt 119400

cgtttcgctg ggtattacac aaggatttac gaccgttgtg ctggctcaca ttacgttctg 119460

tacgccctac gtggtgctga gtgtgcttcc tcgcttgaaa caaatgaatc cgaacctgta 119520

tgaagcggca ctcgatctag gggcaactcc gatgcaggcg ctctggaaag tgataattcc 119580

tgagatacgt ccgggtatga tcagcggttt tctgctggca ctgactatct cgttcgacga 119640

ttttgccgta accgtgttta ccatcggaaa ccagggattg gaaacacttt ctacttatat 119700

ctatgccgat gcccgaaagg gaggattgac gccggagctt cgtccgctgt ccgccctgac 119760

gtttgtcgtt atcttgatct tgctgattat tattaaccgt agagccggaa aggctccgaa 119820

gaaataaggc tttgcagaga taaagccgtg tgccgaaacg tagaatgaaa agattttatc 119880

aagttatcgt atgcctgtgg gcttgtctgg ctatgacggg ctgctataat gccgacgaat 119940

cgcgtcagaa tatactgaaa gtatacaact gggccgacta tatcggagaa ggggtgctgg 120000

aagattttca gcaatattac aaggaacaga ccggagagga tatacgtatc gtgtatcaga 120060

ccttcgatat caatgaaatc atgcttacca agattgaaaa ggggcatgag gatttcgatg 120120

tggtatgtcc ttcggaatac atcattgaac gtatgttgca taagggactg ttgctgccta 120180

tcgatacggt attcgcacat tcacccaact acatgaaagg aatttctccc tatatccgcc 120240

gccagataga taaactgggt accacggaga atccggccag ccggtatgcg gcatgctata 120300

tgtggggaac tgccggattg ctgtacaata cgcagtatgt aactgctcag gatatggaaa 120360

catggggctg tctgtggaac aaacgctttg cgggacgtat tctgatgaag gacgcttacc 120420

gggatgctta cggtacggct atgctgtatg cttatcgcaa gcaacttgca gatggtacga 120480

tttctgttcc cgaactgatg aacgattatt ctcctgccgc catggatacg gtagaaaagt 120540

acctgaagct gttgaaaccg aatgtggcgg gctgggaagc cgacttcgga aaggagatga 120600

tgaccaaggg gaaggcgtgg ataaacatga cttggagcgg tgacgcacag tgggcaattg 120660

aagaagccga gcgggtaggt gtacatttgg cttactccat tccaaaggaa ggaagtaata 120720

tctggtacga cggatgggtg attcccaagt atgccaagaa cgtgaaggcg gcaagttatt 120780

tcatcaactt cctatgtcgt cctgatattg ctttgcgcaa catggaagaa aatgggtatg 120840

tcagtgcggt ggcggctccc gaaatcatgg aggcttgcat cgataccaca cttaccgaaa 120900

cggtggatgc cagctatttc ttcggaccgg aagggcggaa tgtaaaattg cgcaatacac 120960

aatatccgga tatctccatc gtcaaccgtt gctccatgat acgcgatttt ggcgacaaga 121020

cggtaaacgt gctcgagata tggtcgcgta tcaagggtga taacctgaac agcggcattg 121080

ttattctgat tctcgtagtg gtagccgggc tgagtatctg gcagatacgt cggcgtgtac 121140

tggcttacaa gcgccgtcgc aaacagcacc gcaagcgtcg tcgcaggtga ttatccctaa 121200

aagaaatagg aaactcccta ttggcaaata gaaagtttcc gttgcaggag gatttttatc 121260

ctcctatttt tgtatcagga aatcagaaaa atatatagaa tatgaaaacc agaaagttca 121320

cattactgtt ttgtttcatg ctttgtgcat gctttttgtc ggcacgtgcc tcttctttag 121380

gcgatattcg tgtcaatgcc cgctttctga cagaccgtat ggctttcgaa ctgaacttga 121440

atcagagcca gtacaatgat ttgtttgaaa taaacttcga ttttctgagt ggagtagatc 121500

cttatctgac agggatggct tgtgccgatg ctgccgctct tgatgcgtat taccgatatt 121560

tggatgaaag aaacgatgac ctgcgctggg tactttccag ctctgcttat gcacgattct 121620

tggcaataga atatttcttc cgtccgattt atgctttgaa caatgtatgt tacctgcgtg 121680

tgtacaaggt atatcccaat aggaatttct tctatttcgg acgtccggta cattacttga 121740

catatcgcgg agctcacagc cgacggtttt accggaacac gggcttttac cgtacgcatt 121800

atgccggtcg ctatcagcac tccgtatata gaggaaactt ccatagccgt ccggagttca 121860

gaaagcacga cttcatagct cctcgtccgg ccaagaatcc gggataccat tttactccgg 121920

ttggtccttc gaaaccggga gctccggcac accgtcccga agctcgtccg ccttatcgtc 121980

ccggaagtag tgtacggcct acgcccaaac ccgctcctaa acccgagaag cgtccgtcta 122040

gagtcgacaa caagcgaccg gttcaaccgg gaaatagtcg tccggcacgt ccgggtttct 122100

tccgtcctgc cgataaggct ccgaacaggg tgacacgtcc ttctaaatca gaacataagg 122160

ttaaccgtcg tccggtacgc ccgaatggaa aggaaagagg aaagcaggtt aagcaaacaa 122220

aagaaaaatc tttcttgcac aagatgtaag taaagcgtaa ttttgcggca aatatcaatg 122280

agatattatg aaaagccgag tacttaaacg aattgccgca ggagtaatat tggttgtgct 122340

tgtggcagga acaggactct tcttatgtag gggagccctg ttgcggcatg ttgccgggaa 122400

gaaactggaa atgctgggac agaattacgg attacagatt gcttatcgcg aactgactat 122460

gccttctctt tctactgtcc gtctggaagg actgactgtt gttcctgaag atcgggatac 122520

gttgctgaac ctcaacaaag tggaggtcga cctcagtctg ctttcgttgt tgggaggaaa 122580

aatatcggtg cgtcaggtcg atgtggaagg catgacactt tctttcgtaa aagaaggagg 122640

aatttcgaat tatgactttc tgtttcgtca gaaggacgga gagaaggacg attcggatac 122700

ggaaacgaat gctttgggtg gatacgatgt acgggtaaag cagacacttc atctgatttt 122760

ccggatgctg cccgagaacg gagagttgca taacttgaag gtgacggcac gccgtgattc 122820

cttgcaaact cgctttctga ttcccgaact tattcttacg aacagccagt ttgcttccgc 122880

cattcaggta gaagaaggcg ctatgcagcg tgaatggaag gtcagaggta cgctggcacg 122940

cagcatgcgt ctgatagaag gcagcatagc ttctgccgat gaggatgaga aagtaatgct 123000

tccatatata cgtcctcatt acaatgcgac ggtggaattc gattctattg ctttcaaatt 123060

gtcggagttg tcttcggctt ctgcaccgct gacactggaa ggcatggctt ctgtcgacgg 123120

actggaagtg tatcatgcag cactttctcc cgataccatc gatctggatc agggaaagct 123180

ggagtatacc tgtcatgtag gcgacaacta tttcgagctg gacagtgcgt ctaccgtgat 123240

attcaaccgc ctgaattttc atccttacct gcgggctgag aaagaccgta agtggcatta 123300

tacggcaagc atccatcgtc ctgcgtttcc ggcagaggac ttgtttgctt cgttgccgaa 123360

aggtttgttc cgccatgtac aaggcattcg tacgtcgggc aagctgagct atgatttgtt 123420

gctcgatgtg aatttcaatc atctggatag tctgaaattt tcttccgacc tgcgtgggca 123480

tggattccgt atcgaaagtt tgggaggaag cgagctcacc aagatgaacg gtgagtttga 123540

atataccgca tacgaaaacg accggcccgt aagaacattc ttcattggtc cgtcgaatcc 123600

caatttccgt ccgctcgacc gcatttctcc tctgcttcag atggcgatta tgcaatcgga 123660

ggacggcggg ttctattatc atcagggctt tctgccggga gccattcagg aagctttggc 123720

ttacgatctg gaggtaggac gttttgcgcg cgggggaagt accatcacca tgcagctggt 123780

gaagaatgtc tttctgaacc gtcataagaa cattgcccgc aaactggagg aggcactcat 123840

cgtctggctg atagagaatc agcaccttac ctcgaaagag cgcatgtacg aagtctacct 123900

gaacctcgtg gagtggggac ctttggttta cggagcatgc gaagcctctc atttttactt 123960

cgacaaggag ccctccgacc tgacggtgga agaagctatt tttctggctt ccattgtacc 124020

gaagcccaag catttccgtt cggtgttcaa tgccgatgct accctgcgtg agaatcagga 124080

aggatatttt cacctgattg ccagaagact ctgtgccaaa ggattgctta ccgaggagga 124140

agctgctgct gtacgtccgg aaataaccgt aaagggaaag gcaaaagata tgattttgta 124200

tcccgacagt atctggtgat gtatctcgtc ttacaggatc agttcatagt cgtctacatc 124260

aagccatcgt ccgaacttca tgcccacttc cttgaaagaa gaaacttgtc tgaatcctaa 124320

ggatgcgtgg aaatggcagc tggcggtgtt ctcgctggta atacaagcta tcagggcatg 124380

aacgccgcga cgtctgcact cgtctgtgag tcgttgcatg agttctctgc cgatgccttt 124440

tcctgtaaat gcgggtgaaa ggtatacggt ggtttccagt gtgcggttgt aggcctcctt 124500

ttctttccac gcatgtgcat agcaataccc ttctactatt ccgtcttctt cgtatacgaa 124560

ataaggatat cgttgagaga tttcggatat ccgctgttgc atttcctgtg cagtcagagg 124620

attcatatcg aaagtaatcg tactgtgtgc aatgtattcg ttgtagattg ccacaatatc 124680

aggggcatct tgtagcgtta ccggtcttat cataatatgt gtattttgat gtctgaacac 124740

aaaaatacat aattcatacg agaacttacg gagttttgaa ggctttcttg aaggaacaag 124800

cagaacgttg cttgattttt tgtacgaaaa aaattttttt ttgtacaaat tttcagaaaa 124860

tgtcaggacg tttttagaaa gacttcggga taaaataaaa gacatatccg gataaagtta 124920

tcagccgttc atctcttact tgtcaagatg ataactctgt ccggatatgt ctttctgtgt 124980

cgtacttaaa ttgccgatgt ggtatcttta ttcggaaata cggatactta ttttctttaa 125040

agcatttacg tcggaagttc caccatagag cagttcataa ttgccgttta ccagacgcat 125100

ggtattcgtg ccggtatcga accactggaa gttttcgtcg ttaagtgtaa agttaacgtt 125160

gacggtttct cctttgggaa cagatacgcg cttgaaggca cggagagtgt gtgagggcgc 125220

ttccttgtcg tccgggcgac tcaggtatac ttgtacaacc tcttcaccgt ctgtttctcc 125280

ggtgttgctt acgggaacgg taagggtgac ttccttgcct ttgctcatgg tattgctgct 125340

taaagaggcc gttccatatt caaactgtgt atagcttaat ccatgtccga agcaatatag 125400

gggagtttcg gtcatatagc ggtaggtacg tcctttcatc gagtaatcct gaaagtcggg 125460

aagctggtcg gtatgcttgt agaaagtaac aggcaacttg cccgaaggat tgtattcacc 125520

cagtagtaca tcggctattg ccgtgccgcc tgcctgaccg ggataccatg cctgaagaat 125580

ggcattacag attttgcttt cgggttccag tccgacagcc gaaccggaat agttgacgaa 125640

gataatgggc ttacccagtt tcttcagttc gctgaccaga cggcgctgta tggccggcag 125700

ttcgatgctg gtacggtcgc cgcctttgaa gccttctgca ctaacaggca tttcttctcc 125760

ttccagtgaa ggcgagatac ctcctgcgaa cacgattaca tcggcaggct ttaccttgtc 125820

gatggaagct tgcagattaa caggaacagg gcgtcccata tcgaaattca gtaaagctgc 125880

ccggtcgttg ctgaagaata cgaaatcaat ttgaatgttg tatgtctttc ctttttcggc 125940

tttcagggta tacagtttca tgttgttttt cagaaaaact cctttggcta cttcctttcc 126000

gtctatgctg aggcggatgg ctccttctgt ttcgaaatga aaatcaatat cttctgtctg 126060

ctgtgcagta aaagctgact catagcgtgc cgaaaaatcc tggatattta taccggctgc 126120

aaaaacggtt gctcccagtg tagtgaagtg gaacggggta tttgtatatg taatagttgc 126180

gggtttaccc tccattttga tgttattcca gtaagtcgat ttgaatccgg gcttaccatc 126240

gatgctgcat tgtccgaaaa cactttccag actgctgtcg ttggtgcggt cacaccccag 126300

atcgtaaatc agccggtctg ccggaatacg ctgtttcaaa gcctcgtata aagttgtagt 126360

gtgtgaagga aatccgttgt agtttcccca ttgcatgatg gagtcgttgg cattcggtcc 126420

gattaaggcg atggtcatat cttttttcag cggcaacacg tgattgcggt tttgcaacag 126480

aacaatactc ttgcgtgcaa tctccagtgc cagatcttta tgttccttgc tgtctactac 126540

cgagtagggg atagagtccc agcatacatg ttcgtccatt tcgcctaatt caaagcgggc 126600

tttcaacaag cgtttgacgg aaacgtcgat ttgctcttcg tttatcagtc cctttttgac 126660

agcttgaggc agcgatttgt aattgtctcc acattccaga tcggtaccgt tcagtacggc 126720

tcccgcactg gctgtctgct ggtcgggata agtttcgtga gcacctttgt gccagaaatc 126780

gctgattgcg ccgcagtcag ataccacaat acctttatag ttccattcgt tgcgcagtat 126840

ttgcatcaat agtcggttgc ttccgcagca aggttcccct tcgaaacggt tgtaggcgca 126900

catcacttcc ttgacatttg cttcttctac cagcgccttg aatgccggca ggtaggtttc 126960

ccacaagtcg cgtggagcaa tattttcggc attgaagctg tggcggttcc attccggtcc 127020

ggagtgtacg gcatagtgtt tggcacatgc gtgcagctta tcgtatttca tatttgacgg 127080

tccctgtagt ccgcggacaa cggctactcc catccggctg gtcaggtaag ggtcttctcc 127140

ataagtttcc tgacctcttc cccagcgggg atcgcggaaa atattgatgt tcggagtcca 127200

gaaagtcagt ccctgatacc gttggagatt acccgatttc ttgaattccg tgtatttggc 127260

gcgagcttcg tcggacacgg ccgtaaagac tttatatacc agattgtcat cgaacgacgc 127320

tgccataccg attgtttgcg gaaatacagt cgcaatgcct gctcgtccta cgccgtgaag 127380

cgcctcattc caccagtcgt atgccttaat acccagtcgc ggaatggcgg gtgaagtgtt 127440

ttgcatgagt gcggcttttt cttccagtgt aagtcgtccc agtagatcgg atgctctttg 127500

ttcaggagta agattggggt cttgataagg gaactgctgt cccatgagcg gagttgtgaa 127560

caagaacatt cccaacccca tgagtgtgct aagttttctg ttcatgtctt aatagtatta 127620

aatgtgtcac taaccctttg atagcaaaga taacaagaat ttaggataag ggggtggaag 127680

tgtcttctaa aaaataattt cagtttcaag agaaactgct gaagttggtt ttaagaactt 127740

gtcgaagagg ctgttgaata gttgtctgca cggataagcc cgttggagtt agtgaggaat 127800

aaactcttct gtgatgttgt ctggtttagc cggataatcg gaattaatgc tgtattttat 127860

atcaatagtt cgttaaaaat tagcccagcc taagcggctc tggcagtaaa taaaatgagt 127920

tctttgaaaa gtttgtcaat taattgcgtg tttggttcaa tcccagacac gcaaataaat 127980

cgttcaagca tgtaagcatt gtgtatgact gacttgcatg atgatatgga atattttatt 128040

cccatcttct tacaggcagc cttggcgagg tttatcgctg caagtgatgc attaaagtgg 128100

aatgccagtt tcctgaagtc tgtagactga cagtttgcta ttccggcatg ttgcttggca 128160

tcccgaaagc agaattcgag ttggaaacgt gttctgtaaa agtccaggac atcctgtgcg 128220

ttctgtattt cgtttgtaga gaaatacagc tgccatttgt ccgttcttcc atccatgggg 128280

taccatacag ccaggctcac aaagcgtttg agtgctttgg agtatgcttt cagtccgtaa 128340

agtttaccct tgttcacttt gtactcggta catcttgtga tgtccagatt ttcaaagtca 128400

attttctcgt catgtaattt tggacgtccg cgttttcctg tcctattttc taaggtggga 128460

taaaacaata cggcatcatt cctgaaacgg cttattacgt ggaaaccgtt atcgtacaat 128520

ggtttgatga aagttgcctt tgaaaagaac gcatcacaca cgactgtgcc agaaatacgt 128580

ttcagctgtt cctgtatgct gataaggtaa gagctgtacc agtcaacaag attcttctca 128640

cagctttcca gcgttgcgtt gtcaggtgtc tgtacagagc ccaaagtcat acattcatgg 128700

ttgtcaacgt ctataactcc aataccggtt atttccagtc cacgtttgta ttcaccggca 128760

caaccggacc agaaatagcc aatccacggc gttttgctgc ctgattttgg aatgaaagac 128820

ggatcaacgg ctatcgcctt gcgaccacct ttaaggtgtt ccctgatgat ggcttcattg 128880

aaggaaaacc agtcaaagcc gtcgttctca aaattgttgc ggtatgtctg ttccgagaaa 128940

catccatacc gtcccatttg taggaaattg atgcggtcag gtatagccat gaataatttc 129000

attgcatcca tgaatacttt ctgaaaagat ttgcttatat ttacagctga ttcgagagcg 129060

tttctgcact cggattggta ttgcataagg agtgattctt tagtcataat taaaagtggt 129120

gaagtacttc taatttacta aaaatcagtg aattatgaaa tactttttct gttgattttc 129180

agctgtttag catatctttt tcatcccttt tcttactcct tgacgattta ttcttgacag 129240

tatttcaatg atctcttgaa tataattttg aaccggatta tgccgattct atgtttaatt 129300

ttaatttatc ggtaaaaatt taccgaagta ttgttatatg atattttatg tgaaataaag 129360

ggatagatgt tgctgaatat gatgaaacgg aacgatgctg tttatacatt tcccgtaaaa 129420

aagaaaaacc gcttcgacag atccttgtat tccactattc agtgtttcag gattttatcg 129480

aagcagtttt aagaatgatt tatacactat aaccgatgtc tggtctatag ggtagggtta 129540

ctttttcaat gttattaagt aagtgacttt atttcggcag atacttgttc cagtccggtg 129600

tctgtttgat accaaatccg gcattgattt catcgcttgg tacagggaag cagaactgtg 129660

caatatcgaa gttggtatat ttgtacgaaa cctggtcttc gacgttggca tatacatcag 129720

ccttttcacc ccagcggcgc aagtcgtaga agcggaaacc ttcctggaac aattcgcggg 129780

cgcgttcgtt cttcaggaat acgaatactt cttcttttgt attgcctaaa tcgttggtac 129840

tggtaatctt cgaatttctc ttggcgacag tcagcagcgc ttccttggca ccgttcaggt 129900

cgggctgtgc ggcacgcagt ttcgattcgg cgatgatcag ttccatttca ggagcattga 129960

cgacgtagtt ggttgcgtat gatgcatttc ctcctccgaa ccagaattta cctccgtgtt 130020

gtaactgggt atatgagcct ttcttgatgg taggaagata aagagaacct ctacagtcag 130080

tgtctgctat caggctgcgc atgcgctggc tgggcagacc tccgtaggta gtccatacat 130140

ttccgcaagc attggcagac cagttgttgt ttacatcgat ggccagacgg aagatacttt 130200

ccgaattgct gtctccgctt gtatacagtt tcttgtagtc gtctatagta tacgctacaa 130260

ctttctttcc tgagtgctgg agtgcattcg atgcatattt ctcggcgttg ctgaagtctt 130320

ccagatacaa gtaagtacgc gccagcaggc cttcgatggc tgccacagac agatactggt 130380

tggtacctct tccctcggtt ttgctttctt tgtagcagtt aagagcattg ttaaagtcat 130440

ccagtatggc tttgtagcac tgtcctacgg tagaacggct gacatcctca aaggctttta 130500

ccggttcgtc gacaatcact acaccgatgg catcactgtt gtctgtcgtt ccgtttacct 130560

taatctgttt accaaataca tttgtcatag acagcatggc atatcctctc aatccgtagg 130620

cttctgccat atattgtttc aatgcagctt tgtcggcatc gggagtagtt gcttccagtt 130680

cctttcctgc cttgatgata cgtgaagcat tgtctactac cttgtatcca tattgccaga 130740

tgccactcaa gtaggggtcg tcgggggtta tgctataatg gttgatggtc atccagtggt 130800

tggcagagcc gttcaggtaa gccatgtcac cggccatgtc accgatggta agcgaatagt 130860

ttccggcaaa atagaatgcg aacagttgat agtaagttcc gttcagggca tatttcaggt 130920

tgtctacgct tgtcagtccg ttgtcaacgt ctattccttc gttgtattcc gtatcgaaga 130980

aactgttgca ggaggcaaag cttccggcca gggccgaaca gataagcagg cgagtgataa 131040

acttcttcat attttgttct tgtttgattc gttaaacata tttatttaaa acccgagggt 131100

aattccggca aggaatgttc gtgtagatgg atactggaat gaaatcaatc cgcttgtgta 131160

tgtttccgga tcgtaaccaa cgaaatcctt tgctttgaat gtgtagatat tgtctaccga 131220

tacatagatg cgcatgttgt ctatcaacgc tttcttcaag agttgtttag gcagtgtata 131280

tcccagttgc aggttcttta cgcgcaggaa gtttccgctg tacaggaacc gtgaagaatg 131340

gttgttttct ccggaagtgt ttccgtatac atatttcgga acattggtgt aacggttgtt 131400

ttcagtccat gcattttcat acagataagt tgtaggagtg acgtttccct gacttcccgc 131460

agcgttgaag aagcggttcg aaacggcata gacttttcct cccagtcggt aattgaagtc 131520

ggccgagaag tcgaagttct tccattgtac gcgtgtaccg aaaccaccat aggccttagg 131580

gtcggctgaa ccgaggtaac gtttggcaca ctcgttccag ttggttgtgg tttcgtcgcc 131640

tgtttcattt ttataccata acggatttcc ggtatttggg tctacacctg catattctac 131700

catatagaat tgtcttaaag gatagccttc ctgttggatg gtataggtac cttcaatcgg 131760

ttttcctcca gaaagtttcg taacacggtt ttggttgagt gtaacgttgg cgaatgcagt 131820

ccatgtccat cccttggttt gcaggatggt accgttcaga ccgatttcaa cacctctgtt 131880

tctcatagaa ccgatgttct ggtatacttt actcaaaccg gtaacctgag agataggcag 131940

ctcaaacagc atgttggaag ttgcctcgtt gtagaggtct atggtcaggt tccatcttct 132000

ggcaagtgta agatcgattc ctatgttcag cttcttgctg gtttcccatc ccaggtcggg 132060

aagattcaac gatacgggaa cgatacccgg tgtgctgtca taattgtatc cggcgctgta 132120

gaaaccacgg gccgcatacc agtcaatatc ctgattacct accgttccgt agcttgcacg 132180

cagtgccagg ttggtcaaga ggtcattgtc tttcaggaat tcttcttcag aaatacgcca 132240

tttgccgcct acggaccaga agttacccca gcggttgttg ctaccgaata cggacgaacc 132300

gtcacgacgg aaacttacct gtccgtaata cttgccctga tagtcgtagc ttacattcat 132360

gaagaaagaa gccagacgtg cctgacgggt aacgtacgac ggattgccgt aagaagaacc 132420

agccatattc agttcccggt atcctttcag cgggaagttg attccggcat acgattcatt 132480

ccagtagttc ttccactgtg cttcctgtcc aagcatgatg ttcaggttat gcttttcgtt 132540

gaaagtatgc atccagttca aggtattggt ccaggtaatg gtggtggtat tcgaattgta 132600

ttgcatacca cgtccgttgt cgctggctcc ctgattgttg taccagctcc agaaatcgta 132660

ctggcgtgtg ccgtacgagt tgatacctaa tgaggttttc agaataaaac cttttccaaa 132720

gtcgatggca aaatacgggt tcaggttaat ggtggttgtc ttggtgttat agatatctcc 132780

ttcatccttg tcgtaaacgg caagcgggtt gtatgagata ctggtgttat aactaccgtc 132840

ttcgttgtag aacggatcaa gaggggttgc cttcagcgta gcactgacaa acgggttcga 132900

gaaagaacct ccggttgact gtgagaaggc atccatgtcg gccagcgcga acgaggtatt 132960

gaacccgaag ctgaaccatt tgtaggatgt ttccagattg aggcgggcag agtatcgttt 133020

cataccgctg ttgatggcta caccttcctg attcaggtaa cctacactgg catagtagcg 133080

tgtcttgccg tttccaccgc tgaagctgag gttgtagtcc tgataatatc cggtacgtgt 133140

gatggcgtca atccagtcgt agctctggat gccgtcccag ttataatccg atttgatctt 133200

ggccatagcc gattcgtaag tatacttctc ggggttactg tttaccagac ctcttgcaaa 133260

catgtcggcg gtctgctgtg cgttgcagaa agagaagttg ttgggagcaa tggttgtgaa 133320

tccctgcttg atgtccaggt caatgtgcat ggcaccttcc tgtccctttt tggttgtgat 133380

gacaatcaca ccgttggccg cacgcgaacc gtagatggcc gtagcgttgg cgtccttcaa 133440

gactgtaatg gtttctatat cggctgtatt gatatttgcc agcgggttga atgcgcggtt 133500

gtctctggac gatgcggcat ccgtatccga attcatcggc atgccatcga taatgtaaag 133560

aggctgtgta cccgaattca cggaactttc gcctcggatg tagacgtttg cctgagcacc 133620

cggcatgctg gttgaattgt tcatctgtac ccccggcatg cttccttcca atgctttcat 133680

aaagttggca tccgtacgag attcgagggt agtaggactt gccacgttgg cagctcctgt 133740

aaatgtgctt ttcttggtta cgccgtaacc agttaccaca acttcgtcca atacctctgt 133800

atctgactgt aatattacat ttaatatcgg cttgatatcc agttcacggc tacgcatacc 133860

gatgaacgag ataattacct tcttggcatc tgccggaatg ttgccaagtg tgaattttcc 133920

atcaatgtca gtcactgttc ctgtgttggt tcctttgata agaacagaag ctcctacaat 133980

tgggagattg tcttcttctg aagtgacaac tcctgtcacc gttaatacct gtgccatcgc 134040

tatgctgata caagcgaaga ggcaagtaca gattaaaagc aatttttttc tcataagatc 134100

tctcgtttta ggttaagtct aaaaactaaa aacagcaaac aagtaagaat tgtttgctgt 134160

ttttataaaa aaagttcaaa aaaatctttt ctgtacctct ttttgtctgt aataagtctt 134220

ttattgcatc ttttcggcta aatattgccc tgtatacgat gctccacaac gagcgacctc 134280

ttcgggagtg ccacaaacca caagattgcc tcccatatct cctccttccg gaccgagatc 134340

gattacatag tcggcgcatt ttatgacatc catattatgt tcgatgataa cgacagtatg 134400

tccgcgtgct atcaacgaat cgaaagcttc gagcaacttt ttgatatcgt ggaaatgaag 134460

tccggtagtc ggttcatcga atacaaagat agtaggctgc gacttttcga tgcttaggaa 134520

ataagctagt tttacacgct ggttttctcc tccagaaagg gtggaagagg attgtcctaa 134580

cttgatatat cccagtccta cctcttgtaa aggctgaagt ttctttacta tctttttttg 134640

tccgtgcttg tcgaaaaact caatggcctg gttgactgtc atctccagaa tgtcgtaaat 134700

attctgccct tcgtaccgta cttccaacgt atcgcttttg aaacgtttgc cgtgacatga 134760

ttcacattcc agtaccaggt cggccatgaa ctgcatctct acggtaacgg ttccttctcc 134820

tttacattct tcacatcgtc ctccttcggt attgaaagaa aaatatccgg ccgaataacc 134880

catctgtttg gataaaggct ggtcggcaaa caattttctt atctcatcgt aagctttgat 134940

gtaagttaca ggattgctgc gtgatgactt tcctatcgga ttctggtcga caaactctat 135000

gtcttttacc atctgaatat cgccttccag agagacaaac tcacccggac ggtcactgct 135060

ttcgctgtat tcccgtttca atgctttgta gaaaatatca cgaaccagcg tacttttacc 135120

cgaaccgctg actccggtta caaccgtcat cacattgagc ggaaaacgta cgtctattcc 135180

tttcagatta ttctctcttg caccttttat ctctatgtag ttattccatg aacggtgagt 135240

ctgcggacgt tcgattgttt cttctcccag cagatatttt accgtataac tgttgcttcc 135300

gggtttcagg tctttcatat ctccctgata aacgatttct ccacccagtc ggccggcctt 135360

aggacctatg tcgatgatgt aatcggcagc acggatgatt tcttcatcgt gctctacaac 135420

cacaactgta ttgcccaatt gctgtaactg gcgaagtacc ttgataagtt tgtccgtatc 135480

gcggctatgc aaaccgatgc tcggttcatc cagaatataa agagaaccta ccagactact 135540

acctaacgag gtggcaaggt tgatgcgctg gctctcacca cccgaaagcg aattgctgag 135600

gcggttcaaa gtcaaatacc ccaatcctac gtcgagcaga aagctgagtc ggttgtttat 135660

ttcgttcagc aggcgctgag ctatcaactg gtcgtgctca tccagtttca aggtacggaa 135720

aaactccttc aactgataga ccggcatttc caccagttct gcgatagtac gtcctcccac 135780

cttgacataa agagcttctt tctttaaacg gcttccgtga cattcgggac aagtagtctt 135840

accccgatag cgtgccagca ttacacggta ttgtatttta tactgatttt cctctagcat 135900

tttgaagaat gaatcaatac acaccttatc acgcggtccg tgccagagat aatctttctg 135960

ttcctgagtc agattataat atggttcgaa aatcggaaaa tcgtgagccg gcgcttcccg 136020

caggaattcg gtaagccatt cgctcatctt ttcacctcgc cagcacatga ctgcaccgtc 136080

gtaaacgctc agggcgcggt tgggaactac cagatgttca tcaatgccga taatctttcc 136140

aaacccctcg cacgtaggac atgcaccgat aggagaattg aatgagaaca tctggtcatt 136200

cggctcttcg aattttatgc cgtctgcctc aaacttcgtg ctgaatgtat gcagtttggt 136260

tgtaccgtcg ggcagataga agcgcagcag gcaggctccg tcgccttcgt acattgctgt 136320

ttcagcagag tcagtcagtc ggctgatggc atctttcgta tcgtcgcagc tcatgcggtc 136380

taccagcagg tatacggtat cggcaggatt gtactgatat tcttccatac gtaccatttc 136440

accgttcact tccagacggg tgaaaccttg tttcatgtcc atgtctattt gttcggcctc 136500

gctgcgtcct tcgcgtggaa tgataggagt aagtaccgta taacgtgtac ctttgggata 136560

cgaaagcatg cagtttacga tatcctccgg actgtctttc ttaacaagct gcccgcttac 136620

aggagaataa gtcttgccga tacgggcgaa aagcagacgg agatactcgt atatttccgt 136680

cgaagtccct accgtagagc gcggatttcg gctgatgacc ttctgttcga tagcgatggc 136740

tggaggaata cctttgatga aatcacattc gggtttgctc atgcgtccca agaactggcg 136800

agcatacgag gaaagactct ccacatagcg gcgctgccct tcggcataca aggtatcgaa 136860

agccagcgag gactttcctg aacctgataa tccggtaatg accactagct tgttgcgagg 136920

tatatcaaca tcgatattct tcaggttgtt tacctttgca ccttttatag atatgtattt 136980

gctgtcagac atgcttagaa tcgtttagtt tcaataggca aagatagtga tatattttaa 137040

agaagttttc attctttacc ggcaaaatta ggtaaatgca tcgctcttta ctctgttatc 137100

gaaacaaaat gctatctcat gtaacaatat tcttttgcaa cgatttaata aaaagaaagc 137160

aggtgattat tttttgttat ctttgccctc tcgattataa tttgaatgga aaaatatgaa 137220

atcaaaagtt ttattggttt ggctggcaat gcttttgctg attgccggaa gcgttgaggc 137280

gcagacttta tatccaaagc gtgaatttcg cggtgcatgg atacaatgtg tgaacgggca 137340

gtttcaaggt atgccgacag agcagatgaa agctaccctg atcagtcagt tggacaactt 137400

gaaaggggca ggtatcaatg ctgtgatatt tcaggttcgt gccgaatgtg atgctcttta 137460

tgcgtcgact tacgaaccgt ggagccgttt ccttaccgga ctgcaaggaa aagcgccgca 137520

accgggatgg gatcctctcc agtttatggt ggaagaatgt cataaacgcg gaatggaact 137580

tcatgcgtgg atcaatcctt accgggcaca gacaaaaggt acaactgcct tgtctcccat 137640

gcatccttac aacaaatatc ccaaactttt tgtgcgctac ggcggacagt tgtatttcga 137700

tccgggctat cctgaatcga gagcctatat atgcaaaata gtacgcgata ttgtttcccg 137760

ttatgatatt gatgccattc acatggacga ctacttctat ccttatccca ttccgggaga 137820

agattttccc gataatgtca gctttgctgc ctacggacgc ggatttacca ataaggcaga 137880

ctggcgcaga gataatgtga atgtattgat aaaggaaata catgaaacgg tacgcagttg 137940

caagccatgg gtgaaatttg gcgtatctcc ttttggcatc taccgtaaca agaaatctga 138000

tccgaacggt agtgatacaa acggactcca gaactacgat gacttgtatg ccgatgtatt 138060

gttgtgggta aacaatggct gggtggacta taacattccg cagatttact gggaaattgg 138120

tcatccggca gctgattatg atacgttaat ttgttggtgg gcgcgccatt cagcagcacg 138180

cccgttgttt attggacaag atgtgatacg tacggttact aaggctgact tgaaaaatcc 138240

ttctcaaaac cagatgcctg ccaagtataa gctacagcgt atgttgccta ctgtgaaagg 138300

tagttgccag tggtatgctg cggctgtggt ggaaaacaga ggtaattatc gtagtatgtt 138360

ggccaatgtt tatcataaat atccggcgct ggtccctacg tttcctttta tagataataa 138420

agctccagaa aaggttaaaa aaatgaagcc aatctggact gccgatggtt atattctttt 138480

ctggacagct ccgaaagcga aggatgaaat ggatcgggct gtgcagtatg tagtgtatcg 138540

tttcgacaac aaggaaaaag tgaacctgaa tgatccttct cacattgttg ccataaccaa 138600

cgatacgttc tataaacttc cttatgagaa tggtaagact aagtaccgtt atgttgtgac 138660

ggcacttgac cgactgcaca atgaatcgaa ggctgtaaag aaaaaagtta aactataaaa 138720

tagattttca tgtcagaacc cgttcagata atggatgggt tcttttttat gtaaaatggt 138780

ttgtgattgc gtcagttctt tcatttaaaa tttgttattc taaaagattt ctataacttt 138840

gctaaagaca caaaacaaac aggagtgtac cgtaaaagga gatgccccta cactccataa 138900

aacaacctag gattcttagg gggcaggaac cttaaaaaac gatgaacgct atgaaaaaat 138960

tattattaac cgttgtctta ggactatgta cgcttgctgg attttcccag gcaaaattcg 139020

atgtacatgc tggtatgtct atggcaaaca tcaccaacag tgaagcagat ttaaagatcg 139080

gctactcggt aggtgtggga atggactatg ctattacgga tatgtgggcc tttcagacag 139140

gtctgaattt tacaagcaaa ggctgtaagg aatctgttga gggagtaaaa gctaagttta 139200

accctgttta tctggatatc cctttgcttg cagctgtaaa acttcctatc agtgaaggaa 139260

atactttcgt aatcaatgca ggtccgtatg taggcgttgg tttgggagga aaaatgactg 139320

ttgaagacgg tggtgctgaa gttggtacca aattgtttaa gaaaatagat ggagccgatg 139380

aagccatgat gaaccgtttt gctgtaggtt tgcagtatgg agtaggtttt gaactgggat 139440

atagatattt gttgaacctg acaggtcagt atggatttac caacatgata aaggacagct 139500

gggttgatga aaacaataag aaccttgcat ttttgataac agtcggttat cgtttttgat 139560

aagtctggat ctatttcata attgaagtag gccttcctat gataaaaata gctctatcat 139620

tttcctcaag ggaatttgat agagctattt tattgttata ctccttatta ttaatattag 139680

aattcgtagc cgaagcctaa gttcaggtaa atggggtaca tggcaaacga aatcgttttg 139740

aaatccttct ggaaaatgtc attcagtccc cacgtcaagt cagcatgtac ggtgaggtgc 139800

ttgtacgctt tccagcttcc tcccacttga actccccatt ggaaatggcg cagcttatca 139860

gaaaaatcat aggcagcaga attttcccct tcaaagtcga tgcggcttcc tgtagcatca 139920

ggcgtacgta aatgtccttc ataaacatct cccgagaaat ctccgtctat catatatgag 139980

aaatacggtc cggctacgat tttccagcgg tcatttattt tatagttagc cagtagagga 140040

acagtgatat acgacatttt cactttcgtt tttactccac ctgtccagag gccttctacc 140100

tttccacctg tatcgttaaa gatagccata ccatagtttt ttaccgtggc gcgagtattc 140160

atattcttgc tgtcaaggcg taaaccaaga cttattcccc atttctgtct ggcgtcaatc 140220

catttggtag cattcccttc cagagtaata gcaagcccgg gagaatagct gtccagacct 140280

cttatttcct tggggagagg gagaggagaa gtgcctccaa tatttacacc tgccttgaat 140340

tcatagtcta atccgtgcag tgacgaccac aataatcctt tgtgttcgct cgattgtgct 140400

ttcagtaaat tcgttccggc tgtaagcatt gcagccaaga tgatgatata ttttttcata 140460

ataaatcagt tcagatggtt gtaggataaa tattattcac aagttatttc tacctcatcg 140520

atgcataatt cgctacctat agctccttcg aaataggctc cctgaatact ggaagagaaa 140580

actatggcca atttatattt cccagctttc aatttttcct cgttgatggt cttattgttc 140640

tgaagcttga aatccagatc aaatctggtc cattggtcag ttgttttcat tttgtctatg 140700

cgtgccagca gtacaatatt tttagctttc tcattgtttg cagtaaatag atcaccatca 140760

agtgagaaat cactgttagg cgcttcgtat aataccgcat agatatcacc ggtatccgtc 140820

ttgtctggaa ttacatttcc gttttggtca gtgagtgtag ttccgggttt atacttataa 140880

tatcctgaga gctttactgg tttccgtgta aatgggaatc caaattcagt agcttgtcgg 140940

ggagcaagaa tagcggatga catatcgaat gatccgataa agaggttgcc agctgcaatc 141000

ggcattttgg gagtggtatt cattccgaaa cttccagtag atcgtgttac cagtttgaca 141060

catttacctg aaattcctcc atcagcttgt gctgtaggat attgcagggc gttacttgcc 141120

tcaccgcata acttatatcc ctgattgcca ctagcccatt gcatgagtcc gtttatgtct 141180

gtcaaataaa atatatggta tggattgatt tcccgtaggt tttcgaatga aaatttcaat 141240

ggaagttcca tcatatagag attcagggta taagttgcct tattgcttcc atcctcggaa 141300

gtaactgtaa atttacgctg tttcactgta ctgaaatcgt agtaaggtgg gttatcgttg 141360

ctctgtggct ggtcaggggt gatagtggct ccatcaggta aagtaaagtt tagttcctga 141420

gcagtcagat tagcaccatc gaaaacgaat atgtctattt cccggcttat gtcattaata 141480

tttatcaact gaatattagc tccactgcat ttatctattg cggcttctac attgggagct 141540

tcatcctgta tacaggagat agtaaataaa ggtaaaaaaa ttccaattaa aaggtttttg 141600

aatttcatat atattcattt tttgtgttat aggacaggga caaatataca gaaaaaaagc 141660

attttgaaca taaaagtcgc tttaaaatat ttgtgctttt gtgaaaaata gactatgtgt 141720

aaaaatgtaa atgaggtgaa tttccttact ttagaatatg gatttatggg aataagtaaa 141780

aaataggaca aaaataaaaa aaacagacct ttcaaggttt atgaaatctc cattactttg 141840

cacccctgaa aaaacttaaa attattagtt gaatgaaaat gaaaaactat ttaaagattc 141900

tttcttcagt ggtattactg gcttccttag gcagttgttc gaatgaggaa ggaaaagaga 141960

gtgtttcaga acaaggcagt atcatggtcg atttgtcgac agacctgtct tacagccgtt 142020

cagtagataa gagcgcttat cagaacgtga acaattataa ggtgtccttg tataaagggg 142080

aagagcctgt ttacacggat agactttatg aggatttgga actggagcaa agtgtggatt 142140

ttggagttcc ttacacactg actgcttact atggagagga tgtagctgcg ggctacgata 142200

aattgtatgt aaaaggtagt gaaacgttta ctgtatctca gggcgataag aaaactatat 142260

ctatcgtatg taaacctgct aatgcaagaa tgatagttgt gtacgatgga aagtttgagg 142320

attatttcca gaattgtaca gtttctatca tgacaagcta tatggatgag gcttgggaaa 142380

tggataaagc ggatgcaggt caggagcttt atttgaaaac cggcgataag ggggtacagg 142440

ctactttaac tttcgcgttg actgacaaga acggcgatcc ggtatctgtg gatggcttcg 142500

aaacttcaaa ggtggtcgat ctgaaacctt gttattctta taccctgact atcaaacctg 142560

atgaaacaga aattcagggg ggtaagttag gattggatat tattgtagat gatggtgtaa 142620

cagaagaaga tgttacagtt gatatcccag gcgattacat tccaagttaa aataaaatac 142680

gagtaaaatg aaaaaatata agagtttaat atggctttta ggccttataa taagtctttc 142740

atcttgcgaa atgcgtgatg aacttttggg taagggagaa gctggcgaga atgcaggcac 142800

actggagctt ggattgtcat ccgtttataa cggtgttact gtaagccgtg ctagtacaac 142860

tgttgatggc ggaactacta ccggaaattt tgatgaagaa gatatcaatg ttgacaatta 142920

tactttggtt gtaacaaata cggaaactca ggaagaagtt gctaagggta aggtcagcga 142980

gctgaagaat gaaagcggaa aagttgttct cccgttgagc gaaggtgact attctgtaac 143040

tgcttacaat tatgaaggag aaaatgtaac tgtatccgaa cgtccctatt tcaagggtga 143100

gcagacattt tctgtaaaaa aaggagttgc aacaagtgtt gatctgcctt gtaagctggc 143160

ttgtgtggaa gtttcattgt cattgaccag ctcgtttgaa gaagccttta aagacgatta 143220

cgctgtgatt atcgacaatg gagacggtgc cagtcagacg ttcgataaga cttctattgg 143280

taaaaagtat tatttccaga ctccggaaca tcagagtact ttgaatgctt ctatcaaggc 143340

aacttcagaa gaaggaaatt ttgttgaact gaaggctaca atccagaaac cggctgatgc 143400

tgaaggtggt gtatctgatt tggaaggagg agattctttc aatatccagt tgacagaaga 143460

aggttctact gattcttata tttctatcgg cattacagtc gatctgacat tcactgaagt 143520

tggtgaaaca atcgaaatcc ctgtaggcaa tattatttat gaaggtccgg atactccggg 143580

agaaggtggt gaaggcggtg atgagccaac taccggtact ttatctgtta cgggtattcc 143640

ggaaacatat aatctaacta ctacaggaac tgttcctaca attaaagtcg atatggcttc 143700

agaaaaaggt atcaagtcac taatcgtttc gataagtagt gataatgaag agttttctgg 143760

cctattgact cctttggatt tattgaaacc ttttgatttg tgtaatttgg aagaaagacc 143820

aactgctaaa tcaactttgc ttggattgaa tttgatttcg gaagatgtat atacacagtt 143880

gcatgctgga acattgacat cttatacttt tgaagtaacc tctttggtag cgttacttcc 143940

acaaactggt cttactggtt ctcacaagtt tacattgact atttccgatg gcaatgaaac 144000

taaggaagga gctttaactg tgaatgtaac cgaataataa tcctgcttgt aaggatagag 144060

aattaaaaat agagataaat gaaaacaaat atattagtta ccagtttatt tcttttggca 144120

ggattagcat cttcctgtca gtcagaaata gatgaagcca aaggatatgg ctatcttcag 144180

ttgtcttccg tcgatgtcaa caagagtgtg attactcgtg ctgatattac tgcatcggaa 144240

acaatagctg tagatatatt gaatgcatcg aatgcggtgg tgcagcatgc cgatgattgg 144300

aaaaaccttg acgatgttat attgcctgtt gctacttata ccgtaaaggc atattcggca 144360

gacaaaacta tagaaactca gggatttgat gcacaacctt attacgaagg acaaagtagt 144420

gtggctatag aagcaaataa ggcaaaaact gtgaacatta cttgtaaatt ggcacagaca 144480

atggtttcgg taaaccgttc agaaagcttc gagtctacct ttggcggttg tacttgttat 144540

gtagaaggtg ccgatgcact gagcattcct tttggtgaga atgaaacacg tgccgcttac 144600

gtaaaggctg gccaggcact gactgtaaaa gttgatttcg gtaatggaaa atctttctct 144660

caggaaatca cttcgaaagc ggaagctgct taccattata aagtaaactt ggatattacg 144720

gaaggtaatg ctggattcga tatttctgta gaccagacca ttcatcagta tgatgtaact 144780

gtaatggttc cgactaagca ggaaagtgct gatatggtga ccagtgatat aaagaacgat 144840

gtttccaagg tttggggaca gtttgcttat ttatcgggct cttgtaattt agcagaaatt 144900

acttctccgg tacagttccg ttacaagaaa aaagctggta ccgaatggat aacagtagaa 144960

gctgttcagg aagaaggaac aaagaactat tcagcgaagg ttgctccgct ggatttcggt 145020

acagcatacg aatattatat tgtatgtgga gataaaacag gcgaaacttg tacgtttact 145080

acagaatcgt atgtggaaat tccgaatctg aactttgata catggactca aagcggaaag 145140

aactggtatg ccaatgccga tgcttccgat agttattggg ctaccggtaa ctctggagta 145200

actcttatta aggatgctac aacggttcct gttgaaggta gtgaagctcg taacggaaaa 145260

gctgccaaaa tgactacgat tgatggtgtg atgatggttg gtgctgctgc cggtaacttg 145320

tttatcggaa cttacaagac taacatgctt aatccgtctg ccagtgttag ctttggtcgt 145380

gattacgcag gggctcgtcc tgtaaaactt tcaggatatt acaaatatac ctcttgtgca 145440

atcaactatg gttctaaacc gggtacactt acaactgatg aatgtaacat ttacattcgt 145500

ttgtgggatg cgaacggtga ggaaatcggt tttggtgaat ttgtaggttc tgaatctgtt 145560

gatgcataca ctccgtttga aataaccatt aattatagta atactcagaa acgtcctgcc 145620

aaactgacaa ttgttgctac ttctagtcgt tacggtggtg acttcgaagg tagtaaggta 145680

gtaggtcagg taggagctgg cagtaccctt tgggtagatg attttgaatt gtcatactat 145740

taatatttgc atgaagaaat atttcattct attattaacc tttttgtgcg taacttcgac 145800

ttacgcacga aaaggttatg atcgtaatat aaatccttct ctgtttgtac cgaaaggttc 145860

gtggatggga ggtgttactt tctcgtatac cgaattgtcg ggagacaatt ataagtttct 145920

tatattgaac gatgtaaatg gtgagggcta tacatttaag gtaagtccgt atgcggggta 145980

tttttttcga gataatatgg ctgctggagt acgtctgaat tataatcgta cctatgcaga 146040

tgttggtaac attaatcttg atttgggtga tgacctgaca ttcgatatca gcgattataa 146100

gtatctggag catgaatata ctgctgccgg atttttgcgt acttatatgg gacttggaaa 146160

cagtaaagtt tttggctttt tcaatgagct tcgtctgacg tatggatatg gtcagggaaa 146220

aactttgtct gggtcggatg agaaagcaac gggtacttat caaacttctc atcgtttgca 146280

gattggtgcg gcgccgggtt tgacagcttt cgttacgaac aatatggcag tcgaggtgtc 146340

gattaatgtc gttggtctgg atttcaagtg gattgaacag actaccaatc aggtagaaca 146400

tggctcatat cgtcagagtt cggcggattt taagattaat atattttcta ttaatatagg 146460

tatttgtact tatttttaaa ttgacaaatt atgattataa aagctttgaa gtttagcttt 146520

atatcactct tgttactgaa catgtcttcg tgtattgaga atgacattcc ttatccttat 146580

attgaaggtg ttattcagga aattcaggtg gacggaatgc agggagaagc cgtgttcaat 146640

aatcaggctc gcactatcga gcttaccata ggcgaagacg cttttattga tagtttgccg 146700

attaccaagc tggttgctaa tacagaggct ttaatttatc cggatacggc tgcttgtatt 146760

aagccgaatg gctttccaaa tttcagcttt aattcgttgg acgaacttcc tgccaatgcc 146820

aatacggctg tcgattttac gaatccggtg ggattcctgt tgaaaactta tcaggattat 146880

tggtggaaaa ttacggtaaa acaggaaata gagcgtgaaa ttgaggtcga aaaccagtcg 146940

ggaacggctc cttccttgga tttgtataat catatagcga ttatctacgt gacggaagat 147000

gctgattacc ggaatatcaa gattaaaaaa ttgaatctgg aaggttccaa gactgtgctt 147060

gatccgccag cagaaacagt gacggacttt actcgtccgc gagtatttaa ggcttatcga 147120

aacggcagat atatatgcga ctggacagtc gatgtgcaga aatcatcggt ggcggcttct 147180

gtagaaaagg taaatgcatg ggctaccaaa gcctatgtca gcgggagttt ccgtgcgggt 147240

acgaatgttt cggtggaata tcgtgtaaag ggtaatgagg aatggactga gcttgatgct 147300

tctgctatta ccaaaacagg aaatacttct tattctgctg aacttaccgg attacaaagt 147360

ggtacagatt acgaagtacg tgcacttgca ggaggtagtg aaggcgaggc atattctttc 147420

cagacggaaa cgattgtgac tcttcccaat atgaatttcg atacgtggac acagagtgga 147480

aaaacttggt atccgaatcc tgttgccgac aattatgatg atcctcaggc ttattgggct 147540

acaggaaatg aaggggttac tatttataag gagtcgagta cggtaccggt tacaggtagt 147600

gatgcttata aaggaaaagc tgccaagatg tatacgtatg gtgatattgt gttggtagga 147660

gcagctgctg gtaacttatt tatcggaacc tataaaacga atataggaaa gcctgtagac 147720

agcccgtcgt ttggacgtcc ttattcaggg gctcgtccta ctaagttgag tgggtattat 147780

aagtataaac cgatgcctat tagtaatgat ggtactgttc ctggaaatct gaaaacagat 147840

caatgtcata tctatttgaa gttatggaat gcatccggtc aggaaattgc ttatggtgag 147900

tttgttggtt cggaaacggt aactgcttat acgaaatttg agtttgatat tgaatatagt 147960

gatacacaat cgaagcctgc aaagatcgct atcgtggcaa cttccagtcg ctatggtggt 148020

gaatttgatg ctgctggtaa aaaagtcatc ggtcaggtag gtgatggtag tactttatgg 148080

gtagatgaat ttgaattagg ttatgaataa atcggttatt gaatatatga aatggatggg 148140

ctgcttgtgt ttgctggtac tatgtatggt actgggagga tgtcagtcgg atgaagaaac 148200

tgctttgtct ggcaaaacgg gattacttat tacattgaca gatgaggaac accatgctta 148260

ttcgcgtaca gctccttctg aactggaaaa tccggtaacg gaaaagtttc agttgaaagt 148320

cgtatatagt ggtacggata agtcagctta taaaggcagt tgcaaggaat tcatcttgct 148380

ggaggaaggt acatatgatt tgactgctac gtatggagac aatccggtac tggcattgga 148440

tgctccttat tatgcaggaa ccttggatgg acaagaagtg ataaagggac agatgacttc 148500

ggcttccatt ccctgttttg tggccaattc tttgttgtct atcatttata acaagacaag 148560

tctggataaa ctgtatgaat cttattacgt aacggtttcg gttggtagcg aatctgtcaa 148620

tctggatgct gattcaggca aaagtgctta tttccgtgcc ggctcgtctg tgaagcttgt 148680

tttccatggc ttcttgttgg gaaccggaaa agaagtgact tacgatattc ccgatcagga 148740

acagttttcg aatattccgg taaagactca tgtaaaagta acattgggac tggatgaatc 148800

taatattact tcaggtgtag gtatttccat tgagaaactg gaaacagaaa cggtttctat 148860

ttcagaaacg attcctgtgg aatatttgcc aaagccgaag ttggagtcgg acgattttgt 148920

gaacaatgaa ctgtcgttcg ccgaaacaga aaagaaatcg gctgttattc gtctgaaact 148980

ttcgtctggt ttgcaggatt tgaaactgaa gtttaattcg gcagatgcta agtttgcggg 149040

actggaacag ggcaaggagt atttgttgtc gaatgcgaaa gacaagtcag ccgttgaaac 149100

agcgttgggt attacattgc cggaaatcgg agcaacggag gacagtcttg attttacttc 149160

cttgattccc aagttgatga cagataaagg aactactgtt gcatcgacga tagaagtgga 149220

tgttgaggct aataaccgct gggcaagcga ggatgcatcg gctaaccgga tttatacgct 149280

tatttgtaat aagccggaac tgtatcttgt aaccaatccc ggaaattttt ggagtaagga 149340

atttagcgta gatagttgtg atatcaaaac aggtgatgta gaaacaattt ctcagaaact 149400

ccaataccaa tatcgtaaga aaggcgatga gcaatggata aattgtgatc ggttgattca 149460

gttcgacgat tatccggcag ataagcaata tcaagtacgt gccgtatacc gtgaagggat 149520

cgaaaccgag ccggtagatg tggaactgga aactccgcag cagttgccga attcaggaat 149580

ggaggaatgg agtacggtaa aaggtgaaac ttttacgatt tcagattctt ggtttaagaa 149640

ggcgacttat tataaattct atccatacgc cgaaggagaa agtgataaat ggtgggatac 149700

caataattta cgttctcagg atggtaatat tatcttaggt atgggacatc ctgtttgttt 149760

tgctccctgc gtgagctata ctgaagatgt caaacatggt ggaaaccgtg ctgcgttaat 149820

ttatacttct ggacatggtg gcgggtatac ttctaccgga gaagagttgt atacggcagg 149880

agcaatcgcc ggtaaccttt ttattggaac ttattcctgg acagataaaa cagaaaccgt 149940

aaatcgtggt cacgcttttt ctgttcgacc gactgctgtc aagttctggt ataattatca 150000

tccgaagaat caggatgcgt tcaaggtata tgtcgaactg aaaaatggag aagaagtgat 150060

tgctaccgga acttatattc ctgaccctat ttcgtcagaa accggatggc aggaaggaca 150120

ggttgaagta caatatggag agcatcctaa agctgctact tccatctgtg tacagttctt 150180

gtctacagat aagacttcct tcagtgacag tgattttgat aagaataaat cgatgacttt 150240

ccctgtgatg ggagattgga gggtacatat tggtagtatg ctctatatcg atgatatctc 150300

attaatcttt gataaataat aatatgagca aaaagattct atatacaata ttatctgttt 150360

tcctgctgat tagttgccag caggaaaacg atacggtact ctccggcgaa ggattcttgt 150420

cggttggagg aatagagatt cagtcacaga caaacacaga agttgcttca cgggcagcag 150480

acgacatcac ttggacggtt gaattgtgga aaggagagga gatgatccgt acattatcgg 150540

ccgaagatat gcaggataag atcgagctgg ctaccgcgga cgattatatg ttgaaagtgt 150600

acagtccgaa ctatggtacg gaaaagaact ggacgaacga tgaaaaaggt gagcccgtgt 150660

attataagga agtacctttt tccgtaaaga agggagaaac aaccggattg aaggttcagg 150720

ttcctatgat tacttttgcc gtaagtctgg atcttttggc agtgctgggc gattggttac 150780

aagagtatag ctttacggtc acttcgggag aaagagtcgt atcgctggca aatggggaaa 150840

ctgcttattt tgctcattca gacggtactt ctttcagcta tcagttgtct gttaccaatt 150900

tagattcgga agaaaatgtt ttgaagggtg aatggggtac ggaggaaaat gaaaccgtta 150960

ctatcaatac ggtatatacg gtagtgtata actggagtac tcagtctctt tctttagaaa 151020

agtaaccgtc acagacataa agattaataa aacaatagcc ctaccaacct ccatttgggg 151080

gatgataggg ctattgtttt attgtaagga tggtcaggtt gggatttaat aaattcctgg 151140

ggcagagttt tgtttgaaat tgtcgtaatt tccggtaatt tgtttttcgt tttccggatt 151200

tagttcgatg gctttcttca tgtcgtctac cgatctgtcc ttatctcctt tcagcaggcg 151260

gatgcgtcct cgttcctgat agagtacggc attctggggc atcagctcga tggcctcggt 151320

atacaactct acggccttgt cgaattcttt ctgctcggtc agcatttctc ctttcagcag 151380

gtaagccttt tcgttgaacg gattgacttc cagcacttgg tcgaaagagg cgtaggcttc 151440

atttacctcg ccgagtgccg cctgtatctt tcctttcagc aggagagcgt cttcatcttc 151500

ggaagtaaga gagagtacct tttccacgtc gtccatggca tcctttgcct gacgcatgtc 151560

ccacagtacc tcggcacgga gcagataggc agccccgtat tcttcgttct gggcaatggc 151620

cttggtcagc atgacgatag cctgcaagtc gttcttcatg ccacgtgcag ccttggcagc 151680

cagatagtag gccagtgcat tggtttcgtc gagatggatg gctttctggc aggcatcgtt 151740

catgctttcg taatcttcct gcatgtagca gatgttggcc agcgagagta gtccttttat 151800

gttgtcgggg gtcttatcaa tcaggcggtc gagcgtgata cgtgcatcgt cgatgcgtcc 151860

ggcttccacg taagcactgg caagcaactg caaggtttcc ggttcatcgt tcagtgccac 151920

agcctgttcc aaacacttga tggcataagg caactgatgc atgttgcgtg cgcgtatgcc 151980

gtcgtatttc aggatttcga aattcttttt atcttgttta gcctgttgtt cttcgctcgg 152040

tttgtttcct ccgaataagg atgataataa gcccataatt ttatcttttt atgttaatgt 152100

gttgcaaaga tacgtagaaa attaacttaa tgaatacgtt tgctggaaag aaattcgtat 152160

gtttgcacga caataaagct gtgaaataaa aaagataact tatgaaaaag atgctgttgg 152220

tcattgttgc tctgctggca tgtcatacca tgcaggcaca atatttctgt acaacgaacg 152280

gtacggaatt gcattacgta aattatgatg aggcaggaca gagcctgtcg aacgaaacgg 152340

ttacagtata taatggtgtg aacaatgctt caggagcaag cgcacagtac tttgccaaga 152400

ttgtaaccaa caagacaaag aacaatacca gctatacgct ctataactgg agctacgatg 152460

ggaacgtgac tacttgtcag gaggatttga tgtatggtcc ttatatcaaa tcggattccg 152520

atccggcgaa atatgattcg aaggcacgtc aggcgttggc tgaagatttg aagctgaaag 152580

gagataattc gttcactctc aagaatcagt cgaaggcagg cgaaactatt cccgaccgtt 152640

cttattcgct gatttcgaac atgctgaaga atgaggtcac tatttcggga gcggcttaca 152700

tgggaacgga acaggtcagc acgacggctg gtaagttcga ttgtatcaag atttcatacc 152760

tgaagcgtac aaagattgtg ctgaaatcgg aaactatccg tgtgactgaa tggtatgccg 152820

aaggtatcgg tctggtaaaa tcggaaaatt acaataccaa gggtgaaccg gacggtaaga 152880

cgattctggt gaaaattgta aaataagctg ataaatagac aggcagtatg tgccggtaac 152940

ataaaaatct cctacttttg tctttgttcc ttttaattac aagactaaaa gcaggagatt 153000

ttttatttct aagtttcaat ctgtatgtaa gatttttatt tttgcaactc tattttgagg 153060

cgacttcttt tttataatgt taaatcactt caatgccttg ctgccggcaa agcttcagac 153120

tcaagtcctt cagcttgaac ttctgaatct ttccgcttcc cgtcatcgga aattccttca 153180

cgaagaaaac atatttcgga attttgtagc gggcaatctt tccctcacag aactcacgga 153240

catcgtattc gttcatcgta tatccttcgt gcaggatgat gaaggctccc accgcctcgc 153300

cgtatttttt tgaggggaca cctgctacct gtacgtcctt tatgcccggc atctgataga 153360

gaaattcctc tatctcacgc ggatagatat tctctcctcc acggataatc atatccttga 153420

tgcgtcccgt aatgcggtag ttgccgttct cgtcttttac acccaaatcg cctgagtgca 153480

ggaaaccgtt ctggtctatc acttcggcgg tagcctccgg attcttgtag tatcctttca 153540

tggtattgta tccgcggtta cacatttcgc cctgtacgcc ttgggggcat tcctcacccg 153600

tttccggatc gagaaccttt acttccgtaa attcgaagtc gcgtcctacc gtggtgaagc 153660

gtacctcctg cgggtcgtcg atgcggctgt gcgtcatacc cggcgaggtt tctgtcaggc 153720

cgtatacact ggttactttc atgaacattt tctcttccac ctgtttcatc agctctatcg 153780

gacagagcga tcctgccatg atacccgtac gcagacaaga caggtcgaac atgtcgaaca 153840

tcggatgatt cagttcggca atgaacatgg tcggtacccc gtagagtgcc gtacagcgtt 153900

ccttgtggat ggaagcgagc accagtagcg gatcgaaccg ctctaccatg acttccgtac 153960

agccgtgcgt caggcagttc atggtggcga gcactacccc gaaacaatgg aacagcggta 154020

cacatacgca gagcttgtcg tcggcagtga acttcatgtg ctctcctgtc agcagtccgt 154080

tgttggcgat attatagtgg gtaagcatca ctcccttggg gaagcccgtc gtacccgacg 154140

tatactgcat gtttaccgtg tcgtggcagt tgacttttct cttggcctcg tcgagtacgg 154200

tatcgtcgat gttgtttccc agcagcagaa tctccgccgt gttgtacatg ccgcgatact 154260

tttcctgacc gatatagata acgtttcgca tgtgcgggaa acgtttgctt ttcatgtggc 154320

cgcgttcgaa tgtcttcagc tcgggaagca tgcggtacgt catctccaca aagttactgt 154380

ccttttctcc gtcgacaata caaagagtat gcatgtccga gttctcgcac aagtattcca 154440

gctccgcctg cttgtagttg gtgttgacgg taacggctac cgcaccaatc ttggcacagg 154500

cataaaggaa cgtcagccag tcggggacgt ttcgtgccca tattcctaca tgggtaccgt 154560

gcgtaatgcc gatggcaagc aatcccttcg ccatattgtc tacacggcgg ttgaactgac 154620

tccacgtaaa gcgcaggtta cggtcggagt atacgatgta ttccttgtcg ggcgtttcgg 154680

cagcccagtg ttccagccag tcgcccaggg ttctttccga taattgtatc atatatagtc 154740

agtttgtcag ataggcgtat agataacggc caggatgcgg gcctcctgtc cctcgaacgc 154800

atgtacgtga tgcggtacga tagagtcgta gtaaatggtt tctccttctt ccagcagata 154860

cgtatacttg ccatagttta tttcgagcgt tcctttcagt accatgataa actcctcgcc 154920

ttcgtgtgcc gagaggttga actcactgtt cccgtctgca tcgatgtcga caatgaacgg 154980

ctccatgtga cggtcggtct tgctgcgcga cagggcgtga tagtgcatat gctgccgggc 155040

atcgagggca ttgttcgaaa agctgatggt atcgtcggcc tctccgtgac ggcatactac 155100

cggaccggct tcatcgggct gatcgtcgag gaaagttccc agacgtactc ccagagcacg 155160

tgccagcttt accagcgggg caagcgacgg tatatcaatg ttttcttcga tgcgggttat 155220

ttgttcgatg gcaagtccgg tacggtctgc cagttcatcc agacttattt ctttggccat 155280

tctgaggcct ttgatctttt ctccgataat gttggtttta tccatagtat aagcagtttt 155340

tgttaatgcg taagccttta tatagctttt gtcaaatcag gtcggtggca aatatagtaa 155400

agattttata atacgcacgg tgtagatacc taaaaaaggt tacagcgctt ttccgttcat 155460

attcagttaa ctaatatttt cataaaaaaa cgtatacggc aggttggttg tgaactaaag 155520

tgaaagtacc cttgttctga tttagacggt tcggccgttt gaaagacatt tgaatttcct 155580

ttaaacatag acagaaagat tatgaaactg attatgaccg accgccctgt cgacgtgagt 155640

tttctgaagg atgaggcggt gaaatatatc gatttatcct ccctgcggat agccaactgc 155700

atgggatgct tcggatgctg gacgaagacg ccgggccgat gtgtgattcg tgacgatgcc 155760

acccgggtat atccgtatat cgccgcaagc gatacggtac tgtatgtcag tcggctgtgt 155820

tacggcggct acgacagcgt gatgaaaacc atgctggagc gcgccattcc cgtgcagcag 155880

gcctttatac gcatccacaa gggagaaacg catcacgtgc agcgggccgt gatgatgaag 155940

aaagccacga ttcttgccta cggtgacatc tcgcccgagg agcaggatat cttccggcag 156000

ctgatagccc gtaatgccat caatatgagt tttgagagtt atgaagtgaa gtttaccacc 156060

gaagtcctgc tgaacgatgc ggtgaaagaa attgtagaaa aatgggaaac gtactgattc 156120

tgaacggcag cccgagggcg ccgaaatcca attcacggca atatgccgaa atcttttcga 156180

ccaacagcca gttgccgtcg gattatttca atatatcgaa gaacaatcat gccgaactct 156240

gccggaggat gtcggaatac tccgatgtgt tgctggtgtt tccgctttat gccgattcgc 156300

ttccggtagg tttcctgaat ttcctgaagc atctggaagc caatcctccg gaacggaaac 156360

cggtggtgtc gatcctgatt aactgcggtt ttctagagca tcagcaaaac gacattgcct 156420

tgaagatgct tcgtctcttc tgccggaaga acgattatcg gatgggttcg gtgctggcac 156480

tgggaagcgg ggaggcgata ctcggtaccc cgtttcgtta cgtagcggtc agagcggtca 156540

agaagctggc gaaatctgtc ggaagcagga gttaccgtac gatacgggcc accatgccgc 156600

tgaacaaacg cttgtttctc tgggctgcca cgtactactg gacctggtac ggcaagcgtt 156660

tcggaacaac taaggagcag atgcagacca tgaagattga gtaaggatgt ttttgcatcc 156720

gttcgcctcc cgtgctacaa aattgttttg tacctttgcg gcgacaaaaa ataaaacgga 156780

tgaaagaggc ttttatcaaa cttcacctct cggtactgat agccggaggt acaggagtct 156840

tcgggcggtt gattaccctg aacgagggac tgctggtgtg gtatcgtatg ttgttggccg 156900

gtgtgctgtt ctatatcgta cttttcttgc tgaagaaact gcggaaactt tctgcccgcg 156960

atgccctgcg tatcgcctcg gtgggattgt tgctggctgt acactggctg tttttctatg 157020

gcagtatcaa ggcctcgaac gtatctatcg gggtggtctg cctgtcgctg atgagtttct 157080

tcacggcttt gtttgatcca cttatcaacc gtcaccgggt atcggcaagc gaaatcgtat 157140

tcagtctgat cggagtggcg ggcattgtgc tcatttttca tttcgatacc cgttatcgga 157200

cgggtattct cctgggagtg gtgtcgtcgg cactggcttc tctgtttacc atctgcaaca 157260

agaaagtggc atcgggttat ccgtcgggca ttaccttgct ctatgaaatg ggagggggct 157320

ttgcgggatt gacctgcatg ttgcctttgt atctgtattt ctttcctgta cctaccatat 157380

tgccttcggc taccgatttc ggctatttgc tggtgtttgc ttcggtgtgt accgttctgc 157440

tgtacatcct tcagatacag gtgctgaaga agatctcggc gtttacattc aatctgacgt 157500

acaacctgga gcctatttac agcatcattc tggcaatgat tatctttcgg gaagcaaagg 157560

acttgaactt cagtttctat acgggactgg gattgatttt tctgtctgtc gtgatgcaga 157620

cgggaagggt ggtctggcag gcaaagagaa accaactaaa accgtaacgc atggacgatt 157680

tgagattacg catacaacag ttgttgcagc agctgaacga acgggtgttc ggcaaggagc 157740

atgtcatcgc gctgtcgctg ctttctgccg tggcaggcga gagtatcttt ttgctgggac 157800

ctccgggagt ggcgaagagt atggtggcac gccgcctgaa gctggctttc cgcgggggag 157860

aggctttcga gtatttgatg tcgcgcttca gtacgcccga tgagattttc ggaccggttt 157920

ccatttcgaa actgaaggaa ggcgatacgt acgaacgggt gaccgaaggc tatctgcctt 157980

cggctacggt ggtgtttctg gatgagatat ggaaggcggg accggctatt cagaatgcgt 158040

tgctgacggc tgtcaacgag aagattttcc gcaacggacg ggtgacgatg cagcttccgc 158100

taaagggact ggtggcggca tcgaacgagt tgccggcggt aggacaggga ctggaggctt 158160

tgtgggaccg tttcctgctg cgtgtcatgg tgacaggggt ggaagatttg tccgatttcg 158220

accggatgat tgcttcggcc gacgagagtg agccgtgtat accggaggaa cttgccatcg 158280

gcgacgagga gtatagcgga tggcagcagc agatagcggg cattaccttg cattactcca 158340

ttttcgaagt gattcatctg ctgaaggaga aaatagagga ctacaaccgt cgcttgcaga 158400

acgatgagtc ggcggaactc ccgctgtatg tatccgaccg ccgctggaag aagatggtca 158460

agctgctatg cgcatcggct ttcctgaacg gttcggaagc tgtccgtctg tcggactgtc 158520

tgttgctggc acactgtctg tggagcgacg tgacgcagaa aagtgtctcc gaagaaatgc 158580

ttggcgcggc gatacgtcag agtgccgaag ggtacctgct gaacttgcag ggagtagacc 158640

gtgagttgca ggccttgaaa gaggaactga tggcagcggg tacggtacgc gagagtcacg 158700

atccgggact gatgctggtc gactcgtatt attatcagat cgaacgggtg cgactggcgg 158760

gacgcttgct gatgtttgct tccgatttcc agtcgctcga cgatacgggg aaactctttt 158820

atctgcataa agacaagtac aagtcgcagt gctttatcct gaagaaatac gacctttcca 158880

tgcgaggcaa ggtacctcag aacaagattt attccctgcg caagggaaga cgttcggtgt 158940

tcatcaacaa ttatgagtat cctttgcgct gcaacgccga tgcggaaccg cttccggcta 159000

tcgaggtaag tccggaaaac gacctgacca gccgctttcg gggactggag gagctgcttt 159060

tgcgggtgga tgccggcagc aaggagtttt ttgatgccga gagggaatat tgccggaatc 159120

acctgttcct gagcgaacag gaacgccgga agatggatga gatgctgcgt gtgcagcagg 159180

attcgctgga aaagtataaa catgaacttg acgaactgaa acatgcgtac cgaaaagaga 159240

atgaggagta tccggatcaa ggatctgaag gcgacttatt tggaggagct ccggcgcagg 159300

tgctttgagt gcctgagaga ggccttgcag cacggaacgg tgcgtccggg ggagctggag 159360

ggagcggtat gggagtatta ccgcaagacg gctccatcct tgcaggagtt ttattcgcgc 159420

tatacgcccg agtgggaagt gttttacgag catgaacagt tgctgccgtc cgatttcctc 159480

gatttccttt accgtatgca gttggctttc cgcaagcgtt atgcactggc cgagctcgac 159540

gtgccttatt acatcgaacg gctggaacgg ctgcctttgc tgagtccgga acggaaacgc 159600

ttgcaggaac tttttctgga taagtggcat cgcctgctta cgaacaagga gtacgattat 159660

cagtatcacc acattgaatc gctgtgcgag ggctttgccc tgctcgacaa gcagaacgga 159720

ctgaaaacgg tggcagatgt gacgggctcg cgcgtgaggt ggttgttgct gaaccgtccg 159780

gagctttacc gtcgtattgt gccctatgaa aaggtgatgg aacagaaccg gcatatccgt 159840

gaactggtgc gggtcttagg aaagcacagc aagggagaaa agcgcagttt cgatccgctg 159900

ggaggcatcc gtgaagagca actggttcgc catgccgtac gcagcgatat cgagggagtg 159960

actttgggta acgacttgaa tcatctgctc ccgatggagt actgttacct gacggatgag 160020

gcgctccgtc cggtattcat gcagaagttt gtggaaaaac gtttgcaggt attcgacagt 160080

cgttcggcgg aagacagctc gacacttcag aagggcagaa agcccgtgag cggtcagggg 160140

ccgtttgtag tttgtctgga tacctccggc tccatgcagg gcaagcgcga aacgctggca 160200

aaatcggctt tgctggcggt ggcgaagctg gtagacagta cacatcgcaa gtgctacgtc 160260

atcaactttg ccgaagatat tcactgcatg ctgatcaagg acttgcggac cgacctgccg 160320

ctgctggccg atttcctgaa ttatcgcttc gacgggggta ccgatatggc tccggcactg 160380

aaggaagcca tccgtatgat acaaacaaac gggtggcatc gttcggatgt cgtgatgatt 160440

tccgatttcg aaatgccacc cgtagaggat gaattaatga aacagatcgt tcgtttaaaa 160500

cagagagata cctcgtttta tgcgttggtt ttcgggactc ggcccgaaat ggattatctc 160560

actatttgcg accggacttg ggagatggag ataccttgat ctgctggatg ggctgctgag 160620

taacattatc cagcgggata gcctggtatt tcactttggc aaagtcgatg gtccgcaggt 160680

cgatgctgcg tatcgcactg ttgtacatgg tgcggtaata gatggtccgg ttcgccatgt 160740

cggtagccga tgtccactgc gtggcgctcg ggatgtcgac gggaactttt cccagaggaa 160800

attcaatacc taccggaata tcgaagttgt tcagaatctg gaatccctga agtacggtct 160860

tttcggcagt gtcctgctgc ggggcagtcg actggtagaa agctgcgcgt acgaagcgtg 160920

aaggaggggt tacatcgccc ggtataccca gaaatccact tcctgctccg aacgatttca 160980

gcggggtagt gcccagatct tgtgccggag ccgttcccgg gaacaggttc acgtaattgt 161040

tcaggttggt aagctgccat tcaaagcccg gagagttggt cagcacacct aagttgtttt 161100

cgaagaagtg cggggtctgg cctgttatct ccagtacgag ctgtttgcca gccggatcgg 161160

tgaatcgcca gtgaacggta gacgaacgcg ggtcgatgtt gactacatgt acactcttta 161220

ccgcctcttt tacctcatcc agcgtggcgc agttacccaa gatccacgaa accagttgca 161280

ggtcggaaat ggtattgtct ttttccgctg cgttataatt ctcatattct ccgtaagcag 161340

gaaagtagaa cagtccggca gatagtccgg cttcgttcac gccttccgca ataaattcct 161400

tttgttctac cgccagtccc acgtatccgt agcgtgcggt aaatttcatt ccgttcactc 161460

cttcgggggt atacgactgt gccgcatatc ctctcgggac aatgacatac tgacttttca 161520

ggtcacttcc tccccattcg atggtacgtg ccacgattgt agttccgtct ttgcttttca 161580

gtgtgatgcc tgtgcaggca tttgcgggct gcgatgcgat tagaccggtc aagcccagca 161640

gtaaaattga taatgtcgat ttcatactct gtatttttta aatataacaa aggttcggta 161700

aatatgttca tttgcagata aatagttttc cgtcctgctg gtcgactaca tcctctgcca 161760

gcaggtacga caaggctttc cggactttct ccttgtcgcc ggacagggca tccagcaatt 161820

cttgcaggga acggggcgtt tgcagcagag acatgatttc gttgcggata tcttcgaact 161880

ctccctgctt cagtccggag gcatgtttgg caagacaggt gtcgcactgt ccgcagttgt 161940

gttcgttctt ctcgccgaaa tattgtagga gcagacggct gcggcactga tgctcggcat 162000

cggcatagtc gagcatggcc ttgatacgcc gttcgtaact agccttccgg tcttcgtata 162060

cctcacggct tatcacgagg cgttcactct cctgacgctc gcgggtatag atgatgtagg 162120

gcgttttctt tcccggtatg tagtgcagga cgtgttgccg ggtgagcgat atcagtgtgt 162180

cgtacacttg ctggcgggag aggccactgc gcagggcaag cgtatcttcg ttgatgtagg 162240

cgtaatcgct gaatacgccg gtataggaac gcaggatgac gcggatcagg ttctccgttt 162300

ccggactgct ttcgtggatg cggtacaact cgtcgcgtct cagggtaaat atcagtcggg 162360

aagcattgtc ctgctcgtcg gtgtattcca gatagccggc acgggtgaga atcttcagcg 162420

cactgtccac ctgaatgggg aagtgcttga agttccggca gaactcgtcg atgttgaagg 162480

cgtatgtaca gcccagtccg tcgcccatcg ccatctggta atagtaattg atatgttcgt 162540

atacctgacg gatatagtcc ttttcgggga aggtatcgcc gatacgcttg ttcagaacgg 162600

ctttgtcgct gcgggcatac agctgtacgg cataggcttt ctgtccgtcg cgtccggcac 162660

gtcccgcctc ctgaaaataa gcctcgggcg agtcgggaaa gtcaatgtgt accaccagtc 162720

gcacatcggg cttgtcgata cccataccga aggcattggt agctaccatt acccgaaatt 162780

ctccgtttac ccatcccttc tgtcgctggt ccttgatgtc attgttcagt ccggcatggt 162840

agaaggtggc agtgatatcc tgtgcattca ggaactgggc tacctccttg gtctttttcc 162900

ggttgcgggt atagacgata gccgagcctt ccacgctgtt caggatgtgg agaagctctt 162960

cggccttgtt ttccgtacgg cggacgatgt aggcaagatt cttgcgctcg aagctcatcc 163020

ggaacacgtt ctcttccttg aatgccagcc gttgctgaat gtctttcacc acttcgggcg 163080

tagctgtagc cgtaagggcg agtacaggca cactggggag cagcttacgt atgtctgaaa 163140

tcttcaggta agccggacgg aaatcgtatc cccactgcga gatacagtgt gattcgtcga 163200

cagtgatcat gctgaccttc atacttttca gcttggcctg gaaaatctcc gtgtccagtc 163260

gttcgggaga gatatagaga aacttgtaat cgccgaagat acagttttcc agtgccacga 163320

gaatttcttc acgcgtcatg cccgaataga cggcgacagc cttgataccc cggtcgcgca 163380

ggttgcgtac ctgatctttc atcagggcga taagtggagt gactaccaga cacagtccgg 163440

gctgggcaag agcgggaacc tgaaaggtga tggacttacc accccctgtc ggcatcagtc 163500

cgagtgtgtc gcgtccgctt ccgatgctgt tgatgatatc ttcttgtatt ccccggaagc 163560

tgtcatatcc ccagtattgc ttcagtatgc ttttgtagtc cacgtcgtcg gtagaaaagt 163620

gatgaataaa gattcttaaa ggagcaatga tgaatgaagg attcctgcaa gcaggaagta 163680

acttcattca tcattgcggt tattggaaag agggcttgat gtcctctatc tgcaattgga 163740

tttctccacg tttgtgcgta ttctcttcaa tcgtgtaaca gatgttgaac gattgcttgg 163800

tcttgatgta gcgtgcctgc gagctttgtc cgaacgcaat accgttcatc acgttgttcg 163860

acttgttgtc taccagttcc agcttgatgt gctcctggtc gcgtcctacc accttgctcg 163920

taccgtagtc gtagacattc agggtagcga agaccggttt cggattatcc ggaccgaagg 163980

gattgaactt cttcaggtcg aagaagaact tcggagtgat gtcgcggaaa tccagctggg 164040

catcgatgtc gatggtcgcg ctggtctgct ccggcaggat atggtcggtt acatattgtt 164100

cgaaacgccg tgtaaactcc ggtacgttct caatcttcat ggaaagtccc gcagcgtacg 164160

tatgtcctcc gaagttctcc agcaggtcgc ggcagttctc gatagctttg tacacatcga 164220

atcccgaaac cgaacgtgcg gagccagtag ccaggttgtc ggtacgggtc agtaccacgg 164280

ccggacggta ataaatctcc gtcaggcggg aagcgacgat accgatcact cccttgtgcc 164340

aagcctcgtt gtaaatcacg atggagcgtc gttccgatag attctccaga tgatccacaa 164400

tcttgtttgc ctcttcggtc atcgttttgt cgaggtcctt gcgggtttcg ttgaactggt 164460

tgatctggtt gctcttttcg agagccgact gaaagtcttt ctcaatgagc aaatccactg 164520

ccttttttcc gttctgtatg cgtccggaag cattgatgcg cggaccaatc ttgaacacga 164580

tgtcactcat cgtgatttcc cggtcggcca gtccgcagac atcgatgata gctttcagtc 164640

cgatactcgg gttcgagtta agctgacgca gtccatgata ggcaagcacc cggttctcgc 164700

ccatgatcgg tacgatatcg gaggcgatgc tcacggcgac cagatccagc agtggagtca 164760

gctggtgaaa ctctatcccg ttgttcacgg caaaggcctg catgaacttg aatcccacac 164820

cgcagcccga cagatgatcg tacggataag tcgagtcgaa ccgtttgggg ttcaggatag 164880

ccacggccgg tggcagcaca tcgtcgggca catgatggtc gcagatgatg aagtcgatgc 164940

ccttttcctt ggcatacgca atctcctcta cagccttgat gccgcagtct aatacaataa 165000

tcagttttac gcccgtttcg gcagcgtagt ccactccctt cttcgaaact ccatacccct 165060

cgttatagcg gtcgggaatg tagtaatcga tgttcgaata gaactgctga aggaatttgt 165120

ataccaatgc gacggcagtt gttccgtcca catcgtaatc tccgtacacc atgatccgtt 165180

ctttccgtcc catagccctg tttagtcgtt ccacagcgat gctcatgtcc ttcatgagga 165240

acggatcgtg cagttcgttc agctgcggtc ggaaaaatcg tttggcttcg gcggtagaag 165300

tgatgccgcg ctccagtagc agacggcaca atatcgggct gataccgata tccttagcca 165360

gtgccctagc tgcttcccgc tgttcgagtg tcggaggttg atagttccat ttgtaattca 165420

tttatatatg ttttttcttt cttttctgta tcaggagcca gacccggaca cgcgtcgagt 165480

cgtttctctt cttcggcctg gttattcaat ctgtaaaatt agaaaaaaag aaagaaaaaa 165540

acggttaatc ccgcatttat tttcggggat taaccgttta attatttata attggtctat 165600

attatccaat tacagtccca gtttcttggc gatgtcgaca gggatagcgt gcttgtttac 165660

caggatgttc atggtcttgt aagcaacgaa tgcttttgaa gcgtaccata cacctttgta 165720

tttgccttca gtaccccaag agttcttaac catgtagtat tcttttccgt tctgatcttt 165780

agcgatgccg tagattacca ttccgtggtc gtcggtagtt tcccagttgt cgaaagcttc 165840

ctgacgcatt tcctgagtaa ctgtgatttc aggaagcggt ttgcttgtca gctccttgcg 165900

cttgtcagac tggctcagtc ccagccagtg tgccatatca gaacctgtca gttcggcacc 165960

cttttctgcg tccgggcaaa cagccacacc atcgcgtgta aagccttgtt cacttacgtc 166020

ggcaccccat gcgaaagtat aaccgttgtt gatggcattt tccatgacag ccatcagttc 166080

gtcgataggc aggttgtaag aaagcgcatt acgccagttg tcctgtacct cgatgttgaa 166140

ctgagtatag aacggatgat gagtataaga agtcagtgaa acatagtcgt ccatgttcag 166200

gcccagtgct tcgtcggcaa atgttctcgg agtgtaagtc tttcctttgt aggtaaattc 166260

cttcggacat gcacccagat aagtatcgta gatagcctga ataccgtttt tccataccgg 166320

agaaagtttc ttcagattgc ctttggcgat ggcgttcatg tatgcagaag ccacggcatc 166380

cagttcgttg tggttgggca gagagtcgcc gtacatgata cccggcatag cttcctgcgg 166440

taccataccg tagttctcgt agcaatatac aatgtcttcg aagcttccac ccggagagaa 166500

tgaagcatcg ccgtggtaac gaacgtagtt tacggcacgg tcttccatgg ttttgtgtac 166560

cacaaacatt tcagacaagt cgaaatcacc ttttccggca cgcagcagct cggcttccag 166620

gaatcccagt gtagagaatg cccagcaagt gctcgactgg ttctggtctt tgatagaggt 166680

gataggtact tccttaactg ttgtaaacac aaagccttcg tctgctttgt tctttttcgg 166740

gttcttggca tatacgttgc tgaaacatac gcccagagcc aaaatggcaa ttaatttgtt 166800

catcttttct ttttaggttt taattattag ttgtttttat tgttcattca taatcttttc 166860

tacttcctct attgtgatag ggatgtgttt ctcgccggta aagcgtgagc cttcgggagt 166920

aatcagaatg tcgtcttcca gacggatacc gccgaaatcc ttaaacttgt cgatggcgtc 166980

gaagttcagg aactcggagt tgatgttctc cgctctccac ttgtcgatca gtgccggaat 167040

gaagtagcat cccggttcgt cggtgatgac gaaaccttcc tgcaagcggc gtcccatacg 167100

cagcgaagcc agtccgaact gatcggacgg acgagtttca tcgtcataac ctacgtagca 167160

ctgtcccagg tcttccatgt cgtgtacgtc gatacccatc atgtgtccca gtccgtgagg 167220

catgaagagt gcgtgtgctc cggcagctac tgcctcgtcg acgttgcctt tcatcagtcc 167280

caggtctttc aatccctgag ccagcacctt acatacatcc aggtgaaccg acatgtaagt 167340

cactcccgga cgagtcagtt ccagcgcacg gtcgtggcaa gccagcacga tgctgtacac 167400

gtcacgctga cggctggtga actttccgcc taccggtatg gtacgagtat ggtcggaaca 167460

gtaattggtg acactttccg cgcccgcatc ggtcagcatc agacgtcctg cctgaagaat 167520

ctggctgtgg tcgtgattgt gaagcgtctg tccgttctgc gaaagaatgg tggcaaacga 167580

taccatgtta ccatacgatg cagcgatgcc gtcaagaatt ccggcaatat attgttccga 167640

aacacccggc ttgcacagac gcatggcagc cgtatgcatt tcgtaaccga tgttgcacgc 167700

cttgtctatc tcttcaatct cgcaggcttc ctttacggca cgcaggctga tgacagcctt 167760

gatcagctcc agcgacgcat gctgcttggt catggaagca cggatgcccg tcagctcttc 167820

cagcagcatc atgttgtcgt aacggtaggg cgggaggaaa tgaatcttgc ggcgttgaga 167880

gatagccttt ccgacgaaat ccttcagtcg tgtaaacgga aaactctttt ccactcccac 167940

acgttcgccc agttccttta cgctaggctg aggacccatc cagataatgt catccatggt 168000

cacatcgtcg ccgaagaaat aatcctcgtc ggcatctacg tccagcacgc cggcaaatcc 168060

cgggtgtgaa tgtccgaaga aataaaggaa cgaactgtcc tgacggaatt tatatgtatt 168120

atcgggatag tttgcagggg cttcgttgtt tcccagtatc aggataatac cactacttac 168180

tttttttcta agagccttac ggcgattgcg gtatactgat gaatcaaaca tattgtaata 168240

gttaaagtaa atttattgta ataagtgttg caaaaatagg aaattaaaat gaataatgtc 168300

ctaagcattt tcctaaaaaa tgtatctttg tgaaactaaa ctattgtgcg ctatgaaact 168360

agatctgaag aatatgggcc tggtgctcga aggagggggc atgcgcggag tgtttacctg 168420

cggtgttctg gattatttca tggatcatca tatcgagttt ccatatagta ttggtgtgtc 168480

ggcaggagcg tgtaacggac tttcgtatat ctcacatcag cgcgggcgtg ccaaatacag 168540

caacatcgat atgatgaaaa aatatcatta tataggtttg aagtatttgt ggtatcagca 168600

tagcatactc gaccagaagt tgttgtacga aatctttccc gaggagttgc tgccgtacga 168660

ttatgaggcg tatttcaaga atccgacacg ctttgagatg gtgacgacaa actgtgtgac 168720

ggggcgtgcc tgttatctgg aagaaaagga agacaaggag cgtttggtgg ctatagcgaa 168780

ggcatcgagc agtctgccgt atgtatgtcc cattacgtat gtcgacggtc gtccgatgct 168840

ggacggagga attgtggact ccattcccgt attgcgtgcc atcgatcagg gatataagca 168900

gaatgtcgtg gtgctgaccc gcaacagagg gtatcgcaaa tcggagaaag acatccgggt 168960

accgcggttt atctacaccc gctatccgcg tctgcgcgtg gtgctgagtc atcgttgccg 169020

ggtctacaac gaacagcttg cgatggtgga gcgcatggaa gacgaaggaa gcatcattgt 169080

gattcgtccc gaacatccgg tggtagtgaa ccggattgag aaagatgtga agaaactttc 169140

tgccttgtac gacgaaggat atgcgtgtgc ggaaaaagtg atgggtccgt atctctgaaa 169200

acgtgaggat gttttctgaa agtttgtata aaaagcaaga agttttgtac aaattattct 169260

ggactttctc cgtgctgcgt gagaaagttg ccgatacacc ccgaaagaaa atgacgcgtg 169320

tcgtgataaa tccatacaga aagagccgta tcttgttact caatgcttga gtaaggatac 169380

ggctcttttt atgtgacttg taatatgtaa cttcgcagta ttattttgtt tgcatttccc 169440

ttgtatgggg aaatcggctt gtctttatta tttagcgaag cttaccgcac gtgtttcacg 169500

gataacggta atcttaacct gtcccggata agtcatttca tcctgaatct tcttggcgat 169560

ttcagtcgac aggctttctg tctgcttgtc gtctatcttg tcggcaccta cgatgacacg 169620

cagttcgcgg ccggcctgga tagcgtatgt ctttgtaaca cccggataag acatagccaa 169680

ttgttccaaa tcgttcagac gcttgatgta agcttctacg atttcgcggc gtgcacccgg 169740

acgagcacca gagatagcat cgcacacctg tacgatagga gccagcaggc tggtcatctc 169800

tacttcgtcg tggtgagcac cgatggcatt gcagatatcg ggtttttctt tatatttctc 169860

ggccagcttc atacccagca gtgcgtgtgg cagttccggt tcttcatcgg gtaccttacc 169920

gatatcgtgc aacagtccgg cacgtttcgc tttcttcggg ttcagtccca gttcagatgc 169980

catgacagca cacaggttgg cagtttcgcg ggcgtgctgc aacaggttct gtccgtaaga 170040

agaacggtat ttcatcttac cgatgatgcg gatcagttca ggatgcagac cgtggatacc 170100

caggtcgatc gtcgtacgct taccggtttc gatgatttca tcttctacct gcttgcgaac 170160

cttggcaacc acctcttcga tgcgtgccgg atggatacgt ccgtcagtaa ccagctgatg 170220

caaggcaagg cgggcaattt cacggcgtac agggtcgaat gccgacagca cgattgcttc 170280

gggagtatcg tcgacaacga tttccactcc ggtagcagct tccagtgcac ggatgttacg 170340

gccttcacga ccgatgatac gtccctttat ttcatctgat tcgatatgga atacagttac 170400

cgagttctcg atagccgttt cggtagctac tcgctggata gactgaatga cgatacgttt 170460

cgcctcacgg ttggcagtca gcttggcatc gtccatgatg tcgttgatgt acgactgagc 170520

ctgtgtcttt gcctcttcct tcagcgattc caccagacgt tccttagcct cttcggcaga 170580

aagtcccgag agagcttcca gtttctcgcg ttcctgagcc tgaagcgcgt ccagttcttc 170640

ttttttcttg tcgatgatga cgagctgtgc atccaggttt tccttgatag cctcgttctc 170700

gttccgttta cgctgcagtt cctcgttctt ctggttcagc accatttcgc gctgtttcag 170760

cttgttttct gcctgctgta ttttctgatt acgcagagcc acttcctttt ctagatcagc 170820

cttcttgttc aagaactttt ccttcacttc cagaagcttg ttcttcttga tcacctcggc 170880

ctctgtttcc gcttctttta taattttatc atatctccct ttcaagccat acttgaaaaa 170940

gccatatgaa agtgcccctc caaccagaaa ggcaacgacc gtcaatatta ctaatgtcaa 171000

cattacaagt tagtttaaat atatataaat aaaaagcgca caaaccatcc gtcaggtata 171060

cgcctgacct caagcttgtg cgcaaatgtt ttctatcttc cgtacactaa acgcttactc 171120

actctctttc ctgatacatt cgtctatatc ctcttccagc tgtttcagct tttcctgata 171180

aggttgtgta tcattccggt ctttcataga catattttca aaagccagtt ccagagctgt 171240

cataacccaa tacttctcag tattgaagtt cgggaactta ttgcggtatt tgtttagctt 171300

atagtcaatc tgtttggctg catcccgata taaatgttcc tcttcacgtt tgatgatgag 171360

gggatatcgt tcattgtcaa tcagcagatg tattttcatt tggtcgtccg tcatgttctt 171420

ttcaccgttt aaattattca ttcagcaaag cgatacattt gtcgacttca cgcacaagct 171480

tcgccaatct ctgtttcgta tcgcggagtt cattgtcgtt gatactgagt atgcgagctg 171540

tctttaaatt ggtatacatg gcttctaatt ctttccggct attctggagt tcggaaattt 171600

caacttcttt ttcggcaaga agctgtcgga gagaggcgtt ttcttgtttc aattcttcat 171660

ataaatacat aaaatgcctc agtttccctt cgaaagtgtt caatagcttt ttgtcttctt 171720

ccgtcatttc gtaccaaaat tgtatacaaa tatagtggat tggggagaaa cacaaaaatt 171780

tttgttgata ttttcttcaa tacttcggta aatttttacc gataaattaa aattaaacat 171840

agaatcggca taatccggtt caaaattata ttcaagagat cattgaaata ctgtcaagaa 171900

taaatcgtca aggagtaaga aaagggatga aaaagatatg ctaaacagct gaaaatcaac 171960

agaaaaagta tttcataatt cactgatttt tagtaaatta gaagtacttc accactttta 172020

attatgacta aagaatcact ccttatgcaa taccaatccg agtgcagaaa cgctctcgaa 172080

tcagctgtaa atataagcaa atcttttcag aaagtattca tggatgcaat gaaattattc 172140

atggctatac ctgaccgcat caatttccta caaatgggac ggtatggatg tttctcggaa 172200

cagacatacc gcaacaattt tgagaacgac ggctttgact ggttttcctt caatgaagcc 172260

atcatcaggg aacaccttaa aggtggtcgc aaggcgatag ccgttgatcc gtctttcatt 172320

ccaaaatcag gcagcaaaac gccgtggatt ggctatttct ggtccggttg tgccggtgaa 172380

tacaaacgtg gactggaaat aaccggtatt ggagttatag acgttgacaa ccatgaatgt 172440

atgactttgg gctctgtaca gacacctgac aacgcaacgc tggaaagctg tgagaagaat 172500

cttgttgact ggtacagctc ttaccttatc agcatacagg aacagctgaa acgtatttct 172560

ggcacagtcg tgtgtgatgc gttcttttca aaggcaactt tcatcaaacc attgtacgat 172620

aacggtttcc acgtaataag ccgtttcagg aatgatgccg tattgtttta tcccacctta 172680

gaaaatagga caggaaaacg cggacgtcca aaattacatg acgagaaaat tgactttgaa 172740

aatctggaca tcacaagatg taccgagtac aaagtgaaca agggtaaact ttacggactg 172800

aaagcatact ccaaagcact caaacgcttt gtgagcctgg ctgtatggta ccccatggat 172860

ggaagaacgg acaaatggca gctgtatttc tctacaaacg aaatacagaa cgcacaggat 172920

gtcctggact tttacagaac acgtttccaa ctcgaattct gctttcggga tgccaagcaa 172980

catgccggaa tagcaaactg tcagtctaca gacttcagga aactggcatt ccactttaat 173040

gcatcacttg cagcgataaa cctcgccaag gctgcctgta agaagatggg aataaaatat 173100

tccatatcat catgcaagtc agtcatacac aatgcttaca tgcttgaacg atttatttgc 173160

gtgtctggga ttgaaccaaa cacgcaatta attgacaaac ttttcaaaga actcatttta 173220

tttactgcca gagccgctta ggctgggcta atttttaacg aactattgaa tggaaataac 173280

aaatgaagta aagcaacgta ttgtggcagc gatagccgcc gaccgtgaaa attatcccag 173340

tgacaaccgc catgctacgg cactgggcat agcccccagt gtgtacaata ccatcaagcg 173400

gggcaattat gaaaagcagg tcagtgatgc caactgggta ggcatagccc gaagattggg 173460

cgtgcaactg cgtacagaaa tgccctggct ggcagcacag accccgacct atgtgtttgt 173520

gagtaagcag ctggaagtgt gccagggaag cgggctgagc gccatcctgt gcgatatgcc 173580

caatatcggc aagaccttta cagcgaaagc ttacgtgaag cagcacaagc acgccgtata 173640

tgtggactgc agccaggtga agaccaagtt aaagctgata cgctacattg ccaaggaatt 173700

cggcgtgacc agcaacggac gctacagcga cgtgtatgag gacttggtag cctacctccg 173760

cacgatagat acgcccctgg ttattctgga cgaagccggc gacctgcagt atgaagcctt 173820

ccttgaactg aaggccctgt ggaacgccac cgagcgctgc tgtgcgtggt atatgatggg 173880

tgcagacggg ctgaaggaaa agatcaaccg cgccatcgaa ggcaagaagg tgggctatac 173940

cgaaatgttg agccgctacg gtgactccta cagcaaggtg accccggatg atgcgcagga 174000

acgcgaaaag ttcctgaagg cacaggctgc cattgtagcc aaaatcaatg ccccggacgg 174060

taccgacatt gccaagatcg ttcacagcac cggaggcggc ttgcggcgcg tatataccga 174120

aatcgaaaaa ttaaggagga tgcaagcatg aaactgaaaa gagcctacag ccccggtgag 174180

gtgctgaaca tgaagatacc ccggtatgaa tttaccgggg attggcaagc ctcgataggc 174240

aaccctgcca aaagcggcgt ttggattatc tggggtgcca gcgggaacgg aaagagcagc 174300

tttgtgatgc agttggccaa gtacctgtgc ggtttcggac gcgtgatcta tgacagtctg 174360

gaagaaagca ccggcctttc gtttcagatg agcctgaaac ggcataagat ggatgaggtg 174420

cgcaagcggt tggttatcct tgaccgcgag tcgatggatc agctggagga acgtctgcag 174480

cgccggggca gtcccggcat tgtgattatc gacagtttcc agtacagcgg gttgaactac 174540

aagacctaca aggagtttaa ggagcgccac cccaagaaac tgtttatctt catcagccat 174600

gctgaagggt cacatccggc aggcagaagc gcccgcaagg tggaatatga tgccgatgtg 174660

aaaatcatgg tgagctgctt caaggcctgg tgcaagagcc gctttatgga aaagcccggt 174720

gagccctatg tgatttggga agaaggtgct gccaaaacat tgaaggacga taatatggag 174780

gattatttga atggaatggg agaataagct gtaccagata ctcctgacag gacaggaagc 174840

ggaggccgtg gtggacgatt gggtagaacg taacatacaa agcgacctcc gtctgcgcag 174900

ggccaagaca aagggacacg tagtgataga aaccagggat gtgatgtttg cccggaatat 174960

tcaggtatgg catccgtcct gccaaataaa cattaaagat ttgaagtgat ggaaaagaaa 175020

gaagaaaaga aagtgtgctg catctgcggc aaagagtatg agggctacgg atacaatccg 175080

ttcccggtga aagaagaagg ctgctgctgc caatcgtgca attacagtgt ggtcgttccg 175140

gaacggtggg aacggcacaa ggcttatcag cgcggtaagg cgaccggtgc cgggaaagtg 175200

tatatcagcg gagctatcgc gcactatgac atggatgagc gcaaggaagc cttcagccgt 175260

gccgaggagg aactgaaggc acaaggctat gaccctgtaa accctttcag gaacggattg 175320

ccggatgaag ctcattggag agcacacatg cgggccgaca ttgccctgtt gctggcttgt 175380

gactatatct acatgctgaa ggactgggaa ctgagcaagg gagccaagct ggaacttgac 175440

gtggccagtt cgtgtggcat taaagtattg tttgaataac ctttaagttt ttgaattatg 175500

gcaaaagaaa ttacggtact tgtaaagttt agaggaacag ttcctgaaga tgtaagtatt 175560

gctgacatag aggagcaaat agatcgcaat cttgaagaca gctttcgttt gaatttctcg 175620

gattccaaag aagaagatga tgatttgaga gaaccgtgga tagagcgtga ggatatgtat 175680

attacggaaa agggatttca attattaatt agctaataca atcaagatga cacaggaagt 175740

aaccaatttc gcccggttct acgcattgtt caacaagttg ccctgtacag gagaccggga 175800

agggctaaag aagcaaatcg ttctgcagta cacgtgtgac cgtacggaaa gcctccgtga 175860

aatgacatcc aaggaatatg aagcctgctg ctgtgccttg gagaaactaa ccgggcagga 175920

tgaatggcga cagaaacttc gcgaggaact gcggcggaaa cgcagcgtat gtctgaagct 175980

gatgcaacag ttgggtatag acaccactga ctggaaccgg gtgaacgaat tctgcaacaa 176040

cccacggata gccggcaaac cctttgttca gattagtaca gcggagctgg aacaactggc 176100

catcaaactg cgggctatcc aacgaaaagg aggtttaacc gataaataag acaaatatgg 176160

ataaaaaagc acatgaagcg cttgagcgca tcagaaaaga tgtgattctt acgacatccg 176220

atctggagaa ccaggatgca gccgagtttt tcaacgaact ggccgactgg gcgtatgcca 176280

acggtgaagc catgctgata gacgatgaac cggaaatgca ggatggtgag gaagaataaa 176340

aacaagtaat gaacccatta aaaatgattt gaacatggaa aagaacaacc aaagtgtgga 176400

catcaagtcc ctgagtaaag aacagcgagc agccctcatg gcccagctgc agcaagaaga 176460

gaaagaagac cgcattgctc gtcgtgaaac ttacgaggca ttacgcggtg agtttatgca 176520

cgaagtaaag gccaacgtcc ttgaaatggt gaatgccgtg accgggttcc gcggatggct 176580

ggaaaaagaa gccgatgcct ttaccaaggt gatgaaggaa tacggccagg tgaaaagcga 176640

cgaacagcgt agctacacca ttacggacgg tgacttccgc ctggaggtga aaagcaacaa 176700

ggtgaaaggc ttcgatgaac gagctgatat ggcagccgac cgtctgattg actacctgaa 176760

gcgctacatg cagaacagtg agaaaggttc ggatgatccg atgtatcaga tggccatgac 176820

cctgctggag cgcaacaaga tgggcgacct ggactacaag agcatttcga agctctacga 176880

actggaagac aagttcgatg aagagtatgc agacatcatg cgcctgttca aggaagccaa 176940

cgtggtgcag cgcaatgcca ccaactacta cttcagtcgc cgggaccctg aaaacggtgt 177000

atggacccgc atagagccca gtttctgccg tttgtagccg gaatccgtta accctgtaaa 177060

cagaaagcgc cgcagttgtt ataattgcgg cgcttttgtt cttaaattcg atgaaaatca 177120

gctatttttg taagagaaat aaagcgtatg ggcaaaggac gggataaaga attgatcaag 177180

ctgcgtgacg aggcactgtg ccgccgttac tactattgga cagaaataca gcggttgcgg 177240

ttcgacgatg ctttaaaagt gttgtcggag cgcgaattct ttatatccga ggaacgtatc 177300

atgaccatca tccgccggaa atcacgtgag ggaacagact acaatctgaa gcctgttccc 177360

aaggtgaaag ccccccgtct gactgccgcc cagcttgagc tattccccgt aagatgacgg 177420

catggccgat tcatcgtgca gtgtgaatga gaatgtcatt tcatagacct tgatgtaatg 177480

tggcatggca tacgagcggc ttttctcgcg taccagcggc gaagcgttgt ccgtgcattg 177540

cagacactgc agcgacttgt ataatttccc ggccagctgc tgcctttccc tcaccttgtc 177600

atacgtgcca gatgcgtagc ttgtatcgtc gtaacaatca atagccagcc ggacggtcag 177660

catggattcg cttttctgta ccccatatcc gaggtcgttc cagtcagaac ttgtatttcc 177720

aatcaataca caagggaagg tgaccgggta atggtcttct tctgccccca tttccaattg 177780

tccgtagtct tcatcgatga gcgagagttc cggcatttcc tgtgcaatct gttccatgat 177840

tgcgataaaa acttcttcca tatccttagc tgtttaaaat gttggtaatt tcctgatcca 177900

tcttctcccg tatgcggctg ttcaattctt cgctttcgcc catgaactgg cgctgcggga 177960

tgcgaatgtg cagtctcttt tttttggtaa gtgccatgtt tctccagaac tgtgcttgcg 178020

gattcagttc cttcggtttg gtacgtcgtt taacgcgttt cttttgccct gtgtcggctt 178080

tttttctttt ccccgaagcc ttgtagaact tggcccatgc aaagcgcctc atgcggtctg 178140

tgacggtgac gtcgatttcg ccaccccagt tgtggatggg cgcatagacc acctcgttga 178200

acacccttac ccggtagtcg gcaggtgtat atccgaccga cttgaaaaga tgcttcctgc 178260

cggagagcag cgtgccgtaa ttgctggcgg catcggtacc tcccgaggac agccgtttgg 178320

attttggcca ggggtgaagc cccccgttga caaagccccc atgccggaag ttatcctgga 178380

aatggtcttt ggccatacgt cctaccatga ccggcatttt gcggcgcatc atactgtcca 178440

gcctgtcacg tttccgcttt atcatttccg taaaatcttt tatgtccata atcatcagta 178500

attcaagaat aatttataac tttgcaaccg aggcttccaa tatgcctttt atgcgttatg 178560

aatataccgg aacaagtaaa gaacgaggct cgtgtactta ttgagcaata cggtgacacc 178620

ttcgaatacc ttggtattta tgaaggccag gaagcctatg tgttcaagtt tccgggggac 178680

tcctgtaccg gttatccttt cgtctatctg tatgacggta aagacgcaac cgaaataacc 178740

ggtccgttat cccttgacgt tatcgattca tgtatcgaaa atatcgagga aggagacatc 178800

gaatagctta ttgtcaattc tcaggactcc cctgcagttg tgggaagtcg cagctcctat 178860

ttcacataaa tattttacgt ctttccattc cattcctgaa ccggcagaat tatcgctttg 178920

gggttcgata taccttagtt caccatccgc aaaccgttgc aggattgtag catgcccgcc 178980

cccgcttttc cagccgatgc acaattcata cacgccttct tccttacata cctcattgaa 179040

atactccatg taccttttag gggtcatttt caggtatcct ttgttcgcaa gccagctgtt 179100

tatacttata tgttgcgccg gagtaccgtc ggtgtttttc cagacttcaa aagcacgtcc 179160

attactcaga tattcaagtt tagaccctgc gacattgcct ttggcggtaa tatcccatcc 179220

acgtaatcgt aaagcgtatg ccggtgcgca agtctggcag ttgatactgt atggagtatc 179280

ccgtttttta tcgtaatcgc tgttcttccg gtatctgttt ccccttttat cgcggtatat 179340

tcctttggaa tccaaaatat actcttccac atgtttggga tttgcattct gtttgtccgc 179400

cttatccaca tccataggtt ttcctttttt gattttaaga gccttttcca tttcgaggtt 179460

gttccgggca atggccattt tttcctcccc ggtaaggtag tccggcattt ccgcaatcat 179520

ttcatcaatg cgcgccataa gtttatccac cgcttttttg gcacccttgt gggcttctgc 179580

ctgatatgga tgattgtcgg aaaacagttt gccgtccgtc cccggattgt tatccagtcc 179640

gggctggggc ttgttcttgt cgtcttcgtc cggaagtggt gtcggctcct cgtcggtggc 179700

agtgaggtcg cacttgcagt tccaccggtc gcccggtcgg tggatgttcc agaacgtgtc 179760

atcaatcggc cggatggtat tccagaacgg gcggtggtca gcccccggat gaatggaggt 179820

ggacggtagc catttgaggt tgggcagaat atcgcgttcg cgcaggaact gttgccagtc 179880

agccgcctga tgcgcccgga tgaccgccgt atcatactcc gtccgcagcc agtgacgaac 179940

ctgatgggaa gcaatgggca agacttcctg tacccatttg tcgaacggtt ttaaaatgcc 180000

gtttgaatcc aataaaagtc gtgccatgtc attctgcata cgatgtacct tgaatgctga 180060

gaatacggca ttgttccgga gtatggcatt tctgaaatcc tcgtccggag taatggcctt 180120

ggatttgctg aatccttcct ttgccgcctt gtccatcttt gcccatattt cattgaacag 180180

gttgatttcg atttcggttg ccggatgaaa atccctgctg tatatgttca gcaaggcacg 180240

ccgcagcacc tcttcggaga agtcaaactc catggagatg ctgccattat cagccgcata 180300

cagtctgtcg actaccagtc taaagctgcc ccgtctgccg gggctttcac gaaaaaacct 180360

ttgagccagt tccggaagtt tcttttctgt ttcggtgtcg gttcatcatc ccgtccctta 180420

ttcgctggct ccggctcctt cttcgggctt ggaatctggt cggcttgttc agccgtcttt 180480

tgttccgcct tcagctgctc gtaattggcc ggtttgtcga taccgaattc ctcatagaga 180540

taatcgtcgt cgatggggat gttgaagttc ttcttcagct gcgtgaggat ggatattttg 180600

gtaccggcat ccgtttcttt cggttccgga aagcagaatg tccccccttc agtattgatg 180660

cccatgcgca gcaaaatgtc cgtcatgtcg taattcagca cgttgagcac gtatttccgg 180720

tcagcctcca gtaccttgtc ctctactttc ttatgaaccg tacccaaagc ctgtgtgcct 180780

ttttcggacg attcggttgt cagcgtattg cccaatatca gtttggaaat ttcgttgttg 180840

caccgttcgc agaggcgttc atagacatcg gcagaccctg ttttgtttcc ggcttccgta 180900

agtttgagtt ccgtgtcctt ggcatgaaag aactgcgcca gacttccggc atttgccgca 180960

tcctccatgg cccgctggcg ggactcgtcg tcgtcggagt catagatata ttcctgtatg 181020

ggcatgccga atacctcgga gaactgtgcc cagtcgcccg tagtgttacg tttgtagatg 181080

acccaaggtg cagcctttgc caacagcccc aaatcggacg gtgaacccac aaaaagcagg 181140

tcagtatatt cattccagga atggccggta atgtccgtct ggtggcgcag gatgagttcc 181200

ctgaccggat ccacatgctt gcgcggtacc aggtcataat ccacccactc ctgcagcttg 181260

tagaactggc agagcgagaa gccccagaat ttcgcatcaa ggatgtcacc caccagccgg 181320

ttgaaccagg gcgactgtat ctgttcgttg attttatcgt cgggcttccc gtccacccgg 181380

aattccatgt tggagcacag cacggcattc tttcgctttt cgatcacaca ggaaaggtgg 181440

gtatccatca gaatgtcctc gtagaggtca taaagtttgt aacgtcgtga gaaatcgaca 181500

ttctcggctg ccttgacggc tgccatgtag tcggaaatgt ccagcccgaa gcgtttgggc 181560

tgtgtgagta caatcacatt cggtctcttc tgccccggca acgtaaagtt tccccctacg 181620

gtgatgatac cggctttgtt gttttttctg tttttctttt tcatgatgct tgctttttac 181680

cagtggttcg ttcgtttgcg gttgctttga atgcggaaat ccgacctgcc cgccctttgt 181740

tcctcaggca gcagcggagc cccttcgatt gaaatgtcct cgtcggccac cgccttcatc 181800

cattccaccg cccgttcgta gcggtccttg cgtacctggg aaagtttctg cgggttgtgg 181860

atgcagaaga tgtgatagac tgccatgtcg atgaccatca tcagcacgag ctggttccgg 181920

ttgtccccgg tggccgcaaa aatcttgttg cagtcgtagc gtttgctcaa ataacaccgc 181980

atttcggcaa tggccctgtc ctcgcaaacc tcaatgaccg tttcgtcctc tctaaccagt 182040

gcgtcgagga tgtctcggtg gatgctcgca tcgtaatcgg aaagttcaac aaatttgctc 182100

atagtcctat tgttttagag ttgtcataat cttttcttgt tccgctttct tacatccttc 182160

cgtgagcgga atacgggcgg ttcaatgcgc ctgatcagtt cgtcgatgat gcggtttgct 182220

ccttcgaccg catccggtcc gtcggccggg tagcgcatgg tcagggtgaa cagcttgaac 182280

tggtcttcca gttccttcat gtgcggattg tcccgttcag cctcgttgag gatgaggttc 182340

ccttcgcggt tgagcggttc aaggttggcc tcgatacgcg tagccttgtc cgtcttcttc 182400

tcctcgtcgc cccggatgaa cagcgcaatc ttctgttcgc ggcgcacctt tgccaccagc 182460

ggtttgaaca cctgctggaa gaaagggtcc tgcagtttgt tgttctccat gtagcaatag 182520

acattggtct tgcccccgac aaattcaagc atccggacat accagtcaat aaactccgca 182580

ttgagcgcct gtgccaggaa agtcttgatg acgtaaagcc tgccacccaa tttgccacag 182640

agcgaaaccg tcttgaagga tttgcctttc ttacccttgc tttcgcccgg tgccgggtcg 182700

ccatacacca cgaggaactt gaatttggag agtgctggaa ccttgccgta tgcaatgttt 182760

tcgaatacct cgcccacgga aatcgggttg ttgaaatatt ctccctgtgc cgcctttttg 182820

gatattttgg acagtgtgcg gtcgatgtcc tcttccgagt tcttttccgg ccatgtggaa 182880

aaaccgtttt tgtcgcggat gttcacgatg tcccaggagt cggccatttc gcccgccctc 182940

accacgcagc agtccttggc gatgatgttt ccgcagaaga tgaccagtgt aggttcggaa 183000

atggaccttg tgggatacag cgcattttcc caccagtccc agcgcttctg gatgatgtcc 183060

gggttcttgg tatcctcgtc cgtatcaaag tcatcgacca gcagcacgtc gggacgtatg 183120

gcctcgtttc gcgaaccacg cggagattgt ccggcaccca gtgcgcggaa agagaccttc 183180

ccttttgtgg tgaattcatc ctcggtccat gagcccggca gttcctgttt gccgtagtat 183240

gccatgatgc gtccgttggc ttcgagattg gcccggtagg gattgagcag gcgcaccgca 183300

ttgtccttgc tgttggaggt cagaatcaca ttctttttgc gtccggtaag cgtgagattc 183360

atgacgatga acatggtgac ggtggatttg gccagctcac ggctccaaga aagcacctca 183420

aaccattcat cgtgtgcaat gatccgccgg atagcctttt tctggaagtc ggcaaattca 183480

tatttggcat aattcggaaa aaagaacttg atccattcta tgggatgttt ctcaagatat 183540

tcccggtgtt tttcccgttc ggctgccgtc atgttcctat cgaccggtgt agcccttgcg 183600

atgtcttctt tgtacttctc ccaatcgagg agagcgagtc tgtcagtctg tttcattgtc 183660

tatcccttta taatttgtct ttaatgtacg catcggccag gcgtgtaatt tcctttgcct 183720

tttcgaggtc ggccgcccgt acccagtcga tgagcccggt gaggacactg atgatgtcgg 183780

caatgcccac ttcctgctcc atgttgcgta tggccgccga cagtttcccg aggatgtcag 183840

cctccttgga tgaggggaac cgttcccctt cgggccgttc ggcgatggcc ttgtttattt 183900

cggccacctg ccggtagagg ttagccacct gttcctgcct tgtgagcgta agccccacct 183960

tctgttcctc ccacttcccg gcccgtaccc agttggacac ggacacccgt gacacgccca 184020

cccggtcggc gatttcctgc tgtgtgaggt tttccttgag gtacaaagtt tttgcccatt 184080

cctttttctg ggcattcgtc aaatctgcca taaatcgtcc tttttagttg taaatcacgt 184140

tacaaaattg catgaaaaag cggggtttgt aaaagcgcgt acgcatgatg acgggttaca 184200

gcgttatgat aacgccagaa aacgttatga tgcggacgcg gtttcttggt gccatgggaa 184260

tgttctattt tcgcaccatc gaaaggcggg gaaaccgctg gtaaagacat gacgatgagc 184320

agatttttca atattacaac gagtgacgac ggcaccagta cgatattcct gtacggggac 184380

atcggagact atacggaggt gcaaagcggg cgcatagccc aggaactgat ggaagccgaa 184440

cgcgtgagcc gacgcatcca tgtgcgtatc aacagcaacg gcggggaagt gtacagcggc 184500

attgcgatat tcaacgccct gcgccatagc caggccgaca tccgcattta tgtggatggc 184560

atagccgcca gcatggccag tgtgatagcc ctttgcggca agcccgtaga aatgagcaaa 184620

tatgcccgtc tgatgctgca cagtgtgagc ggagggtgtt acggcaacaa gcaggacctg 184680

cagcgttgca tggaagagat agaaagcctg gaaggcagct tgagtgaaat ctatgccgag 184740

cggctgggca tgagcaagga agaagtgaaa cagacctatt ttgacggcga ggaccattgg 184800

ttgaccgcca aggaagccct ggaccttggt ttcatagacg acatctatga tgcagacccc 184860

gtgccggcag acagtacacc ggcgcagata tatactttat tcaataaccg gctcgttgag 184920

ccacaaaaaa acagagaaga catgaatctg gaagacgtaa agaaacgccc gcgcttcaag 184980

gactgcgcga gtgatgcgga tgtgttccgc ctgatggacc aactggagga agaggcaggc 185040

aaggtaccta tccttacgaa agagaacacc gacctgaagg ccaaggtgaa gacctacgaa 185100

gacaaggctg aagccgaaga ccttgccgcc cgcaagcagc tgcttgacgc agccgagcag 185160

gacggtcgca ttgatgcgac tacccgcccc atctacgaaa accttttggc caatgaccgc 185220

gagaacggcg aaaaggccct ggcccaactg ccggtaaagc gccgtgtgat ggaagacctg 185280

tatctggaac cgaatggtga agaaagcccc tggaacaggc gtatgcgaga aattaaggac 185340

aaacgtaaaa agtgattgaa ctatggcaat aattgtaaga aacacgaatt acagcggcga 185400

ggtactggaa cagttgctga cgcttgccgc tacgagcaat gagattgtgg aaaaggggct 185460

gatcatggtg attcccggtg tggagaagaa aatcagcctg ccgcgcctga agaccggcaa 185520

gatgctccag aagcgcaagg agaaccccgg cgtggaggat tcgaagggca acttcaacta 185580

tgacgaaaag agtcttgacc cggtggactt catggccttt acggtgttta acccccgcac 185640

gttcgagaac atctggcgca aatggcagcc gaagggcaac ctggtattct cggaacttcc 185700

gcccgaagcg cagaacgccc tgcttgccga gttggccaag cgggtacagt tcgaactggg 185760

tgaccactat gtgaacggtg aatatgggga tgatgacgac cacttgttta acggcatcct 185820

gacccagatg gccaaggata ctgaggtgat tgtggtggac agcgcagaat cgaccatgct 185880

gggcagactg aaagccatgc gtgcgaagat tcccgtggcc atccgcaaca acccggacct 185940

ccgcattctg atgagcgtga acgactttga caagtatgat gacgagctga cccagcgcga 186000

gtccaagaac acgagcgaaa ccgatgtgaa tgcccgccgc tacaagggca ttaccattga 186060

gacgcttgcg gcctggcccg atgatctgat tgtgtgcacc ctctgttcgc ccgatgccgg 186120

cggcaacctg tttgcggctg tgaacctgca ggacgatgaa gacgtgattc agattgacaa 186180

gatctcgaac gcgagcgaac tgtacttctt caagatgctg atgattatga caagtaatat 186240

gttatgtaaa gtgcgagtaa aagttggttt ataatcaagt tgttatgaac caacttgtca 186300

cttacacttt acataatatt atcaatgtcc aagtcccttt aaccactcta ataggttctt 186360

atttcgttcc cactcttttt ctgttatagt attaggggtt aatctggtat aggcattttc 186420

aagtgcttca cgttttgctt tggagtcggc acgtgcataa atatcagtag tctgtatgga 186480

aacatgccct aaaatatcac gtatgtatac taaatttact cctgcctgta aaagatgcat 186540

tgctttacta tgtcgaatag aatgacaact tattttcttt ggaataattt ctggttgctg 186600

tttatttgcc atgtctgcat agattttcag aatatacgta ataccctctc ttgttaattt 186660

ttcatgccta ccattgaaaa ataaaggctt tttcatcatg ttgggatcat tcaaattgtt 186720

ttcttccata taactacgca aaatgtcaac ttgtgcttct gccaagggga ctatacgggt 186780

tttacgtcct ttccctgtta atcgtatagt gtatggtgtt gtatcaatac gtacacaatc 186840

tactgtgaga tctgcgattt cctgtactct tgcaccagta tcgtacatta atgacaataa 186900

tgctaaatga cgacgtcctt tccatgaagt tgtgtcaggc tgtgccaata ataattttat 186960

tccctccatt gaaagataat taggagggct tatttctgtt ttttttgcct ttatcgacaa 187020

tatactttgc cattctacca tattatctat tactatatat tggagatacg aacagaatga 187080

cctgattgca gcaagtctat aattacatgt tgctgaagta ttctttttag tattgtgaag 187140

ccattgtaga taattgatga cattatcccg tgtaagatgt ttcaatagaa gtcgttcaac 187200

gggtattcca ttgatatctt tcatataatt gatgaattgt acgaaagaat cacgataaga 187260

agcaattgtg tttttgctca catttcgttg atgtggcaaa tattcagata aaaatctcgt 187320

tagatatttt gcaaaatcag tcctggtagt cataatctgt tgttattttt ggataaacaa 187380

aagcatttat aggagaacac tgtttttcaa actccggata catcatacag gtaagtcgta 187440

catatttttc agtagatgaa agagaacggt gcccaagaca tgcggaaagt attggtagcc 187500

ctgtgtataa atccataccg ttatgtccca tttgtacaag cgaatgtacg gcaaaagtat 187560

gtctcaagtc atggatacgt ggcccttgtc gatttcctat atatggtata ttgcatattt 187620

ttagcagttt atgaaaaaag acataaagag tacataccct gaagcttgtc ccgtctaatt 187680

tagtaaaaaa cagatgattg ggatgagaaa ttttttctat aggcattcta ttccgatatt 187740

ctatatactg ttttaacaca attaccatag attcaccaat aggaacaagg cgttcacatc 187800

tgttttttgt cttgcggaga tgtatgtatc cagagtcaag attcacatcc tcattacgca 187860

tatataaagc ctcggacaca cgcattcctg tgctataaag taatcgaaga atgactggca 187920

tggaaatgat agctgttttc atacaattgt taaacaaacg gctgctatcg gcagctgtaa 187980

acaattgaga tatttggtca tgtgtgtata tataaggtgt aaactccgat tttggttgct 188040

ttggtataat cggtatataa catacgcatc cattgcggca catcaatgag gtcagttggc 188100

gcaatacaag atatttgcca taaatagtga tctctttatc tgatatccgt gatttatgcc 188160

atctcttaac aaactcttct gttatatgtg gttcctgcaa tcctatggaa ttagcaaaat 188220

catcaaattc tttaagtatc catcttacac gagaatcaac aatacccatt gatttccgga 188280

tttccaacat tcgtttaatg tatggagata aaacactact gtaattgaac tgttcagcca 188340

taaaatgctc ctcctttctg cgtataaaaa ctatctggaa taggtggtac aggtaataca 188400

catttcctta aagctacaag gtttattttt agataagtca tcgttgtttc agtgttgcga 188460

tgtccaagaa cttctgatat aataggcatg gtagccccat tttcaagcat attacttgct 188520

aaggaatgcc gtaaagaatg aggaccatgg cgttttttat caatatttac accagacagg 188580

cggattattt tattgatatt accacaaacc atagactgag tggcagcaat atatggggca 188640

cgacttgata gaaatatgtt ttgggaagta gatgctggac gtccatatct aagatagtct 188700

attatggcat taccgacatc tgccaataat ggaagttcaa tggttttacc tgttttttgt 188760

atcctcaatt taatgagatc attatcccaa tctatatctg agaacttcaa actcataatg 188820

tctgaagcac gcaagcccaa tcttgatgct aataaaatca ttgcataatt gcgcttgccc 188880

aaagcactac ttcgcgatac agaattttct ataaccttaa tctcttccgt tgtataatat 188940

gatggtatgc gttctttctt tcgtaattta tatgtagcga agaattcctc aaatcgtcca 189000

tctataatgt tctcttgtct ccaaaaaaga aagaggcatc gaataataga caaagtcttt 189060

tccctgttta gctgttggga agaaagaaac cgtataacat gttcctctgt tatctgcttt 189120

atattttgta ctccaatcat atctaagtaa tacaaaaaat tacccaaaca tgaacgatag 189180

tgctttaacg tatttttgcc acggcgtaaa gaaatcaaat gtagaaccaa cttctccatc 189240

tgttttccaa tagcaccatc aagagggtag aaagctgctc taacacattg ctttctaata 189300

tatccgacag tcataatgtc attaagagca tgtatactac gtatcctttc acattcatga 189360

ttactcatgt cttgatgttg agtggactct ataaacttcg cacctacatc aggtgtatac 189420

atatcaatcc ctttgtccga catgtactgt aaaatgcctt ttgtccacaa acacttgtaa 189480

tagtcaatag tgcccttcgc ataaccactt tcataaaaat aattgagaca ttgctcaata 189540

agctttttaa tttctacttt ttccataaaa tcattcttta ataattagga tatatacaga 189600

atgcaatata atgagaagtt tttatacgaa gggactaaat aaattcttta atattcaata 189660

agtttgctca ctttataagt cttgcacttt acataacata ttacttgtca taatcgtatt 189720

tatgagtagc ttatcataac tatgaaggct gacacgaaca ttgccttcgg tgaagaagtg 189780

gtggtgctgg acaagcgaag caaccccgtg ttcaaggcga gcgagaagaa gatttcagtt 189840

gaccctgcca gtgtgaccct tgaggcaacc ggtggcagtg aagaagtgac cgtgaccgcc 189900

agcggagaat atgagatagg cagtgcccct gccggcttca aggtggaagc gacggataaa 189960

ggcgtgaaga tttcggccgg tgcaaacagt ggcagtcaga aaaccggtac actgaccctt 190020

acgctcaatg ccgaccgcag caagacggcc aagattacca ttacccaaaa ccagaaagga 190080

taagatggta tggcaaaatt gaagtatctg gtaattcact gtacggcaac cccggagggg 190140

cgtgaggtat catcggcgga catccggaag tggcacactt cgcccgtaag ccagggtggc 190200

agaggttgga aacaggtggg ctacaccgac ctgttccacc tgcagggcgg tgtggaacgc 190260

ttggtgaaca acaacgagga tgcgcaggtg gatccctggg aagtgaccaa cggagccaag 190320

gggtacaaca gcgtgagccg ccacattgtg tatgccggcg gtgtggccaa ggacggcaag 190380

accccgaagg acacccgcac cggctgccag aaaaaggcac tggagaagta tgtgaaggac 190440

ttccatcgca gattcccgga tgtgcgcatt gtgggacaca acgagctggc ggccaaagcc 190500

tgccccagtt tcgatgtaca gaaatggctg aaagaaatag gtattaacca ataataaaag 190560

aagcaatcaa tgaaacgaat tatgctgttt atgatgctga tgctgggaac agtatcggct 190620

gtgatggccc aaggggccga tgttccggca acggactatg acgcaatgat tggcaccttt 190680

gccggtttcg tcggcggtgt ggtggtgctt actgaagggt tgaaaggttt gttccccaac 190740

atgaaaggct gggtgacgca gctggtgagc tggtgtgtgg gcctggtgtg cgcgatgcta 190800

ctgtggtggc ttgatgccgg atttgtgagt gatgtgagct gggacattgc cttgctctat 190860

ggttttggtg cctcacttgt agccaatggg gtagccgaca cgggactggt gcaatgggtt 190920

atcggactat tccgaaagaa acgcgaggaa gcagaataaa aggttgactg actaaaaaac 190980

gggtggtatg gactttagcg agatcatgaa cattattctt agcggcggcc ttgtgggcac 191040

tgcagcagcc atcggttccc tgcgtgctac ggtgaggaaa gcgaaagcgg aagcgatgaa 191100

agccgaagcc gacgcagagg gtgtgcgtgt ggataacgca gaacatgcca cccgcgtttt 191160

ggtgagcaat attgtggtac ccttaaaaga agaactgaat gcaacaagaa aagacctgca 191220

ggctaacaag cgcgaaatgg cgcgactgcg caaggccatt gacactgcca acagttgccg 191280

ccatcatgat gactgtcctg tgcttggcgg gctgcgcaag cagcaggaag agcacgacgg 191340

tggagaagac acagacggaa acggcaagcg ccgacagcgc gaacggaagc cgacgggcgg 191400

gactggtgat ggcggggata ccggcgagtg cggtgaggct gaccataccg gcggacagcc 191460

tccgtaagct tcctgaaggt gccgtgtacc gtggcaagag cggacaggcc aacctgacgg 191520

tagggactga cggcaagggg aaccttgtgg ccgaagcctc gtgtgacagc ctgcagcagc 191580

tggtgctgtg gtatgaagaa gagctgacac gcatccggag cgagaccagg aacgaaactt 191640

cgaatgacgt tcaaacggta gaaaaacgcc ctccgaaccg gatgcggacg tttatcacag 191700

gtatattggc cggcttgttg gccggtgtgt tattaaccat caaactgaaa aaacgatgaa 191760

caagaatttt atgtacggcc tcggtgccgt aaaatacaag gattttgtag tgggttatat 191820

cgagaaaggt tcgtttgacc tgggcgggca gaagcccgag gctgcgaaga tcgaggcgga 191880

acaggtgccg ggagccccgg tgctgattat tcctcagagc aacggcagca tcgcgcccac 191940

attcaacgta atcaagatgg actacaagaa cctgcatgcc ttgctgggcg gatcgctgca 192000

ctacaagaaa gaggacagcg agaagaatac ccccgttggc tggactgccc cacaggccgc 192060

cattctgatg cagggaccgt gggaactcag cctggtgtcc ggacagagcg tgctgatacc 192120

gaacggcacg ctgctttcca atctgggcgg caagctgacg cttacggaaa cggccaagat 192180

agaatgcacc cttgaggtgg ctgttccgga agacggttcg cagccttacg gcgtgttcga 192240

tacggaagca ataccggacg agtgggagca gtacaagctg ccagcagcgg aagccgcggc 192300

tgcagcatcg ctccaaagcg aggagggcta acgcatggca gaccggctgg aacgactgat 192360

agagatggag tgtgcggacg cactgctgga cagcggcgtg tccgttcctc ttaaaaggtg 192420

gaagcttccg tggctgaaac gcccggtgga ggtgcgtgtg acgatgaagc gtccgaggct 192480

gcggggtcag attctgctgg cgcgggaata cctgaagatg ggtgtcaaat ccgactggca 192540

accgaaggac aagaccgagg aactggcctt tgtagcggaa cacggtaatg ccgtgagccg 192600

tctgctggcc tatacggtat gccggggcta cgtgtcgcgg cacgtgggta tcggggtgac 192660

ggcatgggtg ctgcggaact ttgtggagtg gcgctatctg acggccatgt tccggacatt 192720

cgagcgtctg atgggcacga aggattttat gcgtattatc agctcggcgg cgcgggcgaa 192780

cccgatgacc ccgagactga gccgggcaag gatggggagt taagaacccg gtatgagggt 192840

tcccatagcc ctttcggctt cgtgtggcag atagcgagtg cgacgggctg gagtgtggac 192900

tacattctgg acggggtgaa ttaccagacg ctgatactga tgctgagcga cgcgccgcgg 192960

tatgtgcgga aaaagcaagg cggcggaaac gatgattcca gaccggaaca cagcgccgag 193020

gatgaagcga acgatatagt aggatttttt caaagcaaac tggaatgagc aaacctgtag 193080

aagttgaatt tttgatgaag gacaaactca cgcccggcat gaacaaggcc gagcgtgagg 193140

cgctggaact gcgtaatacc gtcagactgc tggaggctga actggaaagg ctgcgccttg 193200

ccggggagac ggctgccccc aatctggacc agagtgccaa tatcgcgcag atccatgcac 193260

tggagaagca gcttgaggaa ttgcgcggca aactgaaact gctgcaggag gaatcggaat 193320

ccgtgcaggt cacccctgca gacatgccca atgcacagcg ccagttcaac gggcttcaca 193380

acagcatcca gcagatggcg cgtgaaatgc cttctttgac catgggaccg cagatgttct 193440

ttctggccat atccaacaac ctgccgattt ttacggacga actggcccgt gcccgcaagg 193500

aatacgatga gctgcagaag tcaggcaaga aaggcacacc ggtatggaaa caggtcctgt 193560

cctcgctctt ttcctggcag acggccatga ccaccggcat catgctgctg gtaatgtacg 193620

gtgatgaaat ctgggattgg acgaaaaacc tgttcagtgc caaaaaaggc gtggatgaat 193680

tcaacatatc actcaaggaa atgactgaga tagagaagga cggccgtgcc cagatggtgc 193740

gtacccgctt cgaactgaaa tcggtcatcg acgagataaa gaacttcacc ggcagcaagg 193800

aacaggaaaa ggcgaaggta gaggaactga accgcaagta cggggaatct ttcgggtatt 193860

ataaaacact ttccgaatgg tatgataccc ttatccaaaa gagcgaggac tatgtacagg 193920

tcctgctgca ccaggccaat gtccagaacc ttgtaaaaaa agctgcagaa gccgatgaag 193980

aggtgaataa aatcaaggcg cagaaaccgg aagaggcgga aagcgccatg ggctttttcg 194040

ggaaattggg acaatatatc atgcagtcaa ccatggcaga atccgggcag ttctatgacg 194100

cacaggctgc catcaagaaa catgatcagg aagcttatga catactgttg aaaaatgccg 194160

aaaacaaacg cgacggttat ctgaaaaaag cggaggaaga gctaaagaaa gcggcagaag 194220

cagccaaaaa aggaaatatc ggcggacata ccgaccccga acagtccggg aagaatccgg 194280

aagcggaagc caagcaacgg cttgccacag agcgcaggtt ggcgcaggat cttgccgccc 194340

tgcaggacga gaaccggaag gaagagatag accgtatgca agccggtacc aagaagaaac 194400

tggcacaaat cgaatatgac tataacgccc ggaaagaaga gataaaccgg caggaagccg 194460

actggaagcg tgagaacaag gaagccggtc tttccaccgg agataacgga cttacccggg 194520

agcaacagga tgaacttgaa aaagcccgtg cctcaaatac cgcgtcccgg aaaaaagcgg 194580

aggcggacgt gtacagggaa gaggcggaag ccatgcgtga ctatctgaag gaatacggga 194640

ccttccagca gcagaaactg gccatcgctg aggaatatgc cgagaaaatc cgcaaggcac 194700

agtcccaggg cgaaaggctg actttggaga agcagcgtga tgcggctgtg cacaaagtgg 194760

acatggaagc ccttacccag aagatagact ggggagcagc gttcggagat ctgaccggtc 194820

tgcttgcaga ccagatgaag aacctgcttg gtgaacttaa acagtatgtc aagacggatg 194880

agttcaaaaa aacgggagcc gcagaccagc aggtcgttta cgatgccatc gaacggattc 194940

aaagcatgct ccccggtggc aacgggacat tggattttgc ccggctgcaa acgcagatgc 195000

acgctttggg ggatgccgta acacgcgtgc aaaatgcgga actgcagcag gaagcggcat 195060

tcgcccggtt aaaagcggcg cagaccgatt acaacaaggc tcttgaaagc ggtaaccagg 195120

cagaaataga acgtaccaaa atcgctcttc aaacggccca atcgtccagc gtttcagctg 195180

acgaagaata cctgaacgcc acctctgaaa tgaaggcgct tgccggggag gtgaaaagtg 195240

cctcccagga cacggttgac gggttgaaca tggtatccga cgggttgcac ggctttgcga 195300

gcggaacctt gcagggatca tttgaaggaa tccggaacat gcttaccggt ctttcaaaac 195360

tgaatatcgg aggcaaggtc ggtgatgcca tcagtcagat gtccgagacc ctgtcaagtg 195420

ccggagtcat cgggcagatc atatcggcca tcctctccat actggatttg ctgaaagacg 195480

gtattggccc gattatctca tcattgatag acaccatttt caatgcgata accggaatac 195540

tcgacaatat cctcagcgga gacctgttca aacagatagg cggttccctt gtgaaaggta 195600

tcgggggatt gctgaatacg gtgtctttcg gaggtttcaa caaactgttc ggcatcggcg 195660

ggaacgccag ggaagtgcag gcggctatag accgtcttac ggaccggaac gaaaaactgc 195720

agacttccat cgaagacctg accgatacca tcaaggcaag caaggggaca aaatcggtgg 195780

cggcttaccg cgatgcgtac aagatgcagc aggaaacgaa ttcgaactac ctgcagatgg 195840

ctatggcgca agccggctac cacggaagcc accacagctg gaactactac tggggcggct 195900

tcagccaggc acagatagac aaactgagcg ggcagattgg ccgccagtgg gacgggaacc 195960

tgtggagcct gagcccggag gagatgaagg cactgcgttc gaatgtggac atgtggacgc 196020

aaattcagaa caccggcaag ggcggctatg gcgggcgact gaccgagaag ctggatgact 196080

acatagacca ggccggcaag ctggaggaac tgaccgacca actgtatgaa gggctgacgg 196140

gcatttcgtt cgacggtatg tacagcagct tcatcgataa tctgatgaac atgaagtacg 196200

gtgccaagga tgcggcggag gatatatctg agtacttcat gaaagccatg ctgagtaaca 196260

agatcggtga gcagtacagc gagaaactga aaggctggtg ggagaagttc ggcaaggcca 196320

tggaggacaa cgaactgacc gaggcggaac ggaacgcgct gaccgaagag tacatgcagt 196380

atgtggacga agcccttgcc ctgcgtgaca acctggcggc agccacgggc tacgacaaga 196440

ccgaagccgg cggcaccagc cagagtgcga aagcgggcgg ctttacggcc atgacgcagg 196500

accaggggac gaagctggag ggcatgttca ccagcgggtt gcagcactgg agcagcatgg 196560

atgaccggct ggaaagtgtg gcggagaaga tggacacggc tgaaggccac ctggcccgga 196620

tagccgagaa caccggtgtg agcgccggac acctgggcga actgaaggaa gtgataaaga 196680

aaatgatacg tgacggacta aaagtgaagt gatatgggca atatactgag cggactggtg 196740

ctggtgaacg gcacggacat ctggacggaa tacggcgtgt tcctggtgga agaccggcgc 196800

ggcggcatgg agaacctgac ggccatcctg accccgagca aggccaagaa ggataccgcc 196860

gtggacatac gggaagagga cggtgagaaa tactctgcag ttcttaaccc caagaacgag 196920

gcgcgggacg tgacgctgca ctttgccctg tacaacaaga cccaggcagg ctggatgaag 196980

cagtactttg cctttgtgaa tttcctgaag cggggaaagg acggctggct ggagatccgt 197040

tttccccagc tggacctgca actgcgggtg aagtatgccg actgtacgaa gtttaccccg 197100

ctgacctatc tgtggacgga aggcgtgcat gccggaaagt tccgggtaaa gttccgggaa 197160

ccgaaaccga ttatataacc attcaaacgc tattagaata tgcttctaac gatatatgac 197220

aaagccggga acaagcgtgc ggatgtggcc gtgaacgaca gctcgacgca aagcaaggag 197280

gtacagggag acaatgtgct ttccctatcg ttcagctact atgattttct gcccctggac 197340

gtgaacgact acacggacta tctgggcgaa cggtactggc tgacggaacg ctacacgccg 197400

aagcaggtga acgagggcga gtgggactat gacctgaaac tgtacggcgt ggagagcctg 197460

atcaagcggt tcctggtgct ggagacgacg gacggggaca cgaacccttt gtttaccctg 197520

acagccatgc cccgcgagca tgtggcgatg gtggtgaaag caatcaatga cggcatgggc 197580

cacattaccg actggaaggt gggtacggtg gaaggtacgg agctgattac gatagactac 197640

gaggggatgt actgcgacga agccctgaaa gccattgccg aaaaggccgg cggcaaggtg 197700

gaatggtgga ttgaggggca gacggtgaac gtgtgccgct gtgaacacgg ggaagaaatc 197760

gccctggggt acggcaaggg gctgacctcg ctggaaagag acaccggcaa cacggctaag 197820

ttctacaccc gcctgttccc ggtaggttcg acccgcaaca tcgatgcgga gaaatacggc 197880

agcccgaggc tgatgcttcc cggcggcaag aagtacatcg agcaaggtgt ggaggaatac 197940

ggcatctatg accattacga acaggatgcc ttcagcggta tctaccccca ccgggtgggt 198000

acggtgagct cggtacgcag cgaggaggtg acggacgagg aagggaacaa attcaccatc 198060

tattacttcc gggacgggga actgaacttt gaccccaacc tgtacgagct ggccggcgag 198120

accaaacgtg tgtcgttcca gacgggtgac ctggccgggc tgggagaaag cgatgaccac 198180

tactttgagg tgaactacga cagtgcggca agggaatttg aactgattac catctggccc 198240

tacgatgacg acacccagct gccgggcggc aagctggtgc cccgagcagg cgacacctat 198300

atcctgtgga acatccggat gccggatgag tattaccggc tggccgaaga ggaatttgcg 198360

gcagcggttg aggagtacaa ccgggaccac tggctggaca ttgccgctta caaagccccg 198420

acagacccgg tgtacatcga ggagcacggc atcgacctgt ttgtgggcag acgggtgaaa 198480

ctggagagcc ggaagtattt cccggaaaaa ggctaccggc agagccgtat caccagaatc 198540

agccgcaagg tgaacgaacc cgggcagatg gacatcgaga taagcgatgc gctgcaggtg 198600

ggcaagttcg acaaggtgac ggacagcatc ggttcgctga aaagctatac gaaatcaaag 198660

atggaaggcg ctgcccttcc ggacatcata cgaagctggg acaagacgct gcccacggac 198720

aacaacctgt tttccgcccg gcgcagccaa aaggagtttc tgaacaagaa ccagccggac 198780

acagccaaag agcccatccg ttttctgaag ggtgtgagtt ttggcgaggc tgccggcggc 198840

aagccctgcg gcagcgtgga cggtgagggc aatgccgagt atctgactgc cgtgatccgc 198900

gaactgctgc gcagcacaga gtttgtggac gggctgaccg gtgagggctg gcagctgtgg 198960

attgaccagc tgaccggact gacgaacttg acggtggaca aagtgactgc ccggcaaagt 199020

ctggtggcgc tggaactgct gattgagcag gtgcgcagcg tgtgcggcca gctggtggtg 199080

tcggcagcca acggcaagat caaagacgtg gtgaagcagg gcgacaacta ccgcatcgtg 199140

tttgagcagg aatcgggttt tgtggcccat gacctgatgc gctgtgcggt tacaggcgga 199200

acaaaactca aatcctactg ggtggaggtg tcttctgtaa tagccgatgg tgtgctggtt 199260

ccggtaagcg agtttggcgg ggtgaagccg gaggccggcg atgaatgcgt gctgatgggt 199320

aacacggaaa acccgctccg gcagaacctt atatccattg cggccacgga ggacgggcag 199380

ccccgtatag acattctgga cggtgtgaag gccaagaact tcaacggctg tcttcgttgc 199440

cggcttggta agctggacgg catcaagagc agcgctttcc cggcagacaa acagccgaaa 199500

ggaaacggcc tgtatgccga caacgtgtgg ctgaagggta cgttcgtgtt gatgacgggc 199560

gaggacatcc tgactcgttt tgaaataact gaaggaaaaa tccattcagc cgtggaaagc 199620

ttgcgcaagg aaatacgcga agaacagagc tatctggaca acagcagttt tgccgacggc 199680

atggacaaat ggaagacggg cagcaaggct acgctgttca cccttggcgg acgctggatc 199740

tgggcgaacg gcggtcctta cggcacgaag ccggacgggc atgccgagat acggaccgac 199800

ggcaaggtgc cttatgccta tatccggaac agctatatca tgcagaaact ggaggacttc 199860

cggctggtac cggagtaccg gcagacgaac agccagggcg aacgggtgcc cggcgtggtg 199920

tatctgtcct tcagttaccg ggtcatcaag gccggacggt tgaaaatcga atttgtgggt 199980

gctgacaaga ctgggtttga aaacttcaac atgttcggcc atgaagaaga cctgcccgtt 200040

ggcggcgaga agatgttcac gctggacggc ctttggaacg gtacgggaga cttcaagctg 200100

tcgtttacgg gcgtgattta catttcgctg ctggtattct ctaccaacaa ggcggacgca 200160

ctggcctata agtaccgtac actgttcgaa cagagcgacc ggctggtaaa gatttcagcg 200220

gcggtgtttg acaaggacgg ggctgcattg aaagaaaccg ggctggtggt gaagccggag 200280

ggtgcggggc tatatgccca ggatgccagc ggcaaggtag cccttattgg ggtcagtgtg 200340

gaagatacgg acgaacatgg caacccagtg agcaaaatca agctgacagc cgaccatata 200400

cagctggagg gactggtaac ggccaacggc aacttcaaga tactggaaga cggcagcatt 200460

gaaacgacca acggtaagtt taccggagag atagacagca gcaaagggaa aatcggcggc 200520

tttgagatag ggaacggccg tatcggttct gtggccgact ctcacgggag cggtggcggt 200580

cttgccattt atgatgattt tttccgtgtc ggcggcagca aaggatatgt gatgttcggt 200640

gatgatgtga taccgtcttc tgcaggagga gcttttaccg ctgtcggtcg tatcgtgaac 200700

tcagccccca atatatacgg gaattacggc ttcgaccaag cgaactatgg attgtttata 200760

gatgttaccg gcggtacgaa gaactacggt atcagcagca atgcggcatt acttgccccg 200820

gcgtttatca atacgaaagc caagctgctt accttcggaa gtggaaacta cacggtggat 200880

ttctcacaac acaatatcat tttgatgtat tacaatgaac ccaactacag taatgtagag 200940

gttacgctgc cgtcggaaag ttctgtggca tacaagttcg gcatgagtta cttgcctacc 201000

gattttgcag ccattgtcac gttcagggtc agacccggtt caaagaatat catactaaaa 201060

ggtatctata accacaatga agatttgcaa aactacgaga tggcatccgg ggactccgta 201120

acggtactta ttacaaaagc ggacggattc cgttaccaga tattgaatca ttcatcctaa 201180

aaaacagata tatatgaaga agttagattt caggaatttc agcgttccca ccggaataac 201240

ccgtcagacg agggaggttt tcgatgcacg tgagcagata gccgatttgc tgtatacgcg 201300

tgtcagtggc atcaaggccc atcggcttgc gttcaagatt ttcgagagta ccggcgagac 201360

cgagttcagc gatgaggaaa ccgggatgat acacatggcg gtggaacgct attgtcttcc 201420

caatgtgata gatgccctga acgaaatcct gggcgggtca gaaaccgata aaaacgaatg 201480

agtatggcag aaatgacgca agaagaaatg gttcaggaag tgctggaccg tgtgctccag 201540

tcctctaccg gtgtggagga tctggaaacc gtcacctcgc tgaacggtgt gaaatcactg 201600

cccggcgaga aggacggaaa gatggtgaac gtccccctgg aactgatagg ggaacctgcg 201660

agcgatgccg ccgcccgtgc cgaggctgcc gccaagaaag cggaaggagc cgtagccgga 201720

ctggaggaaa agacccaggc cgccacggaa gcggccacca aggccaacga agcggcagcc 201780

aaggcagaaa atgccgcagc caaggtggaa catactacgg cagcagccgt cggcggagct 201840

accgcacgct tttcctcatg gatggaaaca ggcaatgtct tgcctgacaa aagtaccaag 201900

ccgggcggca acgtggtgta tgtggccagt gccaggaaat ttgcctacca catggactcc 201960

accctgtacg gggactggga cgtggcggga gtaccccctg ccggcatgtt catggatgcg 202020

gaccggacag ccatcctgcc ggacaagctt tacctgctgg gcgatgccat atataccggc 202080

acgggaggcg ctctgaaact tctggcctac cggcatgagg tgatgagcga ggaagcctat 202140

gaggcactgc cggacaagga tgcgaatacg ctgtatctga tatatgagga ggagtgacga 202200

tgataaccaa aggcggtaaa gaaataacgg ctgcgtatgt gggaaaacgt gccctgtcgg 202260

ctctctatgc cggtgcaagg ctggtatggt ccgcaatcag cagctgcttc ggacttggac 202320

actggaaagg cgacgagcca tggaacgggt cggacgcatg gaacggtagc agtaaaactg 202380

ataaatgaat gattattata aaaggacagt attatggcaa aaaggaaaat aagcggaatc 202440

atcaatgcga ctgaacatcc gatgaatctt gaaacaccat ggaaccagaa acagccggac 202500

ggcacctatc atgcctatgc aggcgatgac atcgaagcgt tcctgaagaa ggaactgtca 202560

aaccgtaccc ctaccgagga actggtgagc ggcgagacga aacctcctac atccggaacg 202620

gtgttcgatg cgatggtggg tacggtgacg gacgtggatg tgcaggacag cgaggacggc 202680

acccagtacg tgatgaccgt caagcagaag gacaaccagg gcggcgagag ctcgaaggaa 202740

gtgcgctttt ccaagtacac ggatgacgac aaggtggtgg tgaacatcga cctgacggac 202800

agcggtggtg cgggacttcc cgcctcgcag tatctggcac tgggaagcgg ctttgtggtg 202860

aaatactccg tgggcgtggg tactgccggt ggcggtacgg tggacggcta cagcgacctg 202920

aaagcccgcg taatcgtgaa acgtggttcg accgtcatca gtgagttccg ggatgcggag 202980

tttgtgggcg ttacagccgg acagagctat acctttgacg cttcgcccta cctgaaggat 203040

gccactgcct ataccgtaca ggtggaagcg caggcaactt accaggacgg cacgctgatg 203100

aagacggcca ctgccaaggt gaccatggtg gccatggagc tggagaccac ctactcggcg 203160

ggcaacgggc tggccgacgg gggatataaa aatgacgtga acatcccctt tactgccaag 203220

ggcacgagcg gtgagaagaa catctactac cgcgtgaacg gcggacaggc ctttaccctc 203280

ggtctttcgg ccggcagcgg tgtgcagcag aagaacgtga ccatccccct gacacagatg 203340

caggagggta cgaacgtggt ggaagcctac gcgcagcatg agaactccgg tgtggtgagc 203400

cgggtgcatt acattacgct gctgaaggca ggcggaggtg tgacagcgta tgccggcctg 203460

atgttcagcc accgggcagc ggggttccag cgtgactgga aacacccggt gctggaggca 203520

gagcagttca cggcatggaa cttcacgtat gccggctatg accgcgatgc gtacacggcc 203580

cgtgtgaaag tgaccgaccg gggcagcgtg gtgaaggaag acctgctgca acgcggtgag 203640

accggcagct acggacggac gaacgtgaac gtggaaccgt tggactaccg tgtgtcatgc 203700

ggcgatgccg tgcttgaggt gcaggtgaac accacatcgc acccggacat tgaagccacg 203760

ctggcaccgg atgccgtgtg tacgtttgac gccttcgggc gaagcaacac ggaaaacaac 203820

ccggcaagct gggtgagcgg tgacaagcgt atggagttcc gggacgtgct gtggagcgtg 203880

aacgaatatg gtgccggtag cggctggcac aaggaccgcc tgctgctggc cggtggtgca 203940

ggtatgaccc tgaccgctga cggcggttac cgccccttca acgaggcgga caagcccgag 204000

ggatttgcca tccgtgacgt gggcatgacg ctggagatag aatacagcac ggccaacgtg 204060

acggatacgg atgccgagct gatcacctgc ctggggcagc tggacaacgg aaatcggtac 204120

gggctgattg tgaccccgga agaggccaag ttcctgaccg gtgtggtgac cgaggcgatg 204180

gatgccggac aggtgctgcg ctatgaagac tcggtgggta ccaagttcga gccgggcacg 204240

aatatccgta ttacctacgt gttctatccg aacgtgcaga ccaatgaaca gcgcacgctg 204300

atcggcttct atgtcaacgg tgaggaaagt gccgcctcga agtggctgga caaggtaaat 204360

tttgacatcc agagccagct ggagttcaaa tcggcaggtg ccgacctgaa cgtgaagagc 204420

gtgcgtatct ataacaaggc gctgacctcg gacgaggtgc tgaacaacta catcgtggac 204480

cgcaaccacc tggaggatgc cgacggggaa ccgggcgtgc gctcgctgga tgaggacaac 204540

cgcgtgctga acgaggggga cacggtgagc atggagaagc tgatggggct gatgaagaag 204600

cgccggaact cgatcctggt actgataggc acgggcagcg tgggcagtga ggttccgagc 204660

gagagcgaca cgctgaacgt ggtggatgca ctggcccagc tgaacgacaa gaaggccaac 204720

aagctggtaa gggaggtccg tttctataac ggagaggaca ggacgcttga ctttatcctt 204780

accaacgtat atgtccgtat tcagggtact tcttccgtga actatgccag aaagaacttc 204840

cgtttctact tccagaagac ggcaagcggc tggacggtta cattgagcta cggggagatt 204900

gacggaaacg gcaggcagaa gaatccggtg gtaactaccg gcaagaaaaa tctcttcaag 204960

ttgcgcagga actccgtagg cgcgaagctg gcatgttcca aatgcgactt ctcggactcg 205020

tccatgacca ccaataccgg tggtgcgaag cttatcaatg acggactgaa agagatgggg 205080

ctgcttactc ctgcccagcg ttacgccaaa gaccatgggc tggaggatga ttaccgttcg 205140

gctatcgacg gcctgccgtg cgacctgttc gtagcgaaga gtgttgatga agacctgacc 205200

tattacggcc agtacaacat gaacaacgag aagagcgaca gctatcccat cttcggccag 205260

gatgaaacca tcggcggcga gaaatggggc gagggcgaca cgctgaacta tctggaagcc 205320

gacgaggaag gacacaagca gtacctgccc gtctgcttcg agacgctgaa caactccaat 205380

ccgttgtgcc tgttccactg gttgccgagt accgaaccgg agcataagga tttcatggat 205440

tacaactttg acggaggact agagttcaac cacccgaaag acaccttttg gacagacggc 205500

ggaggggatg cagaggaaga accgaacctg aaagaccacc tcggtaccgg tgacaagtac 205560

gacaagatgt acaaggccac cgaccgcatg atgagttttg tctaccggtg tgtgaaggaa 205620

acgcctgccg gaaaaaacat gacgtacagc acggaatccc attcgttcga gggggtggac 205680

tatgaggacg acggcgacaa gttccctacc gccaagtggc agagcgatac gttcaggaaa 205740

gaggccggga agtatttcga ccttccccac ctgattgcct actatctgta cgtgcagttc 205800

aacctcggcg tggaccagct tgcgaagaac atgcttatcc gcacatggga cggtgtgaaa 205860

tggtcgattg actattatga cggcgactgc cagttgggtt ctgacaacaa gtcgttcctg 205920

accgggaagt atgacgacaa ccgccagacg aagcgcgacg gggcttatgt gatgcagggt 205980

cataactcgt ggctgtggaa cctcatcgtg gccaattgct gggacatgat tgtggagatt 206040

atggtgagtg gatggaacgg gggcgcaagc ttcatgagtg ccttcagtat ccagaaagcc 206100

attgaccatt tcgataccga acagatgaag aagtggtgct cacgcctcta taacaagtcc 206160

ggcatcttca aatacatcta cccgttcctg aacgaaatgc cggtaggtgc tgacggtgcc 206220

aaacagacgt atccgcaaat ctacggtctg aagggttcgt taaaagcaca ccggaactac 206280

ttcatccaac gcaggtacga cctgaagcag gtggagtacg gctatgtatc cacgctgggt 206340

gcccagttct accagagtac ggcatcgctg gacaaggctt ataaactgaa accgatgcag 206400

taccggctga ccatccctta ccgtgtgcaa ttatccacct caaacggtgt acaggctgac 206460

agcggcgtgg tggatgcaga cgtgctccat tccctgcagc tgacccgtgc cttcggtgag 206520

aacgacccgc tgaagattat cggtgcagcc aaaatcaagg agctggtgtg gcatgaggat 206580

gcgttcgcca tcgggttcaa cttcggtctg ctgacctcac tggtaaaact ggacatgagc 206640

gtggagaaag ccagtggata ccggaacggc tcgttcatgg cctcgacgaa cgggatgctg 206700

cttctggaag aagtgaacat gcggaataac ctgctgggcc ggaacgggga caacggcaat 206760

gtggccaccc tggacctgag ctggcagggg cgactgaaga aactggatgt gagaggtacg 206820

gggctgaccc gagtgaaact ggccaccggt gctcccgttg tgcagttatg cctgccggac 206880

acgattgagg aactgttcct ggagtatctg accaagctgc aggacagcgg cctggtgctg 206940

gaaggcatca acaacgtgcg gggctaccgc tataccaact gccccggcat cgacgggttt 207000

gccatgctgg aacgcctgca ccaggccaga ctgaacggca gcggcaagct ggagcgcttt 207060

gtgttggaga tagaccggga agacgacgga agcctgctga agaagtattt cgattacgga 207120

acgtacacgc agacgggtgc ggtggatgac cgccactcgg gccttcgcgg taagctgacc 207180

ctgacgaagt atctggccga cgaggaactg gagaagtatg ccgcccgtta tccggaactg 207240

accatcaagc agccgcccta tacgatgatc gagtttgatg acagcgtggc cgatgatgct 207300

aatatttcaa acctggacaa caggaccgga tacaagttcg gcaatacgta caaaatgagc 207360

gggcatgtga atgccatcct gtccaagcgc caccgcgtat tggccaaggt gaccaagatg 207420

cccacgagcc ggaaagtgga gatagccggg cagcaggtgg aagtgaacaa cccggacggg 207480

gagatgacct atttccccct gcatgacgaa agctcgaact tctatgccga tgcggaggat 207540

atgaacgact gcacggtggc gaagctggac ggcagcgagg gagactggat gatgtatgag 207600

ccgttctact ggagcaaggg tatcaacgat tatttgaaca acaagaagta cgcctgctac 207660

agcagctacc cggaggacga aatgccccct gttccggagg cgacagtact tacgctggat 207720

gccatcaagg aaacgcaggg cggctggctg ggtgaacgca agatcatgag cggaaagccc 207780

acgctgaagg aatcctatac gacggacaag gcctattcgg tatgtaaggt ggacgtagcc 207840

ggctacaagc gcgtgcgctt cccgagcgtt ccaggaacgg ggcttatcgg cagtgtgttt 207900

gtggatgatg caggaaacat cctgaagagc atcgtggtgc cgaccatcgg cttgaagttt 207960

gaagccggca tgtatctgat agcagacgtt ccggagcgtg cgaccgctct gcatttctcc 208020

attctgaaca cggctgagtt tgaccatgtg gtactgagcc acagcgacaa gatagaggac 208080

atggaaccgg attgggtggc caacgaggag catctgtgtg ctgttgtggg cagttcggta 208140

gtgggcagca agctgcgtgc ctgcataacc ggagcttcga ccacggcaag catgacctgg 208200

acggacttcc actattacag ccagcagcgg ggcatgcaac agatagatgc gctgatgcac 208260

agccgcattg cgaatctgag ctatgcacgg tacgggcgta gggacatgca ggaacagtgc 208320

ggtgccggac agcataccaa caaccgaaca acaggcggga cggcagagca tgggatgaca 208380

gataccatcg gctacgatga agcgtatgcc gtcaacaaca aaatcacgaa ttcgctggtt 208440

gacggtctgg tgcaccagta tgcctggtat aagagccgtg acgaatacgg acaggcaacc 208500

gtagtgcagg tgaacaatat ctgctgcctg ggctatgagg acatctacgg caacaagtat 208560

gacatgatgg acggcgtgga cctgccaaac gacagcggca acgtgggcaa atggcgcatc 208620

tggatgccgg acggcacggt gcgctgggtg cagggcaaaa cggccagtga ccaatggaca 208680

acaggcgtgg cacacggcaa gtatatggac ctggttccgg tgggtaatct gaacggatcg 208740

tcttctacct actataccga taagtactgg ataagcaccg ctatagtccg tgtggtctat 208800

cgcgggtaca acaatgcgaa tgcgaatggc ggtgtgtcga atgcgaatgc gaataacgac 208860

gcttcgaaca cgaatgcgaa tgtcggctcg cgtctggaaa tctaacaaat cggcgtacag 208920

cagcggggac gtgtccccaa tgcggtgccg agggaagcaa gccacagcaa cagcacccat 208980

tagggtggaa agctgaaaaa tcacgcgtcg ggtggagttt ggtaggctgt tatcagttcg 209040

aagaagtcag acccggggaa aggaaggccc ttatcttccg tattataaac caacagcaga 209100

accgtatgcg cagggaagga tatatcatag aggaaatcat cgaatactcc aatatgtcgg 209160

aggctttcga tgccgtactg cgcggaacgg atcgtaaaag gtcaacgcaa ggacggtatc 209220

tgcttgccca tagggagcaa gttatcgtca aattgacgga ggccattgca agcggttcat 209280

ttcagcttgg cggataccat gaaagagaaa tcgaggagta tggcaaaaaa cgcaccctgc 209340

agattttatc catgtatgac cgcatcgcgg tatatgccgt aatgaacgtg gtggaccgtc 209400

acctgcagaa acgctatatc cggactaccg gagccagcat taaacgccgt ggcactcatg 209460

atctgatgaa ctgcatacgt accgatctgc aaaaagaccc ggaaggcacg ctgtatgcct 209520

acaagtttga catccgcagg ttctacgaca atgtgcggca ggattttgtg atgtggtgct 209580

tccgcaggat attcaaggac gaaaggctgt tggtgctgct ggagcggttc gtgacaatgc 209640

tgccggaggg tatcagcttc ggattgcgca gctcacaggg agcaggcaac ctgcttctgt 209700

ctgtattttt agaccactat ctgaaggata agtacggggt tcgttattac tatcgctatt 209760

gcgatgacgg actggtactc ggcaaaacga aagcggaatt gtggaagatt cgtgatgtta 209820

ttcacgggca aatggagaaa atagacttgg agatcaagcc gaatgaacgg gtgtttcctg 209880

tagaagaagg cattgatttc cttggctatg ttatccgtcc tgactatgtg agattgcgga 209940

aacgtatcaa gcagaagttt gcccggaaga tgcacgaggt aaaatcgaga aaaagacggc 210000

gggaactgat tgccagtttc tacggcatga cgaaacacgc cgactgcaat aagttgttta 210060

aaaaattaac aggcaaagaa atgagaagtt ttaaagactt gaatgtcgct tacaagccgg 210120

aggacggcaa gaagcgattt cccggagtgg tggtaagcat ccgggaactg gtaaacttac 210180

cgattgtagt gaaggacttc gaaacaggta tcaagaccga gcagggagaa gaccgctgta 210240

ttgtggccat tgaagtgaac ggtgaggcaa agaagttctt caccaacagc gaggaaatga 210300

agaatattct cgcacaagtg aaagaaatgc cggatggctt tccgtttgaa acgaccatca 210360

agacagagac cttcggcaaa ggtagaacca aatacgtgtt tacatgagaa gagttgaagg 210420

aagtgccggt gtgtcgctga tggaatgcac gaacccggtt aaagacaaat ggcgcatccg 210480

ctgggatgtg caggagaaag agaacggctc tgcctcctac atggaagaag agtttaacca 210540

taaacctacc ggcgaggaaa ttcgcacatt ggttatgtcc tggtataata gccagactga 210600

tgcagctatc ctgtccggat tcacctataa tggtgcccct gtatggcttt ctacggagaa 210660

ccagtataac tataaggcag catacgattt agccgttcag acgggcggag aaaccctacc 210720

ggtgacgttt aagtttggtt cggatgaaca accggaatac catactttta cccagttaga 210780

tgaactgaaa gacttctata caaaagcagt aggattcatt cagaaagttc tggctgaagg 210840

ctggaaaaag aaggataaat tcaaattgga tttgtatcgg attgagtaat tgaaaatccc 210900

ctcgggggtg ggattaaaaa aagcccccgg cctgttaaat agtcgtctca cttactataa 210960

aaccaaaaac gctcagagcg cacgaccggg ggccaatacc ctcgttcgcg ctctgagcgt 211020

ttgtattttt ttggatggcg aaatatccgc ctaataagtg agacattgca aaagtacaaa 211080

aatgattgga tatgacattg tttgaagcac ttaaatttaa cagaaaaccg cttgaattgc 211140

ttataagttt gggcggcaag caggatgacc ttcgattcat agacttatat acagagtatg 211200

aggtcatgaa aaatcggggt gagaagacca cttatgcagt ggcgtttttg gcaaataaat 211260

attctgtaag cgaacgcaag gtgtatgaca ttatcaaacg gtttggaaag cactgcacgc 211320

tcggtgcagt gtgattgatg tgccggagat accttgtgtt atctgatggg gctaactttg 211380

cacagacaaa aatcaatagc ttatgaataa gtattaccag acattagaca agatactcca 211440

aacgggcaag acccaaacca acaagaaagg ctgtatcaaa tacctattga atgaaaggct 211500

tatgctgacc ccggctgatt tacttgatat atttgaaagc catgggatag ccagaaagaa 211560

actgaaagaa gaattgaagc tgtttatgca gggtattcga gatgtggaaa gatataagga 211620

ggcaggtatt acctggtggg actattgtgg ccataccctt gtgaatagct accccactta 211680

ctttgaaaag cttccacccc ttatagctaa gattaaccgg gaaaagcgca acagcaagaa 211740

ctatgttctg tttcttggag agaccggggt ggaaagcaac caggcaccct gcctgagcct 211800

tgtgcagttc cagattgaag agggggaact ggtattatct gcataccagc gcagttctga 211860

tgccaacctt gggcttccgg ctgatattta tcatctttat ctgatggcaa ggcaggtgga 211920

acttcctttg aagtccataa cccttgacct tgggaatgtg catatatatg aaaataacat 211980

tgaccggacc atggaactgt tatccggagt tgagaatatt aaatttgaat tgaacgtatg 212040

acgaaaatga atctgtcggc accgctgcca tttgtgggcc aaaaaagaat gtttgccaaa 212100

gaatttataa aggtattgga ccagtttcct gatgataccg tttttgtgga tctgtttggt 212160

ggctcggggt tactttccca tattaccaaa agaatgaaac caacttccac tgttgtttat 212220

aacgattttg ataactaccg atttaggctg gctcatattc cacatacaaa taagctttta 212280

gccgacatta gaacgctggt aggggattcg gtacccaaac ataaggcaat caaaggaaag 212340

ctgagggaat gcgttttaaa gcgtattgaa gaagaggaag cgagtgtggg gtacgtggac 212400

ttcattactc tatcgtcatc ccttatgttc tctatgaaat ataagttgtc tgtggaggaa 212460

atgagcaagg aagttcttta taacaatatc cgtaagaatg gataccctga atcattggac 212520

tatttggaag ggctggaaat agtttcatgc gactacaaag aggtctataa tcaatataag 212580

gacgtacctg gagtggtgtt tttaatagat cctccttatc tatccactga tgtcggaacg 212640

tacaacatgt attggcgtat gtccgattac ttagatgttt taaaagtcct cgaaggtcat 212700

tctttcgttt attttacatc aaacaaatca tctataattg aattgtgtga gtggatcggg 212760

gcaaataaaa ccatcggaaa tccatttgaa ggctgcacaa aaagagaatt caatgcccac 212820

atgaattatt cttcaggata cactgatata atgttgttta aaaagcaagg cattcccatt 212880

gataaaatgg cagcttaact actaacaaag atacgttttt tccatcagtt agacaaatta 212940

ttaaagcatt attttaattc cgttataaag tcatttttat gaaactataa agccggaaca 213000

gaggtcttca ttaacctttt gctccggctt tataagtgtt gtgtgcagcc ttttttttga 213060

acgcttcgtt ttgttctttt gcctgaaaat tgaacgcttc gttccggaaa ccacggaaat 213120

ttggatttgc ggattataat tcgtgatgag tgggatatta ttggtgttac ttatcataca 213180

ggaaaatggg aaatcaaacg ggatacaatc atttgtagaa ccgttccaga attatacccg 213240

ccaattgttc aagagcgtta tcccgggcaa gtgttacatt tttatggtgg aggctgggaa 213300

gatgacaagc aaaaggctat tgaaaaagga atagtttaca aattccttat tcaaaagaaa 213360

ggtttgattt ataaagatag aaaagataga gatatataca gaaaagttaa acaatcggta 213420

acaacgaaag atagcatctg acgatgctcc tttctaacca ttatcaataa ttataattct 213480

cttagtatta tggaaaataa attatcacca aataatccaa tcattttatg ggcaaatgaa 213540

attagtccat actataaaaa taaggattac gaaaaagttt tatctattga taaaaaaatt 213600

tgggatgaat tagaggaacc taagttatcg caagaattag cttttcatgt gttattagat 213660

attgttgtca tttatattac attaaatgat tttgaaagcg cccaatattg gggaaatatt 213720

cttgataaat ataattatgt agaaagtgga cgttttgact ctggccaaaa agattatttt 213780

gtcggaatcg tttattttga aaggaaagaa tatcagaaag catttgaata tttttcaaac 213840

gctaaagcca agtctcgagg aagatgtttc aaaatggtat ggggagaaaa atactcacag 213900

gcttataaag aactgctcat gaagtttggt aagaaatcca ctaaaaagag ataatctcta 213960

tgtgaatatt attccattta ataacaatat attgataaca aggtcgagcc aacagctgaa 214020

cgctgttcct caccaaacca ttatcaacca taaaacgtag aaatatgtac gaagaatttt 214080

tagaaaaaag cctcaatagc aagaggcaag cagtagatga tacttttatt gctaaatatg 214140

ctgatttgtc ttatcccgaa ctgaatactt tatggcagga ggtcgggtta ggaagttttt 214200

gtaatgggct gtttaagctc atcaatccat ccgattatca ggatgtgata aactcctgtt 214260

ttgaaaagga ggatgaccaa tcatttctac cattcatgtg tacggctttc ggcgatctct 214320

ttgcctatgt aaagaatccg agactgaata attacgtcgt ttatctgaat gtcagatacg 214380

ggacatattt aatacttcct gccaatcttc gtgcgatttt taataaggta atggtaaatg 214440

aaagtttctt gaaaggctgg tttgatttag aaaattatcc tataatacaa gaaaaactcg 214500

gaactccaga ttatgacgag tgtttcggat attctctact tttggctttg ggaggaagtg 214560

aagacattga aaacatcaag atagtcaaga ctattccgta cattgacatt tgtacccaaa 214620

caatcggcga atttgaaatt gcagataaat ggtgaatata gaataggttg ataacaacgc 214680

aggataacgg caagccgttc cccgctgaac cattataaac aattagaatt gaaataggat 214740

ggtagtcatt gtattgcttc ttatgctaat tatagccttc tttggatgca tcgttcgaaa 214800

ggattttaga cattccttga tatttgcatt tccgattatc atcattattg gaatgtatgt 214860

atggctattt acattatatc cagttcaatg gggattaaaa aaactacctt tcgttgaaca 214920

agcatgtata agagaaatat cggcaagtga ttacagtaac aaaaattaca ggcacctcaa 214980

atacgatggt gtgatagaat ttataacaga taaagaactt gatgattgtc aaaatatttt 215040

acgaggcagc tataaaagga atttaagcta caatgatttt ataactaatg atagtcttgc 215100

catattaatc tcttatgatg tggtttttgt caaagaaatg aacgataagt ttttttataa 215160

agcattgttt atttcgaatc aacacaatga taacatacta tgtgatagta tatattgcaa 215220

gatttttatg atacgaatgt ttgctcctat ttatgaaacg aacgagtttg caataccaac 215280

tatttcaaat ggcaaataga gtttataacg aggtcgagac aacagctaaa cgctgttgct 215340

caccaaacca ttactaacaa aactaataat tttttatgat taaattcttt tttgatgcga 215400

tgtattatca attctttata tacaataggg ataaatttaa gttggaagat ccacatgaga 215460

gaacagtatt actattctgt ggaatactat tcctaccgat aattgcattg atttatccat 215520

tgataaaaga gaatttcaat tatgatttgc cgtttatttt ctttgttcca atattttgta 215580

ttctatatta tcttttaaat agatattatg taagaaaggg aaaaggaatt gagataatac 215640

gagaaaaacc tttattgttt aaaagccaac gtttatcgtc cattatctct tggatggttt 215700

acccattttt agctgtattg ctttatttca tgataacaca tcggcattgg ctgaaaataa 215760

tataataaag atttaataag ttagtaacaa cgaaagatag catctaacga tgctcctttc 215820

taaccattaa taataattaa gttcgtaaca agattcatat ataatcaact acatataata 215880

ctcaatatgg aaaatataaa aacaatagct tttagaggta gcagtgactt aataggtaat 215940

ttacagttat gtatagacca tataagctat gctataccta atattatgaa tagtgtatcg 216000

ggtcaatata atgttagatg tgtgtttgag aaagttgaaa atcaattaac atttagtgat 216060

tctatattag gtgaactgat aaatcaagaa gttttaggga aggtatatat gaacgataag 216120

tcggatataa gattgttctc ttcaaataga aatttacctg aatatagaat taattttgat 216180

ttacaaggag agtttaattt aggagtcaag attttcaaag acaagccagt tcaaacatta 216240

ccagtcatag atgtacttcc aatacctgtt gaaatcgtca ctatttactt ttatttttca 216300

gaaacgaaag taaatgggaa atcggattct tttatatttg acaaatattt tgattcttat 216360

gattatctcg gtttctgtct tgtggactta ccgaagatga atgaaataat aactcgaaag 216420

tatggcaatc agaaattgga tttaatcgac gaattttcaa acacagagct aatcgacgaa 216480

ctatttgaag aagaaataat cataataact tggggcattc atccatattc atatccaatt 216540

tacagtactg aagatacaga ctctatccgt cctttattgg gacggaagtt cagccaagaa 216600

ggttgctttc gcataaaaga agacataaaa gaattgagct taattccagg atatgcacta 216660

agaaagtggc cggaatttac acaaaaagaa tggacaaaaa tttcattata tggcaaaggt 216720

gaaatagtac acttaacacc ttatattctt gaagattctg aatttgaaac agtatcagtt 216780

tcattcttaa ttcatagaag taagggagat ttgaaagaga gtattcctct actgaatgtg 216840

aatcttttat acgaataaca acattgaaaa tcgtagttgt tggatgataa ttattattaa 216900

tatgccaagt tagctgctaa cgcagctcct tgtcaagcca ttaacattat aatcttcaaa 216960

ttatgcgatt aaacaatagg aaaataataa tttatacagg aacaacaatt ttattgatta 217020

taataattgc cactcgctgt ctggattttt tcttcttttt taatgaggat aatagaagat 217080

atacaatagg cacgttttct gacataggat attatcgtgg ttcaatctgc aaatttaatt 217140

acaaagtggg tgattcaatt tatattgttg atacaaggtt tggactacat gataaagatt 217200

tgaaaaatct aagattggtt gtcaaatatt caaataaatg ggttgaacat tcagagctac 217260

ttttagaggt tgttcctaaa tgggtgcttg caccacccaa aggcggatgg gaacagttcc 217320

ctcctgacat aaactggaaa ggagctgaat tagatactgc atatatgaag aagatgaatt 217380

tggaaatacc ataatttgat gagaataaaa atagaatgtt aacaaggtcg agataacagc 217440

taaacgctgt tgctcaccaa accattataa cgaagccccc aaaattatga acggaacaaa 217500

aaaacattct ttctatttgt tagtgatttg tacggttgtc atgtttggca ttgcggcata 217560

tcttctggtt tcgggcggca gcagtcacgg aactatttgg ggcggtcgct atggcgataa 217620

gttggaaggg acaatcaacg gatatggagt tcttatgata gctgttggca tgctttttta 217680

caccctctta tggaggtggc agaacaggca gaaaggcttt tccatttcaa tgggagaagt 217740

ggaaaacatt attatcggtc atgcagacgc caaacaagtc aaagagttac tttcctcaga 217800

atattggaat gtaaaaattc tcttgtttgt gaagaacaac gccaatggac atatcttgca 217860

aatgagtaga attgatacag agaaaatccg gatatgttta tctattaaaa acagcaccta 217920

tcaacttgcg gatttttccc ataaagaagc actgttttct tcaaggcaaa cgaatgaagt 217980

ggtggatgat tatttccgtt catccaatct tttaacagaa aagaagtatg tgtggaagaa 218040

acaacaataa tagaagatat ggaacatcga attacatcac tactgctgcc cgctcctgaa 218100

acggagttag aaacatccag caaggaattg gacaacaagg taacatggtt gttacacaac 218160

aaccggaaga tggacaacta tttgaaactg gaaacattca gcaaggacga acgtctgtgc 218220

ggttacgtgt gtgacacgct ccgaagcctg ccggaaaccc cgacactggc ggcatacaag 218280

gactacaagg caatcattgt cctgcttggc atatccacca cgcactatgc catcttggac 218340

gaactggctg aacaacaccg caagcggaac gacatcccgg agctgaccgc ctactgtgat 218400

gccctccact ggatgcgacc gggacggcaa tacctctgca acatatataa taccgtatgt 218460

catgctttcc atctgctacg aagaaatccg gtgagggaca accgtctgct gattacggaa 218520

caggaattgc gtcacgctga acgaatgttg ccggaactgg gcaagcaaac attcatcgaa 218580

atggttcgga tgaaaggtta taaaatatat aatgccgaag agcttgccga aaagtgcggt 218640

atggaatacg gatctttccg gcgtaagatg aaaaaggtta ccggatatac cgccaaacag 218700

tgggttataa aggaacgggc aaaagacgtg gaacattacc tgatgaatac cagcttcaca 218760

cttaccgaag tagcgtttac aaccggattc gcatccacat cgaacctgaa cgacttttgc 218820

cgggcttacc tgcttgatac accgggagaa atccgaagga aagcgcagga aacaagaaaa 218880

tgcacagata taagaatgta atgtaaaaaa cgaagaataa aatgattttc agtcggttgt 218940

aactttgcat caaataatgg ttcaaagtta tggaaaatat aaagcccctg aaaacatatt 219000

ttgcggaact cctgcaacaa acagaattac agatacgtga ctatgaggaa aaagcgcctg 219060

acatcctgtc cttatgcaag atggttgtgg actacctgca aggcgtgctg gagaaactga 219120

aagcctttat catggcttac cgctttgaaa gcccggaaga agaaatacat ttcttcaaag 219180

ctcaaaagcc gctcatagta agcaaaatca tctattacaa tactgtctat cggatagaac 219240

tacgttttcc aagcggcagc atggaagtcc agaaagaatt tatcctttct gaaacccaca 219300

ggctttccgt atttttccac cgcaatttga gtttccacga atattaccgc acagatgcca 219360

cctacttgga tagcaaatac ttcctgcgtg ggaaacctga catacagata attgtagata 219420

acttctacta tgaaacagac ccacagttca gcaccagtta cgatttcaag gtcgccaaaa 219480

tcagagcgaa ccaactgctg gaaatatacc tgacaaacag gctgaacgaa ctggaacggc 219540

gggaacaacg gcaagggata aagaataatt ttacagggaa gcccatacgc tggactggca 219600

cgaaacggtc attggtggaa cttatctact cactggacac ggcaggctgt ctgaacaagg 219660

gaacggctga cataaaggac attgtagcct actttgaaga aatgctggat atagatttgg 219720

gggatttcta ccatacctac atggaattga aagccaagat gaaagaccgt accagcttcc 219780

tttccatgct gaaagaacgc ttgctgcaac gtatggaaga acaggattga gcaatttcat 219840

tttaacaaaa tttatttcgc cacaggtggg ttcgcctgtg gcgatttatt tttctgcaac 219900

cccgaatttt gcagcgaacc aattagttag cgatatggaa ataataacat tcgagtcaaa 219960

agcctacaag gagcttgaca acaagattac cgccatagcg gattacatct tcaaccattt 220020

ggattccggc aaacccgatg aagatgaaat ttgggtggac agttacgaag tatgcacatt 220080

cctgaaaatc agcgaccgta cactgcaacg cctgcgggcg gcaggactgg tttcctattc 220140

cgatataaaa gggcattatt tctacaaaat caaggaaata aaacgtctgc tggaagaacg 220200

cctgataaaa cgggacaagg aatatataaa cgacctgata accaaccatc atcaatatgt 220260

taaagaaaga agaaatacta agccgaacaa ataacggctt atccgttttc aagcattatt 220320

taccgggtga atggcggata ggcaggcatt tccttaatcc cttatacgaa gatagaaaag 220380

catcctgcaa catctacttc gaccgccata gcggtatgta caagatgaaa gacttcggta 220440

acgacaatta cagcggcgac tgctttttcc tcgtgggaca actgaaaggg ctggattgta 220500

accgggcttt ggacttcatc gagatactgg aaaccatcga ccgggacttg gggctgggct 220560

tatcttccgg gacacccgtt cctatatccc agactactga caaacgtctt gcggcgaaca 220620

cacctgttga accgcccgaa aagcctgtca agccttacca gttcagggaa cagaaatttt 220680

cctccgccga aatggaatac tggcggcagt acggcatcac tcccgaagta ctggaacatt 220740

acaaggtctg ctcactccgg gaatacagca gtgaaacggc agagggaaag ccatacacct 220800

acatttcatc ggcggcagaa ccgatgtacg gctacaaggg caaacagtat atcaagctgt 220860

accgtccctt ttccacaccc cgtttcctat atggcggcag cttcggggaa aactactgtt 220920

tcggattgga gcaactgccc gccaaaggtg acacattgtt tatcacgggt ggcgagaagg 220980

acgtactttc actggcggca catggctttc atgccatctg cttcaacagt gaaacggtaa 221040

tgataccgtc cacgctggtt tatcggctga cgttccgttt caagcacatt gtcctgcttt 221100

tcgacatgga caagacaggc agggagagtt caagcaggca ggaaagactg ctgggggaat 221160

ttggcgtgaa acgcctttct ctaccgcttc cgggcacgaa agaggaaaag gacatatcgg 221220

attatttcag ggcgggtaac acccgtgaag atttcctgaa actgtttatc agatttttag 221280

acgacctata tagcgacaca ctgattatgc ttaaatcatg cgagatagac ttcaacaacc 221340

cgcccgtcaa agcgcaggtc atcatatcgg cgggcgatgt tccactggga acacaaggca 221400

acctgttcgg catcaccggg ggcgagggaa cgggcaagag caactatgta gccgcaatcg 221460

tggcaggctg tatcagccct cccgatacgg aaacagacac gctgggcata cggataaccg 221520

ctaacgacag gcacaaggcg gtcttgttct atgataccga acagtcggaa gtacagcttt 221580

tcaagaacgt aagcaacctg ctggcacgtg cggggcaaaa ggaaaagccg gaagaactga 221640

aagcgttctg ccttacggga atgtcccgaa aggaacggtt gaacgccata atacaaagca 221700

tggataagtt ctactaccag tatggcggca tccagttggt tgtcattgac ggcatcgccg 221760

acctcgtaaa gagtgccaac gatgaagcgg aaagcgtggc ggtgatagat gaactgtatc 221820

ggttggcggg tatctacaac acctgcatac tttgcgtgct tcattttgtc ccgaacggat 221880

taaagctgcg tggacatctg ggaagcgaac tacaaaggaa ggcagctacc atcctgtcaa 221940

tcgagaaaga cgatgaaccc acgcaatcgg tagtgaaagc cctgaaagta agggacggaa 222000

gcccgctgga cgtgccgctg atgcttttcg catgggacaa gaaagctggg atgcacacgt 222060

accggggcga aaagccacgt gaagaaaaag agaagcgcaa ggaaagggag ctggtgggtg 222120

tagcccgtga tattttcggg cggcagacac acatcaccta catagacctt tgcgaacagt 222180

tgcaacaggt actggacatc aaggagcgga cagccaagaa ctatatccgt ttcatgcggg 222240

agaaagaaat catcctgaaa gacccggcaa accagagtta ttttatgata ggtctcattt 222300

aatttcaatc gggggtagct tatgtatata gacaatgaca acttcgtagc atggatggag 222360

cgtatcatgg acaggctcga catgcaggat aaaaagatag accgtctgat gaacagccac 222420

aactgcctga acggtgaaaa gctgctcgac aatcaggact tgtgctttat gctcaaagtg 222480

agcgtcaaga ccttgcagcg ttaccggaag aaaggcatat tgccctatct tcttctggac 222540

ggaaaatatt actatcgggc aagcgacata cacaggctta ttcgtgagcg cacggattag 222600

acagtgtttt ttgtcatcat tcaattaacc ttgtcctgcc ctgttgtgat aacacggcag 222660

gattttttta ttgtatgcca tgatttctca atgattttca ctacttttgc agaaataaca 222720

taagagaata acggcgattg aacagctttg actgtgattt cgtctttata tataacatat 222780

tcgttcgccg aatatctcac tacgaaaact ggcacttttc aaaagaaacg ggattttcag 222840

cgcaatgtct atgctatgct ttgtcatagc gtgggcttgc ctgtttcgtt tctttaggta 222900

tgccagtacc tcgtagtgga gcagtgtaag ttcacgcttc ttttttaggt actggcggac 222960

agttgaatac gaatactaaa ctgttaaata cctgatagta tgaaacaaat aaaagcgcac 223020

atcgccgtat ctcttgacgg acatacagcc accttagaca aggaactgga ctggttaccc 223080

cgtgaaataa aaaacatcgt tggcaagcaa tacttggaag cggattgcct gctcatggga 223140

gcgaacacct acaactacat ctttgaacac tggggcgggt ggccgcacaa aagcaagcgg 223200

tcttttgtgg tgtcacacta cgacaccaac gtaacgccgg actacgaggt ggagttcctg 223260

accgaagaac cgctgcaaaa ggtttatgaa ctgaaacaaa cgcatgacat actggtggtg 223320

ggtggcggaa aactgattac ctcgctggta aaagccggac tgctggacag tctgacaatc 223380

tataccgttc ccgtcatgat aggcaaaggc atcggctttg tcggggaaac attcggctcg 223440

cagtggaagt tgtcggaaag taacgtatta ggaaacggaa ttgtcctttc gacctacctg 223500

tttgacggga acatataaca aatgcgcccg gtttccctcc gggcgcaacc actaaaattt 223560

caattatcat aagccttaaa aacccatcac aatgaaattt cagcggtaaa gataagtcat 223620

ttcttcggct ttcctttctt ttcagggaat gaaaaagcga cattgaactg ttcgtccagt 223680

accagcgaag catcgaaaac cttgccgttc tttcccttga agcccttgat taacccggtc 223740

ttccgcttcg tcaccagttc gacaacctgc ttgtcggtca gttgcttgtc gcacttgtta 223800

cggaatatgg taagcgtaca gtccacgttg gaacatttcg ccactttcgg gtagaacagg 223860

atgcgtccgc tgccacattt cggacaggga caggtttcac ctccggcaat ggacagttgt 223920

acggaaagca gttccgccgt gatttgggcg gcatagacct cgatgccttt cctgaatgtg 223980

tcggcatcca tgtagcccgc ttctatcttg gcaagggcgg tttcccacat acccgtcatt 224040

tcgacatcgg caatcttctt gtccttgaca atcctgtaaa cggcaagtcc cttttctgtg 224100

ggtataatat tccttttctc acgcacgatg tactggcgtg cgaacagtgt ttctataatc 224160

gccgcacgag tggctggcgt acctatcccg gcatctttca ggctggcttt caactcggca 224220

tcctccagtt ccctgcccgc attttccatt gcggcaagca ggctgctttc cgtatgcagc 224280

ggcttcggct tggtctgctt ttcgagcaga tccacgccgg agagcgacaa tatttctccc 224340

tcctgaagct gtggcagtcc ggcagcttct ccgtcctcgc ctgcttcctg ttcgttgaac 224400

acagcccgcc atccggcttc tttcattatc gcccctttta cggtgaaatc ggtatttccg 224460

gcggacaata cagcggtggt aacgtctttc acgcatttgt ccgaaaaggc ttccagcata 224520

cgcccggcta ccagttcata gaccgccctt tcatcttcgg aaagttcatc gggcaggttt 224580

tcggtaacga ttaaggcatg gtggtcggtt accttgccgt cattcacgct gcggcggttc 224640

agtgtgttgc tgttcaagct ggcggcatat ccggcaaagc gggggtattt tcccaacagt 224700

gcgatgcgtt ccggcatttc ctcgaaaaca tcctccgaaa tataacggct tccggttctc 224760

ggataggaca tcactttctt ttcatacagg ctttgtgcta tcgaaagcgt cttgtccgct 224820

gaaaaattca gcttcgtgtt cgcttccttt tgcaatgtgg taaggtcgta caaaaggggc 224880

ggttcttggc tggttccttt cttctcaaca gacttcacca cgagctgccc ggcatccttt 224940

acccgttgca gggcggctat ggcatcggac tgctgttccc acttgtcggt cgattgggcg 225000

gtgaaaccta ttccctcgct ggcggtcgcc gctttgagct gccaaaactt ggtcgggaca 225060

aaattcctgt tctccaaaaa acggctgcat atcatcacga gcgtgggtgt ctgcaccctg 225120

cccaacgaga acacgccctg tccggcggct acgctcaacg cttgggtggc gtttatccct 225180

atcagccagt cggcttcact acgggacttg gcggagaggt agaggttatc gtaacgtccg 225240

cccggctgca aattgtccat cccctcacgg atagccttgt cggtaaggct gcttatccac 225300

agccggacaa aaggcttgcg gcagttcagg taatggaata tatacctgaa aatcaattcc 225360

ccctcacgcc cggcatcggt ggcgacaata atcctgtcgc actggtcgaa cacctcctta 225420

atcactttca actgtttcaa cacgccgggg tctgccttgt agcccttctc ggctttcacc 225480

tgacggggga ttagccggaa atcggacgga agtatgggca ggctctccct gcgaaaattt 225540

gccacgccgt aggcttcggg catggcaagc tgtatcaagt gcccgaacgc ccatgtcacc 225600

atgtacccgt tgccggacag atacccgtca ttcctttgtg tcgccccgat aatccgggcg 225660

atgtcttttg ccacgctggg cttttccgct atcaatgcaa tcataattct tcacttttta 225720

atggtaggta ctacattttc atccctctgg acttcttggg tttgtccgtt ttcaggctct 225780

tgtcctgtgc tttttcctgt ttctctttct gcttggcggt gggtttctgt tgtccctgtt 225840

tcagcggctc tttggtctgt ttggttgctt catcggtctt tcctccagaa ttgaccgcta 225900

cctgcgtccg gctctcggaa acggggataa catctttcgg ctgcaccttg ccggaggatt 225960

tgccctgtac tccgggctgc acatgaccgt tgaactccac acccttgccg tcctttaatc 226020

ctgtgacctg ctgctgtgcg ggctgctgcc cctgctgcaa gaactggacg gcagacctcg 226080

gcaggaactc caagccacgc tccactgcgc tgacttgaag ataggcactg cgtttcgtcc 226140

cgtccttgaa ttgcaggttt tccatcttga cgggtttccc agcttcaaaa gcggctttct 226200

gttccgggct tactttcacg ccacaaacgg tatcggggca tttccacttg tctgcccgca 226260

tgtactccag ttcatgggtg tatctgtccc ggctgacgaa cacggggatt tgctccccgt 226320

ttttcgggtc tttgatttgg ataatgccgc ccagattgcc agttcccagc aggttgcctt 226380

gttcctgctt ggaaaattcg tgcccgttat acgggcgttg aagcagcttt tcatccattt 226440

gcacgccgtg cagcttaggc actaccgtcc cgtcctttgc ctgatagaaa gagagcttga 226500

catcggtagg tttaaggtag aagccgccta ccgtccccga aacggtatag gtgttgcggg 226560

atttgtagcc acgcatcacc ctgtcgaaat cctttgtgtt tttcaacgtg tcagcggtaa 226620

tgccgacttt cttcaagtcc tcccaattga ttttagccgg gtcgaaacgg tagtcctgcc 226680

tgcccccgtt attgtcggga ttcggaactc gcaacatttc cgcccgtctg tcgccctccg 226740

gcgtggggtt gcggtggttg tcctcgatag cttttgcgtc ctgttccgct tccgtagcct 226800

tgcagcggaa caaagccagt ccctccgtgt cctgatacct gcggaaaaaa ttggaaatga 226860

agttgctgaa cacatcgctg ttcctgtcca cctgcataaa ctcaccgcta tgggattggg 226920

tcggttctac ggtctgcaaa ttgccctcgt tgtcgatacc tttaacagca ctcactttcc 226980

cctgctgttt atccaagacc agcagcacgt ctttttcctg cccctctgcg ggcgggttca 227040

ttctgtttgc cataaataat tggaatttta gtggttacgg gattattccc atccaaaggt 227100

aacgactaaa tatgctatat tttgacaggc ggcaatgagt gtcccgattt gtcctgcggt 227160

gtcccggttt gtccgggtag gataaatctc caactgatga ttggagaatt aaaaagggca 227220

taaaaaaaga gagcgaagtc aatcactctc ttttgatgag ccatttatga gccatttaat 227280

catgtctctt ccggctaata atcagcattt tgcaaaaaac ggcattatat ccgtgatacg 227340

ttagtgagcc atttaggtgt ataataagtt cccttaccca cttttccctg catatccagc 227400

cagccgttca tttgctggag tatgcgggaa gctgtcggtt tgcttactcc caaaatttcc 227460

tgcacgtccg agtttgtcac acgcccgttc ttggctgcat actctataac aggaatatac 227520

ctttcatcca cccgctgcac cagcagttga gaacgtatat cggtataata ggtaatcatc 227580

agaccgctta acatttcaag tcggggcggc agcaatttgt atgcgctgac cgcttccaag 227640

atacgcttgt agccccgtcc ccagctttcg atgtccccgc ttctgaaaaa tgcgttggcg 227700

attaacgggt tatatggaga ggatggatgg ttttcaaaaa gcctttcggt agtccagttc 227760

tccggcaact gcccggcgtt ccaaaaagtg atatggtcgg gaaatacgct aatctgaacg 227820

ggcacggcac tggcgtagtc tttatgtgct acggcattca tcaacgattc cctgatggct 227880

tctaccggga actgcggcgt ttcacgtcgg gaaattccct cgtatgagat acggtaaatc 227940

aggtatttgc tttttatcaa atccatagcc ttgtccacct gctccatcaa agcaccgtga 228000

atttcgtcct gaaactccag attgcctttg tcatcccgga agaaaccaat ctttatatat 228060

gcaccgaaca caaacctttc agggtcggga tggaacagca gcagtgctgc acggttcaaa 228120

tgtccgtcct cgtctatcag acgtaaatca tgcagcaggt gttcggtctt atctttcaaa 228180

acaccctcgt ccacccgtcc gctccttgcc gcttccttac ggaaacggtt caatgcgctt 228240

tccgacagtt cttctatttt ggctctttct atgggaaact cgtcccaatg cctgcctgta 228300

cgttgcagga taaagcggtt caatgccgct cctttcaact cctgtttcgt gctaccgctg 228360

cggtaatggt attgaccttt ataattgata gggttcgaat aaggcggcac gtcaatttcc 228420

acatactcca acccgtcttt gtccaacagg ttcacgtcca caatgatacc cagcacatca 228480

cggactttgt tcggtatgtc ctccaacagc ttcttggcat cggcaacacc gaccacctgc 228540

ccgctgtcat tcatgcctat atatatcttg ccgcctgcgg cattggcaaa accacatatc 228600

catttcagat agtcgtcccg ccagctttct ttccattcta tattttggtt ctcattcata 228660

atcatttctt tgtctgcaaa attagcaaaa atactgtgtg tcaggaaaga atatcggtta 228720

ttcttcctcc tccttaatca aatggcacag ctccgggtca ttcttgatac gggttatctc 228780

gtcttcgaca atctgccgga cttcctgacg gatgcgctcg tagttagctt gtatttcctc 228840

ctgcatccga tcgttaccgt ccttgtcggt gaagtcaata atctgcggca gcttcacgta 228900

acgggcagtt tcccgtttca ccttctcgtt gtccaccacg atttcacagt ggaaaatctt 228960

ctgttctatc cgttcatcga agttgtccgc caccgccccc acgaacatgc cttgcgtgag 229020

gttggatatt ttgctggcag gtatcaggct gtccatctgg gtgcttatcg aggtggactt 229080

ctcccgctgg ttgattgtca tgctctgccg tttctgcaac accttcccga aacgctccga 229140

caggattttt gccgtttcac ctaccacctg accgctgaac acgttaccta cagtattttg 229200

tatcacacgg ctttccttgt ccccatagtc acgggtaagc tggctgtaat cctgaaagcc 229260

cagcagaacc gccaccttgt tgcttcgggc ggtggcaatc aggttgtcaa gaccacggaa 229320

gtagatagtg ggcaactcgt ctataatcac cgaactttta agctgacctt tcttgtttat 229380

cagcttcaca attctactgt tatacaatcc cagtgccgcc gaatagatgt tctggcggtc 229440

gggattgttg ccgacaacca gtattttagg ctctttcggg ttgtttatat ccagcgagaa 229500

atcatcgccc gtcattaccc agtaaagtgc cgggcttatc atacgtgaaa gcggtatttt 229560

ggcactcgct atctgcccct gcaactgctc ttgggcatca gattcccaag cgtccacgaa 229620

cggggaaaga taattttcca gttcgggata gctgcgcaaa atcgtgaaca catcggcgta 229680

tttcttgttc aacagttcaa tggcatgggg aaacgtgcaa tacctgccgc cctgatagat 229740

gcgcaaatac caaatgatag ccgccaaaag gataatcggg ctttccacga agaagtcgcc 229800

ctgcttggtt atccaactgc gattgaggtt gagcattatc gtgtagctgg cttcgtaagc 229860

gtccgctatg tccgacatga aactggcgtt tatcgggttg caccggtggc tcctgcgtgg 229920

gtcgtcaaaa ttgataatgt aaaacttggg cttgaccttg tagccgtcca aatgcgtgag 229980

caaatgatta tatgctattt ccgacaggtc gggaaactta taatcataac agtagagtgc 230040

aaaacccttc tcgatttgct gttttatgta attgtttacc actgcgtatg actttccgct 230100

tcccggcgtg cccagcacaa ggctggcacg gaacgggttc accacattta tccagccgtt 230160

gttccatttc ttcttataat agaaacgggt gggcaggttt atcgaatact cgttctcgat 230220

aagccgggtt tcctgctgga aactctcgtt ctcggtgtta aaaacatcat ccataaggtt 230280

gttcttcaac aggcgggaca tccatgtacc cgccatgagc aggcatatat agcccgcaga 230340

cagcgtggcg atgtaaaatg ccgtgtccgc cgtatgcggc aggggcagtt ccagcagcca 230400

ccagttcagg aaaaacagga cgaaacccac cgcaaggcag caatgtatct tcgtccaagt 230460

tatcttctcg ttcttcaccc cctttgtccc gatgcacgac agggcgagaa acaccaccgc 230520

aaaaagtttc gtccacagca tggacgagaa cagcccggtg gtacgctgga agttccacaa 230580

aatcttgtca atcacctcaa aggttactcc ccatcctttc aggctggagt aacagaacca 230640

gtacacgttt attcccacga ataaaatact gattgcccgc ataaagtcca tgacccttgc 230700

aagccccctc aaatcatctt cctgttgcat agtcgtatgt ttttaagtta ttcgatgcgt 230760

cttgtgcgct tctttttctt ctttctcttt tgcccggcgg tgtcctgcgg cggttcttct 230820

cctatggaag atccgccgaa caacccgccc agtccgctga ccggaagccg tgccgccgta 230880

tgcggctgct gcgtgaagtc ctgcccttgt ccccgctgcg gagcaacgct ttcggcctgt 230940

ccagtttgga catccgaata caggtcattg aacacgttcg ccgaaaactc cttgcccaaa 231000

cgtgaaccgt tcaataccac ccggctgtcg tggtcgatga acgtaacgcc atagatgcgc 231060

ccgctgtcgt tctgccggaa caccacgtca atgccctgcc gtttcagttc ctgttcaaac 231120

ttttgtcggt tacgggcggt ctgtatggct gcggcgacaa tcttccgggt acgctctttc 231180

agcttcccgt ccttaatcgt tttgccagac ttttccatcc tgcacagcac cgcttcgtag 231240

cctaccgact tgccgatgcg ggatgccttt accgggttgc ccaccttttc gcccttatcg 231300

tccgtggcgg aatagacaat gccctgatag ggtctgccgt ttatttcccc cttgacttcc 231360

tcggcgcaca cgttgcaggt ggcaagtaac gccctgtact ccccgaacga ctggaagcgg 231420

tagccgtaac aagccgcttt cacggtattg ccaatctggt gcttcacgtc cccggctgcg 231480

taatcgacct ttttaagttc ggggcgttcg gcacgctcct ttctctccgc cggatgcagg 231540

ttgtatttcc gttccagttc acgggtaatc tgcttgcttc tccggtgctc gaacctgtca 231600

ttcaacggct tgccgttttc gtccacccgt aagcccacga tgtggatatg gtggcggtag 231660

atgtcctcgt gtttatagac caaataaggc tggtcgccat agcccaactt ccgcatatac 231720

tcccgtgcga tgtcggaaag ttggctgtcc gaaagcacgt cttccgggtg cgggtttatg 231780

gaaatgtgca atatcggctt cttggtggac aaatggacgg gcatctgcat ttcaaagctg 231840

cgcatacacc cgccgatgct ggaatgcccg tcctcgtcca acagcatttt attggagaaa 231900

agcaccttcg cttccccgtt gtccaccttt tcctgattgt atgccagtgc gccgaacatg 231960

gaacttcccg tacttatttt ggcaaccata gttccctgca ctcgtttgtc aggtcgataa 232020

cctgacggtt caacatagcc agttcggtag tcgctttctc cagtttatag agaaaagcga 232080

gtgccttttt ctccgaaaag ttgctattta gagcctttac cacttggttg taattgaccg 232140

ctaccgctct gaattgcgca taaaattcgg tcagtcgggc gcaatactcg accgccgact 232200

tgtccacttt caccacccgg aacggctcgc cgaagatacg tgcggcgatg aaacgggact 232260

tgctcgaaac acccgactgc tcccactgcg agaggaagcg ggcgttctcc cggtcgttca 232320

ggtaaagtac atggcgatgt ttcgccgggt cttggagggc ggggcgaccg cccttgctgt 232380

ttttccttgt ttccatactt ccttgaatta aaaaatcacg acttcggagt ggtttttacc 232440

cccgcaaggg gcaaggcgtt ttcaggcaca gaaaacggtt tcgtgtgcca cgaaacacac 232500

cttgctattt tctggcgaaa atcgaaaatc cgtccgggac ggattggggt ctgcatcaga 232560

cggcaagccc tgccgttcac cagcaccgtt acacgtcttt accccttgcg gctcgttact 232620

ccgctgcaaa gtaacagtga tttataatgc tgtaaaatag gcagttggtg gacaaaccgg 232680

gacacgaaag gacaaatcgg gacacatcta aaaacggacg ttttttctcc ttttatttgc 232740

ataagatttc aagattgaaa gcaagattga aagacacatt tcaatcaggc aagaacggtt 232800

gaaagcagga tttcaagaaa acgtgattgt tggatttcaa gaaagaatga aagcaggaaa 232860

acaagattga aataaagcag tctttccata tttcaagcct gcaatatgga aagcccgaat 232920

gattggaagc aataaacaaa tatatcaacc aataatgaac ggaagcaata tggaaaacga 232980

gaaaacaccc ctttatgtcg ccttttccac ccagaagggc ggggtcggca aaactacctt 233040

taccgtgctt gcggcgagtt acctctatta cctcaaaggc tacgatgtgg cggtagtcga 233100

ttgcgactac ccgcaacact ccattgccgg gatgcgcaag cgtgatgccg aacaggtcgg 233160

ggcggacgag gattacaagc gcatggcgta tgaacagttc acccgtctgg ggaagaaagc 233220

ctacccggtg ctgtgcagtt cgcccgaaaa ggcgatagcc acggctgacg gatatacggc 233280

agaagccgga cacgtgccgg acatcatgtt ttttgacctg ccgggcacgg tgaacagcga 233340

gggcgtgata aactcccttg cgggcatgga ctatatcttc accccgattt ccgccgacaa 233400

ggtggttctt gaaagcagcc tgtcgtttgc ggtggctatc caaaagctgc tggtgaggaa 233460

tgaagcctgc cgccttgccg ggctgtacct cttctggaac atggtggacg gtcgggagaa 233520

aaccgacctc tatgccgcct atgacaagac gataaaggaa ctggaactgc cgctgatgaa 233580

aacctttatc cccgacacca aacgctacaa aaaagaactg atgacggaca ggaaggcggt 233640

gttccgctcc acgctctttc ccgccagccg cccgctggta aggggcagca acttggaaga 233700

actgataaca gaaatgatgt attacattaa attacaatga tatggcaaag caaaacggca 233760

ctctgccgaa aatagacgag gatttcatgc gggaacttat ctcgcagggt gtccccgcca 233820

agcaggacaa gcagccggag gacataccga accccggcgg cgaaacaggc atcccccaag 233880

agggacaaca gacggaaacg gtacggatgg agaaaccgac accccgcagg cgcaagggtt 233940

gcacgggcga ctaccgggaa acctacttcc agaaagtgga actggcagac cgacaaccct 234000

tgtacgtgag ccgagccacc cacgagaaac tgatgcgtat cgtgacggtg ataggcgggc 234060

gcaaggtgac ggtaagcagc tacgtggaaa atattctgct gcggcacttc gaacagtacc 234120

aagacgagat aaacgccttg tacgaaagcc acttccaaaa gcctgtctga ctatggtaac 234180

ctattgcata cttaccgggc ttctagtgta ctatatcgcc ctgtggctgt ggtatcgcca 234240

tgcggacaac aggcgttccg aaaagggaac aaatgataaa accgttcccg aaagtcaggc 234300

ggacggctac acgctgatag gcgagagccg ctacaagggt ggactaatcg ggacagtgca 234360

ggacaaatcg ggacacctcc cgcaagcggc tgaaaatgat actatttttg cggcgcaagc 234420

tgccggacag ccggacgaaa cgcccgacta cggggatgac gaacccgatt acgaggacga 234480

ggaaatatcc gggtacatgg acggggacga tgatacgggc agggctgcgg gcgtgagctt 234540

tgaggaactg ggcgaaacgg tacgtacggc gaacgccgac aactccaccg aagcggaaca 234600

gcggcaagcc gccgtgacgc tggctcggat tgaggggacg aacctctacg atgcggtagt 234660

ggagaacatc aacggcgggc tggcaaaggt ggcggaactg ctgggacgca acgaagcgga 234720

actggctgcg gctgctcccg ccggaactgg caataccagc ggggaatacg aagcgttcga 234780

catgaacgag tatctgtaac ataacaagta acgatatgaa gcaacgtgat tacggttgat 234840

tggcaatact gacaccaaca gacggcatcc gtgccgcaac cactaaaatt tcaaattatt 234900

catccgccgt gcggcagcgg actatccacc cgctgtcccg gcattaaaat ccaattcgca 234960

atgaaaaaga aaatcttttt gtcggcggct ctccttgccg ctgtggtaag tgcctacgca 235020

caaggtaacg gacaggcggg cattaccgaa gccaccaaca tgataaccgg gtatttcgac 235080

cccggaacaa agctggtgta cgcaatcggg gcggtctgcg gcttgattgg cggtgtaaag 235140

gtgtataaca agttctcaag cggtgacccc gataccagca agaccgccgc aagctggttc 235200

ggggcgtgca tcttcctgat tgtcgccgcc actatcctgc gttcgttctt cctctaaaac 235260

ggcggctatg tctgaatatc cggtaaacag gggtatcggg aagccggtgg agttcaaggg 235320

gctgaaaagc cagttccttt tcatctttgc gggcggcttg ctcgccgtgt tcgtggtgtt 235380

cattgtcctg ttcatggcag gcgtgaacca gtggctatgt atcggtttca tcgtgtcggc 235440

ttcgctgctg ctcgtatggc agacgttccg gctcaacgcc aagtacggca cgcacggact 235500

gatgaaagct gccgcccgca aaagacatcc ccgcttcatc atcagccgaa aggcgatacc 235560

cagattattc acctataaaa aaagaaagga agaaagacca tgaggaatat gttaaaggct 235620

accacgctgg aaaggaaatt tccccttttg gcggtggaga acggctgcat catttcaaag 235680

gatgccgaca taacggtggc tttccgggtg gaactgcccg aactgttcac cgtcaccagt 235740

gccgaatatg aagccataca ttcggcatgg tacaaggcaa tcaaggtact gcccgactat 235800

tccatagtac acaagcagga cttcttcatc acggagaact accagcccga caccggaaag 235860

gacgaactca gtttcctgtc ccggagtttt gagcggcact tcaatgaacg cccgttcctg 235920

aaccattact gttacctgtt ccttacaaag acgacaaggg agagaagccg ccgacagagc 235980

gacttctcca ccctctgccg gggcaggatt gttccgcagg agatagcgga cagggaaacg 236040

gctatgaaat tcatcgaagc ggttggacag tttgaaagga tcatgaacga cagcgggttt 236100

gtcacgctta cccggctggc ggcaccggaa atcaccgggc aggacggaaa ggctggcatc 236160

atcgagaaat acttctcgct gtcacaaacc gacacaacct gcctgaaaga catcgggctt 236220

tacccggaag aaatgcgtgt cggggacgac atactgtgcc tgcacacgct ttcggacgtg 236280

gaagatttgc cggaaaaggt cggtacggac acacggtttg aaaagctgtc caccgaccgg 236340

agcgactgcc gcctgtcatt cgccgccccg gtgggtgtgc tgctgtcgtg caaccacgtc 236400

tataaccaat acatcttcat agacgaccat gccgaaaacc tgaaaacgtt cgagcagacc 236460

gcccggaaca tgcagtcgct ttcccgctat tcccgtgcca accagataaa caaggaatgg 236520

atagacgagt acctgaacga agcgcacagc aaggggcttg tttccgtgcg ctgccactgc 236580

aacgtcatgg cttggagcga tgaccgggag gaactcaaac gcatacgcaa cgatgtggga 236640

agccagcttg ccctgatgga atgcaagcca cgccacaaca cggtcgatac gcccacgctc 236700

ttttgggcgg gcataccggg caacgagggg gacttcccgg cggaagaaag tttctacacg 236760

ttcttggggc aggctctctg cctgttcgtg gaagaaacga actacaagag ttcgctttcg 236820

cccttcggca tcaaaatggt ggacagggtg agcgggcgac cgctgcacat cgacatatca 236880

gacctgccca tgaagaaagg catcacgacc aaccgcaaca agttcatact tgggccgagc 236940

ggcagcggga agtctttctt caccaaccac atggtacgcc agtattacga gcagggggcg 237000

cacgtgctgc tggtagatac gggcaacagc tatttggggc tgtgccagct tatccacaac 237060

cgcacgcacg gcgaggacgg gatttatttc acctacacca acgagaaccc gatagcgttc 237120

aacccgttct atgtcgagga cggggtattt gacatagaga agaaagagag tatcaagacc 237180

cttatactca ctctgtggaa gcgggacgat gaagccccga agcggtcgga agaagtggcg 237240

ttgtccaatg cggtaagtgc ctatatcgaa cgtatcacgg gcgacaggtc ggtaacaccc 237300

tgcttcaaca cgttctacga gtttgtccgg gacgaatacc gccgacagct tgaacggaag 237360

aatgtcaggg aaaaggactt tgacattgac ggcttcctga acgtgcttga accctattac 237420

aagggcggcg agtatgacta cctgctcaac tccgacaagg aactggactt gctgcacaaa 237480

cgctttattg tcttcgagct ggacaatatc aaagaccaca agatactgtt cccgataacg 237540

accatcatca tcatggaagc ctttataaac aagatgcgca aattgaaggg aataagaaaa 237600

ttaatcctga ttgaagaagc gtggaaagcg atagcgtcgg cgaacatggc ggactacata 237660

aaatatttgt acaaaaccgt ccgaaagtat ttcggggaag cgattgtggt aacgcaggaa 237720

gtggaggata ttatttcctc gcctatcgtg aaagagagca tcatcaacaa ttcggactgc 237780

aagattctgt tagaccaaag gaaatatctc aacaagttcg acagcataca gaacctcttg 237840

ggactgaccg acaaggaacg ttcgcaaata ttgtccatca acatggcgaa ccatcccgga 237900

cggaagtaca aggaagtgtt cttctcgctg ggcggcacgc agtcggcggt gtacgcaacg 237960

gaagtttcgc tggaggaata ttacacgtac acgaccgaag aaagcgagaa aacggaactg 238020

ttcgcccttg ccgacaagct gggcggcaac cttgaactgg ctgtcaaacg gcttgcggag 238080

agcaaaagaa atcccggatt atcaaccacc taaaaataaa cgatatgaaa ttaatggaca 238140

atctgattta cacgctgctg tccgcctgcc tgctggctgg ctgcaaggac agtgaaagca 238200

aggaactgga aaggatgcag ggcgactggg tacacgtcag gggacacccg gctttcacac 238260

tcacggaaac tgacggcaga tacaccgtca cccgtaaagc gaatgtcagg ggcagggtac 238320

tggaaactac ttatccggtg acagagcgga acggctgcct gttcattgaa acaggcttcg 238380

gcatacagtt cacctacgac aaaaagaacg accggataac gctcctgccc ggcggtgaat 238440

acaggcgtgt tacaaatcct aaaaacaaaa aatgatgaaa agaacgattc ttcttatggc 238500

ggtatgcctg tgcttcatgg gcagggcatc cgcccagtgg gtggtgtcag accccggcaa 238560

cttggctcag ggcatcatca acaccgccaa acagattgtg gaaacggcgg gaacgaaagc 238620

caacaccctg aacggctttc tggaaacgca gaagattttc cagcagggga aagcctatta 238680

cgatgcgctc aaatccgtgc atgatgtcgt caagggcggt atcaaggtga agaaaagcat 238740

cgaactggtg gcggaaatct ccgaaatcta cgtcaggaac taccaaatca tgctcgccga 238800

cccgtatttc acggcggacg agctggcgac catatcctcc ggttatgcca tgctgctgga 238860

cgagagttcg gacgtgcttc aggacttgaa aaatgtcgtg aacatcacgg gcatgtctct 238920

gacggatgcc gaacggctgg caatcatcga caatgcctac cgaagcctga tgaactaccg 238980

caatctcgtg aactactaca cccgcaagaa catttccgtg tcctacctgc gggcaaagaa 239040

aaagaacgac accgaccggg tgctggctct ctacggctcg gcggatgaac gctactggta 239100

acatcaaacg gacatgccta tgttattagc agtagatttt gacaacctgc accaagtgct 239160

gcgggtgctg tatgacgaaa tgatgcccct gtgcggcaac atgacggggg tagccaaagg 239220

gatagccggg ctgggtgcgc tgttctatgt agccgccaag gtatggcagt cgctcgcacg 239280

ggcggaagcc atagacgtgt acccgcttct acgcccattt gcgctggggc tgtgcatcat 239340

gttcttcccc acgttcgtgc tggggactat caacacggtg ctgtcgccga ttgtgaaagg 239400

atgcagccag cttatggaaa cgcagacctt cgacatgaac gagtaccggg cacagaaaga 239460

caggctggag tacgaagccc tgatgcgaag cccggaaacg gcatacctcg cttcggacga 239520

ggaatttgac aggcaactgg aggaactggg ctggtcgccc tccgacatgg ttaccatgac 239580

gggcatgtac atggacaggg cggcatacaa catcaagaaa tccgtccggg actggttcag 239640

ggaactgctg gaaatactct ttcaggcagc ggggctgatt atcgacacgc tgcgcacgtt 239700

cttcctgata gtgctctcga tactgggtcc gctggcgttc gccctttccg tctatgacgg 239760

tttccaaagc acgctgaccc agtggatttc acgctatatc tcgatttacc tgtggcttcc 239820

cgtgtcggac ttgttcagca gcgtgctggc acgcatacag acactgatgc tccagaagga 239880

catcgagcag ctttccgacc cgaacttcat accggacggg agcagtaccg tgtatgtaat 239940

ctttatgatt atcggcatcg tgggctactt caccgttccg acagtggcag gctggattgt 240000

gtcagccggg ggtacaaccg catacaaccg caacctgaca cgtgcgggcg cactcacggg 240060

tgcggcggcg ggtgcggcaa ccggaaagat tgcaggaaaa cttctcaaat aaccaacttc 240120

aatttttaga atatggaatt caagtcattg acgaacatcg aaacgagctt ccggcaaatc 240180

cggctctttg cgctggtatt catctgcctg tgcgcactgg tcacgggctt tgccgtgtgg 240240

aactcgtaca gcttcgccga aaagcagcgg cagaagatat acgtcctcga caacggcaag 240300

agcctgatgc tggctctctc gcaggacatg gcgcagaaca gaccgattga agcgaaatcg 240360

cacgtgaagc gtttccacga actctttttc acgctctcgc ccgacaagga cgccatcgag 240420

ggaaacatca aacgctccct gttcctcgcc gacaggagtg cgttcaacta ctacaaggac 240480

ttgtcggaaa agggctacta caaccgtatc atttcgggca acatcaacca gacggtggag 240540

attgacagcg tgaaatgcga cttcaaccag tacccctaca aggtgagaac ctatgcccgg 240600

cagcttattg tccgggaaag cagcctgacg gtcagaagcc ttgtcaccac gtgcaggctc 240660

ctgaacgcca cacggagcga caacaacccg cacggcttca tcatggaagc gttcacgatt 240720

gacgagaaca gggatttgca aaccattaaa cgatagcctt atggagagga agcgaaatta 240780

cattgaaacg gtgcgggact gggcggatga acgcctgcgc cgcctgtgcg ggcgtatcac 240840

gccgggcaag cggctggcgg tcatcctcgt gatgtccgcc ctgttcggcg gcttgtccct 240900

ctatatcacc gtttcgtcca tttacaacat cgggaaacgg gacgggcaaa ggctgcaaat 240960

cgaacacatc cggcagttcc cgctgcacgg taacgacagt atcaatttaa caaacagacc 241020

tgaatatgga agaagtacag aaaaatgaac cgggcagaca gcccgaaaag gagaagaagc 241080

ccaaacggga actttccccg aaagaggtgc agcggcgcag gaaaatgata gtcttcccgc 241140

tgatgttcct cgcctttgca gggtgcatgt acctgatatt cgccccctcc ggcaaggaga 241200

aagcggaaac ggaaagcgtg ggcggtttca atgccgacat cccgctgccc gcagaggacg 241260

ggattatagc ggacaagcag accgcctacg agcaggcgat aatgagccgg aaacggcagg 241320

acaggataca atcccttcag gacttcggtt tcatagggga cgatgaaacg gaagaaccgc 241380

aggcggaagc cggactgatg ccggaagaaa atccgaagcc cgtgcggggc ggcggcgctt 241440

cttcctcggc gaccgcctac cgggacatca accgccagtt gagcacgttc tatgaaacgc 241500

ccccggagga cagggaaaaa gaggacttga aacggcaggt ggcggaactg accgaaaagc 241560

tggaacgtca gcgggaagcc acgcccaccg ctgacgaaca gatggctcta ttggaaaagt 241620

catacgagct tgccgccaaa tatgcaggcg gcgacaggca ggcggcacaa gtgccagtcg 241680

tgggcgacat cgaaaagaag ccggaaacgg tgtccgtgca ggcagtacgg gaaaacgccg 241740

tttcagggct gcaacagccc atgagcgatg ccgattttat ccgtgcttac agccagccac 241800

gcaactacgg tttcaacacg gcggtaggaa cgggctacgc aatgggcagg aacacgatag 241860

ccgcctgcat ccatcaagac cagacgctga cggacgggca gacggtaaaa ctccgactgc 241920

ttgaacccat gcaggcgggc aacatcgtca tcccgaagaa tacccttgtg gcgggcacgg 241980

caaaggtaca gggcgaacgt ctcgacatac tggtgtcctc gatagagtat gcgggaaaca 242040

tcatcccggt ggaactcgcc gtgttcgaca cggacgggca aaaggggctt tccgtcccgt 242100

cctcgatgga gcaggaagcc ttcaacgagg cgatggcgaa tatcggcagc gggctgggta 242160

caagcatttc ctttacgcag aacgccgggc aacaggtggc gatggacgtt acaagggggc 242220

tgatgcaggg tgcgtccggc taccttgcca agaagttccg aaccgtgaaa gtgaagctga 242280

aagccgggta cagggtgatg ctttacgcca aacagcaata atcatttgac aaaccactaa 242340

aatttccaat taacgatgaa acagattttt gtaatgtgcg ccctcctgct gggcgtgtgt 242400

gcggcaaacg cacaggaaac cgacacggtg aagtatgcgg caggcaacga cttgtaccgg 242460

ggtatcaccc gaaagctgcc ttaccgacaa atggtaacgc cctacggcgt ggaagtgact 242520

ttcgccaaga cggtgcatat cattttcccc tccgccgtcc gctatgtaga tttggggagc 242580

aaccacatca tagcgggcaa ggctgacggt gcggaaaacg taatcagggt gaaagccacg 242640

acagagggct ttccgggaga aacgaacttc tccgtcatct gtgaggacgg cagcttctat 242700

tcattcaacg ccaagtatgc ccgtgagccg gaaatgctca acatcgaaat gaaggacttc 242760

ttggaaaatg aagatacgtc cgacttttcg catacccgca tgaacatcta tttccgggaa 242820

ctgggaaatg aaagcccgct gctggtaaaa ctgataatgc agagcatcta caagaacaat 242880

gaccgtaaag tgcgacactt gggcagcaag cgtttcggca tacagttctt aatcaagggg 242940

atttacacct ataacgggat gctttacgtg catacgcaga cgaagaacag ttccaacgtg 243000

cctttcgata cggacttcat caagtttaag attgtcgata agaaagtgcc caaacgcacg 243060

gctattcagg aaacggtact ggatgcggta cgcagctaca acgaggtgat agagattgcc 243120

gggaaaagta ccgtccggac ggtgtacgcc ctgccgaagt tcaccatccc ggacgacaag 243180

ctgctgctgg tggagcttta cgagaagaac ggcggtcggc atcagaccat acgggtggag 243240

aatgccgaca tcgtgaacgc cgaagtgata aacgaactga aaataaagta gggaatgaag 243300

aaacacatct ttataatgac actctttgcg ctgtgcctgc atttgaacca ggcacacgcg 243360

caaagatacc ttccgggcat gaaagccttg caggtaacgg cgggcatggc agacggggta 243420

cattggaact ccgacacgga ttttgcctgc catttcgggg cggcatacag tgtttatacc 243480

aagaacgcca accgctgggt gattggcggg gaatacctgc ataagaagta tgactacaag 243540

gatatgcgca ttccggtaga acagttcacg gcggagggcg gctattacct gaaattcctt 243600

tcggacaggc gaaagacctt tttcctctcg ctggggctgt cggctctcgc cgggtatgaa 243660

accagcaacc ggggcgacaa gctgctgccg gacggggcta cgctgctgga caaggactgt 243720

ttcatctacg gcggtgcgct cacgctggaa ctggaaacct acctgaccga ccgggtggtg 243780

ctgcttgtca atgcgaggga acgtatgctg ttcggctcgg acatcggcaa gttccacacg 243840

caggtaggca tgggactgaa attcattatc aactgaccgc tatataataa tgtatatgaa 243900

gaatgtaatg tataaaatca tcgtgggctt ctacatcgtg gccgccctcg tgcttgtaac 243960

cgcctgtaat gacggtttgg acattcagca ggcttacccg ttcacggtgg aaacgctgcc 244020

cgtacccaag aaactgaaag tgggcgaaac agccgaaata cgctgccaac tggtgcgtgg 244080

tggcgactac cagcctacga cctaccagat acgctatttc cagcctgacg gcaaaggaaa 244140

gctggaaatg gataacggta cggtgttcct gcccaatgac ctgtacccgc tggagaaaga 244200

aacgttccgg ctctactaca catcggcatc gaccgaccag cagacgattg acatctatat 244260

cattgacagc ttcgggcaga tgcagcaggt ttcgttctcg ttcaacaatg acagcagcga 244320

agaagaaacg gaatgaccct gtggatattt atcggaataa gcgtttacca tgtattgttt 244380

ataacttggt tcaggcatga attgataaac gccccggcag acaaggagct atggggaaaa 244440

gaaatggatt gatacacaat gtgtatgtta tgaaaatcta cccgccgaaa atatcggcgg 244500

gtgttttttt attagggaac acggtcgggt ttctttggct actttatttt ccggcactca 244560

tgaaagaaag tagcggcggc atttctgccg cctttgtatc aactgatttt aaggctctgt 244620

atgggtatat ttttctctaa ccacaccttt acctgttcaa agttgtattc tcccgttatg 244680

accgccgtat ggtcgtttat ggctacaaac ctgacacttt catagctgtt tatccaacct 244740

tgcaaagaag aaacacccca cgtttcaaca tcttcaaaaa cactgcggtc tatccggctg 244800

ataggctcac cgaaaattac cgtcatcgtc tgaaagtccg gttcgtctgc caacagtcgc 244860

aaatggtgca gcgtgccgaa ctcgtccgtc ttgcgtcccc atgcccaatc ttccgtgtac 244920

aaatcatcgc cccactgctg ttgcttatcg aaatgcactt tcacgtttac agaatacttg 244980

ttttcctcga tgtcctcaat aacacccgtt accatcatgc ccgtaaaaat acactcgcaa 245040

cgtctgccga ttaggttctt gtttacttct gtcgttttca tacccttaaa atttatctgt 245100

tattaccctg ttctttcttt tctatccatt tttcccgcct gtggcggcac tctgccagcg 245160

ttttagccac tgtggaaaac agttccccgt ccgtgtggcg gtagtcgtac tggtaaaata 245220

tccgtccctt gaatgcgacc ggacggtatt ttacaaactt ttcctctccc ggtgcttggg 245280

tgatgctcac cccgtttctg ttcaatgatt gcatgatatt ccgtttttat tcgttatata 245340

ctcaataggg aaagcaacag caggaaaagc agagccacgc acaacgcata aaacgccgac 245400

aggcagaccc ggagcaggaa acaggcggca cgaaatacaa gatatgccgt taccgccgtg 245460

attgctccgg ctgtgcaggc gagccgccac acaaggcaga acaataacac ccgcaggatg 245520

attttataaa tgcttttccg tttcatcgtt tctctgttta tgcgggcagg gcttttaacc 245580

ccgcccgaat ggtcgtttaa gccgcccgga atacaaaccc gtcatcaaac cagtagtcgc 245640

acatgaacaa atcacgggca aactgtttgt agtcgaaata ggtttttgcg aactccggca 245700

ggtcgtaaca ttcttccacg atttggtagg cgaaatcttc ttcatcgtca tattgtccct 245760

gatattcgtc ctgaaagtcc cgtacaaggt cgtccgcatc ttcctcgctc aaatcatggc 245820

ttttgtagtt gcaccacacg aaaaaggctt cctgttcggt gtcgcccaac ttttccaccg 245880

catcccgcaa ggtgaagaag ttctctgaaa tccagctttc gccgattagg ttttccggta 245940

cgttctccca gtcctgaaac atatactccg catcttcctc gtccttatga agctcccggc 246000

aggcttcgta aaaatcttcc ttgtccgaat agtccgacag gtcaagccat gccccgaaca 246060

atgaaccgtt gttgtacttg ccataagtgc ctacataaac tcttgcttcc gataatgttg 246120

ctacttccat atcctgtaat ttttaagttt ttaattttat gcggatttga gaggtgaggg 246180

agttgaagtt tcactgaact tttttcctgt ttcccgtaaa tccgactttt tttttatgcg 246240

tcttccggtc gggtcggtcg ttttcgtttc acataggctt aaaagggcag tgtttagagt 246300

ttgcagggtt ttgtggaaaa aatacctcgc aacgaatgtc gcagggaaga ttttttcgcc 246360

aaacctgaaa aggcttgacc ttgcaaaccc gtgaagaaca cgtaactacc tttgcctatt 246420

gaaatgataa aaacgacctc ccggttggag gactgcttaa tgaggaagat ttacaggttg 246480

ggaaacaggg gaaaagttct tgttccccat tcagtccatt agggaattgc ctatgcgggc 246540

gggaaaaaca agtgtatcgg gagttcacct tccgatactc ttgtgcgggt ttccaaaggc 246600

tcttttcacg aaagacagtc tgcgatgcca tgcaccgctg gcgtttcgag gaatgtggct 246660

ttggaaaagg atataaaaaa tacgggtagt ccacagactg cccgcatgat ggatgatagc 246720

cattggcgaa ataggcgtat ggcgaatgtt gtcaggagtt atcacaaatt gtgatagctc 246780

ccgatcatca ctcgtctttg cccaactcaa acatggaata accgggaaag catctgcaag 246840

cccataattg tatattttaa ggattaagta atgttggaat aatgcagcaa gaacaggtcg 246900

cagtttacga cctgttccct ataatcaaaa tcacatggcg acttccttat aaatcttttc 246960

gataccgaca aatttcttgt caagcccctg catatcgctg ctaatcttgt tgttagtgat 247020

gcgggcgtaa atttgtgttg tttcaatgtt agtatgtccc agcatcttgc tgacggtttc 247080

aatgggcaca ccctttgcca gcgtggtggt cgtggcgaac gtgtgccggg caagatggaa 247140

tgtgaggttc tttttaatcc cgcacacatc ggcaatctct ttcaggtagg cattcagctt 247200

ttggttgctg attataggta atatttttcc gtccggcagc ttgcctttgt atttcttcaa 247260

tatcattttg ggaatatcca acaggggaac attcacgtcc gtgttggtct tttgccgctt 247320

cgtcattatc cacagattac cgtcaaatga ctttcggata ttctcttgcc gcaggttggc 247380

gacatcactg taagccagac cgcagaaaca ggaaaagatg aacaagtccc tgacgtgttc 247440

caaacgctcg gaagccattt tctttttgag gatgattttt atctcgtctt ccgtcaaata 247500

gcccctgtcc actttttcca gccggatttt atagctggcg aacgggtctt tgtccagtat 247560

gccattgttt cgggctatga tgatgatgcg cttgaaaaac tgcatgaact tggcggtggt 247620

gttgtaaccg cacttgcagg ctgtacgcaa atataactcg aaatcggtaa tgaacatcgg 247680

ggttatttcc cggatggaaa tatcagaaag gttatattta ctctgtataa actccgcaag 247740

gtgacggcgt gtaacctcat acttgcggta ggtcgctatc gtcttggata tgccaacaag 247800

ctgtttcacg tcctcattgt gcttttggaa caaggtaagg atggtttcgt ggttctcgct 247860

gtgtcccaaa aactcgtttt taactttctc ggcagtaacg taattatcac gccgctgcat 247920

ttcgtggtag atggtgttca gcgatgcgtt tatatcgctt aacatacggt tgatacgtcc 247980

ggcttccgct gtgcgtccga tagccttgcc agccttaccg tcccacattt caggcaacac 248040

gtccaatttc gtattaaaac ggcttgccac accgtccact gtgatacggg cgaaaagggg 248100

gtacgcaccg cccgctttct gcttgtcttt ctttgcgtaa aagcaaatgt tgaatgtcga 248160

tttcatatac tcacttttta gttacaaaaa tactgtaaat gcttaaaaat gagttttatg 248220

caggctcgcc aaacaccgac agaagttcgc caattcccga ctatctgtac cccctttttg 248280

attttgtttg tcgggggtac gagttaggtt agaaaccttg tcttttaggg gcgaaaaaat 248340

gtactttaag gcagacacaa ggggataaaa aaagtcccac aaatcattga atttgtggga 248400

cttgtctgtt cgttgtccgg ttttgtccgt aacgttcagc ggagagacag ggattcgaac 248460

cccgggtacc tcgcggtaca acggttttca agaccgccgc aatcgaccac tctgccacct 248520

ctccaaaact ctttttagga gtgcttcctt tcaaaagcga tgcaaaggta cataatattt 248580

tgtaataagc aagcatttgc tcaaaaaaag tttgcaggaa gtgggctttt gataataaat 248640

ccttatcttt gtagaatcaa taactataag aaataacgtg attatgaata aggctattat 248700

tacggtggta ggtaaagata cggtaggtat cattgcaaaa ttgtgctctt atttggcaga 248760

gaacaatgtg aatatattgg atatttctca gactatcgtt caggaatatt ttaacatgat 248820

gatgattgtc gatatgacaa acatacagaa gccttttgag cagattgtca acgaactgac 248880

agaaactgga aatgcaatcg gcgttcaggt aaaatgccag cgcgaggaga tattcaataa 248940

aatgcatcgt atttaaaaac agctattact atgattaata tatccgaggt tctcgaaacc 249000

aataagatga tagagaagga aaatctggac gtgcgtacca ttaccatggg tattaacctg 249060

ctggactgcg ccgacggtaa tctggatgtt ctctgtcaga atatatataa taagatgaca 249120

cgcctggcca agaatctggt gaagaccggg gaggatatct ctaaggaata cggtattcct 249180

atcgtgaaca agcgtatctc cattactccg attgctttgg ttggcggaac ggcatgtcat 249240

acgccggacg attatgtgaa gattgctcag acgctggata aggtggccga agaactgggc 249300

gtaaacttta tcggaggata ttcggctatc gtatcaaaag gtatgacacg gagcgacgaa 249360

ctgctcatcc gttccatccc gaaggcactg gcatgtacag agcgtatctg tagttcggtc 249420

aatgtaggtt ctaccaaaac aggtatcaac atggatgctg tccgcctgat gggagaaatt 249480

atcaaggaaa cggcagagct gaccaaagag cgtgattcgc tgggatgtgc caaactggtg 249540

gtattgtgta atgctcccga tgataatccg ttcatggcag gtgctttcca cggcgtatcg 249600

gaagacgatg cgattatcaa tgtcggtgta agcggtccgg gcgttgtgaa gtatgcgctg 249660

gagcaggttc gtggagaagg cttcgaggtg ctttgtgaaa ccatcaagcg tacggctttc 249720

aagattaccc gcgtgggaca gctggttgcg caggaagcgt cacgtcgact gggcgttccg 249780

tttggtatca tcgacttgtc tttggctccg actccggcta tcggtgacag tgttgccgag 249840

attttgcagg aaatcggact ggaacatccg ggtgctccgg gtacgacagc ggctcttgcc 249900

ttgctgaacg atcaggtaaa gaagggtgga gtcatggctt cttcgtatgt gggaggattg 249960

agcggtgcct tcattccggt cagcgaggac cagggtatga tcaatgcggt agaagcaggt 250020

gcgctgacta tcgagaaact ggaagcaatg acttgcgtct gctctgtagg tctggatatg 250080

attgccattc cgggctctac atcggctgct accatatcgg gcatcattgc cgacgaaacg 250140

gctatcggta tgatcaacca gaagactacg gcggtacgta tcattccggt ggtaggtaag 250200

gaagttggcg atacggtaga atttggagga ctgctgggat atgcacctgt catgccggtc 250260

aacagtttca gttgtgaggc ctttgtgagc cgtaaaggac gtatacctgc accgattcat 250320

agctttaaga attaatcaac tagatttcgg ctgtcatctg gtaagctgat tgctcagaca 250380

tcgggagccg gaatggattt tagaaaatga ctagtcctaa ataaccgtta cagttattgg 250440

acaaaaataa attatttatc acagttcagc aaggtcagtc ttgctgaact gtttgttttt 250500

gtaactttta attttaatca gcttctgatg atgcatatac tccggcgttt tatacccaca 250560

agagtaatga ggtctgatgt tattatactt gtagacagca tcccttatta cctgtttcat 250620

atctgatagc ggtagattaa gttcctcaag caggaactcc tgttttagta ttccgtttat 250680

tcgttctgcc acggcattag cgtacggatc gtaagattca gtcatgctgg gtatgatgtg 250740

atattgtccc agtaatttct gatatgcatc ggaacagtac tgtataccac ggtcagagtg 250800

gtgtatcaat ggcgtgtccc tatacagtcg gttgcggttt gccatcctca gcgcgttcaa 250860

agaaccttga gtgtccaagg aatcggaaag atcatatccc ataatcttct tggaataagc 250920

atctgtaacc agagaaagat acatatgccg gtttctattg ccaatataag taatatcaga 250980

aacccatatt tcttccgggc gtgtcgcttc catactttct acaaaatttt tgtgcttccg 251040

aaaccggtga tgcaagttgg ttgttacatg atatgaacgt acgggcttta taagcagacg 251100

gttggcacgg agtatatcga acagtttgtc cctgcctacc ttgttctcct taagtggctg 251160

atgaagcata tgataaagtt tgcgggttcc tacacgtggc agttccattc ggatatctcg 251220

taccatgccc acaacatcag tggccctttg ccggcctcgg attatcttcc attgctgacg 251280

gtaatatttc tgcctgctta tcccgagcag tcggcagatt ccgctgatac ttacggattt 251340

ttcttcttta tatttattga ctgttcggga gaggagtttt ttcgtatgtc gatattatat 251400

tccttttccg ctatgtctat catcatgtcg aaaaactctg ctttcatatc cttcagctca 251460

agctcctttt ccagacgggc attcttgcgt tccaggaacc ttactttctg ttgtagttct 251520

aacagttttt gatccttact cttttccata gaatggtaac atttgtttgt gatatcaaag 251580

ttaccatatt tttcaatcca acggctaata gttgaacatc cttgtatccc atattttcgt 251640

ttcagcgctc ccaaacttat ttttgtggtt tcatactctt gcactactga tagtttaaag 251700

gacatactgt aatctttttg tgtgcgctta acgtactttg tttctgtctt ttccataatg 251760

ttaccttttt tgttgtaacg ctatttcagg actagacaaa ataaagagaa aggaagtctt 251820

gccggagaaa agcctccgga aggcttcctt ttttcgtact tgggggagag tatttcagga 251880

caggccatcc tgaatagaca ctgaagcatg aaagttgctt tttaggctgg catgtaatgc 251940

cgtgtaaccg attgcttcaa gctggcagat agtgcccgaa gtgtgaaaat tgttttgtcg 252000

tagcgtgcaa atgtgttagg acactgctgg aattgtgcta tctttgtgcc tgaaatagat 252060

tgactgtatg acagattatt tgaatgaact gaatgagagt cagcgggctg cggtgctgta 252120

taacgacgga ccttcgctcg tgattgctgg agccggatcg ggtaagaccc gcgtgctgac 252180

ctataagata gcttatctgc tggataacgg ttacgaaccg tggtccatcc ttgccttgac 252240

gtttaccaat aaggcggcgc gtgagatgaa agagcgtatc gcacgtcagg tgggagcaga 252300

gcgggcacgc cgtttatgga tgggaacttt ccattccatc ttttcgcgta ttctgcgtgc 252360

ggaggcggaa gccatcggtt tctcgtcgaa ttttaccatt tacgattctg ccgattcgaa 252420

aagcctgata aaggccatta tcaaggaaat gcagctggac gataagacgt acaagccagg 252480

gatggtgcaa tcacgcatca gtaatgccaa gaatcatctg gtgtcgcccg aggcctatgc 252540

tgccagccgg gagttttacg aaaacgattc ggctgccagg gtacctgcca tacgcgatat 252600

ttaccgccgc tattgggagc gttgccggca gagcgatgcc atggacttcg acgatttgct 252660

ggtttacacc tatatattat ttagcaagca tccggaaatc tgcgagaaat atgcttcgca 252720

cttccgctat gtgctggtgg atgagtatca ggacaccaac tatgcacagc attgcatcgt 252780

gatgcagctg actgaaaaat accgtcgggt ttgtgtggtg ggcgacgatg cgcagagtat 252840

ttactctttc cgtggagcca atatcgacaa tatcctgaag tttaccagcc tgtacaagga 252900

tgctcgcctg ttcaagctgg agcagaatta ccgttctacg cagaccattg tcaaggcggc 252960

caacagcctg attgagaaga accgggaaca gatacgcaag gaggtgttct ccgaaaacga 253020

caagggggaa ccgattactg tgttcaatgc ctatagtgat gtggaagaag gagagatcgt 253080

tgccaacaag attgctcagc ttcgggcaaa gaacggttat tcgtacgacg attttgccat 253140

tttgtaccgc accaatgcac agagccgtat cttcgaagag gctttacgca agcggggcat 253200

gccttatcgt atctatggag gcttgtcttt ctaccagcgg aaggaggtaa aggacgtgat 253260

cgcttatttc cggctggcgg tcaatccgaa cgatgaagag gctttcaagc gcgtcatcaa 253320

ttatccggcg cggggaatag gcagtacgac gctgaacaag attatcgatg cagccaatcg 253380

caatcaggtc agcctgtgga aagtggtgac cgaaccgctt gcctatggac tggatctggc 253440

aaaaggtacg cataccaaac tgcaaggatt ccgcagcctg attgccggat tcgtggaggc 253500

tgttccgcag accagtgcct acgagctggg taagaatatc gtccagcagt cgggcattat 253560

cagcgatatt tatcaggacc gttcgcccga gaacctgagc cgtcaggaaa atatcgagga 253620

actgataaac ggtatgcacg atttctgtgc cgaccgtgaa gaggagggca acacgcatgt 253680

cttgctgact gactatcttt cggaagtttc tctgcttacc gatcaggaca gcgagggaga 253740

tgacgatgcc atgaaggtga cgctgatgac cattcactcg gccaaggggc tggaattcaa 253800

gaatgttttc gtcgtggggc tggaagagaa tctcttcccc agtccgatgg caggcgactc 253860

gtacaagcag ttggaagagg aacgccgttt gttttatgta gccataaccc gtgccgagga 253920

acactgtttc ctgtcgtttg ccaaaacccg tttcaagtac ggtaagatgg aattcagcag 253980

tcccagccgt ttcctgaaag atatcgatgc ccgttacctg aacctgccgc aggaagatgt 254040

catctcccgc aagatagacg aaggagcaag tcgtttccgt cgggaggtgg cagccgatac 254100

cccacggtat acgcgcgaca gttcaccttc catgttcgac gggggagaga ttcctcagga 254160

accccgccgc tttgtcaagc cggcacctct gcgggtattg cgcaagatac cttctgcttc 254220

ggcttccacc ggtacgtcga cttcctctgt cggcagcgga gtgcacgccg gacagcagat 254280

agaacacgaa cgtttcggca taggtgaaat cgtcaaggtg gaaggagcgg gcgataactg 254340

taaggcgacg gttcgtttcc gcaatgcggg cgagaaacag ctgttgctga aatttgcacg 254400

atttaaaata atagaataag ataacagata tgctagatgt aacaaaagtt ccttctccct 254460

gctatgtcat ggaggaggat ttgctcagaa agaacctgag tctgataaag agtgtggccg 254520

accgtgccgg agtggaaatc attctggcct tcaaggcatt cgctatgtgg aaatcgttcc 254580

cgatattccg cgagtacatt cattacacca ccgccagctc tgaatatgag gctcgtctgg 254640

ctttcgagga gttcggaagc aaggcgcata cgtactctcc ggcttatacc gaagccaatt 254700

tcccggcttt cctgaagtat agcagtcaca tcacgttcaa ctcgctgtcg cagttcgagc 254760

gtttttatcc gcaggtgaag gcttatccgg aacatgtatc gtgcggcata cgtgtaaacc 254820

ctgaatactc ggaagtggaa gtcgagctgt ataatccttg tgctccgggt acccgcttcg 254880

gcgtgactgc cgatttgctg cccgaccgtc tgccggaagg gatagaaggc tttcactgtc 254940

attgtcactg cgaatcgagt tcgtacgaac tggaacgcac gctgaagcat atcgaagaga 255000

agtttgcccg ctggttcccg caactgaaat ggctgaatct gggcggaggt catctgatga 255060

cgcgtaagga ttacgatgtg gagcatctta tcggattgct gaaaggactg catgagcgtt 255120

atcccaacct tcagattatt ctggaaccgg gttcggcctt tacctggcag accggtccgc 255180

tggtagcatc ggtggtcgat gtggtggaaa gcagaggtat ccgtacggct attctcgatg 255240

tcagcttcac ctgtcacatg cccgactgtc tggaaatgcc ttatcagccc aaggtacgca 255300

acgctgaaac gcttccaccc gatgcggtca agacggctgc tcccgaagaa catgtctatc 255360

gtctgggagg aaacagttgc ctgagcggcg actacatggg aagctggaag ttcgaccatg 255420

aattgcaggt aggcgaacgg atagtgttcg aagacatgat acattatacg atggtcaaga 255480

ccaacatgtt caacggcatt catcatcctt ccatcgcttt gctccattcc gacggcgaac 255540

tggaaatata cagaaacttc cgttacgagg attaccgcga cagaatgtgt tgatggatgc 255600

agcagatgcc ggagttttcc ggaggttgcc gtgatattac atagaagttt gtacaaaagt 255660

tttagtcttt tgtacaaaaa cttcgatttt ctgtacaaaa aatagctgag gtgcctgcac 255720

ggatttgtct gaatgtgcag gcacttcttt tttcttttcg tgcagaaaag aaagaagtct 255780

ggttatcagc agaaattctt gcaggggacc ccgcggtacg catcctgctt agtcggagcc 255840

ggaatgcctg atattgtgcg gggcgtatac ccttatgaga gtgcatacgg aaacattcta 255900

ctagtttttc gtgaaaaaaa tatcttaatg ttttggaggt ttcggaaaaa gcattacctt 255960

tgcactcgca atcgggaaaa ccgcttgctc ttaatgttac aatgcggaaa tagctcagtt 256020

ggtagagcat aaccttgcca aggttagggt cgcgagttcg agtctcgttt tccgctcaaa 256080

gcacaaaggt ttgcgcagaa agaagcccag gtggcggaat ggtagacgcg cacgtttcag 256140

gtgcgtgtgt cgagaggcat gcaggttcga gtcctgttct gggcaccaag gcaaacctta 256200

ccggaggaat ggcggaattg gtagacgcgc cactttgagg gggtggtgac aattatgtcg 256260

tgtgagttcg agtctcattt ccttcaccgg ttgaaattgc ggaaatagct cagttggtag 256320

agcataacct tgccaaggtt agggtcgcga gttcgagtct cgttttccgc tcaaagcaag 256380

taaagttgcg ctggttgaaa gaccgaaagg cccaggtggc ggaatggtag acgcgcacgt 256440

ttcaggtgcg tgtgtcgaga ggcatgcagg ttcgagtcct gttctgggca ctaagttgcg 256500

gaaatagctc agttggtaga gcataacctt gccaaggtta gggtcgcgag ttcgagtctc 256560

gttttccgct ctttttttat gtattgaaac ttcatgcgga aatagctcag ttggtagagc 256620

ataaccttgc caaggttagg gtcgcgagtt cgagtctcgt tttccgctct ttcggagaaa 256680

tcgacaattt gttggtttct ctttttttat gccataagtt tgtttcttat tgccgagaat 256740

gtatatattt gcggctgcaa tattaaaact ttgtagatga tgaaaactta tgatatttat 256800

ttctcggatg gggtgtctag cgacaacaaa ggtttcttta taaaaacgga ggagaaggct 256860

atccacatgg cggaagacat gctggtgaaa ggcaacagtt atacggagga ttatgccgga 256920

ggaacaatct cggtggtcga ctcggaaggg aatatcgtat ggagcaagcc tatccctgcg 256980

aaataatggt gaatcggaat attaatataa aaaataagtg aagttatgtt ctcaggaata 257040

gttgaagaat atgcggaagt ggtaaaagtg gtaaaagatc aggagaatct gcatctgacg 257100

ctgaaatgtt cgttcgtgga tgagctgaag attgaccaga gtatctctca taacggggtc 257160

tgtctgactg tggtgagcat tcaggacgga acgtataccg ttacggccat gaaggaaacc 257220

atcgaccgct cgaatatcgg tctgctcaag ccgggcgata aggtgaacgt agaacgcagc 257280

atgctgatga acggccgtct ggacggacac attgttcagg ggcatgtgga ccagactgct 257340

acttgcgtgg caatagacga tgcggaagga agctggtatt tcaccttcaa gtatgctttc 257400

gatccggaaa tggcaaagcg tggctatttt acggtcgaca aggggtcggt tacggtgaac 257460

ggagtcagcc tgacggtctg caatccgacg gaagatacct tccaggtagc catcatcccg 257520

tatacgtacg agcataccaa tttccataca ctgcatatag gtagtgtggt caatctggaa 257580

ttcgatatta tcggcaagta tctgagccgg atgatgcagc ttacaaaata attctctaga 257640

aagaaaaaga gcaaaaatga aacgcatgaa tcatttttgc tcttttttta ttcagcctct 257700

ctgtgctggg gaggctggtt ttacaggtct ttcaacagta cctgactgtt gttgtagatg 257760

tattcctgac gtgcatgttg caggactttc catgaatcgg aatattgccg gcggtcaacc 257820

ttgaagtctt cggaaccggc agagtccagt ttctccagca ggaggcccac cgtcagtttg 257880

tttatgtcca tgcccggaag gtaccgtaca tcgccttttt tctcttctat tgtttcgtat 257940

atcaggtgta tgtcctgtag ctcatataaa atccgcttgg tcagccggat gggtattttg 258000

tattgcttgc tgatttcttc ggccgaatag ggtttctttt cctctgcaaa gttcttgcag 258060

atagcggaaa ggataagggt gcagaagaag tcatggtagc ggcggctgat gtgtgcgctc 258120

tcttttccga agtcgaacga ctccagattc tgactgatgt agttcatctc ggcaccgaaa 258180

agacagatgg tccacgaaat ctgggtccac aacaggaaca tcgggatggc tgcaaagcta 258240

ccgtagatgg cgttgtagtt tgaaacccat atctggctgt ttacataaaa gaactggaat 258300

gcctgaaagg ctgttcctgc cagtatgccc ggaaaccagg cgtgtctgag cttgactttt 258360

gtattgggga taaacatgta aagcccgatg aacatgcccc aggtaagggc gtaaggaata 258420

agtcttacta agaatttcag gataggagca agcaccagaa aattgtccat gccctttatg 258480

tatgttgtca tgaagatggt cagaccgctc gatatgacaa tcagcagcgg caggagcagg 258540

atcatggaaa agtaatccgt tattttccgg aatacggaac gcgggcgctt gacttgccag 258600

atggcgttga agcttcgctc gatgttgtct gtcaggataa gtacggtcca cagcaacata 258660

atcagaccga taccgatgaa gataccgctc tgggcatgtt ccagataaga gttgatccac 258720

gaaataatca gttcgctctg ctggcttgcc actccttgcc gaagctggat ttccatcagg 258780

gtgtcgaagc cgaacccgcg tgcgatggca aacaggatgg caaggatagg aatgatggac 258840

agcagggtac tgtatgtcag tgcggatgcc cggatctgga tacggtcgtt cagaaactga 258900

tcgacggaaa gataaacgat tttaatgcat gagtaaagtt gtcgccgtat gggagatacc 258960

tcatcttcgg tgattctcca gatgccgacg gtgaggaatt gcagccagtt ttttattttg 259020

gtatagttca tggcggagag atttcggtga aaaaaagcag tcggtctgta agccgggttc 259080

tgttctctgt gccgaagcgc agagtgtctg tcatttatct acgctcactg tcaccagtaa 259140

gctctagcgg tctaccctcc gacgtggggc gagcaaccct cgttaatgcc ggtttacatg 259200

accttacaac tcctaagatg cacagcccgc atatcgctat acgtctggta ggctcttacc 259260

ccaccttctc acccttgcct ctccggtgcg gacaggcggt tattttcttc tgcattactc 259320

tacctttgca ggcagctttc tgttaggaag taggatgctc tgtgttgccc ggactttcct 259380

cttgtaccat aaggtaccag cgacaaaccg accaactgct ttcttgatgc aaaggtacgt 259440

aaataaaatg aatttatgtc atttttggca gaaatatctg tccggcgtgc aaactgtctg 259500

ataatgaatg taaaattggc aggtggtagt cgttaactgc ggttaacgga caatctttct 259560

ttgttaaaag agggaaaaaa gaggcaatgc cgagtacaat cgtatgaatt ttgttctact 259620

ttagcaaatg aaatgttaaa caactattga aattaacaat ttaaacacta taaacgtatg 259680

aaaaagacaa ctaaaatcgc attaggggca gtcgcagtga tggctgtcag cgcaggagtg 259740

gcaggggtta ctacttatac tcttatgcaa tctaagcagg ataagaatac gtctttctat 259800

gatgaatttc aaacagcgac gaatactcgc tatgctgctt tggatgcggc aaacatgcag 259860

ccggtcgact tgacaaaggc agccgagagt tcgttgaact ctgttgtaca tataatgtct 259920

gttcaaagaa gtaaagttaa aaccatacag ggacagcctg atattttcga tttcttcttt 259980

ggcgacggac gtggacgtga gcagcaggta cagactccgg aacagcgtgg attcggttcg 260040

ggtgtgatca tctcgaagga cggttatatc gcaaccaata atcacgtaat cgacggagcg 260100

gatgaaatct ctgtcaagtt gcacgacgga cgcgagatga agggacgtgt tatcggtgcc 260160

gacccgacta ccgaccttgc tttggtcaag attgaaggag atgattttcc ggctattccg 260220

gtaggcgact cagatcgtct gaaagtgggc gaatgggttc tggctgtagg taatccgttc 260280

aatttgggat ctacggttac ggctggtatc gtcagcgcca aagctcgtgg actgggtgcc 260340

aacggtgtgg aatcgtttat ccagaccgat gcggctatca accagggaaa cagtggtggt 260400

gcgctggtca acgccaaggg tgaactggta ggtattaatg ccatgctggt ttctcctacc 260460

ggagcttatt cgggatatgg atttgctatt ccgaccagca tcatgacaaa ggtggtaacc 260520

gacttgaagc agtatggtac cgtacagcgt gctttgctgg gtatcgccgg acgtaacatg 260580

ggtgatgaaa cttatccgga tgaaatccgc aaggaacaga aggaactggg tatcaacgac 260640

ggtgtacagg ttgtagaagt aaccgaaggc ggttcggtag acggtatcct gaaggtgaac 260700

gatgtcatca tggaactgaa tggcaagaag atcaagacca tggccgaatt gcagggatca 260760

cttgctaaat atcgtccggg tgataaggtt acgttgaagg tatggcgtga taagaaagaa 260820

aagagtttca ctgttacctt gaagaatgcg cagggtaata cgaagattgt aaagaatgcc 260880

gatatgcaat tgctgggtgc tgcgttccgt gaagtacctt ccgacctgaa gaaacagttg 260940

aatttgggtt acggtgtaca ggttacggga gtaagcgaag gcagaatggc cgactgcggt 261000

atccgcaaag gatttatcat tctgaaggca aacggcaagc agttgaagac ggttcaggat 261060

ctggaagagg ttatgaaagc agcttctcag tcacccgacc aggtattgtt tatggtaggt 261120

gtatatccgt cgggtaaacg tgccaactat gcagtcgacc tgtcacagaa ttaagcatca 261180

atttttaagg tgattgtttt taggaaataa aagaaatatt tcaggaaagg tccgggaagc 261240

agacaagctt cctggacttt tttcgttttg tcacctcgac tttgcgtttt cacctttttt 261300

gcgaatacaa gcctaccaat aggtaggtat tttatgctaa attcctttcc ataggcaaaa 261360

aaagaaagga taattggaag cgtatctctt tttttgctaa ttttgcacgg attttggctg 261420

cgtgtgccga atgacgcggc ggcggcttaa acgaagataa taactaaaac ataaagcatg 261480

atacacaagg tattaatcgc taaccgtggc gaaattgctg tgcgcgtgat gcgttcgtgc 261540

cgtgaaatgg gcattcgtac cgtggcagtc ttctcggaag ccgacagaac ggcgcgccac 261600

gtactttatg cagatgaggc ttgcctgatt ggtccggcag catctcgtga gagctatctg 261660

aacattgata aaattatcat ggcggctaag cgtcatggag tggatgcaat tcatccggga 261720

tatggtttcc tgtcggaaaa ttccgaattt gcacgtcgtt gtcgtgaaga aggaatcatc 261780

tttatcggcc ccgatcctga aacaatggat gccatgggtg ataagatttc tgcacgtaaa 261840

cacatgattg cggcgggagt tccggtcgtt cctggaacgg aacagccttt gcagagtgtt 261900

gaagaggcta aggaaatctg taatcgtatc ggttatccgg taatgctgaa ggcttctatg 261960

ggtggaggcg gtaagggtat gcgccttatt cataatgagt cggaagtgga ggaagcttac 262020

aatacggccc gttcagaatc gatgtcgtcg tttggcgatg atacggttta tctggagaaa 262080

ttcgtagagg aaccgcatca tatcgaattc cagattctgg gtgataattt cggtaatgct 262140

gtacatctgt tcgagcgtga atgttctatc cagcgtcgta accagaagat tgtagaagag 262200

actccttctc cattcgttac tcccgaactt cgtcagaaaa tgggtgaggc tgctgtagct 262260

gctgccaagg ctgtaaatta caaaggagcc ggaaccatcg aattcctggt cgataagcat 262320

cgtaatttct atttcctcga aatgaataca cgtctgcagg tggaacatcc tatcaccgaa 262380

gaggttgtag gcgtggactt ggtaaaggaa cagcttcgta tcgccaacaa tgaaccgctt 262440

cacttcaagc aggacgatct gaaacagcgt ggtcatgcca tcgaatgccg tatctgtgcc 262500

gaggattccg aaaacaactt catgccttct ccgggtgtta tccgtcagct gatggaaccg 262560

aacggtatcg gtgtgcgtat cgacagctat gtatacgaaa gctatgaaat tcctatctat 262620

tatgacccga tgatcggtaa gctgattgta tgggctacta cccgtgagtt tgctatcgaa 262680

cgtatgcgtc gtgtgctgta tgaatacaag attaccggct tgaagacgaa catcggttat 262740

ctgcgtcata tcatgaatgt gcccgacttt gtagaaggac attataatac actgtttatc 262800

tccaagcatc aggaaatgtt gcgtaaatgg gccggacaga aggaagaaga aaccgaaaat 262860

atcgcaatga ttgcagcata catcgattat ctgatgaacc tggaagaaaa taactcgggc 262920

tcttccgata atcgtcctat cagccgctgg cgcgaattcg gattgaaaaa aggtgtattg 262980

cgaatttaaa gaagatattt atggaaatac atataggtga cagagtagct gacgtaacgc 263040

tggtcagcaa agaaggcaat aaagtacagt tgactatcga tggtgttcct tacgatgtag 263100

atattgtaat ggcagaaaac ggtagttgct ctatcttgca cgaaggaaag tcgtataacg 263160

ctgaactgat tcgtaaggaa ggtggaaaga gctatacggt caacgcccat taccagtcat 263220

ataatatcga tatcatagat tcacaagcta aataccttcg tatgcgtaag aatgccgacg 263280

agaagcagca ggataagatt gtttctccga tgccgggtaa ggttgtgaag attccggtaa 263340

aggtgggcga ccgcttgcag gcaggcgaca ttgtcgttgt aattgaagct atgaagatgc 263400

agagtaatta caaggtaaac agcgaatgtg ttgtaaaaga aatccttgta aacgaaggtg 263460

actctgtaaa cagtaatcag gtgattatga cactggatgt agtaaaagaa gaaaattaaa 263520

gttatgacaa cagcagaaca atataaaaat tttgaggagc tggataagct ggcttctcaa 263580

ggcggagggg tagagcgtgt agaaaaacag cacgccaatg gtcacatgac tgcccgcgaa 263640

cgtatcgata tgttgcttga taaaggtacg ttcaacgaaa tagataaact ggttatccat 263700

cactgtaccg atttcggtat ggacaaaaag catattccgg gcgacggtat cgtttgcggt 263760

tatggtaaga tagacggacg tctggtttat gtatacgctt acgactttac cgtatacgga 263820

ggtacactga gtgctaccgg tgcgcagaag attgtaaagg tacagcagct ggctttgaaa 263880

aacggtgctc cggtcattgc cttgaatgac tcgggtggtg cccgcattca ggaaggtgta 263940

ggcagtatct ccggatatgc ttctatcttc tatcagaata ccatcgcttc gggtgtgatt 264000

ccgcagattt cggctatcct cggtccgtgt gcaggtggtg cctgctactc accggcgttg 264060

actgacttta ttttcatggt gaaggaaaag agtcacatgt ttatcactgg tccggacgta 264120

gtaaaggctg ttactcacga agaagtcgac aaggaagagc tgggtggtgc ctatactcat 264180

agcagcaaga gcggtgtaac tcatttcttg tgtgaaacag aggaagaaac tttgatgagc 264240

atccgtgaac tgttgagctt tttgccgtcc aataacatgg aagatgctcc ttctatcgct 264300

tgtacagacg atatccgccg tgcagatgaa tcactgatga cagttattcc tgatgatccg 264360

aatatgccct acgatatcaa gaatatcatc gaaccggtag tcgacaatca ttatttcttc 264420

gaggttatgc ctcattttgc gaagaatatc gttgtcggtt tcgctcgtct gggtggacgc 264480

tcggtaggta tcgttgccaa tcagccggct tatctggcag gtgtactcga tattgatgct 264540

tcggacaagg cttctcgttt catccgtttc tgcgactgct tcaatattcc aatcgttact 264600

ttcgaagatg ttccgggatt cttgccggga tgtactcagg aacacaacgg tatcatccgt 264660

cacggagcga agattgtata tgcttatgca gaagctactg tgcctaagat tacagttatt 264720

acccgtaagg cttacggagg tgcgtacatc gttatgaaca gtaagccgat cggtgccgat 264780

gtaaacttct cttatcctac agccgaaatt gctgtaatgg gagccgacgg agctgtaaac 264840

attctgtatc gtaaggctac tccggaagaa aaggctaagg cggtagaaga atacaaggaa 264900

aaattctcta atccgtatcg tgctgccgaa cagggttata tcgatgagat catccttccg 264960

aaggatactc gttacaaact gattcaggca cttgaaatga ctcagaacaa gagtgtaagc 265020

aatcctccga aaaagcatgg caatatgcct ttgtaatttt gaaggaataa tagcataaaa 265080

agcttttaaa accatctcta ctgattgtag gggtggtttt atttttatat atgaaacagt 265140

tgctggataa gataatcggt ttagtgtgtg ccggatagtc ttgaatcgaa tctttgaata 265200

tgattcttaa aataacatta aggaatcctt aaacacgttt gaaagtacat tggtgcgttg 265260

gcagtttcct tttttgtgtc gatttttttg tatatttgag gcgataatat ttaaagctat 265320

cggaaataag atgaaaaaat ggattatgat ggcagcactg gtaagctgct tgtttacggg 265380

aatgtctact gtacaggcgc aggaagtgac tcccgatgaa gtaggatata ttgtaaaagt 265440

aggggatgag gctcccgatt tcgaaatgac gctgaccgac ggtcaaaaag tgaagttgtc 265500

ttctcttcgc gggaaggtcg tcatgcttca gtttacggca agctggtgtg gagtctgccg 265560

caaggaaatg ccttttattg aacgggatat ctggcagaag cataaagaca atgcttcgtt 265620

tgcactttat ggcgtagacc gtgatgaacc gctggagaaa gtaaaggcat tcgtcaagca 265680

gaccaaggtg acttatccgc tcggcctcga tcccggagct gatatctttg ccaaatatgc 265740

agtccgcaat gcaggtatca ctcgcaatgt cttgattgat aagacaggaa agattgtgat 265800

gatgacacgt ctgtataacg aagaagagtt ctcggctctg tgtaaaaaaa tagatgaact 265860

gctgaaatga cacagataaa gtatatattg ctcatcttgt gttgtctggt agtacttccc 265920

ggattctctc gtaagaagaa aacttcaggg tacgagccac tgtttggtaa atcgcaggct 265980

gcttatcaga taacatcgag ctcgttgaaa ggtgctactt tttatctggt cagcggacat 266040

ggaggacccg atccgggatg tatcgggaaa tatcatggaa aggagttgca cgaagatgaa 266100

tatgcctacg atatcgtttt gcgtctggga cgtgaattgc tgaaacgtgg tgctacggtt 266160

catttcatca ttcaggacaa gaaagacgga atacggaata ctgcggtatt gaataacagc 266220

aagcgtgaaa cttgtatggg agaggccatt cccttgaatc aggtcgccag attgcagcaa 266280

cgctgcgatg ccatcaatcg tttgtatcga aaagaaaaga gcagttacaa gcgggcaatt 266340

ttcattcatg tagacagtcg tagcaaggga aagcagacgg atgtattctt ctatcatagt 266400

ccgggaagca aatatggaaa gcgtctggcc gaacagttgc gtcgcacgtt tacagccaaa 266460

tacgaccgcc atcagcctaa cagaggattt ggtggtacgg taagttcgcg tgatttgttc 266520

gtgcttcgca attcaacgcc ttatgctgtc tttctggaac tgggaaacat tcagaatgcc 266580

cgcgatcagc agcgtctggt catccctgat aatcgtcagg cactggcaaa ctggattacc 266640

gaagcgatag tgaatgatta taagaaaaaa taaatgtgta gtcgtaaaag gaatatcgga 266700

aagttactga ttggctacaa aatcagaaag agtcgtatca aattctgtct ttgagaaaat 266760

gatacgactc tttcttttgt ctttaaggat gtattctttt cagattaaaa ctcatcttta 266820

cagatcagtc taaaaactcg tttttactgg gtctgggtct tgacaataca tccttatttt 266880

caggtcttat gtctgcctgg ttttcgtttg tccctattat gcatcagaga agcaagtatt 266940

tcattacctc tctgatgata ccttgtccat ttgcagcaga ccgtttggat tttattcttc 267000

aacgttttcg agcaacagtt ccattacctg acaagctgat ttggcaacgg aagtacccgg 267060

gccgaagata gccatgactc cagccttgta caggaagtca taatcctgtg ccgggatgac 267120

acctccggca aataccagaa tatcttcacg tcccaaacgt ttcagttccg cgataatctg 267180

cggaatcaat gtcttgtgtc cggcagccag tgaagaaaca cctactgcat gtacgtcgtt 267240

ttctacggct tcacgtgcag cctcttccgg agtctggaac aacggtccca tatccacgtc 267300

gaaaccacag tcggcaaaac cggtagctac tacctttgcg ccacggtcgt gtccgtcctg 267360

tcccatcttg gcaatcatta cacgcggacg gcgaccttcc ttctttgcaa attcttcggt 267420

cagttcgcaa gctcttgcga aatctgcatc ctttttactt tctgatgaat acacgcctga 267480

aatagttctg attactgctt tataacgtcc tacaaccttt tcgcacgcgt cggatatttc 267540

tcccagtgtg gcacgtacgc gggctgcttc cacagccagt tccagcaagt tgcctttgcc 267600

ggtacgtaca cattcggtaa tagcttccag tgctttgtcc acctcagcct gatttcttcc 267660

ttcgcgcaga cggcgtaagt tttctatctg ttcctgacgc acagccgtat tgtctacttc 267720

cagaatatca atcgggtctt ccttctccag acgatacttg ttcgtaccca cgatggtctg 267780

ttcgcccgag tcgatacgag cctgtgtgcg ggcagccgct tcttcgatac gcattttcgg 267840

aataccggtt tcgatagcct tggccatacc gcccagcttc tcgatttcct gaatatgctc 267900

ccatgccttg tgagctagtt cgttggtcag cgcttccaca taataagaac caccccacgg 267960

gtcaacattc ttgcatatct gagtttcttc ctgaatataa atctgtgtgt tacgtgcgat 268020

acgtgcggag aagtcagtcg gcagggcgat tgcttcatcc agtgcgttgg tatggagcga 268080

ctgggtatgt cccaatgcgg cagccatcgc ttcgatacaa gtacgtccta cgttattgaa 268140

cggatcctgt tccgtgagcg accatcctga agtctgtgag tgtgtacgca gtgcaagcga 268200

tttcggattc ttcggatgga actgcttcac aatcttggcc cacagcatac gtgcggcacg 268260

catcttggca atttccatga aatgattcat accgatagcc cagaagaacg acagacgagg 268320

agcgaaagca tcgatgtcga tacccgcagc tacaccggcg cgcagatatt ccagaccgtc 268380

ggcaagggta taagccagtt cgatgtcagc agtggcaccc gcttcctgca tgtgataacc 268440

cgagatagag attgaattga atttcggcat cttctgagat gtatattcaa aaatatccga 268500

aataatcttc atggagaagg caggtggata aatataagta ttacgcacca tgaattcttt 268560

cagaatatcg ttctggatgg tacctgccat ttcttccagc ttggcaccct gttccagtcc 268620

cgcattgatg tagaacgcca tgataggcag tacggctccg ttcatggtca tggaaacaga 268680

catcttgttc agtggaatac cgtcgaacaa taccttcatg ttttccagcg agcagataga 268740

aacacctgcc ttacctacgt cgcccactac acgcggatga tcggggtcgt aaccacggtg 268800

agtcggaagg tcgaaggcaa ccgacagacc tttctgaccg gaagccagat tacgacggta 268860

aaaagcattc gattcctcgg cagtagagaa acccgcatac tggcggatcg tccacggacg 268920

gaaggtgtac atcatcgagt acggacctct caggtaagga ggaatacccg cagcatagtt 268980

caagtgctcc atgccctcca ggtcttcttt cgtataaacc ggtttcacct gaatctgttc 269040

cggtgttctc caattggctt tgatgtcatt ggctttttgc cattccatac cattttgagg 269100

atggaatccg gcatatatgt cgatattttt aaaattcggt ttcatagcat tacttaattc 269160

ctaacttttc attatattct ttcaaggtct ccaatacgtt gcaacgtaca tggataaagt 269220

tctctatgcc ggcagctttc agctcttcca tgcaggcagg agctcctgcc acgataaaca 269280

tggctctgcc atttactgcc ttgaatgctg gaatggcata ttcggcatac tcatcatcgc 269340

tcgaacagat tacaacgatg tcggcatgag ctttcatggc tgcttccacg ccttcctcta 269400

cggtcgggaa tcccagattg tcgataacct catatccggc acaagccagg aagttgcaag 269460

agaactgagc acgagcctga cgcatggcaa ggttaccgat agtcagcata aatgccttcg 269520

gacgcttgcc ggaatgttca gtctgcaagc ggagagcctc aaactcactg gctgcacggc 269580

tggtttccag tttggcgaaa gaagcttctt cgtcgtgaga atgtccgcct ccgcagccac 269640

atttgtgctc cagcggagcc ttatctcccg ccagttcgtt aaagttagga tattgattgg 269700

tacccagcaa gatttcctta cgtttggaaa ccgcctcgtg gcgtgccttg ttgctggcat 269760

ttacagcatt ctgtatctgc tcagtcagaa cagactgtac catgcctccc gcatcttcca 269820

cctgaaggaa caggtcccat gcctgtttgg cgatagaaac agtcaggttc tctatataat 269880

aagaaccacc tgccggatcg acaatgcggt tcaggtgcga ttcctctttc agcagtaact 269940

gctggttgcg tgcaatacgt tccgaaaaat cattgggagt ttcgtaggtc ttgtcgaacg 270000

gactgaccgt aatggagttt acgccggcga tggcagcgct catagcttca gtctgcgtac 270060

gaagcaagtt tacatgtgca tcaaacaatg tcaggttgaa gctggatgtt tcagcatgag 270120

ccaccatttt gcaggcacat tcacattgag gattgtaagc ctttacgatg tctgcccata 270180

acatacgtgc tgcacggaat ttggcaattt ccataaaata gttggaactg ataccgaaat 270240

tgaatttgat tttcttcgca gccagatcga caggtactcc ggtttcagtc aggcggctca 270300

ggtattcgtt accccaggcc agggcataac ccagttcttg ataaatataa gctcccgcat 270360

tgttcagctg aagagaattg acggcaatgc agcggaagtg aggatagtcg gccagtacct 270420

ccaccagatt cttggcttgc gatataatcg ggctgacatc ttttcctttt tgcagcattt 270480

tgcctatcgg gtcaaagttc agcgagccgt acagcttttc cggatcatat cctttttcct 270540

tgaaataagc aacgagcagt tccgccagtt gaaccgtatg acgctggcaa gtcgtgaaat 270600

taagttctat gcagtcgcag caaatatctt tcaataaaac ggcgatatat tcagcattca 270660

aatccttggc cttgatgtga aatcccagcg agtcgatacc cttgttcagt aagtcgagtg 270720

cctttttgtt ggcttctgcc ggatcttcta cctgtatgtc ctgccggatg taccaggtat 270780

tgtcattctt tttattacct cttataaatg gaaattctcc aggaagtcct tccgtagttt 270840

tcagaccttc caaatcctcc tggcgataaa agggttttac tttaaatcct tcgttagttt 270900

tccacaccag tttcttttcg taatcggctc ctttcaagtc gaccatgatt ttatccatcc 270960

attcttgtgt cgatacggga ggaaaatctg aaaagagttt ttctttacta tctgccatag 271020

tgaatgagtg tttatgatat tatgatttaa gttagttggc acggaggttg gaacccgtgc 271080

gaggcaaata tacaaattta ttgcacatcg cgccaaaaag tgagtatttt tttagattca 271140

atgtttgacc gattcttttt aattgtctac atttgtgacg cttaaaaaat aatattatga 271200

attggctaca agatttgtta actaatcccg actccatagc acacattgtc gcattgtatg 271260

catttgtgat tgccgccgga gttttattgg gaaaaatcaa agtattcggc atctccctgg 271320

gcgttacctt cgtccttttt gtgggaatcc ttgccggaca cttcggattt acaggaaatc 271380

agtccattct ttccttcttg caggatttcg gattgattct gtttgtgttt tgtataggct 271440

tgcaagtcgg tccttccttc ttctcgtctt tcaaaaaagg aggaatcagg ctgaacatgc 271500

tggccatggg tatcgtcgcg ctgaatattg cagtggccct gataatctat tacgctttgc 271560

aagggcgggt agatattccg atgatggtag gtattctttg tggagctgtg acgaacactc 271620

cgggactggg tgccgccaac gaggctttgc agcaactgca ttatcaagga cctgaaattg 271680

cgatgggtta cgcctgtgct tacccgctgg gtgtcatggg tatcattctt tcgctgattg 271740

ttatccgata tatctgtcgg gtgaacctcg acaaggaagc ggatgatatt cagaaagagg 271800

aagaagccaa cccgcacctg aaaccctaca acattgcctt gaaggtagag aatgcggctt 271860

tgagcggaaa gaagctttct caggtacaga acttcctggc gagagatttt gtctgctccc 271920

gtattttgca ggacggacac gtacacattc caaacgctga taccgtgttg cgtctgggcg 271980

atgaaatgaa cattgtctgc gccgaagacg attcggaggc aatacaggcg ttcatcggtt 272040

cgaaggtaga aaacatcgac tgggacaacc agagcaaaca agacaagccg atggtttccc 272100

gccgtatcct ggtcactcag cctgccataa acggaaagac actgggtgag cttcatttca 272160

gcagcatgta tggcgtaaac gtaacgcgtg tcaaccgttc cggtatggac ttgtttgctg 272220

cccgacagtt gattcttcag gtgggcgacc gtgtcatggt tgtcggtccg caggatgcca 272280

tcgagcgagt tgccgatttg ctgggtaacc agttgaagcg tctggatcat ccgaacatcg 272340

tgacaatctt catcggtatc ttctgtggta tcttgttcgg tagtcttcct atcgcattgc 272400

cgggtatgcc tactccggtg aagctgggtc ttgccggagg tccgctgatt atttctattc 272460

tgatcggacg tttcggacac aaggtcaagc tggtaaccta taccaccatg agtgccaatc 272520

tgatgctgcg tgaggtggga ctggtattgt tccttgccag tgtcggcatc aaggcgggag 272580

gcaattttgt ccagacagta gtagaaggtg atggattgtt gtacgtaggc atcggcttcc 272640

tgataacatt ccttcctttg ctgattatcg gaatgatagc ccgctggcgg cataagatta 272700

actatttcac cctgatgggt ctgatagccg gtagcaatac cgatccacct gccttggctt 272760

atgccaacca gatttctgga aacgatgctc cggcagtagg atattctacc gtatatccgc 272820

ttgccatgtt cttgcgaatc cttacggctc agttgctcat cttggtgatg gcaggataac 272880

gtgccgataa gataaaaaaa cgtcccgacg aatgaagtga aacatgccga tgtttcttcc 272940

cattcgtcgg gacgtttttt ttatgcctga gccatcggtt ttagcggctt cccagataga 273000

ggaagaacat accgatcaat accagaatca ggtcgataac cttgctcttc aggttctttt 273060

cgtggaacag catagccccg aacaagaacg atacgatgac actgccgcgg cgtaccatcg 273120

aaacgatgga aatcatggaa tcctccatgg tcagcgcata gaaatacacg aagtcggcag 273180

ccgagaggaa gacagaaatc agaatgatgc accagtccca gtggaaagga gtcgaagtct 273240

tgcgcttagg ccaccacaga aacatcagca cgccgcccat caggaagaac tggtagatgt 273300

tgtaccatgc ctgaacctgc atgttgttga accgtcccat caggaattta tcgtacagtc 273360

cgctcaccgt tcccagcacg gcagccagca ccacaaacca gatccagcgg ttgtgcgtga 273420

aatcgatacc ctctttcttg cccgaacgac tcagcatgaa gaatgagata atcgccatga 273480

gcacaccgat ccactgatac aagttgaggc gttcaccgaa aatcagcatc gcacccacga 273540

gcgtcatgac cggacgcgtg gcattgatag gtcccacaag ggtaagcggc agatgcttca 273600

tgccgaaata accgaatgtc cacgaagaca aaacgataag cgacttcagc agaatgaatt 273660

tgtgaacctc ccatcctccc agatcgggca catagaaaag agaaccctgc aaggtctgcg 273720

gcgcgaagtg cgacagcaga atgaacggaa gaaaaataag acttgaaaac aacgtattga 273780

gagccagtac cggaagcacc gcattgttat tcagtgactt tttcttgaat acgtcgtaaa 273840

agcccagcaa tgcagccgag caaaaggcca atagtaacca cataactttt tatatcgctt 273900

tataaatttg gctgcaaagt tacaaaaaat cagtaaagat ttgcacagct cgcacaggat 273960

gtctactttt accatattta tacaactgcg aaaataggag tgaaatacaa atgaacgagc 274020

aagtcttgca taaactcaag gtactggcag agtcggccaa atacgatgta tcgtgctctt 274080

ccagcggaac cgtacggcgc aatgcctccg gcggggtagg aaataccgta ggagggtggg 274140

gtatctgcca tagctttgcc gaagacggca ggtgcatttc gttgcttaag gtcatgctta 274200

ccaactactg catatacgat tgtgcttatt gtatcaaccg tatcagcaac gacataccgc 274260

gtgccactct gtcggtgagc gaactggtgg atctgaccat ggagttttac cgccggaact 274320

atatcgaggg attgttcctg agctcgggcg tagtacggaa tcccgattac accatggaac 274380

gtctggtgcg ggtggcaaaa gacttgcgta cggttcatcg cttcaacggc tatattcacc 274440

tgaaaagcat ccccggagcc agcagggagc tggtgcgcga agccggattg tatgccgatc 274500

gtctgagcgt gaacctcgaa atccctaccg aagcaaacct caagatgctg gctcccgaga 274560

aagaccatca cagtgtgtat ttgcctatga aatacattcg tgagggagct ctcgaaagtg 274620

cggaagaacg gaaacatcac cgccgtgcgc cacgttttgc acccgcggga cagagtacgc 274680

agatgattgt cggggccacc tcggagagcg accgcgacat tctgaaggtt tcctccgccc 274740

tttacgccca gcctacgatg aaacgtgtat attattcggg atatatttcc gtcaatactt 274800

acgacaagcg tctgcctgcc ctgaaacaac cgcctctggt acgcgagaac cgtctgtatc 274860

aggccgactg gctgttgcgt ttttatcagt tccgggtaga cgagctggta gatgaggcca 274920

gtccggacct cgatttggaa gtcgatccca aactggcgtg ggcattgaag catcctgagt 274980

tttttcccgt caatatctat acggcggact atgaaaccct gctccgtgtg ccgggcatcg 275040

gggtacgttc ggccaagatg attgtcatgt cgcgtcgttt ctcgcgcatc ggcttctacg 275100

aactgaagaa aatgggagct gtcatgaaga aggctcgcta ttttattacg tgcaacgagc 275160

tgcccgacaa gacgataaac gaacttactc cgcagggagt acggaaactg ctcgtgccga 275220

aacccaagaa atgcacggac gaacgccagc ttacgctcaa ttttgatttc gattagactg 275280

aacttttgag cggggtgaat tgtaatatca ttattacacg aaaagaaaat acactatgtg 275340

gaagaatctg ttaagggaat taaagcggaa agaccaccag cgttatctgg gtggtctgga 275400

tatattcaag tatatcggtc ccggactgct ggttaccgtg ggattcatcg acccgggaaa 275460

ttgggcgtcg aactttgcgg cgggttccga ttacggctac gcactgttgt gggtcgtgac 275520

actttccacc gtcatgctga ttgtgcttca gcacaacgta gcgcatctgg gtatcgtaac 275580

cggcctgtgt ctgagcgagg ctgccaacaa atatacgccg aagtggatag cacgtcccat 275640

cttgggcagt gccgtgctgg caagtatctc tacgtcgctg gcggaaatac tgggaggagc 275700

cattgcactg gaaatgctgt tcggcatacc gattatcgtt ggagccatac tgacgacggt 275760

ctttgtgctg atactgcttt tcaccaattc gtacaaacgc atcgagcggg gcatcatcgc 275820

cttcgtttcg gtgatcggcc tttcgttcct ctacgaactc tttctggtcg atgtcgactg 275880

gggactggct gcccgttcgt gggttacgcc gagcattccg cagggaagta tgctcatcat 275940

catgagtgta ctgggggcag tcgtcatgcc gcacaacctg tttcttcatt cggaagtagt 276000

acagagccgg gaatacaata aggaggacga acaagccatc aagaaacatt tgaagtacga 276060

attctacgat acgttgttgt cgatgggcat aggttgggcc atcaacagcg ccatgattct 276120

gctggcagcc accactttct ttgtacacgg cactccggtg gaagagcttc agcaggcaaa 276180

atcgttgctc gaccccctgt taggcagtca ggcaggtacc atctttgccc tggcactgct 276240

catggcaggt atctcgtcga ccgttaccag cgggatggcg gcaggttcta tctttgccgg 276300

tatcttcgga gaatcctatc atatccgcga cattcactcg cgaataggtg ttctgctgtc 276360

gctgggactg gcactggtga ttatcctatt catcgacaat ccgtttcagg gactgattat 276420

ttcgcagatg gtactgagca tccagttgcc tttcaccgtc tttttgcaac tgtcgctcac 276480

ctcgtcacgg cgcgtcatgg ggcagtatgc caactctcgg tggagtacgt ttgtgcttta 276540

caccattgcc atcgttgttt ccgtactcaa catcatgctg cttttcagct gacgtttgca 276600

taagcatccg gcgggaagaa aaaatactct ccgcaagtcc ggcagaaaat ttgtacaaat 276660

tttctaagaa tttgtacaaa ttttttagaa acgtcgggac gttttcccga gaagttctcg 276720

acaagttctt ttttcttttt tgagattccg ataaaactca ctgtcataac cagtttgcat 276780

cgtgtacggt ggggttgata tctgcctcct ctcagtggag cagtgcgact attgtgtttg 276840

tgtggcggct gtaatgttgc ccgtttctgc atccggttcg attttttaag gagatattcg 276900

tgtaatgaca aagtttttat gtaaatctgt ataaggaata tacctctttg aaatcaagag 276960

agttagaaga attacctcgt tttcgggtaa tgagttggta accgttctaa ttgccgtggt 277020

ctgcatcgct ttgcttgttc gggaaactct tacggtacaa aggtatgaaa aatattcaga 277080

ctgagaagct gttttgaatt tctccaaaaa gtttttcttg gcttgatgta tccgttttcg 277140

tgtgtgcttt gggcgatttt ttggtccttt ccgctcctgt tcttcgtcag atagcccgct 277200

atcttcctca tcacagaagc gaaaatgcct caaaaactca tcccaaatca tcgcacgata 277260

aattcaaaac agcttctgaa aggatcattc caaaaattat tttagtcaga atattgagca 277320

ttcatcctta tgcagtcttg gttggaagca attaacgaac aaggaagcca cggtaaaggc 277380

aactcctact cctaccacgc ctgcccatcc gtaatgttgc caaaacagac ctgaaacgaa 277440

cgtaccagca gaaccgccca gaaagtagat ggtcatataa acggtattga ctcggttgat 277500

ggcggatgcg tcaagggaga ccacgctggt ctgatttgac aaatggatgc attgcattcc 277560

tgcatcaatc aaaaggatgg cgattatcat ccacaagtag ctgtcatttc caaaaaatgc 277620

caacaaccat gcagccaaga taacacatcc cccgacaatg gagaagaacc ttacgccgta 277680

cttctggata tagccgctaa tgaatacaac cgtagacgca cctgctaatc cgcacaaacc 277740

gagtgccccg ataatatcgt catccgcaaa gaatggctct tgcttcatcc ggaaagcaag 277800

gcaactccac aacgcaaaga acgagccata agccaatgcc gccctcaacg aagcgatacg 277860

caagtacggg tatttggcaa gcagacgcaa caaggatttc atcagacccg cataattttc 277920

acgtgaacga gcaggcagaa cgggaagcat cttgtaaatc ataagaaagc atccgagcat 277980

aaacacacaa gccacaaaat agacggaacg ccatccccac atatcagcca ggaaaccact 278040

taacacccgt gagccaagaa tgcctatgag cagacaggac tgtataatcc ccacgttgcg 278100

taccttgtgt gctggtgctg aatggaaaga caccaacggg atgaagaact gcggcataac 278160

cgaagatgct ccggcaagca aggatgcgcc ccacacccaa tagatgttag gggcaagtgc 278220

tatggcaagc aatgcgcacg atgaaatgat ataattggtc aatatcagct gctttcgtga 278280

aaccaaatcg ccaagcggaa tgacaaacac aagtccgact acataaccta tctgggtcaa 278340

tgtcgcaacc atgctggcag aaaagtcgct taccccaaaa tcctttgcca tgctgcccaa 278400

caaaggctgg ttgtagtagc agttggcaac ggaaagcccg gtagcgactg ccagcagagc 278460

cagcagaggt gccggaatgc cgtggttttc tctcaattca tatttcatca tttattcctc 278520

ctttcagtat gacacaactt tcaatccaat caaggaggca atgagcgtga acaggaagaa 278580

aagccgtatg ggagtggccg gctctttgaa aacgaatatc ccaatcaaga ccgtgccgac 278640

cgctccgata cccgtccaaa tggcgtatgc cgtgcccaaa ggcaaagtct gaaccgcttt 278700

ggcaagtaat gccatactca ataccgtgga agccaagaaa ccgcttcccc acagataaaa 278760

accaatacct gatgcctctc tcgtttttcc caagcagaat gtaaggctta cctcaaacaa 278820

tcctgccaaa aataaaatta tccaattcat tcctatgatt tattaaattc gggtgcaaaa 278880

gtacaatagt tcgttaaaaa ttagcccagc ctaagcggct ctggcagtaa ataaaatgag 278940

ttctttgaaa agtttgtcaa ttaattgcgt gtttggttca atcccagaca cgcaaataaa 279000

tcgttcaagc atgtaagcat tgtgtatgac tgacttgcat gatgatatgg aatattttat 279060

tcccatcttc ttacaggcag ccttggcgag gtttatcgct gcaagtgatg cattaaagtg 279120

gaatgccagt ttcctgaagt ctgtagactg acagtttgct attccggcat gttgcttggc 279180

atcccgaaag cagaattcga gttggaaacg tgttctgtaa aagtccagga catcctgtgc 279240

gttctgtatt tcgtttgtag agaaatacag ctgccatttg tccgttcttc catccatggg 279300

gtaccataca gccaggctca caaagcgttt gagtgctttg gagtatgctt tcagtccgta 279360

aagtttaccc ttgttcactt tgtactcggt acatcttgtg atgtccagat tttcaaagtc 279420

aattttctcg tcatgtaatt ttggacgtcc gcgttttcct gtcctatttt ctaaggtggg 279480

ataaaacaat acggcatcat tcctgaaacg gcttattacg tggaaaccgt tatcgtacaa 279540

tggtttgatg aaagttgcct ttgaaaagaa cgcatcacac acgactgtgc cagaaatacg 279600

tttcagctgt tcctgtatgc tgataaggta agagctgtac cagtcaacaa gattcttctc 279660

acagctttcc agcgttgcgt tgtcaggtgt ctgtacagag cccaaagtca tacattcatg 279720

gttgtcaacg tctataactc caataccggt tatttccagt ccacgtttgt attcaccggc 279780

acaaccggac cagaaatagc caatccacgg cgttttgctg cctgattttg gaatgaaaga 279840

cggatcaacg gctatcgcct tgcgaccacc tttaaggtgt tccctgatga tggcttcatt 279900

gaaggaaaac cagtcaaagc cgtcgttctc aaaattgttg cggtatgtct gttccgagaa 279960

acatccatac cgtcccattt gtaggaaatt gatgcggtca ggtatagcca tgaataattt 280020

cattgcatcc atgaatactt tctgaaaaga tttgcttata tttacagctg attcgagagc 280080

gtttctgcac tcggattggt attgcataag gagtgattct ttagtcataa ttaaaagtgg 280140

tgaagtactt ctaatttact aaaaatcagt gaattatgaa atactttttc tgttgatttt 280200

cagctgttta gcatatcttt ttcatccctt ttcttactcc ttgacgattt attcttgaca 280260

gtatttcaat gatctcttga atataatttt gaaccggatt atgccgattc tatgtttaat 280320

tttaatttat cggtaaaaat ttaccgaagt attgaaagta agcaagtaat ttctaaccgt 280380

tttttacatt tggtaaaaac ggattttgca tttgacaaaa aaacagccgt tagcagctgt 280440

ttctgtgcgc tattttataa ttttgtacca caacaaaatg acttatggat ataaaggaaa 280500

tcatcaacca gagatatgcc atgccggatg cgtctttgga caagttgcgg caatgcctga 280560

cggaagtctc atacccaaaa ggattccaag tgttggaata tggcaagata gaaaaagaca 280620

tctttttcat caagaaaggc attgtccgcg cctatacttc ggtagagggg aaagaaatta 280680

ccttttgggt cggcaaggaa ggggcgacta ttgtttccat gaaaggatat gtgaatgacg 280740

aaccggggta tgaaacaatg gagctgatgg aaaattctgt cttatatgta ttggaaagga 280800

aaaaactgaa agagttattc ttgaaggatt tgcacatagc caattgggga cggcgttatg 280860

cggaaatgga actgcttgct gccgaggaac ggctgatttc catgttgtca gccgtcgcct 280920

cggaacggta tcacgagttg ttggagaaag agcctgattt gttacagcgg ttgccgttag 280980

gaagtatcgc cacctattta ggcatcacac aggcaagttt gagtaggatt cgggcacaaa 281040

taaaatgacg tttcaaccaa ctgaggatag caagcggttt tggtctgccc caaacacaaa 281100

cttgctattt ttccgttggt attgtttata atcccatgcc cttgcctctc ctaagcggtt 281160

caaccgtcct tttaacggat gagaacagcc tgccaaactg ctccttgaac cactctccaa 281220

tcacttgccc gttgatggca agtgcaagct tggacttgtc tttcgggtct tttaccactt 281280

ggaagcctgc ttcctcggtc gtgaacttcc gcctgtgctc ttccgaatag agctcgccct 281340

cgtagaacag cggtttgccg ctgatgagcg tggcagtctg cctttcgttg aagccgactt 281400

taaggcagaa cttctccata tacaccagct cttgaaactg cggaaaccat ttcttggctt 281460

tttggataat ggattttagg aatgacactt cctcttggtg tgccgcttcc ttgtccgcca 281520

tttccctgcg gtacttggct tgcagttcca ccaattggcg gctgtgttcc tcctgctgcc 281580

gctccatctg cttttgcaat aattcgatac tctcgtcacg ggcggcaacc tcgccttgca 281640

aggttcggtt gtcggcttcc aactctttca gtctgccgct acccaaaaga gaacctactt 281700

ttgccacgag tgccgctttc gcctcggtct tggcggcttc cagcttctcc gacttgattt 281760

cttttttgac ttcgtcaagt tcctgctttg cctgttggcg ttcggtctgc aactgctgca 281820

cgttggcttc aagctctccc gtctgccgtt tcaggtcacg gtagtattgg gcggtggttg 281880

tgtgccgtgc ttccgaacct cgtatgccac gctgcaatcc gtacttcgcc atcgctgcgg 281940

cgtagctgtc gtggtaagcg acaagccttt cacgggtcag gaggtcatcg gcacacaaac 282000

gcacggcgtt ggctttcttg cggtaggtgc gtttgctgtc cgcttgtttc ttcttggctt 282060

tcctgcgctc tcccgtcact atcggtacga ccgttgcatg gatgtgcggc gtgtgttcgt 282120

ccatgtgcag cactgccgaa acggtgttct ccctgccgaa tgtgcggtgc agccattgca 282180

ggttgtcatc gcaccattca cccagcctgc cttcgtcctg cactctcacc atatcttcat 282240

gcgaacccga aagcacgatg cggattgccc gtacttggtc gggagtaatt tttcgtctga 282300

tgcctgccgt gtggatgcgg tggcttatcg cttcggtgcg gtctgccaca ccgtcgggga 282360

actccaccag ttcacggttg agatgggtgc gtgtggggtc ggcgttcttg ggcattgttt 282420

tgcgttctat gtggtcggat gcgcccgtgt cagccgaccc tttcgccttg ttgatttgga 282480

tgcttatgta tcccatgttt gtttcttgtt tttttggttc tacaaattgt ttgtcggtat 282540

ccgtccgcct gcggtcgtgc cgcacggggc aaacgggggt gtccagaggg gtgtaacccc 282600

gttggctcat tggggtgttt ttagcattag cgtcagcggt gcgtgaagaa aacgccctaa 282660

tgagctatgg cttttcgttc ccaaaagcct gcggcggtgt cggcgatgat gtcggcggat 282720

gttggtcgcc cttttctttt tgccagcctt gtatgatatt ctgtgccgtt gtgccggcat 282780

gattgcctgt cggcacaaca gcatacagac agggatggtg ttgccgtttc ccctgcggac 282840

ttgataaggg ctgaaattcc gatgatttga tgattggata gtctaatata cagacagcta 282900

atgcaataac ctttcatcag cgtttcatca aaccgctcgc caaaagaaaa gcgatgagcg 282960

gcgttgtgtt gcctttctct tttcatcagc ccaatccttt tgttgagcgt ttgatgagaa 283020

tgtaagtcgc tgtcattctt tatgtttata tatgctttca tcatttcatc aaaatatcag 283080

agtgtttcca actgttcctt gcttaccaga tagtagcgtc caatcctcct gacgggcgag 283140

taacggcatt cacggttgta gtcgtattgg taggtggtgt aggaaagcga attggatgca 283200

ggggtaagct tccagcattc ctgcaccact ttccgaacct gcgacttctc cacctttact 283260

tgcgagcaga cgagcaacgg gataatatca ttgaggcaaa aagaaacaga actgacgccc 283320

acgcttgcca tgatgtcgag caggagttcc gtcatttcta tctccaaacg gttgcggttg 283380

cttcggataa tcttccgcag ggcttccgtc tccagcagct tcgggttgaa ccacattcgg 283440

ctttcttttt cggtggatag ctgccggtgt tgcaggaaat gaagaaaagc gggtatctcc 283500

gctttcagtt tttgcaggaa gtcggtatca tcattccgta gcggcacaat cttccgcacc 283560

caatagcgtg tttcacctgc gtcaatgata acgggcagat gctcgttgtt ggagcacaac 283620

acgaacttgg cgaagaagcc tatctcgtca cggtctttgc ctttagcctc caccttgtag 283680

gatagtgtgg tgctgaggtt cttcaaccgt tcgctgtcct cacggcggtt gagcagcacc 283740

tcgtccacca tgatgagcag cttgcccgcc cagtcggaat tgaactggct gcggaagtcc 283800

tcgttggtgt tgaacgtcac gttgttctgg aatacggctt tcaggaagtt caggaacgtg 283860

cttttgcccg tattcctctc ttcggacacg agcaacagga tgggcagctt ctgaacggga 283920

tacagataca gcagttgcag gtagtccatg cccaacccgt actgttcgcc gaagatgtgt 283980

tccaccaacg agcgaatgca ggggaaatcg cccggcacgg gaacatggct tatcggctcg 284040

tagaggttga ggaacttgcc gactacgggc tggtagccta catggtcggg tacggtgcag 284100

aagccgtcat acttcgggat gcccgccatg tagtccttgc cgtagtcctg tcgcagggtc 284160

tcggcgttcc atgcgatgcg tctcctcaca tagccgccgt caatgcgggg ctggttcaca 284220

atcttgtaga gcgtggtgcc tacacggata aattcttctt tcttttccat gtttcaaata 284280

taggttttag tgccgccgac accttgtcgg caggtggatt aaacatggtt gcaaagctac 284340

ggcaggacgg ctaaaacctt gatatgtaaa actatgcaga acggcgcaaa agaaaccgac 284400

ggataagaaa atgcagtaag atggacaata tcagtcatca aaaggcgaaa agaaaaagcc 284460

cgaagaagcg gaaaatggta cttcttcggg cagacttgga ttgtgtgagt gcatgggcgt 284520

agtgacacgc aaccgcactc gctggaatca tttcgctcat agctacattg gatttagtgg 284580

tacaatcaaa atcaaacggc tctgtcctcc cggttgcgtt ctacgggttt gacaatccgc 284640

atcacatcct ccggcttgta aaacaccttg tggttgattt gcgaataggc caacgtgccg 284700

ttgtcgcgca gcgtctgcaa ggttcgcgga ctgatgttaa gctgtcggca gacctcttgg 284760

ttgtccatcc agcggtttaa tgacttgctg ccttgcttgg caaggagttc gttcacacgg 284820

tctgagaagc gactgaactt cgccgccatt tccttaaata cccctttctg aataatcaat 284880

actttcatta gatttcaatc aggttcggaa ggttgaagtt cgtgtaatct ccattcatga 284940

tcgcgccatt tgagaaaata gttaaaccat ctttctttac gccatgctgt ttatggatat 285000

ggccaaacag atgcaagcga ggctttattt cttctactct cgctaaaagt tctgtcgaac 285060

catagtttat cccatcgtca aaatcaagaa tgccataggg cggacaatgg gtaatcaata 285120

catccgtgtc ggcaggtatg gtagcatagt tacggcgctg acggtcggaa atgcaatctt 285180

ccatgaacat gggaacgcca taaaacctaa cgccatgaat tgtcacaccg gaattgcata 285240

ggtaatacac attcttatcc aacccgtcta tcttggcttc atataggcag gcatcgtgat 285300

tgccacagat gaaaattttg taggaataag ggaggtcgca aaaccagttc ataaaatcaa 285360

tggcttcttg ctcacttcca ttcatggtga aatcccctga atgtacaagg atgtcagcat 285420

cgggcagctg ggtgagccgc cgatgctgac tgtgggtgtc agagatgtgg aggatggtca 285480

tcattattca aattgaatac ttattgcaac tccttagatg cgaattttgc taattctttt 285540

agttcattga ttattatatc attatccgtg tttatgctaa tctctttaca aatgtgccac 285600

catgaattat tatcctcata caactcgtat gtttcgtatc ttctcaactt ctgcaactgc 285660

ccttctgtta ctttcccgga acgttcagca gtttggggca accgtctcag tcctatctct 285720

atttggtcgc caatgcttcc atcttgatat agtaccatcg taaaagctgc ataataattg 285780

ttttcagtaa tgcaaccgca cgacatccac tccctagtcc agtcatcaat atcgttttga 285840

ggatactcaa tattatcgta aaggtagtat atacctgcag taaaaccttc ctttaccaat 285900

atatcgcgaa tagccgtcat tctttcatta cggttttttg ttcctccttt ttcgatgaaa 285960

gtaattcctc ctaccctaaa atctactggc tcaagtagag catatacttc cttgtatatc 286020

ttgcacatac gagtgaaagt cttttctgcg aagcactttg cctgctttgc atcactattt 286080

aacattgcat taaatagttc gtcgaaatcg gatatatcat catcagccaa caagcctgta 286140

ggattctctt tatattcctc ccagtttgcc tcattacttt ttgccctgtt cacccaaaat 286200

ggtatggcag ccatgttccc attgttatcc ttccaagcct tgcaataatc agtgtatgcc 286260

tgtctccaac ttctttgtct gtgtatccag tcttgaggta tgatatggtc gaaatcccaa 286320

ggtctgtttt tgtcttccca taaatcttgc cgtgctgggt cgtaattagg aaatctctta 286380

cacatatatt cccgttgcgc gtagagtagc atttcttcgt tgtaagagac ggtttcccac 286440

agcggccacc acggcatact gccgcgccca ttcccatcag gtcgccagtt cttatcaccc 286500

tctattataa acaagctcct aaatgcttct ggcgacaaca aggggataat cgtccctttc 286560

acacacgaca ccaacaacac tcgctttata atggttctcc attcgtttag tggattgttt 286620

gccacagcct tgtatatact atttgccaca ccaaacttat cgccgaccat ccagtgaaga 286680

tagtaagccg ttgctcgaaa tagtgcctct tcctttaata tcggatctat ctgtccctct 286740

tctttccact tggcaaatat catcagcaac aggtacactt cgggcgactt acgggcaatt 286800

gtggttctta atactttagg tatcttatca taattggtca gccaatggtc tactgtaact 286860

aatatgtggc tcattataga gcctttccca tcagtacaat acagttcgtt tattgcttta 286920

cgtacaccat cgtcaccagc caactttctg attttcgcca cagatggtgc tcgttcaagt 286980

cccttgcccg tagtagagag tacgagttgg aaagccaatg atatcagtgt atgcggaggc 287040

atgtagagtg ttgccaatct atcgttctct tccgtcagtt ccggccaata agcctttact 287100

gctgagtaca tcaactcgct ttgggtgatc ggtgtaccac cggtgccgat acggttgaaa 287160

agtatctcta tgtccgagag tgctccggcc tcacctttat cttcgctttc attttcgatg 287220

gtctcttgga gtatgttaat ggtcggaacc ttataatgcg acagtctctt gaatgcttca 287280

tagtacttga ctatcaagcc atcatttatt tcgtccactt gtttcagctt gaactttctg 287340

gatgttttgt tttcttctat tttgtccatg atacatttcg caaagccatc tttgtcctca 287400

ccatgctcct cacctgcgac tatcatccag cacagaggaa tgggtaatcc cgattctata 287460

ggataagttt cagtcaggct gattgtgcct tcgtattcgt tgcctgtgtt tactccaaat 287520

tcctgaagcg cagctttctt ttgcgccgta ttaagcgtag tgcagtcatc gttagcctta 287580

taaccccaag ggtgtgcctt tgtggtggca cgaatgatgt attttctggt tgtcttacta 287640

ctaccccaca ctttatcatc gggttttagg tcaaaccata agatacaatc ttcgtgcgag 287700

aaagtaccat atcccaaggc cacagcattc caacgttgtt gcccatcaat taggttatat 287760

atatctgtac cctctgtgtg caaatgcgaa agagtgaaag caccgatagg gaattggcgt 287820

aggatagagt cccacaacaa ctccacctga tggggtttcc atactaaccc tcgttgtata 287880

gccgggattt ttacttctga atcgatcctt gtccaattcg acatttcttt caacgtccat 287940

tctgttttca tataaacatg ttttattaat taaatcattt attttgcata gaaacaattg 288000

acatacatag ctctcctctc ttttatcagg attatgacac ctatattgtc tgatgaaaag 288060

actctgtctg atgaaaagta gctgcattta tagtttccct ccacaattct ccaccttttt 288120

caattcgcct gcatcctgta tctcccttag aaacaaccgt gcgcacatct cggcatcatt 288180

gcctgcccgg tggtgttgcc cgtaagatat cttgaattgg tcgcaaaggt aatccagact 288240

gttgcaaccg aagttgtata gcctgcgtgc cgcgcgcagg gaacaataat aagtgatatc 288300

cggcttctcc ataccgtata gctccaacga atggcggatg caaccgatgt caaaagcggc 288360

attgtgagct acaagcacgg gaatgtcttt aaggtattcg gctatctctg cccatatttc 288420

cgggaattcc ggtgaataga cagtatcatt cggtcggatg ccgtgaatct gcatgttcca 288480

ataactgtaa ctatttcctt gcggacggac aagccacgaa cgggtttcca caatctctcc 288540

gtcacgcact acgcagatgc ctgcttcaca gatggaagca cgtttgcctg tagctgtctc 288600

aaaatctatg gcgatgaaat ttattccttg catggtttat cctcctcttt ccaagtgtaa 288660

tagtccaaca tgttttttgc aaaattgcgc atttcgttgc gcactgattc cggttccaat 288720

acttccactt ggtcgccttg ggcgagaacc aactgataga aatcgaaagt cggtttcaga 288780

tggtactcaa aaagcgtgga ctcgtcatcg ccctctatct cccgttgtga ttcgtgcaag 288840

ggtaaggtac gcagataatc ggcaaaaccg ccataagcca aaagaacaat gcgctgtatg 288900

ggttcattcg atgtgattac tccacagcat ccttcaaaat attgattgat attgaagttc 288960

ttcttcattt tgaatgtctt gcccgtatcc tgaatatctg aaatacggtc gagggcatat 289020

acccgataga catcggtggg cttgatgcct ttttctttgt tccggtctga ataataggga 289080

ctgcgtgcca ccacgtacca acggcgcttc acgactttta ggcaatatgg ttcaatctca 289140

aatgtgctgg gttccggttt gccaaaacct tggtgcgtaa tactcaatac tcgattacgc 289200

cgcatggcat ccgcaatgca ggttagccaa gtctgccctg aagggatttc ttcaaaaata 289260

attcggtctt ccaacttatt gtctgccttt atctgattca atgtggcgta tgaactgatg 289320

agccaactgc gcagattgtt tccttcgatg cgttccggct catcaatata ataacggtat 289380

ccatccttcc ggtcacattc tatatatacg tcgaatatgt ctttgatagc cttcttatgg 289440

ttatgaaaag tcttcaaagg caattcctcg ccataactca gtccgctttc ctgccaaagt 289500

tcgttgattt cctcaaacgt caaacgttta taccttcgca gaatatccat cagccagaca 289560

tatcgtccca aaagatttgc tgccatgcta ctatcatttt atggttatgc cacaaagtta 289620

cgtattctcc tgtgccaaat cgtagcccaa tcttaatttt ttctcttttc ctgcatttct 289680

tttatgttat gccgcgtttt ggcatttaag actctttact ttgcggcaga atagatgtta 289740

aaccttttaa tgacaagtag tatggcaaca aagaactgga acaacgattt tatggctaag 289800

gtattggaag aagctgcatg gaaagaactg tcaagcgagt ttgcgtggaa tgagccactg 289860

ttggaaaagt acaaggacaa ggtgtcgtgg aaagaaattt ccggcaacag aaacatcctt 289920

tggactgcat ccatgattga gaagtttaag aacaaagtgg actgggagga actttccagt 289980

tcggacaatg agcatctgtt tatggcggag aatctggata aatacaagga atattggaat 290040

tggcgtgaat tatcaagaaa ctccgacatc gaacttactt ccgcactctt ggaacagttt 290100

gccgagtatt gggattggaa cgaaatcata gactgctatc accgggacga attgtatagc 290160

atggagtttc tggagaaata ccaggattat attccagcat ccgctttgca acgttcacgc 290220

ctgtgggaca aattggttga agacgagaag aaacaactga agatacgtat cctttcataa 290280

aacaaaatga aaaccgtaga aggctataac gcaaaaatct acacggacaa catcaaggaa 290340

agtgccagcg aacaaatcaa ggagttgctg tccatcgatg tgttcagcaa gtgtaaaatc 290400

cgcatcatgc ccgacgttca tgccggggca ggctgtgtca ttggctttac aggtgacttg 290460

ggagacaagg ttatccccaa tatcgtaggt gttgacatag gttgcggcat tcttgtgcag 290520

ccgttcgtct gcgtgaatga gatagattat catgctctca acgagtttat ccttcgccac 290580

atcccgtcag gacgcaatta ccgggacaac cgatatgcgc cgctcccgca aaattatatg 290640

gatgtatatc gagaagccaa ggacatcatc aaacagttac gctgctatcg cgagctgaag 290700

gaaactaaac gcttgaacgc ctccatcggt tcactgggcg gaggtaacca tttcatcgaa 290760

ctggataagg atgaatacgg catgacctat cttgtcgttc acaccggaag ccgcaatttg 290820

gggaaacagg tggcgcaaat ctatcagaaa ttggccgtaa agtgccagtc gggatgggcc 290880

gaactgatgg aagaacaaaa ccgcatgatt gccaaataca aagcggtcgg gcgtaaggac 290940

gagttgcagg aggccatacg gcaactgcac aattcgttca agatgcgtaa gccggccata 291000

ccgcccgact tgtcctatct ggaaggcact tatcgggaag attacctgca tgacatgcgc 291060

ctctgccagc attgggccaa gatgaatcgc agtctgattg ccaatcttat catggattac 291120

ttcatctccc aaggctatgt cgaattgaaa caaaatgaac tggcatttga gagcgtgcat 291180

aactacatcg gcgacgacaa catcatccgt aagggggcga ttgccgctta taagggggaa 291240

aagtgcatca tcccgctaaa catgcgagac ggatcgctta tttgcatcgg taaaggtaat 291300

gtggagtgga actgctctgc cccacacggt gccggacgca tcatgagccg gagccaggcc 291360

ttcaagagta tatcaatgga tgactaccgg gcttccatgc agggcatata cagcgaaagc 291420

ctgtcggaag agaccaaaga tgagtcgccc atggtgtaca agccgaaaga tgaaatcatc 291480

ggaaacatcc gcgacacggt gagcattgtg aatgtgataa agcctgtgta taacttcaaa 291540

gctgcggaat gacatggata cccctaaaga actgattgga atggcccccg gcaagtatga 291600

ctatccactg gccgacgttt cccatctttc tgaaaaagag aaaaaggatt tgctaagacg 291660

agggatgcgc aggccgaagg aactgtattc cgatgaggag tttgaacaat gggtaacggt 291720

atttgctgaa tggaacacat acagccacag caacggccat aagcctacgg aagaagaaag 291780

aaactccgaa aaaatggcta ccgcaagtta tgaacgtggc ttgtggtatc accgcaagcg 291840

tttcaacgaa tggaaaaaag aacatctgca accgctcatt gacgagttgg tggaacatgc 291900

cgcccacgac ccgcaatatg actggcaata tctgtatgct ttggagtgtg ccaaattgcg 291960

ttgtatgagg gcttacttct cacattcttt gatagcgaac gagaatggta acttcagctt 292020

caaccgctgg atagatattt gcatcagcct gctgcaacat atcaaaggag atggcctgca 292080

catctcccgg caacagattg aacgaatgaa taccagaaat gtaaagaata tagttccttc 292140

cactctagtg ggcgcttatg aagaagcgcc tgcaccaagt gatgaagaag acggtcttcc 292200

cgacaagttc tattatggcg agaagatata tgtccgcaag atggagcggc tatattaccg 292260

gatacgtctt tacaagatga gggagtggtg ggagtaaaac aaacattatc ggcaataacc 292320

ctaagataag acagggacat cggtatattg gcgtccctgg cttaaactta ttttttgttc 292380

aataacagcg taacctttac ttcctctttt tcataatttt ctgtctgcgt accaaacaac 292440

atgtttgtgt atccaagatg ttgcatcacg gatttacgga aggtctcaag ctccgtttca 292500

tccagcgggc agtgagaagg acaacggatg aagataacgg cactgtcata cttcgtaagg 292560

tcgagcagct gatattgggt cattgactcc agaatgtagg tgaggcgtga atctgagttc 292620

tgcgtaaccg agcggtaatc atactgtctg ccgtattgga cattgagtag aaactccaca 292680

tcgtttcgcc ggaaactgct accttcggca gaaagtgtcc ttaccaaatt ctctcgtgcg 292740

gccattttgc gcagatattc ttcccgtttg tcttgacggt attctcgctt tcgttttgag 292800

cggttcatgc gattattaaa gaaatcgcgc gcgtttgtcc acgtaacata acgccgtccg 292860

tccttcccct tgctgcgtag tcggcgtgga gtctgatgcc gccagatgct ttcctccagt 292920

ttatccaaag caacttcata cttattattc aaaacctttg gtccaaattt tctttgccat 292980

gtttcctctc tttcgtcagg tgaaaatccc caataagtga tttcccacaa gcaatgcatg 293040

gcaggctctt catcagtgag gtgtatatca tcggccacga caatttcttt ggccaaatct 293100

tcttcccaag tacagtcgtg catcgggctt acgccaatcc atttttcttc atcttcccat 293160

tctccgccat gccattctac aaagatttta ccttcaaaat tatttgcagg ttccatgtta 293220

cgaagaatgt cgtatgcctc gcggaaggcg tagagattgt ccagatgttc tggctcgtgt 293280

ttctccagat ccggaagaag ctcgtcgaag ccgacttgcg ttagtaattc ttttagtgtc 293340

ataattaata gttatttata gtagaatgtt atacgataac aagcttatta tcattgtcta 293400

atgtgacctc ctgcccaggc ctaatgggta gagccaagtt ataatcgagc aggaacttat 293460

tgccggagtt tagttcattc tgcgtatcat accggacaga ataaaccttg ttttcccatc 293520

ccaaggggac gctgttatat tcttgggcga agcgcacggc atacatcgtg ccgctgatga 293580

tgggacattg agccacgatg accgattggg tcaagacaac ttgcatacgg caacgcgcca 293640

ccagtcttgt gggattggct ttcacgacga aaggatgttc ggaaaggatg gctccgccct 293700

tggctactat ttcatcctgc aatgatttgt tcactctagg atgtgtgata tctaagcctg 293760

aggccaccac tgcgattgtc tgtccgcccg catcaagaca accccgatgg gcagccgtat 293820

cgcatcccaa agccaaaccg ctgatgacga tatgcccttg ttcgcccatc tgtttggcaa 293880

gcccgtaggc catgtccaat ccatctttgt ccgcagcacg ggcaccaatg atagccacat 293940

tgtcctcacg gttgggcaaa tccttattgc caagcacatg gatgagtggc ggtgcgtctt 294000

ctcgtaaatg gcggaagtga tgaggatacg cttcgctata ataaggaata gtgaccactc 294060

cggcttttgc ctgtctatcc aatatccgtt ttgccttgtc gagttcgcgg atggacatgg 294120

aagccgtttc tttcaatgaa tatctttcgc cttccatgtc ttcatatagt tgcttggaag 294180

aataccccaa caattgcagg cataatagtt cttctactga aaggcaagaa accctccatg 294240

cctctatttt attttgcccc ttcttgacag tctctttcca atcttctcta tttttcataa 294300

atggtatttt attttgcggc aaaggaaacc tttcgatgca ccgaatcgga gcataggctg 294360

attatttttt tcgtctgctt tcgtttgcat tactctacat gtggttcgaa aaattataat 294420

agaaataaaa atatctccgc cttgtgctgc gatttggcac tttcatgacg gatatttgca 294480

ccatcaaacc aaataggagg aatagaatga aactggcaga agcattaagc atccgcgctg 294540

acctgcaaaa cagaatcgac caattaaaga gccgactgaa gtacagcgcc aaggtgcagg 294600

aaggtgacca accttctgag aacgtgaacg aattgtataa agaattggat gaatgccttt 294660

cgcaattcga ggggattgtt tatcggatta accacaccaa catgcaaacc gtgcacgaag 294720

gagaaactct cactcaaatg attgcccgca aagacgcatt gaagttgcgt ctgacagtaa 294780

tgcgcgacct cttgaagcac gttgttgaaa atgaccgtta cggacgacag gagataaaat 294840

atgtccgcac ggtggatgtg ggtgaattga gaagggtgac ggacaactat tccaaacaac 294900

tccgaagtct ggatatgaag ctacaaagcc tgaattggtc agttgattta atttaataaa 294960

ataaggtgta gtccttcttt tatcaggcaa tggcggcact tctttgtcgt atgacagggg 295020

caacaaacca aggtggcagc tggtagaggc atggttatta ctgcgcatct ccaacacagc 295080

gtacaaacgc attcacgcat acgacccctg ggggaagatt attacgcatt accttgtgcc 295140

gattgttttt ggaaagagga cgagggtggg ttgaggggat tagtatcatg ataaaaaata 295200

gtgttatgac attcaaggaa ctgttttcgc aatttagttt tgctgaaata agtccggcat 295260

tcttgaatct atggcaaacc aacgaaccga agttggccgg gcagcttgat ttggacaagt 295320

ggaaaagaat ttatcagaaa gtgcaagcgt tggaggcaaa atcatccccc tattacatcc 295380

gcttgggatg gcgttgggaa acctgtagtc cgatgataga tatgaactgt tctgtatacg 295440

acaaagcgga caatcacctc gactgcccta tggcctgcta tccttcgtgg tcggaaatag 295500

ctggtatgga agtggtggta gaaaaagata tcgtgatcac gccacaagag cttgtcgcgg 295560

gcttgctgtg ggaaatcact tactttggcg ggacggaaga gatggcggaa gaaaatcgga 295620

aaagaatatt ccaatatcaa ggggcagtaa tggatacatc gaaaagactt tgactaacta 295680

acttattata ataaattgtt gcttatatgg aagagaatga ttcaactaag cctgtgtttg 295740

acttttttga ctttcaaccc aaaacttgtt ccttctcaat aatcggaatt gggggcggag 295800

ccggaagaat tgtggaaaaa atgcagaaat atgaactgcc ggatacgaat ttatacgtgt 295860

ttggtatgaa taaaaaggaa atgagagaat tatctctcgc tcataagtat ctcattggca 295920

ctgacggatt aggaagtgga aaggacagac gtttggcaga ggcagaatgt aagaaatcgt 295980

tgccgtgttt aaagcaaata cttgcagaca aacttgtgtc tatttttatt gtatgcttgg 296040

gcggaggaac aggagaagga tgtatcaaac attttcttca gaaagccgtt gatttgaaag 296100

ttaaggtaaa actggtagtt gccactttgc cgcattcgtc tgagggtatg gaaaagagaa 296160

ggaatgctgt aaagttgctt ggtgaattgg aaaaaattgc tgacggaatt ttcgttgtgg 296220

attatgatgc gttgccttgc catacgcttt ctgaactgtt tgaagaagca aacaaaagag 296280

tcgctaatat cgcgaactcg tttttcagtc tgataataaa gcacagtctg atttgttttg 296340

accttaatga tgtgagaagt ttcttgggtt atcattcttg tacaaagttt attgactact 296400

ttacattatc aggaagcgtt gattatttga aggctgaatt aaaaaatata cgaaaattcc 296460

ttccggcaaa atatgtttca ttagaggatg tttctaattt aatctttgct ctttattata 296520

acaggaaggt tgacgatgat gataatgacc ctgtccgtga acttttaaat gttttccatg 296580

attgtataga gatgaaacag gaaagcactc agataaaatg gacgatgttt gacgttccaa 296640

ccatgccgac aggcattttt cggatagaca tttttaccaa atgcaattaa tggttattat 296700

ggaaaaaata aatgaagtat tcttcagtga acatggacta acttccacct cggcttcgca 296760

cttggctgat ttggcacagg aggttatagc cgggaatgaa acgaagttga aaaacatgac 296820

ttttgtgacc acaaaagtcg atattgtagg ttcggcttcc gaatcgggga aaaccatctg 296880

tgtcggctat gacgggaata tgctagccca ggtgcgtccg cttttggaag aaatagcctc 296940

aatgaacgct ttttgcgctt ggatgagaga agcagtcaag gctaaagaca aaaaattaaa 297000

acaggtggca aacttcacat ttgaagaatg gtgtacgttt caaggagtcg aaataccttc 297060

cagtccatcc tatccgaagg aaacgacgga agcggatatc atcgctcaga tgaatatcaa 297120

agagcgtaac cgctatctgc aattggaagc catagccgct actattggga aatatattca 297180

tcccggaggc caattctctt cagcccgtga agaactccaa aacagaatca tgaaacctta 297240

cagcaccgat ggcaatggga aagacacgct gatttatgcg catactccat ccgtaaaccc 297300

gcaaaaggtg gaagacgtgt tctttgaact tcagaaatgg catcgccaaa atgaacgtga 297360

gctgaacagg atgaagtttg ccatcaagaa acaagcggaa aagaagacct tggaggacat 297420

ccagcaattc aagcaggcat tggaatagga gaaacagcgt cacatgcagc tttttaccca 297480

atacaaagag tggcaattgg aagaacggga acgtatttcc cgcttgaaga ttgtggtgcc 297540

ggaagccttg caagatactt atgagagatt gaataaattg gaagaataaa acaaggtgct 297600

gtgaacctgc ttctcaatgg aagctaatca tggctttgat ggaacgggag ctgtcagtcc 297660

tattgtgtgt gaaaagtacg aaggtacaag gtatgtcaaa taaaaaaaac ggcggatgta 297720

gctaatgcct gcatgatgca catccggtct gagcctttgc cgtagtcttt gtctgtgtct 297780

tgatgttccg gaatggacat cgttcggaca gctccgttcc taacttgaaa tatctggtct 297840

gtatatggaa tcattaagaa atgcgataca acatcccaaa gaaccattca ctcttgttga 297900

gaaaattaag atatgcctgt tgtctgtctt tttgtgtata ggtctgatgg ctcatatttg 297960

tatgagaatg ttaggaataa gaaaaacatc agcttgtcat ccaatgtctc ttgtcagatt 298020

gtttgggaat aaacggagga attagtgtca tccgttattc aggttgcccg acttcggagg 298080

tgcaaccagc ggcaaggctt tcggggagta acccgaaagg tttcgagtaa ctcgaaacat 298140

accttgctgc tgccactttt cggcagtaac cgaaaagcct tcgggtaacc cgaaggacac 298200

cttgctgtgc ttttgagagc acaagaaatc cgtcaataaa cggatttgaa caagtgttgt 298260

tatttcggct ttcaaagcat cgtttcccga tgcccaagct gcccaaaaga agaaagggaa 298320

tagggcggtg tgtaagcctg caccttattg agattacagg gaacaaagcc ggattttcat 298380

ccttctgaaa aacagacaat agtgtcaatt cgatgtcaat atgtgccaat cacagccaaa 298440

attgacatta gactaataag gaaatgctat tttgagcaaa tacatcctcg cttgttcaca 298500

agctcagcaa accaatgatt tacaaaatcg acgatgaaca gaaccggaca accaagaaag 298560

taatccaatg cagataggaa gcaacatagt ttcaatgata tgctggtttg ctgtcgtgtt 298620

gttgtgcagg tttacaacag cgaaacttca aataaaggta tcagcaatgg attgtggctt 298680

tagagaggtg gagtttggat gatataaatc ggtggtacaa tacatccgtc tatcaacgta 298740

gtaataaagc aacaaaagaa tggtgcaata aacaaaagca tataggcata cgcacgctgg 298800

cctgcaagcc tgcccgcgct ccaacctgcc tgtcgtccag cttgcctgcc gaccggtctt 298860

ccggcgtgcc tgcctgccgg cacacagaca ggcgaacctg ccgacaggct attcgcaaac 298920

gggcaggctc aaatatgatg tggaaacggt atggaattaa aagcaagaca gtactaccga 298980

ttttcatcag caagatgtgc aacaaatata caataatgat aagatgtttg attttctcta 299040

tttttcagag gaatagcttt ggttataagg aagaaaaaca ttatttttgc aaatgagaaa 299100

agcgttcttt tgattgatgc agaacattgc agaatagaga agcccgctgg tttccaaatc 299160

gttacctgtt aagctgacaa tctttgtaag ttctttgttt tcaatgagta agaagaattg 299220

atatgtcttg caacgtggaa gctgatgtcc ttattcacgc cgcattcccg tatcatcttc 299280

ttcaacggtt tgcagattga ccaatagttc agattgggga ataccaagtc gttttcttgg 299340

aacggtcggt aacgctcgat tatctgcaag gggatgtcca gcagctttac ttggaaaggt 299400

acgcccgtct tgtgacgctt ggagataatc catttctcgc cgttcacctc cacgattcgg 299460

tcgttggtca gttccttgat gtccacgaaa gaaagggcgg tgaagctcgc aaacacgaac 299520

aggtcacgga tgtatgccag cttcgggtct gcgaactcgt gcgtcattac cgccttcaac 299580

tcatcctccg tcaaaaactc acgctccttg acattcgggc tgatgtggaa ctgtgcaaac 299640

gggtttctcg gtatcagacc gttgaagtgc gcacgcatca ccacaccttt cagccacatg 299700

cacttttccc atatcgtgcc gttgcgcaat cccgcttccg tggagagata gaccgcaaac 299760

tccttgatga agtcgggcgt aagctccagc atcgacatgt cgctgcgctt gtagaacgac 299820

ttgatgaacg ccgccacata gttccttgcc actacccttg actggtaagt cgccagtttc 299880

ctgtccttgc cgacacgctt cttgaacacc tcgttctcac ggtcgaaggc tttgagcagc 299940

gtttcatact cgccgcctat gccctgatag gcgttgcgta ccatctctgc cgtcacaaac 300000

gcctcacggt cggatatgcg ctggtagtgc ttgatgattt gcgccttgat gttgtcaagc 300060

gcaaggttcg tttcccttgc ctccaaactc ttgcctttgg cacggttgcc ctttgcatcc 300120

caaagttctt ttgagatgct ccgcttgcaa ctgaactgcg ccaccgttcc gttgattgta 300180

acccgtccca tgatggggac agttccattc ttctccttgc tgccgttcgc atagaacagc 300240

acgcgaaatg tgctccttgt catactcgtt cttttttggt tgcaaaacta taaatcaacg 300300

agttaaacct tgacaagcaa acctaagcag agcggcgcaa acggaacggt gactgttaaa 300360

tctgcatttc tgacgggtaa cgattaggaa accgttctct ttctccaatc cgctttgaaa 300420

cgctattcag ccctctatcc aacttccgcg attttctcct aactacttaa ttcacagatt 300480

acattgcgtt aatctgccga attttggagg tttttccata gattttccgt aagtttgcac 300540

ggcatagaat aacggctaaa gtcagcaaaa agacttttga ttggtttaga tggcatcaaa 300600

atgtgagaaa agccgttagg aaatttgaga aaatgtcata ttgaatttag agagtaccgg 300660

atgagattcg aagctaggca tatcataatt gttttcttgt gcatttgggt gtcagttcag 300720

attgttgcgc aagaaaccat ttttcctgct attcagcagc aggaaaagat attgaagcgc 300780

catcctgaag atgtacgggc cttgaaggaa ctgtgtttcc tttacttgca taaggcggat 300840

taccagaagg ctatagaata cggagaaaaa cttttcaagc tgggatatga gaagagagac 300900

tacaagttca gtgccctgta cgcgcatatc gcactgggac aggcgtatct catgttgggg 300960

gatagtacgg ctatcaatca cctggggcag gccatgctga taggagaaag cgagaaaaat 301020

gattctgcct tgtgttctgt gtataacggg atgggactgt atgccagcaa tattcataag 301080

gactattatt ctgccctgca ttactttttc gaaggaatag aagcggcgca ccggtgtcag 301140

tataaggaac tggaagctct cttgcttggg aatatttcca gtatctattt tttgaaggaa 301200

gatccggcgg ggcttgatta ctctttgcag gtttatgaga tggggcatga tttaaattcg 301260

gcttatctta tttttattgg ggcattaaat acatcgtata tgtactatct gcttcatgac 301320

tacgacaagg ctttaccgta tatcaaggaa gcggagttca tcatgaaaca gaatgagtat 301380

tacaatcagg gaaatgtgta tgccatctat ggaatgattg agtttgccaa aggcaaccgg 301440

cagcaagcca tcgaatatta taaggaaggt ctggcgttga atgacaaaaa tcagacctcg 301500

tataaggtat tgctgctgaa tgaatacgcc atcgctttgg cagaaaaagg gaaaaaccag 301560

caggccatcg atttattgtt tcaggctctg tcgcttacca agacagaaaa ttgcgagatt 301620

tatcggaaca aggtcatcaa tacgttgtct gtctgttacg aaaatatggg aaaatatgtc 301680

gaggcattgt cctggcagcg caagcttcag caggaaaccg acagcatttt caatacggat 301740

aaagagaagg ttctgagcga actgcgtatt aagtacgata cggaacatca ggcaaatgaa 301800

atccgaaaga acaagttggt gttgctacaa aaggagaaaa aagagcaggc tctcattggc 301860

attctgatta ttgttttgct ggtgattttc gctttatggt atcggtataa gagacagaat 301920

cagttgtaca ccaacattgt ccgtcagtat caggagtcca ttcgcaaaga acagcagttg 301980

aaggatgtca tttcttctct tcgaaaacaa caggaggaaa cagcttccgc attacctcct 302040

tcggcaagtg agaagtatgc ggcttcttcc ttgacgagcg agaagaaaat gtctttgttc 302100

cagcgtctgg aaagactgat gcaggaagag gaggtttaca aggagaacct gctgacaaag 302160

gagcgggtgg ccgatttgtt ggggacgaac cggacttatc tgtcgcaggt catcaacgaa 302220

cagactcagc agaattttac tcagtatatc aataattacc ggattaatga agccattcgt 302280

ctgttgagtg acccgaagaa tgacattccg ctcaaggctg tggctgccga agtcggtttt 302340

agttccatga gcacgttcta taagatattc cagaatacgg taggcattcc tcctaagcag 302400

tatcgtaata aggtaatgtc tatgcataat aatacctgaa agattctttt tgtatcaaaa 302460

tgttatcctc atgcgacaat tgtcgaattt ggatgcgtgc ttcttgtcaa tattatatct 302520

tttttttaca tttttgcgat gagagaattg taaaagtgta tggaaactca gtctataaac 302580

ctctaaaaaa gatatagtat ggaaaaaaac gtattgcacg acattcggct caaaatgggc 302640

tttctgctat tgtgtgctat gtggatatta tcttcggctt cggcttatgc gaggggtgaa 302700

cgtactattc atggcattgt agtagatgaa aacaaggaac cgcttcctgc ggcacatgtc 302760

aagcaggtga atgaaaattc cggtggttcg gttgtagctg ttataacgga tatgcaggga 302820

catttcactc tgactcttcc ggatgaaaca aaggaaatag aggcttctta tctgggatat 302880

aagtctcagc gaatcaagtt gacttcggct caggattatt acattgttct tcagccttct 302940

accgaattgc ttgatgaagt agtggtgact ggttatcaga ccatttccaa ggaacgtgct 303000

acaggagcat tttcgaaggt ggatgccaag aaattggaaa cgcagcgttt gaacgatatg 303060

agttccatgc tggagggacg tgtagccgga tacagtgacg gaaaaattcg aggtgtgact 303120

tccatgaacg gactgacaac tccgctgtat gtcattgacg gatttccggt ggaaaagacg 303180

acgaacgacg gatacgggaa ctgggtggaa agtgtgcccg acctgaatat ggaagatatt 303240

gaaagcatta cggtcttgaa agatgcggct gctacttcca tttatggagc tcgtgcagca 303300

aacggcgtgg tggtgattac gaccaaacgg gccaagaagg acgagctgaa cgtgtctttc 303360

tctgctacgc tgaccgtgca gccttacgat acgtatgccg acaaatacct ggccagttcg 303420

gctaccatgg tggaattgga acgggaatgg gcggcccaga atcctcatct gagcggaacc 303480

gatgcgcaaa gttatgcgca gacggtactc gacaacatgt cttatcctac actcggcata 303540

cggaatattc tgaattatta tgccggacat atttccaagg atcagatgga aagtaatctg 303600

gctggactgg cttcgcaggg gtatcgctat tatcgggaca tcgagaagta cggcaaacgt 303660

aatccattct ctcagcagta taacctgaat atcgggaaag gtacggaaaa gaatactttc 303720

aatgcctctg tctcttatcg taacaatcag ttggaggata gatattccga gaacagaact 303780

atcggtatca atttgcagaa ctctacgaag ctgacttcct ggctgacgtt ggatgtgggt 303840

acgtatctga attacggaaa gggtaccacg cagtcttata gccttttctc accgggatat 303900

acttatatgc cttacgatgg tctggtaaac agtgacggta cgaattacac gaatacagaa 303960

gcagaccgtt atagcttgta tgacttgaac ctgctgcata ataacggatt gtataatctg 304020

gatattacgc cgctggatga aattaaaatg aaccagacca agaatcagga tttcagcaac 304080

cgtacgtttg cccgtctgtc gttcaagttt accgactggc tgaagtatac ggcttctttc 304140

cagtacgagt atgcagaata taagaccgaa cagttgaaaa gcaaggattc atacgaggta 304200

cgcaacaagg ttaacacgtt ctctacttcc aacaacgacg gtacatcgac atttgccctg 304260

ccgtatggaa acattttctt tacttcttcc aatgcgacac atgcttatga tttccggcag 304320

cagctggact tcaacaagac gtttgccgag gtacacgatg taaccatgat tttgggtacg 304380

gaaacccggg aaaataaatt ggattacaat gatcgtacgt tgtataatta cgatcctcaa 304440

ttgctgacct acagtttagt taatgccgga cagttgagcg gtttccgtgg gcaatgggga 304500

tacggctctt ttggacagca ggatatgtcc tacatccgtg agctggtaaa ccgttacgta 304560

tctgtgtata gcaatgcagc ttatacctac gatggaaaat acatggtgag cggaagcatc 304620

cgttgggata aaaccaattt gttctctacg ggttccaagt atcagaagcg tcctatctgg 304680

tcggtaggtg ccggatggaa catcagcgag gaaaagtttt tccaggtgcc gtgggtgaat 304740

atgctgaagt tgcgtgcaag ttacggtatc ggaggtaata ttgccaagga ttcggctcct 304800

tacatgattg cttattataa taccaataat caggtgggag gtattcaggg aacaatctcc 304860

agtcgaccga atccgaactt acgctgggaa aagactacga cactgaatat cggtgtggat 304920

tttgccttgc tgggtaaccg gttgaatggt tcaattgaat attacaacaa gctgggtacg 304980

gatttgctgg ccaataccaa cggagtacct acggaaggat ggggatacag tacctattcc 305040

atcaacaacg gaaaaatgac gaaccgaggt ttcgaattga ctttgtcggc cgatgtaatc 305100

aagaacaatg actggtcatg gaacgtcggt ggagtgttgg gatacaacaa aaataaggtg 305160

acttatatca acgttgaggc tccggtctct tatctggtaa ttgattatcc tacagcttat 305220

ccccgtgtag gaaatcctta taacgctatt tacggatatc aatgggccgg actgagcgcg 305280

acgggtactc cgcaggtgta cgatgcaaag ggaaatctgt acaccgatat gactcctccc 305340

gaaatagaag atctggtgta tctgggaact accgtgccgg tttacaacgg ttctattaat 305400

acgaacttac gctggaaaaa ctgggaactg gctgctcagt tcttgtttga aggcggacac 305460

aagatgcgga ataccaatgt ggcgttcatc ggttctggaa tgagtcctgt aagtaaggac 305520

attgaaaatc gctggaagga accgggagat gaagcttata cggatgtgcc gcgttacatt 305580

tcgacggaga gtgaactgta taactataac tacgagagca tgtatgccta ttcgtccatc 305640

aatgtgctgg atgctaccaa ctggaaactg agaaacttgt cgctgacata tcgtattcca 305700

gccagcgtat gccacaaact gtatgtgaag aacgcgcgta ttatgctggg tatggaaaac 305760

gtgtttatgg tggccaagag cagcaatgct aaatatttgc tgggcggcta tgccaaacct 305820

aactacttgt gtggtgttta cctgaatttc taacctcgat ttttatagta tgaaacgtat 305880

gaataagata ttatattttg gggctgcgct ggtttgcttt ttgctcagct catgcaatga 305940

ttatttgaat atagcgccga aggggaacaa gattcctacc acgctggccg attttgaggc 306000

cctgctgcgc gatgagtata ccatcggccg aactcctgtg accaatgcct tgtatctgtt 306060

gaatgatgta tatctgacca attcgcaggt gaacacgccg agcttgagcc gtgccaacta 306120

catgtgggac gaatcggccg accgtattgt gctgaataat tccgacgaag gaacttacta 306180

cgtgctttat ggagccattt ccagctgtaa tctgattgtt gagaatgtgc ctacggcgac 306240

tgaggcgaca gatgccgaac gaaacgaagt gatagcgtat gccaaggtga tacgtgcgct 306300

ttgctatgat gtgctggtca attattacgc cgatacgtat gatgcggcaa cggctgccca 306360

aaagcgcagt gtacccctca ttatcagtgc ggagattgat gctccttaca cgcaggtttc 306420

cattcaggat atgtatgatt tcattcttca ggatgtaaag gaagccattg agatggggtt 306480

gcctgcacaa tctatgacag ccattcatcc gaacctggga gctgcttatg ctttgctggc 306540

ccgtgtgtac ttgcagatgc agaactacag tgaagctttg agttatgctg acctggcttt 306600

gaaacagaat gaccagcttt atgactggaa tgcattctat gaagaacata aggccgccat 306660

cgatgatccg gacaactatg ataagattgc cactcctatg caatatgatt atgtagaaaa 306720

ttattatctg cgttttggag aacaatcggt ttacgatagt tacgaaaaaa acattccggt 306780

ggaaagagcc gcacgtttcg aggaagggga tgcccgtttc ctttcacgct ggaaattgaa 306840

agtagacaat aatgacacct attacaaggc tttggaatcg ggatacttta atcacggggg 306900

actgaccact tgtgaggtgt atctcatcaa ggcagaatgt caggcacgac tggcgcagaa 306960

caacgattat tctgaagcga tgaatacgct gaatgccgta cgggttaccc gcatccgtcc 307020

cgaggtttat cgtccggatg aagcttctac actggaagag gcgctttcgc agattcgccg 307080

taccaaggac aatgaactga ttttctctat cgtgccattt gcggatgccc ggcgttataa 307140

tctggaaggt acgtatgccc gtacgctgac caagacttac gacggaaaga agtatacgtt 307200

ggctccgaca tctcatttgt ggaccatgcc tttcccggct ggggcactca ataatcccgg 307260

aaacggaaca atcgaacaaa atgtaactaa ataaaatcga attatgaaaa tgaagaattt 307320

ctcttgtatg gccattatgg ggttgatggc gatggcgtgt accagtcagc ctgtagtaga 307380

tggctatgtg ttgaaaggtc atattgaagg cttgcccgac ggcatacatg tccagctggt 307440

gccggtaagc cacgacagtg aactgccttt tgccgatacg acggtggtca acggacagtt 307500

tgtgtttacg ggaaaaatgg aagaaccgag agccttccat ctgttggtga aagatgcgta 307560

tggctcgcgt aatcttatgc tggaaaatac gcagatggaa gttacgggaa aactggtggc 307620

taagaaggaa gccgatggag gagtgtctta caatctgtcg tctttgtcgg taaagggttc 307680

cccactgagt gcccgttatg attcgttgct gtctgcacgg acgtatatgg attcgctgta 307740

tgcactcaat gctcgtaagt ttgctgcttt tgacagtctt atgcaggctg cttatctggc 307800

aaaagaccag gctaagattc aggcgttacg acagagtgag gacggaaaag ccagagccgc 307860

agccgataag gcctttttcg gtaccgtcga ttctctgtat cgtcaggtgg tcatgacaaa 307920

taaagattct ttctggggac cgctgatgat gatttcgttt accagttatc tgagcgagga 307980

catgaaacct tggtatgaag cactttctcc cgcagcccag cagtcttatt acggacagaa 308040

ggtgaaagag gaactttatc cggcaggaaa ggaaggtacg gtggtacccg atttcaaggt 308100

aaaggataaa acgggaaagg aagtatctct ttcagagttg cgtcagggaa agaaatatgt 308160

actgattgac ttctgggctt cctggtgcaa tccgtgccgg aaagaaatac cgaacctgaa 308220

gaaactgtat gctcagtata gcggaaaagg ttttgagatt gtgagcattt ccatcgatca 308280

gaagaaagcc gattgggaga aagccttgaa ggaagaagga ttgacttggc cgaacttcct 308340

ggatgaaacg ggagtggctg cactctacaa ggtgaagttc gtaccgacca tgtatctgat 308400

aacggcagat ggagtcatgg tgggcgagaa cctgcgtggt gaggccttgg ctacgaaatt 308460

gaaagaactt ttccagtaac ttttataaaa caagagaggt tcaggataag aaactgctga 308520

agtaaaaaat ctcctgcttt tagccgtgtc tatagacgaa ggctgaagca ggagattttt 308580

ttatgttgta attattaata tgaggcttgt gccggctggg caggtttcag tttgcggaaa 308640

tgataaatca acatgacgac tgccatgatg aaagccagcg tatccgatag cggcatgctg 308700

aaccagactc cttctacgcc gaaatgcggt ggaagcaaag ccagtccggg tagcagaaag 308760

accagttgcc gggaaaggga gagcaggatg gagatgcgga ctttaccgat ggactggaaa 308820

aactgggtaa tgatgatttg tgccccgata acaggaaatg ccagaacacc gatacgtaga 308880

gccagtgtag cctgttcggt cagctcatgg ttggtggtga acatacccac aaagacactc 308940

gggaatagtt cgctgaccag aaatccgacg gtcgtgacac tgcatcctgc gataatgccc 309000

agccggagtg tccgtttgac acggtcgtaa tgctgagctc cgtagttgta gccggaaatc 309060

ggctgcatgc ccatggtaat ccccattaca atcatcacaa acaacatctg gattcggttg 309120

agaatgccaa atgccccgat agacaagtcg cccccgtagg tcagcagtcg gttattgatg 309180

aaaatcacga tgcagcaggc acatacattc atcacgaagg gcgacatgcc tacgccgaag 309240

atgttcagaa tgatcttttt ccggagttta aaactgggac gcttgaagcg tatgtaactt 309300

ttcttgttgt agaaatgata taatacccag atcatgccca caaactgcga caatacggtg 309360

gaaagggcgg ctcctctgat accccattcc agcacgaaaa tacaaatagg tgctaaaatc 309420

acgttgcagc ctaccgtcag catggacgaa agcatcgcct ttttgggata tcccgtggca 309480

cgcatgatgt tgttcagacc gatcatgaca tacgaaatgg ggcttcctaa caaaatgacc 309540

tgcatgaaat cgcgtgcata aggcaaggta ctgtcacttg ctccgaagaa ataaagtatc 309600

tcatccagga atatcagcgt gatgcctccg taaaatacgg cgttgatgat gcagagaatg 309660

gtgacgtttc ccagaatatt ctcggcacct cttatatcct tttgtcccag acggatggaa 309720

gaaatcgtag caccacccac acctaccagc gtacagaatg ccaccagcag attcatcagc 309780

gggaaggtaa tggcaagacc ggagatggcc agcgccccta cgccgtgtcc gatgaagata 309840

ctgtcgatga tgttgtatag agaagtcagc gtcatgccga taatggcagg aatggagtac 309900

tgtaaaagca gtttgcctat aggcgcactt cctaaaacat ggggattgtt tctgtccatt 309960

ttgtgctttg gttaaaatta tccgttcaaa gttaggaata tgacgcgata tttcagaact 310020

ttgcaccgtt aaatcaacta aatggtaaaa agaatggata atacgaaatg tatagctgct 310080

ctgttcgact tcgacggagt ggtaatggat acggaaacac aatacagctt gttctggaat 310140

aagataggga aacagtattt tccacagata gaagagttcg gacgtatcat taagggacag 310200

acgcttgtta atatttatgc gaagtatttt gcgggtatgg agaaagaaca gcaagatatt 310260

acagcacgtt tgaaccagtt tgagaaagat atggcgtatg aatacattcc cggggtagta 310320

gatttcatga aagacttgcg tgcacacgga gtgaaaatgg ctattgtcac cagttcgaac 310380

gacctgaaga tggccaatgt gtataaggca catcccgaac tgaaggaact ggtcgaccgg 310440

attctgactg ccgaaatgtt tacccgttcg aaaccggctc ccgactgttt cctgctgggt 310500

gccgaagtgt ttggtaccgt tccacagaac tgtgtggtat tcgaggattc gtttcacgga 310560

ctggaagcag gtaatgcggc aggtatggct gtagtgggct tgtgtaccac caatccgaag 310620

gaagcaatag ccgataaatg caaactggtg atacccgatt ttacagcctt ctctttcgaa 310680

aagatgaaag ccctgcttgc ttaactcgtc agaaagagct acatttgccg caattttatt 310740

aaattaggag aaattttatg gctggatatc tttcaggtga tacacgtaaa gtgacaactc 310800

accgtttgat tgagatgaaa gaaagaggtg aaaagatttc catgttgacc tcttatgatt 310860

atacgattgc ccagattgta gacggggcag gagtggatgt aattttggta ggtgattctg 310920

cttcgaatgt gatggcgggt aatgtaacta cattgcctat aacaatagat cagatgatat 310980

atcacggcaa gtcggttatg cgtggcgtga aacgtgcgct tgttgtagtc gacatgcctt 311040

tcggatcgta tcaggccgat cctttcgacg gagtgcgtaa tgctatccgc atcatgaagg 311100

aaacgggagc ggatgcgctg aagctggaag gcggagaaga agtcatcgac accatccgta 311160

aaataatcgg tgcaggcatg ccggtgatgg gacatctggg actgatgcct cagtctatca 311220

ataaatatgg tacttatggc gtacgtgcca aaggggatgc cgaggccgaa aagctggttc 311280

gtgacgctca tttgctggaa gaagccggtt gtttcggact ggttctggaa aaaattcctg 311340

ccgacctggc agcacgtgta gcttccgaac tgaccattcc ggtgattggt atcggtgctg 311400

gtggagcagt agacggacaa gtactggtcg ttgccgacat gctgggtatg accaaaggct 311460

tcagtccgcg tttcttgcgc cgttatgccg acttgcatac ggtgatgacc gatgctatcg 311520

gtcgctatgt ggctgacgtg aaatcgtgtg atttcccgaa cgaagccgaa caatattgat 311580

tgttattttt accgttatta catcaatatg ctgtggaata gaaatttttc tttattgatt 311640

gcagcaaaca tattactcta tatagcggtt tacatgttat tccctctgat tcatcagtgg 311700

atgattcaag cctggaactg tactgggtta caggctgcgg gagtaacggc tatattcgga 311760

attgctctgt tccttcccgg ggctttcaat aattacttgg tcgatacgtt tagccggaag 311820

aatgtgtgca cccggagtat ggcgttgctg gcattggtag gactgctgta tccttacgtt 311880

acttcggtag ggatggtagt ggcactgcgt atcttgcagg gagcgttgtt tggcattgtc 311940

ttgatggcta cgggcagtac gctcgccatt gatgtgacac ccagcaacaa acgtaatgag 312000

gccaaccggg tatttacttg gtcgtccatc atcggtttgc tggtgggaat gattgttgga 312060

atagagggag atggttatct gagctttacc tctttgctgt atgtttcggc ttttctgtgt 312120

gcggtttcca tcgtactggt ttcgatggtg aatgtttgtt tccgcgcacc tctcgacctg 312180

ccgctgtgtt cgttcgacag gtttattctt ttccggacat tgcttccggg aataaatatg 312240

atggcagttc ccgtcgtttt gggtatactt ttcattagga tttccgatgc ttttttctat 312300

ctttgcatag gaggtggatt tctgatatat ttacttatca ggcaggtctt taccaacccg 312360

atgaacggac ggatacaggt tctgatcgga ctgttgctta caggagtggg tctggcggtg 312420

ctctgtagct cggatatggg taaaagtctt tacgaggccg gactgctgtt aggactggga 312480

ttgggcttct ctatcggaca gttcctgcgg atgatgatct tgttgccttt gcattgcgaa 312540

cggggtaccg gttatcatac ataccaactg ttgtgggagg caggtatcat gcttggaata 312600

tggatttcac aatatgcttg tcagatagaa ggcgtaagtc cgtatcggat agctttaggt 312660

gtttgtatag tcggattcct gttttatcag ttatacatcc atcgctattt tgtaaaacat 312720

tatcaatcaa aataacaata aaagagtatg gcagacgata aaaagattat cttttccatg 312780

gtcggagtga gcaaatcatt ccagaacaat aagcaagtct tgaaagacat ctacctatct 312840

tttttctacg gagcgaagat cggtattatc ggtttgaacg ggtcgggtaa gtctaccctg 312900

atgaagatta tagccggtct ggataaaaac tatcagggag aggtggtatt ctctccggga 312960

tattccgtcg gttatctggc tcaggaacct catcttgacg ataccaaaac cgtaaaggaa 313020

gtagtgatgg aaggcgtaca gagtgtagtc gatacgcttg ccgaatacga agaaataaac 313080

aataagttcg gcttgccgga gtattacgag gatccggaaa aaatggatgc cttgtttgcc 313140

cgtcaggcag aattgcagga tatcattgat gcaaccgatg cgtggaacct tgacagtaag 313200

ttggagcgtg cgatggatgc gttgcgctgt ccgcccgaag accagccggt gaagaatctg 313260

tcgggaggtg agcgtcgtcg tgtggctctc tgccgtctgt tgttgcagaa accggacatc 313320

ttgttgctcg atgagccgac caaccacctg gatgccgaga gcatcgactg gctggaacag 313380

cacttgcagc agtacgaggg tacagtcatc gctgtaacac acgaccgtta cttcctcgac 313440

catgtggcag gatggattct ggaactggat cgtggcgagg gtattccatg gaagggaaat 313500

tactcaagct ggctggagca gaagaccaag cgtatggaaa tggaagaaaa gactgccagc 313560

aagcgtcgta aaaccctgga gcgtgagttg gaatgggtac gtatggcacc gaaggcacgt 313620

caggcaaagg gtaaggctcg tctgaactct tacgataagt tgctgaacga ggatgtgaag 313680

gaaaaggaag agaaactgga aatcttcatt ccgaacggtc cgcgtctggg aaacaaggtt 313740

atcgaagcaa agcatgtggc aaaggcgtat ggcgacaaac tgctgttcga cgacttgaac 313800

tttatgctgc cgcctaacgg tatcgtgggc gtgattggtc cgaacggtgc cggtaagact 313860

actttgttcc gcctgattat gggactggaa aaaccggaca gaggagagtt tgaagttgga 313920

gaaacagtga aggtggctta cgtagaccag cagcacaagg atattgaccc gaataaaacg 313980

gtatatcagg tcatcagcgg cggaaatgat ttgctgcgta tgggaaaccg cgacgtaaat 314040

gcccgtgctt atctgagccg tttcaacttc tcgggttccg atcaggaaaa gttgtgtggc 314100

atgctttcgg gtggtgaacg taaccgcttg catcttgcca tggcgctgaa ggaagaaggc 314160

aacgtgctgt tgctggacga gcctaccaac gatatcgacg tgaatacgct gcgtgcgctc 314220

gaagaaggtc tggaagactt tgccggatgt gcggtagtca tcagtcacga ccgttggttc 314280

ctcgaccgta tctgtacaca catccttgca ttcgaaggaa acagcgaagt gttcttcttc 314340

gaaggttcgt atacagaata cgaggaaaac aagatgaagc gtatgggtaa cgtagagccg 314400

aagcgcgtcc gttaccgcaa gctgatggaa gattaatcgg aacgatgata ataagatacg 314460

gagttggcgc aggcatgcag gcagactgca tcgtgcgtca actccgtgta gttttaggtg 314520

attttaatac tgtgctttta tgattacgat atacttagcc cgccacgggc agacggaaga 314580

aaatatcagt cgcatttttc agggacacct gccgggacat ctgacggaag agggaaagca 314640

gcaggcggta gaattgggta atcggctgcg ggatattcca ctggatgctg tcctcagcag 314700

cgatttgcag cgggtggtcg atacggttcg tctggctgta ggcgacagaa acctgccgtg 314760

gcagacaacg cctttgttgc gtgaaattga ctggggaagc tggaccggac ttccgctgga 314820

ttcggtagac cggacgcatt tgcctgccga tgccgaaaca cgtgaaatgc tttacgaacg 314880

tgcgggcaag tgtctggaat atatccggca gcactacgaa gaaaaatgca tcttggtggt 314940

agcacacggc ctgataaacc gttcgctgcg ggcccggctg tcaggcatac ctgtcgacca 315000

gcttactact gtgccgcaca tgaataattg tgaggtagtc cgtctgacga tggaataaag 315060

taaaccggaa agggcaggga cgtaacgctt tcaaagaaaa gaatctgaaa aggagagtta 315120

ctctaacaaa agatttcgta ataccatata ttattccgtc aaaaataaat tattgttcta 315180

tttattgtaa ggcattggga gaagatgtcg gatcgagttt cccgatagcc ctcaaatagt 315240

ttgtttcata aattttatac tgcgtttgtg cttcgataag attgcttttg gcttgtttcc 315300

attgtgattg tgcatcgagc aggtcggtaa gcagtgccat cgaaacattg tatttgttat 315360

tggtaactct caaattttct tccgcctgtt ttagtccgat ctcggcagtc tggattagtt 315420

ggtagccatc gtaaatattc tttaaggcac tttgtgcttc cagattcatc agccgtgaat 315480

tcctgcttaa ttccaattct gcattcttga aatcaagttt tgcttttttt actttcttca 315540

gattggctcc ccattcgaat atgggaattt ttacagacag cattacagct cctaatccat 315600

ctcgaaattc ctgtgaatac ggcatcatcg ttccgtttcc tgcatcgacc aggctgttca 315660

gtttgatatt gccgtaataa gtataccctg ctacgagtcc tatcgtcggc aacatgtctg 315720

cccgtgacat ctgtatttgt tgttgtgtga cgtttacttg atgttttaac aggttaaatt 315780

ccgggcgttc gttaatgtcg gctgtcagta gtccgggttc cttaacgtat atcgttgtgt 315840

ctgttagttc aagttctgta cttgaatcga ggccggtaat tctgcataga gacatgcgac 315900

ataagtcctc tccgtttttt gctttttgca tctggtataa gatgtcactt ctgcttgcct 315960

caacccgcag cagttcattt tctgtgccaa gtccggcttc gacggcagtt ttcacttgag 316020

caaacagtga gtccatctgt tctttgtagc tttccagcat ggcgactttt tgtctgacag 316080

ctattaatgt ccagtatgca ttgtcggttt ctaccaagac atccatcatt gtcatccttt 316140

tctgttcggc tgctatagat tctcccagct tagacagttt ctttcctgtc atgatcttcc 316200

ctcctgtgta tagtggttgc gtaagcgtta ttcctgccat atatgtacca cgcattctca 316260

attccatacc catcatgtct atatctggaa aaacgtatgt tccggtagcc gaggcctcga 316320

atttgggaag gaatgcacta cttgctattt gtttatcaag acgcgactgc tgatatttgt 316380

attcggcctg ctgcagagat tcactttgtg ataaagccat ttcccggcat gaagtcagac 316440

ttagtttgag cgcttcctgg gctttgagat taccctgttg cgtaaatatt atagttgctg 316500

tcaataatag ttgaaaaaat ttatctctca tatcttttta tttattatta gaaggtgagc 316560

actacattat ctatattttt ttgatattga aaagtaccgt atagaaaata ggcagtaata 316620

tcagtgttat gagggttcct actgccagtc ctcccatgat ggtaatcgcc atggaattgt 316680

acatcgggtc tgtaacgagc ggcagcatgc ctactatcgt cgtgagagat gccatcagta 316740

caggtcttac ccttgacacg gtggcttcca ctacggcggt gtacggagat ttcttttctt 316800

ccgtttgtaa cctgtttatt tcgtccacca gtacaattgc atttttcacc atcatgccta 316860

tcagtcccat cataccgatt atagccatga atgtcattgg ctggtttgtg atcaataatg 316920

acggaacgat tccgcagaat acaaacggga aacatatcag aataaggaaa accttcttcc 316980

agctgttgaa caatagcaga aggatggcaa ggattatgaa gatcgtcagc ggtacatatt 317040

tcataaggtt agcaatggca tctttttgta actctccttc gcccacccat ctcatgctat 317100

atcctgccgg cagttcaatg gcttcgacat ctttctttat cgattccact acttttgccg 317160

gagttgcctc gtctatttct gagttaggat cgcattcagc ttcaatcgcc ctttgtccgt 317220

tcaggcgcat gacaacatct tcatcccatt ccatagtgat tccttttgtt acgcggctga 317280

gcggtgtgga gcggaagatc ttgtcttgaa gttcgctcat gccttttcca cctgagatag 317340

cagagttaaa ttcgtcgttc gaaagatgca gattcatcat gctccacacg ggtatgtcgt 317400

tcaagtcgct tatgcggctt ccgtcttcgt tgcgcacgag catgtttact acgatagtct 317460

tatcctggtt ggtgatcatt cctaccggca taccgtcggt tgcagccatc agcgcattgc 317520

ctatgtcact tctgcctatt cccgaacgca gtgcatcttg ctgtaaatat tttactacat 317580

acgattttga gtatggcttc cagttgttct gtacagaata tggatcgaca tatttgcatc 317640

ttctcattat gtcctcagct ttgttgctca attcttttaa tacagccgga tccggacctg 317700

caaattccac ttctaccgta tgcgatgtgg aaatggaaaa attgtatttt ctgcaacgaa 317760

tgtatgcgtc aggatatttc tctcttagca tacgtcttac ttcgggtatc tgtttcacta 317820

ctgttttgta gtccttacag tcaataatca attcgccgta acagtcacct cccgatgtca 317880

taggtctgac aagacagtaa tgtgcagggg cacttccttg actgacagct attctttcta 317940

tatccttacg ttgggataac agattactca tgtccagcag gttgtcgcgc actacatcgg 318000

gactggtggt agaagggaaa aaacattcta tcacatattg cttatagtcg aaatctggaa 318060

agaacaagtt ttttactttt cccattccgg caatgcatag aataaggatt gcgaatgcaa 318120

tgccgatggt tattttctta tatcctatca gtttcgatat ggtattgcgt ataaatttgt 318180

gtatcggtga attcatgact gctccctggt cattgccagc ggtacgttct ctgatgggta 318240

accatgttct ggcacatacc ggtacctgaa cgagggctag tacccagctt gccagtagac 318300

tgacacaaag gacgagaaac agatcgccgg catattcacc agccgagtct ggtgaaaggt 318360

aaacacacaa gaatgtagag gctgcaatta ttgtggcacc aagtaaaggc atggctgtgt 318420

tctgacctat tctataaagg tattttttgg ggggaagccc acgtttcttg tcaataagaa 318480

taccatccat tatcaccacg gcattgtcta cgagcatacc cattgctacg atgaatgctc 318540

caagcgaaat acgttgcaag gtcgtgccgc acactaacag aatcggaaat gaaacagcta 318600

cagtaagaat cagaccgaag ccgataatca gtccacttcg gaaccccata gtgaatatca 318660

gtacgagtat tactatcaat acggactcaa tcagattcca catgaatgaa tagattgcat 318720

cctcaacctt gtctggctgg aaaaaaatct tttcggtact cattccggta ggaatgcttt 318780

gcatgatttc ttcaagacgt ttgtctactg cttttcccac atcaggtact attgctgacg 318840

attccatggc tatacagatg gcaagtgcgg acttgccgtt gacgaagaag ccgttttttt 318900

gaggttggga gtatgtcttt tctattttgg ctatatctcc cagtcttaga gtcttgccgt 318960

cgacggtctg tatcagaagg ctttttatat cattttcgtc cttgctctca gaatctacgt 319020

aaataggaat gagttcattg ccgctctgat acttccctgc atttacagtt ttgcaagcac 319080

cttgcagtgt ggacataatt tgtgccggta ttattccatt tctggatatc tgttctttag 319140

acagagtgat gtttatcact tcgtcacggt tgccggcaat gtttactcgt ttgacccctt 319200

ttacaccgga aagttcacgc tttatcagtc gggcatattg atacatttct ggataatcat 319260

atccgtcggc agtaaatgca taaaagatgc cgtaaacgtc catcatgtca tctatgacta 319320

taggatcgta acatccttgc ggcaatctgg cagatgcatc gtttacctta cggcgcagca 319380

aatcgaaatg ttgttccaga tcttttgtaa gaaccgtcat ctggaactcc actgtaaaca 319440

tagccattcc gtttttgcat tcagtcttta ttttgtttac attgggtagt gcacgtaatt 319500

cttcctccat cataagcgct actttaagct ctgtctcatg cgcacttgct cccggatagg 319560

gtactatcac catggcttgc ttggtggaaa ctgccggatc ctcaagtttg ggcatctgga 319620

tgaaagaaaa tattccggct attattatag ctgttacaaa cgaccagaat tgtatgggtc 319680

gtttcatgaa gtattttgta attcttatca tatcagtcct ccgacatttg ttttttccgg 319740

ttgttttatg actattactt tttcaccctc ttgaagtgag tttactcctg cacgtactat 319800

cttttctgtg ccattcagac cttttattac tgtgattttt tctccagaaa aatgatcatc 319860

catggttata accctttttt cgatggtaga atcttctttc aacacccata cacacgagtt 319920

gccactactt ttaaagattg cgcatgcagg tatttcaaat ccaccgatac tgtctgtttc 319980

attattgata gtcagacata cttcaacgtt catccctgga gtaatttctt tttccggttt 320040

ttctctaaat tttaggcata gctggtatag ctgatttccg tcggctttcg gcgatagact 320100

tacaaaatcc ataggatata cttgtgattc tttttcagat ggaattatac attcgtatct 320160

tactgcatta ttaataactt tcaatgtttt tgacggcaaa tctgttttaa cttccagatg 320220

cgaaacatcc aaaaacgtga atattgcagt acccgcatca accatttctg ctggagaaaa 320280

attgaccgac tgaatatatc cgtctgtcgg tgagtacagt ttggtatact ttagcttgtt 320340

cttgttcact tgcagttgaa ccccaagctg cttcagtccg gcagaagctt tctcataatc 320400

attggcagag acacttttct gatcaaacag ctttcttgtt cttgccactt cactcttcag 320460

ttgatcgtat tgtatctgca aggcttctac tccaagcaga taatctgcgt tgtcaagttc 320520

ggcaagtagt tcgccttttt ttacctgatc accttctttt acgtaaatgc attttatttg 320580

tccggcagtt ttgaacccaa gactgatttc gtgcgcttcg cggattattc ctgaatatct 320640

ttgggtagtg gtattacttg agggtaccgg attcacgact tgtacactat gaattggtaa 320700

agaagattgg ttgggtcgac tgcatgaact tagcataaat agcagtaatg tcggcagata 320760

gaataaattt tttattttca tgcttaatag attttaggtg ataatatgca ttctgttgat 320820

gcaaaattgt gtatttattt gtattatact atcaccgata aggatggtaa attggtctaa 320880

aggattgaaa atctatgaat agttagttgt ttcttatata tttgttcctc gaaaggtata 320940

atttgatatt ccatgaaaag agaaaatgtt tttttgaatc tggatttaag tgatttgtcg 321000

gcacagcctg gtgcacttca tattgataat aaaatcatac tcattgataa ccttgatgat 321060

gtagcagatg aagaaaatgc caatagttta tcttttgcca attatcccat gaaattatct 321120

tttacaatag gtctgattgt actttcggga gggatgaagg ttaaaatcaa tttggaagat 321180

tttgaagcac gtgcaggtga tgcaatcgtt gtttttaagg ggaatattgg tgaattttgc 321240

agcttattgc cggatacgcg tatggttgta attgcttttt ccgatgagct tttcaatgtg 321300

gtgaaacata ttaacacagc cctttccata cagcagtata tttatactaa tcctgtgttt 321360

catcttgatg aagaatttct tgatgaggca ttggatatat ataaaaagat gaaggcaaaa 321420

atgactgaaa ctaataatat ttttcttgaa ggaattttgc acggttatgc acaggttttg 321480

atgtacagtg cttacaatta ttttgtccaa agaaagaaaa acacagataa ttctttagaa 321540

tgcaatagaa atcaggaaat atacaaactt tttatgcagt cggtgcagaa aaattatatg 321600

catgaacgca gtataaccta ttatgctggt gtattatgta tttctccgaa atacctttct 321660

caagtaataa agaatgtaac cggaagattg gctagcgagt ggatagccga ttatgtgatt 321720

ttggaggcaa aagcattatt gaaaagtaat aaatatacgg tacaacaggt gtgtgacatg 321780

ctgaattttg ctaatcagtc tttctttgga aagtatttta aaaggaaaac cggagtttct 321840

cctaaggctt atataaaaag ctaaaaaaat cagttaagcg cctttagtta ttcgactccg 321900

attgataagt ctaagaagga gttgcatata gaagaatgta aaaaataacc cgcaaagaat 321960

ctattgcttc aacgattctt tgcgggttaa atttttctat cttaacacta ttgaatagtc 322020

ttgtatcaag gatgcaccat tgttccaata ttttcgcctg atatcacttt cttcaggtta 322080

cctaccgtat ccatgtcgaa tacaataatc ggcaggttgt tttccttaca catacaagta 322140

gctgtcaggt ccattacttt caagccacgt gccagaactt catcgtaagt gatttcatcg 322200

aacttggtag ctgtcggatc tttttccgga tcggcagtat agataccgtc tacacgggta 322260

cccttcagca tgacatcagc ttcaatttcg ataccacgca aggatgaacc ggtatcagtt 322320

gtgaagaacg gatttccggt tccggcagac atgatgacta cttcaccgtt ttccatggct 322380

tcgatggctt tccatttggt gtagaactca ccgatgggtt ccatgcggat agctgtcagt 322440

acacgagcct ttactccggc agccaccaaa gcagaactca gtcctaagct gttgataacc 322500

gttgccagca tacccatctg gtcacctttc acacggtcga atccctttcc ggctccagtc 322560

agtccgcgga agatgtttcc accgccgata acgatgccga tctgtacacc catgtcatgg 322620

atttccttga tttgctgtgc atattcgccc agacgttttt cgtcgatacc atatttcttt 322680

tctcccatta agctttcgcc gctgagcttt aacagaatac gtttgaactt tgccataaat 322740

tgattttttt aatgtttagt cgcaaagtta gaaataaatg tcagaagaat agtcaaaatc 322800

tcttgttttt attccttatt tctatcgtcc tgtcacttgc aggtattcac gtttttttac 322860

ttcatactga gcataggttt ctacatactt gtcgcgactt tgctgataga ggctctgtgc 322920

atcgagcaga tcgctcatgg tgcaggtacc ggctgcataa taatcggtat tcagacgcag 322980

attttcctta gcttgttcga tggaaagcag agctattttc acctgtttat aggcatcatt 323040

caagtcgtcc catgtatgtt tcatgcggat taccggcaac tggctttggt cggcgagttg 323100

gttttcggca ttgcgtagtt gtagtttctg gcgctgaatg tcgtgtgagc ctccccacca 323160

gcctgagata ggtacggata cggtagcgaa tcccagccag aatgtatgat ctttccctag 323220

cagattttcg taggcatagc ctcctccgat ggctacggta ggcaagttct tacctatagc 323280

cattttatgt tgcaggttgc ttgcctttac attttgctga aggaggttat attcattggt 323340

cagtgtaagg gctgtttcgg gaaccgtata gagctcttcc ggtccctgcg gcaacgtatc 323400

tttcaacgtt gctgctactt ctatgctgtc tgccggatgt cctatatact gcgcaagcat 323460

gctccgtgac aatgaaagca tgtttcccac ctggatgcgt ttgctttgta tctcgttctg 323520

gcggagctgt acttgcaata agtcgttgcg ggttgtaaca ccggccttaa cgctggtttc 323580

cacatcctga agcaactgac tcaattgctt gtcgagtgtg ccgatagtct gcaatttctc 323640

ttttagcatt acgacttgcc agaaatagtt ttctaccgtc agaattactt cgttttgcga 323700

ctgacgctgc tggaggcggt ttacttctac gttcacctga gccagtttgt tgccgtttac 323760

gagttgtcct ccggtgaaca gcggcagagt tgcggaaaca tcacctacaa gtccgttttt 323820

cataaaagcc atctgcattt caggggatag ttccatgcgt accatacttt tgtcggcgag 323880

gaatccgcta cctatggcac taactgtagg gaagtattta ctgaaagcct cctgtttgct 323940

gtgttctgcc atacggagat tgttttgtgc atttttcatg cgaacattgt tgctgagtgc 324000

ggcttctatg cattcgtcca gtgaataagc tttttgggca aatgtattta gtgataacat 324060

acagccagcc gacagcagga ataaagatag gatatttttt cttttcatca tcgtaactga 324120

aattagttgt aactttgagt ttactatgtt attcaagttc cagttgtgca ctggcagccc 324180

gtttgcgggt agaacctctg aacaataaca tatacagaac ctgaagaacg gtcagcagga 324240

agatcatggt gataagagtt ccgtaacaga tcactgttcc catgggcatc cacaatccgc 324300

ttttacccaa aatcattggg ataactccca tggaagctgc tgccgaagtc aggaaaatcg 324360

gtctcatacg tcggcgtgcg gaatgataaa tggcatcgcg tacgcataaa tgttcggtgc 324420

ttctcagttc ttcggcatag tctatcatga tgattccgtt acggacaata atacccatca 324480

agctgatgat acctaacgta cacgtcatac tgaagtcgac tctttgtatc aatacaccta 324540

ttgctgtacc gaaaacacag aatgtcatgc tgccgaagat gagcaaggcg atactcagac 324600

ggtggaaatg agctatcagg ataaataata tcatgacggc tgcgatggca agtgctccca 324660

tgataagcgg attttgctca ttattttgtt ccaagtcgcc tccgtatgtc agcgttacac 324720

cttggggtaa ggggatttcc tttatctttt cctggatttt tgctgttatc tccattgcat 324780

tttctcctct tcgcaagtcg gacatgacgg taatggtata gataccgttc cgacgtacaa 324840

gttgtccgtc ttcggtagag ggctcgatac tggctatctg acgaagtgga acacttgata 324900

atccaccggc aactggaatc aattcattct ctatgtcgtt ataatgtgca ctatcggctt 324960

tgttgctttt cagaacgata ggaatattgt aatcaccttc ccatacattg gcaacctgaa 325020

ctccgctacc gtatctcatt gctaatgtcg cttctaccgt agcattggta atgcctaacc 325080

gtgcagcttc atcttctttc agcacgatgc gtgccgtagt ttgcggatta ctgaagttgg 325140

tctgtgccag ttcggtttca ggcatgctgc gcaacaggct caagtatttg tcggctgtac 325200

atttcaggct gtcgaggtta ctaccactta atcgcagttc gataggataa actgactgac 325260

tgtaacttaa ctgcttgaaa cgaatcagtg cttcgggaaa tgcatcagta tattttacgg 325320

catattcgtc cagcaattct actgtttctt tatttccttt tgtgttgaca ataaactgtg 325380

catagtttgg acctgctatc tgtggtgcgt atgctgtgtg gaagcgagga gaagcacatc 325440

cggtaaatga agttaccgaa acaacacgat cgtccgcacg gagtatgttt tccagtgtgt 325500

cggctatagc attagtcttt tcgatagcag tccctgtagg aagatagatc tctacggcaa 325560

actgattacg gtcggctgtc ggcatcagat tctggggtaa tttgcccatt aggataatac 325620

ccacgacaat gaaggttaat cctgttatca ctgtataata aggatgcttg aaacatatat 325680

ccagcagctt attataatat ttctggagca tatccagaaa agagaatccc tttttaccgg 325740

tctggagagg tttccgtatg aaccagaact gcatgaacgg tacaagtaat gaagctacca 325800

gcagtgagat actcaaaatg agtgtgatgg cccatggaaa actgagcaga aaatcgtgga 325860

acattcctgt catgataaac agaaacggga agaacgtgat actgatggca agtgttgccg 325920

agaagatgga acgaaagaaa tgggtactgc tctgtatgga ggcgtgccag cgcgacattc 325980

cttctcctat tttttccaga taattatcga tgataacgat ggagttgtcg acaatcattc 326040

ccagtgtaac gatgagtgct gccagcgtta cagtattcag ttcgatacca aaaacataaa 326100

acagaccgag tgaaatgaat atggtaatcg ggatagtaga cgcggctacc agtgccacac 326160

gcatcgggag aagcaacatt actacaatga ctacggctac gatagcaatc aataactctt 326220

tcaggaagtt atttacgctg tcgcctacaa cttcactttg gtcggtgatg cggaacatgt 326280

tgacttccga cggaagttct ttcttaaact cttcgagtgt ctggttgatt tgttctccca 326340

tctttacaat gttctgcccc tttttcattt ctacactaag cagaatgcat tttttcccgt 326400

tgttggtaat gtaactgtcg gcatgcggat attcctttac cacacgggct acatccttca 326460

ggcgaatgtt atgtccggac gggtcggtat atacaatttg ttcttgtata tcgtaaacgc 326520

tattgaagga tttctctaca tgtacaggca gtatgtaggc cggattttgc actcgtccgc 326580

ctgaagtaac gaaccctttc gaaaacaggt tgacagtcag cgtctgttct gtcagtccgt 326640

attgcgaaag tttttcatta tccagataaa cagcaatctg ttcattctgt aatccgctta 326700

cggtcatacg tccgatgctg ctgattcggc gcaaacgatc ctgcaagtcg tccatgtatt 326760

cctttaattc ccgataagtc ttgtccttgc tctccatggt aatcagtagg gcagaggtat 326820

ccccgaaatc atccagtacc tgtacggcaa gcacattcga aggtaggttt gacttgaatg 326880

atgcgatgcc atgcttgaat ttgctccaga attcatcttt attgttgagg tcgtcgttta 326940

gttctacttg tatatacacg attccatcgc gactggtaga aaatgttttt tcttttttta 327000

cttctttata ggagaagatg tagttttcca gtggtttggt aacttgttca atcatctctt 327060

cggccgtatt acccggagct acggctacta ccattccctg acggattgta aaatcaggaa 327120

attcattctt gcgcatgttg ggcaagctgt atataccgaa tgcgaccaga caacatacta 327180

ccagtatgac aatctgccgg tagtgcattg cccattctac tatgttacgt ttcttttcca 327240

ttgttgtttt tcattttcag gaactgcaat cttgacattc aagtctttta cggcaaccag 327300

ttgaacaacc ggcattcccg gcattacgtt ttgtccgact tcgatgttct tggacgaaat 327360

aacaccacta tagggagcat atagtttgca gtcggataag ttcttgcgtg ccacttcctc 327420

catggaacga gcctgctgga gtttgctttg tacttcaatc catttcatat cagcaaggct 327480

tcctctgtca tgcagttgtt tcatacgctg ataggcatct tcagcctgtt tcagtgtaga 327540

ttgtgcggct gcataactgc tttgaatgga tgtcgggtct atttctgcta tcagttgacc 327600

tttagtcact ggtttaccta agtcgacgta tattttcttg atggtaccca tgacggaaaa 327660

acttaatgca gtagcattcg attcttctac ggtgccagaa taatgtctgg actcattggt 327720

cgtaccagaa gatacttgca tgacttttac ttttaccggg tcggcggaga agttctgctt 327780

gttgttatta tcctgacaag ataacaatgt gaataacagt aatgatactg taatgtaatg 327840

acactttttc ataccttttc tgaattatct tttaatttgt tcggtggcaa aagaatacat 327900

tttgcctgac gtattgattc ttttaaagtc tttaaaagtg ttctaaaaag ctcatgcctt 327960

ttccaatcag aataatagac catttattgt gtctgtttgg ttactgctat tggggaaaat 328020

taccgttatt ttgcagaaaa agaagctata gaatagatat ggaaaaagat attttagaaa 328080

gaggaatatg gcataatagc gatttagata gaaatgcggt ttacaaagac gatcgtatag 328140

ctattattga caatattcaa ggcctgaaaa atgggcagga gtttttgagt gacttggtaa 328200

aggttgatgc ggtacttttg gtcttttgtg tgaaaggaaa agcttccttg tgcatcaatg 328260

gggatactta catgattcat ccgaatgatt tgctggtttg tattccgaac attgtctttg 328320

aaaagagtat gattagcata gactttgaaa tgcgtagtgt tgtgctttct cctgaatata 328380

tgaagaatat ggtcttgttt gaatgcagta gttggagctt tcgttcgttt gttgaaaaac 328440

atccggtgtt ttcgttgaat gatgaggaag caagactgtt caggcagtat tatgatctat 328500

tgtacgaaaa aatgacccga gctcctcgta agcaccagaa ggaattgttt gatgccttac 328560

tggaaatgtt tcattatgat ttctatgata cgatagaacg tttctacaat gagaacccga 328620

aaaccttttc atcgtctgaa gtcttgttcc gaaactttct ggacttgctg aatactccgg 328680

gaaataactg tcggaaagtg gcttattatg ccgataagct gcatgtctca cctaaatatt 328740

tgtctgctgt gtgcaaagaa gtaagcggac agacagcttt cgatctggta aatcaatatg 328800

tcttgaagaa tgtgaaatac atgttgcaat ggtctcccaa gagcataaag gaaatagcca 328860

tggaattgga ctttcccaat ctctctttct ttggcaagta cgtgaaacgt tatctaggag 328920

tttctcctaa acaatatagg gaacagttgt cctctgaaaa atcatcagat acggaagctt 328980

aatcggcggt ttgattattg cttctgtatt tttatccttt gtttattatc tgggtcagaa 329040

tttgtttaaa atgaagtgct gcctttttac ggtaaagtcc tttggaccag aacaaatagg 329100

catgggttga taactcgttt ccagaagcaa tgggaatttt tattaactct tcttcgtttc 329160

gtacagctgc gaatgtcagt attgtagcct gatttccgct cttgacaagg tttatgatcg 329220

tattaacatc gttgatttca atttcggtag tcaggtgtaa tttttctttc agacagacat 329280

gttctattat ttcacgagta acgaaacctt tacttggaag tatcagtgga attgaagcga 329340

tatcttgaaa cttgatgatg gctttagaag ttaccgggtg agattttcct gcaaccagat 329400

agagtcggga agaaaatagg aatatttttt caaaatcaat aaaactttct tccgaaccga 329460

aagacaacac aaaatccatt tcattatttt ccagttttac catcagttct tcggacgtgg 329520

caaagatgat gttgatttgt atatgaggat attgctctga aaataatgga agtgctttag 329580

tgagcaatga actcaggctg aatgttgcgc ctatacataa ttttccagta tccagattct 329640

gtaaatcacg gatgatctgt ttcccgtttt cactttctct tatggcattt tttgcataag 329700

gcaaaaatga acttcccgct tctgtaagta tgatacgttt tcctatacgg tcgaaaagta 329760

aaataccgag ttcgttttcc aattgtttta tctgttgtga aagggtactt tgtgagatac 329820

ataacgcatg ggccgcttct gtaaagttaa gcagttcaca ggtcttttcg aaatatttta 329880

gttggcgaag ttccattttc aaatcggttt tatcaatgat tattatcgaa aaaaagagtt 329940

ttacaaatat aaaattataa tctgggctaa cctatttttg catcacaaac ctaataaaaa 330000

gtgattgatg gggagcaaaa aagtaaataa tgagcatgaa gtcacagtgc gctttcgtat 330060

gatacgcaac tgtatgtttc tgtccggcct ttctgttttt gcgcagctgt atctttttca 330120

gccgatgctg tcggatttgt gccgttcttt tagtataact ccagccgaaa gtagtcttgc 330180

cgtatcagct tcaacagtcg gaatggctgt cgggttgctc tttctggcgt ttaaggctga 330240

cggaatatca cgtgagaagc tgatgggagc ttcgctgatt ctgtcgtctg tgctgactat 330300

tgcatctgct tttattgata gctattcttt tctgttggtt tttaatttgt tgaaaggcat 330360

tgtcttagca ggggtttcgg ctgtagcgtt ggcatatctg tcggaagaag tggatgcctc 330420

taagattgga ttggcaatca gtctttatct gagcggtaat acattaggcg gaatgtcggg 330480

gcgtgtagca gcgaccttag tgtccggata tgggggatgg caacttgcta cattggttat 330540

cggaatagta agtcttgcct taggtgctat cttttgctgg aaaattccgg ctggaagaaa 330600

tttttcggct tcgatggttt cctttggaga aaaaatgagg caaatgcgtt cactgcttac 330660

gcaaacgaca tttatcagta tgtatgtcat tgcagctctt tctatgggaa tctttgtgag 330720

tgtctataat tatctttctt ttttgcttga gtctcctgct tttggtttgc cccatcattt 330780

ggtagctatg attttcatga tgtatgtagc tggaatcata ggatcggttg tggctggtgt 330840

cttatccgat cggtttgggc cggaggtact tttgcagggt gcattactgc tgatgggggt 330900

aggcatgtcg cttttgctgg tgatgaagct ttgggccatt gtgcttggat tgggtatatt 330960

gacttttgct ttctttagta cgcatacact ggcaagtcgg attgtttcca tgcatgccca 331020

gcatttgaaa agcagtgcta ccagtattta ctggctgttt tattatgccg gttctagttt 331080

gattggatcg ttgacgggaa tcgtactggt taacagtgga tggttttcgt tgatggaagt 331140

cttgctggct ctgctttttt gcgcgcttat tgtatcgtca ttattcattt ttaaatatag 331200

attgtatgag aagagtaaag tttacagcca tcgtcggtat ggcaataatg atgtccgttc 331260

ccgcaattag tctggcggac aatggaaaaa acgttgaggt tgttaatgaa ggtatccgct 331320

tctgcgaaag tacttaccct tatgatggag gtattctgat tgccaatttt ggaacagaac 331380

agttgaatcc gcttaataca gatggtaagg gatatatcct ttattataag gatggtaagg 331440

taagtacgtt ggttgctgcc gatggcaatc tgaatgctcc gaagggaatg tttatgcgta 331500

ataaccattt gtacatctgt gatgtcaata agattgttgt ttacgatttg aatcagaaag 331560

gtaaagctcc taaaacgatt cacctgccgg agggtaatct gtttgtaaat gacttggcgg 331620

cagatggtaa taacttgtat gcctcagtaa caaatacaga taagatcttt aagattgata 331680

taaccgattg tgacaatccg ggagaggctc aggagtgggc tactgtacct ggctctaatg 331740

gtttgctgat aggtgacggc atgatgtatg ttgcttctta tccggccgac gggaatacgg 331800

gagaaaagca tgtcatttat cgtataaacg acttggacaa tccgcagcct gagaaagtgg 331860

ttacagttcc tggacaatac gacggaatcg ctttttcttc ggatggaaaa tctctttatg 331920

ttacaaactg gactccagcc ggactgagtc gggtagattt acagactggt agcttgtcgc 331980

cacttaatat ttcgttggac aaagaattat cgggtcctgc tgacattacg gtttctggag 332040

gaaagattta tattcccgat ttgcctgcaa gccgtgttgt cattgtaaca gaataggttt 332100

gttttgatat aatataacat gttgtttcaa tacggaaagc aagactttct acttacttat 332160

aatctgtaaa ttgaaacatt atccccttgt ctatccttca gtgtaaggaa cagacgaggg 332220

gaattttttt agtcgtcttt tggtatctgc ttaagaaaag aaaaatgtaa aaaacggata 332280

ttcaatttta tcgtctttga ggtatatttg tgaatcagtt ttattttagt tgtaaaatga 332340

ttctatgcgt atgaaaaatc acaaattctt gttgtatgtg ttgggctctt ttttgtgctt 332400

gccattgagt gcacaatgga aaatgaatcc tacccctaac gatacccttc agtcggttcg 332460

ggtattgaaa aatggaaatg ttgtattgag tatttatgct cccaaagctc acgaggttca 332520

agtaggagga gatgttgttc cctggggaaa gaaattggat gtggtaaaat cggacgaagg 332580

tgtttggtcg gtaaccatac ctggagtaaa ggatggtgtt tatcgctatc attttctggt 332640

agacggtgta aaggtgttcg atcccaagtc tccagaagct ggtgaaacca cagcattgat 332700

gactgttgga agttcaggtg acgagttcta tgccatgaag aatgttcctc acggagccat 332760

gtcagaacgt tattattatt ctaaatcact gaaaacaact cgtcgcctgc atgtatggac 332820

accagctggt tatgaaaaag gttcggagaa cttacctgtt ttatatctga ttcatggggg 332880

aggcgataca gataattctt ggccaaccgt aggatgtgcg ggtaatattc tggataattt 332940

gctggctgaa ggaaagatga agccaatgat tgtagtgatg cccaacggtt ctattccaac 333000

agctaacctg atggatgagg ttccgttgtt ctccgacgat ttgatgaatg atattatacc 333060

ttttattgaa agtaattatc gggtactgac ggataaagac catcgtgcct tggcgggctt 333120

gtctatggga ggtatggaaa cgctggaagc gggattgaac cattacagac agtttggcta 333180

tttatgggtt ttaagttccg gatggtttgc tgatgatact aaaatgtatg ccgagaaagg 333240

agcttatttg aagaaaattg ctgctgactt taatcagaca gttcgttcgt taaactttac 333300

acaaggtggt cccgaagata tcgcttataa gaattgtaag gctatgctta aactatttga 333360

tgaggccgga attaaatatc agtattcaga ggctccgggt ggacatacat ggtatacatg 333420

gcgtaatgat ctttataatt tagcgcaaca gttatttaaa taaaaacgtt taggccgtta 333480

tgataagtgg tagtaaaacc cgtcataacg gcttattttg aataaggaga acaatatttg 333540

aacaaataga acaactgttt tgaacacaga tattagtttt ttgaataaat aagataatgt 333600

ttaccggtag tttaagctaa ttttacgtat cagaattaag gttctgtatt cttccttttt 333660

tttaatagga tagggccaga atgtagggcc ttgaaaaagt cttttgttta ttgaaaaatg 333720

aaaaaggagg aaacggatat gaaaaataaa tattaaatct tttacaaaaa tgagaaacgt 333780

tattcgaatg gtaggcgttg gaatcgctgc tttatgtatg gtgacttcta ctgtacaggg 333840

acaggtgaaa ttgaatgcca gcaacattga tgaagttatc ggtcagatga ctttggaaga 333900

aaaagtacac atggtaattg gttgtggtat gtcgatggga gatgatgtca agtttcccgg 333960

tacagcagga cgtacatacg atatccctcg gttaggtatt ccttcggttt atctggcaga 334020

cggaccacat cggttggcca tggctgtaaa gcgtgatttc gatagtcatt tttattatgc 334080

aactgaattt ccttcgggta cgaccgtagc tgctacattc gatccgaatg ctgcgtttca 334140

agttggagct gcattgggag aggaagtgaa agattacgga atggatgtat tattggcacc 334200

aggtgcaaac ttaatgcgta atgctttgtg cggccgtaat catgaatatt attctgaaga 334260

tcctgttgtg acgggaaaga tagctgccgg atatatcaat ggggtacaga gccagggtac 334320

aggtacctgt ctgaaacatt tcgctgtgaa taatcaggaa accaatcgta acaacaacga 334380

ttcgagagtt gcccagcgtc cgttgcgtga actttacctg aaaggatttg aaatagctgt 334440

caaagagtct caaccatgga gtattatgac atcttacaat aaagttaatg gtaagtatac 334500

atgtgaagat atagacttga cggaatacat tctccgtgac gaatggggat tcaagggtat 334560

ggttatgtct gactggaatg cgggaactga tgccgtgact tcgatgaagg cgggaaatga 334620

tatgctacag cccggacaag atcgtcagta taaggctatt ctggaagccg tacagaatgg 334680

cacgctggat gaggcggttc tgaatcgtaa cgtaaaacga atattggaaa tggtggtgaa 334740

atgccatacg tttgataatt ataaatatgc caacgaaaca aacctgaagg ctcatgccca 334800

ggtagaccgt accataggtg cagagggtat tgtcttattg gataatcaga gcgctttgcc 334860

tttggcagcc aatatcaaga atgtagcttt gtatggaacg acatcgtacg atatggttcc 334920

tgcaggtatg ggatttggaa gtacaggtgt tggctattat tgcgtttcca tggtggaagg 334980

tatgcgtaat gccggatata cagttgatgc gaacctgata aagaaataca agaaacatct 335040

ggccgatgag cagaaacgtc tttatccgaa aggcagacct cctttctctc ttactccgct 335100

gaagcgtgca gaagaatttg tccctactgc tgaagaactg gctgctcagg ttaagagtaa 335160

tgatgtggct attcttacct taggacgtac cagtggtgag gcttccgaca gacgggtaga 335220

agaattctat ttgaaagaca acgaaacagc ccttatcaag caggtggctg aggcttatca 335280

tgctgccggc aaaaaggtaa ttgttatcct gaatatttgt agtccggtag aaactgcttc 335340

ttggaagaat acggtcgatg ctgtaatctg tgctttccag cccggtcagg aagtcggaaa 335400

cagtgtagcc gatgtactga caggtaaggt aaatccttca ggacatctgc cgatgacgtt 335460

cgccgtaaaa tatggagatg caccgtctga cgctaatttc ccgtatgact atgagtttaa 335520

aatgccgtcg tttgcaatgg gaagcggcat gaacttcgag tcgaaagaga aaaaggaaga 335580

aaagcctaaa gaggccgttc gcaatgtaga ttacacgaac tatgaagaag gtatttatgt 335640

aggttatcgc tatttcgata ctttcagtaa ggaagtttct tatccgtttg gtcacggttt 335700

gtcgtataca accttcagtt ttgatgtcgt atcatcaggt attaatggcg acaagtgtga 335760

gatgaaagta tcggtaaaga atacaggcaa ttgtgccggc aaggagtctg tccagcttta 335820

tgtcaaggct ccggcaggcg gattggaaaa accagctaaa gaattaaagg cgtttgcaaa 335880

gacaaaactc ttgcagccgg gtgaatcgga agtagtgaca ttgtcgtgga atctgatgga 335940

tatggcttcc ttcaatgaaa agagctgttc ttgggaactt gccaaaggta catatcagtg 336000

gatggcagca gcttcttctg ctgatgttcg ttgcacggta tctcaaaagg tggctaaagc 336060

ccagaaggta aaagtgcacg atgcgatgaa acctgcgtat aagattactc aacttgatat 336120

ggttaaacga tgataaaagg tttgttacat attgctgtct gcgtttccct tttgggggcg 336180

ccgatggcac tgtgtgccca agatcttgtc gtcactgtgg aaggaggtca gattgagggc 336240

atggtagacg aagaaggagt tgttgtctat aaaggcattc cttatgcagc tcctccggta 336300

aacgaattgc gatggaaaca gccacagcct gtacagtcgt ggcagggtgt gaagaaatgt 336360

gataagtttg gtccggcctc ccttcagggc ggacagacga aaggctcctt ttattggaag 336420

gaattttatc aggatggtaa tcctgaaatg agtgaagact gtctgtatct gaatgtgtgg 336480

acaccggaag tggggaaaaa ggataatcgc cttcctgtga tggtgtggat tcatggcggt 336540

gcctttcaga atggtttcgg acatgagatt gagttcgatg gagatgcata cgccaagaaa 336600

ggtgtggttt tggtaacact gaactatcgt ttgggcatgt gtggtttctt ggttcatcca 336660

ctgctgactg ccgaaaacgg tggcaagggt tctggcaact atggtctgtt cgaccagctg 336720

gcagtcttga aatgggtaaa gcgtaacatc gaggctttcg gtggtgatcc gaataatgtg 336780

acagtattcg ggcagagtgc tggtgccggc agtgtgcagg cattgatttc ttcacctttg 336840

gccgaaggat atatacagcg tgctatcata caaagtggtg gcggattggg aggcattatt 336900

tctacaaaat ccttacaaga cgctgaaact gtaggaaaag ccatgtggga tgcttcgggc 336960

tgcactacgt tggagcagat gcgtgcttat ccggcagacc gtttttcgga agtgatgacg 337020

aattacatga aacagcagaa aaaatttatg ggcatgccct attccccgtg tgtggatgga 337080

gagcttctga atgcctcggc atacgatgtg gcgatgcagg acaaggaact ggatattcct 337140

tacatgatag gctacacgtc ggaggatatc gctccagatc agatgcggaa ggctgccgtg 337200

gattggagtc ttctgcttga gcagcaagga catcatccgg cttatgtata ttgctttagg 337260

cgtgatttac cgggtgagga catgcctgca cccgaaggtg gatttggcga tatgaagggt 337320

gcgtttcatt ccagtgagtt gtggtatatg tttggaacgt tggataaatg ctggcgtccg 337380

atggaagcag ccgattatga gttgagtgaa cgcatggttt cttattggac gaactttgcc 337440

aagagcggca atccgaatgg agcagacttg cccgaatgga aaccttgtac caaagccgac 337500

cagcatatac aagaattgga tgtgaataaa taattgttta atgtatcaat agttcgttaa 337560

aaattagccc agcctaagcg gctctggcag taaataaaat gagttctttg aaaagtttgt 337620

caattaattg cgtgtttggt tcaatcccag acacgcaaat aaatcgttca agcatgtaag 337680

cattgtgtat gactgacttg catgatgata tggaatattt tattcccatc ttcttacagg 337740

cagccttggc gaggtttatc gctgcaagtg atgcattaaa gtggaatgcc agtttcctga 337800

agtctgtaga ctgacagttt gctattccgg catgttgctt ggcatcccga aagcagaatt 337860

cgagttggaa acgtgttctg taaaagtcca ggacatcctg tgcgttctgt atttcgtttg 337920

tagagaaata cagctgccat ttgtccgttc ttccatccat ggggtaccat acagccaggc 337980

tcacaaagcg tttgagtgct ttggagtatg ctttcagtcc gtaaagttta cccttgttca 338040

ctttgtactc ggtacatctt gtgatgtcca gattttcaaa gtcaattttc tcgtcatgta 338100

attttggacg tccgcgtttt cctgtcctat tttctaaggt gggataaaac aatacggcat 338160

cattcctgaa acggcttatt acgtggaaac cgttatcgta caatggtttg atgaaagttg 338220

cctttgaaaa gaacgcatca cacacgactg tgccagaaat acgtttcagc tgttcctgta 338280

tgctgataag gtaagagctg taccagtcaa caagattctt ctcacagctt tccagcgttg 338340

cgttgtcagg tgtctgtaca gagcccaaag tcatacattc atggttgtca acgtctataa 338400

ctccaatacc ggttatttcc agtccacgtt tgtattcacc ggcacaaccg gaccagaaat 338460

agccaatcca cggcgttttg ctgcctgatt ttggaatgaa agacggatca acggctatcg 338520

ccttgcgacc acctttaagg tgttccctga tgatggcttc attgaaggaa aaccagtcaa 338580

agccgtcgtt ctcaaaattg ttgcggtatg tctgttccga gaaacatcca taccgtccca 338640

tttgtaggaa attgatgcgg tcaggtatag ccatgaataa tttcattgca tccatgaata 338700

ctttctgaaa agatttgctt atatttacag ctgattcgag agcgtttctg cactcggatt 338760

ggtattgcat aaggagtgat tctttagtca taattaaaag tggtgaagta cttctaattt 338820

actaaaaatc agtgaattat gaaatacttt ttctgttgat tttcagctgt ttagcatatc 338880

tttttcatcc cttttcttac tccttgacga tttattcttg acagtatttc aatgatctct 338940

tgaatataat tttgaaccgg attatgccga ttctatgttt aattttaatt tatcggtaaa 339000

aatttaccga agtattgatg tattaaataa agagataatt atgaagaagc tattatgtgt 339060

attggcttgt gccttgttcg tagttacggc atggggacag caagccttgt ttggcggaaa 339120

ccagattgta tctcctgagg taaatgctga tggtactgtt acatttcggc tttatgctcc 339180

gaaggcagtt aaagtagaag tgacgggcga ttttttgcct tctgtaaaag tttcaactcc 339240

tatgggagag tttgatcagc caggagttgc tccgttgacg gaaggtaagg atggtatatg 339300

gacgtataca acgacctcac tggctcctga attgtattcc tatactttca aagtcgacgg 339360

aatgacttat ctcgatccgt ctaatatcta tatgtgtcgt gatatcgcta cctataccaa 339420

tatttttatt gtagagaaag aaaaaggtga taaaggtgac ttgtatagtg taaatgctgt 339480

acctcacgga aatgtttcta aggtatggta cgatagtccc acgctgaaga tgacacgtcg 339540

tatgacggtt tatactcctg ctggttacga aaaaggtgga cgttatccgg tgctttattt 339600

gttgcatggt gccggtggtg acgaagatgc ttggactact ttggggcgtg cggctcagat 339660

tatggataat ctgattgctg aaggtaaggc taaaccgatg attgtagtaa tgaccaatgg 339720

aaatacaaat tgtgaagctg ctccaggaga atggtcgaaa ggtatgtata agccttcatt 339780

tatgggacat cgtgactcca agccagttgc ttcaatggaa gaaagcttcc ctgatgttgt 339840

aaaatatgta gaaaagaact atcgcgtact gaaaaataag aaagatcgcg caatctgtgg 339900

tttgtctatg ggtggcggac attctttcgc tatttcgaag ctctatccga atatgttcga 339960

ttacgtcgga ctgttttcag ctgctatcta tgtaaaggga ggtaataatt caaagcaacc 340020

gcttttggat caaatgaatg aggatgctga tttcaataag cagatgactg ctttgtttgg 340080

tgctcatccg aagttgtatt ggattgctat cggcaagact gatttcttgt ataaggcaaa 340140

tgctgattat cggaaatatt tggatggtaa aggttattcg tatgagtatc tggaaacaga 340200

aggtggacat atctggcgta actggcgtgt ttaccttaca gagtttgcac agaaaatctt 340260

taagtaatgg taagaactta gtttctagtt tgttgtattt taccagttga aaaatagatt 340320

ttttgctcgt ctttgagcat tattcccctc tttgttattg tatgtcctgt agacgtaaag 340380

agcaaagggg gaatttcgtt ttcattcgca aaatcggcat gtaacttcct ttacataatt 340440

gttataggaa agttggaaca ggcttagtgg agaaggtatt atttgatgct ataaatcccg 340500

actcgaaggt agatcgtatc ttgaatcggg atttttttct tttataatac gtaggctgat 340560

tattccgaag ggctctaaag actatttcat ttatatcaag ttcgagctat attatgaaat 340620

attaattagc ttgtgtgtct gaagacttag tcgccactgt ggatgttcct tgatgtaagc 340680

aatcacctta tcggtattct gtccggaaca gggttgtaga aagtgatgtt tggcaggtag 340740

tttgaggtaa ggagatacgt cctgacctac atatactact tttacttcgt ctatgtgacg 340800

tattttcaat gttgctcctt ctttgggaga gcatgtcacc caatcgatat cttccggcaa 340860

gacacaagtt ccattggttt ctattgcaat gtatttgccg gcagcatgta gtgccctgat 340920

tagttcgctg tcaatccata gtcctggttc tccacctgta agaattacca tttgacacgg 340980

ataggtacat acttctctta cgatttcatc atctgtcatc gtatgaaact cttcatgctg 341040

tgtatcgcag aagctgcatt tcaggttgca ccctgagaac cggataaaga cagcaggagt 341100

tcccgtatga aatccttcac cttgtaggct atagaatatt tcgttaatct ttctcataga 341160

tagctgtatt accctccgat tcttttactt ctactttaaa acaatgagga atttgattgc 341220

atacccaaca ggcaatgttt tctgccgtag gattaaaagg cagtatatcg ttcaggttgt 341280

tatggtctaa ttgcttttct actgcttgct tgatatgagt aaaatctact accataccgt 341340

tttcgtcaag ttctttcgaa cggcaaaata cggttataat ccagttgtga ccgtgaagct 341400

tttcgcattt gctttgataa gatagtttta gcgagtgtga ggctgaaatc tccatccttt 341460

taattactgt gtacatagtt gatacgttag tttgattaat acaaatttgc tcctgcttga 341520

tgtcacctcg gcagttattt atagtgcaaa gatagaaata tctaaggaaa ttttattata 341580

accgatttat acattcgtga ttttctcaat gattttcttc atttcttcat gcagtacgga 341640

taaaataaaa atccccataa ctcagagagt tacagggatt tatatattga atcaagtata 341700

aattacttat tcaaagccaa agctacgttt acagcgcaag ctactgtaca tcctaccatc 341760

gggttgttac cgatacccag gaatcccatc atttctacgt gagcaggaac tgatgaagaa 341820

ccagcgaact gtgcgtctga gtgcatacgg cccatagtat ctgtcatacc gtaagaagca 341880

ggacctgcag ccatgttatc cgggtgaagt gtacgacctg taccaccacc tgaagctact 341940

gagaagtaag gtttacctgc aagaacacgt tctttcttgt aagtacctgc aaccggatgc 342000

tggaaacgag tcgggttagt agagttacct gtgatagata catctacatt ttcatgccac 342060

atgatagcaa caccttcacg tacatcgtct gcaccgtagc attttacttt agcacgagga 342120

ccgtctgaat acggagtttc ttttacgatg ttcaattcac ctgtgaagta gtcgaactta 342180

gtctgaacgt aagtaaatcc gttgatacga gagataatca tagcagcgtc tttacccaga 342240

ccgttcaaga tacaacgcaa cgggttctta cgtactttgt ttgccatttc agcaatcttg 342300

atagcacctt ctgcggcagc gaatgattcg tggcctgcca agaatgcgaa gcactgagtt 342360

tcttcgcgca acagacgagc tgccaggtta ccgtgaccca aacctacttt acggtcatca 342420

gctactgagc ccggaataca gaaagcctgc aaaccgatac cgatagcttc tgcagcgtcg 342480

gcagcgtttt tacaaccttt tttcagagcg attgcgcaac ctactacgta tgcccatttt 342540

gcattctcga agcagatacc ctgagtttcc tgacaagtca gatacggatc aaggccggct 342600

gcgtcacaga ttgcattagc ttcttcaatg tctttgatac cgttttcatt caaagcagcc 342660

aaaatctgct tgatacgacg gtcctgactt tcaaactgta ctggtctaat cataatctgt 342720

atcctcctta ttattcttta cgtgggtcaa tatatttaac tgcgccttgt tcgggtttga 342780

agcgtccgta agtaccggta acagctttca atgcttcatt agcatctgta cccttcttga 342840

tctgttccat gaatttaccc atgtgaacaa attcgtaacc gattacctgg ttgtctttgt 342900

ccaaagccat acgagtgatg taaccttctg tcagttccaa gtaacgagta ccttttgctt 342960

ttgttccata caaagtacct gtctggctgc gaagtccttt acccaagtct tccaaacctg 343020

caccgatcat caaaccgcct tcagagaaag ctgactgagt acgaccgtat acaatctgca 343080

agaacaattc acgcattgcg gtgttgatgg catcgcaaac caagtctgta ttcagtgctt 343140

ccagaattgt tttacccggc agaatttcag aagccatagc tgctgagtga gtcataccag 343200

agcaaccgat tgtttctacc aaacattctt cgataacacc ttctttgacg ttcaaagtca 343260

atttacaagc accctgctgt ggagcacacc atcccacacc atgagttaaa cctgaaatgt 343320

ctttgatttc ttttgcttga atccattttc cttcttcagg aattggggcc ggaccgtggt 343380

taggtccttt agcaacacaa cacatgtgtt caacttcatg tgaataaatc atattattta 343440

cgttttatga gtaataaaaa ataagtattt cgtaaaccac ttattacgga atttcttctt 343500

taattcgtac gcaaagttag tcgttttatt tagttatgca atcaatgaaa ccgaactttt 343560

tgttgcattt taatgatatt tttcgctgaa actcgtgttt tgtaatgtcg gcatatcaaa 343620

atgtttttta tcttccgaga gaaacccgta tctttgctgc cggtattcca acaaaaggat 343680

atacctatat ataagtaata ataatcaggt atatggacga gtgtaagatt aaagtaaaag 343740

acgatgcttt gcgtcgtggt gcagaagccg gaatggatga gtttctgaaa gtgtttgtcg 343800

acaaatactt ggaggtgacc ggtggagtta tcaatgcaga aaccatgccg ttgctcaatg 343860

gctatcagca tacactgctg gggtatcatt tctttcggga ggaagtgctc gaaggaggtt 343920

ttgtgcagtt gattcagaat ggttacggac cgtacatttt cgataatcct tttgccaagg 343980

ctatgcgtct gtttggagct aaggagtttt cgaaactgat ttacgaagcc aagaagattt 344040

acgatgcgca tcggaaagac ttggagaaag agtgttccga cgatgaattt atggccatgt 344100

atgagcagta tgaggaattc gatgatctgg aagaagccta tatggatatg gaagagaagg 344160

ttacggctca gcttgcagaa tacgtggacg aacatttgga tcagtttgcc gaggtagagc 344220

aataaattgt tttacttgtg aaggaaaatc gtttaagtac gaatagcggt tatgcgaatt 344280

cgtggaagat agggagtttt ggagccgaag aaccggtcga tctttacgaa ttgtataaat 344340

aaatgttaaa aagtaaaagt gcaaagcagt ctttttacgc tttttttatt taagatgaag 344400

aaatttaata atctataaaa acataaagga atgaagacaa tgaagttttt cgtaatggca 344460

tcggctttgg ctgcaatggt aggtttcagt tcttgcttga atggtggaga ttatactaat 344520

acggcatcgg gtgctacgtt tgtaaaagta tcaggctatt tgggaattaa tagtttgaaa 344580

gatgaactag ggtttgagta tgttccttct aataaagagg atattacaaa tttgacgagc 344640

gaaaagtatg catatattgt ttatacgtat gatcctacaa ctgtagatta tgcgcagaag 344700

gcggtcaata ttaatctggc aggttattct attctgaccg atgaacaggt tgttgcaaat 344760

gctcctgtgg cagaaaatgc gaatgctcct gtctatagcg tatatgatat gagtaccagc 344820

tcacaatatc gtgtacagcc tgttttctat cagaagagag atgtattcat tccgatttat 344880

tactattata aaccggctaa tagtagtgag gacttgcaga aagaaagggt tcttcaccat 344940

tttaccttat attatgatgc aacgaccgat ttcacaagct ctactatgac attgcatctt 345000

cgtcatacca tacaggattt tgatgcagaa gaaaatgaaa agagaacaag ttacgattat 345060

gaattcagac attttaattt gaactcagcg ttaagccagt atcaggctgc caatggcgga 345120

cagaatccgg ataagattgt aattgaattc gaacagaatc ggtacaatgc tgattatggg 345180

aaagacgata tagaaagcaa gtcatacgaa atagactata aaacggtagt cgaaaattat 345240

gataagctgg ctggtagtac gaccggatca ggtagtaacg aataatttaa gagagaaaag 345300

atagagagag ggcatacgtt ggtaagtatg cctttgttaa ggtacggatt gtacggaatg 345360

gctgttgtat gttaatgtat gtcagcgttt ctgtataatt cgtaccttat tttatttctt 345420

ttttgtacat ttgcaattcc gattgtcgga ttgattacaa aaaagaagaa taacattgga 345480

ttataaatca ttatttcagc aaatagttac tttgctttcc actcccggta aagcgtggag 345540

tgaaatagca gaacgagggg ttgggcgttc gataatgcct gcttttgttt atcccctgat 345600

tggtttgtgc gggttgtcgg aatttatcgg aacatttatt ggaaaggact tttcgtccat 345660

catgtttcaa atagccttga ctcgctgttg tgccgtagct gtagccttgt tcggaggatt 345720

tttcctgtcg gcttatctgc tcgataaact gaaccggaaa tggcttggca gaaaagattc 345780

atacgaccgg atgctggtct ttgtgggcta ttccatggtc gttacctttg ttttgaatat 345840

cgtcagcgga ctgttttcca ttgttctgct gcactggata ttgcaaatat ataccattgt 345900

aattgtgttc gaaggagtac gcagatggct caagataccg gaatacagcc agaccgcttt 345960

taccgttgtg tcaactgtca ttatcttggt gtgtcctgcc cttatcgaat ttatatttaa 346020

taagttatct gtaattttga actgatgaaa acaaacgccg gtaatatcaa tatcaagaac 346080

aaacgtgcgt cattcgatta tgagtttatc gatacgtata ccgccggaat tgtgctgacc 346140

ggaaccgaaa tcaagtccat tcgtcaggga aaggcaagtc tggtcgatac gttttgtttc 346200

ttttcccgcg gagagttgtg ggtgaagaac atgcacattg ccgaatattt ttatggctct 346260

tacaataacc atgcggctcg tcgcgaccgc aagctgctgc ttaccaagaa ggagctgcgc 346320

aagctggaac ggacttctgc cgagccgggt tttaccattg tgcctactcg tatgtatatc 346380

aatgaaaaag gactggcaaa ggtggttatt gctctggcaa agggtaagaa acaatacgac 346440

aagcgccaga ccttgaagga aaaggaagac aaacgtatga tggatcgcat gttcaagcga 346500

taaacaaggg ggaactgcac ggactacacg ggcttacacg acttttttat aattaaatag 346560

ggcttttcaa aatgcaacaa ctaataaacg aacgtattct cgtgctcgac ggagcgatgg 346620

gaaccatgat acaacaatat aatctctcgg aggccgattt ccggggggag cgtttcaagg 346680

atatacccgg acagttgaag ggaaacaacg acatgctgtg cctgacgcat ccggatgtaa 346740

tcgaagaaat acaccggaag tatctggagg cgggagcaga tatcattgaa acaaatacat 346800

tcaatgcgac ttctgtttcg atggcggatt atcacatgca gccgtattgt cgtgaaataa 346860

atctggcggc agcccgtctg gctcgtaagg tagccgatga gtttaccgca aaaactcccg 346920

gaaagccacg tttcgtggct ggttcggtgg gccctaccaa taagacctgc tccatgagtc 346980

ccgacgtaaa caatccggct tttcgtgcgc ttacgttcga tgaacttgct gatgcttacc 347040

gcgaacagat ggaagccttg ctcgaagggg gagtggatgc catcctgata gaaaccattt 347100

tcgatacgct gaatgcgaaa gctgctattc tggcggcaga aacctcgatg cggaaattgg 347160

gaagaaaggt tccgctgatg ctttctgtga cggtttcgga tgtagcagga cgtaccttgt 347220

cgggacagac gcttgatgcg tttctggctt cggtgcagca tgctgacatt ttctccatcg 347280

gattgaactg ttctttcgga gccaagcagt tgaagccttt tctggaacaa ctggctcgcc 347340

gtgctcctta ttatataagt gcctatccca atgccggact tcccaacagt ctggggcagt 347400

acgaccagac gcccgaggag atggctgtcg aaatcaagga atatatcgac gagggactgg 347460

tcaatatcat tggaggatgc tgtggtacta cagaggccta tatagctaag tatcaggagc 347520

tcatcaagga tgctaagcct catgtgcctg cgccggagcc gaaatatctc tggctttcgg 347580

gactggagct gctggaggtg actcccgaaa ttaattttgt gaacgtgggt gaacgttgca 347640

atgtggctgg ttctcgcaag ttccttcgcc tgatcaacga aaagaaatac gatgaggctt 347700

tgtcgattgc ccgcaagcag gtagaagacg gtgcgctgat tctcgatgtc aacatggacg 347760

acggtttact ggatgctgcc gaggaaatga ctacattcct caacctggtc gcatcggagc 347820

cggatattgc ccgtgtgcct attatgatcg actcttctaa atgggaggtt attttagcag 347880

gactgaagtg tgtgcagggc aagtgtgtcg tcaattccat ttcgctgaaa gaaggcgaag 347940

agcttttcat tgagcatgcc cgtaccgtca agcagtacgg tgcggcagtc atcgtgatgg 348000

cattcgacga gaaagggcag gccgatacgt tcgaacgtaa gattgaagtt tgcgaacggg 348060

cttaccgtat tctgacagag aaggtaggtt tccgtcgaca ggatattatt ttcgacccga 348120

atgtgctggc ggtagctacg ggaatcgagg aacataataa ttatgccgtc gattttatca 348180

aggcgacggg ctggattcgt cagaaccttc cgggagcaca tgtcagcgga ggggtaagta 348240

atctttcgtt ctcgttccgc ggcaacaact atatccgtga ggcgatgcac gcggtattcc 348300

tctatcatgc cattcagcaa ggtatggata tgggcattgt caatccggga acttcggtgc 348360

tgtataccga tattccttcg gatattctgg agcgtataga agatgtggta ttgaaccgtc 348420

gtccggatgc tgccgagcgc ctgattgaaa cggccgaaaa actgaaggcg gaaaaagaga 348480

atgcaggcga acagcaggcg gctgtttccc atcttgcttg gcgtgagggt accacggtag 348540

aagagcgttt gcagtatgca ctggtcaagg gactgggtga ttacttggat gaagacttgc 348600

atgaggcgct tgcaaagtat ccggatgcag tcagcatcat cgaaggtccg ctcatggcag 348660

gcatgaatca tgttggcgat ttgtttggct ccggcaagat gttcttgccg caggtagtca 348720

agacggcgcg taccatgaag aaagcagtag ccatcttgca gccttatatc gaggcagaaa 348780

agaaggaagg agcacgcagt gccggtaaag tattgctggc tacggtaaag ggcgatgtac 348840

acgatatcgg taaaaacatt gtgggggtcg tcatggcgtg caacaattac gagattatcg 348900

acttgggtgt gatggtccct gcggagaaga ttatcgaaac ggctatccgt gagaaggtag 348960

atattgtcgg tttgagcgga ctcattactc cgtcgctgga agaaatggtg catgtcgtga 349020

gggagatgga acgtgccgga ctcgacattc cggtgatgat tggcggtgct acaacttcca 349080

agctccatac tgctctgaag attgctccgg tttatcatgt tccggtggtc tacatgaaag 349140

acgcttctct caatgcgccg gtagcggcac gcctgatgaa tctcgacttg cggagtgctt 349200

ttgccgagga actggaaaat gaatatcgcg aacttcgtga gaagaataag acaagacagg 349260

tcaagacagt ttcgctcaag gaggcacaga aaaataaatt gaacctgtgg gagtagattg 349320

tcatctggaa cttgggtgat ttattctctg aaggtgggca tggtatatca actttttggt 349380

gatataccat gctttttgtt tgtattcttt ataaatttac ccagcattga aaaacacgac 349440

atgatgaaga atacattatt ttattgcctt ttgttctgct ggatattttc cggcagggct 349500

ttgttggccc agtctgtaca tggatattgt ccattagata aagcacatcc tgtttatttc 349560

tatggagata gaatcagtta tgctggaaca gaaataaagt tggataagaa gacttttttt 349620

atcgacggtc aactttctga tgaaacggtt tccagatatc cgtttgtttt caatagcttt 349680

aatgaagctg ctaaggcttt tgttgccgga acagaggcag agcctatgcg ggtgtatatt 349740

gctccttatg tatattggat agataatccg gacgatcctc aagttagagt gggaaaggaa 349800

ggtaaggaac ctttcggatt ggtcgtgaag tgtccttatc tgcatctgat tggcttgacg 349860

gacaatcccg agaatgtcgt actggcttcc agtcgcggac agactcaggg agctgtagga 349920

aactttacaa tgttcgattt ttggggtgat ggactgcaag tcaggaatct tacgatggga 349980

aacttttgta atgtcgattt ggaatttcct ctaaagaaag agctgggacg taagaaaaga 350040

atgtctgcta tcacgcaggc acatgtagct tattgtcacg gagataagat agttgccgag 350100

aaagtgcgtt ttatcagccg tttaaatatg aaccccttga atggcgcaaa acgtattttg 350160

ttttataaat gttatatgga gagtactgac gatgctctga cgggtacagg ggtctatttg 350220

gattgtacgt tgaagtttta tgggcagaaa ccgttctggc agacagatat ggggggagct 350280

gtctttttga atagtgattt ttatatatgc catgaggaag accgtcagta tttctgtaag 350340

ggagtaagtc ctttgtcggt agtcgactgc cggtttcatg ttcggaagcc cgtatatgca 350400

ggttggacac acgagccatc cgactggctt cgttgttatc agtatggtgt aacgatgaac 350460

gggcaacctt acattttagg agccgataag ccctataata cggtatgtat ggagcaaaga 350520

ccgatgcttt gtgcttatag gctgactgac gaaaaagggc atgtgattta taatacatac 350580

aatctgttac ggggaaatga tgattggaat ccgcttcatg tcaaagatag tatactggca 350640

gtaggagtac gtgatggcaa agattatacg aatatgccgg tctgtctgtc ggtcactccg 350700

ctggttactt ctgtacagac cggaggacag ccggtagagc ttacggcaat tgtgaaaagg 350760

cattgtaatt atgtactcca aggtgctcag atcagatgga aagtacagtc gggctatgaa 350820

aaatatatca gtctgtcggt ggaaagaaat ggaaagtgta tagttgaagc ccgaaatcac 350880

gaggatgaaa caaaacattt cactataaca gcttttacgg aggaggggct ggaatgtgcc 350940

gtcgaactga tggttactcc cgattttgta gaagccccgg cttttgtgga actgccgaag 351000

ctgcagattg cagatggaag agcaacggta cgttatagcc tggacttgca gggacgtgaa 351060

gatgagtcgc tgataacttg gtatcgggct gccgataagg atggaaaaac aaaatatccg 351120

gtagcggttt cacgcttagg tatacccgaa acgaactaca ggcttaccaa agaagatgtc 351180

gggtattatc ttatggtaac gatatccccc aagcatttgc gctgccatcc cggtaaggaa 351240

tatacagtaa cttcttcagc acgggtcagc aggaaacaga ttgatccggt aaatgtactt 351300

gaaactgatt ttcgaaattt tccttgtacc aatcagcctg ttatataccc cggcggctgg 351360

acgataggtg gatataagcc tttcgataca gcagaatatg attggaaagt attttccgat 351420

aagagttatt gggtatatgg taagggaata aatggagcac acggaatggg gctccttcag 351480

gctcagcgtg gggcgcgttt gctgtacact ccactggaag gagcatacgg ggatatgaaa 351540

ataaccttga atgttgatcc tagtaagacg gcaggacagg gattcggaag cgctacgggg 351600

cagtatatgg atgtctgtat aaagtttgat acccgtacat taagtggata tgccttacgt 351660

atcatccgga cgactaaata tagtaatgct gtcgattttg tgctgatgaa atatgaaaac 351720

ggcaggacca ctgcaataac tccttccgta tcgagtacct gttaccgcac cggctgtacc 351780

attgtggtcg aggtgagagg aaataaactg atggcacatg ctgaaacttc tactccactt 351840

tcagcccttg tgacggataa gaatttgcag ccttctgtta gtttggaagc cgatattctt 351900

cccaatttgt ggggcggtat ggcgattcaa catacgggaa gctgtggcga gagtgctacc 351960

atgctgcatt acttaaaaat agaatggaaa gataccttac atagtaaata gttttacagt 352020

ttttgagtga aaagtatcac aataggatgt gaaaatgatt agaaaaggaa aatatgaaca 352080

gtccttcact agatgtgaat aatatcgtaa agccttgata atgtaccttt gcttcagatt 352140

aagaaatgaa acaaaatgaa gcaattacta gttattttta cttgcctttg tacgctgatg 352200

cccgccgggg ctcaggacgt actgacactg gaagagtgcc tgcgactggg catagagaac 352260

aatctctcct tgaaaagctg tcgcaatgaa gtccgaaaag gagagcatac gctgagtgaa 352320

aaccgtgcca agctgctgcc gcagattaat gcggtagccg gattcaacga caatttcaac 352380

ccgccggtat cggttaccga cggctctgct tacggcaatc cgtacaatgt tactaaaacc 352440

ttgcagtaca atgcatcggc gggcatccag ttgcagatgc ctttatacaa ccagacggtt 352500

tatacagcaa tggatattac gcgaaccatg aacgagctga accgcttgtc gtacgaaaag 352560

gcacgcgaag acttgattct gcaaatcagc aagatgtatt atttgagtca gaacacttcc 352620

gagcagcttg ccttgataaa agagaacatt tctcggctga acgagctgag caatattact 352680

caggctttct acgataacgg catggcgatg gaagtcgacg tgaagcgggt gaacatcaat 352740

ctggaaaacc agcgggtaca gtatgataat gcacagtcta tgctgactca gcaactcaat 352800

ctcttgaagt atgtaatgga ttatccggcc gataaggaaa tagctttgac accggtccat 352860

acggaaaata tcacttccgt gtcgcttacc ggactggata acaaccagta cgaactgcaa 352920

ctcttgcagt cgaagcagaa actggcagag cagcagcgca agatgatcgg acagggatat 352980

attccttcgc tgagccttac cggaaactgg atgtattccg cttataccga caaggctaaa 353040

aactggtttc attcgggacc atcgaatcac tggtaccagt cgagtggtat cggactgacg 353100

cttcgtattc ccattttcga cggactggag aagcgggcga agatgagaaa ggcaaagatt 353160

gaagtcgaga atacccgtct gtcgtacgaa aatgcgctca agaatatgca gacgcagtac 353220

ctgaatgcga cgaacgagtt gatgaacagc cagcgtaatt tcaagaaaca gaaagacaac 353280

tatctgctgg cggaggatgt gtatcaggtg acaaccgacc gttatcgcga gggtattgcc 353340

tccatgacgg aagtcctgca agacgagatg cggatgagcg aagcccagaa caactacatc 353400

aacgcacatt ataactatca ggtcaccaac ctgactctac tcaaacttac cggacagttg 353460

gaaacactgt tcaacggaaa ttctgttcat taatcaacct tttaaaattg tcaacataat 353520

gaaaaccaat cataatacac ttcaagaaaa agctctgaaa ctgaaaaaac aacgtcgtaa 353580

ccgaatcatt gccagcttgc tgggaataat catcctgata ggaggagtgg tagaagcagc 353640

tttccttttc ctcgactata aacataccga aaccagcaac gatgcacagg tggaacaata 353700

tatttcgccg gtcaacctgc gtgcttcggg ctatattaag aaaatctatt ttaccgaaca 353760

tcagtcggtc aagaagggag ataccttgct ggtgctcgac gaccgtgaat accgcatccg 353820

ggtgatggag gctgaggctg ccttgaagga tgcgatggca ggtgctacgg tagtagatgc 353880

taccttgcag acaacacaga attccgcttc tgtctatgaa gcttccattg ccgaaatcga 353940

gattcgtctg gccaagctgg agaaagaccg ccagcgttat gaaaacttgc tgaaacggaa 354000

tgcggcgact cccatccagc tggaacagat tgaaacggaa tacgaggcta cacgcaagaa 354060

actagaggct acgaaacgcc agcaacgggc tgccatgtcg ggcatcaagg aggtatccaa 354120

ccgtcgggaa agtaccgaag ctgccattca gcgggctacg gctgctctcg aaatggcacg 354180

gctgaacctg tcgtatacgg tagtggtggc tccgtgcgac ggaaaactgg ggcgtcgtgc 354240

tctggaggaa ggacagtata tcagtgccgg acagagcatt acatatattc ttcccgatac 354300

acagaaatgg attattgcca attacaagga aactcaggta gaaaatcttt cattgggaca 354360

gcaggtgcgt attaaagtag atgcgatcag tggaaaggaa tttaccggaa agattacggc 354420

tatctctgga gcaaccggtt cgaaatactc gctggttcct accgataatt ccgcaggaaa 354480

ctttgtcaag attcagcagc gcataccggt acgtatcgat tttaccaatc tttcgaaaga 354540

agacaacgaa cgtctggctg ccggaatgat ggtagtggtg agtgccaaac agtaagagat 354600

agacaactta gttttcagtt tcaataaaac aaagagttat gcctgcatgt ccgaaaaatt 354660

atccgtttta taactgggtt cccaagccct tgggtgttct tatcctgttg ctgctgttta 354720

tccctatcct tacggcaagc ggagtctata cggccaacag cggagagatg ctgagcgggc 354780

tgggcattca gtcggaacat attcagtttg tcagtttcct tacttccgta ggaatggcgg 354840

ccttttctcc gttcttctac gagctggttt gtatccgccg cgaaaagatg atgtgtattg 354900

tcggtttctc gctgctgtac ctgctgagct acgtgtgtgc caagaccgac agtatttatc 354960

tgctggcagt atgcagtgtt gtcatgggct ttctgcgcat ggtgctgatg atggtcaacc 355020

tgtttacgct cattaagtat gcgttcaaga tggaagctac ccgcaacatt acgccgggca 355080

atgatcctgt agatggtgaa ggatgggatc agctcgaccg tgagaagggg gttagcatgc 355140

ctaccattta cctgtttttc atgatattgg gacagattgg tacgtcgctt accgcatggc 355200

tggcttacga atacgaatgg cagtacgtgt actatttcat gatgggctcg ctgttgcttt 355260

ccattttgat tgtattcatt acgatgcctt accataatta tggcagcaga cgttttccag 355320

tcagcttccg caagttcggc agtgttgtga tgttctgcat catgtgctcg gctgtggtct 355380

atgtgctggt ttatggaaag gtactcgact ggtacgattc tccctccatc tgctgggcta 355440

ctgctgtggc tgtggtgttt gccgcactgt ttgtttacat ggagcgtcag catcattcgc 355500

cttacttcct gatggatatc ttcaagttgc gttccatccg tatcggcatc ctgcttttcc 355560

tgctgctgat gattttcaac tccagcgcca tgtttgtaaa tgtgtttacg ggagtgggca 355620

tgaagataga caactggcag aatgcgtcgc tgaacaactg gagcattgcc ggttatttca 355680

tcgggtgtgt ggttgccatt gtcttgggga agaaaggcgt tcacttgaaa tatcttttct 355740

cgctgggctt tgtactgatc ggactttctg ctttgttcat gtatttcgag gtgcaacccg 355800

acggcttgta tgagcggatg aaatatcctg ttattatccg tgctaccgga atgatgctgc 355860

tttattcgct gacggctgtg tatgccaacc agcggatgcc ttataaatat ctgtcgactt 355920

ggatttgtat catgctgacg gtacgtatgg tgctgggtcc cggagcagga acggctatct 355980

ataccaatgt gatgcagcag cgccagcaac actatgtaac ccgctttgct cacgatatgg 356040

atgcgctgaa tccggaggtt gctgcttcgt acaaccagac ggttcagggg atgatgtatc 356100

agggaaaaag tgagaaggat gcacagcaca tggcggctct ttcggctaaa gggcgtgtgc 356160

aggtgcaggc tacgctttct gccgtaaagg agatgtcggg ctggactttc tacggctgca 356220

tggcttgtgc cgtgctgatg gtcgtaatgc cgtggagaaa aagaaagctg gatttgctgc 356280

cggaaaaaac ttatacactc gttcattaat ttgctttata catcacgtgg gagtcggttt 356340

catttcttaa tctgtctttc ggaggaaaaa cacttttgaa acatttggtt ccccgtgatg 356400

tattttttgt gttctcgttt cggtggtgaa aagaaaaggt ttaccttagc ggtaaggttt 356460

aacgaatcat ttatggctat ggaagcaagg gagcaggagg aacttttaaa gcgtttcgaa 356520

cgggatttga ccggtggcaa ggatatttgt tgtctggaag gggagattac ttctttccct 356580

tcggtgttgc aaaagccttt ccggatgaat tatgtgggac tggttgtttg ccggaagggc 356640

agcttcggct tcgatgtgga caagcggcat tttacggcac aggcgggcga aacggtcttt 356700

ttgtccgaag gaaatgattt ctgcgtaggg gaagtgtcgg aggatttgtg tgtgagtatg 356760

ttgttttacc gggtagatcc tatccgtgag atattgggca gctcggtcgt ggccatgtac 356820

ttgtatacca cactgactcc cgaaccttgt tatgtgtgga cttccggcga ggaggatgat 356880

ctggcacatt atatttcgtt gctgggaagg caccggaaag ggccacagaa tccgttcgat 356940

aaccatgagt gcaaattgct gttgctggca ctgacttacc gcctgtgttc catttacagc 357000

cggcggatga tagaagagaa aaatgtggcg ggacataaga ttgatacgtt tatcaagctc 357060

atccggctga tagaaaaata ttacatgcag gagaggggag tggcgtttta tgccgacaag 357120

ttgtgccttt cgcccaagta tctttcggcc ttgtcgaaat cggtctgcgg atatacggtg 357180

caggaactgg tcttcagggc gattatccgg aagagtatct tctggctgaa gaatacaaac 357240

aagagcgtgc aggagatttc cgatgagctg aattttccga atgcttcgtt tttcggtacg 357300

tttttcaaaa aacagacggg gcttgctcct tcgcactacc ggctttcgga tgaggaataa 357360

aggcggcttt ccggctggtg ttctgataat atttcatagt aggttacgga taggtgtcgt 357420

ttggactggt aaaatgcgtt aggactgtgt ttggatatgc ccaaaggaga gtattgcaaa 357480

cgtcgccatg agtttggaaa aacgtgggcg gaaaccgaat gaaacgtggg cggaagttcg 357540

ggaaaacgtc tcgacgtttt tttagaattt gtacaaatca tttttgtttt tgtacaaaaa 357600

ataaaggcaa gttgtccgtg tcttttccgt cgtgtgcgga gagatacggg caacttgcct 357660

gtcgtttgtg accgactagg tgttttattc ttgattcagt gcggcaagaa agctggcagc 357720

tttctccagt gtttccggct ttccgatgtc aatcaggtga atctgttcgg tcaggcatcc 357780

gccgatacgg gcttctccgc aggtctgcaa gtagaaatcc atgatcggaa atttgccttt 357840

ccagcgttcg tccatgtatc ggaaaaggga aggtgaaatc acatgtatgc cgctgaacgc 357900

gtattcctga tacagggtag catcgtagac aaatccttcg ggtttggtct gtccggtatc 357960

tttattgatc catccccgca gacgtgcctg atcgtcgaac agcaggtagc gggcggtgac 358020

gcgcttgctt gccagcagtg tcgcatcgtt tccgctgtgc agatggtatt cgtacagagc 358080

tttcaggtcg gtatcggaga gaatatcgac gttgtgtacc aagaacggtt cgttgccctg 358140

aaagaatggt tccgcctttt tgatgcctcc tcccgtgtcg agcagcaagt cgcgttcgtc 358200

gctgatgtga atggtcagtc cgaagttctg gttggctttc agaaagtcga tgatctgttc 358260

tccgaaatga tgtatattga tgaccagttc gttgaatccc gcctttttca gtttcaggat 358320

gacatgctcc agcatcggtc gtccggcaac gggcaccagc gctttcggtt gatggtcggt 358380

cagcggtttc aggcgagttc ccagtcccgc tgcaaatatc atagctttca taggcttatc 358440

gggcttctaa agtttgttca atatgttgtt cacggtgtat cagttggatg cgtacaccga 358500

atttctcgtt caggtgacgt gccacatgtt ctgctgagta tacagagcgg tgctgtcctc 358560

cggtacagcc aaaacagatg gaaaggttgg tgaatcctct ttccagaaag cgctgtacat 358620

gagcatcgac gagtgcgtcc acgtgttcca gaaaacgaag gatctcgccg tcctgttcca 358680

agaagtcgat gaccggcttg tcgcgtccgg tcagttgctt gtactgttcg tatttcccag 358740

gattatgcac ggcgcggcag tcgaatacat acccgcctcc gtttcccgac ggatcttcgg 358800

gaattccttt cttatacgaa aaactcatta cgcggacggt cagtttccgt ctgttgcgta 358860

cgctggcaaa ctgaggaagt tcggtcagct tgcgtagcac aaggcacaga taaggatatt 358920

cgggaaaatc agtttccagc agctggcgga gattctcgat ggcatagggc acgctttgta 358980

tgaaatgtgc cttcttttca aagtatccgc ggaagccgta ggcacctaaa acctgcaagg 359040

tgcggaacag tacgaagtgg cggagagtgg caagaaactg ctctttcccg atggcgtggt 359100

aaggttgaag tgcatcaaga tactcgtcta tcagctcctg ccgcagcgaa tcgggataat 359160

ttgccttagc ctgccacagg aacgaggcta catcgtaata gaaaggtccc ttgcgtcctc 359220

cctgaaaatc gatgaagtac ggtttccctt ctcgtagcat gacattccgg ctctggaagt 359280

cgcggtacat gaatacctgc ggctgtatct gtagcagtgc gtctgccatg tgttcaaagt 359340

cgtcttccag cagattttcc tgaaactcca gtccggtggt cttgaggaaa caatacttga 359400

aataattcag gtcccacaaa atgctgcggc ggttgaattc cgccagcggg tagcaatagc 359460

tgaaatccat gtcctggctt ccctcgaact gtatcgatgg tagaaggcgg atggtttgtt 359520

tcaacatcgc tttttcttcg gggctgaagc agccgctttc ccgacctttc tcgataaact 359580

ggaacaagga agtatctccc aagtcgtctt gcaagtaagc cgactggtcg gctgcctggg 359640

caagcacacg aggaacgggc agacctttct gtgagaaatg tcctgccatg taaataaacg 359700

cacgattctc ttccgcggaa gtgccatata ccccgatgag gctttctttt cctttcaggc 359760

ggaagtattg gcggtttgag ccggctcccg gcagcggttc gatgcttgcc ggagcttctc 359820

ccgtatatga ttgataaagt tgtgcaagta attcggtatt cattgtatcg gttgtttaca 359880

taaataagcg caaggacaaa gataggtata aaaatgggat ataacggctc ttctgaaaac 359940

taaaaatggc acgccgatga gcggtaaact catcagaacg tgccattcat tggaataaat 360000

gttatattgg aagaatgtgt tgtttatttc agatatttgg aaatgaaatt aatacattcc 360060

ggatccgacg ggcgaggtgc cttcgtggtg ataatcttcc ctttcgtatc aatcagaata 360120

aagcagggga tgccggcgat accataaagg tcggtaaagt caggacaaag atactgcgac 360180

cattcaggct tgtcggcttt cagctttgca ctccagtctt ttttcttccg gtcgacggaa 360240

atgctgatcg gtacgatgcg gttgtcaccc ttaaaatgct gggcaagttt ttccatgtat 360300

ggaatctctt cgcagcacgg tccgcaccag gttgcccaaa tgtccagata aagtactttt 360360

ccgtacaggt cggagagctt gatggtcttt ccgtttatgt cttcaagctg gcagtcgatg 360420

gcatcggctc cgggtatcag tttcttgttt gcattgtaca tttgctctac ccattccttc 360480

ttttgggtat ctttgatcat aggtaatgct ttctggcaga cagcttccag atcggaatca 360540

cacgcgctga aataatctcc catgacttcc atgacgactt tttcctgtgt ttccggattg 360600

gaaaccttgt tttgaaccac gtcgagcatg cgtacataag aagtaggacc gccttgtttg 360660

acgcattctt ctttccatct tacataagca agagcctgtg tcgcatcatt catgtcgagt 360720

gcttccatat atcggttata gtcggcatca ctgtcgaaag gtttatttgc atcatacaac 360780

tggttgatgt aatccaatgc tgcattgttt tgatttattt ttacatcttc cataaccaga 360840

gcagcaaact ctttaggaga aatctttttg gctgcttgtt cgatggagtc ggacatggct 360900

tgcaaggtgc gctgcatttc accgaaagac ggataggtag cggcacattt ctcgttgagt 360960

accttgcaag tgttgtagta gaaattttca gcagcttcca gatcgccggt aaaagtaaat 361020

ttgtcgggaa tattcggatt ggcttttagc tgggtctttg taccgttaat catgacaagt 361080

gagtagaatg ccttgtcggg tacatacaga aatccaactt cggggttctc cattttacgg 361140

gtataggaaa agcttccatt gggagcaatg cgtaccgtgt cggcattgga gatattgttg 361200

gcaccatgac ctaccagtac atattctaag gaatcccctt cgaatgttcc ggtcagttgg 361260

tagtcttgag gagttttgtt acaagctccc agtaagagag ccgtgcatcc gattaaatag 361320

agctttttca tttcaattaa taattttgag ttaatgatgg attatatctt gttgcatttg 361380

cagggaaggg aagtacccac aaaggtgagt cgggaccgat ggaataggtt ccgtattcgc 361440

ctaaatcacg agtaatgaca cgtttgtatt tttcttccga attccagcgc ttgcagtcga 361500

agaagttttc ataagtagct atgcattcta tccatttggc tttctgcaat aaggccatgg 361560

cctcttcttc gcttagtgcc tgctggtcgt atagcgcaac gaatggttcg tagttttcta 361620

cacgtttggc acgtacccgg tctaccagtt ccagtccttt acggatttct ccggtacgga 361680

tataacattc tgcggcagtg tagcacatac ggtcggcatt gatgccatat tcattggccg 361740

atgtactcca tcccatatac agtttacaat tgctaatgcc ggcaaacatt tgtccgtaca 361800

tttcgctcca gcctccggcc gcgtcatagt tgtttacgta atctccagct tcgaacatct 361860

ggctcgtttc gggcgacagt gtttccatac aaggagctgc acgagtagat cctcgcatat 361920

agacgtagtt tcccggtgtg tcatagggca acgaccaact caatgtttcc ttgatggtag 361980

aacggtcttc gagtttgcta ttttgttcca aagcctttag tgcataaggc aatgcttcat 362040

cgtagcgttt catctgcatc agtactttgg cacgtacggc ataaccgaac gctttgtcgg 362100

cacggaatac ccgggtggaa ttgttatccg acagtagttc aataacgtca tcggaacaat 362160

cttgcagaat gcgctgataa gtttcttcca gactaagttt ggttttttgt tccgaaacgt 362220

cagggttgtc tacgtaagcg ataccccctt tttcggcagc cgtagctgca tcatactgct 362280

gtgcatggat atttaccagc agccagtgga aataggcccg gaagatacgg gcttctgcca 362340

taagaggtgc cttacgactc tcatcgtctg tagcgtcagg cattttatcc aacaggatat 362400

tcatgtagtt gatatacttg tagagggctt cataacgcgt atcctgattg gtcagtttgg 362460

ctctgtcagc ttgttcgtcg tacgtaagat aggcatggtt cagggtattg ttttgcgata 362520

actcattggg gatagaaagc ataaagccca acgattcgtt acaaataagt cccaaatcgg 362580

taaccggaga ggagttcaac tcccattcct ggttcagcag taactccagg tcggagacac 362640

tttccaaggt tgtttttcct ttgggaacga tgtccagttt attgtcgcag gttgtacaca 362700

gcagcagtaa tgctatgcaa ccaatgatga ttctgattgt tttcattgtc gtatctcact 362760

tttaaagatt gatatataaa ctcatggtat agctgcgtgg tgtcttgtcg gttgtctgtc 362820

cgctgatggc tatattggct tccggatcga ctcccaagtc attccgtacc cacgtagctg 362880

cgttgttcat ttgcacacgc aggcgcagtt cgttaactcc cagtttcttg cagattttgc 362940

ggttgaagtt atatcccact acaacgttac gtaattttaa atagtcggca ggtactacat 363000

tggcatccat ataataagaa tacaatccgc ctactacgtt ttgtcccaga taaccgttgg 363060

ccgggtaaag ggtcttgtct gcacttctcc agtagttaag ataacttttg ggaacggcgc 363120

tgatgctgtt gaagttggaa taaccgtact gacttccttc aacggtccag tcttcggcac 363180

gggcacgcat atagtgtcct ccgtagtaag caaacatggc cgaaaggctg aagcctttgt 363240

aggtgagctc gggggtgaag ctggctacat acttaggatc cagactacca cagtaaacgg 363300

catcttctac tttaaattct tctgaataaa tttcggaagt gtgtatctga cctttggaat 363360

cgtaccatcc gaagtattgc agattgtctt tgtttatcat acccgcatat cggtaagaaa 363420

aaatggaatg tatcggataa ccttcgtgga aagtatacgt actcagggca tcaaatccgg 363480

taggcggagt cttgttgata tgagttactt tgttgttgtt ataggcaatg ttgaatgacg 363540

cattgatacc taatccgttg tgtgaagccg gttttaggat aattccgttc agttgtaatt 363600

caatacctgt gttcaaggcg cctccattat tgattgtcag ctgtgaccat ccggtggtcg 363660

gatcgaggtc ggtgacagtc agcaagtcgc ttccttcctt gcgataccag tcgaaagaac 363720

cactcagtcg gttacgccag aatgagaagt cgactccaat gttccacgta gctgtctttt 363780

cccagcgcaa ctgatcgtta ggcggagtat tcagggtggc atatttatta ccgttcagtt 363840

cgttggaacc gatggttgct gtaaggtaag aagaaacagt ctggtcgatg ttacctgtca 363900

atccgtagct ggcacggagt ttcaaggcat ccacccaagt ataatttttc ataaattctt 363960

cgttgtgcat gttccagctc aaaccgacag accataacgg acgtccgcgg aatttcggat 364020

cggcaccaaa caaatcggtc ttatctacac ggtaagagaa agaagcgctg taacgtcggt 364080

cgtagatata atttccagta aagtatagtg aatagaatcg gtgcagcacg tcggttgtag 364140

taaagtctgt tccagtagga gcgccataca tatagtagtt gggtcctaaa gccgaaacac 364200

cgccttgaat gttttgcagt tcaccatagt ttaccagtcc gttgctgttg gtttgtgtct 364260

gttcatcgta tcccagtaac agattgctgc ctgtgtatgt ctgcgattcg cggtattcga 364320

atccggccgc agcggtcact tcgtgcttgt cggcaaagac tttgttgtag tcggtctgtg 364380

ctcggaaggt atagtaggcc ccttcggatg tttgtgtatc cagacggcca ccgtcgggaa 364440

tgtaatgctt gacgacttta ttggttacca tttctcccgt atcccagtct tcttcggtca 364500

ccagctcttc tgttgtgtag agattgtaca ggttacgcat ggtatacgaa tttccttcat 364560

aatatgaatt acttttatag gtgatgtctt cgtattggaa ctgggcactt actttccatc 364620

cgggaaggat attggcattg gcatgaacga acgaacggat gttggtacgg cgtgtgttct 364680

ggaaattcat gttcagttcg tccagtaagt tatacgttac aggcttgaat ccataaagag 364740

aattgttcag agattcttct cctaaccacg tatctgcttc catacctttg cgagtaccgt 364800

cttcattata catgctttga tagggaagaa acgagttgat atcgttgtgt gcactcactc 364860

cacttagatg tgtcttggca cgttcattga ttacattggt accgaatgcc agattgagcc 364920

atttggttgc tttcaaatcg cctcggtaac tgaatgttag tgcctgattg ttttcgaata 364980

cggttccgtt attatctctt ttatagttta cgacaatgct ggagctcaat atttttcctt 365040

tggtacgcaa tgccaggtta tactgttgta gaacttggtt gcgcttcatt gcgtcctgcc 365100

attctttccg gtaatcgttc tggctgaggc gtgccagttg gctgttcaaa tcctgatcgc 365160

tcaacttgcc ctgataattt tcaacaaaca tacggctgat ggggctcaat gcgagaggat 365220

tggattgata tttgttcagc aggtctgtaa aggcagactg gtcatccatt tgacggatat 365280

agtcgaagtt atacttttcc agttcgatca tttcggcagc attcgcccat tggtaattgc 365340

tgtaatcttg cttttcgctg atggtgatat cgctgctgaa atcaacatcc agtttgtcat 365400

cctgcgcacg tttggtcgta atgacgatga caccgttgga ggcgcgtgct ccatagatag 365460

aggcggccga agcatccttt aggatagtga cattttctat gtcgtaagga ttcacgcttt 365520

cgatggaacc ttcgatagga agtccgtcga ctacaaccag cgggctggtt ttggcttgga 365580

aggatccggc acctcgaatc agcagagaag cttctccctt atcgttcaaa ccagtattat 365640

agcttaccag tccgggaatt ttaccttcca gattgcttac gatcgtaccc gaataacggt 365700

tctccatatc tttggaagta atcatctgat aggaacctgt ggcgttttct cgtttcaggt 365760

tctgataacc ggttaccagt acttcatcca ttatttctac atcgctttcc atacggatga 365820

ggaagaagtt tcctttttgt gaattaatgc ggatatgttg ttccttcatg ccgatatagc 365880

tgacccgcag aacaggatct tttccattga ccaatagtga gaatgctccg tcggcatctg 365940

ttatcgtccc gatattagtc cctgtcagca taatgttgac tcctaatagc ggctctttgt 366000

tttcatcgca tactacacct gtaatcagct ttttctctcc ttggtctttc ttgtttctct 366060

ttttcagaat gacggtcttt tctacaactt cataatcgag tcctgcctta tcccaaaaaa 366120

tctggtcaag gatttgaata agattcagat ccttacccgt aaatgtgatg ggtggtacat 366180

ttgccaaaat ttgtttttgg cacataaatt catatccggt ctttcctctc aagtcggaaa 366240

tgactcgttc tatgggttgt cctttatagg acacactgta actttgcgca tgagcagcaa 366300

gaggctgtaa cagccagccg acgcaaagta taaaaaataa aattaatccc tttttcataa 366360

acaatctaag ttttatatat gaacatgcta tggtttcttt tcctgtgaaa tgatgacagt 366420

gctgccttct aaatgaaatt caattcctcc acttttcttc agaagggtta aagtagaggg 366480

aaagtcattg taacgaggaa tgctgcccat gaattctatc tggcgcaggc tttcatcttg 366540

gaacttataa tcgaaattat accagcggct caaatcgcac atgatttgtt ccagattctg 366600

tccttcgaaa acgaaacggc ctcgcttcca gcttgtaact acagcagtgt cgaccggttg 366660

tacgaatgtc gttgctttct gcttgtcgaa taaggcctgg tggccggggg taagcagcag 366720

ttctccactc ttttcgtgca acttactcaa ggcaatgctc ccttcaatca gggttgtata 366780

cacctgtttg tcttcggtat aagaacggat attgaattct gttccgtaaa ctcgtacttg 366840

ctgtccgtct gtttctacgt aaaacggtcg tttggggtct ttggttactt tgaaataagc 366900

ttctccttcc acgataaccc gtcgttcatt ctgtgcaaat gattcggggt aaatcagttt 366960

ggtctcagag ttcagccata cttctgtact gtcttccaaa acgaccttga attcaccgcc 367020

tcgaggtact tccagactca gttgtttgag cttagataca gcctgggcaa gtgattgctg 367080

ttttcccaaa gtttgcaggt tgctttgagc gtcttctcct aactgtactt tttctccgtc 367140

ggctagtgtc agtgtagcct ggcgggttcc aggcttgata tctgccagtg ctaaagtttg 367200

ctgtacatgg tcggattttg cattgtcgga agagttcatc tggaaacgga cgaatcctat 367260

gcaaaagagt aaagcaacag aggctgcggc aatccagggt ttccactgaa tggaaaagtt 367320

atgtgaggcc ttttctttaa tccgtctttg catatcttcc atcggacgtt gaacattcat 367380

catttttctg cgatgatatt ctttttccag atagcaagta tccatcagtc gggaataaag 367440

acgttcgttg gcttcatttt cctttctcca gttgtctact acttgttgct cttcttccgt 367500

gatatttccg gttatgcatt tgaagagtag gatgctgatt ctttctttct tttcgtcaat 367560

cattatgagg attatttttt atcagaccat cgtttgaacg ttatagcaat tcttattcgg 367620

attattataa gttggaatca atggtttcaa taattttttc gtcagaagga cggagagcat 367680

ctgcatttaa aatcttgcca tccttgctga tcagtataaa tcgtggaatg ccgttgatcg 367740

cccatttttg catgaacttg ttttgttctt cttgcgaaag aatgtattgt ggccatgcgg 367800

gtttatctgt atccagtttc tttaaccagg cttttgggtt ttggtcgacg gaaacgctga 367860

tgatgcatac tttatcatta ccttgatagt gggctgccag ctttgccaga gaaggaattt 367920

ccttgcagca agggccgcac caggttgccc agacatcgat gtaaatcagt ttcccgaaca 367980

ggtcggacaa gctacaagtc gttccgtccg ggcgtgtcaa ggtaggaata taagggatct 368040

cggaaccttt tttcgtcttt aataaggctg tcacttgtgg ttcgtaagac gtaatgagtt 368100

gaggatagtc tttcgcaaac tctttgaagc cagtccagaa tttgttgaca tcgctgttct 368160

gagcaacgaa agagaagaag ttgtaggcta cagaattagt caatacaaaa cgtatatccg 368220

gattggtgat ttgcttcccg atgatattca gactttccag ataataatca gactggtcgg 368280

cagtatagtc tgttatgggc tcctgttgcg atgatagcca tgctatagtg aggttggtcg 368340

gaatattaat cgtatcattg gggtcgatac ttgcgataag tttattatac tcaggatatt 368400

ctttgagttt tttgcctgta ttttcactat cgtccatcag aatgcggata tatgtccatt 368460

tatacattcc gtccgagagt ttggcataat attcacgttg tttatcattt ttgatgattt 368520

tcaattgttt cttcaggtct gcatattcct tttccaataa ggaaatatat tcatcggttg 368580

tcttgctttc cttaggatcg atggagaaat acttcatgat atcgaaagct tgcgaataag 368640

cattatagaa tttgcttaag ttttgattgt cgcctccgaa ggatatttga aattttcctt 368700

ctttgtcctg ttctattttt acttgggcgg tctttcctgt ttccagatga acaccaaaaa 368760

tgtcattgtt tacatagatt gagacatcat aattaggttt aggcaattgc gtgtcgaagg 368820

taaaactgcc gtcagcttca cacgtgatgt cccggtagac attgcttagt acatccccgt 368880

tcagtgaata agctatttgt agtgtttcta ctttttgagg agctttgagt acacctttta 368940

ataattgggc atttactcct tgatgggaaa gtagcaacag ggagcatact aagagttttg 369000

aatacttcat ttttttcata attcttctat ttatctacga tattgtaatg caaatacgca 369060

aaaaggtgtt tttagtatac atgaaaatgc gattttttta tcttttcgtt tagaaaaaaa 369120

taaaaacaag aagattcttt gagtctacag tctttggttt ttactatatt tgcctttaaa 369180

aaagaagtat gaacatttac gaatacatat ttacagagtt taaaaaggga gaacttcttc 369240

ctttttatca aaatatgtat ccagaattac ttgcttatgc tactcgtctg ttaggagttg 369300

aatttgcttt tcaggcagaa gactgcgtgc aagatgctat ttttaaggca tatcagcaaa 369360

cgaagacgtt tacttctcct ttacagtgga aaatttttct gtacacgtgc ttgcgcaatg 369420

aggccataag cgtacttcgt aagggaaaag ctcaaagaaa ttatctttct caaacggaag 369480

tggatggcac tgaagatttg tcattggatt ttatagagca ggaaaccatt acattacttt 369540

acgaagcaat caatacttta cctgaaaagt ataggactat ttttgaattg agttttgaaa 369600

agggactgaa aaatgcagaa atagctcaac agcttcatgt tgcagaaata acagtaaaaa 369660

aacaaaaggg acgtcttatc gagttacttc gcgaaaagtt gaaagggaag atggatgagg 369720

cttctttggg attgctttta tatctgttgg agaatcaatt ctagttttca tcgctctttg 369780

tgatctttct ttctatccta tttgacaaaa ataatgcata agccataaat ttttcagatt 369840

gttgatctga cttgtttttt acgttacttt catattttct acaaatttga tataaaaaga 369900

aaaaggtccg aacagaaact gctcagacct tggtagcccg tgggggaatc gaacccccct 369960

ttcaagaatg aaaatcttgc gtcctaaccg atagacgaac gggccatcct ttacatcgga 370020

ttaaccgtat gttttatttt ggtagcccgt gggggaatcg aacccccctt tcaagaatga 370080

aaatcttgcg tcctaaccga tagacgaacg ggccatcctt tgtttgtgtt gaggtgtttc 370140

tcaatcacgg gtgcaaaggt acgtattatt tttgaatctg caagtgtttt gtgagaaaaa 370200

atacagaaaa aggcatattt ttttcatttt tccccttctt atgagaggga aaagtggaaa 370260

actgctttgt gcaggtgacg ttttagaaat tagaggtctt ctggatcggc agtttcttcc 370320

agcctgtttt cccagaggta cttctgcgtt tctttcacgg ctactccaga taaaaacagc 370380

aatgaaatca ggttcggtac tgccatcagt gcgtttacac tatcggctat gttccatact 370440

gcttgcagat tcatggtgga accgaaataa atggacgaaa tccatattac acgatacacc 370500

cgtagcagtt tttttcctcc taagtattcg atggcttttc ccgaataata tccccagccc 370560

agaatggtag aaaaggcgaa agtcagtatt ccgattgcca gaatgctggt gcctacatag 370620

ggaattttac cgaaggctgc tttagtcagt gcaccgcctt gcgtgtaatc gatatcgggg 370680

aatgcgagta cactggtaac cagtaccagt cccgtgagcg cacaaatgat gacggtgtcc 370740

cagaatgttc cggtagaaga aaccagtgcc tgacgtacgg ggttacgggt ttgtgctgcc 370800

gctgccacga tgggagccga accaagtccg gactcgttgg agaaaagtcc gcgggcgata 370860

ccgtaacgtg ctgcgagcat cacgcttgtt cctaagaatc ctccacctgc cgcatggggc 370920

gtaaatgccg aactgatgat gagtttaagg gcttctccca gataggcatg atttagaaaa 370980

agaatataga tgcaaccacc tatgtagagg atagccatga gaggtaccag tgtcatacat 371040

acgcgggcga tgccttttac accgaagaag atgaccagtg cgatacccag tgcaactact 371100

attccggtaa ggtgtgcgct tatgccgtaa gtttcctgca ttagcaaagc tatggaattg 371160

gcctgtaccg tacttccgat accgaatgct gccagagccg taaagatgca gaataaaatt 371220

cccagccatt tctgtttcaa tccccgttcc agggcataca tcggaccgcc gagcatttct 371280

ccgctggccg ttttaacacg atacttgatg gcgagcaatc cttcggcata tttggtggca 371340

atgccgaaaa ctcccgtcag ccagcaccag aatacggcgc cgggacctcc gaatgctacg 371400

gcagtagcta caccgatgat gttccctgtt ccgatggttg ctgccagcga agtagcgagt 371460

gcgccgaact gactcacgtc accttcagaa tcaggatcct ttttaaatga aagtcgtata 371520

gctgtaaata ttttgcgttg tggaaacttt aaacgtatgg tcagaaagat atgcgttccc 371580

agcagtaata tgatcatcgg ccagccccaa agaaaggagc tgaccgatgc tgttatctgt 371640

tcgaataatt ccatgtacgt agtaagtagt aattgttaag gttgcattgt ctctacctca 371700

tccaagctct ttgctatatc ttggtctgtc aaagtatagt tagtcaggtt acccgacaag 371760

tattggtcgt atgcactcat gtctatcaga ccatgtccgg acaggttgaa gaggataact 371820

ttttcttctc ccgtttcctt gcatttgttg gcctcctgaa tagtggccgc aatggcatga 371880

caggattcag gtgctgggat gataccttcg gcgcgtgcga acaagcatcc ggctgcgaaa 371940

gtgtccagtt gctctatatc gacagcctcc atcagatgat ctttcattaa ctgtgaaacg 372000

atgacaccag ctccgtgata gcgcaatcca cctgcatgaa tattggctgg cgtgaagtta 372060

tgtcctaagg tgaacatcgg aaggagagga gtgtatcctg cttcatcacc aaagtcgtat 372120

tcaaactttc ctcttgtcag tttcgggcag gaagctggtt cggcagctat ataacgagtc 372180

tttttgcctt ccagaatggt atggcgcatg aacgggaaac tgatacctcc gaagtttgaa 372240

cctccaccga agcatccgat gatgatatca ggatattcac ctgccatttt catctgcttt 372300

tcagcttcca agccgatgat ggtctgatga agcgtgacat gactcagtac agaacccaat 372360

gtgtatttac agttcggggt agtgcgagcc agttcgattg cctcagaaat ggcagtaccc 372420

agtgatccct gatgattcgg atacttggtc aatatgtttt ttccggcgcg tgtagacata 372480

gaaggtgaag gagttacctg tgccccgaat gtctgcatga tgctgcgtcg gtaaggcttt 372540

tgttcgtagc tgattttaac ctgataaacg gctgcctcca gtccgaagac ctttgctgcg 372600

tatgcgagag cagctcccca ttgtccggct ccggtttctg tcgtaatgtt ggttactccc 372660

tccttcttgc agtagtaagc ctgcgccagt gccgagttca gtttatgcga accgatgggg 372720

ctgacacttt cgtttttgaa ataaatatgt gccggagtac ccagagcttt ttccagacca 372780

taggcacgga ccagcggagt gcttcggtag tatttgtaca tttcgcgaac ttcttccggt 372840

atttcgatcc atgtatccgt ctgattaagt tcctgatgac acagttcctt ggcgaagata 372900

ggatataaat cttctggttt aagcggttcg tgagtggccg gattcagcgg tggcatgggt 372960

ttattcttca tgtctgcctg aatattgtac cagtatcttg gaatttcatc ttccggtaaa 373020

atgaatcttt tctgtttatt gctcataatt gttttctttt tgattgattt tccaaaaata 373080

gctaaaataa tgtaatattg caatcgtttt tgctttttat ttgttatttt gatgtttttg 373140

cagcgaaaaa gtatacacaa agttcgtttg aacattatca gcctatatat tgttttttat 373200

cattctagaa taatatggtg cttttggcaa gaataccgat tattatagat acttttgtgt 373260

acaaactgtc tttaatataa aaacgattgg atatggattc ttgggaaaga cttttactct 373320

atcggaagaa actgattctg cctcgtatct atcaggtact gggatgggtg atgtgggtta 373380

cctatttctt tgccatcttg tttctggcaa ctctggtgta cgagcatgga tttatgattt 373440

ctcctgtgga ggcgaaggtt attcggggga tatatcaggc ggtatggatt gtctttttac 373500

tttcggctac catacagata atctttcagc gggatgagga aggcaaaaaa aatacgtttt 373560

gggcctggat cataaatgtc ttgctttact tgactttgtt gccggttgtt ttcaaaaagc 373620

ctgatgcagc agatgaaggg gtattctgga tctggacgtt tttccacagt cactactact 373680

ggataggcat tttgttgctg tattcgttgt tacagttatc cagcagcttg gtgcgtttgc 373740

tgggcaggcg aaccaatcct tcactcatct tagcttccag ctttttggtc atcatcttta 373800

tcggtgccgg attgctgatg ttgccccggg ctacctgcca cggtatttcg tggatagatg 373860

cgctgtttac ggcaaccagt gccacgtgtg ttaccggatt ggtttcggta gacgtgccgt 373920

ctacctttac actggaggga cagattatca ttattctgct gattcagata ggagggttgg 373980

gagtcatgac gctgacgagt ttctttgcca tgttcttcat gggaaatact tcgctgtaca 374040

atcagctggt agttggcgat atgattagtt ccaattcgtt gaattcgctt ttatctacct 374100

tattatatat attaggtttt accttggcta tcgagggaat cgggatggta gtcatctggt 374160

tttctattca cgatacctta ggaatgacat tgcaggagga actttatttt gcggctttcc 374220

attcggtttc ggcattttgt aatgccggat tctctacctt gccgggcaac ttaggcaatc 374280

ctgccgtcat gcagcagcac aacttgcttt tcatgaccgt gtctttcctg attattttgg 374340

gaggaatcgg ttttccgata ttggtcaatc tgaaagaaac gctgttctac tatctgcgtt 374400

acttgaagtg gttctgtttg gggcgctctt ctcgttttcc aaagcaagta catctgtata 374460

atctgaatac gcgtatcgtg ttgattatga cagctatttt gctggttttc ggtacactgg 374520

ccattgcgct ttacgaatgg aatcatgctt ttgccgggat gagcgtgacc gataagtggg 374580

tacatgcatt cttcaatgct acgtgtccgc gtacagccgg ctttaccagt gtgggactga 374640

caactttgtc tacacagacg ttgttgctga tgattgctct gatgataatc ggaggtggaa 374700

cacaatctac cgccggtggt gtgaaaatca atgttttcgc tgtgattctt ctgaatctgt 374760

gggcagttat ccggggagca aaccgagtaa ctatcttcca tcgtgaactt tcggacgact 374820

ctatccggcg ctcgaatgcc gtacttatgc tgtaccttat tcttttgttt gcggctattt 374880

ttgttatgag tctgttggag cctgaggcat cggtcatggc gcttaccttt gaatgtgtat 374940

cggctttgag cacggtaggt tcgagcctcg accttactcc tgtactgagc accgcaggga 375000

agtcggttat catcctgctg atgttcatcg gtcgtgtggg agcctttacg ctattgctgg 375060

gactggttaa gcaggtgaag aagcgtaatt acaaatatcc gagtgataat attataataa 375120

actgagattg ctatgaaata tatcgtaata ggactgggaa actacggcgg gatacttgcc 375180

gaagagctta ccgtattggg gcatgaagta ataggggtag atgtgaaaga gcatcatgta 375240

gaacggctga aagacaagat tgctacggca tttgtactag atgccaccga tgagatggcc 375300

ttgtcggtac ttcctctgaa gagtgtggat gtggtcattg tagccattgg cgaagatctg 375360

ggagcttccg tgcgggtggt ttcgctgttg aagaaaaaca aggtgaagca catttacgcc 375420

cgggcgctcg atgatgtgca taaaacggtg ctcgaggctt tttccatcga ccgtattctt 375480

acgccggaac aagaagctgc ccgtatgcta gtacagttgc tggaactgaa tgctgctgta 375540

gaacctttcc agatagacga agaacattat gtgtttaaat tcaatgttcc ggaaaaactg 375600

gtaggatatg gcatcaacga gttgcagttg gaaaaggaat tcgacttgaa aatcatttca 375660

ttgatacgtg gaaagaaggc acagaactgt ctgggcattt ccatcttgga acgggaagtt 375720

gctaatgaat tccctgaaga ttatgtcatt caagccgaag atgcactggt ttgctacgga 375780

ctctatgcca attttatgaa attctggaaa tcgattcgct gagaaacgtt gctgctgcac 375840

tacattcctc aacgtatgtt tcgcttgttt aatgcctgct gatagcggcg ggcattggct 375900

agatgctcgt tccagttctt tgcaaaatta tgtgttcccg aaaaatcttc cttggcacac 375960

atgtaaagat agtcgtgctg cacatagttc aatacacttt ccagtccgtc gatggagggg 376020

atgcgtatcg gaccgggagg caatccttca tgcttgtagg tattgtaagg actatctact 376080

tccagatgct tgtgcaggat acgctttaat ccaaactcct gcaagccgaa cttaaccgtc 376140

gggtcagcct gtaagggcat acctgtatgc agacggttga tataaagacc tgctaccatc 376200

ggcttctctg ccttgttggc tgtttcctct tctacgatgg aagccagtgt agctacctct 376260

tcgggagtaa acccgatact cttcgctttc tccgtacgct ccttgttcca gaaaagatcg 376320

tgctcctttt tcatccgttt gatgaactca tcggcatcga tggtccagta tacttcgtaa 376380

gtgttgggaa taaaaagcga agggatcgtg tattgattgt atcctaaacc tgcgcaatag 376440

gcgctgtcgg tcagtagttt ggcaatggaa gccgagtctg tcatcagtcg gcgggatacc 376500

gattttgcca gtgctccgat ggtgcgtaca ctgggaactg tcagtcttac gggactttga 376560

tggccgcttt tcagccgatg aaaaatgtgc caagtctttt ccgacggctc cagctgatag 376620

gctcctgcat gaatattatt ggcataattg ctgcatgcag tcatcagacg caacccggta 376680

aggctggatg cgtgacaatc ttttttcagc ttcgtatata cagagtcgat attgtcgtca 376740

ttatcgatgt aaagataagt tgccttttct attttcagtg gggtgctaaa tagtaagaac 376800

gcgcaggcaa tgctgccgat gagcaccagt aagacaatgc tgccgacaat ataaatagct 376860

tttttatttt tcatacttat ttgtttcagt gcggcaaaga tagtttattt cttccatacg 376920

gacaaaaaga aaagggatag catgaatttc atgctacccc tttagagaga ctcttatgat 376980

ttgtttagct tatcagttcc ggaatgctaa tccatcactg ctacgctcta cgataattgg 377040

tttgctgcgg tcgacttcct gcgacagaag ttttttcgac aaatcgttca gcaagtaacg 377100

ctggatggca cgttttactg gacgagcacc gaactccgga tcgtatccgg cagtagcgat 377160

aaagtcaatg gcctgatcac tcatctggag tgttacacca ttttcttcca gcatcttctt 377220

gataccgttg atttgtagac gtacgatctg ttcaatctga tccttgttca acggctggaa 377280

catgatgatt tcgtctatac ggttcaggaa ttccggacgg atcgtcttct tcaacatgtt 377340

cattacctct gtcttggttt ctgctacaat ctggtcgtgg ttctgatcgt tgatcttttc 377400

gaactgactt tgtatgtaag agctacccaa gttagaagtc atgatgatga tagtgttctt 377460

gaagttcacc gtacgtccct tgttatctgt cagacgtccg tcgtccaata cctgcaacaa 377520

gatgttgaat acatccggat gtgccttctc gatttcatcg aacaagacaa ccgagtacgg 377580

tttacgacgg acagcttctg tcagctgacc accttcatcg taaccaacgt atcccggagg 377640

cgcaccgatc agacgagaaa cggtatgttt ctcttggtac tcactcatat cgatacgggt 377700

catcaatgat tcatcatcga acaggtactc tgccagtgcc tttgccaatt cggtcttacc 377760

aacacccgta gtacccagga agataaatga accgatcggt cgtttcggat cttgcagtcc 377820

cgcacggcta cgacgtacag cgtcggctac cgcttcgatt gcttcatcct gtccgatgac 377880

acgcttatgc agctcgtctt ccaggtggag caacttgtcg cgttcgcttt gcagcatctt 377940

gcttaccggt attcccgtcc agcgtgatac tacatcggca atatcttcgg cagtaacttc 378000

ctccttgatc atggcattgt cgccttgttt tttcttcaag tcttcctgaa tactctttat 378060

ttcactttcc aagctctgca acttgccata acggatttcg gctactttac cgtagtcgcc 378120

ttcgcgttca gccttgtcgg cttcgaactt cagttgttct atttccttct tgttctgctg 378180

aatcttgttc accagctgtt tttcgctctc ccatttagcc ttgtacgaag tttcctgttc 378240

cttcaactca gctatttctt tgttcaactg agcgagctta gcttcgtcct tttcacgttt 378300

gatagcctca cgttcaattt cgagctgttt caaccggcgt tcaatttcat ccagttcttc 378360

cggcagtgag tcacgttcca tacgcaactt ggctgcggct tcatccatca agtcgatggc 378420

cttatccggc aagaaacggt cggtaatgta acggttactc agttctactg cggcaatgat 378480

ggcttcatcc ttgattctca cctgatggtg attttcgtaa cgttccttca aaccacgcaa 378540

gatagaaata gaacttgccg tatccggctc gtctaccatg acggtctgga atcgtctttc 378600

caatgcctta tccttttcga aatatttctg atattcgtcg agggtagtgg caccgatgct 378660

tctcagctcg ccacgtgcca aggcaggttt caagatgttt gcggcatcca tggcaccttc 378720

accttttccg gcacccacca atgtatgaat ttcatcgatg aacagaatga tgtttccgtc 378780

cgatttcgtt acttcgttga taaccgattt cagtcgttcc tcaaactcac ctttatattt 378840

ggcacctgca accagtgcac ccatatcgag tgagaacaat tgcttgttct tcaagttttc 378900

cggaacatcc ccacgcagga ttcgctgtgc cagtccttct acgatggcag ttttaccagt 378960

acccggttca ccaatcagga tcgggttgtt cttggtacga cggctcagga tttgcagtac 379020

acgacggatt tcttcgtcac gaccgataac cgggtccagc tttccgttac gtgcggcctc 379080

tatcaggttg acggcatatt tactgagtgc ctggtacgta tcttcactgg attgtgaagt 379140

gacattctgt ccctgacgca attcactgat agctgctctc agttccttat ccgtgatacc 379200

cgcatccttc aagatggtag atacggtact tttcacgtta agcagtgcca ggatgattgc 379260

ttccagtgaa acatattcat cacccaatga cttagaaaac tcgacagctt tttgcaatac 379320

ctcatttgcg tcacggctca ggtaaggttc gccgcctgaa accttcggca gagaagctat 379380

ctgcttgtcg agtacggttt ctatctgctg accgttgaca ccgagtttct ggaaaatgaa 379440

gttggttaca ttttctccga ccttcagcac ccctgccagc aaatgctccg gctcgatagc 379500

ttgctgcccg cagctctgta ccagattcac cgcttgctgc acagcctctt gcgatttgat 379560

tgtaaagttg ttaaagttca tatatcgttc tcctttctta ttttctatgt ttttttgaaa 379620

tacactttct attaagcaaa cttcttgcca tcgccttaaa atgttcgtta tgtgcctaaa 379680

tgtcagtgtg ttagtatatt ttactgcaat aatgtccgaa tgcatatcaa aatgtcagga 379740

aagtttttat tatctttatc gccataaact tagatatatg gaaaagaaga taccgtttgc 379800

ccccattgtg atgctgatag acgctaccta tctggataga gtaggctgtg atatgactgc 379860

ccattttgct cctatcgtca accgtgagtt acccaaagcc gatttggcga acctgctgga 379920

gtgcctggct ttggatgcag gcgtacagtt gggagagaat gaagtgcaag tgatttttat 379980

ttatgaggcg ggagaagaga aaatgaagtt ctgtactcct tctttattaa ataaggaact 380040

tcataacatg gccttcaaga gtcagctggg agaattctcc ctgtatgcct tccagccttc 380100

cgatatggct acccgcgaag acctgtttat cgagtcactt cagctggcag gtgaatcgaa 380160

ggatgttcgc cgtttcatta ttgtgcccga tgaagacgga tacggtaagc ggataggtga 380220

ctatataaat aaggtggaag ggaaggagag cattaccgtt ttcggcatga atcctccagc 380280

ctacgaaggc gattactcat tcgaaatgtt gggatttccc gttcttcagt cgctgggaat 380340

ccgtgcggag gaactataaa tgtccgattt ccgtctgaaa gtattctaca gtgtggcgaa 380400

aaacctgagc tttaccaaag cttctcagga gttattcgtc agccagcccg ccattaccaa 380460

gcacatacgc gagctggaga gcttgtatca gacccgtttg ttcaaccggc tcggcaacaa 380520

gatttcgctg accgagtcgg gttatgtgct gctggagcat tgcgaacgca ttctttccga 380580

ataccgtaag ctggagtacg acatgcactt gctgcacaat gaatacaacg gtcagctccg 380640

tctgggagcg agtaccacga tagcccagta cgtgcttccc cccattcttg ccaggtttac 380700

ggagaaatat cccaagatta ccgtttcgct catcgatacc aattcgcgta acattgaaca 380760

agcattgcag gaacacgata ttgacttggg aatggtggaa ggagttttcc gtctgcccaa 380820

cctgaaatac gaacctttcc ttcacgacga actggttccg gttgtctgtg cttcgtcgcc 380880

actggctgcc aaagattcgc tttccctcga cgagctgaga gaagttcctc tggtacttcg 380940

cgaaagaggt tcgggcacac tcgatgccat cgaaatggct ctttccgagc agggactgaa 381000

actttcgtcg atgaatgtcc gcttgcatct gggtagtacc gaaagcatca agcagttttt 381060

aagaaatagt tccacgatgg gaatcatatc gttgcaggcc attctgcgtg agctgcgaga 381120

cggagaattt aagataatcg atgtaaacgg actgcaaatt aagcggcatt tctgctttgt 381180

gtatttacag ggacaggaag aagcctcgtc taccaacttt atgcgttttg tacagaatta 381240

tttggaaacc tgtaagaatg caggcgatat catcggcaag atgatggtat cacgctgaca 381300

ccaacaggcc gatacataaa aaagccccgg cgttctctct atctgttttg agtagatgag 381360

tagatgccgg ggcttgctgt tgtaatattt attgttacat gaaagcagga accagatatt 381420

tagtaagcag ataaccgccg cctaccagcc agatatacag cagacctgcc agcaggaacg 381480

gtttggcacc ggcctgtttg aacttttcga tgctggtatc tgtaccgaga gcagtcatgg 381540

ccatcgtcag catgaaggta tcaatgtatt cgatagctcc gttcagcggg atttctttta 381600

cactgtctac gcccagaagg tattgcagca gtgagttcag acagataatt ccgataaatc 381660

cgaatgcgaa ccaagggatg gtgattttgc tcttttcagc ttttccgcca ttgacactgc 381720

tcttgcgttt tgccagtgcg aagctcatga tgaccagcac cggtgcaagc atcatgacac 381780

ggatcatctt ggtaatggta gcagttcctg caatgcccag tgcatctatc gggtccatgg 381840

cattaccggc tccggctacg tgtgccactt cgtgcagggt acttcccgta tagatagcta 381900

cacccatgtt gtccagtccg tccaaaattc ccgcacgata cataatcggg tagaggaaca 381960

tggaaattgt tccgaaaata acgactgtag atacagcgat agcagtcttg tgaccttcac 382020

attttacgac tggctctgca cccagaacag cagctgcacc acagatagca ctacccgttg 382080

cagtcatcag cgacgtatcc ttgtccatct ttaaggcgcg tcccagacag atacccagga 382140

aaatggttcc tgctacaatg ataaggtcta ttataaccgc aggtagtcct acagcagcca 382200

cctgtgtcag agtcagtcgg aaaccgtaca aaacgatacc cgcacgcagg atctgtttgg 382260

tacagaactt gatacccggc acccaagttt cgggcaagtg gtttctcagg ctgttggcat 382320

acagcatacc taagatgata cctacaatca gcggactgaa agaaagactt tttacaaacg 382380

gaatttcggc aatataaaag gccgcaaatg agaacaatgc aatcagcaag ataccgtgga 382440

tggtatttcc tctgtttcct ttttcgaaca tcgtataata attgtttagt gattaatttc 382500

tttttccgct gcaaaggtaa gctattatat agtacaaacc tattgaaaaa tatttatccg 382560

ttataaccaa aggtaataac ctgatacaaa cagttcagcc ctttcgacct tttcgcctga 382620

tgcgggttgg agcactctgg cggaaaagga agaaaaggct gtgataaata gaagaaaaga 382680

ataagggctt cttccgaaat tttgtacaaa gatttttagg ttttgtacaa aaacaaagaa 382740

aatttgtaca aattccgtcg gaaacccgaa gagatttcgg tgtatatttc gaggtaaatg 382800

gtagacaagc tgcctatgtt ttattataac ctgcagaaca gtgaaacgaa gaacggtacg 382860

ctcatgtcta tcagtatgcc gtggaaaatg gctatcggca tcatgtcctt acccgaatag 382920

cgggttatca taggtagcac cacgtccatg gaattgactc cggcagcaga gataggagcc 382980

agcttgccga agtacttgca cagcagcggc gttcccagca aggccatcat ctcacggaag 383040

atgttagaca gcagggcaat cgtacccaat tccgtcgcca gttggagccc gaggaaaggt 383100

tccttgaact gcgtgatcag gatagacgag agcgagtagt aggcaaatcc gctacccact 383160

gccatgcagt cgaatatgct ccagcgtgaa agcagtatgc tggcaagtgc cgagaagagc 383220

agcgtgccgc agacggtagc cagaggaata agcagatatt tcagtttcag atcagctatg 383280

atgtgtttca gttccttgct cgaaccgatg ctcagtccta cttgtaacat cagagcatac 383340

aaaatgtaca gcgtgaggtt gctttccttc atgtcgagcg ggagccattc agtcagtccc 383400

agcagacagc ctgccacaaa aaacagcagt acgatgatac ttcctttcat tgcttgcctc 383460

ctttcttgaa aaacagtttc agcaccatcc acgatgccag aatgcttccg caggttgccg 383520

aaacagccag aatggcagcc tgacagccga atgtagccag attgttaatg attaattcgt 383580

tcgatcctac cgaaatacct aaaaggaaca gcaacaggaa aatggtaagc gaaatggtct 383640

tttctgtctt ttgcagaaag gcaatatttc tgaacagata tcccacagcg atacctgtca 383700

acataaatcc gataatagaa aacatatatt acgcaattat gaggttaaaa ctgattaagt 383760

catccaagtt tcaagccgcc agacgcggcg acacctcata gaaatccgct gaaccaatgg 383820

atgtgtacga cgcggtaacc gctgcacacc ggttcgtgca acaggagctt aacgggagta 383880

tgtgtcgctt ttacattcat gggttattga tgttttgatg cggcaaaggt aatgctcttt 383940

tgtatattta ccaaattttt atgcaaaatt acgaagaaag tgccccgaga ttcgttacaa 384000

gcaggatagc atgaccttgt ttccagtcgg ttcctgcctg caacgcatct gcatgagtac 384060

ctcatagacg ggcaaaattg cctttaagag gaagaacaga tgctgccgga agctttccgt 384120

tgccggttgt tctgtcatag aaggataaat ttcagaacca ttcaagttac gatttcatcc 384180

aatatccagt catcacatta tcgcaaagag tgcagcctgc catccataat gccaggttgc 384240

ttatcgtcga tttatttagt cctattgaaa atattataat aaaaagagta aaagcaaagt 384300

ggtaaatgtg acggtttttt ccagctttga ttagaaaacg tgtacgaaaa gatgcccgat 384360

agcaataccc atttatacaa aggtaagaaa aatcgggatg tatcaaaaat aaatgctgta 384420

tatttgtaga gaaaaaacag acattaacat gatacgaaat acattgttga cgcttgcact 384480

gggaatgagt ctcggcgtgc aggctcaaaa gaatgtggaa gcagcgtttc gttctccttt 384540

cgattttccg ttgttgctga gtgcaaactt cggggagctg cgtccgaatc attttcataa 384600

cggactggat attaagacac aaggggtgac ggggaaaccg attcatagta tagccgacgg 384660

atatgtgtcg cgcatcatgg tactgcacgg cggatatggt caggctatct ttgtaacgca 384720

tcccaacgga tatacgtcgg tgtacggaca tgtagtatcg ttcgctccga aagtacagga 384780

gtatgtgcgg gcatatcagt acgaacacga aacatttgta tgcgacttgc atcccgaacc 384840

gggacagctt ccggtaaagg cgggtgatgt aatcgccttg agcggtaatg aaggggcttc 384900

ggcaggaccg cacctgcatc tggaactccg ccggaacgat aatggggatt atgtagaccc 384960

gatgccgttt ttccgtcagt acctgaagga taccaaggca cctgtcggca gtctggtagg 385020

aatttatccg cttgcaggaa agggagtggt gaacggttct tctacgaaaa agctggttgg 385080

cgtgggagca ttgaatcagc ggttcacggc ttggggacag atttatacag gaatcagtgc 385140

gaaggattac atggacggaa cgtccaattt ctatggtgtt cattcggtta ccttgtatgt 385200

cgactccgtg aaggtgttca acagtactac cgatgaggta tcggccgatg aaaatcgtat 385260

gataaacggt tttacggatt atgatgaact gatgcgtacc cgcaggttga ttatgcgttc 385320

gtataagttg ccgggcaaca ggctgcgctt gctggaaacg ggtcccgacc gcggactggt 385380

gacaatcgac gaagagcgtg attatcattt ctgctatgta ttggaagata atttcggaaa 385440

caaacggaaa tataagttta cgctccgcgg caagaagcag gaaattcctc cttatacgcc 385500

caaggcaaac aagatgttgt actgggataa gacaaatgtc attcaggagc cgggcatgga 385560

actggtagta ccaaagggaa tggtatacga taatactgaa ttgcgaacga gggtgattgg 385620

tgacagcagt gatatttctt ttgattatgt acttgatatc ggtcgtaatc ctttgcatag 385680

tttctgcgat ttatctatcg gagtacgtca tttgcctgta gctgatacga cgaaatatta 385740

tgttgttcag aaagctggaa gatggagtgc ttctgtagga ggcaagtatc agaacggatg 385800

ggtaaaggca aaagtcagga cgttgggtac ctttgctgtg gcagtcgata cggtggctcc 385860

acggataact cctttgggac agggtagctg gcgtaccact cggaacattc gctttaagat 385920

aaccgacggt cagacgggca tacagagcta taaggtgtat gtagatggta attttgtact 385980

tttcggactg aaaaaaggta ttcttgtcat tcaggatccg gggcggataa agaaaggtgt 386040

acctcataag ctggaagtgg ttgtgaccga caattgtggc aatgaaacgc gaaaacaata 386100

taaattttaa atacctatga tgaaaaaact aatgttggca gtttgccttc tggcagctgt 386160

atgtataaat ggttgggcgt gtaccaattt gattgtcggc aagaaagcct ctgccgacgg 386220

ttctgtaatc gtatcctatg cggccgattc gtacggtttg tatggctttt tgtgccatta 386280

tccggcagct gttcatgcat cgggcgccat gcgtgatatt tatgaatggg acacgggcaa 386340

gtatctggga cagattaagg aggctaaaca gacatacaat gtgataggaa acatgaatga 386400

gtttcaggtt actataggag aaacgacttt cggaggtcgt ccggaattgg tagatacaac 386460

cggagtgatg gattatggta gcttgattta tgtggccttg cagcgctctc gtacggcaaa 386520

agaagctatc aaagtgatga ccgacctggt aaaggagtat ggttattaca gcagtggtga 386580

gtcgtttacc atcgccgatc cgaatgaagc gtggatcatg gaaatgattg gtaagggccc 386640

cggagtgaaa ggtgccgtat gggtggctgt ccgtattccg gacgattgca ttgcggcgca 386700

tgcaaaccag agtcgtattc ataagtttga tatgaacgac aaggataatt gtctgtattc 386760

tccggacgtg atttcgtttg ctcgtgagaa aggttacttt gatggcgtaa acaaggactt 386820

cagttttgca gatgcttact gtccgctcga cttcagtgga ctgcgtgctt gcgaggctcg 386880

tgtatggagt tattataaca tgttcagcaa agtgacaggt caggcttatc tgtcttatat 386940

acaaggcgaa agcaaggagc cgatgccgct ttatgtaaag cccgaccgta agatttctgt 387000

tcgtgatatc cagcatgcga tgcgtgacca ttacgaaggt actccgcttg atattaccaa 387060

cgatctgggt gcaggagctt ttcatatgcc ttatcgttta tcgccgctga ctttcgaagt 387120

agacggaaag acttatttca atgagcgtcc tatctctaca cagcagagtg gatttgtttt 387180

tgtcgctcag atgcgttcta ctatgcctga tgcaatcggt ggcgttcttt ggttcggact 387240

ggacgatgcc aacatgacgg tctttactcc ggtatattgt aataccgaca aagttccggc 387300

ttcttatgct gaaggtgaag gcgattgcgt gacattctct tggaactctg ccttttggat 387360

ttataactgg gtggcagata tgatccgtcc tcgttatagt ctgatggtcg acgatatgcg 387420

tacggttcag aattcactcg aagatatgta tgccaatgct caggaaggtg tggaaagtat 387480

agctatgaaa ttgtatgcac aggatccgca gaaagctaaa gatttcttga ctaattatac 387540

gggtatgact gctcagacag cagtagatag ttggaaaaaa ctgggtgagt ttctgattgt 387600

ccgctataac gacggtgcgg taaaacgggt gaagaatggt aagattgttc gtccagaaac 387660

aggaaattca gctcctctcg accgtccggg ttatccgcaa gaattcttga aggaaatagt 387720

taaagctaca ggagatcgtt atctggtgaa ataatataga cgggaaggtc aggggtagag 387780

gttgaatgct atggtttgga ttcgcctgta acctttggct ggactggtgc tgaaaggctg 387840

cttttaagat tgcccctata aatagtgata gtaaattcat tatttatggg ggtattttgt 387900

ttgtatctat tgcttacttt tgtaaagaaa ggtttaagtt tacaataaag ctataaataa 387960

taaagccttt tcggatgtag gaaagtttga agtgtgaaaa tatattatac tataattcaa 388020

acattgtttt ttatttagag atggggcaca gtggtttgtg caagtttgga taggatacat 388080

cgggaggatg tatcctatca ttgtgtttga gctttccggt ggaatagatt attttttcag 388140

gcagggaaac gcatgtggat gatggttcct ttcccgattg ttgattcaat cttaacgtga 388200

gttcgaaata aattaaaaca tcgtgagttg tccgtctttg acaaaacaaa cgtcaatggc 388260

gggcttcttt tcaaagaagc agtatgcagc tatggcagag agcgagttgg caataaagtt 388320

attgaaggaa cggtgtctgg agtgttcaat ctgggcgatg ttctttaact cgtcattgac 388380

tgtttcaatc aaagcacgtt ttctcagcag gattttgtcc gccacgttca tcagggagtt 388440

cttcatgttg ttcttcactt tggttatcaa ctgtatgccg ttaaggaaca ggttctcgaa 388500

cagggtttgc ccgacatacc ccttgtccgc acagagtttc ccttttatat tcttcaggaa 388560

ctttgtctgt ttcagcggtt cacggtcatc cacatttccc ggagtgaaca tgaaattgag 388620

gatttcaccc ttatcgttga tgatcaggtg aagcttaaac ccgaagaacc atcccatgga 388680

gcattttcca cgttcggcga gacccttaaa agtcttgtga atcaatatgc gttggttccg 388740

gcatacacgc agcggggtgg aatccacaaa gctgataccg gtgcaggtac ccaacaggac 388800

ttccttgatg aaaatggtca gctgcaacag gacttccttt tccagttcca caaaacggtt 388860

ataggacaca cgtctgggaa agagatgcgt cagatgtttg catacatatt ctttgtagta 388920

atgcttgaaa catctgaagc ctcccgagtg gaacaggatc aagatgacca tgatttccgc 388980

atcactcatc cggttcggct tgttccgatg cttatgattc ttttcttcaa ccatatattt 389040

ttcctgtgtt ttggcaaatt ccttgcaaaa atcatccgcc atacaaaaaa tctccgtaac 389100

tttagactct gagaacatag tggtaatcgc ttaaatgtta tacttagaca ctataaattt 389160

aatgctttta tcgctatgtt cctaattttc aaactgataa ttttaatctt tatatcgaac 389220

tcacgtaatc ttacattctc cctgtagttt gttgcttcgt tcctttatgg tctttaatcc 389280

taatccggat gtcagtatgt tgggagtcga agaagtatca aaacctttgc cgtcgtcttc 389340

aacgagtata tctatctcgt tctgggcgta gctgacagtc agatacatgt tatgggcatt 389400

tgcatgtttg atgatgttgg agatgatttc ctgtagtatc ctgtatattt ccagaatact 389460

gtcggaggga atagacaggt tttgtatatc atcggagatg taggggtgta tggcaaggga 389520

gttcagggta ttcagttttt cgatatataa attgaacatc tggtataaac tgatgttgct 389580

gaaattggga gtcgacaact gatgcgaaag attgcgtacg ttttctcgta tctgtttcag 389640

ttgggctgcc agttggctgg cattggtttg gcgtaattgt acttccgcgg ccagcagttc 389700

gttgcataca tcgttgtgga gttctttcga gatataatca ttgctgtcct ccagtccttt 389760

caggtattgg tcggtcatct ttttattcag gtctccaatc agtaacttgc tttgtgtttc 389820

tttgttcttt aattcctttt ccagttccga ttgttttagt ttgagcgcaa ctttcctctt 389880

ctgaaggctg ataatgatga tggcagacag cagtacaatc aatataaata tgctggtact 389940

aatgtatgta cgtgtctggt acgcagcctt gtttttcgct tgctcagcgt taagactgat 390000

gatttccagg tccttttcct tggtttccag ttcggcctcg aagccagcca gacgatcgtg 390060

aaaactcttg tgctggattt tttgttctgt tttgtacgct tcaagggcaa gctggtagga 390120

attttgcgca tgatttcttt tggcttctac ttcagccatg gctaaaagcg atttggtgag 390180

cattatgctg ggattttttc tgtagaaagc cagtgcttct gtcaggtagt cataagcttc 390240

ttgcagagaa tcggttgcct gaaagagcat atagccgtac aggtaatcca ggtttgcttt 390300

attatattca ttgcttgttt gctttttgta actgatggct ttttggtaat agttgatggc 390360

agatcgtgaa tctcctgtat cataaagagc ttttgcatag ttcgtataga tataaagctt 390420

caagcctgcc ggcatgttct cctgcaatag gctggtagcc agttgcagac tgtcgagggc 390480

attttggtaa tattctccat ttgtcaacag aatggcatgg ttacacagat agcttatttt 390540

gttgatttga tcattgaatg caagtgtatc tgcttgtgga taagagaata ttctgcgtga 390600

aaagatgatt gctttctggg tttcttccag ctcattgtat agggctgcta tattactgat 390660

gataatagct gataaggtat agtccttttg atattctgtt attttcagtg cttttttgta 390720

catcaagatg gctttatcga gcatgaacag gtttttgtgt attactcccg ataaattgta 390780

tgactctgcc agacgtgccg tatctttaat ttggataaat aagtcaattg cttcatcggt 390840

aaacttgttg gcctcataca gcttgttgct cgcccacaat ccataagctg tttcgtaagt 390900

tgctattcct tccgacaact gtatttgttt ttgggtgtcg gcggtatatt ttttttcttt 390960

ttttagccgt atggcttctt ctctggctct tttaagtacc agatatgcct cgtcgtactt 391020

tctttgggaa ttgagataag ttgcataggt aacattcata tccaaagcag atacaggctc 391080

gttggtatag ttaatttgct tgctggcaag agaatatacg gagtccatcc gggagaaatc 391140

tccgttgtct ccgtattgct gtatcagttg ggtaaagtcg cttgctgcaa tatgtcctat 391200

accgacactt agaaatatga taaataaaag tcttttcatg ctgtaatcca tcctttaatg 391260

aaagctaggc gcatgagatg tgagacattg atggcgccac tctttaataa tatattttta 391320

cgcatagagt ctattgtact cttactgagg tttagttttt gggctatttc ttcggaagta 391380

tttccgcaag aaagcatatt gatgatttct ttttcacgag ggctaggcgt ataggttatt 391440

gaatccatag cggagtgatc ccctatgagc gataatacaa tattaagcgc cgtaggagag 391500

taatatttgt ttttggttga cagtattgaa tctattgcct ttttgatttc agccgtgtca 391560

tcgtttttgg taacgatgcc tgccacttct ttttttatga gctgttttat gatccaaaat 391620

tcggtatgca tggtatagat cagcacagga gtttgaggaa tctttttatg cagatagggc 391680

aatagttcca gtacggtttt atcctgcaat tcatagtcta taattaaaag actgggggtc 391740

tgattgtcta tataattgta tagttcagaa taatgtttac ctattgtaat ttggtatttc 391800

tcttcaagtg ttaatagctt agccaatcct tctgctatga tggggtggtc gtctaatatg 391860

taaatatgtt ctttcatact aaggtgcttg ttgttaaaaa gatggggtct tggttttctc 391920

tgttacaaat atggatattt tatatcttta atgcaaatta ttgttactat ttgattgcat 391980

ttttcttttt tatttcctga agggattctc tggtatttgt ttgtattttt ctctttttat 392040

gcgtcgatgg aattggatat attcttgtta catacaatgt gtaaatagct atctcttctt 392100

gttcaagaat tgttatgaat aaatgattaa tagtctgtta agactttttg ggatagagaa 392160

tattgaatcg gatttttttt ctttcatttg taattttgta tactgaagta ttattttttt 392220

taaacagaag cgaatgagag tgataattca ataaatcagt tcgttttttg caaaaaataa 392280

ttaggataat tagaacgaat cttttatttt tgtttcgcta atactaataa ggaaaacatc 392340

aataactata aagattataa aatcatggaa aacgaagaat tgattaaatt gtgttctgac 392400

aaagctcaga aatggttgac tccggcgtat gatgcagaaa ctcaggctga agtgaaacgt 392460

atgttggaaa atcctgataa aactgaattg atagaagctt tttataaaga tcttgaattc 392520

ggtacaggcg gcttgcgtgg catcatgggt gtaggttcaa atcgtatgaa catttacact 392580

gttggcgcag ctactcaggg attgtctaac tatctgaaca aatgttttgc aggcaaaaaa 392640

gatatttctg tagttgttgg tcatgactgt cgtaacaaca gccgtctgtt tgctgagatt 392700

tctgcaaata ttttctctgc aaacggcatt aaggtttatt tgttcgaaga catgcgtcct 392760

actccggaaa tgtcatttgc tattcgtcat ctgggatgcc agagcggaat tatccttact 392820

gcttcgcata acccgaaaga atataatggt tataaggcat actgggacga tggtgctcag 392880

gtacttgctc cgcacgataa aggtatcatc gaggaagtaa ataagattgc ttctgctgct 392940

gatatcaagt ttgaaggtaa caaggaactg attcagatca ttggaaagga aatcgacgat 393000

gaatatttgc gtcaggttca tactatttct atcgatccgg aagttatcaa gcgtcagaaa 393060

gacctgaaga ttgtttatac tccgatccac ggaacaggta tgatgctgat tcctcagtca 393120

ctgaagttgt ggggatttga gaatgttcat tgcgttcctg aacagatggt taagagcggt 393180

gatttcccga cagtcgtatc tccgaaccct gaaaatgctg aagctttgac gctggctatt 393240

aagttggcta aagagattga tgcggatatc gttatggctt ccgaccctga tgctgaccgt 393300

gtaggtatgg cttgcaaaaa tgataagggt gaatgggtat tgattaatgg taatcagact 393360

tgtttgatct tcttgtatta catcatcaag aaccgtattg cgatgggtaa gatgaagggt 393420

aacgaatttg tcgtaaagac aattgttact acggaactga taaaatcggt tgctgataag 393480

aatcatatca agatgtatga ctgctatacc ggattcaaat ggattgcacg tgaaattcgt 393540

ttgcgtgaag gtaaggaaca gtatattggt ggtggtgaag aaagctacgg attccttgct 393600

gaagatttcg tgcgtgataa agatgcggtt tctgcatgtt ctttgcttgc tgaaatttgc 393660

gcttgggcca aagatcaagg taagacactg tatgatgtct tgatggaaat ctatgtagaa 393720

tacggattct ctaaggaagt tacagtgaac gttgtaaaac cgggtaagag cggtgccgac 393780

gaaatcaagg ctatgatgga taatttccgc gcttgtcctc cgaaagaact gggtggttca 393840

gaagttgtat tggtgaaaga ttacaagact ctgaaggcta cagacaataa gggtaatgta 393900

accgacttga atatgccgga accgtcgaac gtacttcagt tctttacagc cgatggaaca 393960

aaggtttctg tacgtccgtc gggaacagag ccgaagatta agttctacat ggaaatcaag 394020

ggcgaaatgg gttgtccgaa atgttacgca ggtgctgatg ctgatgcaac agaaaaggta 394080

gaagccgtta agaaatcttt gggcatctaa acggaaaaat tttagattga tatagtagaa 394140

tccggtgggt tttcattaaa tccaccggat tttttatgtt atttttccgg ataatcagtg 394200

taaagcagat acttttttct catcgtttta tacttttcca ggtcctcctt ccagacagaa 394260

cgaatctgtt gttccgtttt tccttgcaga atatccagcc gtacctgact ggttcccatc 394320

agaagatcaa accatttggg acgggtaagg aacgattttc cggcatttgg tgtacaggct 394380

tgataagctt tatagaattg gagtacatat tgcaacgaaa atccttgcgg tatttgggag 394440

gaagtacgaa ggtctatccc gtagcagttt ctgtttttgt gcagaggatt cttgtcagat 394500

ccctttagag aacgtggctt gaagctgaaa ctgaaagtct gctgggtaaa gggactgcct 394560

attacctgaa atggccattc cgttcctctg ccgacactca cagaggttcc ttcgaaaggg 394620

cagagtgacg gataaagtgc gatggcctgg tcgttgggta ggttgggtga gggttttact 394680

ggaagtgaat aaggctggcc atgtttccag ttttctactg taatgacttt caactggcat 394740

tgaaggtcct ttcccagcca tccttcacca ttgatcattt gtgccagttc gcctattgtg 394800

catccgtgca gaacaggtat tggaaacatt cccacaaagc tcttgtattt caggttgagt 394860

accggaccgt ctacatagtc gcatgggtta ggacgatcta gtacgatcag ctctttctgg 394920

ttttcggcac atgcttgcat cacataaaac agggtactga tataggtgta gaagcgtgct 394980

ccgacatctt gcatgtcgaa gatgacgatc tcggttcgac ttagctgtgc aggttgaggc 395040

tttttttgtg tgccatacag agagaggata ggaacatgtg tgcgtgtatc cttgccgttt 395100

cgtaccgttt ctccggcatc agcatctcca cggaagccat gctcgggggc gaaaatttgt 395160

acgatgtgta cgccacagtt atacaatgtg tcgagtagat gaaccccgtt tacgcgtgaa 395220

gtatggttaa ctaccagtga tatctgcttg tctttcagca taggaagcaa ctgttccatc 395280

ttgtcggcac cgttacgaat ctgggccggt gcttgcacga ctgccagcag ccagcaaatg 395340

aataaagtaa tatatttcat gtcggacaaa taattttttc gtacctttgt ttcatcaata 395400

gttcgttaaa aattagccca gcctaagcgg ctctggcagt aaataaaatg agttctttga 395460

aaagtttgtc aattaattgc gtgtttggtt caatcccaga cacgcaaata aatcgttcaa 395520

gcatgtaagc attgtgtatg actgacttgc atgatgatat ggaatatttt attcccatct 395580

tcttacaggc agccttggcg aggtttatcg ctgcaagtga tgcattaaag tggaatgcca 395640

gtttcctgaa gtctgtagac tgacagtttg ctattccggc atgttgcttg gcatcccgaa 395700

agcagaattc gagttggaaa cgtgttctgt aaaagtccag gacatcctgt gcgttctgta 395760

tttcgtttgt agagaaatac agctgccatt tgtccgttct tccatccatg gggtaccata 395820

cagccaggct cacaaagcgt ttgagtgctt tggagtatgc tttcagtccg taaagtttac 395880

ccttgttcac tttgtactcg gtacatcttg tgatgtccag attttcaaag tcaattttct 395940

cgtcatgtaa ttttggacgt ccgcgttttc ctgtcctatt ttctaaggtg ggataaaaca 396000

atacggcatc attcctgaaa cggcttatta cgtggaaacc gttatcgtac aatggtttga 396060

tgaaagttgc ctttgaaaag aacgcatcac acacgactgt gccagaaata cgtttcagct 396120

gttcctgtat gctgataagg taagagctgt accagtcaac aagattcttc tcacagcttt 396180

ccagcgttgc gttgtcaggt gtctgtacag agcccaaagt catacattca tggttgtcaa 396240

cgtctataac tccaataccg gttatttcca gtccacgttt gtattcaccg gcacaaccgg 396300

accagaaata gccaatccac ggcgttttgc tgcctgattt tggaatgaaa gacggatcaa 396360

cggctatcgc cttgcgacca cctttaaggt gttccctgat gatggcttca ttgaaggaaa 396420

accagtcaaa gccgtcgttc tcaaaattgt tgcggtatgt ctgttccgag aaacatccat 396480

accgtcccat ttgtaggaaa ttgatgcggt caggtatagc catgaataat ttcattgcat 396540

ccatgaatac tttctgaaaa gatttgctta tatttacagc tgattcgaga gcgtttctgc 396600

actcggattg gtattgcata aggagtgatt ctttagtcat aattaaaagt ggtgaagtac 396660

ttctaattta ctaaaaatca gtgaattatg aaatactttt tctgttgatt ttcagctgtt 396720

tagcatatct ttttcatccc ttttcttact ccttgacgat ttattcttga cagtatttca 396780

atgatctctt gaatataatt ttgaaccgga ttatgccgat tctatgttta attttaattt 396840

atcggtaaaa atttaccgaa gtattgtttc atacaaaggt aataataaaa gaaaaatcca 396900

tgaatccact ggcattaata gataagtatt atcccgaaga aaacgaattg aaacacatct 396960

tgctggtaca tagccgctcg gtagccgata aagctcttga tatggcgaag aagcacccag 397020

aactgaattt agacctacag tttatcgaag aagcagccat gctgcacgat atcggaattt 397080

ttcagaccga tgccgaaggt atctgttgct ttggtaagta tccttatatc tgtcacggct 397140

acttaggagc cgaactggtt cgtcaggaag gattcccgaa acacgcatta gtctgcgaac 397200

gccataccgg tgccggattg tccttgcagg atatcatacg tcaggagctg ccggttcctc 397260

atagggagat ggtgcctgtc agtctggaag agcagataat ttgttttgcc gataaatttt 397320

tttcaaagac aaagctcgac cgtgagaaga gcatcgagaa ggcgcgcaag agtgtggcac 397380

gctatggaga agaaggtggc aagcgtttcg accactggtg taaactcttt ttatagtctt 397440

aaaaaataca ttaaaatctg tggctcttgc atttatttgc gggagaatgc ttacttttgc 397500

aacgcattgc gtaaaaattt gatgaatgac gtcgtttaaa aaaactacat atttactact 397560

tgttctgttc ttcttaggat tttttttctc tttgtatgct gagacgcagc gtgtaaaagg 397620

taagagaatg agaggaaaca gaacggaagt tcgcgccgat tccctggcag gcgattcact 397680

taaaagcgac tctttggctg tcggttcctt gtctgctgat tctatcggag ccgattcgct 397740

ggctctggat acaactccta aaaaacaacc tctggatgca cctgtagtgt atgaggcaag 397800

cgattctata gtatttacta aaggaggatt tgctcactta tatggtgaag gaaaggttaa 397860

ttatcagaat atcgaactga cttcagcgtt gataaccatg aatatggata gtagtacggt 397920

ctatgcccgt ggtgtagccg atacaactgg cgttgaacag ggaacgcctg tctttaagga 397980

tggagaaact ccatacgaat cgaagacgat gcgttataac ttcaagacga agaaaggatt 398040

cattaacagt atcgttaccc agcagggaga aggttatgtt accagtgaaa atgccaaaaa 398100

aggtgccgac gatgaaattt acatgactca aggtaagtat accacttgcg acaacaaaga 398160

gcatccgcac ttttatttga aattgtctat ggcaaaggtg cgtcctaaga aggacgtggt 398220

gttcggtcct gcccagcttg tagtagaaga tgtgcctctt ccgatagccg ttccgttcgg 398280

atttttcccg ttcagcagca gttattcttc tgggttcatt atgccgacct atggtgacga 398340

aatgaaccgt ggtttctatc tgcgcgacgg tggatattat tttgccatca acgaccgggt 398400

tgacttgaaa gttttgggag aaatctatac caaaggttca tggggactgt cggctgcttc 398460

caattacaac aagcgttata agtatagtgg ttatttcaat gccagctatc tggtaacgaa 398520

gacaggagaa aagaatatgc ccgattatac ggtttctaaa gattttcgta tacaatggag 398580

tcatcgtcag gattcgaaag caagtcctaa cagttctttc tcggccagcg tgaactttgc 398640

aaccagtagt tacgaccgtt cgagtctgag ttcactgtac gacccttcgg catatagtaa 398700

taatacgaag gcatcaagtg tgagctactc ccgaaacttc cccgaaatag ggctgaacat 398760

ttcgagtaca ttcaatatta cccaaaatac aagggactct tcggtaaaca tgaccttgcc 398820

cgacctgaat atttctctga gccgtatcta tccgttcaag cgcaagaagg ctgcgggaga 398880

tgaacgctgg tacgaaaaaa tttctttcca gtatacgggc gctctgacaa acagtgtcga 398940

tacaaaggat aacttgcttt tcaagactcc tttctctaag tggaaaacgg gtatgaagca 399000

taccattccg gtggaggcta cctttagctt gttcaagtat atcaacatta ctccttcgtt 399060

taactatacc gagcgctggt atacgcgtaa ggtcatgcaa agttacgatc aaaaaacgcg 399120

ggaagttgta aaggatacca tcaacggttt caatcgtgta tacgattata atatggccgt 399180

ttcgatgaat acaaaattgt atggtatgta caagcccttg tttatgaaga gcaaggagat 399240

tgtgatccgt cacgtcgtaa ccccgtcggt aagctataca tataccccgg atttcggtaa 399300

gtcgcattac ggttattacg aaacttatac ctataccgac gaaaatggtg aggtccgcat 399360

ggcagagtat tcaccttacg aaggggctcc ttacagctat ccgggtaaag gtgtttcgca 399420

gaacgttagc ttctcgctga aaaataactt ggaaatgaag atggcttccg acaaggatac 399480

aacgggttac aagaagatca gtctgattga tgacttgagc ggaaacttgt catacgatat 399540

tgctcagaag cggtggagta atctttcgct gacggctcgt ctgaagttga ccaagaatta 399600

tacgttcaac atgaatgcaa cgtttgcaac ttatgcttat aagttcgacg aaaatggaaa 399660

tgttgtagag agtgatcgta ctgaatggtc gtacggacgt ttcggacgat tccagggata 399720

tagtggttct ttctcgtata cgttgaataa tgataccttc aaaaagttat tcggaaagaa 399780

agacgagaaa gataaagata aggataagaa ggatacgggc gacgaggatg aggaggaaac 399840

cgatgacgaa atgacaaaaa aggataattc gagcactcgc aagacggaaa atgcaacgct 399900

tgatccggac ggttatcttg cctttaaatt gccgtggagc ttgagcttga gctatagtta 399960

tagtattcgt gaggacagaa cgaagcagat taatatcaag accatgcgtt acccatattc 400020

gcttactcat tcgctgaaca tctcgggtaa tatcaagatg ggtagccgct ggaacgtaac 400080

atactcgagt ggttacgact ttacttcgaa agaaatgtca atgaccacgg tgaacattac 400140

tcgtgacttg cactgcttca acatgagttg tggtctggta ttcggtccgt atacctcgta 400200

taacttttct atccgtgcca attcagcgat gctgaccgat gcgttgaaat gggatcagcg 400260

tagtaatacg ggtagtcagg ttacatggta ttgattgtat tggtaaggat agaatcaggc 400320

gaggaatagc tttctttgaa agctgaaaat cctgtagatt cgaattcgta aaaagggatg 400380

aaattgtgtc gtaactcaat tttagggaag atgaactttt aatcggacag tttcatcttt 400440

ctataagtaa aacgaaagag ccgcatcaaa actgagtttt tgatgcggct cttttggtat 400500

tttgcaatta tgagtcacta acttttcgga atgcttcgtt tactttggta tccctttggg 400560

agtgtcctat cagtaattac cacttaatag gttcctctcc atgctgaatc aggtattcat 400620

tcgtccggct gaagtgcttg ttgccgaaga agccgttata agccgaaagc ggtgaaggat 400680

gaacggaagt gagcaccaga tgcttgttgc ggtcaatgaa agctcctttc ttttgtgcat 400740

acgatcccca taaaataaat accagatgtt ctcggttttc ggccagagca cgaatggctg 400800

catcggtaaa ctcttcccag ccttgccgtt ggtgcgagcc tgcctgatga gcacggacgg 400860

taagtgttgc gttcagcagt agcacgcctt gttctgccca gcgggtaaga ttgcctgtag 400920

tcgggatagg tgtgcccagg tcatcgtgta tctccttaaa tatattttgt aaggatggag 400980

gaaatggaat accgtcgtta acggaaaagc agagtccgtg tgcctgtccc ggtccgtgat 401040

acgggtcttg tccgatgata accaccttaa ccttgttgta aggacagagg ttgaaggcgt 401100

tgaatatcag tttgccggga ggatatacgg ttgttgtctg atattcccgg cgtacaaaat 401160

ccgtcaggcg gatgaaataa tctttctcaa attccggagc caatacttgc ttccacgatt 401220

cttctatctg tacattcatg ctgttttact gtttttgatt tctatgaatg aataacttat 401280

gtataagata aatcaaacaa atttagtaaa aaggcgtaaa tagtacttgc tgtatgaaga 401340

actttttcat tatagcttcc tttatgccga tggaatttga tagccggtgt tatgttgttt 401400

ggaaataatg tcatctgaaa gaaaggggga ttatgggtgt cttggggatg attgaagcga 401460

ctgctgttgg ggaatatgat ggaatgaatt tattgtgtac agtttttcgt atgaagggcg 401520

tgaagatcaa aaatgagtaa aaaagttctt taaaaaggaa gatagatgat gttggaagaa 401580

agactcggct cctttgcata aatttctctc gacgtttttt taattttttg tacaaaaaat 401640

aaaatgattt gtacaaagaa aggagcgaga tgctggaata cgaagataat cctccttgat 401700

ttattgggag atgtgaggat atcctgcggg atttgtatgc cggtatcgga gaaaaaaagt 401760

aaggccgcct ctttaaatgg attcagaaac ggccttgaag aaaaatcagt tttgcgtatt 401820

gcctgtgtgt ttaaataagc tgcatgccca gagctgcaca ttccttgcgc atttcttccg 401880

gccagatgct ggcttgaatc tcgccgatgt gtgcttttct aaggtacagc atgcagagtc 401940

gtgattgtcc gatacctcct cctatgctaa ggggtagaga accttccaac agtcgcttgt 402000

ggaaataaag tttcgttcgt tcttcttttc ctgctagttc cagttgtttg agcaatgctg 402060

gtttgtctac acggataccc attgatgaaa gttcgagagc gtgtcctaaa acactattcc 402120

ataccaataa gtcgccgtta agtccaggaa gtccggtttt cggatctatt gtagtataat 402180

cgtcataatc gggagcacgc ttgtcatgtg gttctccgtt gctcaatttt ccccctatac 402240

cgataatgaa aacggcacca taccgttcgg tgatcaagtc ttcccgttcc ttaggcgatt 402300

tgtcgggata catatttagt agctcctgtg aatggatgaa atgtatatcg tgtgccaaga 402360

aaggagttat ctgcggatat gcttcacaaa tcatatattc tgtacgtcgc atagctgcat 402420

aaatacgggt aacaatactt ttcaggaaat ctacagttcg ctgttctgga gtgatgacac 402480

gctcccaatc ccattgatct acatagagtg aatgcagatt tcccagctct tcatcggcac 402540

gaattgcatt catgtccgta taaataccgt atcccggttc tatgtgataa tcggcaagtg 402600

taacacgttt ccatttggcc agcgaatgta ctacttctgc ccgttgctct cccaagtcct 402660

tgattgggaa ggtaacaggg cgttctactc cattcaggtc atcgtttatc cccatgcctg 402720

tcagcacgaa gaggggagct gtaacacggc gaaggcgcag ttcggatgat aagttttgct 402780

ggaaaaaatc cttaatttgt tttatcccta actcagtttg tttcatatcg agcagaggcc 402840

gatagttgct aggttttatc agataactca tttcttataa atttttcaat gtttaaatac 402900

gttggcaaag ataatgatat tttgtaaaaa tgcaatacta atcctatgaa tattgtcatt 402960

atgagcttta tttctttatt tttattgata aaatgatatt tcttttatta gcaaaataac 403020

ttcttttttt attttttctc ttcgattatt aggacaaaat acagaatagt tgtatttttg 403080

ttccggtttt tgagacacgt ttgcacccat agttcaatgg atagaataat ggattccggt 403140

tccatcgatt ggggttcgac tccccatggg tgtacgattt tagaggctaa tctattaaaa 403200

agtaatagat tagccatttc ttttcttcag aattactcta agtatatccg aatataggat 403260

caacgtaaaa acctgagagg ttcgttgctt aagcataaat ttttcatgca gtttaagcaa 403320

aatccgtatg gactaaactt tatttttggt aaacctaagg atacaagaaa gccaactaat 403380

tctcaatgtc ttgtatttga attagggata ttcagtaaat gtccccaaaa taagatggca 403440

tatgaaatga ttatggtcta tcatcttcat atgccatttt ttattgtcat ttttccatgt 403500

attctcacat aattctatcc gtcaggacat gacacttctg aagaagccag atgacctctt 403560

ccgattccgt cagtaaaatc atatcatgcc gctttaaccg tcctgttcct gatcttgtca 403620

atcatcagta cggcatttgc cgtatgtatt ccgaagaaaa tccacaggat ttccgtcttc 403680

ctgttccgtg cctttatcct ggagagcgag taatgctgct tctgtgtacc gaagcttcct 403740

tcaagccggg tggccctctc tttggagagt tcacttctga gaaccttcct caaggattca 403800

tccctggccg cccttccctt gcgtacgaag gaagtggaga ttccgtattt cgtgcagaac 403860

tttctgttgg cgttattggc atatatggaa tcggctgcta cgcatcttac cctcacgttc 403920

atgagcttct gctgcatgcg gatgcagtcc ttcaggcata tcccctcgtt gaaagccttg 403980

aacgagaggt gttcgatgaa cgatatgccg tctatctgta tgttgtttac cttcgcaccg 404040

aactcaacgg atttcgtttc cttgcctctg acgatgggat gcacataatg acggtcaatg 404100

ctgacgatgc gctcactgac ttttcgtcct tcaaacattt gcttttcctg tacaagaacc 404160

tttctgatga tggaaagccg cttccggtaa tcctgagtat accggagtga ggctccatac 404220

tctttgtgaa ttccatcccg ctgcatgaga agtttttcaa ggagtctgat catacgtcgc 404280

ttgagcatcc ttgtccttga tgcctttctc tttcttttct tacagtagga cagataagcc 404340

ttggcaatat catcatattt gttgcgggga cgtcttatgc caagttcccc gcaatgcttg 404400

cagatatgcc tgtagagcca ttcgaggctt tcccaaagga gcttcatgtc tgtagggaaa 404460

cgcatatggc tctcatagca ggtggcatcg gtcatgcaca cgtgaaggtt ctcaagatac 404520

ggcttccagt gtgaggccag cacttcctgg agggattcaa tgtcaagacg ggatgccatc 404580

tcattgcgga tggcactgac tatcttgtag ttggttatgg ggaaggacgg gtctatcatg 404640

attccgcaga acatctgata gtgtatgttg ctgttcagat gttccaccag ctgtctgtcg 404700

gagaatccgg tgtatgcctt caggaccatg agggcaatct ttgccgcagg gctgaagatg 404760

ttcctgcgtc ccagtcgctg ttccaacagg cccaaggctt ttgccatacg ctcaaacgga 404820

aacaccgagt gaagcctgcc aagctcactc tcgttaaaac tcttgcggta tttttccaga 404880

atatcaaatt ctgtaaagcc caaagtaggc tgaatttctg aaatattttg tacttttgcc 404940

atatcttggt tggggaattt cccccgtttt ggctgccaaa ccttatttgc gggggaatac 405000

ctaaagatac aaaaaagcca gctaattcgc aacactttgt gtatgaatta gttggctaat 405060

tttatattat ttactgaatg tcccgaatta gttggctaaa tttgttttat ttgctgaata 405120

tccctaaacc aggaaacttc ggtcagtaga tatcaaaaga caaatcctat acgaaaatag 405180

tgtaacttgc cgttacttga tacatcctta ttatctatag aaatatttat cttttggaag 405240

ttaaaagcat atcctatgta tacattttta cagagattaa taccagttcc gatttcgaag 405300

caaatacctc catcattatt catagcactg ctatcagtgc taaaaccata tccggcagca 405360

aaagataaat atcccgacat ttccttgaag aaataaggag tattaccacg tacgcctgtc 405420

ataatttgca agtctggatt ctcgtcgaat gtatctttag ttgggaaagc agcttttaca 405480

ctgattgcat cccatccaat gaatggagca aaattgtgtt gatatcttac acccaaatca 405540

aaacctccac caccttttgc tccacctata cctaaatcta tggcaaagcg attcttttta 405600

taatacatac cttcgtatga agatgcaaaa ttccagtttt cagcacaaat aggtaaactc 405660

ataattgcag taatgacaaa aaacatcatt ctaaaaaaaa tactttttct cataattaca 405720

tacattgtct gtcagctcct acagaccatt tacattatac aaaagaagcg tggaactgga 405780

atgcgtattc agatttaagt tcataagaag tatatatact ttttaaatct cttacgttta 405840

caatcaaaat aagcataaca cttctttgtt tatctaattt tttttgaagt aatttttatt 405900

tatttacaaa tatagattat ttatgtaaat aaatattatt gtatggtgtt ttttctattt 405960

aattgtcttg tgagaaaagt atagaaatta atctgttcct tgcctaactg gtagaatgag 406020

tatgttaaag catttacttt tcaaatatga aatcaataag taaaatttcc ttctttcgga 406080

atcaaaattc ttttcaaaaa ttagggtaga ataatttata gaaataagta tggatttgtt 406140

caatataaaa aaatacggaa tccaattttt taaattgaat cccgtatttt cattaacata 406200

ccatatttta taatatcaca tttattgata tgaaaattaa ttatgaactc ctcgtccgtc 406260

tatcaatctc tggattgtct tttctatttc attcttcaat tccttgtcgt cggtcttaat 406320

ctgttttaat cccgaaacaa tatcattgcg acgataattt tcattgaacc agcctaaagt 406380

ttcaatcgca gctaaacgaa gttttttatc ccgagtttcg tcagatgcaa atttcaataa 406440

cggatcgatg ccagcagtat tgggatggtt acgatatact acgatatcca agcgtacccg 406500

attgggtttt acagttgtat caaacatttc ctttaaatcg gcctgcatgc gtttttcact 406560

ctgtttaatc tgttttctga aacggtcaac atacgaagaa tcataaaaat acttatttgc 406620

agcctgcttg tcgagttctt gtaacaaagc attcgtgtcg aaagctccta atccagatat 406680

cagtttaaag tttaaacgcg attcatgctg acgctccaga tatgccttga taactgcggg 406740

aataaggtct ggatgtccat ttttctctac atactcacag gcaaaacgtc gtaccagttc 406800

atatccatca ttgagtgcag cttgtaatac ttttatggct ttttccggat aatttaacgc 406860

caataagcgc atcgcctcca agcgtacaac aaaatagtca gaagtaaagt aagacttttc 406920

cagaagttct ggaagttggt catatcctcc tttacacaat tctctcaatg ccaaagcacg 406980

catatcgggc aatggactat cgagttgttt tttccaatag ttcaaatttc cttcttccaa 407040

gaccaatgcg cgattgatat ctacatcaat gccactatta ttggcaaaat ggaatgtagg 407100

gtcacctatc agatgatttt ctaaatagca aaccagacga ttaaattgtc caatacgcat 407160

tcctgctccc aacagtccca aaaattcatc aggccattta tcttgaatcg tattcacagt 407220

tccgccctga gctaccactg tttttccgtc tgagaagaca taagctccag caatattatc 407280

tttctcataa aatgaaccgt taaaacaagc atcgaacatt ataaaacgag cctgtggttt 407340

aagaggatgg atatcggttg tatgaatgtc cagtgataaa ttataaagag aatcttcttt 407400

tatcttttcc ggatcaaaag cttcttcaca ccattcacgt ggaacattat atcttttcat 407460

atattctgca attgcagctt cttttccttt cgtctcggca aaagcaggta tcttgctacg 407520

caaaaaacgc tttatattct cgatactggg atctatcgta tttacctctt catagccatt 407580

cagatattgc gtatcgggcg caccatgatg atgaaatagc ataatatcaa gtcccttgct 407640

ttgtacttcg tttaaatagg tgtttttaat ggggaagttt acatcaaaat caaagaattt 407700

tactgtagat cccggacgaa acaattgagg taattgttca cgaatagcca actgttctcc 407760

tgaccatgct gtcgggtctt cggaattata tccatgtcct cgtcccatgc tcaaataatc 407820

tactacattg ttggcatttt cacgcttttc tgccactaac ttttccagat acttatttaa 407880

taattgatat ttatcaaccc cttccagctc cagcggtttt atacgagctg aataaatgtc 407940

cggagaaaga tattgcttag agtctgcacg caatgaataa tagaaataca aaggtatatc 408000

tgcatcctgc ttcaagaaat caaacttcag accaaaatca tcataataac ggtcggaagg 408060

tacactagac tccttccagt catgtttttg atccatttta aacgctgaag tcaaatgttg 408120

ggcatcccgc agcatcggaa tgggaatatc acccacaaat acgcaacctt caagaggtga 408180

tttacggtct gaatgtagct gaatcaacaa tttacgaatc tgttcgggag atttccactc 408240

atctactaaa agatatgtgc ccaagccatc agcttctata ctttgcttat aagcctctaa 408300

agcatttttc gttttttcgt aactagtatt atctaccaca atagcaaatg ttgtagcagt 408360

ctttactccc ggcttgataa tttgttgagc ataggagtaa agacaaatgc tcaacaaacc 408420

cattaaggtc aataattttt gtgtcatatt ttttttgaaa taagttaggt taatctatgt 408480

attgtttgtt gaatttcaag cgaaagttca tcgggcaagt cagtcgtttg caaaaggtcc 408540

tgacattttt ccaaaatatg aatgcgttca cgggaatgta caaaccatcc taacgcttcg 408600

gccattgcta ctcgaacttt tacaggggtt tccttgcgtg ccaacaaatc taaataattt 408660

gttacgtaac aatgataggg attgttgcgt accatgcgaa tggcagatat acggtctgtt 408720

ataggcagtc gttcgttcat tattttatca tttatctgct tgaccatggc aaatttttta 408780

ttcaagactc tttcaatcat tttctgctct tcgttggcat tcatacgttc tgcatgcttg 408840

tagaactcgt ttgtggcaga ttttacgtcc tcttgtggaa aaagaggaag aatggtgctg 408900

atgatatagc caaccctctg acgttcacct ccgtcaatcc attcgcatat caaagccgga 408960

agcagaaccg gatcgccaat ttcacctgca taatttgcgc tctgacgtgc tataagctcg 409020

taggaatctc cgattcccat acgtacagct tccgtaaaat tgtcatcgtt atagcgtccc 409080

aacaacttca atgcttccat tcgaacagtg ttataaggag tatttttaaa agtgttcaat 409140

atttcattct cattggaatg taagctgtca gcatctgcta tcatacgtaa agccaaactc 409200

tgaatatcag catatggaac agacatcagt tcttcccaat aatctgattt tccttgcttc 409260

aactctatgt ctgttgtcaa attcatatct gtttttatcg gtgcaaaatg gacggtcgga 409320

tctcccatca gatgcccttc tagtgttgct atcaaacggt tatattgtcc aacccttact 409380

ccgtgtgaca gcaatcctat gaattcaatg gtccatcggt cttgcagaac gttacgggta 409440

ttgccttgag caacgattgt attgccccga ttaaaaagat aatatgcagc cagataatcg 409500

tcatcttgga aagaaccatt ataacaagca tcaaacaaaa ctactttagg gttagtagcc 409560

acaccagaca aatcctctgg tgtcagataa atatcggcag atataattga atcattccgc 409620

caaaaggcat cattatgcaa atctttgaag aaagtattcg tcaaatgata tttttttatc 409680

atcacctgct ttaatgaatc ttcattcttt cccgcagcta ccttttgcag cagactgtga 409740

tacagatcag tcttcatcaa acgtagacgt tctgtaaaac tatctccggt tctatcatta 409800

ttaataactt gttttgttgg cagtccatgt tcatgaaaca tgaacaaatc aatatcctga 409860

cgttgtaatt catccagcaa gctatacttc attgccttat ccatcctgaa attgagatgt 409920

ttaaaatttt gtcctcgacg gaaagccaat ggaaaatcct ccctgtaagc cttttcttca 409980

tccatccaag ctatcaaaca gttagaatta taatctcctc cattgaacga gacgatgtta 410040

tccaatggat tatttgcagt ctgtctttta gcataggctg cttttagaag aaaatctgat 410100

aatgcttcat atttatcacc tttccatccg tcaggatact taatgcgggc tgagtaaaaa 410160

ttaggattca gctgttgtgg actatcttcc gataatttgt aatagaaatg atcggtctgt 410220

acagaatctt gtctgatgaa ctcaaatttc agatgcaaat catcataaaa tctatcgctt 410280

ggaacagacg attgtgaaaa aggaaatgct tcttcattca tcttgaaggc tgtagtcata 410340

tgttgggcat tacgtatcat gactataggt atgtctccga ctaatacgat gccttccaaa 410400

tgttcagctt ggcgatatac ttttataatt tcctgtttca cttcgtccgg agtattccaa 410460

tcaccacgta taatatacgt tggcaatccg tcagcttcta ctgcatctcg gtattttagc 410520

aaagccgtgt gtgtagcttc atacgtggga ttatcaacca ctattgcaaa cgaagttgga 410580

ccttggctga ctggctgctc tataacggta tgtgccgaag cagacacaac actccataat 410640

agtgcaagat ataataaaac aaatctcata tatcaatcat tttttagtct ataataggtt 410700

ctttctgcct cttgacgaat agcagccgaa atgtgcttat cacgtcgcag ctcattacat 410760

actctcagta tctccggtcg tttataggag tatttatacc aagctaaaga acgtaacaaa 410820

cttaacttaa attcttcact ttctgattgt tcctgcaata aattcaaata agcatcaacg 410880

gaaccgtgaa tagggtagtt gcgcaaagag ctgacgtaca acaagcgcat tttttctttc 410940

tcctttcgct gtaatatagc ctcgtctgag gaataacgtg aagcataagc tttcattaac 411000

tggctacgta cttcatcttt attttgaatg taactatctt tgaggacgtt atcaatagct 411060

tctttgagtg gctgctcgtc aaatacgtat agtccgaggg ttatattaaa ggccactcgt 411120

gatgcatgcc ggtcttcaat atatgctctg accagatggg gtaaatactc attttttccc 411180

accgctatca tctcacgtac cgcagaacgg cggatgaatt catatgaatc atttaaagca 411240

ggttccaaga tttcactaaa attggaatca tttacttttt tcagcaaaga gaaacaagta 411300

taacgtacca tagctaaagg agaggtttca aaagtatgtc gtaacaatgc cgaaatatct 411360

ttataaccat ttgcatgcaa acgatgcaat gctaaatttt gtacatcagc ataaggagat 411420

tgaagcaaag acaacatttc agcttcatcg tagggctttc tacaaagtac cgatgcatct 411480

atcttcggat cgaatgaggt aaatcgataa gtgggatcac ctgtaatatg agattccaga 411540

atattagtca actgagccca ttgtccgact cgtgctccca aaccaagtag tcccagtaac 411600

tcgtttgcct gtttgtcttg taatacattg acagagttgg caaaagttgt cacacatttg 411660

ccggctgcaa agatataccg tgcggcaata tagtcatctt cacggaaatc gccattataa 411720

catgcatcaa aaataaccat ccgaacatta ggggagacct cagttacatc cgacaatgac 411780

aaccccatcc gagcatcttc caacgaatct tgtgatatga taacaggatc atcataccct 411840

ttataccatg tagagtctaa tccatatatt gtatcagctt tttgatattc ttttcctaaa 411900

agacttcgat tgcgtaccca gttacggaca tattgtcgca agtctgtttt taattgtttg 411960

atatgttctt ccagactgct tgtttcggga atatctgaaa aatactggcg atcgggtaga 412020

ccgtgttcat gaaagatagc cagatccaga tcagaacgct taatcatatt aataatatca 412080

ttcttgggat atggtgtaaa gcaataacgc atgaaacgag cccttccttc tttatcgaat 412140

actcccggca tctgttcacg caggttgtac gcttccggta cccatgcaag caacgaattt 412200

gaatatgatc catgtcccgt atacgaaaag aactgatcca aacgattgct tgattgatga 412260

gcttccacca ctttatgtag gtacttgcga atctgttcat atttattcac tccatttgct 412320

atgggcttaa ttcggcccga ataaatatta caacgtatga gttggggaga atgtaccccc 412380

aactcataat agaaacactg tggatgcaga gaatcttgtt ttacaaaatc aaacttcaag 412440

tgaaaatcat cataaaaccg atcgcttggt accgaagatt catgccaatc agtctcttca 412500

tccattttaa aggctgaagt tagatgctga gctttacgaa tcattgggat aggaatatct 412560

cctacaaata ctactccctc aagcttatgt ttcttgtaca gagacaagat aacttttttt 412620

acggcctctg ggtttttcca tgtatcataa acaacaaagg tggggagcga ttctttccct 412680

aacacttgtt gataagcctc caactcggca gagcactctt gccaggtctg cttgtcagca 412740

ataatggcaa aggatgaatg ctctactttc atttttggtt tcaagattgt ctgtgcattt 412800

agttgtacac acaaacctaa aactgttatt ataaaatata tgaataatct tctcataatc 412860

agaaattgca cccgatacta acagataaat aacttctatg gctgaaatca aaatcttccg 412920

cctttacata atcaaagcca acttgagcaa aaacttgtgt tttactttcc tgttttaatt 412980

gttgggaata tactgcagca gctcccaatt tccaataatc tgacatgaga taattagcat 413040

ccagagtttc catctgagtg acagttaaat agtctgcatg tgaacctcca tactgataac 413100

agcctgagag atttttgtta tatcctcccc gtactgtcac caacaaacgc ttcatgagct 413160

tgtcacttaa tacaaaattc ttcttgccgc ataattccat atatatattt tcatgacttt 413220

ttacggaata aggcaatata tatttgtcct tctggttttc ataatatgcc aaggcttcta 413280

cacgccagtt atactcatta ccacgattgc gaatcaagct gtaatgaagc gtagcagctt 413340

tagtttcata agttgaacgt acgttactat acatttgcat ccatccagtt tgcgattcag 413400

tgttgtcacg ctgattaata tactggattc catcaatcat acgataagat gcatccagtt 413460

ttatgtgatg taccagtttt tcacctttag tgtaaagcgt cattgcaacc ttgcctaact 413520

gatcttttac cgaacctatt ttccgtggag ttgaatatga cacctctgca gtttcggctt 413580

taatagaata ggtaccttcc agtaataaat ttaaatttgt tgctgcgtaa ttatattgca 413640

ttgatcctcc aaactgattt ccgtaatagt tcgttgtacg tccggaacca attcctttaa 413700

cagccactcc aagtccgaag agttcataat aatcctgatc tgtataagaa tctgaattag 413760

ccatttgtga atcctctttt attgaagcat aggaaaagtt aacacctaag cgatggtgag 413820

aattaattgc gtaacatatt cctggtatca actttaatat atagaaacgg gtatctacac 413880

gagggtctcg ttgttttgca gccagtgaag cctgatatcc tccttccaga ccgaaagcta 413940

attttcccca atagagtggg gtagctgctc taaattttaa atcataatac tggtttctcc 414000

aactactttt ataagcatcg gcaacataat aaggcatacc tcggaaggga tcagttatag 414060

aagcattgta tccggcatct gttttatttt cctgtgaaaa ggaaaaagcg ccccatacat 414120

atgcatcctt cagattcaag aatccttcac tgctcactcc cacagagcgt tctccttctc 414180

cctcctgagg tcgggaaaag ttaccactgg tattttgaaa atttaatttc acatccgaat 414240

aattctgaag atcatccaaa gcagttccag cagcattctg tgaatgaaac cagattcttt 414300

gttctttcat ttgttctaag ccggccatag aaagtccttg ctgagctgct acttgtattt 414360

tgccgatact aagcaaagtc aataagcaag cagttctcca tatataattt tgttgtttca 414420

tatattattc ttcattaagt tccacctttt ttaacgcaac gtatgattcc atgaaggcat 414480

ctttacatca tagcggcgca acattggcac cactcctctt tcgaaatcat ctgtgctgtt 414540

gtttgtgtct tgaaagatca aagcaccatt ttctctacga atgggttctc cattctcatc 414600

taacgacaat ttacgagcaa ctcctaagcc acagtaagta gctcctacat aagttattcc 414660

tgcatccaat actgctggca ttcgcttggc atttaccttc gattcgttgt caatgcattc 414720

taccgcatcc agaacatatt taacaggaat cttggcatag tatgtatcac tattaggttt 414780

gctcaggtct gtagttttca tagatgcatc attgacagga tcccaggtct ctccttgggg 414840

aacttggaac aataccattg caggaccaaa aacagaagtc aaatattgag gaacagttcc 414900

catttctgct tttccgtcat aaaatacatg taccatatcg taggcaggct gatctgggaa 414960

attcgcatta ttcatattaa attcaaattc agaggtacta ccatcaatag gtgacagagg 415020

attatattgc ggcaattgat gattcgctgc aaactgtgaa attacgcaag attcaccggg 415080

ttccaacgga taatctgtac catttcccgg aaacttccag actctctctg cataagcata 415140

attatctcca tcttcttttg gccaaacagg taaagtaagc gtagatttac ttggtgtcag 415200

attggcaatg taaagtccgt ccagatacaa tacagaagat gaattattat aaatctcata 415260

aaactgatca cgaaaataaa caccacctgt ttcagatctg gaacctgcat aataaatttc 415320

tttaaagacc aatggactta ccttcagccc ttgagccatc acatcgactt catttacgtt 415380

tccaaacaat gctttattga cgaggttccc attcacataa aattcatctc cgtctgcatt 415440

taatacggtt ccagaaaccg taatggtata aattccagga atcactccat ccatttctac 415500

cttaccgact gcacattctt tagacaaatg taaatcttca tcataattgt caaatttaag 415560

agttaagtct ttaatttctg ccaaattctc tacatcaagc tgtatattta cagcaacact 415620

catagatgct acatcctcga caccttttac atctcgaaaa gaatcacagg atgaaactaa 415680

aagcatccaa gctaatgata ctatatatat tattctcata tgcataattt atttccgtta 415740

gagagttaaa gagagttcca aaccaaagaa aaagcggttg ttcagtgtta catagttacc 415800

cggactacgt tttgactctc tgcgtggata acttctaaac atattattgg caaagaaaga 415860

aactctgaag ttatcactta tttccttagt tacgttaatg ttaaaattaa aatagggtga 415920

ataagactcc ttaatagcat cattatgatt tactgttttc aacaagtaat cataaccatc 415980

ggctttcact tgttctgttg tggtatattt gcctgtttca aacatatgaa ctgaagcatc 416040

ttcaacagat atgtatccta ttggaataga atcgttcgca taggttgacc aattagcttc 416100

ctgccataca gcctgtgctg tcaaggttac cacgaaacca atgcttggta tattgtgtgt 416160

agcacgtaag gttgtagtaa attgctggtc atttctcact ttatctttgg gggcataaat 416220

agcaacattt ctacgtccgg aaagtccact acttgaatta tcatagaaat tatatccatt 416280

gttataactc tccgtacgca tccaagctcc acttaaattg aatgcagtac gaatagcatc 416340

tatacgtcca aaatccaatt caaactcaat tcctttatta ttgataaaca agttgttgcc 416400

tggacggtaa taatcggcca atacagaatg agttgcaaca gtctccaact gattgttctc 416460

gtttcgggca tactcattaa tagttaaagg cctgaatgta gagaagtctt gtcccaaggt 416520

atatccatct tttaaacgtt ccagataccc agttactccc atgcgcattt gtcccaaatg 416580

gaaatccaga ccagcttctg ctttataatt tcgagcaatc ttcagatcct tattctgtac 416640

atcgaagaca tgagttgtag tcatcaaaat tctctcattt tctgggatac tctcattggc 416700

caattcgttt atattagcat attcaaaata tgcattttct ggatacagat aaagcaatgt 416760

tggcatctta ctcgttattc catatcctcc acgaatagtt agcatatcgg gtactaaatc 416820

gaatgaagca ttgaaacgtg gagaaattac tcctcccacc acagacatat ggtcataacg 416880

tacacctgct tgaagatgta aattacgttc accaatcatc cagtggaaat tttcttcggc 416940

gaacgctcca aactgattaa taaacggaat gcttctgtaa gaacgaggcc ggaacgtagc 417000

gtttttctgt gacaagtttc tatatggagg agctgtcgga tcaaaggtct taccatcacc 417060

cacatttcca tccgacttga aatcgatacc gaataaaata cgattattta cgtgaccaaa 417120

ttgcttaaaa agattagcag tcaactttcc atacacattc acctctcggc tgtctatttt 417180

atagattcct ttataactgt caggaagata ttgtgcataa tggtttatat cctcggatcc 417240

gaaatgagtc agttcatttc ccagagcatc ataaatatga ttgccaggta tattggatag 417300

tacagctcca tctgttgtag tcatggaata atatgaattg gctaccgaat agacctgttg 417360

ataagaactc tgcttatcca tataagtagc cgaagctaca taacgaaggt tttgcaacca 417420

acctttatgg atattccata ttccatttgt attaaatact attccttgat cacgaccact 417480

ggaagcaacc tgtgtacgtg tatcatctgg attctgttta cgggtgtctt taccataaat 417540

aaaatctact gaggtattac tacgtaattt attattgaaa aatgtatttg aatacatcac 417600

gctacctgta gcacgctgat aaaaaagata agaagcttta gggtcttttg tattgtaggc 417660

atagtcaccg cttacattca gggctccttt atttccacct aaatcaaaac ctgtaccagc 417720

cgaaacctga tatacattag gattggcctt cgctttaata cgcaagggct cacggccagc 417780

tttagtatgt acgataactg ctcccgatgt caaatctcca tattcaacag acggaatacc 417840

acgaatgacc tctactgact caatgttttc agtagaaata ctacgtacat cgactcctcc 417900

actgggtgca gcacctcctg ccaatgattc cgatccacct gccactgttg ggttaagggc 417960

ctgtaagtta gcattgttgg aaatcggagc accatctttt ataatagctg tacctaaagc 418020

attcagtgaa ttattatccg atgtggtatt tacttgacga atattaatct gctgagctga 418080

attcagtgtt ggattagaag atagtcctcc aggaagtaga gacatgatat catatagact 418140

ggtagcctgc atgtgatcca tagctgtgcg tgaaatacta gacgaagtgg ccttgcctgc 418200

ttcattcgct ttggctgtca ccgttacttc tttcaattta aaattctcat cacgcagact 418260

gaaatcaagt ttcatatcac gtgtaatgtt tactaatgta tcaatcggaa gtttccctag 418320

atattgtata cgcatatgcg tttttcctat aggtacatta tccaatacat aagttccatc 418380

tttagtggtt gtagtaccca ttgcataact tgggaacgat accgaagcaa aatcaagagg 418440

agttttttgt ttatgggata tatcataaac tgttccatat acctttactt tttgaagaga 418500

ttgggcttgt acggccaagc ccattccttc ccagccacat agtagcaatc cagctattaa 418560

accggctcgc aaattgttta agctcttttt tctcattcgc attaattata attaagttaa 418620

atacctacat gtagggatat tgttgtttgt taaaatgttg cttaattatg attcttttaa 418680

gcaatgtgtt tgtttttatt cccctctttt gacaaatgta ttaaataatt atgaatagca 418740

tactcctatc tgtttattta cttcgagtat ggagaatttt ttttatttat taacgtatac 418800

gttgctgttt tgtgttgaat tgaatgtgct tttaacgtat tttatgcatt tgctgacatg 418860

gaaaatattg tcataaacga tttatatagt attctttttt atgttaatta acaaaaaaca 418920

tattggcatg tttgggagta aaatacctac ttttggggag gcgcttcatt atattaatta 418980

tatagagagg ctgttaagac aatacttgat taatggctgc ttaaatttat tttagctgcc 419040

tcttgggatg aagtttgaat atcatttatt gttttttcga taattgattg ctccaacggt 419100

tataggcggg aggttagtgg gaaacttgtt gaatgaatca ggtacgtgtt tgtagaataa 419160

tttcctgttg tttatgctat agattaagag tatatccgtt tcgatgtata ataagatagt 419220

gtaaatatac agaaaaggct gcttcatcac gaagcagcct tcccgaatat ccaattgaat 419280

ttgttagggt tagtataagc atttgtaaat gctcaaatgc aaatatacga ttttatttga 419340

ttgcttgata aaattcttcc caattcttat tgaaatccgg catggaatgg aacagataat 419400

tggctccttc atccagcaat accttatcgg gcaggggacc ggtattgacc gctacggtaa 419460

agatacctgc tgccactccg gcacgaactc ccagaggagc attttctact acgattgcct 419520

cgttggcctg gacaccggct ttctgaagtc ccataagata gggttccgga ttaggtttac 419580

cgtatttcac gtcgaatgcg gtaaccatca gttcagcttt gaatataccg gggaagtttt 419640

tgtttaagcg ttccaacaac gatgtttgtc ccgaaccggt tacgatgacg ggaatcagcc 419700

ctgctgcctt tattttattc agtagttcca gtgctcccgg cattcgttcc gccttgggga 419760

gtgaattgaa aatgttactc ttggtctgat aaatttcttt tatttcctct tcagttgctt 419820

cgtggtttcg ctggcggctg ctgacgatat tgatagtagc agctcctgta cgtccctcgt 419880

gcaagtaggc ttcttcgggg ctcaaatgca tgccgtattg cttcatggct tcgtgccagg 419940

ctttggcatg gtttttcatc gagtcgaaca agacaccgtc catgtcgaac aatacagctt 420000

tcaggttcag tttgtcaaag tgatgtgtgg taagataatc gtttattgct tgttggaaca 420060

ttttttctta gttaaagata acatatataa ataacgaaga atgaataatg accaacgagc 420120

aagactgcat tgttaagtaa ctgtctgctc aatttgtcat tatccattct tcattcagta 420180

gtctttattt caagcgagct tggatagctt tagactcttc ttcgtatccc ggtttgttca 420240

gcagggcaaa catattcttc ttgtaagcct ctacacccgg ctggttgaat ggatttactc 420300

cgagcaggta accgctgata ccgcaagcct tttcgaagaa gtaaatcaac tgtcccagat 420360

agtattcgtt cagtttcgga acgctgacgc gcatgttagg aacaccgccg tctacgtgag 420420

ccagctgagt acccagttcg gccatcttgt ttacttcgtc tacacgtttt ccggcaagga 420480

agttcagacc gtccagattt tcttcgtcag aaggtacgcg gagttcgtgg ttcggagttt 420540

cgatagaaac aactgtttcg tagatggtac gttcgccttc ctgaatccat tgtcccatag 420600

agtgcaggtc ggtcgagaag tctacagagc taggatagat acctttgtgg tccttacctt 420660

cagattctcc gtaaagctgt ttccaccatt ccatgaagta gtgaagtttc ggctggaagt 420720

ttaccaagat ttcaatcttc ttgccgctct gatacagttc gtttcgtgta gcagcataga 420780

gagcagccgg attttccatc atattttcgt tggcacaaac ctcttccatc ttgcgtgcac 420840

cttcaaccaa ctggtcgatg tcgatgcctg caactgcgat aggaagcaaa cctaccggag 420900

taagaacaga gaaacgtccg cctacattgt caggaataat gaatgatttg taaccttcct 420960

tgtcggcagt tacacgggct gcacccttct tagcgtcggt tacagcaacg atgactttac 421020

gtgccatttc cttaccgcgt tggtcttcgc attgcttttt caacaggcgg aaagccaaag 421080

ctgtttcggt agttgtaccc gatttagaga tattgattac accaaatttc ttgtctttca 421140

ggaaagaagt cagctcgtac aagtaatctt caccaatgtt gtgtccggca aagatgatag 421200

taggctgtcc ggctttcttt tcttgcaacc acaagaagct gttggacata gcttcgataa 421260

cggcacgggc acccagatag cttccgccga taccagcaac aactacaact tcacagtttt 421320

cgcgcagaac ctgtgcggta gctttcaagt cgtccagatg ttcttttgtg atagaagaag 421380

gtaaatgcaa ccagcccagg aaatcatttc ccagtcctgt acctttttcc aatgtttcca 421440

tacatgctct tactttgggt tcgtaagcag ctagtttgtc tttggaaata aaacctaaag 421500

acttgttgat gtcaagttta atattttcca taaatattcc tttattatct gaatgaatca 421560

gtcagtaatt tgatttcaat catcggagaa atccgttcat acaaaatatt gtaaacggcg 421620

tccactatcg gcatgtttac gtgcaggtgc ttgttcagct ccttgataca tttagtaccg 421680

taatagcctt cggctatcat ttccatttct atctgtgcac ttttcaccga atatcctttt 421740

cctatcatcg ttccgaatac acggttacgg ctgaagttcg agtacgaggt taccagcaag 421800

tcgcccagat aagctgagtc gttcgtgcac cggttcaccg gatgtaccgt atcgagaaag 421860

cggttcattt cctgaagagc attcgaaacc agtaccgcct ggaagttatc tccgtatttc 421920

agtccgctgc atataccggc agcgatagca tacacattct tcaagacaga cgcatattct 421980

atgcctgcca cgtcggtatt aaccgatgtc ttgatataat gtcccgagag ttgtcgggca 422040

aacatctttg ctttttcaat gtccttgcat cctaccgtga ggtaagacag gcgttctagt 422100

gccacttctt ctgcatggca tggacccgcc agtacggcaa tgttctcttc gggcacgtcg 422160

tacatttgat gaaagtagtc ggatacaatc aggttctcgt cggggacgat acccttaata 422220

gccgttacaa tgaacttatc cttgagtttc gtttttagct ttttaaggtg gattttcaga 422280

tacggagaag gagtgacgaa tatcagtgta tccgattcct ttactacctt atttatatct 422340

gaagagaagt tgatgcacct catgtcgaag cgcacgctag tcaggtaagc cggattatgg 422400

cccagacgcc ggaattcttc aatccggtcg tcgcggcgca tgtaccagtt tattgagtct 422460

gcctgggtca atatgatttt ggctattgcc gttgcccagc ttcctccacc catgattgct 422520

attttcccgg ggagtttcat tttagcctat tttctgtatc cagccagcta cttcgtcgac 422580

gctaggattc ttcaattcta atttatattt tttattcact ccgcaaatgt cctgatgcag 422640

tttctgcgga tttacatcct tcatatccga aaccagattg tatcctgctt tctggatgac 422700

aggtacccat tcttcaggaa cacccagctc catgaatttt gccggagcat ctttcgggat 422760

aaccttttcg ggacgcatct gcgggaagaa caatacttcc tgaatggtgc tctgtccggt 422820

catcaacata accagacggt ccataccgat acccaaaccc gatgtaggag gcataccgta 422880

ttccagtgcg cggataaagt ctttatcgat aatcatggct tcgtcgtcac ccttttcact 422940

cagtcgcatc tgctcctgga agcgttccaa ctggtcgatc ggatcgttca gctcagaata 423000

agcgttgcag agttcctttc cgtttaccat cagctcaaaa cgttctgtca ggtccggatt 423060

gttacgatga cgcttagtca gcggtgacat ttcaatcgga tagtcgatga tgaaagtcgg 423120

ctggatataa ttgccttcgc agaattcgcc gaagatttcg tcaatcagct tacctttacc 423180

catggtgtcg tcgatttcca tgttcagctt cttgcatact tcacgtattt gatcttcgtt 423240

catgccggtc aggtcataac ccgtaaattc tttgatagag tcgagcatgg taactcgttt 423300

gaacggagcc ttgaagttga ttgtattgtc gccaatcttg atttctgttg taccgtttac 423360

atccatacag atcttttcaa tcatgttttc agtaaaggtc atcatccagt tgtaatcctt 423420

gtaggcaaca tagatttcca tacaggtaaa ttccggattg tgtgtacggt ccataccttc 423480

gttacggaag ttctttccaa tttcgtatac accttcgaat ccgcctacaa tcagacgttt 423540

caggtaaagt tcgctggcga tacgcatata caatggaata tccagtgcgt tatggtgtgt 423600

aatgaacggg cgtgcagttg ctccacctgg aatagactgc aggataggag tttctacttc 423660

tacatatcct tttgagttga agtactcacg catcgaattg tacactttag tacgtttcag 423720

gaagatttct tttacaccgt cgttgacaac caggtctaca taacgctgac gatagcgaag 423780

ttcgggatcg tcgaacttat cgtaagctac accgtccttg tatttcacga taggcaacgg 423840

acggatagat ttcgacagca cggtcagttt ctgtgcatgg atggaaattt ctcccatctg 423900

tgtgcggaat acgaaacctt cgataccgat aaagtcgccc aagtcgagca gacgtttgaa 423960

tactacgtta tataaatctt tgttttcgtc cgggcatata tcatcacggg taatgtatac 424020

ttgaatacga cctttagagt cctgtaattc aatgaaagaa gccttaccca tcacacgacg 424080

tgacatgata cgtcctgcaa ccgatacttt gcgcggttct gcttcgtcgt ccttgaattc 424140

ggcttttatg tcagtcgaaa acgcgttggt tacatactcg gcagcagggt atggatcaat 424200

gcccatcgct ctcaattcat tcaggctgtt acgtctgata atctcctgtt cacttaattc 424260

taatacgttc atttgttgat acattaactc aattttgcta caaaaatagc aaagattttg 424320

taaacaacat ctaaatcaac ttacttttat tacctttggg ctgacggaat tttggaaaac 424380

ggacataaaa atgaataaac agactacatt tttgaaggtg actgtcttgc agacggatat 424440

cgtctgggag gatgcggttg caaaccggaa gcgcatagaa aagctggtgg aagggcagga 424500

ggatacggat ttgttcgtac ttcccgagat gttttctacc ggtttcagca tgaatcctgt 424560

ggagattgcc gaaaaggaag agggagaaac gttgcaatgg atgcgccgga tggcggaaga 424620

gcatcggtgc gctcttgcgg gaagtctttc agtcagtgag tcgggaatgt tttataaccg 424680

tttttatttt gtctgtcccg atgggacgat acaccgttac gacaagcggc atctgtttac 424740

tttcggtggc gaggataagc ggtatatacc cggtggaaag cgggtgatcg tttcgtatgg 424800

cggctttcgg atacttttgc agatttgtta tgacttgcgt tttcctgtgt ggtcacgttg 424860

ccgcaacgat tatgatgtgg cgatttatgt agccaactgg cccgttggtc gtcgggaggt 424920

atgggataca ctgctgcggg cacgggcact cgagaaccag tgctatgtgg ttggtgtaaa 424980

ccggacaggg catgatccgc agtgttctta caacggcggc agcgtaatca tcaatcctta 425040

tggcaagctg atggcatcgt gtgaagatga caaggaagaa actgcatcgg ctgttcttgc 425100

ccgcgagccg ctggacacat tccgaaaaca ctttccggtg ctgggcgatg gggatgattt 425160

caatctgagt ctttaggctt tttcagaact cgtggaggca ttgattttca atcgtctgca 425220

tctgtcccga aaaacatccc gatgtttttt tattttttgt acaaaaaaca aaaaagtttg 425280

tacaaattct gggcgaaagt tgatagggta ttcgggctga taagctgaat tttagacggg 425340

tagttggcag gaaatgcata aaaattgtat ctttgtacat ccttcgtttc aaaataagaa 425400

aatcagtttt tatgtatacg aataaagaaa tatggaatgt cacttacccg atattcttgg 425460

gacttcttgc gcagaacgtc atcaatgtga ccgatactgc ctttctgggg catgtcggtg 425520

aggtggcgct tggggcagcg gcgatgggag gattattgta tatctgtatc tataccgttg 425580

ccttcggctt tagtgtcggc tcgcaaattc tgatagctcg ccgcaacggg gagggaaact 425640

ttcatgccgt cggaccgatt atgtggcagg gctctacgtt cagtttcggc atgggagtcg 425700

cactgctgat actgatgtcc ttgtgtgccg agccactgat tcgcttgctg attacttccg 425760

ataccatttt ccatgccacg tatgagttct ttacctggcg tatctgggga tttttgttcg 425820

catttgtgaa tgtcatgttc cgggctttct atattggagt tactcaaacc aaggtgttga 425880

ctatgagtgc tatcgtcatg gcactggtca atgtctttct ggattatgcc atgatattcg 425940

gagaattcgg ctttccggag atgggggtac ggggagcagc gctggcctcg gtcatcgcag 426000

aagcttcttc cttgctgttt ttcattgttt atacctattg caagatcgac ttgaaaaaat 426060

atggtctgaa ccgtttcggc cgtttcgact gggacatggt gatgcgtatc ttgcatattt 426120

cctgttttac catggtgcag tattttctgg cgatggctat ctggtttgtc tttttcatgg 426180

cgttggaacg gctcggtcag cgtcagcttg ccatagccaa catcgtgcgc agcgtgtatg 426240

tcgtgcttct gataccggta cagtcgcttt ccactacggc aaatacactg gtcagcaacc 426300

tgatcggttc gggaggagtt tcgaaagtca tgacattgct gcataaaata gctcgcatgt 426360

cgtttctcat catggttgtc tgtgtggtac tctgcgtttt gtttccgcgg gttatcctgg 426420

cagtctatac caacgaggag gcattgctgc tggaatctgt accggcttta tatgtggtgt 426480

gcggggcgat gctgatatct gccgtggcaa atatttattt caacggaatc tcgggcaccg 426540

gcaatacgca ggcggcactg gtacttgagg ttggtgtgca gatattttat gccttgtatg 426600

tcattgtagt gggaatggta ctgcgtgctc cggtcgatat ttgctttact accgaaatca 426660

tttattatac gttgatgctg actttcagca tcgtttatct gaaaaaagcg aaatggcaga 426720

ataaaaagat ttgatgcatc cgattatttt tgtaattttg cgccctaata aaataaggaa 426780

ataaaaagaa aaactgaaaa tatatgttcg ataatttaag tgaaagacta gagcggtcgt 426840

ttaaaatatt gaaaggtgaa ggaaaaatca ccgaaatcaa tgtggccgaa acactgaaag 426900

atgtacgtcg tgcgttgctg gatgccgatg taaactataa agttgccaag aactttaccg 426960

atacggtaaa agaaaaagca ctgggacaga acgtgctcac agccgttaag cctagccagt 427020

tgatggtaaa aatcgttcac gacgagctga caaagctgat gggtggcgac acggccgaaa 427080

tcgaattgaa gaatcgtcct gccgttattt tgatgtcagg tttgcagggg tctggtaaga 427140

ctacattctc gggtaagctg gctcgtatgt tgaaatcgaa gaagaaccgc aagccgttgc 427200

tggtagcctg cgacgtgtac cgtcctgcgg ctatcgaaca gttgaaggtg ctgggtcagc 427260

agattgaggt tcctgtatac agcgaacccg acagcaagga cccggttcag attgcattga 427320

acgctattca ggaagctaag gcaaaaggtt acgatctggt tatcgtcgat acagccggac 427380

gtcttgccgt agacgagcag atgatgaacg agattgaagc tatcaagaaa gcaatcaatc 427440

cggacgaaac actgttcgta gtcgatgcaa tgaccggtca agatgcagtc aatactgccc 427500

gtgagttcaa cgaacgtctg gacttcaacg gcgtggttct gactaagctc gacggtgata 427560

ctcgtggtgg tgctgcgttg tctatccgta ccgtagtgaa caagccgatc aagtttatcg 427620

gaacaggtga aaagctggat gcaatcgacc agttccaccc ggctcgtatg gcagaccgta 427680

tcctcggaat gggtgatatc gtttcactgg tagaacgtgc acaggagcag tacgatgaag 427740

aagaggctaa acgtcttcag aagaagattc agaagaacca gttcgacttc aacgacttcc 427800

tgactcagat tcatcagatt aagaagatgg gtaacctgaa ggaactggct tccatgattc 427860

cgggtgtagg aaaagccatc aaggacatcg atatcgatga caatgcgttc aagagcatcg 427920

aagctattat ttactcaatg actccgcagg aacgtacaca tcctgaaatc ctgaacggaa 427980

ctcgccgtac acgtattgcc aaaggtagtg gtacgagcat tcaggaagtg aaccgcttgc 428040

tgaagcagtt cgaccagact cgcaagatga tgaagatggt taccggcagc aagatggcgg 428100

gcatgatgca gaagatgaaa aagaaataaa ccatatttgg ttaattgata cgggaactgc 428160

ttcgttgcag gcaggtgccc gaaggaagtg gggagaggga atcgctagag aaaaagattc 428220

tttctccccg cttgttttgt atgctttcag gcggccccga tacctattag gataattctg 428280

cgacgaagta agcaagtgat aatgtgaaac atcatttgga agtctgaaaa aatcccgcta 428340

ccttagggag gttttgggtg gatactattt ttcgacaaga ataagtcttt taaaactata 428400

tagcaatgaa acgtaagata tggagttatg cccttggcgt gacaatggtc ttgtcgcttg 428460

ccagctgcgg caacagtgca aaaaaacaag cagatgaaaa aatgagtgca gacagtatga 428520

atgtaacaag taatcaggca ggattgcaag gagatagtct tttgtcgacc tgcgtactcg 428580

acggagtaaa agcaacatgg attcgggata acggtcccgc acggctgatg cctcgtacgc 428640

ttttccccga tgcaagcgat gagctgatca aaagtctttc gctggagaac ggcataccgg 428700

cttctatcag taccttcttg gtagaaagcg acggtgtacg tattcttttc gatacgggaa 428760

tgggagctcc cgacagtcga ctgatggacg gactgcgttc gttgggggta tctccggccg 428820

atattcagta tatttacctg acacatttcc acggcgatca catcggtgga atgatgaaaa 428880

acgacagtgt ggtatttccg aatgccgaag tgtatgcttc aaaagcagaa tacgacggct 428940

ggatgaaaat gcctgccgac aagaaagagc aggtggtaaa gatcatgaat gcatacaaga 429000

accgtctgca cttgtttgct ttcggcgata cactgcccgg aaaggtcgtt gcacgcgaag 429060

cgataggaca tacaccgggg catacggtct atcaggctgg caagctgctg gtcatcggcg 429120

acctgatgca tggtgcagcc ttgcaggcag gacatccgga aatctgtgca acctacgaca 429180

tggataagga gaatgcgata aagtcccgta aaacctattt gcagtatgcc cgtgaaaacg 429240

gactggtaat ggcaggtatg catctaccgg ttcctgcttt tatgaaataa aattttttga 429300

gtgaagtttc tcggaactgt aaaaaggtat atgagagata taaagaaagc ccctgtcatt 429360

ttcctgaagg aaatttgata ggggctttct atgtttgtct gttagttgcc aattaaattt 429420

tgtgttccag ccaggcatca atcatcttgc gggcgatact gagttttttc ggtatttccg 429480

gcaggtgatt gcggctgtaa aaagcacctg cgctcagctc ttcattttgc agtttgatgg 429540

taccgctctc gtattcggca taatatccca ccatgatgcc gctgggatag ggccaaggct 429600

ggctgccgaa gtacttcagg ttcttgaggg tcagtcccgt ttcttccatc acttcccggt 429660

aaacacactc ttccaatgtt tctcccggtt caagaaaacc agccaccagt ccgttgaagg 429720

tgccccggaa gttgcgggca tgcactaata agatactatc accttttttt atcagtacaa 429780

tgaccgccgg tgaaatacgt ggataaaact cctgacggca ttcggggcat cgtttggcga 429840

tgggagaaac ctgtactgta ggtacgccgc acatggggca gtagcggctg ttcttgtccc 429900

agttcaatat ttgtgaagcc tttccggcac gcttgtattc ttccagcgga agcacatcga 429960

acgaagcacg caagtccttc atcatgcggg gactgctttc atctccggct accggaacgt 430020

gaatggcgta tgttttggcg ggataaccgt ttatctcgcc gatggtatga atggtacttc 430080

ccacaggtac tgctaccgga ggttctgttc cgtaaggaat atgataacca tccgcttttt 430140

tctctatcag gacttgtccg ctattgaaga cgaaccatcc acatgtttgt ttttctgttt 430200

ccattaatta agtcctttca ttgtaagctg aatgcgcttg cgttcgtggt cgatgctgag 430260

cacgcgcaca cgtacatgct ggtgcatgct gacgactgtc gtcgggtcac tgacaaactt 430320

gtcggcaagc tgggagatat gcaccagtcc gttttccttg attcctatat ctacgaagca 430380

cccgaaatta gtaatattgt tgatgatgcc gggcagttcc atgccttccc gcaggtcgtc 430440

gatggtctgc acgttcttgt cgaactcgaa gacctgaatc ttctggcgcg ggtcacgtcc 430500

cggtttatcc agttcctgca tgatatcggt cagtgtaggc agtcccacgg tatcggtcac 430560

atagttcttg atatctatct ggctgcgcaa gtccttgttc ttgatcaggt cggcaacgga 430620

acatttcaag tcctttgcca tcttttctat gatagcataa ctctccggat gcacggccga 430680

attgtcgagc gggttgtcag cgtgtggaat ccgtaagaat ccggcacact gttcgaatgc 430740

ctttgctccc atacgcggta ccttcagcaa ttccttgcgc gaatggaatg caccgttttc 430800

tgcacgatag tttacgatgt tttgagccag cgtaggtccc agtcccgaaa catacgtcag 430860

cagatgcttg ctggccgtat tgacattcac gccgaccagg ttcacgcaac tctccaccgt 430920

ctggtcgagc gatgctttca gcttagtctg atccacatcg tgctggtatt gtcccacccc 430980

gatggatttg gcatctatct tgaccagttc ggcaagcggg tccatcagcc ggcgaccgat 431040

tgacacggct ccacgtaccg tcacatcgta ttcgggaaac tcctcgcgcg caatcttgga 431100

ggcagaatag atggaagcac cgtcctcgct gactacaaat acctgtactt cgcggtcgta 431160

tcgctgggac gtaacgaaac gttcggtttc acgacttgcc gtaccatttc caatggcgat 431220

ggcttctatc ttatattgtt cgaccagttt gacaagcttg cgcccggcca gagccgtttc 431280

cgattttggt ggatgcggat aaatcgcttc gttgtgcagc agattgccct gagcgtccag 431340

acagaccacc ttacagccgg tacgatatcc cgggtcgatg cccatggtac gcttttgtcc 431400

caacggagga gccagcagca gttgccggag attttcggca aagacacgga tagcctcttc 431460

gtccgccttt tctttgctga gtacggaaaa ttctgtttct atcgctggtt tcagcagtcg 431520

cttataggca tcgtttacag cttctgccac ttgtgcggaa cattccccgt ttccgtgtac 431580

atattgcctt tccagccgtt cggtacaggc tgtttcatcg tcgggagtga ttgaaacctt 431640

caggatacct tcggcttctc cacgacggat ggcgagcagg cggtgagagg tacatttctt 431700

cagcggttca ctgaagtcga aatagtcgcg gtatttcaga gcagcttctt ctttctcttt 431760

gcctttgact actttcgaga taatcatggc ctgacggctg aactggtttc gtatcaggtt 431820

gcgggcacgt tcatcttcgt tcacttgctc ggcgatgatg tcgcgtgctc ctttcagcgc 431880

atcttcttcg tccttgactt ctcccttgac gaacgaacgt acccgggcag acaaattgtt 431940

ttcccgctgc atcaacagca gcatagcaag cggttccagt cccttctggc gtgcaacctc 432000

ggcacgagtt ttccgtttgg gcttgaaagg caggtaaata tcttccagtt ccgtcgtatc 432060

ccaacagttg gtaatacgct cacgcaaggc atcggtcagt tttccctgct cttcgatagt 432120

agaaagtacc gtttcctttc gcttggcaag ttcgcagagc ttttcgtaac gcgtatggat 432180

atcacctatc tgtacctcgt cgagtcctcc ggtcgcttct tttcggtaac ggcttataaa 432240

gggtatggta gcacctccct gaagcagttt caaggtattt tctacccgat ggacaggtag 432300

tttcagggca gtggcaatca tttggctgaa ttgttccatg tatacttttt ctaataatgt 432360

ggcacaaatg taattaaaaa aaaagattcg gggtgaggag agaagttatt ttgaaggtga 432420

tttaccgacc ggtttaagct ttattcgggt ttgagaaaag ttcgttgacc gagaatgtgg 432480

acgaagaggg cagggaaata gtgactaacg ctacgtatag gcaggcagtc gaacttggaa 432540

attttgtcag ttttagagat gaaatatcaa gcagaagaat gaagtacaag aggaaatcag 432600

tcggattgga gggaaaagga attgcaaaga tttttgttgg ttcaattgga ggccgaaacg 432660

tagtaatggc acatgatacg aagaaacggc aaggatgtct gctgttcaaa cttgttcccg 432720

aaacataata atggcatgtg ataaagaggg acaagcaata atgtctgctg gtcaaagctt 432780

tgaaaatgga gatcgataca atgaactttt agagaaaata gtttgttact gttttagatg 432840

aaatagtctt tcgtgaatat attatgtgac aacttaaact aatgtatgac ttatgaataa 432900

cagacgaagt gtctggtgcg tcattctttt ttctttttta ggcatatcag taacaatggc 432960

gcaggagccg gaaaaaaaga agcactgggt atgggaactt tacgggggcg tgaacaatta 433020

tatgacatgg gaagtggaaa cgggtgtcgt atataagccc tggcgtttta ttggcgttgg 433080

agcgggattg ctttttacta cactgataga tgatgacaag gtttattcgg gagatgtcaa 433140

agataaaaaa ttacgctggt gtatagagga gaaagatttg acatatctca tggctttccg 433200

ttcgggaatt tacttgtatt cacctcctgt ttatctgaat catgatcgtg atgtggcatt 433260

gtcttttcgt gtatctcccg gtattactat acctttgcct cccaattcaa gtgccattgt 433320

agattatgtc ccagaggatg cagttctcga tgtgccggta acatcagaaa gtgtcagcag 433380

ttcacatgca agggcatgtt attatcatgt acggtttgcc gtggctttgg aaatggaacg 433440

tctatcgata ttgttgggat atacgacatc tgattatgat ttgtatggag ggagccgtaa 433500

catggtggtg ggaggacaga aaataggatt gccccacaag aagcagaccg gcacgttctt 433560

tatcggactg acctacgact tttgagcata taaaaagaaa accctgccac ggcctgacag 433620

cacgcgacaa ggttttcgta attatgggaa ttatctgcgg tagaaacgca gctcattttc 433680

caacgttttt actctgtttt gcaagttttc tattctttcc agcaagtgac ggatggcatc 433740

gattccctct atattgatgg acaagtcata atatagatgg gtgtattttt ccagctcatt 433800

caactgagaa gccggaaagt aactggtatt atcgattact tcgatatcta ttaagccgcc 433860

ttcgcccagc atgaggacga agtcgggttc gatattgcaa tgtgtgcaat aatcgtttat 433920

gatgattaaa tcgttctgca tagtcgtacg gttttaaatt atccttgctg taactgtcgg 433980

aacaaatctt tctgcttttc cgtcagcgtg gtaggaatag ttacgtgata agttacaatc 434040

aggtcgcctg ttgcgccttc ctgcttgtag acagggaaac ctttaccttt caggcgtacc 434100

atcgcatcat tttgagtacc cggacgaact ttcagtttta cttgtccgtc caatgtattg 434160

actgtaactt cacctcccag tacggccgtg tacaagtcga ttgttacatc tgtatacaag 434220

tcattgtctt tccgcttgaa gacagggtct tcgggaatga cgaaggtaat gtacagatct 434280

ccgtcgggtc caccgttggc tcccttgcct ccatgacctt tcaatttgat aacctgtccg 434340

tttgccactc cggccggtac ggtaatacgt aatgtttcac cgttgatgct gaacgtttgc 434400

ttgtgcgtag tagccgcttc acgcaaagac agttgtaaag aagcctcaat atcctgtccg 434460

cggaatccgc cccttgcact acgtcctctg ccggctccat gtccgaacag ctcttcgaag 434520

aagtcggaga atccgctggc atttccacca aatccgtgca tgccttctcc tccaaagcca 434580

cttgtaaaat gttgtccgtc ggtagaatac caatattctc cgccgttatc tcctccgcct 434640

tgagcccgat aagcctgttg ttgtgcctca aactcgtcgg cgtgtttcca gttctccccg 434700

taagcatcgt atttcttacg cttttcgggg tcgctcagta cctcgttggc ttcattaatc 434760

gcctgaaact tatccttggc cgtagggtcg ttcggattca agtccgggtg atatttgcgc 434820

gccaacttac ggaacgcttt cttgatatcg tcctgggttg ccgttttgtc aactccaaga 434880

accttgtaat agtctatata agccatacag tctgtttttt ttgttaatga atgacacaaa 434940

gaatgtgcca cgttgtcctt ttgttaacag acttttaacc atattgaaag ctatttatct 435000

ttttcaaggt ttggcaggct gttttcttcc attatctttg tggtattgaa ttaatcatgg 435060

tatgcggagt ctgacaaatt gtcgcttgta tgccgtctta atctattaat ttgttatgaa 435120

attactgatt tgtctgataa cgcttttagg gcttggaagc ctgagcgcag ttcatgcttc 435180

acaagacggt gaggtaactt taaaattaat cgaaaccagc gatgtgcatg gttgttattt 435240

cccttatgat tttattcgta ataaacccat gaaagggagc ctggcccgtg tgtcttcgta 435300

tgtgaaagaa cagcgggaga agtatgaaaa tgtcatactg atggacaacg gcgatattct 435360

tcaaggacag cccgttgcct attactataa ttatatggat acaatatcgg agcatgtatg 435420

tgccgccatg ctgaattata tgaagtacga tgtaggtaca atgggtaatc acgacgtaga 435480

aaccggacat gccgtgtacg accgatgggt gcgtcagtgc aactttccgg tgttgggagc 435540

caatatcgtc gataacaaga ccggaaagcc gtatctgcca ccttatcagg ttatagagaa 435600

agaaggggtg aaaatagcca tactcggtat gataactcct gccattcctt cgtggcttcc 435660

cgagcagttg tggagcggtc tgcattttga agacatggaa gactgcgcac gcaagtgggt 435720

gaaaattatc cgtgagaagg aaaatccgga tgttttagta ggactgtttc atgccggacc 435780

tgagggaaac aagctcgaca atgtagtaga aaacggttcc ggcaacgtgg caaagagtgt 435840

tccgggcttc gatgtggtat ttatgggaca cgatcatacg aggagatatg agaaagtagt 435900

caatgtagaa ggggattctg tcttgttgat tgatccagcc aatatgtcaa aggtggtttc 435960

ggaagttact tttacgataa agaaacagga tggaaaagtc gtttccaaac aggtagaagg 436020

taagctggta aacatggacg gctatgcacc ggatgcggat ttcatgaata tattttcagg 436080

agcgtatgaa accactatgg attttgtttc gcggaacatc ggacgaattg agcataccat 436140

ttcttcaaaa gaggcattct ttggtccttc tgccttcgtc gatttgattc atcagttgca 436200

actggatatt accggagcgg atatttcatt ctgtgctccg ctgtcggctt atgcggaaat 436260

caagaaaggc gatatctgtg tgagcgacat gtttaacctg tataagtatg agaacctgct 436320

gtataccatg aagctgacag gcaaggaaat caaggatttt ctggaaatgt catatgcact 436380

ttggacaaat cagatgcaat ctcccgacga tcacctgatg ttgctcaatg aggaagataa 436440

tggattcggc cgtttcaaga atccaagttt taatttcgat tcggcggcag gtattattta 436500

taccgtggat gtgacgaagc ctcagggaga aaagattcgg atagagcgta tggcaaacgg 436560

agaacctttt gatttgaata agacctatcg ggtggcggtc aactcatatc gtggaaacgg 436620

cggaggtgat ttgctgacga aaggtgcagg cattcccaaa acagaattgg ccaaacggat 436680

cgtttattct accgataaag atttacgcta ttatctgatg aaacgtattg aggaggtaaa 436740

ggtgctcgat cccaaacctt tgaatcagtg gaaatttatt ccggaagagt ggactgttcc 436800

tgcctcgaaa agagattatg atatcttgtt cggagagaaa gcttcggaat aggatgtgtc 436860

actgaaaatg tgggcggaaa tgaagagaaa cgtgccgatg ttttactgca aacgtcggca 436920

cgttttttct tgtaagtcga ggccgtttca atcggttggt tgaggctgta aaacgaaaaa 436980

atccctcttt tctgtgaaaa aaatcttcgt tttcattttg caagttgaaa gaaaaccgta 437040

aatttgcatc gcttttcaca aataaggcac tgccgaaata actcagttgg tagagtaact 437100

cattcgtaat gagtaagtcg cgggttcgag tcccgctttc ggctctcgta aaagaggtat 437160

gtttccagtg cggaacatac ctcttttcat tttcttattg tctagtcctg aaatagcgtt 437220

acaacaaaaa aggtaacatt atggaaaaga cagaaacaaa gtacgttaag cgcacacaaa 437280

aagattacag tatgtccttt aaactatcag tagtgcaaga gtatgaaacc acaaaaataa 437340

gtttgggagc gctgaaacga aaatatggga tacaaggatg ttcaactatt agccgttgga 437400

ttgaaaaata tggtaacttt gatatcacaa acaaatgtta ccattctatg gaaaagagta 437460

aggatcaaaa actgttagaa ctacaacaga aagtaaggtt cctggaacgc aagaatgccc 437520

gtctggaaaa ggagcttgag ctgaaggata tgaaagcaga gtttttcgac atgatgatag 437580

acatagcgga aaaggaatat aatatcgaca tacgaaaaaa ctcctctccc gaacagtcaa 437640

taaatataaa gaagaaaaat ccgtaagtat cagcggaatc tgccgactgc tcgggataag 437700

caggcagaaa tattaccgtc agcaatggaa gataatccga ggccggcaaa gggccactga 437760

tgttgtgggc atggtacgag atatccgaat ggaactgcca cgtgtaggaa cccgcaaact 437820

ttatcatatg cttcatcagc cacttaagga gaacaaggta ggcagggaca aactgttcga 437880

tatactccgt gccaaccgtc tgcttataaa gcccgtacgt tcatatcatg taacaaccaa 437940

ctcgcatcac cggtttcgga agcacaagaa tcttgtagaa agtatggaag cgacacgccc 438000

ggaagaaata tgggtttctg atattactta tattggcaat agaaaccggc atatgtatct 438060

ttctctggtt acagatgctt attccaagaa gattatggga tatgatcttt ccgattcctt 438120

ggacactcaa ggttctttga acgcgctgag gatggcaaac cgcaaccgac tgtataggga 438180

cacgccattg atacaccact ctgaccgtgg tatacagtac tgttccgatg catatcagaa 438240

attactggga caatatcaca tcatacccag catgactgaa tcttacgatc cgtacgctaa 438300

tgccgtggca gaacgaataa acggaatact aaaacaggag ttcctgcttg aggaacttaa 438360

tctaccgcta tcagatatga aacaggtaat aagggatgct gtctacaagt ataataacat 438420

cagacctcat tactcttgtg ggtataaaac gccggagtat atgcatcatc agaagctgat 438480

taaaattaaa agttacaaaa acaaacagtt cagcaagact gaccttgctg aactgtgata 438540

aataatttat ttttgtccaa taactgtaac ggttatttag gactagtcat atcgttttct 438600

tttgcagagc ttatagtaat aaatgaaaat aaaatcacct cgttattttg ctattttagt 438660

ctaactgtcc tatttttgtg tcaaaatatt acaataataa cattttatac aacatgaaat 438720

acccttttat ttcagcagaa gaggctgctg caatcattca caacgggaac acgataggta 438780

taggaggctt ttcgtcagta ggaacaccta aggcagttcc ggaagcgttg gcacgttatg 438840

ccgaaaaact acatgcggaa ggtaaagaat ttaaagtcgg acttattact ggaggagcca 438900

ccggctgtca ggtagattcg gcactggcgc aagcgcatgc cgtgtctttc cgtactcctt 438960

tccagtcgaa caaggacatg cgtaatgcca tcaatagcgg cgaagtgcaa tattacgatg 439020

tacatctttc gcagataggg caggatgtac gctatggttt cttgggcgat gtggatgtag 439080

ccattgtcga ggcttccgat ataacagagg atggggagat tattctcagt acttcggtag 439140

gtatttcgcc tacactgttg aaagtagctc acaaagtcat tattgaactg aacgaagcac 439200

ataccggcaa gctgaccgga atgcacgata tttatattcc tgaaactccg ccgtgccgaa 439260

aagagattcc gatttaccgg gtgaacgacc gtgcaggaag catcagcgta aaggttgctc 439320

ccgaaaaggt ggtaggagtt gtgcgtacca acgaacgtga tcagatagct gcctttacac 439380

cgctaaacga gaccaccagc cggatcggtc agaacgtagc cgattttctt ttaggagaat 439440

atcagcgggg agccatccct cgtgagttcc ttcccttgca gtcgggggta ggaaatattg 439500

ccaatgctgt attgggagcc ttgggagccg acagtaagtt accggctttt tccatgtata 439560

ctgaggtaat ccagaattcg gttatcgacc tgatgatgca ggaacgcatc cgttttgtgg 439620

caggaagttc cttaacgctg tccgacgacc gattggatat gctttatagt cacattgacg 439680

agctaaagga gcgtatatta ttgcgtccgc aggaaattac aaaccatccg gaaatgattc 439740

gtcggctggg tatcatagcg gtcaacacag ccttggagac cgatattttc ggcaatgtaa 439800

atagtactca tgtgctgggt agcaagatga tgaacggcat tggcggatcg gcagattttg 439860

cacgaaattc ctacctttct atatttacca ctccttctac ggcaaagaac ggactgattt 439920

cgtctattgt tcctcatgtg tcgcacgtag acagtacgga gcacgatgta cggattctgg 439980

taaccgaaca gggagtagcc gacctgcgcg gcaagtcacc gtcgcagcgg gcacgttgca 440040

ttatcgaaaa ctgtgcgcat cccgattaca aggaactgct ctgggattat ctgaaacttt 440100

cggaaggcaa gagctgtcat acacctatgt ccttgcggaa tgccctgaag atgcacattg 440160

cctttgccga aacaggggat atgcataata caaaatttga actataagcg tacgcttgga 440220

taaaagaaaa acggcatttg tttcgtcggg gagcaaatgc cgtttgtttc atattagaat 440280

tcgaattttt ccatcttcat ttcagccagt tcttcaatct gcggaaccag agtcataaag 440340

tgaggagtgt gctcgtgagc cgacaacgat tcagcatctt tccatgtttc gcaaatcatc 440400

agcacatcgt ggcgagttgc gctttcgaat acatcgtagg caatacagcc tttatctttc 440460

tgtgatgcag ctaccagttc ctttgcagca acgagtactg cttcacgttt ttcttccttt 440520

actctaataa aaacatttag tctaatcata cgtcttattt tttagtttgg ttaatagata 440580

tattgaaatt actatttcct tttcgtagaa caaacaataa agggcgaaag attaagtttt 440640

ttgtatatct taacttttcg ccctttctgt atctttctta tgatagattg attaccattc 440700

tacaaatttg cctctggcct tgcgttcctt caggatagca gccagccgtt tgttcttcga 440760

tgcggcaata tatttacgtc cgaagatgtt cggaatggca acgcccagtg cgatgcacat 440820

gataaccagt ccggagttta caccgctttc gatggctttc atcagcggag taacctgatc 440880

gatagactgc acgttcatgt taatcaagcc gaacagcata cgatacatca gtactcccgg 440940

aatcatcggg ataacagaag gaatagtcaa tacgtggttg ggcacgtgga accaatgtac 441000

tgctttaatg gcaatgatac ttaccacaac agcaccggca aacgaaccga tgacaagccc 441060

catatccaaa ccgatattgt tggtacttgg acccaagttt acgaagttac gtgtacatac 441120

tgctatgata cctcctatgg ctactaccca cagcagacgg cgctggatat tgaaaatcat 441180

ggagaatccc atagcagaaa tcgctgctgc aatggcgtat tcccaataag catgatgagg 441240

aaccatactg atggtaggga agaagttggc aatgctgcac agtttcacgg caaatgcaat 441300

accaaatgcc atagcagcca ccatcagcaa tgtgttgacg gcacggacaa tacctacctg 441360

aatataattg tcgagcatat catcgacgaa attgatcaat ggaacaccgg ggacgatgaa 441420

cagcgcacac gccagcagcg gatgccacgg tgtgctggtc cattcggcag ggaggaacgt 441480

ggaagcccat gcgagcatgg tagcaacgaa agcagaaatg gcgatgccca tgtaatgatt 441540

caagcccgat tcgttacatt tctgacgaag gcgcatgccg aggatggcgg caatggaagc 441600

gtaaaggaag gccatccagt cgcaaccgaa ctgaatacag aatccgccgc aggcgaaacc 441660

tgctccgatg gctacctggg taggggtgta attacgtttc ttggtacgga ttttttccag 441720

ctcttcctca tactggtcga gcgtatagtc ttgttctatt gctctccatg agagtttgct 441780

gacttcagaa atggcggtca tgtttacgcc gtgaccttca atgcgttgga atttggtgaa 441840

cgaataatca ccgtcactta cattcaccat cagcatggtg aaacttacat taatgtgcaa 441900

cttttcttcg gggataccta agtaagctgc tgtacgcttc atgtttctca cgattcggtt 441960

ggtgtcggcc aaactctcca ccaagagttt tcctgtacga agcaaaagat caacacgtcg 442020

gtgtaactgc tggtcgtgaa tctttacagt agtctctaat tgttcctcta atatcatttt 442080

gtttaaagat ttttttcggt tgcaaagtta gcaaatattt tattcagaca tgggctttta 442140

tccgttgaaa gtacgaaaaa agatggaaga aagctcgtga agtcttttcc ggtttttgta 442200

caaaaaaaat cagattttgt acgaaaaatg taaaaatttg tacaaaaaag caagcaaaac 442260

ttccgctggt ttgttgttta tccgctcgaa tttatgaaaa aagatcggga tgattgctgt 442320

atttatctat gcttgcgagt gtggaaacga tggaatatgg ggtatgaata tgcggtccgg 442380

gtgtggatat tttccacaaa ttgtcagaaa aatcctcaat gtctgtttaa tggatatact 442440

catctgtccc tgattttcaa taaataaaaa tattttcgta tctttggcac aagtattgcc 442500

cttgttccta tggcatctaa taacaaaatc caaaagaata gtatgaaacg ttttttgaca 442560

aggaaagaat taaaattgaa aaagaagcag actatttatg ctgcaatcgg catcatcgtt 442620

atcattgctc tttatttgtt tctcacgcgg gaaagacctg tggaacctga agctccgata 442680

gtgagcgtgg ctcctgtcca gaaacaggac gtagagttgt acggcgagta cgtaggacgt 442740

attcgtgcac agcagtttgt ggaggtgcgt gcgcgtgtgg aaggtttcct tgaacaaatg 442800

ttgtttgcag aaggtactta tgtaaagcgt aatcaggtgc tttttgtaat taatcaggat 442860

cagtatcgtg ccaaggcaga caaggtgcgt gcgcagctaa agaaggatga agcgcaggca 442920

cgcaaggctg aacgtgattt ggagcgtatc cgtccgttgt atcagcagaa tgcagccagt 442980

cagctcgacc tggataatgc cgtagctgct tatgaaacgg ctgtggcaag tgtgggcatg 443040

agcaaggcag acttggatca ggcggaactg gaactgggtt atacggttgt acgttctcct 443100

atttcgggtc agatcagtga aagacatgtt gacttgggaa cgctggtagg aggaagcgga 443160

aaatctttgc tggctaccat cgtaaaaagt gatacggtac tcgtcgattt cagtatgacg 443220

gcgctcgatt acctgaagag taaggaacgt aatattacac tgggacagaa agattctacc 443280

cgttcatggc agcctacggt taccattacc ttgcccgata acagtgtgta cgagcagaaa 443340

ggtctggtag actttgccga acctcaggta aatccgaaaa ccggtacatt ctccgtacgt 443400

gcggaaatgg cgaacccgaa ccatgtattg ctgccgggac agtttacgaa ggtaaaattg 443460

ttgctggagg ttcgcgaggg agcgactgtg gttccgcaga agtcattgat catcgaaaaa 443520

ggtggagcgt atgttttcgt gatgcgtcgt gattcgacgg tggaaaagcg tttcattgaa 443580

ctgggaccgg aattccagaa taatatggtt gtagagcgcg gacttgctcc gggtgagatg 443640

attgtaaccg aaggttatca taaacttacc ccgggtatca aggtaagagt aggtgaggct 443700

ccgaagcctc aggaagaaga aaagaaagag gattaaccac gcaacccatt aaattttacg 443760

attcatgaaa gtgagtttct ttatcgacag accggtattc tcggctgtca tctctatatt 443820

gattgtcata gtcggtatca tcggactcca aatgctgccg attgaccaat atccccagat 443880

tactcctccg gtagtgaaaa tcagtgcttc ctatccgggt gcgagtgccg ttacggtatc 443940

gcaggcggtt gctacgccga ttgagcagga acttaacggt acgccgggga tgctttacat 444000

ggagtcgaac agctccaact cgggaggatt ttcggcaacg ataacattcg atatctcggc 444060

tgaccctgat ctggctgcgg tagaaataca gaaccgtatc aagctggcgg aatctagcct 444120

tccggccgaa gtaatccaga atggtatttc ggtggaaaaa caggctgcca gtcagctgat 444180

gactatctgc ctgcgttcgg acgacccgaa gtttgacgaa atctatctga gtaacttcgc 444240

aaccatcaac gtgctcgact tgcttcgccg tgtaccgggg gtaggacgtg tgtcgaatat 444300

cggtagccgt tattacgcca tgcagatatg ggtggacccg gctaagcttg ccaatttcgg 444360

cttgacggtg caggatgttc agaatgcatt gaaagaccaa aaccgtgagt cggccgcagg 444420

tgtgctgggt caacagccgg taagcgggtt ggatattacc attcctatta cggcacaggg 444480

gcgtctttct acggccagcc agtttgaaga aatcgtgctt cgtgccaatg ctgacggttc 444540

gctcatccgt atgcgtgatg tggcgcgtgt atcgctcgaa gcatcttcgt ataacacgga 444600

aagtggtatt aacggaggta atgcggcggt actgggtatt tatatgcttc cgggagccaa 444660

tgctatggac gtagcagaaa aggtgaagga aaccatggag gagatcagca agaatttccc 444720

tgaaggattg cagtacgaaa ttccgttcga tattacaacc tatatatcgg aatctatcca 444780

tgaggtatac aaaacgttgt tcgaggcgtt ggtactggtt atcattgtgg tgttcctttc 444840

gttgcagagc tggcgtgcta cggtgattcc tattgtagcc gtacctattt cgttgatagg 444900

aaccttcggg ttcatgctga tattcggctt ctcgctgaac atgcttacct tattgggact 444960

gattcttgcc atcggtattg tggtggatga tgccatcgtt gtggtggaga atgtggaacg 445020

tatcatggaa gaagagaaac tcagtccgta cgaagcgacc aagaaagcga tggaaggatt 445080

gacgggagca ttgattgcta cctcactggt acttgcagcg gtgttcgttc cggtaagttt 445140

cctgtcgggt attaccggtc agttgtaccg tcagtttagt gtgaccatcg ctgtgtcggt 445200

tatcctttct accgtcgtag ccttgacgct gagcccggtt atgtgttcac tgattctgaa 445260

acctaccgac cccaacaaac cgaagaatcg tgtctttacg cttatcaata aatggcttgc 445320

catcggaaac aataaatatg tggccggtat caagcaggtc gtaaagcatc ctcgtcgtgt 445380

gattgtagga tttggtattg tgattatctg tatctttgtc ttccaccgac tggtgcctac 445440

cagcttcctc ccgactgagg atcagggctt cttcacggta gagcttgaaa tgccggaagg 445500

tactacactg gaaagaaccc gtgcggtgac cgacagagcc attgccttcc tgatgaagga 445560

cccgtcggta gaatatgtac agaatgttac gggtaccagt ccgcgtgtag gaaccagtca 445620

ggcaagaagc cagcttacgg ttatcctgaa ggaatggaag gaacgcgacg atacgaccat 445680

cggagaaatc atgcagaacg tacaggatga attgaaggaa tatccggaat gtaaggtcta 445740

cctttctact cctcctgtca taccgggtct gggtacttcg ggtggttttg aaatgcagct 445800

cgaggctcgt ggcgatgcga cttacgatga cttggtgcgt gcaaccgata cgttgatgta 445860

ttatgcttcg cagcggaagg aattcagcgg attgtcaaca tccttgcagg cagagattcc 445920

tcagttgtat ttcgatgtcg accgcgacaa agtgaagttg tcgggagtgc ctatggcaga 445980

tgtattctct accatgaagg cttatacggg ttcggtatac gtgaacgact tcaatatgtt 446040

taaccgtatt taccgcgtct atatacaggc agaagctcct taccgtgaac atcgtgacaa 446100

cattggcttg tacttcgtgc ggggaagcga cggtaacatg attccgctga cttcactggg 446160

tacgaccgat tacacgacgg gaccgggtag catcaagcgt ttcaacatgt tcaatacgtc 446220

tattatccgt ggaacagctg caaacggagc cagctcgggt caggtaatgg aaattctgga 446280

acagattgcc cgtgagaaac tgccgagcaa tatcggagtg gaatggagtg gactttctta 446340

tcaggaaaag caggcaggtg gtcagacggg agccatcatt gcattggtat tcttgtttgt 446400

attcttgttc cttgccgcac tctacgaaag ctggacgatt cctatcgccg tattgatatc 446460

gcttcctgtg gcggtgctcg gtgcgtatgc cggagttgct ttatgtggac tggagaacga 446520

tacgtatttc cagattggtc tggttatgtt gattggtctg gctgccaaga atgccattct 446580

gattgttgag tttgctaagg aagaagtcga cagcggaaag gatctggttg aatcggcatt 446640

acatgcagca cacctgcgtt tccgtcctat cctgatgact tcactggcat tcatcttggg 446700

tatggtgccg atggttatcg ctaccggacc gggttcggca agccgtcagg ctatcggaac 446760

gggtgtattc tttggtatga ttgtagccgt tacggtagga atcttgcttg taccgttctt 446820

cttcgtcatg atatacaagg ctaaaaacaa gctgaagaca aaaagagctc ataaataaaa 446880

cctgaaacgt atgaaacgaa caaaatatac ttatcgcatt ttattgatgt tgtcggttgt 446940

gctcttgctg ggcagttgcc agttgggcaa acattacact cgcccgaaac tggacttgcc 447000

tgatacgctc gacagtatga gtgtcgacac cgcttccctt ggagattatc cttgggagca 447060

actctatacc gatacaactt tgcagggact gattcggaaa acgttgatgt ataataagga 447120

tatgctgata gcggcagcgc gtgtcaagga acttgcagcc atgaaacgca ttgactatgc 447180

aaatatgttt ccgtcgatcg gcctgaaagt ttacgcagaa cgtgagagag aaaattatgg 447240

aggaaaaaat cttaagcagg atgatgagtt cgatttgaaa gctggagcga cttgggaact 447300

cgacctgtgg ggaaacctcc ggtgggcacg cgataagagt cttgccgaat tcatgggctc 447360

catcgaaaac cagcgtgcgt tgcgcatgag cttagttgcg caagttgcac aggcatactt 447420

tgagcttgtt gcactggata acgagttgtc tattgtacaa cagacggtag atgcccgtcg 447480

agaaagcttg catctggcac gagtacgcta cgaaggagga ttgacttcgg aaacggcttt 447540

ccgtcaggcg caggtggagt tggcacgaac agctacgctg gtgcccgatc tggaacgtaa 447600

gattgcattg aaggaaaacg atattgcttt tctgactggg gagtatccgc atcacatcaa 447660

gcgctctgta ctgccggaag atgtcatgtt ctctgccagt ttgcctgtag ggctgccttc 447720

ggctttgctg gagcggcgcc cggatgttcg tcaggcggaa caggcgctga ttgctgccaa 447780

tgctgcggtg ggtgtagcct ataccaatct gtttccccgt ttggcattga ctgttagcta 447840

tggggcagaa agtgatctgt tgagcgagtt gcttaaatca cctcatcagc tttttgcagc 447900

caatctgttg cagtccattt ttgccatggg aaaaaaccgg gccatgctga aagctaagaa 447960

ggctgcttac gagcaagcca cttacgctta tgaaaagaca gtcttgaatg ctttcaagga 448020

tgcgtataat gccatcgctg aatttaataa ggtaaaggag atctatgaaa cccgactgcg 448080

tctggagcag gcttccaaga gtacgctcga tctggcacag ttgcaatacc tcaatggggt 448140

aatcggttat atggatttgc tggacgcaca gcgtggttac ctggatgccc agattggatt 448200

gagtaatgcg gtgcgcgaca aacagatcag catggtcaat ctttataaag cgctgggtgg 448260

aggctggaaa gaatagtttt attcggcata ttaaaaaagt tcgagattat tttcttgaaa 448320

catgttcgaa atatgccgat aaatctttat ctttgcatcc cgaattgtaa tgtgctctaa 448380

tgtgtgattt ggtgaaacag ataaagaaaa aagggtatgc tccggattcg agattacaga 448440

gtttgcctca tgcggggatg gaaaacagag gtcttttcgg gattccgttt tcctcaacta 448500

ttttcttttt tctgaatacc atgttgggga gcactgctca ttcttattgt tttttttatg 448560

gtaatttaat cgaatgtatt ataaaaagaa atacctggaa ctgctctttt cagtaggttc 448620

aggtattttt gtatatatgg agtaggcaat taaacgacac gaaataatat ggaaccgcta 448680

aagcatgaat gtggagtagc gatgattcgc ttgttgaaac cacttgaata ttatcaggaa 448740

aagtatggca cgtggatgta cgggcttaac aagctgtatc tgctgatgga aaaacagcat 448800

aaccgcggac aggaagctgc gggactggct tgtgtgaagc ttcaggcaaa tccgggtgaa 448860

gaatatatgt ttagagagag aggactggga gctggtgcca ttaccgagat attcggaacg 448920

gtgcacagtt attttaaaga tcttactccc gaacagctcc atgatgctga ttatgcgaag 448980

aaatgcctgc cttttgccgg tgaactgtat atgggacacc tgcgttattc tactacgggc 449040

aagagcggta tttcgtatgt gcatcctttc ttgcgccgta ataactggcg tgccaagaat 449100

ctggccttgt gcggaaactt taatctgacg aatgtagatg agatttttgc tgatatcact 449160

gctgccggac agcatccgcg taaatatgcc gatacatata ttatgctgga acaggttggt 449220

catcgtctgg accgtgaggt ggaacgtctt tacaacgaat gtaagtcgga aggactggaa 449280

ggcatggata ttacacatgc catcgaagac cgtatcgatc tgacgaacgt tctgaaaact 449340

tccagtccaa aatgggatgg cggctacgtg atttgtggac tgacgggtag cggtgagtgt 449400

tttgctgtgc gcgatccgtg gggtattcgt ccgggattct ggtacatgga cgatgaaatc 449460

atggtactgg catccgaacg tccggttata cagactgcgc tgaatgtgcc tgccgatagt 449520

atcaatgaac tgcttccggg acaagctatt ctggtgaaca agaaaggcga gatgcgtctg 449580

gcacaaatca atgaaccgaa agaaaagaaa gcttgctcgt tcgaacgcat ctacttcagc 449640

cgtggtagtg atatggatat ttaccgcgaa cgtaaacaat tgggtaagac attggtgaat 449700

ccgattctga aagccataga caacgatgtg gtacatactg tattctcatt tatccccaat 449760

acagcggaag ttgcttttta tggtatgctg gaaggattcg acaactacct gaacgaactg 449820

aaagtacagc gtatcgaggc attgggacac aagcctagtc atacggaact ggagcagatc 449880

ttgtcgcaac gtattcgtag tgagaaggtc gccattaagg atattaaact gcgtaccttc 449940

attgccgagg gaaatacccg taacgatctg gctgctcatg tgtacgatat cacttacggc 450000

agcctgacgc cttatgaaga taacctggtt atcatagacg acagtatcgt tcgtggtact 450060

actttgaagc aaagtatcat cagtatactc gaccgtctgc atccaaagaa gattgtcatt 450120

gtgtcttctt ctcctcaggt acgttatccc gattactatg gtatcgacat ggcgagcatg 450180

gaacagttta tcgctttcaa ggcggctatt gcgctgctcg aagaaagagg catgcaacat 450240

gtcatcgaag aagcataccg caagtcgaaa gcacaggtcg gactgcctaa agaagagatg 450300

gtaaattatg tgaaggaaat ctatgcaccg tttaccgatg aagaaatttc gcataagatg 450360

gtagagcttc ttactccggt aggaactcag gcaaaggtag aaatcgttta tcagactctg 450420

gaaggattgc acgaagcttg tccggctcat ttgggcgact ggtacttcag tggtgattat 450480

cctacgccgg gtggtgtgaa actggtaaat caggccttca tcaattacgt agaagaaatc 450540

tatcagttct gatgttggaa cgaaacgttt tgactccgga ttatatatag accaaagaaa 450600

aacaatatta aagaaaacga tacagataga aaatgagaaa tgttacatta atcctcgacg 450660

acgggagccg ctttcatggc aagtcgttcg gttatgagaa gccggtagcc ggtgaagttg 450720

tgttcaacac cgcaatgacc ggttatccag aaagcttgac cgatccttcg tatgcaggtc 450780

agttgatgac tctgacatat ccgctggtgg gcaactatgg cgtgcctcct tttacaatcg 450840

aagccaacgg gctacctact ttcatggaaa gtgagaagat tcatgccgaa gcgattattg 450900

tgagcgacta cagcgagaaa tattctcact ggaatgctgt ggagagcttg ggcgattggc 450960

tgaagcgtga acacataccg ggcattacag gcatcgatac acgtgagctg accaaagtac 451020

tgcgtgagca cggtgtaatg atgggaaaga tcgttttcga tgacgaacct gacaacattc 451080

ccgaagcaac ttatgcaggt gtgaactatg tagataaggt ttcatgcaag gaagttatcc 451140

gctacaacga aggagatgac aagaagaaag tggttcttgt agactgtggc gtgaagtcga 451200

atatcatccg ctgtctgttg aagcgtgacg tggaagttat ccgcgtgcct tggaactacg 451260

atttcaatac aatgacattc gacggcctgt ttatttccaa tggtccaggt gaccctgaca 451320

cttgcgatgc tgccgtgcag aatatccgta aggctatgga gaatgaaaaa ttgcctatct 451380

tcggaatctg tatgggtaac cagttgcttt cgaaggcagg aggcgcaaag atttacaaac 451440

tgaaatacgg tcaccgcagt cacaaccagc cggttcgtct ggtgggaaca gacaaatgtt 451500

tcattacttc gcagaatcac ggttatgccg tagacaataa tacattagga gccgactggg 451560

agccgttgtt catcaacatg aatgatggtt cgaacgaagg aatccgtcac aagaagaatc 451620

cttggttctc ggcacagttc catccggaag ctgccagcgg tcctaccgat acagaattcc 451680

tgttcgacga gtttgtaaag ttgctgtaat ccattaaaac aaagaagaca atgaaagaaa 451740

atataaagaa agtattattg ttaggttccg gagctttgaa aatcggtgaa gccggcgagt 451800

tcgactactc aggttcgcag gcactcaagg cgttgaagga agaaggtatc gaaaccattc 451860

tgatcaatcc gaacattgct accgtgcaga cttcggaagg tgtagcagac aaaatctact 451920

tcttgcctgt cactccgtat ttcgttgaaa aggtaatcga caaagaacgt ccggatggtg 451980

tattgctctc atttggtggc cagactgcct tgaactgtgg tgtagctctc tacaaggcag 452040

gagtattcga aaaatacaat gcacgcgtgc tgggaactcc ggtacaggct atcatggata 452100

ccgaagaccg tgaactgttc gttgagaaac tggatgaaat caatgtgaaa accatcaaga 452160

gcgaagcagt agaaaacatc gaagatgctc gccgtgctgc caaggaattg ggttatccgg 452220

tcatcatccg tgcggcatac gcattgggag gtctgggatc aggtttctgc gacaacgaag 452280

aagaactgaa cgttctggct gaaaaagcat tctctttctc tccgcaggtt ttggtagaaa 452340

agagcttgaa aggctggaag gaagtagaat acgaggttgt gcgcgaccgc ttcgacaact 452400

gtatcacggt atgtaacatg gaaaacttcg acccgctggg tatccatacc ggtgagtcta 452460

tcgtaatcgc tccttctcag acactgacaa acagcgagta tcacaaattg cgtgaactgg 452520

ctatccgtat catccgtcac atcggtatcg taggagaatg taacgtacag tatgcattcg 452580

accccgaatc ggaagactat cgtgtcatcg aagtaaatgc tcgtctgagc cgttcttcag 452640

ccttggcttc taaggctacc ggttatccgc tggctttcgt tgcagctaaa ttaggtctgg 452700

gttacggttt gtttgatttg aagaactcgg ttaccaaaac aacttctgcg tttttcgaac 452760

cggcactgga ctatgtagta tgtaagattc ctcgctggga cttgggtaaa ttccacggag 452820

ttgaccgtga actgggttca agcatgaagt ctgtaggtga agtgatggcg atcggccgta 452880

ccttcgaaga agctatccag aaaggtcttc gtatgatcgg tcagggaatg cacggatttg 452940

tagaaaacaa agaattgcag attgccgata ttgataaggc tttgcgtgag ccgaccgaca 453000

agcgtatttt cgttatctcg aaggcaatgc gtgccggata taccgttgat cagattcatg 453060

aactgacaaa gatagacaaa tggttcctcg acaagctgat gaacatcatg cagacttcga 453120

aggaacttca cgaatggggc aacaaccaca aactgttgtc acagcttccg aacgaattgc 453180

tgtacaaggc aaaacgtcaa ggattctccg atttccaggt agcacgtgcc atcggttacg 453240

aaggagaaat ggaagatgcc atcatcgatg tacgtaacca ccgtaagagt gtaggtatcg 453300

tgccggtcgt taagcagatt gatacgctgg cagccgaata tcctgcacag acaaactatc 453360

tgtatctgac ttacagtggt gtggcaaacg atgtacatta tctgggcgat cacaagagta 453420

tcgtagtatt gggttcgggt gcttaccgta tcggatcgtc agtagaattt gactggtgcg 453480

gcgttcaggc actgaatacc atccgcaagg aaggataccg ttcggttatg atcaactata 453540

acccggaaac agtttctacc gactacgata tgtgcgaccg tctgtacttc gacgaattga 453600

ctttcgaacg tgtgatggat atcctcgact tggaaaatcc gcacggagtc atcgtatcaa 453660

ccggtggaca gattccaaac aacttggcac tccgtctgga tgcacagcat atcaatatct 453720

tgggaacttc tgcaaagagc atcgacaacg cagaagaccg cgacaagttc tcggctatgc 453780

tcgaccgcat cggcgtagac cagcctgaat ggagcgcact gacttcgatg gaagatatca 453840

acgccttcat caagaaagtt ggattcccgg tactggttcg tccgtcgtac gtactttcgg 453900

gagctgccat gaacgtatgt tctaaccagg aagagctgga acgcttcctg caactggcag 453960

ccaatgtatc gaagaaacat ccggttgtag taagccagtt catcgaacat gccaaggaag 454020

tagaaatgga tgccgtagca cagaacggtg aaatcgtggt atacgctatc agcgagcaca 454080

tcgagtttgc cggagtacac tcaggagatg ctaccattca gttcccgccg cagaaactgt 454140

atgtagaaac tgttcgccgc atcaagcgta tttctcgtca gattgccaaa gaactgaaca 454200

tttccggtcc gttcaacatc cagttccttg cccgtgaaaa cgacatcaag gtaatcgaat 454260

gtaacctgcg tgccagccgt tcgttcccgt tcgtcagcaa ggtactgaag ataaacttca 454320

tcgaacttgc aacgaaggtg atgcttggcc tgccggtaga aaaacccgaa aagaacctgt 454380

tcgaactcga ttacgtagga atcaaggcaa gtcagttctc attcaaccgt ctgcagaaag 454440

ccgaccctgt actgggagtc gacatggctt ctaccggaga ggtaggatgt atcggcgaag 454500

acacttcatg tgctgtgctg aaatcaatgc tttctgttgg ctatcgcatt ccggaaaaga 454560

atatcctgtt gtctaccggt acaccgaagc agaaggtaga aatgctgaaa gctgctcagg 454620

aactgaaggc aaaaggttat aacctctttg caacaggcgg aacctcgaag ttcctgaccg 454680

agaacggcat cgagaatacc cgcgtatact ggccgagcga agaaggacat ccgcaggcac 454740

tggaaatgct ccacaagaaa gaaatcgaca tggtagtaaa cattccgcgt gacctttctg 454800

ccggagaact ggacaatggt tacaagattc gtcgtgcagc catcgacctg aacattccgt 454860

tgattaccaa tgctcgtctg gcaagtgctt tcatccatgc attctgcacc atgagcatcg 454920

acgatatagc tatcaagagc tgggacgaat ataaataatc ccctctcgtg atagaataaa 454980

tgttacttaa gcgccacttc ggaaaaggca aatttccggg gtggcgcttt ttcgtttaga 455040

aggctgtttt ccggcatcgg gattcagcct tttgctgttt cttcatttat atctttgcgg 455100

cgttacggaa ttgaaactat ttccgaattc ccccttttgc gctttctttg tttctttttg 455160

tgaacagcct tattatttat acattacctg caactgggct tttactgttt ctttacttat 455220

ttttgtgacg tgcgtgtaag tatttcttcg gaagtgcgac taacgagggt aaagaaacat 455280

gtagaacaat atgatgtatg aataaaacac tgcaacaaga aaaagacttt ctcctgctga 455340

ttgagtcgca caagcgagtc atttacaaag tctgttacat gtatgcaacc gacaaggaac 455400

aattggacga cttgtatcag gagatagtaa tgaacctctg gcgcgcttat ccttcgtttc 455460

gcggcgaaag ttcctctgcc acatggatat accgtatcag cctgaatacg tgcatttcgt 455520

atcgtcggaa gtcgaaacat cagattcagg cagtcaccct tccggtagat ttcgaagcat 455580

tcgatgagga ggacggcaag acgtcgcaac tgcgcgagct ataccgtctg atacacgcac 455640

tcagtccgct ggaacgggca ctcatcctgc tttggctgga ggaaagaagt tacgacgaaa 455700

tagcccggat aatgggtatt tcgaagaaca atgtcggtgt ccgtctgaac cgcatccgtg 455760

agaaactgaa aaacatgtcg aaccaataaa tctcagctta tggaacttga agaactgaaa 455820

aatcaatgga acttgctcag tgagcagttg aagaagaacg aaatagtcaa tcatgaggtc 455880

ataaaacgaa tgatagagaa gcgtactctg agtgcccgcg accgtctgat aggagcaaac 455940

gtaatagccg tttcccttct tgcaggcatg ctaattctgt ttccgcttgc tgcaacacga 456000

gttatcatcc ggcaggaact tctctggata ttttacattg tatttccact actgattttg 456060

tattcgttct ggaacataca cgttttgtat aagttcaatt tggccactcg gaccctcctt 456120

gagcttcatc gctggattct ttcttataaa cgcaggctcc ggatagaaat ctggtgtact 456180

cctttccttg taatagggct ttttagttct gtctttctga ttcatcacca ttaccgcagt 456240

acacttatgg tagtgttcga tatcctgatg cttgcggtaa gtgtcgtggc cggttatata 456300

tgttaccgct acgtagacaa gcgttcggta gacgagatag agcagggaat gaaagacttg 456360

caagacttgg aatagtttgg cgggtaggac agcagaagcg tgggacgttt gactgaaata 456420

taccagcatg agtccgatgc ttctactggt cttttatgga aaacgaggtg aagttttact 456480

gtaagtttgt acaaactttt ttggaatttg tacaaaaaac aaaatgattt gtacaaatct 456540

ggtttgatgg gtgcagaaga attggggagg agataaggaa gtcttagtca ttattctttc 456600

aggttagtaa ggaaaacatc tatagctata aaaaagaaag cgaccttcgt aaaaagaccg 456660

ctttaaatgt tttcacaacg gaataatcct tattgtgact tgcttcaatt tagttaatgc 456720

aaatatacag aatatctttt acataagaaa ggcttttttt aatatctttt tctaactttg 456780

aggaaatgaa caaagaaaat cggttatgaa aaagatattg ggtttagatt taggaacaaa 456840

cagcgtaggc tgggcagtga taaattcggt cgtaaatgac gaaggcaagg aacaacttgt 456900

aaatatttct tcttgcggca gcagaatcat tccaatggat gctgcaacat tgggagattt 456960

tgataaaggt aattctaaat ctccagtagc ggagcgaacc cgtttgcggg gagtacgtcg 457020

tttgctggag catagtttat tacgtcggga gcgtttgcat cgggttttat ctgttatggg 457080

atttttaccg gaacattatg cttcacaact tgaccgatat ggtaaatttc tgccagaacg 457140

ggaacctaaa ttagcctggt atcaagatga aactggtaaa tatagatttc tgtttcagga 457200

ttctttcaat gaaatgctgg aggactttcg tcagcatcat cccgaactgg tagcagaagg 457260

gaaaaagata ccttacgact ggacgatcta ttatcttcgg aaaaaagctc tttctcagaa 457320

aataaccaaa gaagaacttg catggatatt gctcaatttc aatcagaagc gaggatatta 457380

tcagttaaga ggagaagaag agaaagaaga taataaaaag tcagtagaat attatgcact 457440

gaaagttgtt gcggtagaag attccggaga tcggaagggg aaagatatct ggtataatgt 457500

caagttggaa aatggctggg tataccggag agctagcagt attcctttag actgggtagg 457560

taaggtaaaa gaatttatcg taacaacaga tttggatgaa aagggaaatc ctaaaaaaga 457620

taaagacggc aatgtaaaac gttcttttcg ggcacccaag gaagacgact ggggattgtt 457680

gaaaacaaga acgcaggcac agattgacga aagtggtcag acagtgggta catatattta 457740

cgagtcatta cttcgcatgc ctgatcaaaa aataagagga aaattggttc gaacgataga 457800

acgtaaatat tataaagacg aacttcgtaa gattttggtc aaacaatcgg agtttcatgc 457860

agctttgcaa gatcacaatt tgctgcttgc ttgcattgaa gaactatatc ccaataacga 457920

agcacatcgt cggttactgt ctacttccga ttttatctat ttcttggtgg aagatatatt 457980

gttttatcag cgtccgctta aaagtcagaa gggactaatt gacgattgtc cgtacgaatc 458040

tcatgtctat cgggataaaa agaatggcag tttgcagcat gttccattga agtgcgtgtc 458100

taaatcgcat ccgttgtttc aggaattccg cttatggcag ttccttgctt ccttacgcat 458160

ttatcagcgt gaaagacagg tagacggttc tcttaaactg gatgtagata taacgaatga 458220

atttttgcag agtgaagatg actatgtaaa attattcgat tggctgaacg accggaaaga 458280

tatagatcaa aaaacattct tagcatacaa acctttcgga ttaaagaaaa acgagctgcc 458340

caaatatcgc tggaattatg tagaagacaa aagttacccg tgtaacgaaa caagagcgga 458400

tataatattc agactaaata aggctggagt tccggaagag ttcttaaccc gagaaaagga 458460

agaggccttg tggcatatat tgtattctat atccgataaa agggaattga cgaaagcttt 458520

gggaactttt gctgaaaaga atggtttgaa tgaaactttt gtagaaatat tttccaaaat 458580

gccacctttt gaaagcgact acgccgccta ttctttgaaa gctattcgaa aactgcttgc 458640

gctgatgcgt atgggaaaat actgggacga gcaggccatc gatgagcaaa cccgtagtcg 458700

gattgaaaag atgctgaccg gagaatacga tgaaactatc cggactcgtg ttcgtgaaaa 458760

ggctatgcac ctgaccgata tatcttcttt ccgaggactt cctttatggt tggcatgtta 458820

tgttgtttac gaccgtcatt ccgaagcaaa ggaactcgtc aaatgggaaa cccctgatga 458880

tatcgatcac ttcttgcgta agtttaaaca gcattcgttg cgtaatccta ttgtagaaca 458940

ggttatcatg gaaacgctgc gtacggtacg cgatatttgg aagcaggaag ggaaaataga 459000

tgaaattcat gtggagttag gtcgtgaaat gaaaaatccg tccaaagaac gtgcccgtat 459060

aacagcgcag gtattggaaa acgaaaatac aaatttgcgt ataaaggcgt tgcttacaga 459120

atttatgaat cctgaatttg agatagagaa cgtacgtcct tattcacctg cccagcaaga 459180

aatcttacga atctatgaag aaggtgtgtt atcaggtgtt gcggaaaagg atttgccaga 459240

cgatattgct tcaattttga aaaagttcag ggagaatgat gtaaagaaac gtcctactac 459300

ttcagaagtc ttacgatata aattgtggct ggagcaacgc tatcgttcgc cttatacagg 459360

cagaataatt ccgcttggta aactgttcac tcctgcttat gaaatagagc atgtaattcc 459420

tcaatcgcgt tactttgacg attctcttac caataaggta atttgtgaat cggctgtaaa 459480

caaactgaaa gataattgtt taggatatga atttataaag aaacattccg gcgaaaaggt 459540

tgaattggga aatggtgaaa cagctactat tttttcagtt gaagaatatg agcgttttgt 459600

gaaggactct tacttaggta atagtaagaa gatgaaaaag ctgctgcttg aagatatacc 459660

tgataacttt attgaacgcc agttgaacga tagccgatat attagcaaag tcgtaaaatc 459720

tttgctttcg aatattgtct gtgaagaagg cgaacaggaa ggtatgtcga aaaatgtgat 459780

agtttgtact ggtggagtaa cagatcggtt gaagaaagac tggggagtac aggatgtatg 459840

gaaccggatt attcttccac gtttcctgcg cttgaataaa ataacagata gtacagactt 459900

cacttctgta agcacaaatg ggcatttgtt gcctgccgta cctttgcatt tgcagaaagg 459960

atttaacaag aaaagaatag atcatcgcca ccatgcgatg gatgccattg tgatagcgtg 460020

tgccggtagg aatattgtca attacctgaa caatgcttct gcacgcaaag gttccgaaat 460080

ttctcgttat gacttgcagc atttattgtg tgataaggta aagacagacg caaacggtaa 460140

ttacaaatgg attcttcgta aaccttggga aacgtttacg caggatgtat atgtagcatt 460200

gacggatatt gttgtcagct ttaagcaaaa cctccgggta ataaatcgta caacgaacca 460260

ttatcagcat tataatgaag atggagaaaa gaaaatgatt ccacaaacta aaggtgatcg 460320

ttgggcgatt cgtaaaccga tgcacaaaga tacggtatat ggtgaggtaa atttgcgtaa 460380

ggagaaaaca cttcctttga aagacgtgct caataatcca tcgattgttg tggataaatc 460440

attgaaaaac aaactatatg agttgctaaa atctcagtat gacttgaagg caataacgaa 460500

gtatttcgaa acgtatcagg atgtctgggc tgatgtcaat ttaaagaaaa tcaaggttta 460560

ctattttaca aaagaaacga atgaacgctt ttttgctacg cgtaaatcat tggattcaag 460620

ttttaatcag aagaagattg aagaagaagt aactgataca ggtatacaaa agattttgct 460680

gcgtcatttg caacaaaatg gtaacaatcc ggacattgct ttttctcccg atggagtgga 460740

acgtatgaat cagaatatga ctattctgaa taatgggaaa tggcatcagc ccatttataa 460800

agtacggact tatgaaaaag cagataagtt tgcagttggt gaaagtggta ataaagttaa 460860

aaagtttgtg gaagctgcta agggaaccaa tttatttttt gcagtgtatg aatctataca 460920

agaggatgag gctacgggca agcaagtccg taaacggact tttgctacca taccgctgaa 460980

tgaagttatc aagcgtaaaa agcaagggtt acctgtcgct cctgaggact caaaggggaa 461040

tttgccaatc tttgttttat ctcctaatga tttggtttat ttaccgacag aggaagaatg 461100

taataccggt aaaataattc aacctttggc tagagagaga atttataaaa tggttagttg 461160

tactgaagga gaatgtcatt gtattcctga atacgttgct agccctatat tgcagacaat 461220

tgagctagga agtaataata aggcacaacg ggcttggagt ggggaaatga taaaagaaat 461280

ttgtgtacct gtaaaggtag atagattagg taatgtttct ttggtaaaaa tatgatacta 461340

tgataaagaa aacactatac tttggtaatc ctgcttattt gtcattgcaa aataatcagt 461400

tggtcattaa gctaccggag gtggagcgta acgcttcact tccagaaagc tttaagtctc 461460

aatcgattat aactagaccg atagaagata taggattggt gatattagac cataagcaaa 461520

taacaattac ttctggagcg cttgaagcgc ttttggaaaa taattgtagt gtcataactt 461580

gtgataataa aagtatgcct gtaggattat tattgccatt gtatgggaat actgttcaga 461640

atgaaaggtt tagggaacag ctgatggcga ctcttccatt gaagaaacaa ttgtggcaac 461700

aaactataaa agttaaaata cagaatcagg cacatgtctt gcaatgttgt ttaggagagg 461760

acaataaatg tatgagggtg tgggcggaag aagtaaaaag cggtgatcct gataatttgg 461820

aagcgagggc tgctgcttac tattggaaaa cactttatgc tcatattccg ggatttacgc 461880

gagatcgtga cggaatgcct cctaataatt tattaaatta cggatatgct attttgcgag 461940

ctattatcgc tcgtgcctta gtttccagtg gtttgttgcc tactttagga atacatcatc 462000

ataaccgtta taatgcttat tgtttggcgg atgatgtaat ggagccttat cgcccctatg 462060

tagataagct cgtatttcag cttgttaaga ctcatggtga gaatgtagag ctaactaagg 462120

aaataaaatc agttcttttg acgattccta cactcgatgt tgttatcggt agaaagcgaa 462180

gtccattaat ggtagctgct acccagacaa ctgcttcttt atataaatgc tttagtggtg 462240

aattacgtaa aattgcttat cctgaaatgt gatggataga tatagtgaat atcgtattat 462300

gtggatactt gtattttttg atttgcctac agaaactcaa aaagacaaga aagcttatgc 462360

cttgtttcgt aaaaatttgc agaaagatgg tttcactatg tttcagtttt cgatttatat 462420

tcgtcattgt gccagttatg agaatgcaga agttcatata aaaagggtta agtgtaagca 462480

ttgtatatta attaaacgtt gtacttttgt ataaattttc aacatcaaag tgtggaataa 462540

gaccgacgta agcttagtca tttagattgt atcggatgtt cagcccccac acttttacat 462600

cagaatccgg atagttcatt gggcagttag accccgcatt tgcaatgatg gctaaagatg 462660

tatagatgtt gcgttgtaat tataaaaacc attagcttat gacctacgtt ggaattgatg 462720

ttagtaagtt aacattcgtg gttgcttatt cttctgcaaa aagcagtaaa accaaaacct 462780

ttaagaatac agctaaaggt attcgtgagt ttataaaaac gatatcagtt gatgaacatc 462840

attgtgttat ggaagcaaca ggcaattata gtacattgct tgtatatatg ctttccgagt 462900

ttggttttac agtaagcctg gagaaccctc tgaagataaa aaatttctcc aaagtcatgc 462960

tttcagtcat aaagtctgac gagattgatg cacgtcttat agcactatac ggtgagaaga 463020

tgcaaccatc tccatacaga atgcgcagcg attcaatttt agttctcaaa caaaaacgta 463080

ctgtcctacg ccagctaaag aagcagttag tagcaacaag caacctgaaa ggttctatgg 463140

aggttcttcc aatttatgac tctaaatgca agaaaacaat agagaaaacg attgcttttc 463200

tgggaaaaca aatcaaatat atggaagaag aactggcttc attagctaat gatgaattca 463260

agaaacagat ggatttactc acttccataa aaggtatcgg tgtaacacta gctgcggctt 463320

taattgtggc aactggtggc tttacatact ttgataatgc aaaacaactt acgcgttatc 463380

ttggcttatc accaacatat caacagtcag gaacatctgt caactttaaa ggtcacataa 463440

acagaaatgg cgatccaatt cttcgaagtc aactatatgt ggcagcattc tcatcactta 463500

ggtgcaatac agaatgtaaa gcatgttttg accgtctacg atctaaaggt aaacctggta 463560

aagtagctgt tgttgctgtc gccaataaat tggtaagaca ggcctttgca gttgttacac 463620

aagataagcc atatgttgat ggatttatat cagtaaaacc ataatcactc ctgcggaggg 463680

agcgccatgc ggcaagggac tgagcagtca ggcccgacga gttttcatta tacatatgca 463740

taaacatact tataattgtt aaatatattc aagtttttat tatagttcat ccgataaaat 463800

acacattgta aagccttcca ctcttccgtt actttgccaa taaaaagacc atgaaacgaa 463860

taatgagtaa agaagagttc ctgtccgttt atgaaagaca acaggccagt ggcctgacca 463920

taaaagattt ctgtgagaat gagtcctatt catcctcctg tttccattat tggaagaaga 463980

aattcggcct gagccgtact tacaccagcc atccggacaa gcttcccgat gatacattca 464040

ttccattgga tctgcgtcgc agaggcaatc tcccgccagg tgcgggtggc gacgtaacgg 464100

tagagcttcc ttccggaatc aggatccacc ttgacagcca tggaaaccct gaactgacat 464160

ttggattgat acacaaatta tgcggccatg ttctgtctga atgataccat gcgctatttc 464220

ctgtgtcccg gaaagacgga catgcgcaag gggatcaatt ctctgtgcgg agtggttcac 464280

gaccggatgg gacatgacgt ccgtctgggc gatgtcttca tcttcataaa cagaagcagg 464340

accaccatga aactcctcca tgctgaagac ggcggcatgg tattgtatgt gaaacgtctg 464400

gaagagggca cgttccggct gccggcctat gacagccgaa gcaggtctta tccgatggaa 464460

tggcgcgacc tggtcatgat ggtggaagga atcagtgaca atccgaacga gaggctgaaa 464520

aggttgaaag ccagtagaaa ggatggcttc tattgaaagt attttcatgt atccggttgc 464580

gtatctgccg aaaaatcagt atctttacat tatataaaga gatagaaacg gatgattcag 464640

caggatacaa tggaacagat aatcaagagt cagcaggagc agataaccgg tctcctggag 464700

actaaccgtt cccttgtcga atccaacgga aaactgctgg aacagacgga tgcgctgcaa 464760

cggaagatac aggaactgct ctcacagata gcatggctga accgtcagct tttcgggcgg 464820

aggagtgaga agctggcagc cctggatccc aaccagctct ccctgttcga tcccattcat 464880

gcaaccggac agagtgaaga catccgggaa gaggacagca gcgcagcggt tccttcaaaa 464940

gcaaagcccg atggaaagaa gaaggaatcc cggcgtaacc gcgaactcct ggagggactg 465000

ccggtagttg aagtggtgat tgaacccgac cgggtggatt tggaccgtta cagacggatc 465060

ggcgaggaac gtacccgtac gctggaattt gaaccgggca ggctgtatgt aaaggaaact 465120

gtccgtccca aatatggatt gaaagacaac ctgagtcttc ccaaggaagg tgaaagcggc 465180

gtaatcattg ctccgcttcc accttctcct gtttacaaat gtctggccgg ttccaccatg 465240

ctggccgaaa tgctcctgca gaaatacgaa tatcacgtcc cattctacag gcaggtcaag 465300

gagttccgcc atctgggtgt ccgtctttcc gaaagcacac tgagtggctg gttcaagcct 465360

gtgtgtgaac tgctgagacc actttatgac gagctggtcc ggctggttgt cggctgcggg 465420

tatgtccagg cggacgagac cactgtaagg gtgatcagca agggaaaggg gaaggccgac 465480

aaggagtatc tgtggatggt cagggcggtc atggaaaagc tggtcatctt ccattacgat 465540

gacggctccc gttcgggaca gacgataagg aaactgctga aggacttcaa gggatatctg 465600

cagagtgacg gttacagtgc ctacaatgta tttgaaggta ctgaaggagt gtgcctcata 465660

gcctgcctgg cccatatcag acgtcatttt gagatggctc tggaggaaaa cagaagtctg 465720

gcggagcatg cattgaaaat aatacaggag atttatcgga cagagcactt tgccgacttc 465780

cgggaatata cggcggaaga acggcgtgaa ctgcggaacc gtcagtccgc ccccctgctg 465840

gattcctttg aaaagtggat ggaaagcaca tatatcaagg ttccgcccaa aagccggatg 465900

ggacaggcca tctcctatgc gtatccgtta tggcccagaa tgaaggcctg tctcaaagac 465960

ggcaatataa agatagacaa taatctggcc gaaaatgcga tacgtcctct gacgctctca 466020

agaaagaact tcctcttctg cgggaatcat gaggctgcgg aaaatacagc ggtcatctgt 466080

tcattgcttg ccacctgcaa ggcacaggaa gtcaatccaa gagaatggct gaatgatgtc 466140

attgccaggc ttccatatta tcaggaaaaa gactccggca aagatatccg ggaactgctt 466200

ccggatgtct ggaagttgaa gaagtccaac gaaaatccaa ttgaagtcta atagagatac 466260

aatagaatag caaactcttc ctgtcaactt tatattcgtt gataagaaga gtctgttgtt 466320

ttatgaatct acaatgtgta ctttatcgga tgaactataa taaaaacttg aatatattta 466380

acaattataa gtatgtttat gcatatgtat aatgaaaact cgtcgggcct gactgctcag 466440

tcccttgccg catggcgctc cctccgcagg agtgattatg gttttactga tataaatcca 466500

tcaacatatg gcttatcttg tgtaacaact gcaaaggcct gtcttaccaa tttattggcg 466560

acagcaacaa cagctacttt accaggttta cctttagatc gtagacggtc aaaacatgct 466620

ttacattctg tattgcacct aagtgatgag aatgctgcca catatagttg acttcgaaga 466680

attggatcgc catttctgtt tatgtgacct ttaaagttga cagatgttcc tgactgttga 466740

tatgttggtg ataagccaag ataacgcgta agttgttttg cattatcaaa gtatgtaaag 466800

ccaccagttg ccacaattaa agccgcagct agtgttacac cgataccttt tatggaagtg 466860

agtaaatcca tctgtttctt gaattcatca ttagctaatg aagccagttc ttcttccata 466920

tatttgattt gttttcccag aaaagcaatc gttttctcta ttgttttctt gcatttagag 466980

tcataaattg gaagaacctc catagaacct ttcaggttgc ttgttgctac taactgcttc 467040

tttagctggc gtaggacagt acgtttttgt ttgagaacta aaattgaatc gctgcgcatt 467100

ctgtatggag atggttgcat cttctcaccg tatagtgcta taagacgtgc atcaatctcg 467160

tcagacttta tgactgaaag catgactttg gagaaatttt ttatcttcag agggttctcc 467220

aggcttactg taaaaccaaa ctcggaaagc atatatacaa gcaatgtact ataattgcct 467280

gttgcttcca taacacaatg atgttcatca actgatatcg tttttataaa ctcacgaata 467340

cctttagctg tattcttaaa ggttttggtt ttactgcttt ttgcagaaga ataagcaacc 467400

acgaatgtta acttactaac atcaattcca acgtaggtca taagctaatg gtttttataa 467460

ttacaacgca acatctatac atctttagcc atcattgcaa atgcggggtc taactgccca 467520

atgaactatc cggattctga tgtaaaagtg tgggggctga acatccgata caatctaaat 467580

gactaagctt acgtcggtct tattccacac tttgatgttg aaaatttata caaaagtaca 467640

acgtttaatt aatatacaat gcttacggtt aagtcatttt taccagaatt tggtcaggtg 467700

gggataatgt gtataacaga taagcagttc gaacaaattg agctgtttta tggtaagaag 467760

cctcattgta aaaatgtagc agggcaacaa ttagagctat tttagaaata agaaatcccg 467820

ctttttatgg cggggtttct tgtaggaaac atttcttttt taatttctat tatttgatgt 467880

aatgtgttgc tatataggtt gttacacgga ttgcgctgtt tcctatataa caaagttact 467940

aaattgaaaa caaatcacaa cgcagacgac cacgtaacgg ggaacggttc tgctgtttcc 468000

tatataacaa agttactaaa ttgaaaacaa atcacaacct ttcccacaaa taaggaaatg 468060

atgctgatgc tgtttcctat ataacaaagt tactaaattg aaaacaaatc acaaccaact 468120

tgggtgactt gttcaatttc attcagctgt ttcctatata acaaagttac taaattgaaa 468180

acaaatcaca actatcttca ttcatttact aatttaccat ttgctgtttc ctatataaca 468240

aagttactaa attgaaaaca aatcacaact actaatctta ataccttgag cttgagcagc 468300

tgtttcctat ataacaaagt tactaaattg aaaacaaatc acaacaatac ttcgtatggt 468360

aatcacgttt ctttggctgt ttcctatatc aatacttcgg taaattttta ccgataaatt 468420

aaaattaaac atagaatcgg cataatccgg ttcaaaatta tattcaagag atcattgaaa 468480

tactgtcaag aataaatcgt caaggagtaa gaaaagggat gaaaaagata tgctaaacag 468540

ctgaaaatca acagaaaaag tatttcataa ttcactgatt tttagtaaat tagaagtact 468600

tcaccacttt taattatgac taaagaatca ctccttatgc aataccaatc cgagtgcaga 468660

aacgctctcg aatcagctgt aaatataagc aaatcttttc agaaagtatt catggatgca 468720

atgaaattat tcatggctat acctgaccgc atcaatttcc tacaaatggg acggtatgga 468780

tgtttctcgg aacagacata ccgcaacaat tttgagaacg acggctttga ctggttttcc 468840

ttcaatgaag ccatcatcag ggaacacctt aaaggtggtc gcaaggcgat agccgttgat 468900

ccgtctttca ttccaaaatc aggcagcaaa acgccgtgga ttggctattt ctggtccggt 468960

tgtgccggtg aatacaaacg tggactggaa ataaccggta ttggagttat agacgttgac 469020

aaccatgaat gtatgacttt gggctctgta cagacacctg acaacgcaac gctggaaagc 469080

tgtgagaaga atcttgttga ctggtacagc tcttacctta tcagcataca ggaacagctg 469140

aaacgtattt ctggcacagt cgtgtgtgat gcgttctttt caaaggcaac tttcatcaaa 469200

ccattgtacg ataacggttt ccacgtaata agccgtttca ggaatgatgc cgtattgttt 469260

tatcccacct tagaaaatag gacaggaaaa cgcggacgtc caaaattaca tgacgagaaa 469320

attgactttg aaaatctgga catcacaaga tgtaccgagt acaaagtgaa caagggtaaa 469380

ctttacggac tgaaagcata ctccaaagca ctcaaacgct ttgtgagcct ggctgtatgg 469440

taccccatgg atggaagaac ggacaaatgg cagctgtatt tctctacaaa cgaaatacag 469500

aacgcacagg atgtcctgga cttttacaga acacgtttcc aactcgaatt ctgctttcgg 469560

gatgccaagc aacatgccgg aatagcaaac tgtcagtcta cagacttcag gaaactggca 469620

ttccacttta atgcatcact tgcagcgata aacctcgcca aggctgcctg taagaagatg 469680

ggaataaaat attccatatc atcatgcaag tcagtcatac acaatgctta catgcttgaa 469740

cgatttattt gcgtgtctgg gattgaacca aacacgcaat taattgacaa acttttcaaa 469800

gaactcattt tatttactgc cagagccgct taggctgggc taatttttaa cgaactattg 469860

ctatatacaa tacttcggta aatttttacc gataaattaa aattaaacat agaatcggca 469920

taatccggtt caaaattata ttcaagagat cattgaaata ctgtcaagaa taaatcgtca 469980

aggagtaaga aaagggatga aaaagatatg ctaaacagct gaaaatcaac agaaaaagta 470040

tttcataatt cactgatttt tagtaaatta gaagtacttc accactttta attatgacta 470100

aagaatcact ccttatgcaa taccaatccg agtgcagaaa cgctctcgaa tcagctgtaa 470160

atataagcaa atcttttcag aaagtattca tggatgcaat gaaattattc atggctatac 470220

ctgaccgcat caatttccta caaatgggac ggtatggatg tttctcggaa cagacatacc 470280

gcaacaattt tgagaacgac ggctttgact ggttttcctt caatgaagcc atcatcaggg 470340

aacaccttaa aggtggtcgc aaggcgatag ccgttgatcc gtctttcatt ccaaaatcag 470400

gcagcaaaac gccgtggatt ggctatttct ggtccggttg tgccggtgaa tacaaacgtg 470460

gactggaaat aaccggtatt ggagttatag acgttgacaa ccatgaatgt atgactttgg 470520

gctctgtaca gacacctgac aacgcaacgc tggaaagctg tgagaagaat cttgttgact 470580

ggtacagctc ttaccttatc agcatacagg aacagctgaa acgtatttct ggcacagtcg 470640

tgtgtgatgc gttcttttca aaggcaactt tcatcaaacc attgtacgat aacggtttcc 470700

acgtaataag ccgtttcagg aatgatgccg tattgtttta tcccacctta gaaaatagga 470760

caggaaaacg cggacgtcca aaattacatg acgagaaaat tgactttgaa aatctggaca 470820

tcacaagatg taccgagtac aaagtgaaca agggtaaact ttacggactg aaagcatact 470880

ccaaagcact caaacgcttt gtgagcctgg ctgtatggta ccccatggat ggaagaacgg 470940

acaaatggca gctgtatttc tctacaaacg aaatacagaa cgcacaggat gtcctggact 471000

tttacagaac acgtttccaa ctcgaattct gctttcggga tgccaagcaa catgccggaa 471060

tagcaaactg tcagtctaca gacttcagga aactggcatt ccactttaat gcatcacttg 471120

cagcgataaa cctcgccaag gctgcctgta agaagatggg aataaaatat tccatatcat 471180

catgcaagtc agtcatacac aatgcttaca tgcttgaacg atttatttgc gtgtctggga 471240

ttgaaccaaa cacgcaatta attgacaaac ttttcaaaga actcatttta tttactgcca 471300

gagccgctta ggctgggcta atttttaacg aactattgta tataacaaag ttactaaatt 471360

gaaaacaaat cacaactctt gctcagtgtg cttattttaa tgaaggctgt ttcctatata 471420

acaaagttac taaattgaaa acaaatcaca actgttgctt tcatggtcat tctttgttta 471480

ggctgtttcc tatataacaa agttactaaa ttgaaaacaa atcacaacct taactccctc 471540

gaagtctaca aggctttggc tgtttcctat ataacaaagt tactaaattg aaaacaaatc 471600

acaacctact atgcagttgc gtaataatag ttcttgctgt ttcctatata acaaagttac 471660

taaattgaaa acaaatcaca acaagtattc tcagcgtaat tcagacggta gggctgtttc 471720

ctatataaca aagttactaa attgaaaaca aatcacaact gataatgtta attattcata 471780

tcctaaatgc tgtttcctat ataacaaagt tactaaattg aaaacaaatc acaactactt 471840

tttgtgacat aatgtctagt cctgaaatag cgttacaaca aaaaaggtaa cattatggaa 471900

aagacagaaa caaagtacgt taagcgcaca caaaaagatt acagtatgtc ctttaaacta 471960

tcagtagtgc aagagtatga aaccacaaaa ataagtttgg gagcgctgaa acgaaaatat 472020

gggatacaag gatgttcaac tattagccgt tggattgaaa aatatggtaa ctttgatatc 472080

acaaacaaat gttaccattc tatggaaaag agtaaggatc aaaaactgtt agaactacaa 472140

cagaaagtaa ggttcctgga acgcaagaat gcccgtctgg aaaaggagct tgagctgaag 472200

gatatgaaag cagagttttt cgacatgatg atagacatag cggaaaagga atataatatc 472260

gacatacgaa aaaactcctc tcccgaacag tcaataaata taaagaagaa aaatccgtaa 472320

gtatcagcgg aatctgccga ctgctcggga taagcaggca gaaatattac cgtcagcaat 472380

ggaagataat ccgaggccgg caaagggcca ctgatgttgt gggcatggta cgagatatcc 472440

gaatggaact gccacgtgta ggaacccgca aactttatca tatgcttcat cagccactta 472500

aggagaacaa ggtaggcagg gacaaactgt tcgatatact ccgtgccaac cgtctgctta 472560

taaagcccgt acgttcatat catgtaacaa ccaactcgca tcaccggttt cggaagcaca 472620

agaatcttgt agaaagtatg gaagcgacac gcccggaaga aatatgggtt tctgatatta 472680

cttatattgg caatagaaac cggcatatgt atctttctct ggttacagat gcttattcca 472740

agaagattat gggatatgat ctttccgatt ccttggacac tcaaggttct ttgaacgcgc 472800

tgaggatggc aaaccgcaac cgactgtata gggacacgcc attgatacac cactctgacc 472860

gtggtataca gtactgttcc gatgcatatc agaaattact gggacaatat cacatcatac 472920

ccagcatgac tgaatcttac gatccgtacg ctaatgccgt ggcagaacga ataaacggaa 472980

tactaaaaca ggagttcctg cttgaggaac ttaatctacc gctatcagat atgaaacagg 473040

taataaggga tgctgtctac aagtataata acatcagacc tcattactct tgtgggtata 473100

aaacgccgga gtatatgcat catcagaagc tgattaaaat taaaagttac aaaaacaaac 473160

agttcagcaa gactgacctt gctgaactgt gataaataat ttatttttgt ccaataactg 473220

taacggttat ttaggactag tcataatttc gattaaatgg ctgtttccta tataacaaag 473280

ttactaaatt gaaaacaaat cacaaccaat acccaagacg gcccactgcg actatagctg 473340

tttcctatat aacaaagtta ctaaattgaa aacaaatcac aactagtaga tattgtaata 473400

attttagttc ttagctgttt cctatataac aaagttacta aaagaataga tatttcaaaa 473460

ttttcccacc caacattttg taaatgaaat atccttactt tttgcacttt ttaggctttt 473520

agatgaaaat tattgttcag cttttcgcta taaatgaaaa tttttgtata tttgtcttac 473580

tcttagaaga aagaaagtat tagaagcgtt ttaggcatta tccgaggttc agaaaatccc 473640

caatttcgca acgataacaa aggataatac aaaaacgctc cacgggctat tgtatatgct 473700

gttttgagca atatgtatgt atataggcgt ggggctttat gtattgctca gttatcaagt 473760

atggggatac ttctggacaa gtaatactaa agttccccac gctttaactt ttataaaaac 473820

agcttcaagg ggaagcaagc tgacatatcg tatatgtatg aaagcactta aactaaacaa 473880

ctgtgaaagc ggtgtttcaa cctttgtttc atttgccgcg ggtcaccgct ctattcattg 473940

gattcttttt cttagcattt gttttgcttt gtatgttgta gcatataaga tacaaattat 474000

gtgccatact tttttccgta ctcatctgat agtagattat ggattatgac gaggcttgcc 474060

atactaatgg cgagatgtgg agtgtaatct atcgtacttt gaaagaaata cgtgaagtta 474120

gagagttatt atgtaccgat gagttggaaa aagtttctca aaaaatggaa ctcatcgaaa 474180

aagaaattga tattttgtct gttttaatct tttacttgtg acaatatgtc acgatgtatt 474240

gcgtttttat gagtggtatg tcatgtgtaa agctctaaaa cagattaata agaaagatga 474300

tggataaaaa gattgaggag gttgtcaacg aacagctgaa tacagaatta tggtcttgta 474360

atttgtatat cgcatttcaa gtctattttg aaaaacaaga attgccggtt ctggcattat 474420

ggctaaaaaa tcaaagatag aagaaagcag acaggataca aaagttgaca acgtatttgt 474480

taggtgagga tgcatttgtg tctattcgtg gctttgagta taaggccgat aaatggcaaa 474540

gccccgtagt ggcattgaat agcttgtttg agcacgaaca gtattttcat aagcaagtga 474600

atgattttat gaattttgca cgttatatgg gtgatgatgc tttgcaggct ttggtgctcg 474660

atttgtatac cgatgaggta catgtaagtg attttcttgt tgaattgctt cgtatgcttg 474720

tcaaagaatg gagaagacag ttaccgttgg agtgacagat tttatttaga ctgacagagg 474780

tgaaagaatg gaaactgttg actttgagaa agagctggtc attttacgtg aaaagctctt 474840

gagttatgct cttttgatgt ttcctaaaaa ggaagatgct gaagacctga ttcaggaaac 474900

attattgaag gcactagaac acagagataa atataatgag aatgttaact ttaaaggatg 474960

gctatatacc ataatgcata atacgttcgt aaacatttgt aaatcgaaaa gaaattgtat 475020

gtgccagaat atttctgata gtgaaatccg ggctgagata gataaaagtg tagaggagtt 475080

tatcgacgat agttttggta tagaggagat ttataaagta ataaacaggc ttccagatga 475140

ttatcgtgtg gtaatattga tgagactggc cggattcagg tatcaggaaa ttgccgataa 475200

aatggggatt ccgattacgt tggtgaagag tcggattttt tatgggaaaa ggaaactgaa 475260

aagtatgctg tccagtttca gataagcgag agtcgtcaaa ggattcttgc gtttacggta 475320

aaaatactaa gtggattgtt tttataggtt gggttggcca tgagttgact catggaaaag 475380

aagcagcttc gttggtataa tgaggctgct tctgtaatat atggagtatt atagtttcct 475440

gagttcttga tatagtcgtt gtacggggag tcccatgacg ttaaagtagg atccttttaa 475500

tcccgttact ccgataaagc ctatccactc ttgtacgccg tacgatcctg ccttgtccat 475560

cggatgatag tgctctacat aaaaacggat gtcttcttca ctcagttggt cgaaagtaac 475620

ttccgttacc gaagcgaagg atttctgaaa ttcggttgtg gtaaggcata ctccggtaat 475680

gacctgatgt gaacgtcctg acagcttttg cagcatgccg atggcttcgg tttcgtcttt 475740

gggttttccc agtacctcac catcaatgta aactatcgtg tcggctgtga taatcagttc 475800

gtccggttgt atggagggac ggtaggcatc tgctttttcc cgggctatgt agacaggaat 475860

ttcttcgcct gtcaaggtgg aagggtaggt ttcgtctatg ccgggcagaa gttttacttc 475920

atagtctatt cctaaaccgg acaacagttc ccggcggcgg ggagagttgg aggcgagttt 475980

gattttgtat tttttcagat tatcgagcat agtgttcctt tctttcttac cagccgaagg 476040

cggcttcgtg tgacatccat ttgccttgtg cacgcaatac ttgttctact acgtcacgtc 476100

cgcatccata accgccgttg cggtgtgaaa tataggtgca gatggctttt atctcgggtg 476160

cggcatcagc cggacaacag ggaagacctg ccagacgcaa tacttcatag tcgggaatat 476220

catcgcccat gtagagtacc tcttcaggtt tcagattgta tttcgacagc agttcggcaa 476280

actctttcgt cttgacagca gcacccatat agatgtctgt tatgcctaat ccttcgtagc 476340

gtttgcgtac ggattctgtc cttcctcccg taatgatggc tacgtgcagt ccgcatttta 476400

ctgccagctg tagggcgtat ccgtctttta tgttaaccgt acgcatcggt tctccgttgg 476460

gatgcaaggt gatggtttcg gcacttagta cgccgtctac gtcgaatacc agtgcgcgta 476520

ttttggtaag atcgtaattt atcataagtt ttcttttagg ttacttgtat attcgtgaat 476580

gtctttgctt atttgttcgt atatcgttgc cagacgaggt tcgctttgca gcatttccag 476640

atggcggttg ataacgtttt catcgtaacg ttgtgccgga ccggtctggg ctgaaacagg 476700

agaaagttca tgaactttgc gggctgtttc gtcgataagc ggaagcatag cttcgaaagg 476760

cagtccgtga gccgataata agtgatcggc tatggcatac atgtgattgg taaagttgca 476820

ggcaaagacg gctgctatgt gcaggtatcg gcgttgttcc gatgaggctt cgtatacttt 476880

actgcctagg ctcagggcga ttccgttcaa agctttcagg tcgtcttgtg tattggcttc 476940

tgtaaagaat gaaacttcgt ggaagtcaac cggacgttgt ttgctgaagg tctgcatcgg 477000

gtagagcaca ccgtagcgtt gggcctgtcc ttgccagatg ttcatgggga cgctgcctgc 477060

ggtatgtacg aacagggctt gtggagcgcg ccgggtaagt ggtgcaagca ggctgtccag 477120

ggcagaatct tttaccgata cgatgtatag ttgtccttca gagcttactt tatcgatgtc 477180

ggttgtatag ggacatccta gtctggttgc cagcgtggaa gcggaggctt cggtacggct 477240

gaatacctga agaatgttgt aaccggcctt ttgtaaggtg atagcaagat gagttgctac 477300

atttccagct cctatgataa tgatattttt tatattcatt ggaaagtgtt tttagatgtc 477360

ggtaaattac cgtgacgaca accagtagag taatactcca accagtagca aggctgcggg 477420

aagcagatag cccgacatct ggcctagcag ggaaacaaca aggttgatgt tttggatgag 477480

ccagattccg gccagaataa tgcctaccga tttgtccgat ttaaaccaga gaaaaatgac 477540

ggcagcataa agcagcatgg tatctttctg cataacccat ggtaatccgt gagccgagaa 477600

gcctatcagg cggtcggcaa gataaaggat gcccatcaga gccagaaaga cggctgtagc 477660

acgataggta tctttatggt ttgatgcttt cgttgtcacg ttttattctc ctccgtattt 477720

attgatgtgt actttttccc ataacagatg ggactcgtcg aacggcttgc gttccattcc 477780

tttgtgtccg atggcgatga tggacaatac ctgaagttgc aggggaatgt cgagtatgcc 477840

gtgtacgtat tcgtcggaag acatgcctgc ggcattatat cgttcgcgta cttgtatcca 477900

gcagcttccg agtcctaagt cttcggcttg cagttgaatc atcagggaag caatggccgc 477960

atcttctatc catacgtcgc tggcgagcgg gtctgccagt acagcgatgg cgagtggagc 478020

gtctttcagg aaggaggaac ctgtttcttt gcaacgtgac agcttgtcga gtgtttcttt 478080

gtcatctacg gctatgaact gccagcagtt acttcgtttg gaggagggcg acatgagggc 478140

tgctttcagc agggttacca cttcttcctg tgtcagttct tcgtctgtaa acttgcgcat 478200

gctgcgccgt tgctttatca attcgctgaa actcttcata aaatatcgtt tttaacacga 478260

caaatataat ctttaaactc gtaatgctca aaaaaaatca taaatttgcg ataccatggc 478320

tatcaggttg actacatacg aacacgcaaa agacattccc gatttgccgg gaacgaatgt 478380

ctttcattct acggagttgt ttcggatatt ggagcaaaca cccgggtatc gtccggtgtt 478440

gctggttgct tccgaagatg acaggccgat tggaaagttg ttgtgtgtta cacggcgtaa 478500

ttttcgcttg ctgggtttta cgaataaaac gtatgtttat ggtacaggag agtattttaa 478560

gtcgaagcac agccgggagg agatttttga tgaattgttg acgtatttta cgctccgtta 478620

caaggagtct tcgtttttgc tggagttccg taatctggaa gagcccttgt ttggttaccg 478680

gtatttccgg aggaatggct atttcccggt acggtggttg cgagtccgta attcgataca 478740

tcatgaacag cttgacaagt ggatgagctc atctcgtaaa cgtcagattg ccagaggtct 478800

caagaatgga gcttctatgg agatagcttc tgatccagaa acggtaaagg ctttcttcgc 478860

aatgctcaaa aaatattatt ctgctaaaat acatcgttat cttcctgatt tccgtttttt 478920

tgcatctttt gccgaacaat cttctcttgg ggggaagggt aaaatctttg ttatccgtca 478980

taaggaaaaa gtgatagggg gatcggtgtg cctgttttcc gatgatactg cttatctaat 479040

gttttcggca ggaatgcgca agagttatcc cttgctctat ccgggagtac ttgctgtgtg 479100

gaaggcgatg atttacgccc gggaacatgg atatgagcat tttgagttta ttgaagcagg 479160

attgcctttt cggaaattca gttatcgcga ttttattttg cgtttcggtg gaaagcagtt 479220

aagtacacgt cgctggttta aagtaaggtg gaactggctg aatcgtctgc ttattcgtat 479280

ttatgtctaa tctaaatata tattgttatg attgatcctg tttatagtgc ggctcccaac 479340

cgttacgaga gtggaatgaa atatcgtaga gcgggtaaga gtggtatttt gcttcctgaa 479400

atatctctgg gactttggca taattttggt gatgtggata ctttggccga tagtcagaaa 479460

aagatacatt atgcattcga tcgtggcatt acttacatcg acctggctaa taattatggt 479520

ccgtcttatg gttcggcgga agaaacattc gggcagatta tgaagaaatc gatggctccc 479580

tatcgtgatg aactgtttat ttctacaaag gcgggacatg atatgtggga aggtccttat 479640

ggtatatgga attcgcgtaa gcacctgatg gtaagtcttg accaaagctt gaagcggatg 479700

aatctggatt atgtggatat cttttacagt catcgctacg atccggaaac cccactggaa 479760

gaaacgttgc agacattggt cgatatggtc cgtcagggga aggctttgta tgtaggtatc 479820

tcaaaatatc ctcgggaggc tgccgctacg gcctatcgtt atctggcaga taaccacgtg 479880

ccgtgcctgc tttatcaggg atgttacaat atgtttaacc gtgaggcaga ggaaaagggg 479940

attttggaac aagcttataa cgagggcagt ggctttgttg ccttttcgcc tttggcgcag 480000

ggactgctta cggaccgtta tctgaatggt atacccgaag attctcgtat cgcgcgagga 480060

ggaaatctca agaaagaagt tctgacggat gaggtgtttc ggaaaataaa gtcattgaac 480120

gaagttgcct tacgtcgcgg acagactttg gccgaaatgg cgctggcttg gctgttgaag 480180

gaccagatgg ttacatcggt cattattggt gccagttcgg taaaacagat tgacgataat 480240

ttgaaagcgt tgaataatac ttctttctgt gacgaagaaa ttactttgat agacagcatt 480300

ttaaaatctt gagtaacagg ctttgttgta gagaaggcag tttgcaaaag aggctagtgg 480360

agaaaatgga atatttctga caatggtgat ttgtgtaaaa taaaaaataa actaaaaaaa 480420

gagtttgcag agaaaataaa atagagaaat atttctttat tctgcacatt tttgttttct 480480

ttgtgcagtt gatatgaacc aactttagat tttaatacca ttaaaaacaa cttgattatg 480540

aaaatttctc acatcgaaca tttgggtatt gcggtgaaaa gcatcgaaga agcccttcct 480600

tattatgaaa atgtactcgg attgaaatgt tacaatatag aaactgtaga agaccagaaa 480660

gtaaagaccg cttttttgaa atgtggtgaa acgaaaattg aattgctgga acctacagga 480720

ccggatagta cgattgccaa attcattgaa aacagaggaa tgggagttca tcatgtagca 480780

tttgcagtgg aggatggtgt ggcaaacgca ctggccgaag cagaaacaaa cggtattcgt 480840

ctgatcgaca aagctccgcg caaaggtgcg gaaggcttga atatagcgtt tcttcatcca 480900

aaatcaacga tgggggtatt aaccgaactt tgtgaaaaat aataacggac aatgaaggaa 480960

atggtgagga cattggccgt ttgttgttat tcggtataga gaagtggcgg agaattttgt 481020

aaacattcat tgagtgggtg caggattctt cgtcactttg ttgcttttaa gcgaaaaaat 481080

gtccgccgtt ggatgttgtc atttactaat ttataaattt ctagtaccat gagtaaccaa 481140

cttgaaaaag taaaagagct tattgaacta cgtgctcagg cacgtttggg aggtggtgag 481200

aaagctatcg aaaagcaaca cgctaaaggg aaatatacag cacgcgaacg tattgccatg 481260

ctgctcgacg aaggtagctt cgaagagatg gatatgttcg taaaacatcg ttgcaccaat 481320

tttggcatgg ataaaaaaca ttatctgggc gatggtgtag ttacaggata tggaacgatt 481380

gaaggacgac tggtatatgt ctttgcacag gattttaccg tatcggccgg ttcattgtcg 481440

gaaacgatgt cacagaagat ttgtaaggtg atggatatgg ccatgaaaat gggagctcca 481500

tgtatcggac tgaatgactc gggaggtgcg cgtattcagg aaggtatcaa tgctttggct 481560

ggatatgctg aaatcttcca gcgtaatatc ctggcttcgg gtgtgatacc acagatttca 481620

ggtatctttg gtccgtgtgc cggaggtgcg gtatattctc ctgcactgac agactttaca 481680

ttgatgatgg aaggtacttc gtatatgttc cttacaggtc cgaaggtggt aaagactgtg 481740

accggagaag atgtttcaca agaggacttg ggaggtgcaa gcgtgcattc tactcgttcg 481800

ggcgtgactc actttacggc cgctaccgag gaggagggac tggcattgat tcgtaagttg 481860

ttgagttaca ttcctcagaa taacctggaa gaaccgccgt atgtagattg cacagatccg 481920

atcgaccgtt tggaagattc attgaatgag attattccgg atagcccgaa caaggcttac 481980

gatatgtatg aggtgattgg agcgattgtc gataacggag agttcctcga agtacagcgc 482040

gattttgcca agaatatcat tgtgggtttt gcacgtttca atggtcagtc ggtaggtatc 482100

gtggccaatc agccgaagtt cctggcaggt gtattggatt gtaattcttc tcgtaagggc 482160

gcacgtttcg ttcgtttctg cgatgctttc aatattccta ttgtttcact ggtggatgtt 482220

ccgggattcc ttccgggtac gggacaggaa tacaatgcgg ttatcttgca cggagctaaa 482280

ctgctttatg cgtatggcga agctactgta cctaaggtga cagtaacact gcgtaagtcg 482340

tatggtggtt cacatattgt gatgagctgt aagcagttgc gtggagatat gaactatgca 482400

tggccgactg ctgaaattgc cgtaatgggt ggagccggag ctgtagaagt gttgtatgcc 482460

aaggaagcaa aagaagctgc tgatccgaaa gcattcatgg ccgagaaaga agctgaatat 482520

accaaactgt ttgctaatcc gtacaatgct gcaaaatatg gttatatcga cgatgtgata 482580

gaacctcgta atacacgctt ccgtattatt cgtgccttgc agcagttgca gaccaagaaa 482640

ctgacaaatc cggctaagaa acacggaaat attccattgt aattcgtgga ctattcgatt 482700

attaacttca atttaagaaa tctatgagaa aaaacagaat aggaatattt ctttctctgc 482760

tgttactggt cggtttcact gcttgtacag aaacgaagtc gaacagtaag ctggtcatca 482820

atgaagtgct ggtagataac cagagtaact ttcaggatga ctacggcgta catagcggct 482880

ggattgaaat attcaataga gcatatagca cggccgatct tgccggatgt ttgctgaagg 482940

taagcagtga gccgggagat acagctacat attttattcc gaaaggggat gtactgacaa 483000

gcatcaagcc tcgtcagcat acactcttct gggccgatgg aaatcccaga cgaggtactt 483060

tccatacgaa ttttgtcttg agcaagacta acgccaactg gattggtttg tacgattccg 483120

gtaagaaatt gctcgatcag ataaccgtgc cggcaggtat actggaggca gaccagtcgt 483180

atgcccgtgt aggggatgct tcggaagaat gggaagtgaa aggagccagt gcagagaagt 483240

atgtgactcc cagcacgaac aatcagacga tagaaagtaa tcctaagatg gacaagttcg 483300

aacagcacga tccggtaggt atcggtatgg ctatttcggc catgagtgtt gtgtttttag 483360

gactgatatt gctttatatc tgctttaagt tgattggtaa agcggctatc aagttacgca 483420

aacgtaatgc tatgattgcg cataacatta ccgacaagca ggaggccaag gaaaaaggtt 483480

tgggtgaagc gccgggtgaa gtcattgctg ccattacgat ggccttgcat gaagctcagg 483540

gagccgatca cgatgtagaa gaaaccattt tgactatcag tcgtgtgaaa cgcagctatt 483600

ctccgtggag ttcgaagatt tatacgttgc gtgaaactcc acataagaaa taatcatctt 483660

aatacgtaaa gaaccatgaa agaatataga tataaaatta acggaaactt gtataaagta 483720

accgtgggcg acatagaaga caacaatgtg cgtgtggaag taaacggcac gccttatacc 483780

gtagaactag agaagcagaa taagccgaaa attaaaccgg tagtacgtac tgcttcgact 483840

tctccagccg ctcctcctgc tgctgtaacc cgtccggcaa gtgtaggaag caaggccggc 483900

atcaaatcac cgctgccggg agttatcctc gaaatcaaag taaaggaagg cgatatggtg 483960

aaacgcggac agacattgct cattctggaa gctatgaaga tggaaaacga tatcaaagca 484020

gatcgcgatg gtaaagttac ttctatcaaa gtgagcaagg gagaatcaat tcttgaaggt 484080

acagacctta taatcatcga ataatatggg agagtttagt agtttcttac aaaataacct 484140

ggcagatttc tggacctata ccggttttta taatgctact ccaggacatc ttatcatgat 484200

cctgataggt attgtgttca tttatcttgc tgttgccaag gaattcgagc cgatgttgct 484260

gattcctatc ggattcggta tacttatcgg taatattccg ttcaatatgg aagccggact 484320

gaaagtaggc atctacgagg aaggctcagt gcttaatatt ttgtatcagg gagtgacttc 484380

cgggtggtat ccgccgctta tctttttagg tattggagcc atgacggact tctcggctct 484440

gatttcgaat ccgaagttga tgctgattgg tgcggctgca cagtttggta tcttcggagc 484500

gtatatgatt gcattggaaa taggtttcga cccgatgcag gctgctgcta ttggtattat 484560

cggtggtgcc gatggcccga cggctatctt tctgtcatcg aagctggcac ctaacctgat 484620

gggagcaatc gctgtttcgg cttattcgta tatggccctt gtgcctgtga tacagccacc 484680

tgtcatgcga ttgcttacaa ccaagaagga gcgtcttatc cgtatgaaag ctcctcgtgc 484740

cgtatcacat accgaaaagg tgatgttccc tatcatcggt ctgttgctaa cttgtttcct 484800

ggttccttcc ggtctgccgt tgctgggtat gctgttcttc ggtaatctgc tgaaagaaag 484860

tggtgtgact cgtcgtctgg ctgaaacggc ccgcggtccg ctgattgata caattactat 484920

tttactggga cttaccgtag gagcttctac tcaggcatct gaattcttga cttgggattc 484980

catcaagatt ttcattttgg gagccttgtc attcttcatt gctactgctt cgggagtgat 485040

tttcgttaag atattcaatc tggttttgaa gaaagataat aagattaatc cgcttattgg 485100

taatgcggga gtatctgctg ttcccgactc ggcacgtatt tcgcaggttg tgggattgga 485160

atatgatccg accaattatc tgttgatgca tgctatgggt ccgaatgtag ccggagtaat 485220

tggttcggct gttgcggctg gtatcttatt gggattcttg atttaaaaga attttcataa 485280

tacattttta aagattatcg ttaccctctg tcagactgtg tgaacagttt cgacaggggg 485340

taaatcgtat aggctgatgc ctttcgacgg acgtactaca gcagtcgttt taccacggtg 485400

ctgtttgttt gaatatgaat aaatgttttt atatacgttc tttttcttat aatttgtaat 485460

ttaatgtggt agttttcagt tttgtatgtg acgaattgca atatcttgaa atttagattg 485520

actttaagtc gtcatgcttt tgtcggatta aaaataagtt gtactttcgt cacctcattt 485580

tcgaacttca attttttgag gattatggaa ctaacagaga ataaactaaa gcaaaaagtc 485640

cagcgaaaca tactgatggt atcagtattg attctggtgg ggaagttttt ggcgtattac 485700

ctgactaatt ctgtgggtgt gctgacggat gctatggaaa gtattgtcaa tgtggcagcc 485760

ggaacaataa gcttgttcag cttgtgcttg tcggaaaagc cccgggatac cgatcatcct 485820

ttcgggcatg gcaaaattga gctgatatcg gcttctatcg aaggtatatt gatttcaatt 485880

gccggaggaa tgattattta tgaggctatc aagcgattgc ttgtacctga tgaaattcag 485940

aaagtggata tcggtattta tatcattgcc atatcgggag tcttgaatta cctgatggga 486000

tggtatagca tacatatagg aaagaagtac aattccattg cattggtggc aggaggaaag 486060

catttgcagt cggatactta ctctacgatt ggtttggtag taggattggt tcttctttat 486120

ttcacgaaga ttacctggat agatagtgcc atggcactta tctttgggtc tatcatcatc 486180

ataaccggaa tttctattct aagaaagacg acggacaact tactggatag agcggatatc 486240

aatttgttga aagatcttgc cgatacattg aaccataacc gaaaaccgga atggattgat 486300

attcataatg taaaggtttt aaaatcggga acttctctgt atatggattg tgacctgact 486360

atcccctggt actataacat tgatcaaggt catcgcatcg gagctcagtt gcagaaggta 486420

ctgaacgata agtattcgga gcatgccgta ctgaatattc atctggaccc gtgtaacatt 486480

tttgagagtc cgaaatgtag caaatgtctg tgtacggatt gtccgtatcg caaacaaaag 486540

tttgatcagg ttgaggaaat caatgtcacg acgtttatcc gcaatgaaat ggaacgtcat 486600

gagtaaaaga aagatgataa actgatactt ggagcatcct tcaagacaaa ataaatggtc 486660

gtatcactac tcgaaacaga gtttgatacg accattttat gtgttatgat tacaatcagt 486720

aatatttcga aacagtcatt ttagttttga cattccttca ttttgtcttt caatgactta 486780

gattggggtt agctgctata gcttccttgg gaatctgtaa cgtatagcgc gaatcatctt 486840

gttccagcac atattgttgt ttgttcagtg tcttttcgat acgtggacgg gttgtacggc 486900

gaagatcgaa ccagcgatga ccttcgaagg caagctctct ggcacgttca ttcactattt 486960

cttttaccag ttccactttg ctcagacctt ctacgtaggt tttcttctgg gcgtatgctt 487020

cggctgtata acgcttttcc atcaattgca gcagtcgttt gcgggcttcg gggaggttgt 487080

ccgattgtgc cgccgcttct gcactgttca ggtatagctc tccggtacgt atggtacaac 487140

ggaattcaga gttacctccc ttttgcgatt tacggtttcc ttctttatcg gtcggagcaa 487200

agtaaacatc cgggcgaagg tcacccgcct gatacatgct caggaatgaa ggaagtacgg 487260

aaacggcacc ctgataattg ctgttaaggg tgtattccag tgcgttgatt gcttctaccg 487320

actgatagtg gttgggcaac ttgaaacctt ttactttaaa gtcttccagt tcatttttaa 487380

cttttaaagc ttcttcggcc tgtgcataag catttttcca gtcgcccatg tagagataaa 487440

cacgtgagcg gatagccgga acacagactt tggtgaagcg gtaggagagc gtaatatcat 487500

cccacttttc tacgttcaac agtgtttcgg cacttgacag gtcttccagt acagaggcat 487560

aaacttcgct cacggtattg cggaacaact gcttttccag atcagtatcc agtttcagcg 487620

gaatcgcctt ggttgccgga gcccccggtt tggtatatgg ttgtccgtgc aggtttacca 487680

gaatgaagtg catatatgcg cgcatcaggt aagcttcacc cgtaagttga gcgatttcgc 487740

tctgactgcc ttcggttatt tcatcgtggt gttcgataat gaagttggca aaaaacaata 487800

cttcgtaata attagcccag tcgaacgata cggtagtagt ggaagttgtg gtaccttccc 487860

agcgttcgat acctccgtat ttatcctgat cctttgagtt acttacaaac atttcgtcgg 487920

cacccatgca ggcaagtccc cggtcggcgg gaacagtagt gcaggcgttc agccacaaag 487980

cgcgatactc agccagcgtg tgaggaatga cacttcccgt aggctggata tccagatact 488040

tgtcgcagcc tgtcagtaag agtgtcagac aggcaaaaag caagccaata tattgtttct 488100

tcattgttcg ttaagagtta aaagttaaga ttcagactga atgtaaatga tttcggaatg 488160

ggttgtgcat acgggttacc catcgtttcc ggatccagat aattggtgta gctcgaaccg 488220

aatacaaaca ggttacgtcc ctccagtgct acagttgcct gactgactcc cagttttttt 488280

atcagttcga acggcaactc atatcccaga cggatactct gtatacgcat gtagttttgt 488340

tttttcaccc acaagctgga attcgcatac ggatttacag ctccatcgat aaagaagtaa 488400

gcatccatgt cgacattcga gtctaccagt gccggcatcg tgcctttcgg attttccgga 488460

gtccagcggt tcaggatatc acggttcgtg ttctgaccgc ggtcgaatga cgtaagcgag 488520

tagctgggtt gtacacgtac ataacctcca gcgttaaaga tacagttgat acccagttcc 488580

catgctttat aagtaaaggt attgttaaaa cctcccgtat aaggagagtc ggctgttcct 488640

atatattcat atttatcccg tagctctttg ctggtcaagt tgtaggttcc gaaaccaaat 488700

tcctgtactt tgaaaaattc tttcatcgat tcaacttttc ctgtttcctt gttgtagaaa 488760

gtcatctgtc cgtgttcatc tatacccgca taagggaatg caaagattgc tccggccgga 488820

tagccttcac gactgggata aatggcatct tttcgtattg cttctttcaa aactttgttc 488880

tgattgtagg caaagttgaa agtggtcgtc cacataaacg acttggtatg tatgtttcgc 488940

gtagacaatc cgacttcgat acccttgttc gtcatgctcg cccagtttat attggtcgag 489000

gtaaatcctg tttccagtgg aagcatttgc aggccgatca agtctactcc cttgcggtaa 489060

tagtaatcta cgctcagact gatagcctgg ttcagaacgg caaagtccat tcccacgttt 489120

acggaatgag tcttttccca gcgcagctta tcgttggggg cagagtttac cacaatcatg 489180

tcttccgtat ttccgggcag gatagggttg gcattcgact ggtatttacc cagcagatac 489240

ggagaggtat tcttgtcgat gtttccttgc aaaccgtacg atgcacgaat caccagatta 489300

tccagccact tggcgttttg cgtaaacggc tcttccgaga tacgccacaa ggcactgacc 489360

gaatacagcg gcaggtaacg gtatttcttg tctacgccaa acaagtcaga accatcgaaa 489420

cggatacttc ctcccaatgt gtatcggttc agcagcgagt acgacatggt agagaaggcc 489480

gatacatagg cattctctac attggtcttg gcgtgtaacg ggaaagcctg tgattcgctg 489540

gggaatacca ccggctggtt ggtcatggta cggcggtcgt atccgtagcc caccgagtaa 489600

agtgtcgtag cccacgtacg acgaagttcc gaaccgacca tgatttcgaa ttcgtgaata 489660

tcagcatacg tgtcgcggta tgtacccata gttttccagg taacctgtga atccgagttt 489720

tcataattct tgtcgaaacc acctttcttc ggaaggaaag aaactccgtt gttacgtcgg 489780

ttctgatgtt ccagacgcat ggcaaaagat tcctggtcgg caatctgttc acgcgatgtc 489840

ttgtcgagct gcaatcccac ctgcgaagta atcttgaaac ggtcgtcgaa acgaagttcc 489900

acatcgaaga tggaagacaa cgaattgatg gttgtttcat tcgaggtatt ctgtcgttcc 489960

tcgaaagtat tgaacagtaa ctctgagttt ccactttgaa tatcactgtc gtatacataa 490020

tttccatcct tgtcgtacgg agtcaggtac gggttggcga tacgggcata gaacatcgga 490080

ttggtaaatc cgtcggttgc cagatacgaa ctgtttttac gacggttcgc gaataccgaa 490140

gctccgaact tcaagatatg atttacctta taattggctt tcatcaccag gttcagacgg 490200

tcggaagaca cgttgggaat atttccctgt tcctttgaat atcccagtga cgtatagtaa 490260

gtcgctttct cgttaccgcc cgacaagctc aagttatatt cctgactgaa tgcatcctgt 490320

aataagatat cattccagtc ggtattgatc agacgcaagg cgttgatgtc attctgagcc 490380

tctttcgaga gagcatccca tccgtttttt tggaaagcat tgattgcatt gtaacgcttc 490440

aagatacggt aaacttctcc cttgtcggca ttcatggtat aattgctttt catcagttgc 490500

aactctaagt caaccttttc cgatgcattc agcaggttca accggtcgat gttctgttgg 490560

ggagaccagg taagacgcgt actgaagttg attttcgtct ttcctgcctt accgtttttg 490620

gtggtaatga caatcacacc gttggcggca cgcgcaccat aaatagctgt tgcggcagca 490680

tctttcagta ccgtgatgtc cgcaatgtcg gcgggattta gtccggcgat ggacgactgt 490740

tgtacatcgt cgatattttt cagtgattcc atactcggaa tatcggtacc ttccagtgga 490800

ataccgtcga gcacccacag cgggtcctgc gttccattca gcgatgacgt accacggata 490860

cggattttca ccggagaacc cggagctcct gaagttgtga cggctgaaag tccggcaatc 490920

tgtcccgaaa gcgcctgatc aatgctcttt accgtaccga tacgctcttc cgaaatatca 490980

atttttgcaa cggcagctgt cagtttgcgg cgctctacgg tctggtaacc ggttaccacc 491040

acgtcgttca acatggtcga cgaaggctgc aaggcaatgt tgtaatgcgt ttgtcccggt 491100

ttcagttcta tctgtagggt agtgtatccg atgtagctgc attgcagttt ctttacaccg 491160

gaaggaacag aaatggagaa attaccgtcg atgtcggtaa cgacgcccaa agacatcaga 491220

ctgcttccgg ctttcttcaa gtcatcggca gaaacatata cggaaacacc aatcagaggc 491280

tgtttgtcgt catcggcaat tacgttaccg gtaattacct tgtcggccgc ccatgtgaca 491340

caagtgcaca cgacgagcag caaagtcaat aataaggatt tcttcattga aaaaaagatt 491400

gttattgatt ttgtataaaa atagtttagt tgttgttttt gtatgtcggc acaggaagaa 491460

cgagcttagt tgttcagtcc cagtgccgta ttgatacgca ggatcatatc gtcgtaatga 491520

tagcgtgctg cggtatcgga cgtgttacgt cttgcttcca gcagcctttt gatacgcagc 491580

aactcccctc gttttaccga aatcgcgtcc gaaatacggt ttacctgtcc gccgtagaag 491640

ctaagttcgc gtctggctcc catgcgctca gtctgtttgg tacagaactc atcgtgactg 491700

caccacggcg tgtgatggaa cagatacgga ttgccgctgg tagcagtcag ttgcttgttg 491760

attttcactc cttcactttc ggccgcagcc gtaatcagcg catcgagaaa acccttctgc 491820

aagttacgct ccattacgtc gggcgtacct cccttgatgg tcgttgcaaa gatggagtta 491880

tgcatcttgt ccatcatttc cactacggta aatgcctttt tgccgttctt cagttcgttt 491940

tccagcatac gcatcaggcg ctcgttcgag agcaggtccc agaagatgta tccctgtgta 492000

ttcttcagaa tctgactcgg agcgtactct attactccgg tcggattttt gcgcagcagg 492060

aacgtatagt cggaaatctc cgtatcgaac aaccagcgcg ggtagcaaag tacctctttc 492120

agcagaaaat cgagtgaagc agcctgcttt tccttctcta catacgtgta tgtctttact 492180

ccgtcgccca cggttgtatt ttcgatgtag atacctccga tattcgccat cacatgatac 492240

aagtaattgt tccattgagt aattacggca tagtacaggc gggaagcctc ttcgtacgat 492300

tgtccctttt ctcccgtagt cgtccatttg atgatttcgg gcacgatacg cttcaggttg 492360

gcaataccca gttccgaaga ccgtaccgga tcatccccca aatcttcgtt ctgagctctc 492420

ggatcgactg ctgagcgcgg gtcttgcgct tcgctgtatt tatacagtcg tccgttgtgc 492480

ctgttcagga aatcgtataa cacttccttt tccgcttccg gagtaggcag accgtaccag 492540

cggtagccat attcgatggc aaacagatcg tacgggccaa tgtgcggcga aacagccgta 492600

accccgtcgc cgggctgtgc cacgtagttg taacgggcat agtccatgat agatgaggct 492660

gtagagttca tccggtctgt aaagcttttc gaacggagtg aatccgtcgg gaaagtccac 492720

gagcccatca tgttgtggcg caatcccagc gaatgtccta cttcgtggca ggccacaaaa 492780

cggatggcat ctcccatcat atcgtcgggt agcttcgtcc ctcgtgcttt cgggtcgatg 492840

gcacctgtct gaacggtgat ccattcctgc accatcgaga tgacattgtg ccaccacatg 492900

atgtccgctt ccagtatctc tcccgaacgc ggatcaagga tggacggtcc catcgcattg 492960

gctttcgacg aagccgcgta cgtgactacc gaataattga tgtcgtcggc atttgccgcc 493020

acgctgtcgg gcaattcctt cgcaaggatt gcatgcttga atccggcacg ttcgaatgct 493080

acctgccagt cttctattcc ctgcttgata tactttcgcc agcggtaggg agtagagttc 493140

tcgatataga atacaatcgg cttttccggt tccacgagtt ctccacgcag atatgcctca 493200

cggtcttccg gtttcggctc cagtcgccag cgtgtaatgt attttttctc ttccgttttc 493260

tgctgggaat cgctgaaata gagcaaatcc ttggtgaaat aacccacttt cggatcgtcc 493320

agacggccca tcatcggctt ttccggcagc agcacaagcg acgaactgac ctctacggta 493380

acattcaccg acgacattcc ctcacgcact ttcgtagtca gttcggacgt ggccacgata 493440

ttgtttggga aagccttgat agacaagata cgcgacaggt cttttaccgc cgaagttcct 493500

aaattgatgt tatcgaaaac attgttgata ctggtttctg agccgtcgta aatatcattt 493560

atctgaatca gtaccgatgt tgaatctgca ttgcaagcct ccaccttgaa gtcggcaatg 493620

agcggggaga tgaagttatt gcgtaccgaa cgggtaatgg catcgtgttc gggcgattcc 493680

ggcagcgggc ggctctggcg taccataatc tttttcgccg gcttgttcca ttcaaaacgt 493740

atcatctggg tttcgtagtt cgtaccacga ttcacaccgg catcattcag ttcgaaaggt 493800

accctttgca gtttgttcac caccagcatg tctcgctgaa gcaatgaagc tggaatttcg 493860

aaatagtact tgtcgtcttg agcatacaca ttgaacatac cgcgggaaat caggttgcct 493920

tcggatgcga ttttctcaaa gtcggtttta cttgtttctt cggtcttttc tttgtccttt 493980

ttcttcttcc acggaaaaac tttagctgct gttgctgcgt tgcagtggtt tgcactccca 494040

gtcgatgcat aaatagggac gcacaacaag gctcctgcta aagcgtgtag taggggtctg 494100

tttagtaaca taacgtgagt tcgatgaatt ataactattt gtaaatttgg tgattagcga 494160

aaattgttgt aactttatag tgttcaatta caaagtatta caaacaataa tcgctatgat 494220

caccgaggac aaagttacag aattattttg tatggcggac gacttctgca agttttttga 494280

tgcaatgatg gaaaaatata cgctgaaatc aggcaccaag cggcgttatc accgcgattc 494340

gactatgtca aaggcagaaa tcatgttgat tatgatattg ttccatgact ccggctaccg 494400

ttgtctgaaa catttctatc tggaaaaagt atgcagacat ctgcgccacc tcttcccaaa 494460

gattgtttca tacaatcgtt ttgtggagct tgaaaaagaa gtggcagtac cattggctct 494520

tttcattaag aaagtgttgc ttggaaaatg cacaggcata agtttcgtgg acagcacccc 494580

gttgcgggta tgcaggaatc aaaggataca tatccacaag gtattcaagg gtatagccca 494640

aaggggcaag tgttccatgg gatggttttt cggtttcaaa ctgcatttga tatgtaacga 494700

gaaaggcgag ctgctgaact tcatgataac tccgggtgat gtcgatgaca ggaaaccgtt 494760

ggagtataag gcgtttgtcg aattcatcta cggaaagttg gttgcagaca agggctatat 494820

cggcaagaac ctcttccgac gcatgtttgt tgacggtata cagcttatta caaaactcaa 494880

aagtaacatg aagggggctt tgatgagtgt gtcggacaaa ttgctgctta ggaaacgggc 494940

tattatagag acggtaaacg acgaattgaa aaacattgcg caagtggagc attccagaca 495000

cagaagcttt gacaatttca tcgtaaacat actgggggcg attgcggcgt actgcatgtt 495060

tccaaaaaag ccgtgtatca atgtacaacg tacatttgac acacagcttg ctttgttttg 495120

aattcgtcga attcacgtta acataaataa cgtttagttt gaggttgtaa taaattacaa 495180

aactatgaat tttataggat tgttcgggct tattgctgct gtaggagcaa tatttattaa 495240

taattaagta ttatttgtac cttgttttgc ccttcacgcc cttcacacgg tctgaattgc 495300

gggcttttgc agtatttcaa gctatcgatt ttctatatct gagcagggat ggtgaagggc 495360

gtgaagagca aaaaagcatg attgattttg tttggaacgg cttttgcgct tgttcctgaa 495420

aatttctctc gatatttttg gaaaatttgt acaaattcta aaatgttttg tacaaaaaat 495480

cggagggagt tagtgaaggc agaaatgatc tctgccgaat tagcgagcag gaagtagtag 495540

cattcacaaa aaatccccat tcctgcaaaa ttcactttgc agaaatgggg ataaaaaact 495600

gattttttag aagttgagtg gtgaatttat ttgttaggtg aatcccattt gtgtgtctgg 495660

ctgcacgtaa tgttcagtgt ctgattgccg ctttgcatac ggaaatcacc ttgttcgaga 495720

atccatttac cgtcggctcc aacgaacgcg aggtcgctgg ctttgatggt caaggtaacg 495780

gtcttggttt cacccggctt taattctatt ttctggaagg cacgcagtct gcggttttcg 495840

ggtacaagcg aggctaccag atcgctgctg aacagcatga cggtttcttt tcccacacgg 495900

tttccggtgt tggttacatc tactgagaac tggagctcgt cggtagctgt gaatgaagag 495960

tggtttacac gcaggttgct atattcgaat gtagtgtagc ttaatccgta accaaacggc 496020

cactgtacgg aaataaccgc atcgtaatcg taggctcctt ccatcttatc catttcttcg 496080

cttacccggt aatcgtaggt tgtaagtgct gcctgatgac gcgggtaggt ataaggcatc 496140

ttggcacttg gattggcatc acctgccaga atatttgcca gagcatctgc tccatagtta 496200

cccggcagca gtatgttgat gattccgctg gcaagaggtt ccagatcgtt tatcagacga 496260

ggtctgcctt cgttcaatat caggacaatc ggtttaccgg tagcagccag tgccttaacg 496320

agttcacgct ggctgggaga gatggtcagg tcggaaagat tacccggcgt ttcgcaatac 496380

gagttttcac cgatgcaggc gatgatgatg tcaacgttct ttgcagcagc tacggctttt 496440

tcaatttccg gttcgttttc ttcggtataa gcaccttccg gcttgtaagt tacaccttgt 496500

tcaagggtga tgttttcggc accgaacttg ttgcacaggg cttcgtaaat ggtattgtac 496560

cttccggcaa atctgtctgc cagatgtcct tgccatgaat agctccagcc accgttcagg 496620

caacgcatgg agttggcgtt cgggccggta accagcagtt tcttgccctt agccaatggc 496680

agaatgttgt tctggttctt caacagaatt tccgattctt cggctgcacg gagagccagt 496740

tcggcatgtt ccttgctgcc aaacaaagga tattccttag gttgggtatt ggggcgctcg 496800

aagagtccca gacgatactt cagccggagg acacgacgta cggcatcgtc tatacgactc 496860

atcggcactt tattttcttc taccagttct ttcagcaggg tacagaagtt caggtcatag 496920

ggctccatgg ccatatcgat acccgcattg atagctatct ggattgcttc ttttttggtg 496980

gcggcaatac gttcacgggt atacagattg ttgatgtcgg cccagtcggt gatcagcatt 497040

ccgtcccatc cgaggtcttc tttcaaccat ttcgtcagca gctcgtggtt ggagtgaacg 497100

gggacaccgt tgatggaacc actgttgacc atgatggtca gtgctcctgc ttccacgcat 497160

tccttgaaag gagcaaagca tttttcgcgc aactctgata cagagatata ggcaggggta 497220

cggtcttttc cggtgcgtgg catgctgtaa cccatgtaat gttttaccga ggtagcgata 497280

cggtcggctg gaatatggtt ggggtcatct ccctgaaatc cacgaacggc tgtacttccc 497340

atgatggcgt ttactagaca gtcttcaccg tagttttccc acacgcgcga ccagcgtgga 497400

tcgcgtgcca tgtcgacggt aggagagtat gtccacggac agtcgctggc acgagtttcg 497460

tatgctgtta cgcgggctgc ttcgtatgcc agatcggggt tgaaagaagc tcccaggttg 497520

atgttctgcg ggaagagtgt tccgtccagc gtataagtcg ttccgtggtt ctggtccaga 497580

ccgtaaatgc agggaatacc tatttctttc atcgacatag actggatagc gcctatgatt 497640

tcctgccatt tggctctgtc ttgtgcaatt gggcccggtg cattcaggaa tgaaccgacc 497700

ttgtattcgg ctatggcttg gtgaagtttg gcttcatcta gcttgaactc tccgtcgacg 497760

aaacttccca gcacatcaat ggaaagttcg gtcatctgtc cgatcttctc ttccagcgtc 497820

atcttcgaga gagtcgtttc tacttgttgc tccagtttgg catctttagc gattgctact 497880

gggggagctg cctgtatgga acaggcagct attgctatgg aaaataaatt taaggcaatt 497940

tttttgtgta tcataatgtt attaagtgta ttattgtacg ctaattctat ctacataata 498000

tccgtgtccg atgcataaga agccatcttc tgtctgaatc ttatccagca cttcctgtgt 498060

gagttgtact tgttttactc cgtctttctg gaattcgatg acagaggtgc ctggcaggtc 498120

attccaccag ccggttgcgg tacgtaactg atggtatacg tctgccggat ttacggagta 498180

atggatgttc aatacagctc ctgccttgag agtggcaaat acatcttttc caatcaggtt 498240

gaaagtcttg ttcggatcat catcaggcaa atcccatgat acgtagtgat gaccttccca 498300

caaaactctc tccgaagata cgactacagt ctgttctgcg atgtttcctt cgcttgtata 498360

gaacattact tctttgcccg aagtggtctt tccggtaagt gcgtattctc cgtcttccag 498420

agaaggacag gtaaaggcta tttcggtagc cgactgtcgg gtaaagctgg ttatggtctg 498480

tccggcgaaa gtgaacgatg cgatctggtt gaggttgata cctgtcatca cccattcact 498540

gtttgctgtg atgcgttccg agccggctgt gataagtgca tcgtgtgtaa cggttacttt 498600

gtttcctccg tattcattgc ctccatcgtc tacaaggatg attcgatacg ttccgtctgt 498660

caggtctgcc ggtacagtgt attcaatgta gctgttggct ccgttgtcgg tataaacgac 498720

atcggttgct gtttttccgc caatgacgat gctctttact ttattgagat tgtcgccata 498780

aagctgtgct ttttctcctg cggcaatgat gcgttcaaag gcaacctccg tagcccaggg 498840

gtcgtctgcc aagggattta cctgaataag tccttcacgg taggtcgatt taccgatgtt 498900

ggttgtagca gtcactttca ggtgataagt tcctgctttc aatgcgaggt ctatttcctt 498960

tccggtctgt atttcttctc cgtcgatgaa ccatgtaacg gttgtataat cggctggagt 499020

aacggtaagg gtcatcgaga aattggcatc gcgactgatg tttgaaacaa ctggcagttc 499080

gccgtttacg cggtcgggaa acaacgggtc gagaatgcgg ggatcatcat tctctgttgc 499140

tgtagaaaag ggagtttctt ccgtgcaggc aatgagtcca aaactcaagg caagcatcat 499200

caatagtatg gaatatatct ttttcatatt gattcgaatt taaaaatggt tgttattttg 499260

ttgcatcttt gtcccaccat accggagtat accagttgtc tgttcctccc atgcgactta 499320

atgcttcttc gtaacttgct ttgttgtaag aagattccag caccggatag caaagacgta 499380

ccggaatttc tgtacctccg gtgaggtatt gtccaaatcc gtattccgct ggtgatttca 499440

gcttcggata accggaacga cgtatgtttg cccaacattc ggccggattg gtgaagtgaa 499500

gaatccatgc ctgagtattg atggcctctt tcttctgttc gttggtataa cctattccgt 499560

tgttactaat atattcgttg aaggcttcat ccgatacctg gtcgcatccg taattgtctg 499620

tcagaaaatc catggccgca cgtacgcctt ctttgtatag atcttctacc gattcacttc 499680

cggcgttcca tcccttcagg gctgcttcag ccagcaggaa tttaacttct gcgtaggtta 499740

taacgacacc gggattggta cttttcagga aattgtttgc cattttaggt tcggtttcac 499800

gagatacgct cacggttaca gaaggattgg tttctgccag ttctttcaga atgtcgctgt 499860

cgtatcctgt cggccaaggt tcccaagaat atgctcccgg atcgcacgga tggaaatcga 499920

tacctttttc aagcatttca ttcgtcaggt caatacggtt atcggggctg gtcgagctca 499980

tcagtccgtc gtagtagcag cgtccgatca tgaatgtacg agggtcgccg gtattataca 500040

actggttgaa gaaggtagag cagaggtagc tcgggttatt tgccgggtca ttaccgaata 500100

ataactgtga caaagcgttg ccacggtagt cggtgtaagt ttcttgtccg aaactgaatg 500160

atttttccat gtactgaatc agtgcgtcgt cgtcgctgct ctggaagata cctccttcat 500220

cttgcagggc tgcttcaaac tcttgctgag ctttttgagg agctacgttg gagatacgca 500280

tggcaaatct caatctcaac gagttggcaa gttttttcca tttgtttaca tcgccgttgt 500340

agataacgtc tcctgtgatt ttgtccttgc tggcatccag attattgcct gcggttttca 500400

gttcggtaaa gaagtcgttg tagatttctt cctgtgtgtc gtagcgagga ttgaattttt 500460

cttccaaaaa tccttttccg gcttcgctgt aaggtacgtc cccgtgaata tctgtgatga 500520

gggacatcag gtatactctg tagatacgta cggcagcgtt gatgtttact ttgtcggcat 500580

tgtcgttggt acgatactgt gcgtcggtca ggtttttgat ggctgtggta tagaatgtgg 500640

tccacacgcg tcccatctca ttgttgtcga cggtatgtct tcctccgtag ttggttgtat 500700

tccagcatcc catcagttgc tggttgaagg agtataggta gtttctgtag atttccacca 500760

tactcaagtc gccgtaagtc tgcaactgag ctgtagtgag ctgtgcattc ggatcgatgg 500820

ttgcggcttt cgacgggtct gtattcatac tttccatgta ttcgtcgcta catgcggtga 500880

agagcagggt gaatgccgtc aatatcaagg taaggtatga tttatagttt ttcattgtat 500940

atctacttta atatattgaa cgatgaatat tgttagaatt tgagattgac attgaaaccg 501000

tagcttctgc gtgacggcag tgaaccgtat tccaatccca taccggtagt gttgttgtag 501060

ttcgaatccg ggtcaatgtt aggaatgttc ttccatacga tgaacgggtt acgtgctacg 501120

aacgaaacag tgagtccttt tactacattc ttcaaccatg actgaggtac tctgtagctt 501180

aaagtgattt cacggcactt gatgtaggag ttatcgtaga taaacatgga aggagcgttt 501240

cggcagacac tcatccagta gtcttccgga ttgatgtaga tgtcgttcgg acgataagtt 501300

ccgtcgccat tgtcgattac acccggagcg atgaaaccac cggtcggagt ccagtcggga 501360

gagcctttgg caattccggc agcctgacgc tgttcttcag aacgatacca ttcttcacgt 501420

ccggcaagtg tttccttgct ctttcctgat tcgtaagaag cacgggctga catagagtaa 501480

agatcggctc ctactttgat atcgaagagg gcagacagtg acaggttttt gtaggtaaga 501540

gttgttccga caccaccggt ccagtcccat gaagcattac ccagaacgtg gttgctcttg 501600

tcgtactgag gaagtccggt ctgcgggtcg atcaggatat cgccgttttc attgcgcttg 501660

aagtccggac ctacgataga accgaagttt tcacccacct tagctgcaac ttgtacatcc 501720

agccatgcag ctttttcaag ttcgaacata tccatgtcgt ctaccagctt cttaaccttg 501780

ttgctgttct ttgagaagtt caggttcaag tcccaagaga aatccttgag ttgtaccgga 501840

cgggtgttga gggctatttc aatacctttg ttctcaattt cacctgcatt gatgaggcgg 501900

taattataac cggttgtcca tgaacttgcc atacccataa tctggttctt actgttctgg 501960

gtgtaatatg tgaagtcgag tccgatgcgg ttgttcaaga acttcatttc cagaccgagc 502020

tcgaaagagt tcgtctttgt cggtttcagg ttcttgttcg gcatggttga attgttgata 502080

tagccgatag tgtaacccgg ataagtaaat ttggatttgg tataaaccag tcctaactga 502140

tacggatcgg tgtcgttacc tacctgtgcc catgacagac ggaactttcc gtaaggcatc 502200

aggttactct tcagcagttc tgagaataca aagctaccgg agaaagaagg atagatatat 502260

acattgtttc cgataggcag tgtagacgac tggtcgccac gcagggtagc atcgaggtaa 502320

accaaatgtt tccatcctac attcacggct ccgtaaagtg agttgatttg cttgcggtag 502380

ctgttttgct ccagactggt ttcgttgaaa ctcatcagag ctactacatc gcgaatctgc 502440

atatcttgtg cggtagtgat tgtagtctgg ttgtttacct tataaatgtt tccacccaag 502500

gtcgcgttga aatcgaaatc tccccatgta ttgttgtaaa gagccagcag ttcgaagttg 502560

tacatacggt tgcggaagtt actgttctgc aagtaaccgg cttcgtatcc aggagttgta 502620

ggtgccttga aatcttcgaa aatgaagtag ttcaattcgg caccgatggt accttgcagt 502680

ttcaggtgct tgttgatgtt ccagatagct ttaccgttga aacggaactg gtctttcttc 502740

gaattgttgg agttcttgta aacatcccag tatggattca cgttgtacgg gtccataccg 502800

ttccagttag agtactctcc gttttcatcc tgataggtct tcagccattc ctgattgtag 502860

gtagtggcca gtgtcatcag gttctttccg atattcgact tgctgtcgcc cagtgccgga 502920

cggttcttta cagcctcacg agtatagttg gcactgaagt ctacgtcgac ttttccaaga 502980

ctggtattgg tacgcagatt gaaaatatca cggctcatgt tcgactgagg gacaatatcc 503040

ttgtttctca tgtcggtata ggtgaagcgt acaccggtat gaccgctgtt ggcgctgatg 503100

atagccgtat ttgtagcggt aagacctgta cggaaaaagg cagatgtatt gtctggaata 503160

atcaggtagg ggcgttctac gccgtcgaag tatttcagca tgttgctgcc gtcggctttc 503220

ggtccccagc tcttgttcgt attcgagatg gcatcgatgc tgtatgttcc gttgctaccc 503280

ataccatata cctgctgtat gtcgttccat ttagccagct gggtatcgaa agtcagggta 503340

ccgttgtatt ctacgctgaa cttttcttta ccgtttgcct tcttggtcgt gatgaggatg 503400

actccgtggc tggcacggct accgtaaaga gctgaagcgg caggaccttt cagtacggac 503460

atgttttcaa tatcatcggg gttgatgctg gaaataccat cacccaggtc gaagcctccg 503520

gaagttccgg cgctaccgta gttggtattg tcgaggggca ctccatcgat gacgtacaac 503580

ggctggttgt ttcctgtcat ttctgtacta ccacgtaaga taactcgggt agatccggaa 503640

ggacctccgg ctgtctggct gacaaccagt cccggtacac gacctgccat ggagttgata 503700

acgttggttt ccttggcctt ggtcagtgct tcacctttta cttcgtctac gccgtatccc 503760

agtgccttac gttcacgctt gatacccaat gctgttacga caacctcctt cagtacttta 503820

ctgtcttccg acatgacaat tttcaggggc ttcttgctgg ctgctatttc tacggtttta 503880

tatcctatat agctgatgac aagagtggct cccggacgga cgttcaaagt aaatttaccg 503940

tctaagtcgg tgatggtacc attggtcgta tttccttttt caataactga tgctccgatg 504000

acaggacccg ttgcatctga tacaacgcct gttacggcag tggtttgttg ctcaacagcc 504060

gaatgggtag tttgggcaat cgcctgcatg ggtggaactc cacctataaa acaaagtgag 504120

agtgttccgc ataataatgt gtacttacaa ttttttgttc tcatagttta tattattagg 504180

gttaatacac ttttatccag tcaatgtaca tattgacttt ttctccgtct ttcaaagctg 504240

taatgtcatc tatgttggta atgcctgtaa aacttcctcc tacagcgagg ttgaacagga 504300

gatagaagtc atgatggaaa tattcgtaac gtccgctgat tttgctgatg tcgaatgtgt 504360

ggaattttac gttgtcaata cttacggtta atgtattttc atcccattcc agcaagtaag 504420

aatggtagtt gccgtcttgt agactttgag ctacattgtc ggcatggtat tcctgacggt 504480

gtccgctttc atagtccgta ccgtaatgga tggcggtatt caggtaggtt tctgtcgtac 504540

cggcagtgat tccgttctgt tggcccattt ccatgatgtc gatttctcca cattgaggcc 504600

atggcatgtc attgtcaccc atcatccaga aagccggcca taatccattt gcggttttgg 504660

gaagcttgat gcttgcttct atcttgccat attgaaaact cttttttccc tgactgttta 504720

ctcgtccgga gtagatttta tcacctttgc gttcggctgt cagaatcagc acagatcttc 504780

cttcatctgt tccgactgat acatgagctg catcgtaaat ctgtaattcc tggtttaccc 504840

agccagcttc atgactttct ttggtccata cgctttcatc gaatgtttca aattcgtctt 504900

tgaataaaaa gttctcctga ggttcttttt gaggttccag attgccttcg ttggatgagc 504960

aggactgata catggaacac attaacaata acaatagaat ttttgccttt ttcatattac 505020

agatgattat agggttaata aacgtattct gccggagagg ctattgccct tccttttggc 505080

tgttgcaaaa atgtgaattg tatgtgaaaa ggatggtcag atagctgaca tataaggttt 505140

gattgctgac aattatggga tatctgatag atttatgcct gtcggtgatt gttttctgac 505200

tataataagg acggatttat cttgttgaag atgacgagca tataaaaaat gccggtaagt 505260

tttcaggctt accgacattg atagggaata aatctcaagg ttgattttat gcttggatca 505320

atcagtccgt atggtcttgt tcgtatttgc ttggctggat gccaaactgc tttttaaaca 505380

gcatactgaa gtatttgacg ttgacgaatc ctgtatcggt cgcaacttct gttacatttt 505440

taccttgctt cagcagttcg gcagctttct gaaggcgtat gatgcggata aactcttgag 505500

gagcttttcc cgtcagtgat ttcagtcggc tgtaaaagag tgtacggctc atggccattt 505560

cctgacacag gctgttgatg ttgaagtcag cattgctgat gttctcgatg acaagctggg 505620

ttgcatgtcg tacaaatgca tgatcgttct ccgacaaaac aggctgggcc tcttccgctt 505680

gggcattgct ttccgtctgt gcgatatgct gatcaggata ttcaaggtct ttggctggcg 505740

ggtttcctac ttctttaagt acttgcctca tgatataatc tcgctgcctg ttcctgttgt 505800

cgatgagtcc ctgaactttc agttttagaa tttctgtact gaacggtttt ggaatataat 505860

catcggctcc ttttttcaat ccctctacca ccgcatcgtg gttggtcttt gctgtaagga 505920

gcacaaaggg aatgccggct gtttcgggat tttctttcac cagtttacac agttcatctc 505980

cttgtatgcc gggcatcatg acatccgata aaatcaggtc gggatactct ttcgacagat 506040

attcgagggc ctccttcccg ttgggaacat caatgacgcg gtagtcgtgt tcgaaggttt 506100

tacgcagata gtagcgaagt tcttcgtggt cttctacgat cagcagggta ttgagtgcgt 506160

ctgtccgctc gtctgtttcg cctccttcgt ttacattaga agaatgagga atcatgttta 506220

tatcatcgac attcaattct cgggatacga ggggagtgtt gctggcagct tcaggtcgtt 506280

ggggtgcagc ctcggccttt tgtaaggtga cataaaagac acttcctttg ttcaactctg 506340

attcgtaggt aattctcccg tgtagcattt tgacaatacg ctgcacttga agaagtccga 506400

atccggttcc tgcttcttgt gatttccggg cattgtcggc acggtataca ctattgaata 506460

acagcttttg gtctttggct gggattccta tgccggtatc ctttacctca atcgtaactt 506520

tttgcttgac acatgacagc tttaagctga cagtaccttg cggcagtgta tatttgcatg 506580

cgttggataa cagattgtcg agtaacattt ccattaaatg cagatcggcc agagcatata 506640

tttccttatc gggcagcgac aagttcagat gtagttgttt tttgtcgcaa tacgactgga 506700

agctggcaca ctcttccgtc agcaggtcac tgatattgac tggtttcagg gcaatcggct 506760

ttttatgtgc gtctactttt tcaaattcaa gcaattgggt gataagagaa tacagcttac 506820

gggtattgtt ccgcgccatg tcgagcaggt aatgcgcctg ttgaggaagt ttttcttcct 506880

tgctcaaatc ctcaagcggt gccatgatca gggtgaccgg tgttctgatg tcgtgtgccg 506940

tatcgatgaa gaactttatt ttatcttcat cgtatttttt ctgtatctgg ttgcttttgt 507000

atcgtaggat aaaatagaat ataccaccaa tgatacagat atagcatatc catgcaagcc 507060

aggagttcca ccagggttct gctatcttga taggaaggct ttgttcggaa ataatctctc 507120

cgttgctttt tctcagactg cgtaccttga gtaaataact gcccggtgcg acattggtat 507180

atcgtacgga gccgttgggt gatacatgac tccatgattt ctcatagccg tcgagaatat 507240

actggtaagc tatatcgtgc tggaaccgat agtttataga ctcgaatgta acggtgaaag 507300

agttatgctg atagtcgagt tttacatcgt tgtctaataa catctggtag atatggggat 507360

gtagctgttt ggactcttgt ggattgaggt attccacttt caagtctgtg aaccgaagag 507420

gggccttgta gtcgaccatg gttatggcat cgggagttat aaaaacggct ccactggtac 507480

tgccgtatgc aaaccgtccg tcggaaaggc ggatacaggc tgatttgttg tatactttat 507540

caatgtcgta tatgtaattt agattcaata ccttaaagtc tttgacaata gcaagccctt 507600

tgccggtact tgcccagatg cagccttttg aatctcgttg caggctgtat acgtcattcg 507660

acaacatgcc ttcgtttgtt gtgaatgtct tcagttcgtg ggtgtgcatg ttatataggc 507720

tgagtccacc gccttcggtt ccaagccata cggtaccgtc gttattgaag agcatggaaa 507780

taatgtatgc actcgcattt tgctcgctaa agtctttgct ggttgcatac cgttgaactt 507840

ttccagtttt tttgttgatg atgcaaaatc cgtttacagt agctactgcg atttggtcgg 507900

ggctgatgac ttcgatggaa tgaatccagt tgatatcatc gaacgttttc tggctctttc 507960

ctgatttggc tatcatttgc agacctccct ccaatccacc gatccataaa tccccgtcat 508020

ggtcttctgt aaccgagaaa atataattgg ttgtcagttc tccgtttccc agcgtaagat 508080

gccggacaat ctctcccgac gaatcgagca aatacagtcc gtcgccatag gtgccgaccc 508140

agatagtgcc tttttcccct ttacagagtg tgacgacaac ggcagacttt aatttatggc 508200

tccatgtatg agtagatgag gctttcagga tactgatacc atcgtcggtg ccgaaccaga 508260

tatctccatt gatattttcc tctatgtcat tgatattatt atttgccagt gactgcggat 508320

tccctttttc atgtgtcagt atggttaccg ggtattgtaa caaaatggcg acagaaactc 508380

ctccggtata acttccgatc cagatatttc cctgatgatc cttggtaacg gcatatactc 508440

cgttgccttg taagaatata tcgctgctgt cttccgtact gataaataat tgtgctcttt 508500

ctgtctgtcg gttcacggca tatacacctc cgccatcgat tcctatcagt attcgctgac 508560

tgtcgtatgg agtgatggca cgtatcgggt tgagaaaaat gaagttttgt ttttccaatt 508620

gatgcaacgc cgaggttttc aggtccataa tccacaatcc actgttgaat gttccaatcc 508680

agagttgctg gcgcgaagtg tcatagtata atgtctgtat atttttgtcc ttcacccatt 508740

gttgtgagtg gaatggctgg gtacacgata cttgcagtat tcctgtggac gtgccggcaa 508800

agagggaatc gcctgagcag ataatatcgt ttatgtatgg tcctgagatt actggtgaaa 508860

ccttaccatt ggtatctttc ctgtaaagtc ctttgcttag tccaatccat aatgtcccat 508920

gagaatccat acatagtttg ttgaggatga tttctccgct gatgcactct cctaagtata 508980

gatcttgttc gaaactgtct gtttttgcaa cgtaccgata tattcttccc gtatggtcgt 509040

aggcccataa tccatattgt tggctgtata gcagttgtat acgtcttcct gccatatcac 509100

cataataaaa gtttccttga agggtatagt tctttacgct ctgaccgttg tagcgatcta 509160

ttccactctt ggtagcaatc catattacac tatgtttgtc ttctacgatg gaaaataccc 509220

gttgactact aagtccttct gtatgtccta tttgtctgac attgaacatg cctttaagta 509280

atcccgcatg gagttcagga cttatgatga aggcaatgat aatgactata tattttatca 509340

gtagtttcat aagataaagt ttaacaaagg cgtaatcatt gctgtaaaaa acatatacca 509400

gctttcttac agcgtataat atgaaatatg tctgttagac caataaaaat gttggcacaa 509460

aagtaatcaa attagttcaa aaataccaaa taaatgtaaa caatgcgtat actatctatc 509520

cctatttctg tcttccatta ttgcgttggt atgttcaaga gcccagtcta ttaaggactg 509580

gagtaacggc atcagacttt ctcctcgttc acttagcttg tattccactc tgggcggaac 509640

ttccggatag actttccgat gtatcagtcc gtcggcttcc agtgaacgta acgtgacagt 509700

aagcatgcgt tgtgaaactt ctccaatgct tttctgtata tcattaaaac gcatggttcc 509760

gttactgtga agagtgacaa gcaccagcat tgcccatttg ctgctgatac gactgatgat 509820

atcgcggata gggcatacgt tgatatggtg aaagttttgc atatattaac agtttgtaaa 509880

tagttgtttt tcaatattgc ttactttgat gtaaccgact gacctttttg ttccttcttg 509940

tttaacccgt ttttgtcgga tacatttgca ttacaaaagt aataaagtta ctaataataa 510000

ctattgttta atctttaaaa ggtaaaatta tggcaaaacg tgtagctgta ttggccgtaa 510060

atcccgtaaa cggaatggga ttgtttcagt atttggaagg tttttatgaa aataagattg 510120

ggtatcgtgt ttatgcggtg gcagaaacaa ctgatattcg tacgaattca ggtatcgcac 510180

ttcgcacaga tgatactgta gaacatttga aagggcgtgc cgatgagtac gatgcactgg 510240

tcttttcttg tggagatgcg attcctgttt ttggagagca tgcttcagaa gctccttatg 510300

ttgctatgat gcaggttatt aaggaatttg cagaaaaagg taaactgatg gcaggacact 510360

gtgcggctgc actgatgttt gaaatagccg gtgtgacaga aggcaaacga cttgcccttc 510420

atccaatggt aaaatcggct ataagcaaag ggattgctac ggatgctgcg tatgaatttg 510480

atggcaattt ctttacggca caatgcgaac ataccctgcc ttcgatgatg cctcaattga 510540

ttgaagcact gaagaaataa atcgattagg gttgtatttt atcccacccg gcagcgttat 510600

accatgcgat ggaagactga tagtatctgt cccacgtata actgatattt ctgccgggga 510660

aatacatacc cataccgcag aaacgttccg gatctattct tagagtcatc aatggatatt 510720

cttctccatc cagacaatct ttagcaataa cggctttgtc catgctgttc tgtacgtttg 510780

caggaacgac acctccgttc agttgcgaaa tgaagtcaac tacatcgaac gaaaaatatt 510840

tatattggcc ataaccgtat tgctgtactt gcgtatagtc taaggtctga agttcagact 510900

ggtggctgag gagttccgat tgtatggctt gagctacttc tcccattgcc gtacaatcta 510960

ctgcagcata cgtaccccat gaattatttt ctttattaaa ttgtattgtt tcactacaga 511020

tttttgaata atcaatcaca tctttatata aatcaataaa gaaacgatcg taaggaaaac 511080

ctaaggcggg tgtttccatt gctgaagcaa cacaataacg cgttgcgtta cgcagttcat 511140

aaaaaacttc tgctgtgccc atcatacagg catcgaacag tgtaaattcc agattaccgc 511200

tggggaaact ttgttccaac gttgttgcca gtctaggtat atcaatagta ttgttttcat 511260

caccatcctg tccgaatgaa cgtgacagtg cattgagaaa ggggaaccag ccgctggcgt 511320

gagagccaaa aattagtcca taagattctg ccggagcaat gtcctgcatc atacgcagat 511380

tctctttcat aatattggga tcggtggcaa tgccaagccg tgcctgatgg tgttttgcct 511440

gtgctattac attttctgta gttagtgagg aacctgttaa tacttcctga ccatttatct 511500

ttccgtatcc gtcagtctga aattccagaa tttcagctgt ttccagatat ttgttgcttg 511560

aatatggttt ataatatacc acgagtgtac aggtatcttg tgcagtagaa agactttggt 511620

acatccactg tacatttttc ataatgtaat tgtcgaggtt attgttggca accaaataag 511680

caagtatcac ccgtttggca cgtagcgact gatgatatcc aggaatttca tcagagcaag 511740

cacctagaat caggagtgaa acgatatata gcaggacttt cttcatgctt aagattaata 511800

caattcggcc ttcttaaatg taaattcagg atttacgtcg agaaccacga cgcttttatt 511860

tttctggtat ttctgtttca gtttgtttat ttctttttgc aggttctttt tcttcaggtt 511920

gtaataaaca aagcaagtcc gatttttaag cttgttgttc gattccagat aatctttcag 511980

ttgcatactg tattctgcac gtcctgccag tagtcctttt tcatcgacag atgcactatc 512040

tacgtattgt atatcggtga aatacaccag tgagtcggaa aatgaagcag aaactcctgt 512100

tatatagact ccatatttat gcttgtcttt cggtgctttt gccagtgcgg gaagaacgat 512160

agatgcaacg agcaaaagac aaaataattt aaaatgtttc atgtgtctta attgttttgg 512220

tcacaaaaat agacaattac gctaatatac gaaaagggaa tagagaaaat taacaaagaa 512280

aaacgcatcg gctagaaaaa acaaaagatg caatagtgtg gcatactgcc cactgttgca 512340

tccttttttt tcggaaacga tccttatctt attaccctaa ataagatttg agcaacttac 512400

tacgagaatt ttgtcttaat cgtctgatgg ctttttcttt aatctggcgt acgcgctcac 512460

gagtgagccc gaatttgtcg ccgatttctt ccaacgtcat ttcctgcgtg ttaataccga 512520

aaaacatctg gataatatcc ttctctcttt cggttagcgt agaaagtgct ctgtcgattt 512580

ccctcgaaag tgattcatta accaaggaac gatccgccat aggggagtcg tcgtttacaa 512640

gaacatccag caaactgttg tcttcgcctt ctacgaaagg agcatctaca gagatgtggc 512700

gtcctgaaac tttcagtgta tccgaaattt tatctaccgg aatctccagt tcatcggcaa 512760

gttcttccgg agaggggcgt cgttcgtttt cctgttcaaa tttagagaat gccttactga 512820

ttttgttcag tgaacctacc tgattcaatg gcaaacgtac gattcgagat tgttctgcca 512880

aagcctgaag aatagactgg cggatccacc atacagcgta gctgataaat ttgaaaccac 512940

gagtttcatc aaacttctct gctgccttga tcaagcccaa gtttccttcg ttgatcaagt 513000

ccggaaggct caagccctga ttttggtact gtttggctac tgatactacg aatcgcaggt 513060

tagcacgtgt tagtttctct aaagcagcac ggtctccctt acgaatacgc tgagcgagtt 513120

ctacttcttc ttcgacggta atcaggtcct cacggccgat ttcctgcaaa tacttgtcaa 513180

gagaagcgct ctctcggtta gtgatacttt tggtaatctt taattgtctc attattatac 513240

accgaatttg gctacaaaaa tacgaaaaaa ctttcgtata tacgactttc tattaagaaa 513300

gattaaacat aaaatagggc tttctccttt caactgataa atgaaatatg attaacgggc 513360

atttaactga ctgagatttg cttcaacttg tttttatatg aaagaaaacc aatgaaaaat 513420

gtttttgtta atctttgaaa tccagactga gttgtatcca tctagtaatg tttttcggat 513480

ctttttcaga agattcctct ttaggatttg aaattgaaag tcccaaaagg cgtatagggc 513540

gatgcatata atcgacctct gttagcaaat gtttggcaag aggcagaatt tctttcagtt 513600

gatacaggtt gcggtttacg cttatactgc gtgtaatttg tgtgaaatcg tagaatttta 513660

ctttcagggt aagtgtactg ccgcggaaat tctttgcttt taatcgttct gccaattcgc 513720

aggctacgtg ataaagctcg ataatcaccg acgacttcag tgtgatgtct ttttccaatg 513780

tgtgttcgca tccgatggac ttacgtatcc gtactgcttc tacggggcgt aggtctattc 513840

ctcgtgcaaa atcataatat atttttccag cctttccgaa ttgccttgtc agcatgtcca 513900

aggaacagtt gcgtagtgtt gtcccgttat agatacctaa tgtgtgcatc ttctgggctg 513960

tgaccggccc gatgccccag aaggcctcta tcggcagtcc ggcaataaat tcctcggcct 514020

ggtcgggatg tatggtacat aatccgtcgg gtttgcgcag gtcggatgct attttggcca 514080

gaaacttgtt gtatgatact ccggctgacg cgatcagatg tagctcctcc cggatacgct 514140

gcttgatttc gcgtgcaatg tccacagcca gttcaattcc ttttttgttt tccgtgacat 514200

cgaggaaggc ttcgtccagt gatatcggtt cgataatgtc ggtgtattca tgaaagatgt 514260

cgtggatttg cgctgatacc tgcttgtata cctccattct acctggtaca aaaatcagtt 514320

gcgggcagag tttctgtgcc ttgacggacg acatggcaga gcgtactccg tatttgcgtg 514380

cttcgtagct tgccgtcgcc actacaccac gcttttcggc atggcctaca gctatgggct 514440

ttcctttcag ctcgggattg tcgcgctgtt cgatagaggc atagaaagcg tccatgtcta 514500

tatgtatgat tttgcggttg gtactcatgt cgatataacg ctctttcatg caaatttaat 514560

gaaagttttt tgggctatca taaaatcatt tgtacttttg tgttgcattg aataaactag 514620

cgagaacagt cattatgatg aaagatgaaa ttaaaaaggc atgtgaagtc atgcagaaag 514680

gtggcgttat actttatccc accgatacag tgtggggaat aggctgcgat gcaaccaacg 514740

aagaagctgt aaaacgagtg tacgagatta agcgaagagc cgacagcaag gcgatgctgg 514800

tgctggttga cagtccggtg aaagtggact tttatgttcg caatgtacct cctgtagctt 514860

ggaatctgat agaaatgaca accaaacctc ttactattat ttacgatggc gcacgcaatc 514920

tggctcctaa tctactggct gaggatggta gtgttggcat acgtgtgacg agtgaggcat 514980

tttctaaaga actttgtttc cgcttccgta aggcgattgt ttccacgtcg gccaatatca 515040

gcgggcagcc ggctccggca gtattcagtg aaatcagtga agaaatcaag aatgcggtgg 515100

attatgtggt tgattttcgt cgtgaggaaa caggacatcc gaaaccttcc agtattatca 515160

agctgggtga agggggagtc gtgaaagtca taagagaata aaaaatacgt gtctgatgaa 515220

aacatcgcaa gataaaatag atttgcttca gcgtttcatc cagtggaggg aaaagcatat 515280

tacaaataaa cagtttgttc tgatcttgag tttcctcgta ggtattttta ctgcattggc 515340

agcttatgtg ctgaagtttc tggtagaata tataaaggag ttcttgacgg agaatttcga 515400

cccgatgggt gccaactggc tgtatctggt ttatccggta gccggtatct ttataaccag 515460

cttgtttatc cgtaaggtag tgcgtgacga tatcagtcat ggtgtaacca aaattctgta 515520

tgccatttca cgtaaacaga gccgtatcaa gcggcataat atctggtcgt ctgtctgcgc 515580

ctctgccatt acgatcggat gtggtggttc tgtcggtgcc gaagcaccta tcgtattgac 515640

ggggtctgct atcggatcaa atctgggaag tattttccgt atggatcaca agaccttgat 515700

gctgctggtg ggatgtggtg cggccggtgc tgtttccggt attttcaagg ctcctattgc 515760

cggtctggtc tttacattgg aagtactgat gattgacctg acaatggctt cactgcttcc 515820

cttgctgata accagtgtga cggctgcttc cgtttcctat ttgttgctgg gaacagaagc 515880

catgtttcag tttcatttgg attatccttt ttcgttagct cgaattcctt atgctattgg 515940

actgggtata ttctgcgggc tggtggcctg gtattttact cgttccatga actggataga 516000

agatatcttc cgccggtatt ctaatccgta tgtaaaattt gtcatcggcg gaataatgtt 516060

gagtattctg attttcctct ttcctccgtt gtatggtgaa ggttatgata cgatcagtct 516120

gttgctgaat ggagaaactg ctgccgattg gaatacggtc atgaacaatt cattctttta 516180

cggtcatgcc aatttgctgg tagtatatct ggtacttatt atcctcttta aggtttttgc 516240

atcgagtgca acaaacggtg gaggtggttg tggtggtatt tttgcaccaa gtctgttcct 516300

gggatgtatt gccggtttcg ttttctctta tgtatgtaac gagtttcata ttggcaacac 516360

ctatattcct gaaaagaact ttgcactgat gggaatggct ggtctgatgt cgggagtcat 516420

gcatgcccca ttgacaggta tcttcctgat agcggaactg acgggagggt acgacctctt 516480

tttgccattg atgattgttt ctgtatgcgc atatcttacg attatcgtat tcgaacctca 516540

cagtatttac tccatgcgtc tggccaagaa aggagaatta attactcacc acaaggataa 516600

ggctgtattg accttgatga acatggaaag cattgtggaa acagacttct tgaaggttcg 516660

tcctgatatg gatctgggag aaatggtaaa gcgtatttca cagtccagtc gtaacctttt 516720

tccggtagtg gatgcaaatg acaaactaat aggtattgtc gtgttggatg atattcgtaa 516780

catcatcttc cgacaggagt tgtatcaccg gttccgggta gaaagtttca tgaaacctcc 516840

taccgctcca atcatcaata ccgattcaat ggaagatgta atgaagaaat tcgataagac 516900

tggagcctgg aacttgcctg tcgtcgatga agataataaa tacattggct ttgtgtctaa 516960

atcgaagatg ctgaatacct atcgtcaggt tctggtagat atttcggctg aataaaaagc 517020

aaaaaaatat ggataagaaa gatttaagaa tcgtatatat gggtactccc gagtttgccg 517080

tagaaagtct gaaaagactg gtggagggag gatataatgt agttggcgta attacgatgc 517140

ctgataagcc gatggggcgt catggcagtg tattgcagcc gagtccggta aagcagtatg 517200

ccgtatcgca gggattgaaa gtgcttcagc cggaaaaact gaaaaatgaa gattttgtag 517260

cagagcttcg ttcgttgcat gccgatcttc agattgtggt agcattccgt atgttaccgg 517320

aaatagtatg gaatatgcct cgtctgggta cgtttaatct gcatgcttct ttattgcctc 517380

aatatcgtgg agccgctcca atcaactggg cagtgattaa tggagatacg gaaaccggta 517440

tcacaacctt tttcctgaag catgaaatag atacgggtga gattattgat caggtacgtg 517500

tcccgattgc agatactgat aatgtagaga tggtttacga tcgtttaatg catctaggag 517560

gtgatctggt cctgaagacg gttgatgcca ttctggaagg aaatgtgaaa acgactccac 517620

aggaagagct ggcaaaggtg gaagagcttc gaccggctcc gaaaatattt aaggaaacat 517680

gtcgtataga ctggacgaaa ggagtgaaac gggtatatga ttttgtgcgt ggtctttctc 517740

cttatcctgc tgcgtggaca gaattgtgtc aggacaacag tgctcctgta atgctgaaaa 517800

tctatgaaac agagaaacag ttctgtgagc attcattgag tccgggaagt atcgttaccg 517860

acggaaagac ttattttaag atagcatcta ccgatggata tgttaatatt ctttctttgc 517920

aactggcagg caagaaacgt atgaatgtac aagatttctt gcgtggctat cggcatgtgg 517980

aaggtgcgta tgtgaagtaa ttatagaaaa tgccattcag aacagtccgg aagagaacga 518040

aaactgttac tgaatggcat aagagatata aacttagaaa caacaagatg ctataaaacg 518100

tgagggattt tcttcagttt gcgttccttg cgaattagtc tttacgatcc attcggcacg 518160

cttgtttgct ccactattat aaacgatttt aaatccctta cattcggact ccttgtagtc 518220

cggaatactt tcaagtgtat aggaaacaat tccccaaagc cgttcggtat acgtgtcacc 518280

ttcgttgttg tgccgaaatt ctacttgtaa cagaccattt tcatctaatc gggtgtctgc 518340

attcaataca aggctgatcc gatggctgat gttagtgctt ccgtaatatt catactgaat 518400

attcagatgc ttctggctga tggatgaggc ggtaatttgg attggatcat tgccatatat 518460

atcttctgtt cctgcttgtc gcaaatcgtt agctttttta gtaagtactt tatttactcg 518520

aatcagttcg acagaagtgc tgtttgacgt tttctcggct gtttctccag cgtactggaa 518580

tacggccata attctttgac cggtagaatc tgtctgggta gaggtaatga atcccggatt 518640

aacgggaacc agcgggccgt atgaatccga ttctattata atatcttttc cgtcagcatt 518700

tacagttccc aaagtaggat atactgtctc tggttcatta tcatccagac acgacgagaa 518760

tgtgacacag caaaataaga taccaataag atggtgaaaa tatttttttc gttgcataat 518820

tggctattct aattttaatt cgtttataaa atgtataaaa ttgctcttta ctgcatttgt 518880

aattgttaaa aacactttaa ggtgaaaatt attctccgca atgtgcagta tttttgccat 518940

cattacattt catagtaaaa tgcagatgaa agctgatata tcggaggaag aattgtcgtt 519000

gcagtgtcaa cggggagata tgcaggcgcg ccgcacccta tatgaacgtt atggtggggg 519060

gctgatggcg atatgtcttc gttatattgg tgaccgtgaa acggcagaag atgtgttgca 519120

cgatggattt cttcgtattt ttcagtctat taagcaattc tcctatcagg gagaaggctc 519180

tctaaaggca tggctttcgc gagtgatggt gaatgaggca ttgggatatt taagaaaaaa 519240

gaatgtacag ttgcaacagg aggtcctgat gacagagata ccggatgttc ctgacacgga 519300

tgacagcgat ttgaatgata ttccccgctc ggttttgatg aaattcattt tcgaactacc 519360

tgacggttat cgtacagtat tcaatttgta tgtattcgaa gaaaaaagtc acaaagagat 519420

tgcctcatta ctcggaataa cagaacatac ttcatcttcg caattttatc gtgccaagag 519480

tttattgata aagaagatta atgaatatag aaaaagggaa ctaagatgaa agagaatgat 519540

aaatgggtag aaaaccttcg aaataagctg gaggattatt cggaacctct tcccgggcaa 519600

ttgtggggga agctggaaga agaattgtct gcgccacgcg tcattccgat gtggaggaca 519660

cgacgatttg ttgctgctgc cgctgctgta gcagttgtag ctgtctcgtc gctgatgttc 519720

tggtttgtaa attctccgac ggcagattat gttcgcgatc agcaaccttt ggccgaagga 519780

ttggaacagc agcatgtgtc tacggatata cttccgaatc tggctgagga gaaaaatcct 519840

tctgtaacct ctcgaccgat attggcagtt gtgactcctg tcgcagaaaa agtctgtcag 519900

ccagctgagg tgcaaatgat gacgaatgat tttgaaaaga cagtgcctga gaatgaacgt 519960

gaaagtactg gggaagagaa taagaaagag gaaaatgtgc agtcggccgc gacgaaagaa 520020

gatatggccg acaaggagcg tgcttaccgt acgttgaaag cagaccgtcg tcagttacag 520080

cagaatcaag aaatgctgat ggccgtgaaa acagaaaaag gccgtaaatg gtcagtcgga 520140

atctctgccg ggaatacccc ttatgcttca tcccgttcgt ttgaaggcat gagtcgtctg 520200

aatagccgtt cgctttacgc tagcccaatc aatatggcag cagtgtcgga aaatgataat 520260

cagacagctt atagccaggt attgtttaat aatcgtgatc gtagtactac gaccaatgta 520320

catcataaaa tgccagttac ggttggagct tcggtaaaat ggcatattac cgacggatgg 520380

gctgtagagt cgggcttata ttatacgatg ctttcatctg atttgcattc tggttccaat 520440

tcttacttgg aagaagaaca gaaactacat tatgtaggta ttcctctgaa ggtacaccgc 520500

tcgatatggg acagccgttg gctttcgttt tatgcttcgg caggaggaat ggtcgaaaaa 520560

tgtgtttctg gtggagtaga tgtggtttat gtaaacggta cttcaaatcg taacatggaa 520620

cataattcgt tggatgtaga tcctttgcag tggtctgtat ctgccgctgc gggtgttcag 520680

gtgaatttta caaagaacat cgggctatat gccgaaccgg gtattgccta ttattttgac 520740

gatggcagtg aggtggaaac aatccggaaa gagcatccct ttaattttaa tttgcaggtt 520800

ggattgcgct tcagtatcaa atgaaaatac tcgtttttat ctttatcata gttggaattg 520860

tataaaaatg cttatctttg cttatcagaa caatgcattt actaagttat gaagcatgaa 520920

ttgaaaatat ctccatcgct tttgtctgcc aattttggaa acttgaaaga cgatattgag 520980

cgggtaaatc atagcgaagc cgactggttg catatagata tcatggacgg ggtgttcgta 521040

ccgaatatct cttttggatt tccggttttg aaatatgtag ccgaattgag tgaaaagcca 521100

cttgatgtac atctgatgat tgtacagcca gaaaaattta ttcgtgaggt caaagaactg 521160

gatacgatga tgatgaatgt acattatgaa gcatgtaccc acttacaccg tgtcgtgcag 521220

cagataaaag acgctggcat gcaggcggga gtgacactga atccggcaac accggtatcg 521280

atgctcgccg atattatcgg tgatgtggat atggttttgc tgatgagtgt aaatcctggc 521340

tttggcgggc agaaatttat tccgcgtaca ttgacgaaag tacgtgaatt gcgcgaaatg 521400

atcgaccgta caggctctgg tgccttgata gaggtagatg gcggcgtgaa tctggaaacc 521460

ggtgcggagc tggttaaggc cggtgccgat gtattggttg cgggcaatgc tgtatttaaa 521520

gctcctgaca tggaagatat gattcaccgt ttgaagaatt tgaagtaact aagttgtgag 521580

ttctcgtttc acattttatc ctcccttccg gttgtcagta gcactggcaa ccggaatttt 521640

tttatctcat tgttggcagg cggtgaggga gtatctgcct gtgcttctgg tcttatttgt 521700

tatttccgtt cttttctgcc tgtttttcta tcgtacaagt acttattccc gccgttttgc 521760

ttttggctta tctgcttcgt gcagttttat gcttttagga ggaatcttat atatcctggc 521820

ttgtaataag gtgaactatt catggccttc tgcggattct gtttatgtgg ggacgataac 521880

agatattcct cataacaaag ggaagaccat acaagctacg gttcatatag agcatctgaa 521940

agatacgctt tcgcatgagt ggaagcaggt aaaccggaat attatgcttt actggatacc 522000

cgattccgct caggtcttgc aatgtggtga ccgtatttgt ttttgctctc aggtgcggaa 522060

gcctgtgtcg gatgtggatt tttccggttt tgattacgga cgatatttgg aaatacaggg 522120

cattggtgga actgctgtcg catttgccgg acgatggcac cggctttcgc agtgtggtga 522180

aacgacatgg gctcagcatg ctttgatgtt tcgggaacaa attgttgcga cttatcgttc 522240

ctgggggctg aaaggagata ttcttgcggt tgcatcggct cttacggtgg gggataaggc 522300

cgaactgact cgcgaattga aagctactta cagcgcagcc ggagccagtc atgtgttggc 522360

tctttccgga cttcatatcg gtattttgac gatgatttta tcctggttgt tatatccttt 522420

gcgccgtatt cgaggtggaa aatggatgat aggtgtttgc cttgtttctt ttctttgggg 522480

atttgcattt ctttcaggcc tgagtgcttc ggtcgtgaga gcggtgacca tgtttacggt 522540

ttatacactg gcttcagttg tttcagaaga acgtttttct gggttttccg cactttcact 522600

ggcagccttt ctgatgttgg tttaccagcc gatgtatttg tttgatatca gttttcagct 522660

ttcctttgtt gctgtttttt ccattctttt gttttatcct ttattcagtg gcctatgtca 522720

cttccgtaat aaagttgcgg ggtatgtctg gaatattttg tcgctttcta tggctgccca 522780

acttggaacc ttaccgttcg ttctttatta ttttggtgcg tttccggctt attttctgtt 522840

ggctaacctg gttgttgctc cgctttctat ttgtattttg gctattactt tactggcatt 522900

ggtactttct gcatgtaatt gctggatagt agcttttgta tcacagggag tggagattgc 522960

cgtacggtta ttgaacggga gcatggcaca gatacagcat tggtcgggag cccagatttc 523020

atctgtttat ctttctgcct ggcaagcaat tctgctggcg gtcttgttgt tggctttgtg 523080

gcaatattgt gtcagccgtc gtgcccgtga acttattgtt tctctgatat gtttgaatgt 523140

actgcttgtc agctttgtaa tgacttctat gaaaaaagcg gacgattatt tatatctggc 523200

acgagccggg gtatatacta agcacgaccg gcaggtgaat gagttatttt cttcctccca 523260

tatttacaag gtggagcatc tttgtgtggc tcttttggac aatggcactt ggaaaaaccg 523320

gcagacagcg tatccgttat ctgtcgatta tgtatacatc tgccgtggat tcaaaggctc 523380

cctgaaggat gtcatcccat tatttcatat cggtcgggtg gtgctcgatg catctttaag 523440

tgaagcatat cgggaaaaac tgaaacagga atgtgaaact gccggactgg attacataga 523500

tatttcggag aaaggttctt atgctattct tctgtagatt aagaattaat ttgtaatttt 523560

gcctctcaaa tcaattcgaa aattttttat gttgacgaaa gttatacttc aagccaatat 523620

cgataaggtt gccaaatatt ttgaacgcgc cgacaagata gtaatcgtaa ctcatgtttc 523680

tcccgatggc gatgcgttgg gctcatcgct gggacttttt cattttttgg aaacacagga 523740

aaaaaatgtg catgtgattg ttcctaatgc ttttcctgat tttcttcgct ggatgcccgg 523800

agcgaaagat atcattcgtt acgataagta tgcagaattt gccgaccaac tgatagctga 523860

ggctgatgtg atctgctgcc tcgattttaa tgctttgtcg cgtatagacg aagtcgctaa 523920

accggttgcg gcagctcccg gacggaaagt cttgattgac catcatttaa atccggaaga 523980

tttttgtcgg gttaccattt ctcatcctga aatatcgtct acttccgaat tgatattccg 524040

cctgatttgc cgtatgggaa attttgaaga tattacgcgt gaaggagctg aatgtattta 524100

taccggcatg atgaccgata ccggaggatt tacttacaat tcgaataacc gtgaaatcta 524160

tttcatcatc agtgaactgt tgtcgaaagg cattgataaa gacgaaatct atcgcaaggt 524220

tttcaatacc tattccgaag accgtttgcg tttgatggga tatatcctgt acgacaagat 524280

gcaggtgctt ccgcagttcc gttcgtcgct gatctggctg actaaggaag aacaaagtaa 524340

attccattgt gtaaaaggag atacagaagg attcgtcaat attcctttgc agatgaaggg 524400

gatatgtttt tcggcctttt tgcgtgaaga tacggaaaaa aatatgatta aggtttcact 524460

tcgttcggta ggtacgtttc cttgcaacaa agtggcttcg gagttcttca atggtggagg 524520

tcatctgaat gcttcgggag gtgagtttta cggaacaatg gaggaagcta ttaccttatt 524580

caagcaggct ttggtaaaat acgaaagttt gttgcttagt gagactggga aaaattaaat 524640

aacctgaata agcctgttgg aactgccggt tcggacaggc ttttaatgta atgaaaaaca 524700

tgaaaaaact gaatgtatta attttaggtg tgagcctttt gttgggcgca tgtgctgtaa 524760

agccgacttc tgaagtttat acttcggcaa gaggtacgca gtgggagtgg aataaaggaa 524820

caattgtggt tcattcacca gaacgtcctg ccggacaaaa aagtgtattg gggctgaccg 524880

ttccgaaaat ggaagtcgtt cgtgttggtt tcgtaggact ggggatgaga ggtcctggag 524940

ccgtagagcg ctttacacac ataccgggta cccagattgt agctctttgc gactatgagc 525000

aggaacgtgc tgaagcatgc cagaagtatt taaaggaagc ctctctgcct aaagctgccg 525060

tatattcggg tgaaaaagga tatgaggagc tctgtaaacg ggaagatatt gatcttgtat 525120

atatcgcagc cgactggctg catcattttc ctgtagcgaa atgtgccttg gaacatggga 525180

aaaatgtagc ggtagaggtt ccttccgcca tgaatctgga agaatgttgg gcgttgatca 525240

atttgagtga aacgactcgt aagcattgct ttattctgga aaactgctgt tatgactggt 525300

tcgaaatgaa taccttgaat atggcgcagc agggtgtgtt tggtgagatt attcgtgcac 525360

agggagcata tattcacaat ttggaagcct tttgggatta ttactggaaa aagggtaaag 525420

acgataaatt aggatggcgc ctggattata acatgcgtca tcggggagat gtatatgcaa 525480

cgcatggatt aggtcctgtg gcacaggcac tcaatattca tcgtggcgac cgcatgacta 525540

cactggtcgc tatggatacc aagtcggtcg ttggcaagtc gctggttgaa gagcgtacag 525600

attcagtctg caatcatttc cgtaacggcg accatactac aacgttgatt cgtacagcga 525660

atggaaaagt aatcgaaata cagcacgatg tcatgactcc tcagccttat aaccgtttgt 525720

atcagcttac gggaacgaaa ggctttgcca ataaatatcc gatagaaggc tatgcgctgg 525780

atgccaaaca gttgaccgcg tcgggagttc agcctaaagt ggatgatttg agctcacatg 525840

gattcttacc agaaaaagag atggctgcat tggtcgaaaa gtatcagcat cccatcttga 525900

agaaatatgg tgaaatggct aaagaagtcg gcggacatgg cggtatggac tttattatgg 525960

atagtcgttt ggtatactgc ttgcagaatg gcctgccgct ggatatggat gtgtacgatc 526020

tggcagaatg gtgttgcctt gccgaactgg gagaactttc catggataat ggctgtgcac 526080

ctgtagcctt tcccgatttt acccgtggag agtggaatgt ggtaaaaggt tataagcatg 526140

cgtttgctgc tcctgaggat gaggccgaag cagcgagaaa agctgcggaa gctactgtcc 526200

gactaaaagc acaaggtgcc aaggaatggg ccgagagtaa ataaaagatt aacgaatgag 526260

ccgaagataa aggctttgaa accgaaaata gaaaagtaat gaatgcttta aacaatgtga 526320

ttgctcattt tccggaagtg agagaaatcg ttcaaatcaa acctttgact tccggattga 526380

tcaaccagac ttatctggtg cagaccaaag atatatcggc atcggattat atcttacagt 526440

gcatcaacca tcaaatcttt acagatgtag atatgcttca gcacaatata gaagtagtta 526500

cctcacatat ccggcagaaa ctggaagaag ctcacgagga cgatattgac cgtaaggtgc 526560

tccgttttgt taaagcggat aacggcaaga catattattt tgatggggaa aaatattggc 526620

gtatgtcagt gtttattccc ggttcacaga cgctcgatgt ggttactccg gaatcgtcat 526680

accttgtcgg actgaagttt ggtgagtttg aagctatgct ggcagatatg accgaatcgt 526740

tgggagaaac cattcccgac ttccataaca tggagttccg tttgcagcag ttacgcgagg 526800

cagtacagca agatgcggcc ggacgactgg aaaaggtaca gggactggtg gcagatatag 526860

aaaaagatgc cgaagaaatg tgctgtgcgg aacgtttgta tcgggagggt aagttgccga 526920

aacgcatttg ccattgcgat acgaaggtaa gcaacatgct gttcgatgag cagggaaaag 526980

tactttgcgt tatcgatctg gatacggtaa tgccgagttt tgtcttttcc gattttggcg 527040

atttccttcg ttcggcagcc aatacggctc cagaagacga accggattta aacaaaatac 527100

atttcagatt cgatattttt caggcttttg ccaaaggata tattgaatca gccagaagtt 527160

ttctgacacc agttgaaata gagttgttac cttatgccgt aaccttgttc ccgtacatgc 527220

aggcggtacg ttttctggcc gattatatca acggcgatac ctattatcag ataaaatacg 527280

ccgaacataa ttatgtacgt acattggcac aatatacatt gtatcaggaa acaagacgtg 527340

ttatgccaga gatgaaggca tatatcgcat ctttgatgaa gtaatgtttc ttgtcttgat 527400

aaggagaata taagcttgtg ttaagggctg ttaatgcttt gactcgtttt gaaatatatg 527460

aagcattttg ctatttttgc ggcgtaaata atatgaaaat gaaaaagata aaactgtttt 527520

ttgcggtagt ttgtgtagtg gcttgctgtt tgcagagttg taataatggc aagacttatg 527580

ctgaaatgaa agaggacgaa gccgatgcga ttaatgcatg gattctgaat catgattatc 527640

aggttataag cgagagagat ttttacaatc aggatacaat cacaaatgag aaccagtttg 527700

tgctgttcga ggagagtggt gtttacatga atatcgtaca gccgggagaa ggtacttcca 527760

aattatcaga cgggtattac gaaattgctt cccgttatat tgaagtagca atacaaaacc 527820

gtgatgagat gtttgcagca ggtgatactc tttcgggaaa catgaaatta ctttcttatc 527880

caatgtatac aggtaattcc agttggagtt tacctcagta tatgctttat ccggaagtat 527940

ataaactgac gataagtggt tcttcttatt ctgctgcatt tacggaaagt tatcaaatgt 528000

attctattta tggtacgacc tctgtaccgt ctggatggtt gatcccgttg aaatatataa 528060

aaccgtctcg taccacctct tctgaaaaag ttgcgcgtgt acgtctgatt gtaccacacg 528120

gacagggaac cagtcaggca tcgcagtatg tatatccttg ctattacgag ataacttata 528180

atttaggtaa ataatgacac tgattaaatc tatatctggc atccggggta ctatcggagg 528240

aaaagcggga gaaggattaa atccgctgga tatcgtaaag tttacttcgg cttatgccac 528300

gctgattcgt cgtacatcga cggttggcag caacaagatt gttgtaggac gtgatgcccg 528360

tatttcgggt gaaatggtga agaatgtagt ttgtggtact ttgatgggaa tgggcttcga 528420

cgtgataaac atcggtctgg cctctacacc tactactgaa cttgctgtga caatggcagg 528480

cgcatgtggt ggtatcattc tgactgcaag ccataatccg aaacagtgga acgcactgaa 528540

gttattgaat gaacacggtg agttcctgaa cgcagccgaa ggtcaggaag tccttcgtat 528600

tgctgaagca gaagcgttcg aatatgcaga catcgaccat ctgggttctt atacagaaga 528660

taattcctat aatgaaaagc atattgacag tgtactggca ctgaaactgg tggatgtaga 528720

agcaatccgt cgtgctaatt tccatgtagc aatagattgt gtaaactctg ttggaggaat 528780

catattgccg cagttgcttg agcgtctggg tgtacagcat gtcgaaaagc tgtattgtga 528840

acctacagga aatttccagc ataatccgga acctcttgaa aagaacctga gcgatatcat 528900

gaacctgatg aaagaaggta aggctgatgt ggcttttgtg gtcgacccgg atgtagaccg 528960

tcttgccatg atttgtgaag atggaaccat gtacggtgag gaatatacac tggtgaccgt 529020

tgccgattat gtactgaaac atacaccggg caataccgta tctaacttga gttctacacg 529080

tgctttgcgt gatgtcactc gtaaatatag catgcagtac aacgcagctg ctgtaggaga 529140

ggtaaatgtg gttaccaaaa tgaaagaaac aaatgccgtt attggcggtg aaggaaacgg 529200

tggagtaatc tatccggagt cacactatgg acgtgacgcg ctggtaggta ttgctctctt 529260

cctgagtcat ctggcacacg aaggcaagaa agtttccgaa cttcgtgctt cttatcctaa 529320

ctatttcatt gcaaagaacc gtatcgacct gactcctcag acagatgtag atgctattct 529380

ggctaaagtg aaagaaatgt ataagaatga agagataaac gatatcgacg gtgtgaagat 529440

tgattttcct gataaatggg ttcatctgcg gaagagcaat accgaaccga ttatccgtgt 529500

atactctgaa gccgctacca tggaggctgc cgacgaactg ggtaagcaaa tcatggacat 529560

cgtttatagt ttggctaaat aaaattcaat agaatatgta gaataagtgt gctgccttaa 529620

ggtagcacac ttatttttta tgctttttag tctttcactc tcatcacttc gttgtctgtt 529680

tttgtcttct ttttaaactc actgggcgaa atgccacaac atcttttaaa aaatttgcag 529740

aaggaagcct gatcagaaaa acagagtaac tctgcaatgt tttgtatcga ctggttaggg 529800

ttttgtaaat aagcctttgc ctctatgatc agatattcat ctatgatttg tcccgccgat 529860

ttattataaa ctcttcttgt cttggccgaa agtgcatccg atgaaacgca caactggttg 529920

gcataccatt ttacttcatg atggtggcgg cagtttgtac gtactaagtg cacgaagtgt 529980

gagagaatat cgctccatag ctgttgctcg tctactactt catttttata cacttcgaaa 530040

acagcattcc atatttcgag ctgaagcgta cgcagcatgt tttccatgac ttcataacgg 530100

aagtgatatt ccggttattt gatgatagcc gtcagtaaat gcagaccgag aataatccgt 530160

tgtacagttc cttcgttgag tgggacgaaa ggtttttgcg catattggta gatgagccct 530220

ccaaacttgg aacggatgct ttctgatact tttataaaga aactttgctc cgtagtaacg 530280

aaatatcctt caaagtcctt gctggttttt atctttttcc atgggtagat aaggatgaaa 530340

tcgatatgtg ccggagcttg gatttcaata taatctccgt ttatctgaaa atttagttta 530400

ccttttgaaa caaagaggaa agttggatgt gattctttca gtaagttcga gcggagcaca 530460

tcttctcctt gtgctttgaa tatggtcatt ttatcgtttg ccgctagttc ctcaacttgt 530520

ccgtttgcta tagctttgtc gttaatccat tgaatgataa tgttttcttt catcgtgttg 530580

aatattttgt aggcaataaa tgtaggaata tatttccatc gtagaaagcg cttttacgtg 530640

ttttatgttt tgtaaacaga aaaattccta aacgtcggtt tgaggcaagt atctttcggt 530700

ttaagacaaa taaattgctg atacagcctt ttaactttac gccgaaattt aactaaaaaa 530760

ggaaaggaaa tgaatagatt gtttttaccg atgagtttcg cttctttctc tttggcactg 530820

ctttttacag catgcagtca gtcgacagga cagcaaggag gaggtgaata caagctgata 530880

acagtagaaa aaacagacca gacgctgacc agtgcttata cggcagtcat caagggtagg 530940

caaagtgtag aaatacgtct gcaggtaagt ggtactctta cggatatttg tgtgaatgaa 531000

ggagctaagg ttcataaagg acagacctta ttcattatcg atcaggttcc ttatcaggca 531060

gccttacaga cggcattggc aaatgtgaag agtgcggaag ctgccgttgc tacggcccga 531120

cttacagcag acagtaagga agaattattc cgggaacatg ttgtttccga tttcgaccgt 531180

cagacggcgc gcaactcctt gctggaggca gaagctacgc tggcacaggc aaaagccgaa 531240

gaggtgaatg ccaggaacaa cctttcgtat accgtaatca aaagtccggt cgacggggtg 531300

gctggcatgt cgtcctatcg tgtcggagca ttggttaact cttctattac tactcccttg 531360

ctgacggttt cggacgacga agagatatat gtttattttt ccatgaccga acagcagatt 531420

ctttcgcttg tccgtcagta tggtaccatg gataaagctc tggcaggaat gcctgaggtg 531480

gaacttcgcc tgagtgacgg acaaatgtac gggcataagg gaaaaattga tgccatcagt 531540

ggtacgaccg atacggaaac gggagcgatt accctgcgtg ctgttttccc gaatcctgaa 531600

agaatgctcc gaaatggaag tacagcgacg cttatcttcc cttacgtgaa aaaaaatgtg 531660

tttgtcattc ctcaggaagc tacattcgag atacaagata aagtatatgt ctataaagtg 531720

aataaagagg gtaaggcaga gtcggcacag gttacagtgt tcccgcaaaa caacggaacg 531780

gagtatgttg tagaaagtgg cttacagcaa ggtgaaacga ttgttgccga aggagccgga 531840

ctgattcagg aaaatacgca ggtgacggct gcttcaccgg aaaaagagta aggaaaggag 531900

gggattatga aactgaagac atttatagac cgtcccatct tgtcgtgtgt gatttctgtg 531960

ctcatcctga tgctgggaat cattggactg actaatttgc caatggagca gtatccggac 532020

attgctccgc ctaccattat ggtttcggca acttataccg gagctaacgc ggaaacggtt 532080

cagaatagtg tgattgctcc attggaggaa gcgattaatg gtgtagagaa tatgacttat 532140

atgacgtcta ctgctaccaa taacgggtcg gcttccatta ccgtttattt tgcacaggga 532200

accgatccgg atatggcgac catcaatacg aaaaacaggg tgtcggaagc tgaaggactt 532260

ctgcctgccg aagttaccaa ggttggtgtt acggtcgaaa agcgtcagaa cagtatggtc 532320

aagattctgg cactttacag tgaagacgat agttatgacc agaactttat caataattat 532380

tttaagataa acgttgagcc tcggttgtcg cgtatcaccg gtgtaggtaa cgtgaatgtg 532440

atgggtggag attatgcgat gcgtatctgg atgaacccgc aggtcatggc acaatatgga 532500

ctggtgccca atgatgtgac ctcactgctg gatgaacaga atatcgaggc ggctaccgga 532560

accttgggcg aagattcaga aaacactttc caatacacat tgaagtatcg cggacgttat 532620

gaaacggaag aggagtttgg caacatggta atcaaggcac ttccgtcggg cgaggtactt 532680

cgcctgaaag atattgcacg gattgaactg ggagcacaga cttacagcta taacagtcag 532740

atagcaggac atccgggagc tacctgtatg attgcccaga cagccggatc gaatgccaat 532800

gaaatagtga aagaagtaga taaactggta gaggaaattt cgaaggatct gccgaaaggt 532860

ctggtactta ctgacttgat gagtacgaaa gactttcttg atgcttctat ccacgaagtg 532920

gtaaagacgc ttatagaggc catcatcttg gtgattctgg ttgtttattt cttcttgcaa 532980

agtgttcgtt ctaccattat tccgtcggtg tctatcatcg tgtccttggt gggtacattc 533040

gcctttctct atgtagccgg attcagcttg aacttgctta cgctttttgc gctggtactg 533100

gtcatcggta cggtggtcga tgatgctatc gtcgtggtag aagcggtgca ggcaaagttc 533160

gatgaagggt atcgttcacc ttacaaggca actctggcag cgatggacgg catttcagca 533220

gctatcgtga ctacttcgct ggtttttatg gccgtgttca ttcctacctc tttcatggga 533280

ggaaccagtg gtattttcta tacccagttc ggacttacca tggcggtggc tgtcggtata 533340

tctgccatca atgccctgac actgagtcct gctttgtgtg ctctgatcat gacaccgcac 533400

atggataagc agacggggaa aaaactgagt ttttcaagtc gttttcatca tgctttcgaa 533460

gcctctttca accgcctggt gttgaaatac aaaaatggag tttcgttttt cctgcatcgt 533520

cgatggctgg catggatcgc gttggtcgca gcttgtgtat tgctggtgtt ctttcttcgt 533580

acgacgaaga cgggactggt acctgatgag gatatgggta ctgtgtttgt gaatgtaact 533640

acccctccgg gaagtagtct tgcccagacg aaaaaggcga tggagcagat agatgagcgt 533700

atccgggaaa ttcctcaagt taagctttac agtaatgtga gcggatatag tatgatggga 533760

ggacaagccg cctcgggagg tatgctgatt atcaagctga agcattggga cgaacgtacc 533820

aatccggaag atgatatcaa tgctgtgctg gctcagattt atgcacgtac ggcagatata 533880

aagtcggcta agctctttgc ttttgcacag cctaccattc ccggatatgg tatgggtagc 533940

ggcttcgaac tttatgtaca ggaccgtgcc ggaggggatg tgaatacctt gcagaaatat 534000

tgtcagaatt ttatcgcggc tttaaaccag cgtcctgaaa tatcgatggc ttataccact 534060

ttcgatacca agttcccgca gtacatggta gaagtagatg cggcaaaatg caagcgggcc 534120

gacatcaagg tttccgatgt gttgagtgta ctttcgggtt tcattggcgg taactattct 534180

tccaacctga accgcttctc gaaactttac cgtgtcatga ttcaggccga caagaattac 534240

cgtctggata cagagtcatt gaacaacatg tttgtacgta caggtagcgg agagatggca 534300

cctgtagggc agtttgttac actgaccaaa gtgtatggag ccgaaacgct gacacgtttc 534360

aatatgtata cgtctattcc ggtgaacgga atgccggccg acggatacag tacgggagat 534420

gctattcggg cgattgagga ggttgctgca cagacacttc ctaccggata tggttatgaa 534480

ttcggtggta ttacacgtga agaggatcag agttcgagca atacgaccat tattttcatc 534540

atttgtgtct tgttcgttta cctgattctg tgcgctttgt acgagagtct gtttattccg 534600

ttggcagtta tcctgtctgt tccgttcggg ttaatgggaa gttttctctt tgccaaatgc 534660

ttcgggctgg acaacaatat ctacatgcag acaggattga tcatgttgat cggtctgctt 534720

tctaagacgg ctattttgtt gacggaatat gcttctaccc gtcgtaagca aggaatgact 534780

atcgctcagg cggctattaa cccggtcact ggaggccaat acggacttga atgtggcgag 534840

attgaaagta gaggaggctc aggcttcgct gacatcggca cggttggctt atttgccttc 534900

cgtacagctc gatccggaag gctctttaag taaggtaaag ggtggacaaa ccagcaagac 534960

gtatactctt ggaggttcgg caagctggga aatcgatttg tttggcaagc tgaccaatgc 535020

caagcgcagt gagcaggctg cactggagca gagtgttgct taccggcagg ctgtacagac 535080

tcagctgatt gctacggtag ccgaaagcta ttatacgttg ttgatgctgg atgagcagat 535140

tgctattaca tccgaaacga taacaaactg gaaagaatat attcacagct tgcgcgtact 535200

gatgaaatca ggtcaggcag accgtgcggc agtcagtcag gcagaagctt cccgtttggg 535260

agcagaggcc tccttgctcg atttgaagca gcagacagtg gaaatggaga atacactttg 535320

ttcgctgctg gcatggtctt ctcagcatat agaacgcagt tcactcgatt gtcagcgttt 535380

cccgcagaaa ctttcggtgg gcataccgct ggaattgctg tcacgccgtc ccgatgtcat 535440

gcaggcagaa gccgagttga aacaggcctt ttacggagtc aatcaggcaa gatcgaattt 535500

ctatccgagt atcaccttga gcggctcagc cggctggaca aacagtgctg gagctgttgt 535560

ttccaatccc ggtaactggt tgtttcaggc tatcggttcg cttgtacaac ctatcttcaa 535620

ccggggtaaa aacattgcta atctgaaaat atcgaaagca cagcgggaag aagcattgct 535680

gcaattccag caaacgcttc tcgatgcggg cggagaagtg aacaatgctt tgaaccaatg 535740

gcaaaacgcc cggcataagg ttgtgcttga tgaacagcag gttgaacatc tgtcggttgc 535800

cgttcacgat acccgtttac tgatggaaca tggcacgacc aattacctgg aagtgctgac 535860

agcgcaacag tcactcttgt cttctcgtct gacaatggtt tccgatagaa attcggaaat 535920

acaaggtgtt atcagccttt atcatgcgct gggtggagga acaggcaatt aatttttttc 535980

gcaacatatt catatttttt tgttccaccc tgttcgtgag gaatagggtg gaattttttg 536040

tccactataa aagaaggatg aaattgttga tgtatggttg ctttcattaa acgatgtcag 536100

ttaagtgaat gacttattac atagatagcc aaacataatt tgcatgtaga cttttgggaa 536160

tacaaaaaag ccaactaatt catgatttgc actatgaatt agttggcttt ttatgttttt 536220

gataggatat cctattcgct taaggctgta ttgacggttg tttcataaag cgggaacgac 536280

cagcaataag ttgttttatc ggatggagta gcaacgacag tccagcttcc atctgtttgt 536340

gggtgacggt agttttctgc tcttcgtgaa atatcataac cacgaagccc ttctgccatg 536400

aattcccaac gacgttcatt gtcgatgacc gtccaaagtg cttcacctgt ttctgtatac 536460

gttacaagag gatcctgatc tgccggaatt gagcgggtac gaacctcttt tacatatttt 536520

agggccattg gttcattgtc tttgttgtag tagcattctg caaggttcag caaaatttct 536580

gcataacgga ataccggaat ccactcatat tgggtagagc gttcgttgta tttttcacaa 536640

tacatatagc ctcgttcatc tgtatagaga aagtttgtac gagcgtcacc tttgatacca 536700

taagtggttg caatgccatt gatgttgttg acaacggtaa tctgtcctgc ttcatgataa 536760

aaatatccaa ccggatgggt ctggctgttc gatttatcac tttcactcat cgggattgag 536820

aaaatgtttt cagctgtcag tgcataaggt gcgtcgaaca tggtagcgat tgaagaaatc 536880

aatgaaaatc cagtgatggc atctccttca gcaatggcgg catcccaatt ctccatacac 536940

atatatactc gcattcggag agcatgtgcc gatgcctgtg atgctttggt tgacgaaaaa 537000

ccactcgatt catagttcgc aggcaatgcg tcaatctctt cggtgtcggc cagtatctgt 537060

ttgaatactt ccgaaatagt cgatgccgga catgcattgt gtcctgcacc cgtcacagct 537120

tcgattctta aaggcacatt cgatgcattg ggatcggttt tatagggcaa gccatatagc 537180

tggctcaggt aataatagga aattgcccgg acaaatttac attcctgaac atagcggcgg 537240

gctgtttctg catcgcacgg taacgaattc gcataagtct tctcgatacc atcgataatc 537300

gtgtttgcat aattaatggc cagatatgcg ttacggaata aggcatcgtt ttcgatactt 537360

gatgcattta ccgcatggct gtaagtatca cgcatggtat aaccgttgtt tccataatta 537420

atcatatcat ccgaacggtt atcgccggct aatgtagcaa agcctcccag aaaataacca 537480

tcacttacgt catcgctgcc tttcagagct gtatatactc cttccactgc tgcttcaagt 537540

cgtgtggcac ttccaaagat ggatgcttct gtaactttta gatcgggggt cttattgata 537600

aagtcctcgc tgcacgcggt tgcaaagccc attgtaaccg ctgctgctat atagtagata 537660

tattttttca tattgttgga acattaaatt tttagaatga taagttaaca ccaaaagaat 537720

aggttcttgt caatggagcc gtatttttat cgattccgga aatggtattc gagctatcag 537780

cacgagagtt gatttctggg tccataccgc tatatcctgt tatgcagaac aggtttgttg 537840

ctgtagcata aagacggagc tgagagatac cgattttttt agaccagttc tttgtattga 537900

aagtatagcc aatcacaagg tttttcaaac ggaggtaatc accattctcg ataaagtcgc 537960

tgataggatt agccgaaccg ttcgaatagt tatcattcac ttccggtttt gcgtaatcgg 538020

atacatctcc cggctgtctc cagattgttt tataaacatc ggtagagtta ttccagaaac 538080

gcatatccga catggttgct ttcataccgt tataaatttt gttgccaccg gaaaactgga 538140

agaagagtgt ggcatcccag cctttccagc taaagttgtt tgtccatcca ccatagtacg 538200

tcggtttggt attacccatg atatgtgggt tccagtcgtc aatatccaat gcttcacctg 538260

tggtccggtc ataaactgat gctccttgtc cataagtgta aaccagtaaa gcctcacggg 538320

tagcattgcc gttcgcatcg tcgagcaata cgacacgacg tcctgtttcc ggatcaacgc 538380

ctgccgttgg ataaacatag agttgtgcca tagacaaacc ttctgtcgtg atgttgttgg 538440

ctcctgtacc gtcttctatg atatcacttt ccaattcgag tactttattc tttacaaagg 538500

taaagtttac actactatcc caggagaatc cattgatgtg caagatgttg ccacccagcg 538560

agaactccag accctgattc tgagctttac caaggttggt ggtaatagcg aaatctggaa 538620

taccggttga gtaggcctga ctggagttta gaatcaggtt ctttgatttt gaccggaagt 538680

atgtaacttc aaaattgaat cggttggcta tttgtccggt aataccgata tctgtcttcg 538740

ctgtctgttc ccagcccaga tttgcatctg cgatggaagt cggataataa gcacctacac 538800

cgttatagta agtcgagctg taagttgaca aggaagcata agcatctaca ttggtattac 538860

caacgatacc atagctggcc ttcagacgta agtcggagat ggcactctgt agaggcttga 538920

agaagttttc gtcagaaata cgccatgacg ctgaaactcc ccaaaagtta ccccatttat 538980

tgcctaaggc agaaagaccg tcccgacgga agcttccttc cagataatag cgataattcc 539040

agttgtaaga aagacgacca agataagaaa tcatagaccg ttcttcacgt ttgttggttg 539100

aggcatcact cgaataagtc agataaggag cttcctcgaa aatcatttct ttatcagcaa 539160

gagttgaggc atcgtagtag cggcgtttgt actgcatttc ctgtgcctcc ataccaattg 539220

tggcagcgaa gtgatgattt ttggccaaat cgaactgata attagctgtg ttggtccatg 539280

tccaggtctt gcgggttgtt gcataggcgt aaaggtttcc ccctgaggcg taaccaccac 539340

caccgtttgg tgaatacatc gttgttgagt tggtaatgaa ccagtcaact ccgtattgtg 539400

aacggatatt caatcctttg atcggatgta aatccagaaa gccactggcg atgacacggt 539460

tgttctccat gcggctggcc tgttcgtcta tataagacat cgggttgtag taagtacaac 539520

cgattttgtt gtttccgtag ccaaggtagt ttccattatc catataagga gtaccgtctt 539580

cgttgtatgc cggaatgttt ggaggcaaga tagctgccat acgtgagaaa ccgttgatag 539640

agtaggctcc tgtaccataa ccggagtcga cgttcttttg ctgggtattt gagtaactgc 539700

cgttgaatcc tccactcagc cagtcggtcg gattgaagtt ggtgttggct ttgaatgaat 539760

aacgtttgaa ttcatcgccc actgtaatac cgtcttggtt cataatgccc gtactaatat 539820

agtagtttgc ggtatcatta cctcccgata catttaaatc gtggttcatg atacttcctg 539880

tctggaaaag caagtcactc caatcggtgc tgactacatc tccgttgctg tcgtacatta 539940

atccataggc atatttgtcg tagaatcctt tgtcgctttg acgagaagcc gtattggaaa 540000

ctgcgagatt ctttaattcg acgtattgtt ctgcgttcat tgcctcgatc atgttggtcg 540060

gcgtcgtgac tgtatagcta ccgttgtagg aaatttttgc ttttcctttt tgaccggagt 540120

tggtcgtaat catgatgaca ccgttggctg ctcgtgaacc gtaaagggct gttgcagccg 540180

catcttttaa aatctcaatc gatttaatgt cggcagagtt gatatcggcc agagggttct 540240

gacgagtgct tgatgttcca tccatcgata taatcatacc atcgactaca tacaatgggg 540300

ttgtactgtt tgaaatggag gaaacaccac ggatattgat gacaggagat acaccaacag 540360

atccggaagg tgaggaaatc attacacctg aggcacgtcc ttatagcatt tcgtcgaccg 540420

aagggccagg caaattcttg atagcttctc ctcttaccga tgaaacagcg cctgtcaagt 540480

ttttggaaga ggtagtacca taggcaatga ctacaacttc gtccagattt tggctgtccg 540540

atttcaacgt gatttttaaa ttaggtttga ttcctactat ttgggaaacc ataccaacgt 540600

atgacacttt gatttgtccg gaaccttctg gggctgttaa tgtaaagcta ccatcgacat 540660

ctgtaatggt tcctctgttg gttccaacca cgaggatcga ggcaccaatt actggttcac 540720

cattctcatc caaaactttt cctttaaaag gagtctgtgc catggctaaa gttgagcata 540780

aagctaaacc aatacctaag ggaattacct ttctcataat gaaaactgtt ttatgcgttt 540840

tatattacgc gtgtttgtta atttaaaata aaatactatt gcaacaatct ttgctgcaaa 540900

tatatgtatt tttgatttat aaaaccaaat aaaacaagaa atttgtttta aaaatgtatt 540960

ttatagtatc tatatgtttt ttgttttgtg gtatagctaa tataatgaga ttagatttct 541020

aactatatat tatatcttta ttataaaata tagttaataa taggtgtcat ttatctgctt 541080

tcgtttaagg aatttctatg tttattatga aaatatctgt atttattgtg aaaaagttaa 541140

tattgagttc tggttgccta tgaataattt tattatatca ccagaacgga gtcgtaggac 541200

ctcgcaaaga ggaaaaaagt gaatgaaata gatggagaga attgtagaat agatgttgtt 541260

tgtaggttgg tatttaatct acccaaagca tgtcactcat gatgccgtcg gaaataaata 541320

ctcctttttc tgtaagtttc aatacgccgt tgctaagttc cagtgtgcct tgcgacaaat 541380

gtggctgtgc catgcgaagg cagtagttgt acagtttggt accgaactgc tctttcagta 541440

catcgagctg cataccccac atggtacgga tggttgtaat gacaaaatcg ttgtagcggg 541500

tatataaatc aagctcttct acctcaaaat acgtttctcc gttgtttact tgttcaatat 541560

agtgatccag tgaagaaaca ttccattgtc gggagattcc gttgtacgaa tgagccgaag 541620

gtccgcatcc cagatatttc ttcccggtcc agtaactcga attatggcgg gagtacattc 541680

ccggcaggca gaagttggaa atctcgtaat gctggtaccc gtagtctttt agcttgtgga 541740

taagctgagt aaagagcgaa acactcaaat cctcatctgc ttcttccacc cgatgctgct 541800

cacgcagttt ccagagaacg gtaccttcct cgtaaatcag gtgataggcc gatatgtgtt 541860

ccggtttcat gctgacagcc tgccgtaagt ctgcctccca tgtttgcagc gtttctcccg 541920

gcaatccata catcaggtcg atactgatat tggtgaatcc ggctttccgg cagcgttcga 541980

aggcctcgac agcttgctgt gccgtgtgcc gtctgtgaag tagacgcaga atattttcct 542040

gaaatgtctg gatacccatg ctcaggcggt tgaacggaaa ggtgcgcagc atgttcacgt 542100

attcgtctgt caggtcatcg ggattggctt cgatggtgat ttctgcctcc ggggaaatat 542160

cgtacaaacg gtggagtgtc tggaaaatct gttcaaagtc tttgtcttcg agttgcgacg 542220

gcgtacctcc tcccaggtag attgtttcaa tcctttctcc ttgcaaataa tcctttctct 542280

gatccagttc acggcaaagt gcggcgacat aagcgttttt tttctcgctt tgtgtcgttg 542340

agtagaagtc gcagtagata cagcgacgtt tgcaaaaagg aatatgaaga taaatgcctg 542400

ccatggatct ctatagtttt ttcgagtgca aaaataatga gaacttacca atttcggggt 542460

gttcggtcta aattaaaagc tgaaaaatga agagaatttc gatagctttt acctcgttac 542520

gttcgtgcaa agatctcatc acgtatgtga taatatctcg tcacgaacgt gatgaggtct 542580

ttgtacatac gtgccgaagt tattttccgc tcttgtttca gattaccgga aacagagtct 542640

ggagaatatc tttttgttac gaattataag attgcaaagt gtcagcaaaa tgaattgttt 542700

tacatctatg tgaaaaatat gcagaaaaaa ggttgttaat gcgttaaata tattttatat 542760

ttgcaatagt tcgttaaaaa ttagcccagc ctaagcggct ctggcagtaa ataaaatgag 542820

ttctttgaaa agtttgtcaa ttaattgcgt gtttggttca atcccagaca cgcaaataaa 542880

tcgttcaagc atgtaagcat tgtgtatgac tgacttgcat gatgatatgg aatattttat 542940

tcccatcttc ttacaggcag ccttggcgag gtttatcgct gcaagtgatg cattaaagtg 543000

gaatgccagt ttcctgaagt ctgtagactg acagtttgct attccggcat gttgcttggc 543060

atcccgaaag cagaattcga gttggaaacg tgttctgtaa aagtccagga catcctgtgc 543120

gttctgtatt tcgtttgtag agaaatacag ctgccatttg tccgttcttc catccatggg 543180

gtaccataca gccaggctca caaagcgttt gagtgctttg gagtatgctt tcagtccgta 543240

aagtttaccc ttgttcactt tgtactcggt acatcttgtg atgtccagat tttcaaagtc 543300

aattttctcg tcatgtaatt ttggacgtcc gcgttttcct gtcctatttt ctaaggtggg 543360

ataaaacaat acggcatcat tcctgaaacg gcttattacg tggaaaccgt tatcgtacaa 543420

tggtttgatg aaagttgcct ttgaaaagaa cgcatcacac acgactgtgc cagaaatacg 543480

tttcagctgt tcctgtatgc tgataaggta agagctgtac cagtcaacaa gattcttctc 543540

acagctttcc agcgttgcgt tgtcaggtgt ctgtacagag cccaaagtca tacattcatg 543600

gttgtcaacg tctataactc caataccggt tatttccagt ccacgtttgt attcaccggc 543660

acaaccggac cagaaatagc caatccacgg cgttttgctg cctgattttg gaatgaaaga 543720

cggatcaacg gctatcgcct tgcgaccacc tttaaggtgt tccctgatga tggcttcatt 543780

gaaggaaaac cagtcaaagc cgtcgttctc aaaattgttg cggtatgtct gttccgagaa 543840

acatccatac cgtcccattt gtaggaaatt gatgcggtca ggtatagcca tgaataattt 543900

cattgcatcc atgaatactt tctgaaaaga tttgcttata tttacagctg attcgagagc 543960

gtttctgcac tcggattggt attgcataag gagtgattct ttagtcataa ttaaaagtgg 544020

tgaagtactt ctaatttact aaaaatcagt gaattatgaa atactttttc tgttgatttt 544080

cagctgttta gcatatcttt ttcatccctt ttcttactcc ttgacgattt attcttgaca 544140

gtatttcaat gatctcttga atataatttt gaaccggatt atgccgattc tatgtttaat 544200

tttaatttat cggtaaaaat ttaccgaagt attgatttgc aaatcacaca aaaaataaac 544260

ttgttcctga aagcaatagt tcgttaaaaa ttagcccagc ctaagcggct ctggcagtaa 544320

ataaaatgag ttctttgaaa agtttgtcaa ttaattgcgt gtttggttca atcccagaca 544380

cgcaaataaa tcgttcaagc atgtaagcat tgtgtatgac tgacttgcat gatgatatgg 544440

aatattttat tcccatcttc ttacaggcag ccttggcgag gtttatcgct gcaagtgatg 544500

cattaaagtg gaatgccagt ttcctgaagt ctgtagactg acagtttgct attccggcat 544560

gttgcttggc atcccgaaag cagaattcga gttggaaacg tgttctgtaa aagtccagga 544620

catcctgtgc gttctgtatt tcgtttgtag agaaatacag ctgccatttg tccgttcttc 544680

catccatggg gtaccataca gccaggctca caaagcgttt gagtgctttg gagtatgctt 544740

tcagtccgta aagtttaccc ttgttcactt tgtactcggt acatcttgtg atgtccagat 544800

tttcaaagtc aattttctcg tcatgtaatt ttggacgtcc gcgttttcct gtcctatttt 544860

ctaaggtggg ataaaacaat acggcatcat tcctgaaacg gcttattacg tggaaaccgt 544920

tatcgtacaa tggtttgatg aaagttgcct ttgaaaagaa cgcatcacac acgactgtgc 544980

cagaaatacg tttcagctgt tcctgtatgc tgataaggta agagctgtac cagtcaacaa 545040

gattcttctc acagctttcc agcgttgcgt tgtcaggtgt ctgtacagag cccaaagtca 545100

tacattcatg gttgtcaacg tctataactc caataccggt tatttccagt ccacgtttgt 545160

attcaccggc acaaccggac cagaaatagc caatccacgg cgttttgctg cctgattttg 545220

gaatgaaaga cggatcaacg gctatcgcct tgcgaccacc tttaaggtgt tccctgatga 545280

tggcttcatt gaaggaaaac cagtcaaagc cgtcgttctc aaaattgttg cggtatgtct 545340

gttccgagaa acatccatac cgtcccattt gtaggaaatt gatgcggtca ggtatagcca 545400

tgaataattt cattgcatcc atgaatactt tctgaaaaga tttgcttata tttacagctg 545460

attcgagagc gtttctgcac tcggattggt attgcataag gagtgattct ttagtcataa 545520

ttaaaagtgg tgaagtactt ctaatttact aaaaatcagt gaattatgaa atactttttc 545580

tgttgatttt cagctgttta gcatatcttt ttcatccctt ttcttactcc ttgacgattt 545640

attcttgaca gtatttcaat gatctcttga atataatttt gaaccggatt atgccgattc 545700

tatgtttaat tttaatttat cggtaaaaat ttaccgaagt attgcctgaa agtctaaaat 545760

gtaaaaaata tgaattgttg taagttggta aatcttttgg ccgtgctgag tgcaggaact 545820

ttgcatgcgg agtctgcttt tgccgcggag gctcctggct gggaaaagga agtcgtgcag 545880

caggcaaatc aacagaaaaa tgtcgttacc ggaacggttc ttgatgaaaa cggattttct 545940

gtaccaggag cttcggttat ggtagtagga actacagatg gtacagtaac cgatatggat 546000

ggagtctatt cactttcgct atcgcggaag aaggctgtct tgcgtttttc ttttatcggc 546060

ttgaagtcgg tcgatgtgga gtatacggga cagaaaacac tgaacgttgt tctgaaatcg 546120

gataatcagg tattggatga tgttgttgtc atcggatatg gtagcaagaa ccgcaagagt 546180

cttaccagtt ctatttcgtc tgtcaagaaa gaagacctga ataaattgtc gaagacttct 546240

tctactgttc aggatatgtt gggcggaacg ataaagggtg tattggtaac tcagaacagt 546300

ggtgagccgg gagctacgat gacggtcaac gtacgtggta ttacctcgcc gtatcctatc 546360

gctacttcgc tgacggcaaa caatgctccg ctttatgtaa tagacggagt tccgatgttt 546420

gtggacagta atgcgctgaa tccgctggtg aatattgcac cgaacgatat cgagagtatc 546480

gacgtactga aggatgcttc tgctacggct atctacggtt ctcgtggtgc gaatggtgtt 546540

attatcgtta cgaccaaaaa cggacggaag ggagagaagg caacggtaga agccggatat 546600

acgctgagca ttgccaatcc ggtaaagatg ttcaagccgc tgaacaatca ggagttccgc 546660

tcgttgcagg aagagattct gcggaatacg atggatgcgt acaattatga catggcgaat 546720

tttaccatga ctacgcaata cagtatgatg tacgacccga cgatgctgat ggcttacgga 546780

aactttgacg tcgactggaa tacgttgatg tatacaaagt ttttggggtt gaacgaaagt 546840

gcgtttggca aggagaacat taactgggag gacgagacaa gaaataaaaa tgccataacc 546900

aaccagtata atgtgtctgt acgaggcggt tccgaaaaga cggactattc gtttgcgttc 546960

aatgccatcg atcaggaagg attgtataag aatgataatc tgggaacata tagcggacgt 547020

ttgtctgtca atacggagat aaccaagcgt atgcgtatgg gagcattgct gagctattca 547080

tactccaagc gtaccagccc cagtcaggaa agcatcatga tgcccgatac acacccctgg 547140

ctggttcgtc cggacctgcc gatttacgat gaaaacggcg actatactcg tctggataaa 547200

agtgcagttt atttcacacc tgccggcagt gtaagcggac ctaatccggt tgccttgctg 547260

aaccgtaagg ctgaatatga gagcgaccag tttatgggta atgtttatgt ggatgtcgag 547320

ctgctgcgta acctgaagtt tcattccgat tttaccttgg cttcttataa ttacgacaac 547380

agttatttct cgccaagcta tttgcaggaa atctgggtgg gcagtcctta ctatgcacag 547440

cttacgactg cacggtcgaa gtatgtaagt acatccatca atttccgtct ggattataat 547500

taccatacag gtaagcattt gtttggtgcc atggcgggtt atggagccga ccgtacacgc 547560

agtaccggcg gtacgaatat gtatcaaggt ttcccgaacg atgataacct ggataatgta 547620

ggttcggcac agtctgtcct gatgtattcg gattatgtcg tgaaaagtgg actgaactct 547680

atttacggcc gattgtcgta cgattatgac tctcgttact tgctggaagt aagtatgcgt 547740

gccgatgctt cttcgaagtt cggaccgggc aatcagtggg gtgttttccc ggctgtttct 547800

accggatggg tcatcagtcg tgaagcattc atggaaaagg ctccgtgggt aaataatctg 547860

aaaatgcgtt taagctgggg acagactggt tctaccaacg tatccgactt ctcgttccgt 547920

cagttctata catccagcca gtatggcgaa aactcttcgg tcaagttgca ggacttgctg 547980

cctaaccggg gtattcactg ggaaaagaca aacgaagtga atttcggtct ggacttttct 548040

ttcttcgacg atcgcctgta cggaagcttg gatgcctatt accgttatac caacggtgca 548100

ctggcacctg ctcctcatgt actggagtcg ggtatgacaa gttattatga caatatcatc 548160

gatgtatcga accgtggtgt agaagttgcc atcggaggtt atccggtacg cggaaagaat 548220

ttctcatgga gttcggattt gaatatttcg gtcaaccgga accgcatcga gtcattgaac 548280

aatgctcaga tcaattcata catgcaggat gcctttattg taggtcgtcc ggctggtacg 548340

gtaaaaggat atgtagtcga ccatatcgta cagaacatgg atgaagtgaa tcagttgaac 548400

gccaaggcaa tggagaacgg atacgctgaa tatcagtcgg gtaccggagt cggagatttc 548460

ctgatgaagg atatcgatgg taatggtgtc atcacatccg atgaccggga cgtgattgct 548520

actcccgaag cgaaattctt cggtggatgg accaatacgt ttacgtacaa gaatttctcg 548580

ctgtcgttcc tgatgcaatt ctcttatgga ggtcaggcgg tatacagtaa tttaggagag 548640

gaaatgagtg gcgtgctggg acagagcgtt ggtcgcgaac tctacggaaa tacctggaca 548700

ccggaacgta cggatgcgaa atatgcccgt ctggtagcag gttcgatgag ctataattat 548760

caggtaaacg accgtttcgt attcgataca tcttatctga gaatgaagaa tgttacattt 548820

tcgtattcac tcccgaaaga gtggatcaat aaatgctatt taagcaatgc ttctgtgttt 548880

gtaacggcta ccaacttgtt tacggtgact aaatggccgg gactcgatcc ggaaacggtt 548940

tctaccggta tcacgagtat gggaacgaac agtgacccgt atccgttgag ccgttcattc 549000

tcactgggtg ttaaactgca attctaaaaa ggactggtta tgaaaaaata tataaaatac 549060

tgtttgatgg caggtatgtt ttcgtttaca ttcgcttcgt gcagcctgct gggaccgata 549120

gacgatattc atcccgaaaa cgttctggat gatgaaactg taattaccga tgcacggtcg 549180

gcagccattg ccgtgaatgg tatctatgat ggatggcggt cgaagagttc tatttataac 549240

gcaatgttcc tgcgtactgg agttttgcag agctctaccg tgagtggagc gagaagcttt 549300

atgaacggag atatacaaga taataacgtg attgtagagg aaacatatat ctacctgtat 549360

tatattatca atcaggcaaa ctctgttttg aaggctttgg ataaggacgt aaagggactt 549420

tcggccgaag ataacctgaa ttatcagaag gaagcaaagt tcaatcgtgc catggccaac 549480

tttatgctgc tgcgtctgta tggagaattc tggaatctgg attctcagta cggcatcgtg 549540

ctgaacgatg aaccggtgcg cgataatgtg tccaagaagc gttctacggt ccgtgagtgt 549600

tatactgcta tcttgaacga cctgaccgaa gctgaaacgt tgccggtgaa actgacttct 549660

tccggtacgc atgccatgta ttatggcaac ggattgtcgg ccgaggcgct gaaagccaaa 549720

gtcttgttgt cgatgggtga tttcgatatg gcttaccaga catcagacga ggtgataacc 549780

aaatgtaaag atcagggtat tgttctggaa cctgtatatg gagatatctt cagcagcttc 549840

cagagtacgg acttgctgtt ctatccgtat acgatgaata cccagcaaac cgtggcagga 549900

taccgctacg actggagtgc cggagcaggc agcacgctga agaaaatagc tgctctctat 549960

ccggaagata ctcgttacaa atgggcattt gatgctgaac acatggtctc atcttatcgg 550020

atgaacaagt atcagatgga tgataacgtc gataaggtac cgggcaattc tttgtatatg 550080

cttcgtttgt cggaaatgta tctggtaaag gctgaggctg ccgtccgtaa gacgactcct 550140

gatttgggag ctgcccgtga agcgcttcgt ccgataaccg atcgtgcagg atttgctgcc 550200

gattttgtgg ataagattgc tgacaaggat atgcttatgg ctgtcttcta tcagaagtat 550260

ctggagctgt tcggcgagaa cttcgaagac tggttcgata tggtccgcta taataagctc 550320

gacggagtgg attgggtagc catgggatat gtcagcgcat ggacgaaatt gattcttccc 550380

atacctcgtg ctgctattgc aggaaatgat ttgttagtcc aaaaccctta aatgaaaata 550440

catagttatg aagaaaattt ttttagtagg catggtggcg ggcctgttgg cttcctgcca 550500

tacaaagaca gacgggtata caatagaagg cacgctgacc ggagatgctg cttcgggtaa 550560

agcttatctg gagcgttcgg aatatcaggc agagccgact gttgtcgaca gtacgatggt 550620

agaaaatgga agttttactt tctctggaaa agtagaacgt ccgggtttgt attatgtcgt 550680

gattgatctg aataaaccgg gtgaggaacc tgattatcag aataagatgt tccgtacgat 550740

gctgtatctg gaaaattcgg atatcacgta caaaggggat gtcgcaacat tacccggatt 550800

ctattatgca cccgaccgta agaatgaatc tccgcagata acggggtctt ctgtacacga 550860

tctgttcacg aagatgaatc aggaaatgaa gacatattct gatactttga atgtgcttgc 550920

agaacgttat gcggatgaat acttggttcc tgaatcggaa ggaaaggaag tggctgccat 550980

cggaatggac atagctcgtg aagaaatgaa gtggaaagat aagttgctgg ctttccagtt 551040

gcagttcatc aaagaccatg ccgactctcc ggttgccatg gatcaggcga tgtattatct 551100

ttcaggcatg gaatatttgc cggatgtaac cgagattgac cagttacagg ctttgtttga 551160

gaagtattgg gctggaactc ctgagttgaa gctttttgaa caggctgcat cggcagcgcg 551220

tccgctggca gtaggacaga aatacaagga tattgatgtc atcgaccgta atggcaagac 551280

tgtcaagctg tcttcgatga ttccagaaaa tgaatatgtc atgctggaat tctgggccag 551340

ctggtgtggt ccttgccgtg gagaaatacc tcatttgcgc aaaatacacg ataagtacaa 551400

ggatttcgcc attgtaagca tttcgctcga tgagaaggaa aaggaatggc aaaaggccat 551460

gaaggaagaa aacatgagct ggacgcaagg acggctggat ggaggcattt acggcgaagg 551520

tgccaaaact tataacattt aggctatccc gatgtgtctg attctggata aagaagggcg 551580

gttttataaa acgaatatga gaggcgcgta cctggatgtc tttctggacg acttgtataa 551640

aacggaataa ttaagaaatc ggatagatag aatgtccctc gacaactaat ttttagtatg 551700

tgtcgaggga cattttttgt tagttcgctg gaaaccgtta tctttgcatc cgcaaataat 551760

gagcaaatgg ataaagagtt acgatataat gacttcgctg gctttttgac gcggaagttt 551820

ccctttaagg tacagaaact gtcggtcaac gcaggtttta cctgtcccaa ccgggatggc 551880

tcgaaaggct atggcggatg tacgtattgt aacaatcaga cgtttaatcc cgaatattgc 551940

cgtacggaga aaacagtcag tgtccagctg gaggaaggca aacaattttt tgcccgtaaa 552000

tatccgcaga tgaagtatct ggcctatttt caggcgtata ccaatacgta cggagaactg 552060

gaacagctga agcggatgta cgaagaggta ctggcggtag aagatgtggt tggactcgtc 552120

atcggtaccc gtccggactg tatgcccgat acgctgctgg attatctgga agaactgaac 552180

cggcagacgt ttttgctggt ggagtatggc atagaaagta ccgacgatgc aacgctggca 552240

aggattaacc ggggacatac atttgcttgt actgaagatg ctgtgcggcg gacagctgga 552300

agaggtatcc tgacaggagg tcatgtgata ttgggacttc cgggagaaga ttccgaaaag 552360

ctgattcagc aggccgaaac cttgtcgcag ttgccgctga caaccctgaa gatgcatcag 552420

ttgcagttga taaaggggac acgtatggca cacgaattcg cattacatcc cgaagcattt 552480

catctgtatg cagtcgatga gtacattgat ttagtcatcg attatatcga acatcttcgg 552540

gcagatctgg ttttggagcg gttcgtgtcg cagtcgccga aggaattgct gattgcgccc 552600

gactggggac tgaagaatca cgagtttacg gcccggctga agcgcaggat ggaagagcgg 552660

gacgcatggc agggaaaaca attgaagtaa aaaatatata gtatataact aattcggata 552720

acaaaaatgg aaattaaagg aaaagtacat tatgtgggtg tgaacgaccg ttcgaaagcg 552780

ttgttcgaaa acctttggcc gttaccttat ggagtatctt ataactcata cctgattgcc 552840

gacgatgaaa tggtggcact ggtagatacg gtggatgtag cctttttcga ggtgtatttg 552900

aagaagattc gtgccgttat cggcgatcgt aagatcaatt atttgattat taatcacatg 552960

gaacccgatc attctggttc tatcgcactc attaagcagt attatcctga cattgtattg 553020

gtaggaaaca agaagacatt cgatatggtg gaaggttatt acggtgtggg gggtgatcgt 553080

tacgtggtag gtgacggcga cttcctgaaa ctgggacatc ataacctgcg tttctatttg 553140

gttccgatgg tacactggcc tgaaacaatg gttactttcg acgaaacgga tggtatcttg 553200

ttctcgggtg acgctttcgg atgctttggt gcactgaatg gtggctgtat cgataagaat 553260

atcaataccg atatttactg gaatgaaatg cgccgttact atgccaatat cgtaggtaag 553320

ttcggcaatc cggtgcagag agcattgcag aaatgtggtg gtctgcctat caagatgatt 553380

tgtcctactc acggaccggt atgggaggaa aagattcctc aggtgatcga tatgtacgat 553440

aagatgagcc gctacgaagg tgaggaaggt gtggttatcg cttatggtac catgtatggc 553500

aatacagagg agctggccga aaccattgct gaagagttga gcgctcaggg tatcaagaat 553560

attgtgatgc acaatgtttc gaagactcat cattcattta ttctgtcgga tatcttcaag 553620

tacaagggtc tgattgtggg atgtactact tataacatgc acttgtatcc tgaaatggag 553680

gcattgctga gcaaggtagc tgcccgcgaa atgaagaatc gtgtgatggg atatttcggc 553740

tcatttacat gggcaagtgc agctgtcaag aaattgggcg aatatgctga aaaactgaaa 553800

ttcgaagtta tcggcaatcc ggtggaaatg aagcaaagca tgaaggaaga tactttccgt 553860

caggctaagg aactggctaa ggctatggcc gaccgcttga aagctgaccg ttgattgttt 553920

ttcagagggt tctgacagac ttgtgttgtc aaaaccaata gtatacagat tatggtataa 553980

acacataaaa gagccgcatc gaactctgct ttttggagtt acgatgcggt tcttctttat 554040

ttgtattgtt attctctgat tccattgtgc atttgtaaac tatcggaaaa acttgcgatg 554100

aataatcgtg attaaaagat gcaattgtgt ttcaaaaagc actatatttg cgactatgat 554160

acagaaatta tactccaaaa ataatgatcc cgatgtgcta cagcacattg tggacattct 554220

gaatgatggc gggataatta tttatcctac cgataccatg tatgctatgg gttgtcatgc 554280

gctgaaagag cgtcctatcg agcggatatg taagttcaag aacatcgatc cgcgtaaaaa 554340

caatctttcc attatttgtt acgacttgag caatatcagc gaatatgcac gggtaagcaa 554400

tgccactttc aagttgatga aacgtaactt gccgggcccg tttacgtttg tactgaatgc 554460

cgacagtcgt ttgcccaaaa tatttcgtaa ccgaaaggaa gtaggtatcc gtgtacccga 554520

taataacatt atccgtgaga tttgtcattt gctcgatgca ccgatcctga caactacttt 554580

gccgttacgt cccaatgaag atatagaata tgttaccgat ccggagctga tagatgaaaa 554640

atttggtgag gacgtcgatt taataataga cggaggtata ggaggaattg aaccttctac 554700

cgttgtaaat tgttgtgaag atgtacctga aattatccga cagggtaagg gtatactgga 554760

agaataaata atttatcatt aaaaaacaaa caagtatgtt attatcatct ttattgaacg 554820

caactttcct tagtgctggt tctcagcata tagacgtaga acagttgctg actaaattgc 554880

ttgactgggg aattgaggtt gggaaagacc tgttgggggc aattatcatt tacattgtcg 554940

gacgttttat cattaagcag atcggacgtt tactttctcg tattctggaa aagagaaagc 555000

tggagatcag cgttcagact ttcttgaaga gtctggttag tatactgctg aacctgatac 555060

tggcctttgc tattgtaagc cggttgggtg tggaaacaac cagttttgct gctttgctgg 555120

cttctgccgg tgttgccatc ggtatggcat tgtctggaaa tctttctaac ttcgcaggtg 555180

gactgattat tttggtattc aagcctttta aggtaggcga ttacatagaa agtccgaatg 555240

caagcggaac agtacgtgaa attcagattt tccatacgat tctggttaca gttgacaata 555300

aggttattta tgtacctaac ggttcgttga gcagcaatgc cattacgaat tataacaagc 555360

aggaaacccg tcgtgcagaa tgggtgttcg gggtagaata cggagaagat tttgaaaagg 555420

taagagaggt tttgcagcgt atcatcgatg cagatgatcg tatcttgaaa gacccggctc 555480

cgatgattgc cttgggagct ctttctgcaa gcagtgtaga catcaaggtg cgtgtatgga 555540

cgaagtcggc cgattactgg aatgtttatt tcgacatgaa caagatagtg tacgatacat 555600

tcaataagga gggtatcgga ttcccgttcc cacagctcac tgttcatcag gcaaaggact 555660

gatttaagtt gaatttctaa atagaaaagc attttccgtt ccctgtatag agggttggaa 555720

aatgcttttt ttgttggaag aaagttattt gcaatatcgt tgtatcagct gtcgtacttc 555780

gtctttctct gagggaaaat ccattgtatc gataataatc tgctggttat ggcagtcgta 555840

tatatgaggt gccatgactt gcaggaattt cattcgttcg ctgtcgaagt cacatatcga 555900

aagtagtttg acgcactgct tgcaggtaat gcttcggctg ttcaatcctg tttccagagt 555960

tttcaactgc tcggacgatg gaaaagcgtt tttaactctg tcatacagtg tattgatttc 556020

ggcatcggta tacaggcgac tgttgtaatg ttttttgttt aatatgcttc gggctttctc 556080

ttctcctgaa atgaaagtca tggaattgat aatgcggtct acattctgcc ggtcaatgat 556140

cgtcggttcc agaatagcta atgcctccag tcgatcatcg tctgaattga atattttcat 556200

tagctgtaca atttcatcgc aggtaaagtc agactggcgg acagcagctc gaagtacgtc 556260

cagacgtccg tctttgaaag gcttttcctt cacccgttga tataattcac ggaaccaagc 556320

ctgatcgtct gtaggataag gcaatgaagg attgcttcct gcaggggctg gcgggcagac 556380

tgctataggt ggatagccgg gagacggata attaccatcg tacgtgtcga atgaaacaac 556440

tttgtcattc cgaaaatcga gtagaataac agtttgtgct ccactgaagt gcgttttatg 556500

aaattcccat tgttctattc cattgctgga acgtctgaac tcgggatttc ctaatatagc 556560

gacgacttca cgtttcgtca tacctgtatg taggttctcc atcagttggg cacgttgtcc 556620

ggcggtatcg taaagtccgc aactggtcat tgctaccagt atggctacca tagtgattat 556680

tttcattaag ttcttcatat tccttattct tttttggttg atgttgcaaa aataggtaat 556740

aaaataagga tagaagaata gaaaatccta taaatatgca ggtaaattcc tatatcgaat 556800

agggattttc ctatggcaaa taggtatatg gttggtactg tacggttgga aggttagcta 556860

aacattatcg tagctagttg tttttaagaa acatgtgtct agtcaataaa ttgcaaactg 556920

attttgatga attgcttata attgattata tatcagaatt gtaagagaaa acttgtatcc 556980

tttcggaaat actcatattc cttgtattgt tatgattccg gaataatttg aaaaataaaa 557040

taattgttat atttacaatt ttgttgcaat attagataaa gtttctatct ttgcaagagt 557100

ttcataaatc attgatatat gaacttacag actaacttac tattcatttt attattgctg 557160

ctttcagtgg ttgctcaatg tatctttggc aattttccgt ttgccttttt tgcttttcca 557220

ctggatgtcc ttctagcctt gatctggatg ggaggaatgg gatatgtata taaagaaaag 557280

cgttcctcac gttttgtcag attatggctt tccccgcagt gtacttactg gaccctcggt 557340

tggcttttgg ccggttgcct ggtgattggt ttgttccctc agctttccgc tcaggaaata 557400

gccgagaaat caggtctatt cgttcgtttg ggatgctatc attttacttc ttcttggatt 557460

tttgtagtgg ggctgttcgg attgcttaca catttgggaa tgattaccct gaggagagca 557520

ttcttgccgg gacgaaaccg atggcgtttt gtacttaatc atgccggatt gtggttggct 557580

ctcttcgctg ggttcatagg tagtgcggaa gagcagacac tacgtatgcc ggtgtttaga 557640

acatcgccta gcaatgaggc gtttacggaa caaggtacga gggtgtatct gccgaagtca 557700

ttacagttga tcacttttac cgtagagcat taccccaatg gaagtccgcg tcattatttt 557760

gcagatattt caattgatgg aaagcctgct catctggaag taaatcatcc gtatgcggca 557820

agctgggcag aagactatta tctgacttcc tatgatgtac agtcatctca accgcagtat 557880

tgtgttgttc agattgtacg tgagccctta aagtttctca tgtggctggg tattgtgatg 557940

atgttgtgcg gaagttgtct gttgtttttg gctggtcccg acagacagaa ggcactgtct 558000

tctgaggttg atgcatcttg ttgatacgga gtagattaaa ttaatgtgtt atgggaatga 558060

tgattacgtg gaacaatttt gagtggtttg ccttgtcggc cattatattg tggggaagcg 558120

gtgcaggatt tgccttgttt tccaaggaac gaagtcgctg ggctatcctg ctgacattgc 558180

tgggtattct ggtttttgca gtgtttattg caggattctg gatctatttg caacgtcctc 558240

ccttgcgtac catgggtgaa acccgattgt ggtattcctt ttttatggga gtatccggtc 558300

tgctgactta tcttcgctgg aaatatccat ggattttgtg cttttctact gtggtaggtg 558360

ctgtatttgc tttagtcaat atattgaaac cggaaattca cgaccagtcc tttatgcctg 558420

ccttgcagag tccatggttt atccctcatg taaccattta tatgttttct tattccgtat 558480

tgggctgcgc ctttattctg tcgtgcatgg gactcttcaa acgtcgggca aactacttgg 558540

aggctgccga taagttggtt tataccggac ttgcgtttct gacggtcggc atgcttacag 558600

gagcgatatg ggccaaggca gcctggggac actattggag ttgggacccg aaagaaacat 558660

gggctgcggt gacctggacc ggttatttgt tgtatgtaca tctgcgcttg ttcagaagtt 558720

cttctccacg tgttctttat tggatattga ttgtgtcttt tctgtcgttc cagatgtgct 558780

ggtatggggt gaattacctt ccggcagctc gtcaaagtgt acatttatat tctcgttcat 558840

agtcttattt gtgatatata ctggttgttt aatttctaaa tcattctttt atgaaaaaaa 558900

tttcgaagat tattctttcc atactggtgg tagccgtcgt gctttgcgtg gtgtaccggt 558960

tggtgaataa agcaccttca gccagcctgg aaagtaatgc tcaaatggaa gaaatcattg 559020

agagcagtgg ttgtatggct tgccatacgg ctaatccgaa gttgcctttc tatgccggat 559080

ttccggttgc aggcaaactg gtgaaagaag atgtccgtct gggctatcgt tcgtttgata 559140

tgactcctat gatggaggca ttgaaaaagg gcgaaaagat cagtgaggtc gatttggcca 559200

aggtggagaa agtgattgcc gacggtacga tgccgctggc taagtattat cttgttcact 559260

ggggatcttc gctgacagat acggaaaagc agatggctct tgcatgggtt aaatctcagc 559320

gtggagcttt ttaccctaat ccgctggctg atgcgcaatg gatgaacgag tcaatccgtc 559380

cggttcagga ttccgttccg gtagatatgc gtaaagtgat attgggtaac ctgttgttcc 559440

acgacgtacg tttgtcggca gacaatactg tatcttgttc ttcttgtcac ggattgaata 559500

caggtggtgt agacaataag tcattctctg aaggcgtagg cggacagttg ggaggtgtga 559560

acgctccgac tgtatataat gcattgtata atttcgtaca gttctgggat ggacgtgccg 559620